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The South Carolina Republican Primary Is Engulfed In Immigration Hysteria

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The South Carolina Republican Primary Is Engulfed In Immigration Hysteria

A U.S. border patrol officer sits in his vehicle along the border with Mexico near San Ysidro, California

Iowa and New Hampshire did not prepare us for the full extent of Republican immigration insanity.

Those first-in-the-nation caucus and primary states are overwhelmingly white. And while the effects of manufacturing jobs getting shipped overseas are very real to blue collar workers there, the “threat” of immigration — as defined by this field of Republican candidates — has come alive as the election shifts south.

In South Carolina, 1 in 20 residents are Latino or Hispanic. But 1 in 10 South Carolina Republicans say immigration is their most important issue. And in a state likely to lean Republican in the general election, it’s not hard to guess whose voices come out on top.

Now, the question is not whether we will deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently within our borders, but how. A month after South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley “took sides” in her response to the State of the Union by stating that fixing “our broken immigration system” requires “welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants,” the Republicans seeking her state’s vote — and presumably, her endorsement — have disregarded that sentiment.

Let’s survey these past few days:

Donald Trump just released a Willy Horton-style ad about Jas Shaw, the murder victim of “an illegal immigrant gang member who just got out of prison”:

In an earlier statement to Breitbart, Donald Trump insisted that Americans ought to get jobs first, instead of “importing foreign replacements.”

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz — both children of immigrants — continue to attack each other for supposedly lying (and actually lying) about their immigration records in the Senate — the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform plan and guest worker alliances, respectively. Of course, their actual positions don’t matter in these attacks: this Republican primary demands purity, a non-existent commodity in the Senate.

Even Jeb Bush — alone in defending his support of “earned legal status” — has leaned on the other half of his plan: Secure. The. Border.

Fine. Meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of immigrants — recent and not — living in South Carolina, most of them fully within their legal rights. And they have voices, too. Take Jose Rivera, who recently told the South Carolinian The State that he feared a “witch hunt” if Donald Trump comes out on top:

“I would tell [“the majority of Republicans”] to stop deportation and to stop tearing apart families. Imagine if they came and took your family members away.”


Need a palette cleanser? Pope Francis will hold a cross-border mass tomorrow. “This is one community despite the fence,” Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said today.

Photo: A U.S. border patrol officer sits in his vehicle along the border with Mexico near San Ysidro, California February 25, 2015.   REUTERS/Mike Blake 


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  1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

    And there goes Trump spreading more lies and whipping up racist tendencies amongst South Carolina voters. Even some right-wing biased organizations agree that immigrants DO NOT take the jobs of Americans.

    Here are some excerpts from an article which quotes people who are more knowledgeable on the subject than I am who discuss why that’s so:

    From TheAtlantic.com:

    It’s said again and again that immigrants do not take jobs from natives. Here’s National Journal, reporting just last year, under the headline “Left and Right Agree: Immigrants Don’t Take American Jobs”:

    That immigrants take the jobs of American-born citizens is “something that virtually no learned person believes in,” Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration expert at the libertarian Cato Institute, said at a Thursday panel. “It’s sort of a silly thing.”

    Most economists don’t find immigrants driving down wages or jobs, the Brookings Institution’s Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney wrote in May. In fact, “on average, immigrant workers increase the opportunities and incomes of Americans,” they write. Foreign-born workers don’t affect the employment rate positively or negatively, according to a 2011 analysis from the conservative American Enterprise Institute. And a study released Wednesday by the liberal Center for American Progress suggests that granting legal status to undocumented workers might even create jobs.

    And this:

    Immigration economists apply this insight to the domestic labor market. One of the most eminent specialists in the field of immigration economics, Giovanni Peri of the University of California at Davis, offers this homely analogy:

    .”An extreme example of this would be if you have an engineer and you add a construction worker. With the engineer by himself you’re not going to do much. But with an engineer plus a construction worker, you can build a building. Therefore, the productivity of the engineer goes up a lot. And the wages for both workers increase.

    The technical term for the situation Peri is describing is “complementarity.” The labor of the engineer and the labor of the construction worker each complement the other. Immigration economists argue that immigrant labor likewise complements native-born labor. As Peri assured readers in a 2010 paper for the San Francisco Federal Reserve, “Immigrants expand the U.S. economy’s productive capacity, stimulate investment, and promote specialization that in the long run boosts productivity. Consistent with previous research, there is no evidence that these effects take place at the expense of jobs for workers born in the United States.

    For more go here and note that the CIS referenced in the beginning with the clearly biased right-wing statistics, is in fact a right-wing bias organization that routinely creates fabricated data to try and satisfy its racist objectives:


    1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

      And for those right-wing biased posters on the NM who may take issue with my comments about the CIS, I’m posting a chart from a far more reputable immigration related organization which shows that there were actually 400,000 plus less illegal immigrants in America in 2014 than there were in 2007/2008 – which totally refutes the CIS’ claim that there are 2 million more illegals in America today than there were in 2007. The CIS is like virtually every other right-wing biased organization – a pack of liars!!!!!!!

      The title of the graph below is: Graph of Population Estimates of Immigrants in the Country Illegally in Millions

    2. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

      I’m cracking up at you citing the Cato institute.

      1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

        If you read the article dumbcoff titled “Left and Right Agree: Immigrants Don’t Take American Jobs”: You would see that there were several right-wing biased think tanks that totally agreed with the title of that article.

        And I’ll guarantee you, that anything the Cato Institute says is every bit as valid or not valid as anything coming out of one of your right wing biased institutions like the Pathological Lying Heritage Foundation – Brietbart and virtually any organization you can name!!!!

        1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

          You’re a Kochsucker now, it’s funny.

    3. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

      “The Cato Institute is an American libertarian think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. It was founded as the Charles Koch Foundation in 1974 by Ed Crane, Murray Rothbard, and Charles Koch”


      1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

        And by the way, regardless of what you say – your opinion is totally worthless on this blogging site!!!!!!!

        1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

          Take that Koch out of your mouth.

          1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

            Why am I not surprised that all you can think of is vulgarities!!! What a worthless human being you are!!!!

  2. Lynda Groom February 16, 2016

    These folks are delusional at best or just plain nuts. Facts, figures, reason and reality are beyond their abilty to grasp. No surprise considering the decades of anti-government, fear, hate and distrust fed to the masses by the hysterical crowd.

  3. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

    Immigration reduces American workers’ wages and redistributes wealth upwards to employers, see the work of Harvard economist George Borjas.

    1. Independent1 February 16, 2016


      1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

        Intelligent response, Kochsucker.

    2. Independent1 February 16, 2016

      And just because George Borjas published a lot of misguided papers on immigration doesn’t mean he’s anymore of an expert on immigration than another Harvard professor named Gruber proved not to be about health care reform. Borjas was wrong about many of his misguided assumptions on illegal immgrants just like Gruber admitted he wasn’t qualified to comment on health care reform issues!!

      1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

        Borjas is one of the top labor economists in the field.

        1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

          In the minds of people like you who are easily taken in by someone who claims to be an expert but really isn’t.

          1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            That’s how his peers regard him.

          2. Independent1 February 16, 2016

            It’s too bad because there are numerous studies that have been done which prove that much of what Borjas says is wrong!!

            And by the way, there were a lot of people in states across the nation that believed in Gruber and found out he was wrong too about many of his projections!!! He finally admitted in front of Congress that he was nothing more than someone who ran models and really wasn’t expert and interpreting them. (Apparently just like Borjas – doesn’t really know how to interpret the results of studies.)

          3. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            Obama’s buddy Gruber has nothing to do with Borjas.

          4. Independent1 February 17, 2016

            Gruber is a Harvard Professor which proves that Harvard Professors are not infallible and can be wrong like Borjas is about immigration!!

          5. Otto Greif February 17, 2016

            Borjas isn’t wrong about immigration. It’s funny you think a guy Obama paid to help develop his signature legislative achievement is a fraud.

      2. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

        Gruber was one of the architects of Obamacare, you’re saying Obama hired a guy not qualified to even comment on health care to help draft his signature policy.

        1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

          Obama never hired anyone. Gruber showed up at the White House and insisted on giving Obama and Dems his opinions because he had been a part of developing the ACA-similar insurance in Massachusetts under Romney; information that had virtually nothing to do with the actual development of ACA – what he provided were supposedly how ACA would impact the population – a lot of which proved to be wrong. And he was being sued for misguiding not only a number of blue states but also the legislatures of a number of red states.

          1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            The Obama administration paid Gruber almost $400,000 to help devise Obamacare.

          2. Independent1 February 16, 2016

            So they got taken for a ride just like people like you are being taken for a ride by people like George Borjas. I never claimed any politician wasn’t beyond being taken by a con artist.

  4. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

    Don’t listen to the Kochsuckers, immigration is bad for ordinary Americans.

    1. Independent1 February 16, 2016


    2. Insinnergy February 16, 2016

      *… listens to the sound of pee hitting the fence*

  5. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

    Ask yourself why all the One Percenters are pushing immigration so hard, then ask yourself why you are taking the side of the One Percent.

    1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

      Let’s see you list a lot of one-percenters beyond the Koch Bros who are actively promoting immigration reform; and if they are, it only proves that people like many one-percenters aren’t stupid!! They know that the companies they run have to have immigrants (legal and illegal) who are willing to do a lot of the manual labor (picking crops, carrying bricks, digging ditches, cleaning hotel and motel rooms, and on and on) that native-born Americans REFUSE TO DO TODAY – in order for their businesses to operate efficiently and allow them to thereby provide jobs for the higher-skilled American workers!!!

      Give me a list of how many of your friends had mothers who told their kids: Wow! I can’t wait until I see you out in the fields picking them crops; or making all those hotel room beds, or carrying all them shingles up on the roof. Come on!! How many mothers of native-born Americans ever encouraged their children to take on manual labor as their chosen field of work????

      1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

        Zuckerberg, Adelson, Bloomberg, Soros, Singer.

        1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

          So?? Only proves what I said – all are very successful people who clearly aren’t stupid like you!!!

          1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            All greedy One Percenters from the same tribe who want to drive down wages of normal Americans.

    2. Independent1 February 16, 2016

      Think about it nitwit – how many thousands of truck drivers which are native-born Americans depend on immigrants (including illegals) to pick the crops that they’re carrying to market??.

      And how many millions of native-born American electricians and plumbers and carpenters do you think depend on immigrants (including illegals) to help dig the foundations and pour the concrete and carry the roof shingles or carry the cinderblocks for the houses or buildings that is giving them a job??

      And how many native-born Americans are running hotels and motels and fancy resorts like the one Scalia passed away in that depend on immigrants including illegals to clean the rooms and bus the tables in the restaurants and take out the garbage and on and on???

      When Alabama passed the strictest in the nation immigration law back a few years, it only took 6 weeks before construction companies, farmers and hotel industry people were inundating the Alabama legislature for help because they couldn’t find native-born Americans to replace the immigrants (legal and illegal) who had fled the state. Many of the farmers said they would either have to move out of the state or go bankrupt – and the construction companies said much of the construction work they were doing was coming to a standstill because they didn’t have people who would do the manual work.

      1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

        Why are you so hostile to Americans earning higher wages and having lower unemployment?

        1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

          You are really dense aren’t you – I’ve already told you that there are numerous studies which show just the opposite of what your nonsensical question to me says!!


          Illegal immigrants actually help drive the economy. In just Texas alone, for 2013 Texas estimated that illegals paid over 10 billion in taxes and added over 18 billion to the Texas economy.
          It’s you right-wing nut jobs that are trying to depress the economy and keep wages from rising—- AND YOU KNOW THAT!!!

          1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            There is propaganda that says that, it’s contradicted by academics like George Borjas. Illegals don’t “drive the economy”, that’s idiotic.

          2. Independent1 February 16, 2016

            I said ‘help drive’ dimwit. It was their spending billions and contributing billions in tax dollars along with other Texans that drove the Texas economy in 2013. You do realize that immigrants, including illegals, make up a sizeable portion of the Texas workforce???

          3. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            The net benefit to natives from illegal immigrants is small, and nearly all of it is captured by employers of illegals. The social costs of immigrants, on the other hand, are largely borne by ordinary Americans.

          4. Independent1 February 16, 2016

            Really, well I’ll tell you what, drive them all out of the country, and when you can’t afford to buy food to feed your family, then you come back and tell me illegals are a small factor to the average native-born American.

            Fact is, that if you drove all illegals out of America, more than 50% of farms and food producers in America would go bankrupt and drop out of the food producing industry. Prices for eatables in the supermarket would skyrocket, if in fact stores could find enough food to sell.

            Many fruits and vegetables are only economically feasible to grow because of illegals who are willing to work for peanuts to plant and harvest them. You have no clue what you are talking about!!!!!

            And that doesn’t even include the impacts on our economy of more than 20% of the small businesses in America suddenly going out of business – more than 35% of small businesses in America are run by immigrants – a large portion of them illegals!!

          5. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            They must be starving in Australia.

          6. Independent1 February 16, 2016

            Australia isn’t America; it never became dependent on cheap labor like the U.S. when millions of Mexicans were imported into the U.S. during WWII in order to do the work for the men who went to war and the women who were working in the factories.

          7. Independent1 February 17, 2016

            Exactly, just what American needs – robots to throw more people out of work and sabotage the economy. Has it ever occurred to you clueless that robots don’t pay taxes, they don’t spend money in the economy?? The more WORKING PEOPLE that robots replace the bigger the impact on our economy – not to mention the more people that will be in bread lines looking for welfare benefits. Something you worthless right-wingers I’m sure are doing cartwheels about in joy!!!

          8. Otto Greif February 17, 2016

            They won’t throw any Americans out of work, just illegals. Unlike illegals robots don’t use social services or rape.

          9. Independent1 February 17, 2016

            And there you go with more stupidity!! Whether they’re considered Americans or not, the illegals are today spending billions in our economy, paying billions in income taxes and paying billions even to Social Security and Medicare. So whether they’re Americans or not, removing them by implementing robots would still be a significant depressive on the American economy.

            Your dumbness just never seems to stop!!!!!

          10. Otto Greif February 17, 2016

            That’s idiotic.

          11. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            You nincompoops think we can replace oil in the economy but we can’t replace grunt workers.

          12. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            You have a pattern of making up numbers.

          13. Independent1 February 16, 2016

            You make up facts that are pure fantasy, so I’m taking the liberalty of making some projections that are not wholly accurate but are much closer to being in the ballpark than your outright lies!!!

          14. Independent1 February 16, 2016

            And clearly no one knows the true impact of what would happen to our economy should Trump get his wish and deport a large segment of the illegal population but a number of economists have said that it would be catastrophic for the American economy.

            We’re talking about food companies that would go belly up. We’re talking about construction companies who could no longer complete jobs. We’re talking about small businesses that would shut down (you have to remember when Alabama tried to enforce it’s strict immigration law – legal immigrants also fled the state and they almost lost Mercedes Benz as a manufacturer because of the negative vibes that throwing out the illegals created), and we’re talking about pulling billions of tax dollars and contributions to Social Security and no one even knows what all the domino effects would be on and on.

          15. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            That’s not what reputable economists are saying.

          16. Independent1 February 17, 2016

            More of your lies, here’s just one projection from CNBC:

            But the cost would be huge. By one estimate, removing the entire population of undocumented workers now in the U.S. would wipe out a chunk of the American economy roughly the size of the annual gross domestic product of Texas.


            And note that the GDP of Texas is almost 2 trillion/yr. Only a moron like you would believe wiping close 2 trillion of economic stimulus wouldn’t be devastating to the U.S, economy.

            And here’s an estimate from some economists writing in The Atlantic (note that the CNBC estimate didn’t include the 400-600B cost associate with actually affecting the removal of the immigrants):

            The answer, researchers found, is quite a lot, both to taxpayers and the economy more broadly. Removing all 11.2 million undocumented immigrants, both forcibly and through Mitt Romney’s infamous “self-deportation” policy, would take about 20 years and cost the government between $400 billion and $600 billion. The impact on the economy would be even larger, according to the study: Real GDP would drop by nearly $1.6 trillion and the policy would shave 5.7 percent off economic growth. Researchers Laura Collins and Ben Gitis also write that their estimates are conservative, since they do not include, for example, the cost of constructing new courts, prisons, and other buildings that might be needed to process and detain millions of immigrants.


          17. Otto Greif February 17, 2016

            Why are you citing the American Action Network as an unbiased source?

          18. Independent1 February 17, 2016

            Really, lets see you produce statistics from a valid non-right-wing biased source that refutes my numbers!!!!

          19. Otto Greif February 17, 2016

            You made up all those numbers.

          20. TZToronto February 17, 2016

            Studies, studies . . . When presented with evidence that contradicts their unsubstantiated beliefs, the “true believers” assume that those who conducted the studies have been paid off to “cook the books.” Now consider this: If you were a legal or illegal immigrant, would you go out and commit crimes, knowing that you’d get deported (after, in many cases, risking your life or spending a lot of money to get here), or would you try not to draw attention to yourself? The idea that immigrants commit more crimes than “native-born” Americans makes no sense, other than to support the xenophobia of the right.

          21. Independent1 February 17, 2016

            Exactly! Illegal immigrants are not stupid. Their mission often is to do everything they can in America to earn money, a lot of the time not just for themselves but also for their families back home. Like you described, they know full well they can’t afford to jeopardize all that by commiting a crime and being deported. Right-wingers like Otto are the ones who are stupid!!

          22. oldtack February 17, 2016

            Otto almost always answers a question requiring proof or sensibility with a counter question. but never with the requested information or documentation for his allegations. Dialog with him from now til doomsday and oyu will get – nowhere..

        2. Polana February 17, 2016

          Otto, Walmart in Wisconsin and Illinois have signs outside that they are hiring (the last 5 months) starting wage $9.00 hr daytime and $9.50 hr (night shift – f/t), no benefits of any kind.
          Care to apply?? They R desperate but no takers so far, the signs are still out there. Most Co. in Illinois hire people $10.00 w/o experience and mostly students work to supplement their ed.
          Can a man/woman support his/her family on $9.00 /hr?????
          Even single person can’t survive on $10.00 hr.
          That’s republican’s way of keeping them poor, stupid, ignorant and to vote against themselves. Entire South under Republican’s are poor and most on welfare. I wish we split US in 2. North US/S.US and build a wall and require a passports to enter the North. We would have Exodus from the South. LOL

          1. Otto Greif February 17, 2016

            Why do you think $9.00 an hour is too high?

          2. Polana February 17, 2016

            Do U have a problem w/comprehension??
            Reread my post. But I will make it clear 2U – $9.00 is not enough.
            Walmart family should try to live on $9.00/hr in Switzerland – that’s where they live. They don’t even live in the US.

          3. Otto Greif February 18, 2016

            Will increasing the supply of cheap labor raise or lower wages?

          4. Polana February 18, 2016

            Walmart will gladly hire illegals for less than $9.00 hr, so they can save a buck.
            It’s not the cheap labor, raising wages will make people get jobs that they can support themselves/families.
            Asking u again. will U work for $9.00 hr at Walmart? K-Mart, Sears??? nobody wants to work for peanuts, maybe U will, Myself? NO!

          5. Otto Greif February 18, 2016

            Immigration lowers American wages. Why do you want to lower wages?

    3. Insinnergy February 16, 2016

      Ask yourself why you are on the side of the Racists, the Bigots, the whackjob Christians and the Klan.
      Oh… because you have no morals and even less understanding of economics? Yes… thought so.

      1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

        Ask yourself why all your comments are stupid. Ask yourself why you have no opinions of your own, just whines about my opinions.

        1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

          As usual you’re wrong. Immigrants, including illegals commit less crimes THAN ALL NATIVE-BORN AMERICANS WHITE OR NOT!!

          Which is why as the percentage of Hispanics in the American population has increased CRIME RATES ACROSS THE NATION HAVE DROPPED!!!

          I realize you’re a white supremacist but you can’t lie about everything!!!

          1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            They don’t commit crimes at lower rates than native born whites.

          2. Independent1 February 16, 2016

            We weren’t talking about homicides – we were talking about all crimes.

          3. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            Murders not important to Kochsucker.

    4. Independent1 February 16, 2016

      When are you mindless right-wingers ever going to get your heads out of your butts????

    5. Independent1 February 16, 2016

      And given that I have links to a number of studies which show that illegal immigrants commit far less crimes than native-born Americans (they are 8-10 times less likely to commit a crime; and when they do commit a crime, they are 2-3 times less likely to commit a crime that requires incarceration); And given that the CBO projects that the economic activity of the 11-12 million illegal immigrants in America is actually keeping at least 8 million native-born Americans working; and given that the CBO also says that 55-70% of illegal immigrants actually pay billions of dollars in taxes and contribute over 12 billion each year to Social Security even though they don’t qualify for the benefit and are actually helping extend the length of time it will pay full benefits; and given that the CBO also says after much analysis that the cost to states of providing healthcare and educational services to illegal immigrants is a very small increase above what they pay anyway to provide those services to native-born Americans – Identify for me please, what the real downside of having illegals in America is that makes you clueless right-wingers hate them so and make up all these lies about them.

      1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

        The don’t commit less crimes than native born whites. If immigrants are so great why is the pro-immigration side always lying?

        1. Independent1 February 16, 2016

          More deflection huh!! Can’t come up with a real reason why you worthless human beings that make up the white supremacist movement hate immigrants?? Because there is no reason other than you being hateful, racist bigots.

          1. Otto Greif February 16, 2016

            Pointing out your lies isn’t deflection, Kochsucker.

  6. oldtack February 17, 2016

    Pro immigration – anti immigration. Legal vs illegals. And the war goes on. Mainly from those that reap the most benefit from slave labor. Startling reality check – studies show that within the next few decades not more than 40 years virtually ALL jobs now performed by humans will be replaced with robots. Check out the Tessla Automobile story. Example – I have a friend that had discomfort in his intestinal tract. A colonoscopy was done and a mass was foud that was malignant. He also had lesions on his liver. Both surgeries were performed – ALL by robots. The doctor guided the procedure. Mankind will survive but our means of earnings will be in diverse fields

    Automotive plants utilize a lage amount of mechanical mechanisms for tasks such as welding , mounting, painting etc. that used to use human labor. Farms utilize mechanical cotton picking machines, combines, soy bean pickers, Corn pickers, nut tree shakers. and there is no reason there cannot be mechanical methods to harvest fruits such as tomatoes, oranges, lettuce and the rest. This is the 21 Century. Methods improve, jobs are abolished to be replaced new technological jobs.

    This is the 21st century Folks. The only ones resisting change are those that prefer cheap slave labor as opposed to new technology. To those I suggest – wake up and come in to the 21st Century.

    1. Independent1 February 17, 2016

      All that’s well and good but companies moving to implement robots better be careful about just how quickly they do that; remember – robots don’t buy products or foods maybe created our harvested by robots. They don’t spend money in the economy or pay taxes to keep the country functioning.

      So if companies move to implementing robots, and throwing humans out of work too quickly, the companies utilizing these robots may find a dwindling supply of humans that can purchase or use their products. And as tax revenues decline and welfare roles go up these companies may not only find a dwindling source of customers but the need to pay higher taxes to make up for the fact that there are fewer humans being able to afford to pay them.

      1. oldtack February 17, 2016

        How many people are now working in cyber technology jobs that were not even dreamed of forty years ago. Positions are being created continually in areas that we considered Science Fiction. It is Technological Advancement and we had better prepare for it because it is coming.Just as the equipment I mentioned in my post eliminated thousands of manual labor jobs so will the new technology. It will affect the labor force at a higher level.

        1. Independent1 February 17, 2016

          And I’m not disputing that in any way. I’m just telling you that virtually every red state is operating on the borderline of bankruptcy because they have large percentages of their population already living in poverty. Robots throwing more people into unemployment to quickly (and for their abilities to learn technologies) – isn’t going to help matters.

          The top 25 states where people have little money already to spend on consumer goods are red states where there is probably a lot of robot use in agriculture. I’m not suggesting we should suppress progress – I’m just saying companies need to be careful how quickly they move to the use of robotics.

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