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3 Things To Tell Anyone Thinking About Voting For Donald Trump

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3 Things To Tell Anyone Thinking About Voting For Donald Trump


Donald Trump is a “genius.” That’s the message delivered by Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie after an anonymous source mailed a tax return that shows Trump’s $916 million loss in 1995 means he could have avoided paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years.

This leads to a few questions.

If he weren’t a genius, how much more than a billion would he have lost in 1995? Does that mean that the tens of millions of Americans who do pay taxes are huge dummies? Trump has spent much of his campaign suggesting that he may not defend NATIO allies who don’t pay their fair share. Does this mean he will now give up his Secret Service detail? And if this loss is proof of Trump’s genius, why not show us all his tax returns to drown us in his brilliance?

Maybe because he hasn’t paid any taxes since 1977, as David Cay Johnston has suggested for over a year?

None of these questions or answers will likely convince Trump’s diehard Beliebers to abandon Donald.

They believe he’ll be ruthless for them and they also tend to believe things like Obama is a gay Muslim, Michelle Obama is a man, and their two kids were kidnapped to be used as props. Let’s just try to convince these people to keep their heads above the sneeze guard at the salad bar. There aren’t nearly enough of them to elect him president.

But there are millions of undecided Americans who are considering Trump or a third-party vote that could end up electing Trump. And the exposure of Trump’s massive yet legal scam to avoid taxes presents an opportunity to explain why a vote for Hillary Clinton — the best and singular option for defeating Trump — is necessary to stop Trump.

What Trump’s huge loses and massive gains through the tax system show is that a rich kid who was born into a system built to benefit the rich at the expense of everyone else can’t really fail.

Trump’s ego is too big to fail, but his lies aren’t. He’s selling America empty promises the way he sold creditors on his failing casinos and the same way hucksters have been selling time-share and Ponzi schemes forevermore.

Yes, America needs improvement. Workers need raises. People in inner cities need better infrastructure and schools. No one should avoid the doctor for fear of the bills. These are real fears that Trump exploits. And his solution is simple: Give me power.

“You have 40 days until the election,” he told a crowd of supporters last week. “You have 40 days to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country come true.”

If your dreams are of an America where billionaires get more tax breaks, where Wall Street is unleashed to do exactly the same things it did to crash the economy last time, where polluters can wreck the climate and expect you to pay for it, then Trump is the Wizard of your Oz. But for Americans who lived through the Great Recession, we don’t need a George W. Bush-style economy combined with a trade war that could slice 10 to 12 percent from your retirement savings.

When the rich have never been richer, no one should be suggesting transferring trillions more to the rich. We should be asking them to pay more to rebuild America, as Clinton does. Trump will only make life easier for them.

We all want respect. But Trump is using that basic need to play us as suckers.

So before it’s too late, here are three things you might consider telling a potential Trump supporter.

1.He think rich guys don’t have to follow rules.
Trump’s big argument is that by using the system to get workers to subsidize him, he knows how to make it work for you. The problem with this claim is that he’s refusing to separate himself from his businesses even if he wins. They won’t be in a blind trust, but will likely be run by his daughter and will always have his name on them. He is his businesses and has never shown any ability to put anyone else’s interest above his own. He doesn’t feel the need to honor his sacred responsibility to this country or even the contracts he signed with the hundreds of workers who depended on his word. Instead, again and again he’s shown that he doesn’t think he needs to follow the law or even the basic constraints of decency. He rants against outsourcing after outsourcing everything he could put his name on. He rants against immigrants even though he hires them over citizens and won’t even clarify his own wife’s path to citizenship. He’s using “strategic racism” to bring out the rage in his supporters, while engaging in almost everything he preaches against. And there’s no evidence that would change should he become president.

2. His biggest fans would be his biggest victims.
Reminder: Immigrants didn’t bundle bad mortgages and crash our economy costing us millions of jobs. Rich guys like Trump did. So why does Trump want you so fixated on immigrants at a time when illegal border crossings and crime are near a generational low? Because then you won’t think about the real crisis America faces. Immigrants who want to pay taxes help the economy while billionaires who avoid them, help to gut it.  “Perhaps no group bears more responsibility for the plight of the middle class than billionaires,” Richard Eskow reports. “An IMF study confirms that increasing inequality, especially at the very top of the wealth and income scale, is weakening economic growth.” The people who are especially hurt by inequality are Americans who don’t have college degrees. Their working-class parents — buoyed by strong labor unions and liberal governance that demanded the rich pay taxes — found an economy where they could prosper and retire. Workers today can expect no such hope without higher education. These older workers make up much of the Trump base and have seen their hope of raises diminish along with union membership. Now Trump fans see their kids, who are likely to equal their parents’ educational level, unable to compete. It’s the Trump Trap. Conservative economics built it and Trump is using it to scam the right’s biggest victims.

3. He’s cruel.
Trump’s politics of dominance require him to shame anyone in his way. This worked perfectly in the GOP primary, but as president it would mean we’re being led by a man who is in a never-ending war with his insecurities. Trump needs to defend his ego from every slight and sees criticism as a threat to his identity. This seems to provoke him to unleash unspeakable cruelty over and over. He lusts for war — and then lies about that lust as soon as it might hurt his image. But it’s his personal cruelty that should most terrify voters. “He willfully causes pain and distress to others,” The Atlantic‘s Conor Friedersdorf writes in an article ripe with example after example, from the ruthless mocking of women’s looks to cutting off the medical care of a nephew who developed cerebral palsy. “And he repeats this public behavior so frequently that it’s fair to call it a character trait. Any single example would be off-putting but forgivable. Being shown many examples across many years should make any decent person recoil in disgust.”

Yes, Americans love winners.

But even more than winners who ruthlessly dominate their opponents, we love winners who are willing to give up power — leaders who know that the public good matters more than their private interests.

Look at the classic example.

When George Washington handed back his commission as commander in chief to Congress in December of 1783 after leading the colonies to independence from England, he vowed to return to his farm and never hold public office again.

The man whose forces Washington has just defeated, King George III, couldn’t believe it.

“If he does that,” the king reportedly said, “he will be the greatest man in the world.”

Washington did do that.

He only returned to public service when the loose bonds of the Articles of Confederation evolved into a new Constitution, requiring a chief executive who could be trusted not turn himself into a king. And then Washington willingly gave up power again, after two terms.

From our Republic’s birth, America has depended on leaders who saw beyond themselves and imagined a nation moving ever closer towards the founding promise that the powerless matter just as much as the powerful.

Trump is a man who feeds on personal power — and expecting that addiction to disappear when he’s the most powerful man alive doesn’t just threaten our peace and prosperity. It threatens the greater ideal America has always aspired to.

IMAGE: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Manheim, Pennsylvania, U.S., October 1, 2016.  REUTERS/Mike Segar




  1. Dominick Vila October 3, 2016

    Sadly, but perhaps not surprisingly, none of the negatives cited in this article will persuade any Trump supporter, and those considering voting for him, to reflect and re-consider their decision. Like he so eloquently said, he could shoot somebody in the head, in the middle of Fifth Avenue, and he would not lose a single vote. Why? Because his candidacy has more to do the end of an era when diversity was lauded, when a free market economy and globalization were promoted, when social issues such as gay marriage were supported, abortion legalized, and a large percentage of the taxes we pay go to support social programs and public education.
    Considering the ideological polarization that exists in the USA, the misconceptions that so often lead to horrible decisions, a fear of change that culminates in vicious attacks against ethnic and cultural immigrants – regardless of legal status – and the fact that millions of fellow Americans prefer to blame anything or someone else for their failure to prosper in the land of opportunity, and do something to overcome the challenges that automation, technology, and greedy outsourcing have on their ability to find a good job and support their families, it is not difficult to understand why Trump’s campaign has evolved into a cult.

    1. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

      Very well put, but I’m praying that Trump is a temporary aberration rather than the end of an era. The ramifications on the whole concept of participatory democracy is too much to contemplate.

    2. Mama Bear October 3, 2016

      well said as always, Dominick. Fear and hate are evil’s allies and I think we all know that nothing good can possibly come from that.

    3. yabbed October 3, 2016

      Well, he is clearly losing support. He has a coterie of the lowly educated, racists, misogynists, and white supremacists who are die hard in support for him but every day we see him losing support.

  2. Leftout October 3, 2016

    Trump has minimized his taxes according to the tax codes written bybCongress and lobbyists/lawyers for thier own self interests. Trump as other large corporation GE and the like Apple in the EU . Have offshore much profits . Follow the money . This is not a Teump issue. Learned corps have many expenses that can be educated from thier Tax liability. You guys are whining about Congressional approved corruption . The working man does not have these loopholes. Bernie and Trump have stated and is correct to tax more of the top ten percent a little more due to loopholes .

    1. Paul Bass October 3, 2016

      Is English your second language?

      1. Leftout October 3, 2016

        Yes , are you making fun of immigrants ….. Typical bigot

        1. Paul Bass October 3, 2016

          Go watch “word crimes” by weird Al.

          No, just trying to understand why you might be so unfamiliar with basic English. Giving you an excuse, which you obviously don’t have.

          Congrats, you prove my point, even an immigrant would at least TRY to be articulate. You apparently wear your poor English as a badge of honor.

          1. Leftout October 3, 2016

            I apologize for my SINTAX, I am writing on the run and my I- device has a mind of its own and I should know better at this point to go back and edit . Thanks for the comment.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

            Excuses, excuses, excuses.

          3. Leftout October 3, 2016

            I admit to my two flaws , Eleanore , with humility

          4. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

            Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa?

          5. Leftout October 3, 2016

            Dominus vobiscum .

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 3, 2016

          Now, Now, Leftout. Don’t be childish in your responses. If you would take the time to think rationally, you’ll clearly see at last that Paul was making no slur on immigrants—only on your rush to formulate a response without taking time to think.

          THINK, Leftout, THINK!

          1. Leftout October 3, 2016

            I know… I was D emoncratically stretching a point , I apologized for my undersight in editing .

    2. Jon October 3, 2016

      Trump is reducing the top tax rates for the wealthiest and corporations. What loopholes is he closing? To what extent will closing those loopholes offset the tax reduction he is giving them? What will the effective tax rate be for the wealthiest be after he closes whatever loopholes he decides to close?

      1. Leftout October 3, 2016

        Trump knows of many loopholes but will not say for reasons of stratagy , why upset the money crowd in advance . I can only Guess as to which deductions can be allowed . We all know of a few in business. For me , a 10% tax slice of BIG corporate gross would be an interesting start to replenish the treasury .

        1. Jon October 3, 2016

          Okay I understand. He is going to let the current system continue to operate instead of using his influence with the House of Representatives to put an end to the injustice. Makes sense. I like the way he won’t tell anyone his surefire plan to defeat ISIS while hundreds are killed and millions displaced. I mean they are only people. No reason he should care. Waiting while the slaughter continues is the best way to deal with the plan.

          1. Leftout October 3, 2016

            He has mentioned his plan for the demise of ISIS w local Arab states who are more in jeopardy. These are not people, they Moslems who love to get to heaven and have raisins. They do not have the same standards for coexistence as remarked in the Quran in many places . Refugees can be accommodated in the vacant lands of the desert with wonderful humanitarian aid from the UN. Trumps method would be quicker since the congress this far has done
            Nothing over the past many years .

          2. Jmz Nesky October 6, 2016

            Holy Moses on a ant hill.. You certainly have high expectations of your Messiah.. He’s gonna do this and he’s gonna do that because he has the bestest plan and everyone loves him and congress will allow him to do what ever he wants because of his superior intellect and being the smartest one in the room.. Damn! Are you sure your hero’s not from the planet Krypton?

          3. Leftout October 6, 2016

            Yes , I agree he’s gonna do this and that . It has to be better than the nothing Congress has been done anything in the past 20 years , even ACA is bomb .

          4. Jmz Nesky October 6, 2016

            ACA bombed because it was created for the whole nation.. When the red states refused to participate it caused the rest of the states to foot the bill and this is what caused the failure. I do agree about congress but if you think Trump will change all this then you don’t know the true authority of a president and obviously neither does Trump. First off to over ride a slacker congress he will have to use executive order, the same tactic Obama had to use that everyone criticized then he’ll be forced to pass policy while congress is at rest or on vacation, another Obama decision that the country shamed him for so what your saying is that because Trump isn’t a democrat or more likely a black man it will be alright that he does the same things Obama did that the nation rejected him for? NOW I get it.

          5. Leftout October 6, 2016

            There are many problems in the financing of ACA . Rubio quashed a bill to bail out insurance companies if they fall short of profits in insuring the masses. This was the reason insurance companies are not making the same profits , they also have to insure 30
            Milliion dead beats and we the working tax payers have to pay as we always did.
            ACA will implode because the sucker payers are pissed off -they are forced to work two jobs at 30 hrs , paying more premiums with less coverage , and no Obama $ 2500 saving s either . I keep saying that there really was a run up of the deficit of ten trillion dollars over the past ten years . This money could have been used to give every citizen a Voucher to use for free Medical Care of their choice. This is equivalent to 60k per couple …. Where is any benefit of the deficit spending . If all insurance carriers were eliminated the savings could be applied to health care funding and the administration of the Free Program could be done by Medicare , an existing entity .
            Trump does Not need congress to pass any billls , immigration rules are already written but not enforced. Southern borders can be closed and monitored by devices and Border Patrol for security reasons including excluding immigrants from
            Terrorists areas. NAFTA type agreements can be revisited . No more Bills need be introduced . Etc.

          6. Jmz Nesky October 7, 2016

            You force me to repeat my statement.. You are certainly trusting on this b’ness con man.. A man that has zip political experience who will be facing many veteran world leaders both here and abroad that will give him the impression that he’s NOT the smartest guy in the room and if there’s one thing he can’t tolerate is not being the center of attraction.. and don’t for a moment think he will gather ‘good’ men around him, not by who he’s been piling up so far because even if he did, as he’s said many times.. his will be the final decision If only you were running with the ideas that you somehow think Trump will be working on then I would gladly change my reluctant vote to you. See you on the other side.. Hopefully.

          7. Leftout October 7, 2016

            Obama , Jonathan Gruber,” architect of the ACA ” who did statwd that the citizens are so “deplorably ” stupid and that is why we can pass this thing “and with the complicity of the con-
            Now who were the Con Men, J??

          8. Jmz Nesky October 7, 2016

            All of them my friend… ALL of them. But I am a bit confused as to how you over heard such a conversation, I mean if you didn’t hear it with your own ears from these two then you must be taking the word of someone who claims they did and in all political conversations of this nature one would literally have to be a fly on the wall to have over heard such a hateful statement but you can go ahead and believe whomever you want, as I will stick to my former statement? All of them my friend..

          9. Leftout October 7, 2016

            These conversations are available on the internet in their full context as well as hidden archives of CNN and MSNBC . I know you are not new to this news . Respectfully submitted . You Must have seen these clips .

      2. Jmz Nesky October 6, 2016

        And most importantly, any cutting off of loop holes would affect him most of all and that even Trump would tell you wouldn’t be tolerable. Remember, by the articles themselves his tax free status is soon to run out so why would he shoot himself in the foot for the likes of us?

        1. Jon October 6, 2016

          He is now claiming that it is Hillary’s fault that he is a freeloader. He repeats one of his favorite lies that she was in government for the past 30 years and she should have closed the tax loopholes that allowed him to freeload off the taxpayers.
          I am sick of the 30 years in government to change things lie. As 1st Lady and Secretary of State she had no power to vote on legislation. She had that power for 6 years as a senator from NY. However, that was during G W Bush’s 2 terms as president and, while she did have some great accomplishments, she was limited in what she could accomplish by the Republicans in power.
          He constantly misrepresents the power that a secretary of state has and acts as if she and President Obama could act like dictators and ignore the Republican controlled congress.

          1. Jmz Nesky October 6, 2016

            Yep, just as he gives the impression that he will have carte blanche from the majority congress whether that will be Dem or Pub with his outrageous plans for this nation.. Personally I don’t think he cares because he has no intention of keeping any of his promises.. just ask any of his business victims.

    3. yabbed October 3, 2016

      No he hasn’t. Trump isn’t a publicly held corporation with shareholders. His situation bears no resemblance to GE and Apple. He’s a con artist. He’s stiffed small contractors and providers and employees. He formed a charitable foundation and illegally solicited money which he then illegally used tax free to pay his personal obligations. For that he’s being investigated by the feds. He formed a fake “university” and preyed on people with limited ability to suffer losses and for that he’s being tried for fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud.

      1. Leftout October 3, 2016

        A Corporation has many forms , LLC , sole ownership, etc and each have their interesting expensing of family , neighbors, legislators , contractors , vehicles , planes . There are lists of them on IRS returns. A flat tax would eliminate this BS.

    4. Jinmichigan October 3, 2016

      trump’s tax plan is more of the same, not intended to fix any of the loopholes he personally has benefited from his entire life. And his response is, “SUCKERS”.

      1. Leftout October 3, 2016

        We are all suckers that have no connection in Congress.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

          Maybe, you don’t. Most of us know all we need do is get together in a group and hold a face off with our state senators and Congresspersons.

          1. Leftout October 3, 2016

            I question many of the rats in public and embarrass them to account for the road funds and similar .

          2. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

            You need to question the CEOs who do most of the damage to our economy. They pay the politicians they want to legislate for THEM, not you.

          3. Leftout October 3, 2016

            That is exactly correct including the tax codes and loopholes, thank you .

          4. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

            What I know of CEOs is what I saw when I worked on their corporate budgets. There is always one line item that earmarks a certain amount of money every year for the politician who “works” hardest for them. I saw it and I was appalled. They would stiff employees when it came to raising their wages and then cry poverty.

            Those loopholes are paid for by these CEOs who pay for their “working” politicians who work on finding ways to let these creeps out of their responsibilities to pay what they owe.

            No where in the US Constitution does it say our tax dollars have to keep them in business. That is THEIR job. If they can’t do it without fleecing taxpayers, they don’t belong in business.

          5. Leftout October 3, 2016

            I agree there are those cretins of Large Corps, and they should be made to heel, but even the Exons benefit our pension funds and Maybe are more responsible .

        2. jmprint October 3, 2016

          Your mentality is what is creating the “I’m not voting mentality, because we don’t trust the government.” If we continue with that, we will never regain control, we have to fight for what we believe in, it’s our country, we are the government.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

            He is the government. If Leftout feels disenfranchised, he did it to himself voting for morons of the CONman party. Today’s conservatives are trying desperately to do what the south did after the Civil War and the Midwest did after the Great Depression…get other states to fund theirs. Just how much of the pollution they create should WE have to pay for?

            Perfect example, Montana had a huge oil spill last week and now they are begging for FEMA funds. DUH? They didn’t know pipelines that are not maintained for decades have a tendency to lose integrity? So now we have to help them pay for their stupidity?

          2. Leftout October 3, 2016

            I do not have a “not voting mentality” and I am voting .

          3. jmprint October 3, 2016

            For Trump, I’m sure! “We are all suckers that have no connection in Congress.” others with this mentality are not voting.

          4. Leftout October 3, 2016

            This is THE reason people are voting essentially against the status quo of Crooked- sorry Hillary – Congress .

          5. jmprint October 3, 2016

            You have no right to call her crooked, you are the sorry one. Prove it with court documents that she is crooked. Trump on the other hand has a pile a mile high of court documents proving just what a crook he is.

          6. Leftout October 3, 2016

            I have a right, she works for me , as a political advocate? And Trump is a business man who uses the loopholes given him by all of us , essentially . I do not know the details of Trumps legal intracacies , does anyone ?

          7. jmprint October 3, 2016

            You have as much right as I do calling you a crook, I have no proof, but if someone says you are a crook you must be.

          8. Leftout October 3, 2016

            If someone says that they would have to know. As you say

          9. jmprint October 3, 2016

            So is that an admittance, that you are what trump is?

          10. Leftout October 3, 2016

            No, Trump is who we are , he rose to take the role as no one else was able or were shackled by the past . Trump represent us as we have to go to work .

          11. jmprint October 3, 2016

            No Trump is for Trump his followers a just doped into thinking, he is for them, but that’s ok, keep thinking it, time will tell.

          12. Leftout October 3, 2016

            No, we always were out here and no one had enough fortitude to speak to our concerns except Trump , all other candidates were voterd out . Bernie and Trump represent 80% of outside voters to the current system .

          13. Leftout October 3, 2016

            No, no one would say such a thing about me.

    5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 3, 2016

      So, is this the right way to conduct one’s personal affairs? Is it really all about what’s best for me, foremost, while giving scant attention to the well-being of others, other than in the vein of the Reagonomic sentiment of “trickle-down”?
      You and others seem to be so mechanistic in your approach to the overall problem of disparity between the very rich and the very poor. For you, this is merely an academic and pleasant intellectual topic of discussion.

      1. Leftout October 3, 2016

        No , I do not transact my dealings that way nor do the people I know , they hire staff and restrain them as family and all are relatively Modest in means but doing well also and they are charitable .

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

          Charitable? You mean like giving to charity to GET a tax cut? When did charity mean giving to GET?

          1. Leftout October 3, 2016

            No , that is not altruistic charity in my opinion.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

            So why then do most rich people and some of the rest of the “well to do” think of a hundred ways to avoid paying their taxes? When they don’t pay, you do.

          3. Leftout October 3, 2016

            The rich and their accountants do not have to think !!! , they are given the rules of deductions / deductive reasoning / by the laws of business taxation as you said elsewhere. The more common-man has limited deductions for expenses , as for a wife who works at home or drives the man to work etc .

    6. jmprint October 3, 2016

      Trump has not stated he wants to cut taxes the rich, to the contrary, he wants to continue with even more breaks like the nanny tax cut, our kids can’t uses that tax break, because they don’t make the money be able to right them off, but Melania can.

      1. Leftout October 3, 2016

        Trump has stated that and said they should pay a little??? More .

        1. jmprint October 3, 2016

          OH you mean we have to read between the word, pay little, I get it.

          1. Leftout October 3, 2016

            Absolutely, it is all written for everyone to use for their needs , written and approved by OUR congress , no need to blame anyone else .

          2. jmprint October 3, 2016

            Of course we have to blame it on those that keep voting republican, they are the ones allowing the spread of this corruption, it is the bi-product of the trickle down.

          3. Leftout October 3, 2016

            All of congress votes for these self serving bills , Democrata and Non existant republicans. Apple and Microsoft are not republicans nor GE .

          4. jmprint October 3, 2016

            Non existant republicans?

          5. Leftout October 3, 2016

            The republicans were given a chance to represent the voters and Trump took the call . These voters represent anti – Congressional votes against both corrupted parties of congress. It is a movement as Bernie has and is for the people , as I see it .

          6. jmprint October 3, 2016

            You are confusing the movement as a movement that wants to be economically represented, they want to be culturally represented. Why do you think all the different supremacist groups have joined forces with Trump.

          7. Leftout October 3, 2016

            The total movement is against status quo which evolved for congressional / corporate greed.

          8. jmprint October 3, 2016

            If that was the fact they would definitely not be voting for the Greedy Trumpf. It doesn’t get greedier then Trump.

          9. Leftout October 3, 2016

            BLM is a supremacist group that joined the Dems and O . Hilary’s mentor was KKK Robert Byrd grand PUBah of West Virginia . I heard of no klans joining Trump .
            The movements are both against the status quo that evolved, using she’ll games to create greed for the congressional / corporate lobbyists at the expense of working classes .

          10. jmprint October 3, 2016

            Robert Byrd admitted being a grand wizard, but he also loathe them now, it is never too late to become a good human, and it takes a greater man to do what he did. BLM is a movement for judicial equality, there are a few who take it to a level, that the BLM doesn’t condone, unlike the hate groups, that represent racism and are vocal about their hate toward others, unlike them, and it is an excuse being used to sugar coat the hatred alt-right movement.

          11. Oddworld October 3, 2016

            Bernie and Trump are nothing alike. All they have in common is that they’re both populists. I’m not sure how anyone can believe that the far left and the alt-right are similar enough so that some Bernie supporters are willing to vote for Trump. Even if they both agree on trade or a couple of issues it doesn’t mean Trump is sincere about his stance, he has done very well for himself under the current system and he is master at the art of selling himself. I’ll tell you something else about Trump too, he owns very little of what he claims to. Most of his supposed businesses aren’t even his, companies are paying him a lofty fee to carry his name on their buildings for marketing purposes.

          12. dbtheonly October 3, 2016


            Please don’t take this personally, but the exact starting point of “Never $hillary” comments can be hard to determine. Trump and his supporters have repeated Bernie’s campaign talking points almost verbatim. And the outsider status common to both lead to some talk of Trump offering Bernie the VP slot.

            Alex Jones level conspiracies abound among both.

            So yes, Tea Party Right and Tea Party Left can be hard for me to distinguish.

          13. Oddworld October 3, 2016

            I know it isn’t personal. I am aware that Alex Jones holds some appeal among segments of the left. No one ideology can claim a monopoly on conspiracy theories, I know, I used to get caught up in them too. The problem is that it becomes all consuming to the point of overshadowing one’s priorities.

            Until you mentioned it I’ve never even heard of the Tea Party Left but their sole motivation shouldn’t be being driven by the same intrigues as the Tea Party Right. The left and the right are diametrically opposite (at least in theory) that I really don’t
            see how they could expect a viable working government.

          14. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

            Didn’t mean to confuse, the TPL doesn’t claim the name. It just flows easily when, during the primaries, segments of Trump and Sanders speeches were interchangeable.

            You’d think there’d be a difference; but in calling for a “revolution”, in attacking “corporate America”, in calling for a pullback in overseas comments, in their disdain for the Center, there’s a lot of overlap.

          15. Oddworld October 3, 2016

            I guess I am more of a hybrid than a true lefty if the left is defining themselves in those terms. I don’t care if government
            is too big or too small so long as it works properly. I think trade deals are essential as long as they’re fair and balanced. I support overseas commitments whether it be protecting our trade partners or honoring military alliances. I don’t feel any disdain for the center, it’s important to maintain a political and social balance. I oppose things like Corporate America, Political PACs and quite a few other injustices, too many to list in one comment. There is also more policies that I do support but as I said, too many to list for one comment. There are many degrees of the left-right spectrum, it sounds foolish but I guess there are particular adherents from either spectrum that some how managed to find a common ground. I wonder how long it will be before they realize they don’t see eye to eye on enough issues.

          16. dbtheonly October 3, 2016


            You’ve hit the key point. Each of us is some kind of hybrid. We’ll agree on most things and disagree on a few. We celebrate the agreements and tolerate the disagreements. Knowing we’ll be there for each other on the big stuff.

            Both the TPR and TPL can be monolithic. The attacks by the TPL on Elizabeth Warren after she endorsed Hillary were as saddening as they were misguided, the TPR’s litmus test during the Republican primaries struck me as absurdistly funny; though it was serious to those involved.

          17. Leftout October 3, 2016

            The current system exists because of us and not overseeing the shell games of congress . Many businesses spin off thier names / logos for recognition and own many sub companies , so that they can sell less profitable or non brand related items.

          18. Oddworld October 3, 2016

            So in essence Trump is part of the system he is promising to tear down.

    7. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 3, 2016

      so leftovers leftout you saying every one in the country should pull a DONNY DUMP DUMPSTER ACT ? then the whole country will be one big bankrupt and who will keep the country going ? if all go bankrupt then there’s no money or no one to pay for the B/S

      1. Leftout October 3, 2016

        Ah , that is an interesting comment from you”if all go bankrupt then there’s no money or no one to pay for the BS” …that is correct , Big Corps and congress hide behind loopholes and the working people who pay for Corps and congress and free riders get little left over and are left out.
        The ten trillion dollars spent over ten years equaled in no return , we could have had free education and healthcare with that deficit . Does anyone know how to account. For this small change , ???? Media , you, are allowed and can help here !!!?

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 3, 2016

          and do you believe that as DONNY DUMP has use and might even helped make some of the loopholes ( but rather make more of them . one can be sure of ) would try or think of getting rid of the scum ball he has been hiding behind for his life ? for him to get rid of even one loophole is something we all know he just couldn’t do . for it a right thing to do . and to take away any one of the slim things he been using he could never feel right in doing . making more YES getting rid of any NO . id bet the DUMPSTER would rather shoot one of his brainwashed kids first . and make them feel good about getting shot at the same time . is there a way to work things out ? who knows . what I do know is on BILL CLINTONS watch the country was debt free with a surplus . so yes I guess there is a way . but the way its said how the DUMPSTER’s plan is will only add $Trillions but of course while doing that he will save and put money in his greedy bastard pockets

        2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 3, 2016

          you state >>(. Does anyone know how to account. For this small change , ???? Media , you, are allowed and can help here !!!? ) for what has happen unknown . for it not to happen again (don’t let DONNY DUMP in the house . THAT COULD REALLY BE A GREAT START )

          1. Leftout October 3, 2016

            Or….. Get current occupants out of the congress and White House . Trump did not create this mess . It takes complete incompetence to Create NAFTA and the burning Middle East

          2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 3, 2016

            no DONNY DUMP didn’t create the mess (but him in the house will only make it worse ) as for the middle east that’s on the DIRTY BUSH &CHEEZY CHENEY . and that pair that swings from a bulls sack . I don’t believe thy thought thy couldn’t get the votes for the war so thy added their lack of intelligence and dropped it on WMD to scare the vote out of ones in office ( I believe it was more CHEEZY CHENEY that pushed it) so he could make money on what ever stocks or whatever he had invested in . (and it worked ) BUSH was stupid CHENEY was A CHEEZY POS . and should be held on war crimes . if the person the CHEEZE BALL got the heart from knew it was going to that evil POS im sure he would of said turn my heart in to hamburger . then put it in the POS

          3. Leftout October 3, 2016

            I personally thought the Iraq war was going to end badly if we did not support the new regime . Many think that Husseins departure was good with the freedom for the Iraqi. otherwise you would prefer the harsh dictator to be in power. He did not have anything to do w 9/11, but had scud missiles that he used periodically on Israel , and threatened use of illegal Chemicals as I recalled . We should have left troops in Iraq to stabilize the Iraqis and not announce our departure …..incompetent military decision. never give the adversary a timetable of what you are doing …..sheeeeze !

          4. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 4, 2016

            end badly what worse then it is now ? and still not ended heck it’s almost like it gets a new start every other day . all in all Hussein insane for what ever its worth was keeping IRAN in a semi check thy feared that guy . not the USA ‘s yard to clean . the middle east has the most money there from the oil let them pay for their own landscaping . the US go ‘s in never to see the money we used again never mind the loss of the lives of our troops . heck isn’t there worse place that need cleaning up ? China , North Korea human rights issue’s there . again it’s not in the US yard and if it should be a problem then its a world problem (in part if that’s the way one looks at it ) so send it to the UN or NATO . or even make up some more names and people . the US get’s in these B/S places then the fruit loop clowns come out of our country and the retards say the reason thy do the terror is because of this and that . even with out the wars and BS not just the USA but the world will always have nuts that do things for what ever reason their simple minds think . so why give more reason for the simple minded retards

          5. Leftout October 4, 2016

            We agree on this one , thanks

  3. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

    I’m still stuck at $14 million is a small loan from Dad.

    1. charleo1 October 3, 2016

      Just a little walking around money from Dad while he started his empire.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 3, 2016

        THE EVIL FRAUD,CON AND SCAMMING EMPIRE . some day it will catch up to the POS and that will be the end of THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW then his family can try to make penny’s off the reruns

    2. AgLander October 4, 2016

      Stop using liberal math equations which are based on “whatever total I want it to be”. It was a 1 million dollar loan…..a rather meager amount when looked at in context to what it takes to make any kind of play in the New York real estate market.

      1. dbtheonly October 4, 2016

        First time I’ve heard anyone claim the figure is so small.

        But even $1,000,000.00 doesn’t strike me a meager.

  4. charleo1 October 3, 2016

    Donald Trump was something else, wasn’t he? I say was, because I see more clearly than ever, he has no chance of winning the Presidency. But while it lasted, while in the
    primary, to many he seemed like “the one.” TC. That true conservative they had been waiting for. Like they’ve been waiting for Jesus. He was really going to tear things up in D.C. Then, one sunny morning, he came down from the heavens! Trump, not Jesus, with his own “sure fire,” economic remedy. And this time finally it was one formulated not by a politician, or a big government lackey who had never created a job. But a genius market man worth billions! His business acumen being arguably his biggest claim to legitimacy.

    And so there it was, strangely monotoned, so as not to make too much of an impression. The same fairy tale promises, and pie in the sky claptrap we’ve heard over and over again out of the mouths of RW Politicians shilling for that upper five percent of the top one percent. We could now hear coming out of the horse’s mouth of one of the top upper crustiers in the form of candidate Trump. Give me, he starts out…Give me, and people like me, more tax breaks, and send the regulation guys home, and I’ll see that your every dream will come true! Trust me folks, we’ve got to do it…..

    1. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

      Agree, but I’m not as sanguine as you about the inevitability of Trump’s defeat.

      1. Legitimate, or not, Hillary is highly disliked.
      2. There are any number of prediction models calling for the Republican.
      3. There is still tons of money coming in from RW PACs.
      4. The BernieBros, and Tea Party of the Left, are still unreconciled.
      5. Trump is not a traditional politician and traditional rules haven’t applied.

      In the words of the immortal Han Solo, “Don’t get cocky, Kid.”

      1. charleo1 October 3, 2016

        I’m that guy that’s smart enough to know how dumb getting cocky is when it comes to making predictions. But I’m also that guy who’s never thought he had a chance from the beginning. After listening to his racist, rat hole rant of an announcement speech. I just don’r believe that’s who we are as a Country.

        1. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

          I don’t want to believe that Trump is where we are as a country; but facts keep interfering. Trump’s been dismissed at least half a dozen times so far.

          The polls, the Trumpian enthusiasm, the third parties. (Can you even have multiple third Parties?) make me nervous.

          But I’ll make a deal with you. You live and work and donate like Trump is winning for five weeks and you can laugh at me for four years when he doesn’t.

          1. charleo1 October 3, 2016

            I hear you….Deal

  5. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

    Actually, For Trump, it IS the end of HIS era. He tried so hard to use all those rabid dog strategies he learned from Roy Cohn. The problem is Cohn was then, Trump is now. By stupidly entering a presidential race, Trump only opened up the biggest corporate can of worms not seen since the days of Teddy Roosevelt, the Muchrakers and the Tea Pot Dome Scandal.

    Count on it folks. All Trump had left to sell was his name. How much would any smart investor invest millions into his name now? Worse, all he managed to do was prove what we all knew for ages: that CEOs and corporations in the US don’t pay any taxes.

    All he did was expose a slice of the CEOmanship that CEOs have kept secret in those executive board rooms for years: Pay lowest possible wages, cry poverty, price gouge consumers and then for the icing on the cake: Force taxpayers to keep these crooks in business.

    Dollar to a donut, Trump knows how low he has sunk and will now dredge up the absolute scummiest lies he can about Chelsea. He knows that every woman’s weakness is protecting her children from unjustified and fabricated lies. So, you bet that will be his next line of attack.

    1. Blueberry Hill October 3, 2016

      He was openly bragging the other day about “Using other people’s money”. Well that includes those who think he is such a genius and those who think he should be President. WE MUST NEVER LET THIS POS LOSER ANYWHERE NEAR THE WHITE HOUSE !!!


      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

        One of the reasons I have never respected Trump is because for a long time, he was gaming the system in NY City and no one dared stop him. He has lost over $995 million in bankruptcies. All of us in the NY/NJ Metro area always recognized that Trump was out of control. He built 2 casinos here in NJ, refused to pay the building contractors claiming their work was poor. Anyone who has ever been to the Taj Mahal would see that was a huge lie he crafted so he didn’t have to pay them. Now, they’d love nothing better than to build him a cement coat and use him for a bridge support.

        He is more dangerous for another reason we all have seen. He is brazenly ruthless to the point of believing in his own unlimited power. When Trump loses an argument, he sues. Because judges are scared silly of him and his money which funds some of their “charitable trusts,” they give him a slap on the hand and off he goes on to another lawsuit. He has sued anyone who dared to tell the truth in the media about him, his refusal to pay employees and contractors and those he owes money to.

        He’s one scary SOB. Once you realize all he learned came from his friendship with Roy Cohn of McCarthy attack dog fame, you see how and why he believes he is entitled to not pay taxes. Here is a link that shows just how much Trump learned from Cohn: http://www.nytimes.com/1985/07/10/nyregion/a-court-panel-finds-roy-cohn-misused-funds-from-clients.html?pagewanted=all.

        1. Karen_in_KC October 3, 2016

          ‘Now, they’d love nothing better than to build him a cement coat and use him for a bridge support.’ Dream, dream, dream. Sigh. Wishful thinking.

    2. AgLander October 4, 2016

      Ellie: You are in a dangerous situation. You keep commenting with a big mouth driven by a small brain which is not a good combination! Perhaps you should try knitting where you only have to fiddle with your fingers?

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 3, 2016

    Donald Trump is a “genius.” That’s the message delivered by Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie after an anonymous source mailed a tax return that shows Trump’s $916 million loss in 1995 means he could have avoided paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years./// DONNY DUMP is the world’s butt hole so much B/S and cram comes out every time he opens his AZZ and mouth (same place ) the brain dead followers have and excuse thy are brain dead . others that would vote for the DUMPSTER CLOWN as just as bad or worse . for that $$916 million its those people that pay that bill for POS . can anyone truly see that CLOWN at a UN or any type of meeting with the heads of other country as the PRES. ? he would be banned after the first meeting if not shot and killed first (the latter would be the best for the world ) Him as PRES. would embarrass the country of the USA . as it is now he it just showing all the FOOL & CLOWN he is . if Pres. then he would embarrass the USA with the world saying how stupid the people here truly are laughing at the USA for putting a POS like him in charge . he should be asked to name world leader any of them . or better ask who his fav. ones are and were id bet you would get two of them real fast 1 HITLER 2 Russia’s PUTTHEAD .

  7. FT66 October 3, 2016

    I hate to write this: when I hear some say or write that Trump supporters won’t change their thinking no matter what they hear or see about him, my head wants to explode. Thats quite wrong. Some and not all of Trump supporters were not aware of what happened with Trump avoiding to pay taxes. They are tax payers as well and can think too. I don’t think they are happy to hear Trump used the system and saw where the loophole lied and benefited from it. These are people most of them never used any airport and don’t know how it looks like there. Trump uses any airport (with his own plane) and don’t think at all it is tax payer’s money that allowed him to land and take off from any airport of his choosing. This issue of evading to pay taxes affects every tax payer. The nation can’t exist or rather be recognised to be the greatest nation on earth, if every citizen will try to find where the loophole lies and use it. This guy (Trump), mustn’t be rewarded for what he did while knowingly a lot of voters were/are still hurting to pay taxes from their hard earned money, and he pays nothing.

  8. Moderate Black Woman October 3, 2016

    To all that think Trump’s past week, including without limitation, his attacks on women, revelations that he lost nearly a billion dollars when the economy was doing well, the likelihood that he’s paid nothing in federal taxes that help pay for the airports he jets into, and his “un-statesman” like conduct, which borders on showing him to be clinically deranged … think again. This man can still win. Please do not relax. VOTE.

  9. pisces63 October 3, 2016

    Now, this cruel imbecile is making a mockery of Hillary’s pneumonia bout. Staggering across the stage as a mock Hillary. Rudy was a no show on CNN this morning and when I left for work they were calling an all points bulletin, where’s Rudi. Didn’t call, either.

    1. Jinmichigan October 3, 2016

      They should look where ever human slime normally hangs out.

    2. Jon October 3, 2016

      Hillary was standing in the heat suffering from pneumonia. I have had pneumonia and know how it affects your body. Watching him mock her for not feeling well due to pneumonia was shameless and cruel. I am beyond angry about that clown’s dark sick soul and twisted perverted thinking.

  10. Jinmichigan October 3, 2016

    If trump is a genius for losing nearly a billion dollars in 1995, the people who brought down Lehman Brothers or Gold Sachs must be Super Geniuses. LOL. Republican logic.

  11. yabbed October 3, 2016

    No business genius loses a billion dollars on casinos. Just ask Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson. Those casino double digit billionaires are laughing their socks off at Donald Trump.

  12. pisces63 October 3, 2016

    Just think. NOW when a politician speaks of raising taxes on the 1%, there will be no remorse because, they hadn’t paid much anyway or none, like good old buddy Trump!!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

      There is one other thing that comes out in the dirty laundry thanks to Trump. Now, the CONmen cannot rely any longer on that BS that WE caused the national debt and the national deficit. Do the math. Trump pays no taxes for nearly 20 years. Now multiple that by every one of the wealthiest men in the country. No effect on the economy with trillions sitting in their offshore tax free accounts?

  13. Jon October 3, 2016

    The genius businessman who lost nearly $1 billion in 1 year which would have allowed him to not pay income tax of up to $50 million a year in income for 18 years refuses to release his income tax returns to prove that he is a genius at business. The only other years of income tax returns which have been released when he was trying to get casino licenses are 1978, 1979, and 1984. Although the 1995 income tax return shows just how utterly incompetent he is as a businessman, the other 3 years confirm that he is really bad at business. He lost money each year and paid $0.00 in federal income tax. We know that there are at least 21 years in which this freeloader either did not pay federal income tax or likely paid no tax.

  14. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 3, 2016

    I was reminded by “Jon” earlier today about an article at this link “http://www.rawstory.com/2016/08/a-neuroscientist-explains-what-may-be-wrong-with-trump-supporters-brains/”. The story in the link seems to relate to research and reflections presented in Nicholas Carr’s book “The Shallows:What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains”.
    After a couple of years thinking about the nature of internet responses of ordinary people, of public comments by various right-wing pundits, I feel that it can accurately be stated that Trump’s supporters as well as many in the GOP suffer some form of mental derangement.

    Their inability to distinguish between fact and fancy, reality and myths/conspiracies is a reminder of the mental state of children in comparison to juveniles, and juveniles in comparison to adults. Children naturally have a problem with telling the difference between reality and fiction, but that improves once adolescence is achieved, and the adolescent’s comprehension to distinguish improves once adulthood is reached.

    Something obviously has caused Trump and his followers, and many of those in the GOP(e.g., Rudy, Christie, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Ben Carson, Anne Colter) to take a step backwards towards the earlier stages of adolescence.

    So, what is, or are, the factor(s) leading to this mental regression? Is it a lack of connection with Religion, or while having a Religion, does the inability to see deeply into the meaning behind the words on the pages of the different Texts cause an eventual disruption of mental capacity? Does this lack of spiritual insight and the consequent inability to translate that into conscious action compound the break-down of cognitive ability and mature responses to changing events?

    Baha’u’llah reiterates constantly a theme presented in previous Religious Dispensations, regarding the nobility of the human being which is bequeathed to all humans from birth, of the immortality of the soul, and to pay careful attention to cultivating a sense of values that ensure that nobility. One of the exhortations of His to Baha’is is to read the Writings of His in the morning and in the evening, to say at least one of the 3 possible Obligatory Prayers every 24 hours; to ponder and to reflect(something the earlier poets and writers of the pre-Industrial Age were engaged in on a regular basis before the advent of Mass Media), and above all to translate what we read into action. He warns often that reading alone, or just praying, without exercising the volition to act on what we read or to act as though the prayers have already been answered transmutes pious homes into tangible results, with an eye constantly focused on “Well, how will my actions benefit others first followed by how it would benefit myself?”. Furthermore, Baha’u’llah constantly warns of avoidance of superstitions, and blind imitation, to not tread the paths of fore-fathers because that’s what they did, and to eschew the companionship of those who are aligned with those who are committed to Error.

    Donald, his followers, many in the GOP, and others seem to have lost their way because of being primarily attentive to self-preservation which heightens the fear-mechanism, of which too much of will have direct and indirect affect on the soul and the physical health of the brain.

    These are things we need to ponder and reflect on. Trump quite likely has passed beyond the point of no return(one of the hazards of becoming too attached to self and to wealth), as have many of Trump’s followers. In the meantime, we can work on bettering ourselves, to be comfortable with mortality knowing that the soul is a unique human quality that is immortal and not consigned solely to an earthly existence, that wealth and fame are transitory, illusory, and can’t be taken with us once we step through the door of Death to a higher Realm as more fully revealed and elaborated on by Baha’u’llah—an elaboration commensurate with humanity on the planet having reached a point where it can at last emerge from earlier developmental stages onto a plateau of Maturity, even though many insist on remaining in a juvenile state.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

      If you check out Trump’s mother, you see she like Dora Cohn were cloying, overindulgent women who literally took over their son’s lives in ways that are borderline incestuous. Mary Anne MacCleod Trump was a Scottish immigrant who put a divide between his father, Fred and Donald. That’s why Fred sent Donald to miltiary school. He saw that his son was unruly and no matter what he said, Mary would always give Donald his way. Here is an article from the New Yorker magazine: http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/donald-trumps-immigrant-mother. You’ll notice she also had “orange” hair.

      Oddly Dora Cohn did the same. Roy’s daddy was a hugely respected judge whom Roy, like Donald, hated. Both Roy and Donald believed their fathers were weak because both fathers believed that you don’t become successful dishonestly.

  15. jmprint October 3, 2016

    I don’t get it, my business has had losses and no the corporation didn’t pay taxes, but I DID on my personal federal taxes, why wouldn’t he?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

      You don’t have judges in your back pocket. Trump does. Most of us here in the NY/NJ Metro region know how he slips the judges a “few” under the table and all the nicey nicey is all spanking clean for Trump.

      1. jmprint October 3, 2016

        He must be slipping money to the IRS agents, they are brutal with small businesses.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

          Tell me about it. I’m a 1099 and every year they take 1/3 of MY earnings. Trump? They take nothing. The IRS has a lot of explaining to do.

      2. stcroixcarp October 3, 2016

        Like his sister.

    2. Oddworld October 3, 2016

      Two words. Roy Cohn.

  16. Bride's Mom October 3, 2016

    I dont agree with much of that article. And obviously if you are voting for Clinton, you dont either. You words are like the pot calling the kettle black! Everything you said about Trump could also be said about Clinton! And you know it!

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

      Not true and you know it. First of all, Hillary Clinton spent her entire life supporting women and children. Shall I get that proof for you? Donald Trump spent his life defying Daddy, kissing up to women like you who spoil their little boys rotten and then dumped them on the rest of the world to deal with.

      The Clinton Foundation donated millions to the families of 9/11 victims. Trump donates to himself. His eldest son used the Trump Foundation to fund his latest exclusive safari hunt.

      The Clinton Foundation has been audited 33 times. The Trump Foundation? ZIP. You really need to get an education if you can’t post facts you can prove.

    2. jmprint October 3, 2016


    3. stcroixcarp October 3, 2016

      No, dear, you are wrong. 1. Bill and Hillary have never had a year that they lost so much money that they didn’t have to pay income tax. The Clintons have paid millions in federal income tax. 2. Hillary Clinton has never been sued because she refused to pay her employees or contractors. 3. The Clintons have not profiteered on the great recession by buying up foreclosed property. 4. The Clintons have given millions to their foundation which has distributed millions of dollars to start children’s health programs, immunization programs, HIV/AIDS treatment, for the poorest of the poor. Bill and especially Hillary have been the targets of vicious slanderous attacks from Donald Trump and the rightwing media, rightwing radio, and Fox “News” for years.

      1. jmprint October 3, 2016

        The people that are running the Trump campaign are the very ones that have been putting out the slanderous video on HIllary for decades. Funny how the slime bags crawled to the top, and attached themselves to this Godless poor excuse of a human being.

    4. 788eddie October 3, 2016

      Another Republican who is trying to convince everyone that Hillary Clinton is as bad as Donald Trump. Save Your breath, (and, in this case, written innuendo).

      The evidence supports the statement that Hillary Clinton tells the truth.

      She testified before the Congressional Committee investigating Benghazi (eight committies, in fact). This last time, she testified for more than eleven hours straight (I watched for more than 4 1/2 hours of it). Either she told the truth, or you’ve got to accept the idea that the five Republican Committee members (and their respective staffs) are incompetents.

      Lying to a congressional committee is against the law and has very heavy penalties, including imprisonment.

      I am one registered Republican who is willing to accept that she told the truth. And anyone who can endure the kind of treatment she was given would make a good President of our country.

  17. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

    When the former CEO of Midlantic Bank stated in an interview that Trump went on a 90s spending spree that ended with him owing $995 million in bankruptcies, he also said that none of the Big 6 banks wanted anything more to do with Trump. In other words, Trump became a toxic landfill of debt. But, as Tim O’Brien of Bloomberg News stated in his book about Trump (which Trump sued to silence O’Brien), Trump realized all he had left was the Trump name. So, every building you see with that name on it isn’t owned by Trump. They pay to use his name.

    They won’t anymore. He is about as popular with his business associates as the Bubonic Plague. No investor will EVER invest a dime in the Trump name. Nor, will he get anymore of his photo op time on TV reality programs touted his phony success.

    1. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

      I’ve got some news for you.

      Recent polls have Trump less popular than Bubonic Plague and Ebola in the African-American community.

  18. Eleanore Whitaker October 3, 2016

    Last week, in one of his stellar fits of rage, Trump said in a campaign speech, “If I lose, I’m suing.” And just who does he plan on suing? Voters?

    1. stcroixcarp October 3, 2016

      Ah, Yes, the king of the republicans threatening to sue again. Isn’t tort reform a gold plank in the republican platform that will solve all our woes?

    2. AgLander October 3, 2016

      Maybe he’ll sue you for aborted attempts at writing bad books that don’t sell!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 4, 2016

        Nice try but let’s start with YOU CAN’T write a sentence that is grammatically correct much less 2 novels, technical white papers on biofiltration, arsenic in water and HVAC systems. Face fact AG…your days are numbered on planet earth.

        They do say that men who overdose on Viagra end up with brain damage. “I” enjoy royalties. You? You enjoy feeding on that same hater boy BS that the rest of you hicks do.

        Not to worry AG. The Dems are fed up supported Republican states while you bitch your lives away.

        Trump is smart not paying taxes? Well, gee…now WE will be just as smart and cut off the taxes FROM our states that feed you and your states. Get a life you lazy freeloading loser.

        1. AgLander October 4, 2016

          Thanks for the laugh, Ellie. You claim that I lack proper grammar and then you proceed to display a total lack of it! (That’s why those two novels are still sitting at “0” on the sales volume charts.)

          1. Eleanore Whitaker October 4, 2016

            HIn synchrony with the subject of this thread. There are 3 things we know about Trump voters and nutbags like AG:
            1. They are out of touch with reality
            2. They think they are the ONLY voice on planet earth
            3. They think they know it all

            Sorry AG..time for your thorazine. Didn’t Dr. Pigbrain increase your meds for you?

            As for the sales of my novels. I can write them. You can’t. That’s the difference between a creative, intelligent woman and a guy like you who WASTES an entire day bitching till the sun goes down. Why do you bother?

    3. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

      Ms. Whitaker,

      Imagine Trump challenging the vote in those States that have rigged their returns so he loses.

      Imagine Republican Governors directing that their States’ electoral votes be cast for Trump.

      Imaging a divided SCOTUS refusing to overturn such directions.

      Imagine the upshot of all the electoral confusion being that the House of Representatives counts which votes to count or simply decide the election on its own.

      President Ryan. Get used to it.

  19. stcroixcarp October 3, 2016

    Donald Trump is the face, heart and soul of the 1% Bernie Sanders was talking about! The Sanders people were able to get much of his platform into the Democratic Platform. Hillary needs to start campaigning on that platform and so do all the down ticket democratic candidates.

  20. stsintl October 3, 2016

    Donald Trump is the modern day “Snake Oil Salesman”. He claims he has the potion to cure all the ills of this nation. Only fools, who pay taxes and are not “Smart” like him, will buy what he is selling.

    1. Independent1 October 3, 2016

      Yeah, talk about snake-oil-salesman who claims he’s a great business man when in reality he’s had one business failure after another that cost Daddy millions to bail him out of.

      See this from Newsweek:

      Donald Trump’s Many Business Failures, Explained


  21. AgLander October 3, 2016

    Something to tell anyone considering voting for Hillary Clinton: She’s hiding a serious illness and we can’t afford to elect a president facing a possibly terminal health crisis.

    List of Hillary Clinton health episodes…..only the ones that we KNOW about!

    Jan. 25th, 2016….Coughing fit during speech at Jewish Federation at Des Moines.
    Feb.16th, 2016…Coughing fit during speech at Schomburg Center, New York.
    April 4th, 2016…Coughing fit during radio interview.
    May 5th, 2016…Coughing fit during campaign speech in California.
    June 4th, 2016…Coughing fit while sitting at a table listening to a discussion.
    Aug. 31st, 2016…Coughing fit while speaking at American Legion.
    Sept.5th, 2016….Coughing fit during campaign speech at Cleveland.
    Sept. 5th, 2016….Another coughing fit 16 hours later on her plane while talking to reporters.


    1. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

      Yes! Hillary coughs!

      Vote Trump!

      1. AgLander October 3, 2016

        Frequent and severe coughing is a symptom of an underlying health condition. Even a dancing sycophant like yourself would acknowledge that (in private, of course!)

        1. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

          Testy. Testy.

          If, God Forbid, something disasterous does occur in the next 5 weeks, I’ll gladly cast my vote for President Kaine.

          Asserting a fictional fatal illness for Hillary is absolutely no reason to vote for Trump.

          1. AgLander October 3, 2016

            Let’s put it this way……why would you vote for a woman that non other than the esteemed and beloved Bill Clinton , when it came time to choose, voted against Hillary EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!

            Juanita Broaddrick
            Kathleen Willey
            Paula Jones
            Sandra Allen James
            Eileen Wellstone
            Christy Zercher
            Carolyn Moffet
            Helen Dowdy
            Becky Brown
            Regina Blakely Hopper
            Monica Lewinsky
            Elizabeth Ward Gracen
            Gennifer Flowers
            Connie Hamzy
            Dolly Kyle Browning
            Sally Miller (Sally Perdue)
            Lencola Sullivan

            I’m going with Bill on this one…..if Hillary ain’t good enough for him, she sure as heck ain’t good enough for me!!

          2. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

            Once again your logic is flawed.

            Not wishing to appear sexist; but I do not vote for President based on her sexual prowess.

          3. AgLander October 3, 2016

            Add to that…..you don’t vote for president based on ones gross abuse of women as evidenced by Hillary Clinton acting as agent and enabler who cleaned up the messes created by her deviant woman abuser husband over a twenty five year period as she reined over the “Bimbo Eruptions War Room” created for the sole purpose of destroying Bill’s play toys as they were discovered…..Your parents must be so proud of you!

          4. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

            My, my, you are testy.

            It’s 3 in the afternoon. My parents are not expecting me for dinner, though I’d dearly love it if they were, as they’ve been dead for 25 years.

            You really want to assert that Hillary is an abuser of women? Too much Fox “News” will rattle your brain. There’s a TV commercial. Picture of an egg. “This is your brain.” Egg cracked and poured into a pan to fry. “This is your brain on Fox.”

            Back in the 80s and 90d Trump was a frequent visitor on Howard Stern’s radio show. Donnie’s boasting of his sexual conquests, and utter objectification of women on that show, might give you something to think about.

          5. AgLander October 3, 2016

            Typical liberal…..you shrug off the lifelong serial immorality of the Clintons as easily as you toss garbage in the dump. Glad I don’t know ya.

          6. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

            Typical Republican hypocrite…. Imputing the failures of the husband to the wife, while overlooking the lifelong serial immorality of Donald Trump.

            Glad you don’t know me? Well what do you know, we agree on something!

          7. AgLander October 3, 2016

            Speaking of testy! Calm down…..

          8. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

            You didn’t notice I was playing your words back at you.

            My wit went unappreciated.

            Ah well, no one ever accused Trump supporters of being the brightest bulbs.

          9. Independent1 October 3, 2016

            That’s for sure. Aggie is about as dumb as the come!!!!!

          10. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

            Not dumb as much as canned responses. Trump talking points strung together with no real tie in.

            Lincoln had a mistress? I don’t buy it. Mary wouldn’t have gone along quietly and she was vicious jealous.

            Don’t buy Washington either. Wouldn’t fit his sense of rectitude.

            There is some suggestion that Buchanan was gay. I don’t buy it. 21st Century sexual mores don’t play in the 29th., but interesting,

          11. Jerry October 4, 2016

            Washington was noted as being one who slept with a multitude of women while the Commander of the Colonial Army–have you never heard of the term “Washington slept here?” As for Lincoln; his affairs were not with women, but with men! He had a male lover who lived with him for over 3 years in a cabin before he was president and one of his Secret Service men was, also. The Party of Lincoln would be appalled if this was released publicly for all to know, but from historical records, it is true.

          12. Daniel Wright October 4, 2016

            Inputting the times Hillary attacked Bills assault victims. Hiring private detectives to harass them, slashing tires,killing a cat. And there’s this…………………..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kypl1MYuKDY

          13. dbtheonly October 4, 2016

            Killing a cat?

            You got anything more authoritative than a YouTube video?

            Also imputing and inputting are two different words. Much different meanings.

          14. Daniel Wright October 4, 2016

            I have the word of someone more reliable than someone the NY times called a congenital liar. PS excuse me for reading your word wrong….jerk. The video is an accurate depiction of Hillary’s past. Can you disprove the facts it reveals? And How can you call committing adultery over and over a “failure”?

          15. dbtheonly October 4, 2016

            You call adultery a success?

            Got a YouTube on that too?

          16. Daniel Wright October 4, 2016

            I didn’t call adultery anything. You said AgLander was imputing the failure of a husband to a wife. Bill’s adulteries could actually be seen as successes;if your goal was to betray your wife. Don’t blame me bud. I’m not slick Willie.

          17. frosty7530 October 23, 2016

            It is so hypocritical of Hillary and her supporters to comment on sexual indiscretions of Trump, when Clinton’s own house is made of glass. Nobody on Clinton’s side seems to remember why President Clinton was impeached, and how long our country had to suffer with the Starr Report.

          18. Independent1 October 3, 2016

            You want to make lists dummkopf, let me make a list of all the U.S. presidents who would never have been our president if voters used your moronic measurement:

            The following were all rumored to have mistresses:

            George H.W. Bush


            Add to those – Reagan:

            Rampant Ronald Reagan: Former US president was ladies’ man in his Hollywood days – now new book lays bare his affairs with stars from Doris Day to Lana Turner… and even Monroe

            Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2943309/Rampant-Ronald-Reagan-Former-president-ladies-man-Hollywood-days-new-book-lays-save-affairs-stars-Doris-Day-Lana-Turner-Monroe.html#ixzz4M59rm1sQ

            George W. Bush

            George Bush And Condoleeza Rice Affair Revealed—Love Letters To Condi From Bush Found At White House


            And there are another 8-10 lesser known presidents who were rumored to be having affairs.

            So your moronic point is???????

            And let’s add someone who probably played as big a role in the creation of America as anyone and was probably the biggest ladies man of any of them – Benjamin Franklin.

            Are you going to try and discredit Ben’s contribution to America too LOWLIFE!!!!!!


          19. AgLander October 4, 2016

            Nice try but we aren’t merely talking about Bill’s list of “affairs” as much as you’d love to avoid the fact that extra marital affairs make up only a portion of predator Bill’s escapades…..he is accused of CRIMES by many of the women, ranging from rape, to sexual assault, to sexual harassment and character assassination. Bill abuses ’em sexually and physically and then “house keeping” Hillary moves in to clean things up for him by psychologically abusing these women through character assassination and intimidation. What a fine team they make!

          20. Independent1 October 4, 2016

            Total BS!! Prove it by posting such accusations from a non right-wing biased source You pathological lying lowlife!!!!!!!

          21. AgLander October 4, 2016

            Testy, testy! I do sympathize with your plight in having to defend low life scoundrels like the Clintons……they just don’t give you much to work with in building even a modest defense!!

          22. Independent1 October 4, 2016

            And the pathological liar, who can’t post one bone fida article to support its totally ridiculous accusations – just keeps on deflecting!

            You just keep proving how much of a pathological lying lowlife you are with every nonsensical deflection post you make!!!!!

          23. AgLander October 4, 2016

            Attacking the messenger who has the temerity to remind all of the criminal deviancy of Bill Clinton and his enabler wife is in my opinion a far better example of someone pathological. Rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment and character assassination of a long list of victims. And you, of all people, a woman ignoring the decades long trail of abuse of women by a vicious sexual predator that continues unabated to this day, is a sure sign of the depth of your illness. Perhaps you are somehow attracted to these type men yourself because of some traumatic situation in your own life, the damage of which has forced you to be an unfortunate but willing victim?

          24. frosty7530 October 23, 2016

            It is very rude to be personally attacking any participant in this discussion, Independent..

          25. kep October 7, 2016

            Liberals only believe what they are told to believe by their handlers, especially the tools here. Lying and deceit are virtues to liberals. This regime lies as easily as most breathe, and all is forgiven if you say sorry. Our country can’t survive another liberal regime.

          26. Independent1 October 3, 2016

            Look at what I just posted DIRTBAG!! Every GOP president in office since the Great Depression was involved in some type of extramarital affair!! And you’re trying to make something out of Clinton having an affair??

            What kind of moronic DIRTBAG ARE YOU??? Don’t bother answering that – we all know what kind of dirtbag you are!!!

            One who is so worthless they should be in the garbage dump!!!

          27. AgLander October 4, 2016

            “AN” affair? Dump the singular and learn the proper use of plurals, sweetie!

          28. Independent1 October 4, 2016

            And the dumbness just goes on and on.

          29. AgLander October 4, 2016

            “An affair”? We aren’t in the singular but plural stage, sweetie…..and affairs make up only the less offensive of predator Bill’s transgressions…..many of that long list of women have accused him of anything from rape, to sexual assault to sexual harassment to character assassination. Nice try, but you FAIL!

          30. Independent1 October 4, 2016

            If you really believe these guys who were caught having “an affair” was the only affair they had, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might want to buy. Conservatives are more promiscuous than liberals. In the news today “Fox news is a Playboy Mansion like Cult”. And all 20 of the states with people who admit to the highest rates of divorce are GOP-governed states!!!

        2. dbtheonly October 3, 2016

          And cosnstant sniffling is a symptom of coacine addiction.

          You want to vote for a coke addict?

        3. Jan123456 October 4, 2016

          Yeah, pneumonia.

    2. Mortalc01l October 3, 2016

      WOW!! We have a World class doctor here! Tell us your credentials for remote diagnosis of a specific illness; go ahead, we’ll all just wait for you to post your education and where you interned.

      1. AgLander October 3, 2016

        “Dancing Sycophant” Alert!!

        1. Independent1 October 3, 2016

          So like always, you’re totally dispelling the fact that Trump is clearly over weight; has high blood pressure which you don’t need a doctor to diagnose and takes terrible care of himself by having a steady diet of fast-food. On top of that, he’s anatomically, 6-8 years older than Hillary given that he’s a male; a fact which gives Hillary a longevity projection of 8-10 years longer to live than Trump.

          1. frosty7530 October 23, 2016

            This topic is worthless & detracts from more important issues. FYI: They are both overweight. I don’t know what they eat and neither do you. We don’t know that either of them is in perfect health. We do know they did not let their personal health issues make a real dent in campaign. Mrs. Clinton, whom I do not support, did remarkably well for somebody diagnosed with pneumonia. Since more women have gone into the workplace, the longevity projection you cite does not hold. The job is equally stressful for both. From what I’ve observed, First Ladies have had higher incidents of serious illness than their mates. Both Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan fought cancer (successfully). Mrs. Bush I, struggled with a serious case of Grave’s Disease but lived to tell her story. JFK allegedly worked with chronic illness, Addison’s Disease, that he never disclosed. Ronald Reagan did have cancer surgery, but it didn’t seem to have huge impact, we don’t know about the Alzheimer’s Disease being diagnosed while he was in office. Eisenhower and LBJ had cardiac diseases. LBJ died soon after leaving office.

        2. Mortalc01l October 4, 2016

          “Trump/Koch” sucker alert!!

    3. Independent1 October 3, 2016

      Ahh!! All that coughing was evidence of the pneumonia coming on that she was diagnosed with and for which she has had medication for and been cured!!! Unlike Trump who is a heart attack just waiting to happen!!

      1. AgLander October 3, 2016

        Funny…….11 months of carrying it around…….go have another beer, you sound drunk!

        1. Independent1 October 3, 2016

          I’ve had pneumonia 8 times over the years and know far more about pneumonia than you do. AND YES you can carry it around for months and months and work through it.

          1. angela.morgan.1992 October 8, 2016

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    4. bhaggen October 3, 2016

      What’s a person supposed to do? Me personally? I’m voting for Lewinski…..cause she got the job done when Hillary couldn’t. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b89bbcd3b9dea56a7cdcf637739ae2beb45642b6418f4382c0fead0011fe7117.jpg

  22. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 11, 2016

    this is going just as the DUMPSTER planed it . he has been holding the country and the world on a WAIT FOR IT ! WAIT FOR IT MOMENT ! from the start . he needed to coral million’s of brain dead followers (and he has ) the hammer will be dropped soon ( when he loses ) that when he state him master race plan kind of like a Hitler master race he has all the brain dead troops now . one thing I feel DONNY DUMP has planed is his new reality TV show (THE DONNY DUMP’S BIGGEST LOSER SHOW ) he will use it to make a bigger fool of him self then he already has . (im thinking it will get him in a lot of trouble maybe with the FBI ,HOMELAND ,IRS and a few others . he never wanted the house it only makes $400,000 a year . he want to stay he can keep up what he dose best fraud, con and scam as many people as he can . the scary thing of all is the CLOWN very well could of won the house if he just kept lying and kept his hatful big mouth close . by him being the damaged child minded clown he is keeping his big mouth closed wasn’t an option . its his retarded ego (for what ever reason only he knows ) more like the bipolar disorder he cant control the country should thank the DUMPSTER for being this way . think if this king CLOWN was to at the start say he was sorry all the time and been nice after he won the first half today he would be winning in all poles . he was in a big ship he bombed a big hole in the bottom of it so he could sink it for his own wacked out reasons . but all are still on his plan and he laughs at the country and the world . because he still is holding his WAIT FOR IT MOMENT


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