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5 Reasons It’s So Easy For Trump To Make Republicans Look Like Fools

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5 Reasons It’s So Easy For Trump To Make Republicans Look Like Fools


Donald Trump has claimed his first scalp. And, frankly, it’s the best-looking scalp in the GOP primary, possibly in American politics.

Rick Perry’s presidential ambitions were obliterated with one word — “Oops” — on a debate stage in Rochester, Michigan four years ago. His latest campaign was an exercise in a human being’s inability to overcome his own inabilities. A canny politician who helped cement Republican control of the Lone Star State, Perry’s well-earned image as a slighter, more authentic George W. Bush always doomed him, even if he hadn’t self-destructed on stage in a manner fitting a Spinal Tap drummer. He tried to play a serious wonk this time and gave one of the few noteworthy Republican speeches of this campaign season. But he ended up as chum for Trump.

Perry’s attempts to label the GOP frontrunner a “cancer on conservatism” were belied by the one-time GOP frontrunner’s own past rhetoric on immigration and a GOP base with a thirst for vengeance. The billionaire clowned the governor for his glasses, his lack of intellect, and his inability to secure the Texas border.

And when it was all over — after Perry continued to trash the reality star in the last speech of his campaign — Trump didn’t even dignify those last limp barbs with a response. Like Don Rickles, he admitted it was all for show, and complimented Perry with his first truly gracious tweet of the campaign season.

So how did a guy who has never won one vote as a Republican stomp on the longest-serving governor of one of the most important states in the union?

Easily. And he’s doing the same thing to Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, and Bobby Jindal. Why is Trump so successful in drawing his opponents into battles they can’t win? He riffs on a Republican Party that is ripe for contemptible comedy, ridiculous rhetoric, and daring demagoguery.

Here are five reasons why Trump’s tactics work so well:

1. Unabashed race baiting feels like “truth telling” to much of the GOP base.
Trump’s campaign began with corporation after corporation severing ties with him for his insulting characterization of Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals sent here by a genius Mexican government. This dark fantasy, which has never survived a single fact check, appealed to a GOP base that was birthed on “states’ rights” rhetoric and titillated by fantasies of welfare queens. This nurtured a sense of white victimhood that was an excellent resource for the party, right up until the point it cost them the popular vote in 5 out of 6 presidential elections.

After the loss in 2012, when Mitt Romney moved right on immigration to win the primary, the GOP establishment demanded immigration reform and the GOP base demanded mass deportations. Reform proponents Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker backed away from a path to citizenship but their past stances made them seem weak and phony. Trump’s embrace of racist rhetoric seemed like a burst of sweet truth to immigration opponents and white nationalists. Thus, even though Trump continues to dissemble and revise things he says on a nearly constant basis, he seems like the honest man in Greece to voters who like their white identity politics and won’t let them go.

2. Trump isn’t dumb enough to cut his own taxes.
Marco Rubio’s original tax plan was a huge giveaway to the rich, but it wasn’t sufficiently unfair for many on the right. Then he revised it, eliminating all taxes on investments so Warren Buffett, Mitt Romney, and many of the richest Americans — who have never been richer — would pay nothing in taxes. But Rubio’s plan still didn’t slice the top tax rate enough for the 0.01 percent.

So Jeb Bush decided that he would go all the way. Jeb! peppered his tax plan with a few distractions — higher taxes on hedge fund managers and a few tax breaks for workers — to hide the fact that it’s a giveaway to the richest on par with the breaks that his brother handed out. These tax cuts would help an average worker rent a car for a week or so. It will give the richest enough to build a car factory, probably in Mexico. Yet it’s tough to make that case, which is why George W. Bush got away with so easily misleading everyone about his tax plan in 2000. It’s much easier to say, “Jeb Bush wants to cut his own taxes by nearly $800,000 a year,” which is true.

Any tax cut for the rich would yield an even larger windfall for Trump, who thus far seems to be leaning away from any attempt to be called for that foul. On taxes, immigration, and trade, Trump benefits from no allegiance to the donors who have built the GOP according to their own interests — which is to make guys like Trump and themselves richer, at the expense of workers. And he gets to rub that in his opponents’ faces.

3. The right has spent decades telling us that the rich are infallible.
“Government should be run like a business! Give your boss more money and it will make us all richer. They’re not bloodsucking industrialists, they’re job creators!” GOP rhetoric for decades has praised the rich for their infinite wisdom. So how do you tell a billionaire whose ex-trophy wives are richer than you that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

4. These Republican candidates are terrible.
Republicans like to say they have the best array of candidates in a generation. What do they really have? A dozen and a half uninspiring caricatures who have largely failed.

Jeb Bush benefited from a housing bubble that briefly made his brother look like a genius. Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie are reviled in their states, where the damage they’ve done will outlast their feeble attempts to seek higher office by rewriting history. Scott Walker looks impressive until you compare his record to almost any other governor and recognize he’s never won a statewide election in a presidential year. His ability to demonize his opponents is nearly useless when running against Republicans. Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul’s most impressive accomplishments are variations on the theme of Congressional obstruction. Carly Fiorina’s disastrous business record is perfect fodder for Trump to stomp upon, and Ben Carson is generally one thought away from repeating another “fact” that has been debunked on Snopes.com.

5. In a demagoguery contest, the best demagogue wins.
Articulating his opposition to the Iran deal, Ted Cruz doesn’t just imagine that Iran is both genius and suicidal enough to evade inspections and destroy Israel, despite the Jewish state’s own impressive nuclear arsenal. No, Cruz imagines Iran sending a ship across thousands of miles with a nuclear bomb that can be shot up into the sky to wipe out the U.S power grid.

Marco Rubio constantly raves about the danger of radical jihadists in the homeland, even though “nearly twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, anti-government fanatics, and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims.” Republican candidates speak about President Obama and Obamacare as massive failures, even though Obama’s second four years — the first period with Obamacare in full effect — is on pace for the second most jobs created during any presidential term ever.

In this crowd, a guy who says the biggest problem with the Iraq War is that we didn’t take all the oil sounds reasonable. GOP leaders promised their base that if they took over Congress, all their dreams would come true. Now the base is mad at those leaders because Obamacare hasn’t been repealed, Planned Parenthood is still funded, and the president’s executive action on immigration is still in effect. They prefer the lies to reality. And whoever is lying loudest will get their vote.

Trump has proven highly successful in manhandling a parade of bland Republican politicians. To him, Carson and Fiorina present different challenges because they both possess the outsider status that elevates them over Republican officials who have to deal with reality of some sort, and they symbolize demographic groups that are some of the biggest stumbling blocks for Republicans. The party wants to show the world that it has a black friend and a lady friend.

Trump’s attack on Fiorina’s looks came off as scurrilous and cheap. Calling Carson “low energy” — as he’s called Jeb Bush for weeks — takes on a different tone with an African-American hero who forged a career as a groundbreaking surgeon. Trump could still go all the way. Carson possesses most of the “evidence” — skin, hair — that Trump used to argue that President Obama isn’t a citizen. So why not go birther again?

It was Trump’s racist attacks on Obama’s citizenship that first made him a conservative hero. And when the Republican Party didn’t reject him for that, when it did the exact opposite by accepting his endorsements and making him a fixture of right-wing media, it served up the perfect opportunity for him to make his fellow Republicans look like fools.

File photo: Donald Trump and Rick Perry, June 20, 2013 (via Governor Rick Perry, Flickr)


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  1. Dominick Vila September 14, 2015

    I realize that we are all expected to agree and say that all Republicans look alike and act the same, but that is simply not true. Donald Trump is in a class of his own. He makes every single Republican, past and present, look moderate and civil. The arrogance, narcissism, immaturity, and vulgarity that exudes from his persona is unparalleled. As disturbing as his statements, threats, insults, and childish expressions are, the most disturbing part of his candidacy is the support he enjoys from millions of Americans. At first, I thought people were expressing their frustrations with the slow pace of change that is an integral part of cautious governance, but what is becoming obvious is that many of his supporters expect a lot more than just rhetoric or a rapid pursuit of their goals. I now believe we are dealing with the most radical, and dangerous, members of our society. People who expect their elected officials to go well beyond what our media refers to as political correctness. They expected their Tea Party elected officials to impeach President Obama, regardless of whether or not he violated any articles of impeachment; they expected them to overturn the ACA, regardless of what the Supreme Court ruled; they expected them to deport all illegal immigrants, regardless of what is best for us as a society, what is best for our economy, what is best for our international credibility, and regardless of what the Constitution (14th Amendment) says; they expected them to reverse Roe V Wade; repeal Affirmative Action; dismantle all social programs including SS, MEDICARE, MEDICAID…and shut down the Education Department. They expected their Tea Party elected officials to repeal all regulations, destroy labor unions, and take us back to the good old days when millions of seniors either lived with their children, or were homeless and survived on cat food. The days when only the privileged attended college, and the days when any country that stepped out of line was attacked and bombed. Even Donald Trump, the most obnoxious and immature candidate to run for the nomination of a major party, and potentially for the presidency, will not be able to satisfy the wishes of those whose response to what they refer to as political correctness is anarchy and the end of civilized behavior.

    1. Buford2k11 September 14, 2015

      Yes…but WHO are these supporters? I go to town occasionally, and I think, are these the very folks who support the gop? And yes, most of the folks, doing business, and going about their daily activities, are the people who would destroy all that we have built, for the short term “feel good” about their bigotry…I cannot describe the anger and frustration, when I know these folks, and they refuse to listen to the truth…

      1. Dominick Vila September 14, 2015

        “One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.” Donald Trump
        Let me start by saying that I don’t think too many traditional Republicans support The Donald. The Republicans that support Trump are not those whose arguments and opposition to Democratic policies were centered on how to achieve a common goal, that is, what is best for the USA. What we are confronting now is a combination of people consumed by racism, gender intolerance, sex orientation bias, religious prejudice, fear of change bordering on paranoia, and those who can’t accept the fact that our successes and failures are the result of our decisions. Thankfully, they are a minority.

        1. jmprint September 14, 2015

          You are absolutely correct. The religious fear is running ramped, all they can talk about is the coming of the rapture. They are so consumed, they cannot see realty. The faithless people are actually bringing down our society, with racist, hatred. bigotry and ignorance of how our political party is bought. Once the Koch brothers are in the white house, we will never be able to take it back.

          1. Dominick Vila September 14, 2015

            I have the feeling the Koch brothers, and most GOP strategists, have concluded that they made a mistake launching their anti-Hillary attacks too early. With Bernie Sanders leading in most polls, and a popular VP Biden considering running, the GOP is likely to rethink their strategy and re-align their big guns before too long. I already noticed significant de-emphasis on e-mails, the Clinton Foundation, and Benghazi. I bet they wish they had waited until after the nomination to spend billions of dollars on destructive tactics. The Koch siblings may have no choice but to up the ante from $800B to $1T to buy the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, State governorship, state legislatures, the Humane Society…

          2. Karen Bille-Golden September 14, 2015

            the Humane Society!!…..good one

          3. plc97477 September 14, 2015

            For a people that is hoping for the rapture they are doing everything to keep it away. If according to them gay marriage is the last straw to the rapture why do they not punish kim davis for not getting them closer to the rapture?

      2. Grannysmovin September 14, 2015

        Trumptydumpty need two new hats:

        Dumping Down of America and Racists Come Out From Under the Sheet”

        1. paulyz September 14, 2015

          Absolutely nothing “racist” about removing Illegals from the U.S. Trump & most Americans do not care what race or etnicity an Illegal is.

          1. Grannysmovin September 14, 2015

            Than why didn’t your party pass the bi-partisan immigration bill the senate passed in 2013 and died in the house. It is his language that is racist and inflames racists, look who is coming out to support him – white supremacists, former leader of the KKK and whites. Why are they pulling signs out of the hands of people who disagree with him, are whites only permitted ‘free speech”. Have a nice day and if the sheet fits than hide behind it.

          2. paulyz September 14, 2015

            Because……. It was yet “another” comprehensive Amnesty like many before, with only the “promise” of enforcement & border security, maybe after the Amnesty first.

          3. Grannysmovin September 14, 2015

            So why didn’t the House amend the Senate bill or produce one of their own. Boehner’s Press conference was on 7/8/13 where he said “I’ve made it clear and I’ll make it clear again, the House does not intend to take up the Senate bill,” Boehner said Monday. “The House is going to do its own job in developing an immigration bill.” He added, “It is time for Congress to act. But I believe the House has its job to do, and we will do our job.”
            Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/john-boehner-house-immigration-vote-93845.html#ixzz3fDqyeXKO

            Two years later and they still haven’t done their job. What is wrong with allowing them to apply for citizenship if they are hard working, productive members of their community made to pay fines and go to the back of the line?

          4. paulyz September 14, 2015

            You must know that the GOP & the American People do NOT trust Obama & the government to follow through on their “promises”. Exactly like they didn’t in the 1986 one-time Amnesty as well as several other Amnesties. The GOP did have their solution, 1st. fully secure border & pass mandatory E-verify, which Obama & the Democrats vehemently opposed.

          5. Insinnergy September 14, 2015

            Straw man.

            Another example of the same approach:
            “We can’t have gun control until we can guarantee that controlling guns will stop all the violence.”

            Compare this to:
            “Although we can’t find any evidence of Voter ID Fraud, we must immediately put laws in place just in case it happens…”

            Your party uses these two examples interchangeably based on whether they want something or not… and you don’t give a square sh!t what is best for the country as a whole.

          6. paulyz September 16, 2015

            You MUST realize how many “comprehensive” Amnesties we have ALREADY passed weedhopper. We’re still waiting for all those promised E-verifys & border security, or the approved in 2006, 700 mile, 2-layer fence. How many times do YOU fall for lies before you realize you are a dummy?

          7. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            That’s funny, twice as many Americans approve of Obama as they do any of the Republicans.

          8. paulyz September 15, 2015

            Well whup dee doo, thankfully he will be gone soon.

          9. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            Yeah, thankfully he cut the deficit your last president caused in half, right? Thank goodness he tripled the stock market! Thank goodness he cut unemployment in half! Thank goodness he’s going to be gone, because he sure makes your people look foolish, don’t he?

            We all know why you hate him.

          10. paulyz September 16, 2015

            ATTENTION: Pure Racist ASSumption. Wonder how you can explain that I like Dr. Ben Carson for President as well as Trump or Cruz, possibly Rubio?

          11. SecludedCompound September 16, 2015

            You guys have Carson on stage so you can point to him and say “see? Not racist!” like you just did. Same tactic as the “black friend” argument, and the reason you had Herman Cain last time before you didn’t need him anymore and threw him out after your party had used him.

            Rubio and Cruz are white. They both identify as white. Latinos identify them as white. Rubio’s name actually means the equivalent of “ethnically white” in colloquial spanish. Pretty funny that you’d pick those guys as your ethnic standups.

            So there you have it. You give no reason why you dislike Obama and his myriad successes in office. You just hate him.

          12. paulyz September 18, 2015

            THAT was really a PURE racist statement if I ever heard one you ignorant, biased jerk. Conservative ADMIRE Dr. Carson & could care less about his color! Why he is doing well in the polls. Your racist assumptions clearly show your hate & ignorance! Unbelieveable.
            We LIKE Carsons solutions, intelligence & priciples, while we DISLIKE Obama’s as well as Hillarys or Sanders. Ask Joe Biden if he still thinks Obama is clean, articulate, & well spoken.

          13. Daniel Jones September 15, 2015

            I assume by that you are saying that anyone that doesn’t swallow your bullshit bouillabaisse is not a True American.

          14. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Personally I like deep-fried Lake Perch that I catch & filet myself.

          15. paulyz September 14, 2015

            The GOP did propose their own Illegal “immigration” Bill. It called for 1st. fully securing the border & passing mandatory E-verify, but was vehemently opposed by Obama & the Democrats. Wonder who the “obstructionists” were in that? Especially when the vast majority of Americans want that done!

          16. Grannysmovin September 14, 2015

            when – not in 2013 not in 2014 and not 2015 and since when did they give a damn what the President opposed. The “obstructionists” were and are the Regressive party.

          17. paulyz September 14, 2015

            You really are not in touch with the news on this with that statement. That has been the GOP policy for quite some time when they tried to push the “comprehensive” Amnesty S 744 I believe it was named. The GOP did not trust Obama to even bother to enforce it, and with his actions, they were proved correct. Marco Rubio backed off that bill when he discovered he had been duped.

          18. Independent1 September 15, 2015

            You are such a mealy mouthed pathological liar that it boggles the imagination!!!

          19. Grannysmovin September 15, 2015

            That is the bi-partisan Senate bill that was passed and stopped by the House, “S.744 has failed, even without being implemented. In just one year, virtually every premise of the bill as ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ has been shown to be ineffectual. The leadership of the House must declare that S.744 is dead – whether as a single piece of legislation, or broken up into many smaller bills. Instead, Congress should resolve to come back in 2015 with a new approach to immigration reform: One that renounces amnesty and which truly protects the social, economic and security interests of the American people.”http://immigrationreform.com/2014/06/27/one-year-later-s-744s-approach-to-immigration-reform-failed-without-being-enacted/
            You really do swallow what ever Faux News tells you.

          20. Dominick Vila September 14, 2015

            Trump has said nothing about the tens of thousands of European and Asians that entered the USA with student or tourist visas and never left. His rhetoric is all about deporting Hispanics-Latinos, building the best wall the world has ever seen along our Southern border, and deporting the children of Hispanics-Latinos born in the USA because of the “crime” committed by their parents, in violation of the 14th Amendment.
            If you ever hear Trump, or any Republican, propose the deportation of an undocumented Polish grandmother in Chicago, please let us know.

          21. paulyz September 14, 2015

            Trump stated he will deport ALL Illegals, just because the vast majority are Latino or Asian isn’t racist as you Liberals like to toss that term around but just factual.

          22. Dominick Vila September 14, 2015

            Trump stated that Mexico is sending criminals and rapists to the USA. He said he will deport them all, and he said he will build the best wall ever built along our Southern border, and he said he will make Mexico pay for the wall. He did not say anything about people who have over stayed their visas, who happen to be about 1/3 of illegal immigrants.

          23. paulyz September 14, 2015

            That is a false statement on what Trump said. Trump said he will deport ILLEGALS, of which many are harming Americans in many ways besides rapes & murders. He also stated many times that he loves the Mexican people, but we are must enforce our nation’s Laws. Would you rather have a President that doesn’t? Oh yes, we already have that right now. Do you agree or not that we need a secure border & mandatory E-verify?

          24. Dominick Vila September 14, 2015

            What we need is to change our immigration laws to expedite issuance of visas to people wishing to emigrate to the USA. Our visa system is designed to encourage foreign professionals to come to the USA. It makes little or no provisions for semi-skilled or unskilled workers to come to the USA legally, regardless of whether there is demand for their labor or not.
            Compared to the borders of other countries, ours is among the most secure. Again, people are entering the USA illegally because our law does not allow them to enter the USA legally, and because they know that there are plenty of employers anxiously awaiting their arrival to hire them.
            If we are unwilling to change our immigration laws as a long term fix because doing so would impact those who are profiting from cheap labor, another option would be to fine those who hire illegal immigrants, and shut down repeat offenders.
            As for E-Verify, I don’t have a problem with a national ID system. However, I do have a problem with an ID system applicable to only a segment of our population.

          25. paulyz September 14, 2015

            The way a mandatory E-verification works would be for all people seeking employment to be checked in seconds for verification of Legality, but the Democrat Party is completely opposed to this, as are politicians getting donations from people that oppose E-verify. Our borders are the most secure compared to other countries? Are you kidding me, most countries don’t allow very many Legal Immigrants as us, & most are very strict on who enters.
            We mostly get unskilled people now, & there are many STEM workers unemployed, but our governnent wanrs to allow more in, but at lower wages of course. Along with E-verify we do need very strict penalties for those that hire them. Have you seen the present administration even discuss this? They always oppose it under the pretense of profiling, & demands from pro-Amnesty groups.

          26. Dominick Vila September 15, 2015

            Do yourself a favor, spend a month vacation is Western Europe, take a close look at the borders while you cross them by train, car, or on foot, and come then come back and tell us about the close borders they have that don’t even allow legal immigrants in. While you are at it, you may also want to observe how countries like Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, and a few others are dealing with undocumented refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and those coming from Sub-Saharan countries. With the exception of Hungary, a country that seems determined to revive its Soviet era practices, and Le Pen saying dumb things in France, what is happening in Europe is the exact opposite to what we have been doing and plan to do in the USA.

          27. paulyz September 15, 2015

            So you’re talking about Western Europe now, thought you said (other countries). Try walking through the southern Mexican border and quite a few others, then tell me your story.

          28. Dominick Vila September 15, 2015

            My story includes living, studying and working in places like Venezuela, England, Portugal, Ascension Island (UK), Puerto Rico, Antigua, Bermuda, Trinidad, Barbados, Montserrat, St. Kitts, Antigua, and a few others for 30 years. Brief stays in some, very long stays in others. I must have been distracted by the pretty girls, because I sure don’t remember high walls, vigilantes, or bigots running around spewing their bile.

          29. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Newsflash, Hungary to use military & barriers to keep out the hordes. The reason why Europe previously has pourous borders was because Millions wern’t pouring in, like they are in the U.S. But now that they are, necessity requires it.

          30. Dominick Vila September 16, 2015

            Newsflash, Germany has accepted 800,000 refugees thus far this year, and they have committed themselves to receive more. That is in addition to a large influx of refugees after the reunification of East and West Germany, and a large number of refugees during the Balkan wars. Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, France, the UK, Italy, Spain, and a couple of other Western European countries have also committed themselves to receive refugees escaping violence in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, as well as undocumented migrants from Sub-Saharan countries. In addition to human rights considerations, they are also doing it because they understand the value of immigration, and because of concerns over low fertility rates in most European countries.
            Hungary is free to embrace Soviet style policies if they wish, but that does not mean we should sympathize with what they are doing, or citing them as an example to justify our myopic policies on this subject.

          31. paulyz September 18, 2015

            And the Citizens of Germany and other nations are complaining but their government doesn’t hear them. They are following the path of the U.S. taking in Millions but they as us, didn’t forsee the huge problems down the road which we now must deal with. Why doesn’t Mideastern countries resettle most of them in their own proximity. Sure we all should help some, but seems like everyone always chooses to move to a Western Nation when things get bad, but criticize them before the SHTF, jyst like American Liberals.

          32. Dominick Vila September 19, 2015

            German citizens are opening their homes and offering room and food to the new refugees until they find a job and have the financial means to support themselves. Only those who have spent a long sojourn on another galaxy can compare they way Germany is treating the newcomers with the way the USA treats Latino immigrants.

          33. Grannysmovin September 14, 2015

            This is what he said “They’re sending us not the right people,” he said, adding: “The US has become a dumping ground for everyone else’s problems.

            “They’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing their problems,” he said. “They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some I assume are good people but I speak to border guards and they tell us what we are getting.”

          34. paulyz September 14, 2015

            Yes, and….. what is your point? Mexico is encouraging their ubdesireable citizens to come here ILLEGALLY. Trump didn’t say ALL Illegal “immigrants”. After the criminals were deported, the others would have 2 years to apply Legally, but our Laws are clear. Do Illegals have the privlege of staying ahead of thise that are waiting Lawfully & Legally?

          35. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            You people really are just that easy to trick, aren’t you?

          36. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Got to get out more if you’ve never heard of MS 13 or some other violent gangs muchacho.

          37. SecludedCompound September 16, 2015

            I’ve heard of them. Never run into them because I don’t run drugs. Pretty simple. Seems like you guys have trouble understanding that violence, including gang violence has been cut in half over the last twenty years. Illegals account for no more crime as a proportion of their population than Americans as a whole do. You want that not to be true, so you lie to yourself, point the finger at people that work just as hard as you and fall victim to demagogues.

            Nothing new. People have been as stupid as since the dawn of time.

          38. paulyz September 14, 2015

            Yes, ILLEGAL criminals & rapists, and make the Mexican “government” pay for the Wall most likely in giving them less foreign aid. Perhaps you agree with Obama in releasing criminal Illegals that were supposed to be deported, and many went on to harm Americans. Yes, Trump is going after ALL Illegals, people overstaying their visas are Illegals.

          39. Dominick Vila September 15, 2015

            If the distortion of reality that you just articulated makes you feel better, go for it. I prefer to take people at their word, and Trump was crystal clear on this issue.

          40. Daniel Jones September 15, 2015

            Now you’re claiming the Mexican government is invalid if it disagrees with your xenophobic hogwash!

    2. charleo1 September 14, 2015

      Excellent, Dom! There’s a saying credited to Abe Lincoln. That talks about the possibilities of fooling some of the people some of the time. But argues the impossibility in fooling all of the people all of the time. While leaving unaddressed the inevitable consequences, and ultimate destruction of those who would foolishly attempt such a thing. And yet, the anti-populous nature of policies espoused on the Conservative Right, that make a lucky few astronomically rich at the expense of the Country, and everyone else, requires heading down a path of deep deception. Where the next lie is created out of whole cloth if need be, to cover the previous one. Until hopelessly trapped in their deceit, it becomes necessary to create an entire inverse universe where good is bad, bad is good, and the light of truth must never be allowed to pierce the darkness, and expose the fraud, and the fraudsters for what they are. In this respect, Trump has become the thing every Con fears the most. One of their own, who knows the lies, has played the game, and profited from it. A person who they themselves have warmly embraced as one of their own. A person whom they’ve lionized, and held up as an example of the kind of person with the kind of skills, business acumen, and knowledge, that we as a Country should empower. Has turned on them, and revealed not only the true nature of their character and source of their power. But has also answered a fundamental question the Right’s most ardent supporters have been asking for years. Namely, why aren’t they, the politicians we put in office, listening to us, and doing the things we believe urgently need to be done? Trump gives them the answers, and exposes the con that has been perpetrated on them for years, as only an insider can. Ah yes, Lindsey Graham. He came to me begging for a donation, and gave me a nice plaque! Here’s his private number he gave me. He calls it to prove his point. That’s all these guys do, you know? He tells a now enthralled audience. They run for office. That’s right! They sell their souls, and become puppets to billionaires like me! Establishment Republicans are all mortified. OMG! Somebody stop him before he ruins us! Well it’s too late. Trump isn’t ruining them, they ruined themselves a long time ago, when they decided to head down this path of lies, and deceit. Maybe they should have listened to their Party’s Founder, and would have prevented this inevitable “Donald Trump,” they created, from ever coming along. But now it’s all woulda-coulda-shoulda, and it’s far too late for that.

      1. paulyz September 14, 2015

        Congress in doing what most Americans want isn’t called obstructionism, it is called Representation. The Executive can’t Legislate with a phone & a pen. The 60% to 65% of Americans supporting Trump on The Wall & Deportation proves my point.

        1. charleo1 September 14, 2015

          Well, for who ever. Let me ask you. What’s Congress’ approval rating now? About 9-10% on good day. So, I’d say that’s a pretty low average to be doing what most Americans want, wouldn’t you? Anyway, the Right is forever claiming they are legislating for, “Americans.” Doing what Americans want, they say. And that’s true. They just never say who these Americans are, they are legislating for. As Trump points out, and they don’t deny this at all, it’s the billionaires like him, they pass the laws for. In fact many of these laws are written by the special interests they are designed to favor. And are passed literally word for word as written into the law you, and I have to abide by, or pay for. So, who is Congress working for? This is a problem. But, by Trump pointing out the obvious, is not a reason to look to him for an answer. And if you think so, I’m telling you right now, you’re being lied to, and you’re being played.

          1. paulyz September 14, 2015

            You just made my point! Americans give Congress a low approval because they AREN’T doing what they want. If they were, their approval rating would be much higher. Why Millions support Trump. Thank you!

          2. charleo1 September 14, 2015

            Did you miss my point about being played? Tell me how you think he’s going to be allowed as President to do any of the things on immigration he’s promising? That’s granting you your opinion they should be done. Of which I, and millions of other Americans, and the majority of the other two branches of government, disagree. It really is time to put the entertainers
            away, and get serious. Don’t you think?

          3. paulyz September 14, 2015

            You are being played especially when Socialism Big Federal Governnent control & debt is actually happening right befioe your eyes & you STILL don’t see it, maybe because you are such a believer IN Fed. Gov. control. Your warnings are theories that you believe are happening.

          4. Independent1 September 15, 2015

            If Federal control is such a danger, why is it that our government is 330,000 people smaller than it was when Reagan left office on 1/20/89??? Even though it now has over 50,000,000 more people???

            And why did all governments in the U.S. – state, county, towns, federal, etc. grow by over 900,000 people while Georgie Boy was in office??

            And why is it in states like Texas, where Rick Perry created barebones budgets and made sure virtually every piece of government was just minimal, that Texas is the ‘CESSPOOL OF AMERICA’???

            One of the few states in America that rank in the bottom 10 in the nation in 50% or more of 23 subjective socio/economic measures – and Texas leads the nation by ranking in the bottom 10 of all 23 of those measures; and dead last on 3 of them. And it has a number of red state companions which also rank among the terrible. And why??? Because Republicans in those states have made it their focus to run their states ON THE CHEAP and have ended up being NOTHING BUT AKIN TO 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES. And terrible places to live:

            All 10 states that the survey organization 24/7 Wall Street ranks as the most miserable to live in are red states in that group as are all 10 states that 24/7 Wall Street ranks as having the worst quality of life.

            Funny isn’t it??? That having too little government control turns a state and country into the equivalent of a DISASTER STATE OR COUNTRY!!!! A place where only MORONS would want to live!!!!!!

          5. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            You realize that debt as a percentage of GDP is completely manageable at this point, and curtailing spending would basically crash the economy, right? That we’ve basically been borrowing free money due to low interest rates? Outgrowing our borrowing?

            I mean except for those times that your buddies Reagan and Bush ballooned deficits with economic mismanagement and runaway spending on giveaways to the rich that never recouped receipt losses like they promised you, I mean.

            The thing is, YOU don’t see it, because you don’t have the education or intelligence to read the data; you let the talking heads “explain” it to you, and you’re easily duped.

          6. paulyz September 15, 2015

            Who’s talking to you dummy? Did you sign up under a new handle?

          7. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            I’m talking to you. Open forums are open forums. Rubbing your nose in your won stupidity is fun.

            Funny how in exactly zero of your responses will you address how I’ve basically pointed out the glaringly obvious stupidity of your last posts and all you can do is rage at me for posting at all, hahaha.

            Seriously. Not everyone has to have an opinion, man. You’re just not really qualified. GO grow my corn or whatever you’re good at.

          8. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Looks like the one with rage is you my ignorant, Liberal dummy.If you want someone to grow your corn, take some of the ILLEGAL Trespassers you like to keep allowing into our Country, then bitch about income-inequality. LMAO.

          9. SecludedCompound September 16, 2015

            Nah, my actual outlook on your entire angry, hateful, depraved, stupid party of nitwits is pretty much like a guy at the zoo watching an angry animal, except maybe if that animal though he knew about economics.

            It’s more of a bemusement built on superiority I guess.

            In the modern world, corn farming isn’t a really labor intensive process due to mechanization, but yeah, usually the poorest sectors of the populace do the hardest work. Way it is. We’re going to help illegals move into the middle class like we did two generations ago, and generations before that, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

            In the meantime, go grow my corn.

          10. paulyz September 18, 2015

            Since growing corn is accomplished with mechanization, with even more Agricultural Robots coming soon, why then do you still want Millions of ILLEGAL Trespassers?

          11. SecludedCompound September 21, 2015

            Because… they work in farming other than corn production?

            You’re seriously really stupid.

          12. paulyz September 20, 2015

            But of course Obama’s real run-away-spending in the Trillions of dollars is ok with you!

          13. hicusdicus September 21, 2015

            This person is either funning you or a heavy drinker.

          14. SecludedCompound September 21, 2015

            Huh… so let me get this straight: Obama come into office with 11 trillion on the wire, with the deficit larger than it’s ever been in history and getting worse due to the Republican’s obvious mismanagement. Within nine months, he has the deficit shrinking, and after a few years, it’s half the size of what it was under Bush, and it’s shrinking to this day. So you’re saying the trillions that were incurred after the Republicans tanked the economy, and Obama turned it around are Obama’s fault, after he’s shrunk government expenditure increases?

            Please, explain to me, step by step, how you come to that conclusion.

          15. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            Americans are giving Congress low approval, and Republicans lower approval than Democrats, because they’ve impeded Obama’s policies, which have still managed to work where he’s pushed them through.

            It’s kind of awesome how little you people understand about what’s right in your faces. It makes for good laughs the day after election day. Your political coterie is dying. Literally. By the day.

          16. paulyz September 15, 2015

            The Left must be desperate to drag you out of the woodwork.

          17. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            Nah, actually, the right is desperate, which is why they’ll nominate a sure loser like Trump. You know your population of bigoted, unintelligent dead-enders is dwindling. Even your evangelical buddies can’t retain replacement rate populations.

            You’re done and you know it. Whine and cry as hard as possible on the way out though. That’s always a good look. Ah, the rugged individualism of the Republican party. (snort)

          18. paulyz September 16, 2015

            You definately are one of those minorities that just can’t (racistly) wait till you outnumber Whitey. You racists are VERY clear in your hateful intentions. If you aren’t a minority, then you are one dumb loser.

          19. paulyz September 20, 2015

            I noticed you mentioned (Obama’s Policies), are being impeded by Congress! So the Legislative Branch, (Congress), stopping the Executive Branch, (Obama), is his & your excuse? Go back to Junior Highschool & retake civics 101 Dummy, ever hear about the Balance of Powers? Or do you prefer a Dictatorship. I am sure you do as long as it’s a Socialist one. LMAO

          20. SecludedCompound September 21, 2015

            Are you aware that some actions of the legislative branch need a supermajority to pass? That the executive can try to cajole the members of Congress to pass something, but congress can filibuster? I mean… you’re sitting here lecturing me on civics 101 when I’m basically bringing up the balance of powers right now? I mean how stupid are you? It’s pretty apparent that you don’t know anything about governmental operations, so why do you deign to instruct me, you imbecile?

            More Americans want Obama’s policies to succeed than fail. That’s why a large majority of them elected him in successive elections. Congress is impeding Obama’s policies because the Congress can do so. Congress has about half of the approval rating that Obama does due to this.

            The above are facts. This is how our government works when different parties control the Executive and the Legislative branches.

            Seriously, I’m not sure what I have to do to get it through your thick head that you’re not intelligent enough to be in this argument. It’s why you keep looking foolish, evading the issues /you/ bring up, and then going on about “dictatorships”. You’re a moron. Try to stop being a moron. Problem solved.

        2. Independent1 September 14, 2015

          More of your lies – a summary of 31 polls by 12 different polsters OF ALL AMERICANS, summarized from the beginning of June through 9/7/15 shows that as of 9/7/15 Trump has a 52% UNFAVORABLE RATING, with a 40% favorable rating and AN 8% UNDECIDED.



          1. paulyz September 18, 2015

            The huffington post……..hee-heeeee.

          2. Independent1 September 18, 2015

            You’re chuckling at me when you’ve admitted that your main news source is Faux News, the undisputed leader in making people stupid??

            Not only has Faux News been proven to make you stupid – by censoring the news and broadcasting unmitigated propaganda, fact checks have proven that over 60% of what it broadcasts are essentially outright lies!!

            From the mintpressnews:

            ‘Pants On Fire’: Analysis Shows 60% Of Fox News ‘Facts’ Are Really Lies

            Note in the chart below that viewers of Faux News can’t even answer as many questions right on the true news as MSNBC!! Wow!! is that a downer or what???


            See the whole article from Poynter on just how atrocious Faux News really is:


        3. Daniel Jones September 15, 2015

          Flagged, liar.

          1. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Flagged, dummy & liar.

        4. Independent1 September 16, 2015

          Sorry, 60% of Americans do not support deportation. 70% of Americans support an immigration solution that has a means by which illegals can become citizens – and even more than 50% of Republicans support that.

      2. toptwome September 14, 2015

        That seems doubtful with the love Trump has been getting.

        1. Independent1 September 14, 2015

          Virtually all of Trump’s ‘love’ is coming from Republicans and left leaning Independents. Blacks and Latinos despise him. There’s no way Donald is winning a national election – his favorability is still only at 40% nationwide.

        2. charleo1 September 15, 2015

          Trump is a farce. So now what? I guess the angry Right will have to join the real World sooner or later. Start realizing they aren’t the only people mad as hell about the current state of
          our government being bought out from under us. But the answer is not electing a showboat that promises people the moon, and stars. And it’s definitely not deporting 12 million people that our system invited here in the first place.

    3. paulyz September 14, 2015

      But at least 60% of Americans agree with Trump on major issues like Illegal “immigration”, & unfair (Free Trade). Trump is also popular with almost all groups as well. Americans have had enough of political un-representation that they have seen as the reason for these problems. A non-politician may be the only way to bring about what The People want, & they clearly don’t want what has been thrown at them for quite some time.

      1. Independent1 September 14, 2015

        That’s 60% of Republicans and Republican leaning independents. It is not 60% of the American populace!!! The vast majority of America is not stupid like Republicans are today.

        1. Dominick Vila September 14, 2015

          The Republican tendency to claim that a majority of Americans support their policies is designed to support their obtuse positions on most of the issues they discuss, and it helps the more pragmatic among them to deal with their conscience.
          Their claims about unfair trade agreements are similar to what our trading partners claim about us. I believe the perception held by most Republicans on this issue involve the fact that while most of our trade agreements have proven to be extremely beneficial for our corporations, which was the intent all along, those benefits not always filtered down to the average American.
          Pauly’s claim about not being represented, after 6.5 years of continuous obstructionism, fighting every single policy put forth by the administration, and relentless political and personal attacks, says it all. If what the GOP has been doing since President Obama was elected is evidence of “un-representation” I can’t even imagine what they have in mind if Trump is elected and follows up with what his supporters expect from him. The Third Reich will look benign in comparison.

        2. paulyz September 14, 2015

          Wrong again as usual dummy. The FACTS are that 65% of ALL Americans agree with deportation, and 60% agree with building The Wall, whether Lefties like you like it or not. Proves my point also that Americans ARE unrepresented by Congress, mainly Obama & the Democrats, but also the GOP “leadership”. Looks like you the dummy again.

          1. Independent1 September 14, 2015

            Flat out lie!!!!! More than 60% of the American population greatly dislikes Trump and anything he stands for!!!

          2. paulyz September 14, 2015

            Tell that to the growing number of Blacks, young& Latinos that support him. Must be getting nervous that Trump will turn back all of your Socialism from the last 7 years, huh?

          3. Independent1 September 14, 2015

            Right!! Just like before the 2012 election when Romney was going to win in a landslide based on all you RWNJs fabricated polling!!! Sorry I’m not as stupid as you are to believe all the RWNJ fabricated nonsense!!!

          4. paulyz September 14, 2015

            Romney wasn’t supported by Blacks or Latinos like Trump. Romney mai ly lost because 4 Million Conservatives didn’t bother to vote for him. I never predicted Romney would win by a landslide, just the media.

          5. Independent1 September 14, 2015

            Wow!! When are you going to come down out of your fantasy land?? Blacks hate Trump just as much as Latinos. Wow!! Are you ever living in NEVER NEVER LAND!!

            All those studies the Huff Post summarized show that although Trumps favorability has improved a little, he’s just barely reached a 40% favorability rating – you better pray he doesn’t get the nomination because there’s NOW WAY he’s winning a national election!!!

          6. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            Trump is supported by fewer latinos or blacks than Romney. You thought Romney would win, because you’re gullible. You’er still gullible. It’s still hilarious.

          7. Daniel Jones September 15, 2015

            Tagged for repeated lying.

          8. Independent1 September 14, 2015

            So Latinos like trump?? That’s not what this survey found out of over 2,000 of them; it’s staggering how much they dislike him:

            August 24, 2015, of 2,183 U.S. Hispanic adults conducted during July and August, reveals just how deeply unpopular Donald Trump has become with Latino voters. Given Trump’s explicitly racist campaign, it should come as little surprise that the billionaire is not well liked by Hispanic voters. However, the extent to which Latinos loathe Trump is truly staggering.

            Only 14 percent of Hispanic adults say they have a favorable opinion of Donald Trump,compared to 65 percent who do not. Trump’s net favorable rating is an incredibly dismal (-51) percentage points. To put that in perspective, on the opposite side of the political spectrum, Democratic presidential
            candidate Hillary Clinton has a 58 percent favorable to 18 percent unfavorable ratingwith Latinos. Clinton’s positive (+40) rating is an almost incomprehensible 91 percentage points better than Trump’s rating with Hispanics.


          9. paulyz September 14, 2015

            Is that a poll of Legal Hispanics, Illegal Hispanics, or both? Besides, I did’t say a majority of Hispanics or Blacks, but a growing number. Read the news, I mean the “real” news.

          10. Independent1 September 14, 2015

            What do you mean ‘real news’? You wouldn’t know what ‘real news’ was it if bit you in the behind. You don’t watch ‘real news’, you watch RWNJ propaganda and you know it!! You watch Faux News and every RWNJ website you can find. Who are you trying to kid anyway??? Get real loser!!!

          11. paulyz September 16, 2015

            But my ignorant grasshopper, FOX has humongous more viewers than all your Lefty sites. Time to join the mainstream.

          12. Independent1 September 16, 2015

            That’s because intelligent people know that you need to get your news from a variety of sources to get truly balanced news. Unfortunately, Republicans being low IQ are like sheeple all running to the Faux News trough getting filled up with one stream of propaganda after another.

            So when it comes time to cast the silly votes for favorite fake news outlet, the sheeple all vote for Faux News, while the intelligent people who get truly balanced news, vote for a wide variety of news outlets which scatters their votes. Faux News winning the popularity contest has nothing to do with it being even a news outlet – which it’s not. It’s a clown show, just like the Republican presidential debates.

          13. paulyz September 18, 2015

            Yes us intelligent Conservatives have always wanted to hear the truth, why they moved from local news & CNN, (which used to be my main source), to FOX & talk radio. After hearing fair & balanced FOX most of us started leaving the phony, biased, propaganda, one-sided Leftie networks. I always tune into them though to see their spin on events, but after a few minutes I start getting nauceous.

          14. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            By “real”” news, you mean the fake news that uses unskewed polls that you’re always shocked don’t turn out the way you thought they would on election day, right?

          15. paulyz September 15, 2015

            I certainly don’t mean MSNBC “news”. LMAO

          16. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            No, you mean the flipside – partisan news that feeds your prejudices. Thing is, left wingers don’t really buy that kind of stuff, hence MSNBCs relatively low ratings even though liberals outnumber conservatives 40% to 32%.

            It’s funny how little you know about all that though. Just reach for the nearest winger trope, right? “Ehm ess en bee ceee byuh golly!” (spits chaw)


          17. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Now everyone reading this Post knows clearly who the liars are! I don’t know what Socialist sites you brainwash yourself with but EVERYONE knows there are approx. DOUBLE the number of Conservatives as there are Liberals. I believe it is Conservatives 38% – Liberals only 24%, with the rest moderate. So you are clearly in the minority of your views, but want to force them on the rest of us. Why the U.S. is Center Right. Why Americans reject your Socialism making Trump so popular.

          18. SecludedCompound September 16, 2015

            No, actually, you’re wrong. Almost every economic policy position liberals hold is favored by the populace in general except for the ACA, which has just surpassed the negative viewpoints on it in the last quarter, and we’ve won on all of the culture war issues, and you’ve been losing those for nearly five years now; a decade if we’re talking about abortion.

            So no, you’re wrong. If you don’t know it, all the better. As Sun Tzu said, the general who knows his enemy better than his enemy knows himself wins. It’s why we keep winning national elections, and we will next year. Regional elections will follow in the next five years.

            You’re done. You lost. Intelligence wins.

          19. paulyz September 20, 2015

            Nope, ignorance from you “tries” to win, but sadly fails as usual. BS & false stats are your friends.

          20. SecludedCompound September 21, 2015

            The thing is, every time you postulate something you’re slapped in the face with facts, then you change the argument, then you evade, then you hide.

            It doesn’t mater. You opinion is beyond unimportant. You’ll lose like you have been since the civil war. We keep winning every culture war, and once those are done, and all you have left to lean on is xenophobia and racism, people will see you for what you are.

            Your economic hucksterisms are next. You’re done. Look: it’s okay. you’re a rube. you got rooked. you’re not smart. Other people are, and you don’t need to be smart enough to get it. We’ll make your decisions for you. The landscape is changing, and you’ll be left behind. It’s all good.

          21. toptwome September 14, 2015

            They don’t.

          22. Independent1 September 14, 2015

            Of course not. Pauly is just regurgitating the propaganda he reads from Faux News, Rush Limbaugh, Brietbart and the lying Heritage Foundation and any other right-wing propaganda outlet he can dig up.

          23. msgwdn September 15, 2015

            You should keep your commends down to one word. ” Looks like you the dummy again.”

          24. paulyz September 15, 2015


          25. 788eddie September 17, 2015

            The only poll that counts is the one that will take place in November, 2016.

            Right now, I’m feeling pretty good that our country will still be heading in a healthy direction. regardless of paulyz’s rantings.

      2. 788eddie September 14, 2015

        I agree with you, paulyz, that a lot of Americans agree with Trump, but I think he still has an uphill battle to convince even close to the majority that he has the best solution to our country’s problems.

        1. paulyz September 14, 2015

          Who would you consider has the best solutions to our country’s problems? I haven’t seen it among politicians & certainly can’t be Hillary who is basically an Obama clone, and most Americans are fed up with the direction he has taken us. Certainly can’t be Biden for same reason, & Sanders is a Socialist that would take us even further in the wrong direction. Trump’s Main policies get to the heart of the Main problems: Bad economy & unemployment caused from 2 major factors; Millions of Illegals & unfair trade with many countrys.

          1. toptwome September 14, 2015

            I support President Obama and he has been a wonderful president for this country.

          2. paulyz September 14, 2015


          3. Independent1 September 14, 2015

            Wow!! You can spew so much garbage that your living room must look and smell like the local dump. There is no bad economy, Obama is rapidly approaching where more jobs will be created in 7 years than were ever created in an 8 year term.

            What’s wrong with the economy is what the GOP has done to it by implementing the idiot legislation in state after red state of The-right-to-pay-you-less legislation; and then also refusing to address anything to do with improving wages like raising the min wage. On top of that, companies since Reagan brainwashed them to believe that the only important thing in business is their bottom line – have taken up the practice of working people part time so they didn’t have to pay them more or give them benefits – that’s all part of America’s worst president ever – Reagan’s disastrous legacy of America’s social destruction.!!!

          4. paulyz September 14, 2015

            OMG! !

          5. Independent1 September 15, 2015

            I never said the economy was bad, I said there’s something wrong with a good economy, the jobs people are getting are not paying living wages and the fault for that is Reagan’s brainwashing of corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs and today’s GOP for refusing to raise the min wage and stop enacting right-to-pay-you-less laws. The economy itself is better than America had experienced under any Republican in office over the past 110 years!!! And I haven’t made up my mind on a candidate for 2016.

            Do you realize that no Republican in office over the past 110 years ever went 5 straight years without allowing a full fledged recession or depression to occur???

          6. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

            Income distribution has been poor since Reagan. We’ve had variations on Reaganomics for forty years. It’s worked better when we’ve curtailed it by raising taxes on the rich and regulating financial markets, like Reagan himself was forced to do after the plans he implemented crashed the economy in his first term, and Clinton and Obama did to great success after the Republican excesses destroyed things the terms before them.

            You really shouldn’t enter these discussions if you’re basically historically and economically illiterate.

          7. Daniel Jones September 15, 2015

            The Reagan, Bush, and Bush economic issues are a matter of public record.
            Stop lying.
            Obama inherited a suppurating mess just like every Democratic President has since Reagan, who at least had the common decency to raise taxes and fix his own failings.
            Stop lying.
            We have told you all this over and over for years and the data backs us up.
            Just stop lying, already.

          8. paulyz September 15, 2015

            DANIEL!! Just because you call comments lies doesn’t make it so. Nice try on falsly influencing others on Obama’s failures.

          9. CandideThirtythree October 14, 2015

            What failures?

          10. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Repeat after me, “The Great Recession OFFICIALLY ENDED in 2009.” Obama”s (recovery) is worse than the recession, which was caused by the Dodd-Frank (both Democrats), subprime loan disaster, when Democrats had COMPLETE control of Congress during Bush’s last two years.

            Just like Barack Oblamer, you Liberal-Socialists just can’t stop blaming Bush & Reagan because you can’t admit that your wonderful President is a failure. Maybe to your Leftist ideology he is sucessful, but not by most Americans.

          11. Independent1 September 16, 2015

            Repeat after me, “The Great Recession OFFICIALLY ENDED in 2009.” Obama”s (recovery??

            Flat out Republican lie!! The Great recession continued through 2009 and into 2010. This chart shows it clearly, and shows that Obama’s stimulus, short circuited an 800-900,000/month job loss within three months, and then completely reversed the downslide and started positive job growth within 10-12 mos, faster than at any previous recovery from such a deep recession.

          12. 788eddie September 15, 2015

            Currently sixty-six consecutive months of positive job growth!

            And that, by far, is the record!

          13. paulyz September 16, 2015

            If I was a copy & paster, I could shoot a hundred holes in your misinformation.

          14. 788eddie September 17, 2015

            Please, paulyz, this information of sixty-six consecutive months of positive job growth comes from our federal government, made up of career civil servants, both registered Republicans, and registered Democrats.

            We get instances quite regularly, of someone “leaking” what was felt to be incorrect information by someone in some government agency. It does not matter the administration at the time, there are many watchdogs for our society. It is amazing that after the dust settles, how much of the officially released information proves to be accurate.

            I hope you’re not trying to suggest that all of the statistics that you do not like are, therefor, false.

          15. paulyz September 18, 2015

            I had checked out your claim and there are many reasons why these claims are mileading. Certainly if you use Liberal or Democrat figures they will leave out the facts. Like increases in Millions of more workers entering the workforce, thereby “growth” barely keeping up with growing workforce. There are many other reasons like people working 2 jobs, working part-time, low wages, & of course not counting the “actual” number of unemployed. It is very easy to pump out stats & misleading figures to try and justify the mediocre economy, but of course when you consider how looooooooog the economy & unemployment sucked under Obama, Liberals will jump at any straws they can get.

            You must be taking lessons from Independent 1, who throws out BS stats continually.

          16. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Who was your choice for President again?

          17. Independent1 September 16, 2015

            Don’t have a clue. It’s too early to be talking about that stuff. I think the current clown shows being put on are way to early!!

          18. paulyz September 18, 2015

            You surely must have preferences but I believe are embarassed to pick one of the Democrat Socialist Clowns.

          19. 788eddie September 15, 2015

            pauleyz, I’m a registered Republican (since I became of age and earned the right to vote; never miss exercising it either). I don’t have a problem with President Obama. I have done well, economically, during his administration. I save and invest conservatively, always paying my debts first. Republicans are supposed to be fiscally conservative as part of their listed tenants. However, if you look at the record some of our greatest increases (by percentage) in debt were during Republican administrations (see Presedents R. Reagan, & G.W. Bush). During this current administration, our debt was increased tremendously, when President Obama converted President Bush’s off-the-books “continuing resolutions” to fund the war to debt “on the books.” Ever since, his administration has worked to cut the yearly deficit to about one quarter of what it was when he came into office. Meanwhile, the Wall Street crowd seemed to approve; the Dow index had all but tripled in the last six years. Personally, I’m glad I had faith that our economy would recover, and invested well.

            Give me a candidate who will help us to continue in, what to me is, a healthy direction, and that person will get my vote. If, in that process, tax codes are modified to be more fair, where people at the top pay more of their fair share, I won’t object.

            So far, from what I’ve seen, heard and read, no candidate from the GOP has espoused these policies. I do NOT want to go back to what we had in the last administration.

          20. paulyz September 15, 2015

            If you voted for Obama, & STILL want another like him, then you are completely lost. Just because YOU personally are doing ok doesn’t mean all is fine. Most Liberals actually are selfish is how their vote relates to themselves personally.

          21. paulyz September 16, 2015

            I am really glad to hear that you do not want to go back to what we have in the current administration.Glad that you save, invest & pay your debts first. I admire responsible people, they are what make this Country great & prosperous. Most Republicans running, & certainly the Conservative ones, are all for a fair tax code. I personally like a flat tax where everyone pays the same percentage without ANY deductions, no loopholes. Trump actually wants the wealthier to pay higher percentages, but if there were NO loopholes, No deductions, everyone WOULD pay their fair share.

          22. 788eddie September 17, 2015

            I’m sorry, paulyz. I think you misread the last paragraph of my comment; I was commenting that I didn’t want to go back to the conditions our economy was in at the end of the George W. Bush administration, when our economy was unraveling majorly at the end of eight years of a Republican administration (six years of which conservatives controlled all three branches of our government). Since President Obama took office, our economy has been getting stronger and stronger, with more positive reports being released every month. The Wall Street crowd is especially “bullish” (all puns intended) on our economy. Investors (myself included) are seeing more variety of opportunities all the time.

            And, no, I do not want to put into office someone who will knock over the apple cart once again.

          23. paulyz September 18, 2015

            Then tell me who you would like to see as President?, Actually Trump wants a graduated tax with cuts for the Middle-Class & a higher rate for the wealthy. The very low-income people pay little or nothing & have many Government programs & subsidies already. As for a flat tax, say everyone pays 10%, NO deductions. A family making $30,000 would pay only $3,000!, While a family making $300,000 would pay $30,000! No matter your excuses for the lower income, they will not even pay for the social services with their taxes, while the wealthier will pay for much more than they receive, not fair either, but most Liberals just want to hit them hard.

          24. 788eddie September 17, 2015

            Hey, paulyz – Regarding our current tax structure and remedies: a flat tax only appears fair, but is not. Most of those who are willing to support a flat tax are on the upper end of the economic scale, and with good reason. If one is near the lower end of the wage scale, your necessary costs of living (food, clothing, medicine, transportation to work, etc.) are a much higher percentage of your income, leaving a much smaller residual. If the whole wage is taxed, you end up paying a much higher part of your remaining earnings. Someone who is making a lot (i.e. wealthy), that person, after the necessities are subtracted, will still pay the same percentage as the person on the lower end, but is is a much lower part of their remaining earnings.

            Another point is the rate: the flat tax is suggested for earnings from wages. Currently those who earn income from dividends are paying a much lower percentage of their earnings (the reason that Warren Buffet has commented that he pays a lower tax than his secretary – his earnings are from dividends; hers are from wages). And that’s not even getting into the abomination of the “carried interest” deduction that Donald Trump is the sole GOP supporter of eliminating.

            I haven’t heard from anyone in the GOP that raising the tax rate for dividends to the level of wages is a viable option for our tax code (but Bernie Sanders likes the idea).

          25. hicusdicus September 18, 2015

            Not really. Lets say 15% tax rate no deductions. In a few years gov spending needs a little help so congress raises it to 18% no deductions. A few years on down the road the gov needs another fix so they raise it to 22% no deductions pretty soon taxes are back where they used to be except no deductions. The flat tax will not work because human greed and reproduction will burn it at the stake. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have any answers except getting the population under control and those kind of thoughts make me evil.

          26. DJKatieOrganic September 18, 2015

            yes it’s a slippery slope when trying to reform our tax code…What you mentioned here is what has always happened in the past.. before you know it the rates will be up to 90% again…I don’t know what the answer is but something has to be done soon 🙁

          27. Bucksergeant September 19, 2015

            Fair Tax.

          28. DJKatieOrganic September 20, 2015

            I really prefer the “Fair Tax” over the “Flat tax”… as well

          29. paulyz September 18, 2015

            With a flat tax there also needs to be fixed amounts on spending. There can be in place an emergency fund but of course the Liberals will create a “crisis” in order for more spending increases for votes. But they would need to put in place “cuts in other areas for spending increases in others”, but AGAIN, the Liberals would cut Defense as usual to spend more for political candy for votes. What we really need to eliminate this is a Balanced-Budget Amendment. And a FULLY Secured Border, mandatory E-verify, as well as removing all criminal Illegals right away would go a long way to our HUGE expenses on Millions of Illegal Trespassers. EVERYTHING I mentioned is Opposed by Obama & the Democrat/Socialist Party.

          30. hicusdicus September 18, 2015

            Do actually know why the stock market has surged to its all time highs? Its not because of a healthy economy.

          31. 788eddie September 19, 2015

            Sixty-six consecutive months of positive job growth, and an economy that’s approaching “full employment” is not a sign of a weak or faltering economy, either, hicusdicus.

            Again, the GOP are connected to neither of these things, so they, so far, have not earned my vote.

          32. hicusdicus September 19, 2015

            You are you connected to reality. You are not by any chance Obama’s financial adviser?????? You keep putting money in the market and I am sure you will do well. Full employment????????????????????OMG. Where angels fear to tread.

          33. hicusdicus September 18, 2015

            I don’t think Trump can do what he says but lets give it a try. We are in free fall and the main chute has malfunctioned lets hope the back up chute will slow us down.

    4. Independent1 September 14, 2015

      You realize of course that what your describing is a group of our citizenry working to turn America into nothing less than what the Right so adamantly claims to oppose – creating in America the likeness of countries we call ‘communist’. Which in reality, are in no way truly communist, but are in fact dictatorships. A recent article I read, describes China as nothing more than a country set up just as you described.

      With a fair sized portion of it’s population being ‘elites’ who are going about making themselves super wealthy, and not only at the expense of the country’s ‘nonElites’, but also at the expense of the country itself. They are so hellbent on increasing their own wealth, that they’re turning great swaths of China into polluted wastelands; by eliminating regulations, caring nothing about destruction of the environment – in a sense – a dictatorships equivalent of ‘capitalism’. Exactly what the Tea Party and the vast majority of those supporting Trump are wanting to do – just as you described. They want to turn America, into nothing more than the equivalent of current day China. Where the ‘Elites’ run everything and use the rabble to achieve their wildest dreams.

      1. Dominick Vila September 14, 2015

        I agree. The Chinese government is communist in name only. Not only have they adopted the worst capitalist practices we have used throughout our history, they have actually taken it to extremes to mimic what the Tea Party is proposing to do in the USA.

        1. Independent1 September 14, 2015

          What’s especially upsetting to me, is that these ‘elites’, seem to not even care that they’re not only setting themselves up for eventual destruction by allowing the planet itself to become so environmentally polluted that life will become unsustainable; but they’re also not even thinking of their own descendants – children and grandchildren; and how they are going to survive in a totally polluted world.

          In the article I mentioned in my 1st post, a Chinese farmer related an incident where a truck full of toxic waste from a nearby factory, pulled up in a field next to his farm and in broad daylight, just dumped its load of toxic waste right on the ground, turned and drove off. And it was only a couple of weeks before his crops started to wither and die from the toxic sludge that had been dumped near by.

          Cancers are becoming rampant in China today, caused by the toxic waters and air; 4 of China’s 5 largest lakes are already so polluted, that you can smell them when your 10 miles away. And there’s now virtually no river in China that isn’t polluted past the point where it’s dangerous to ones health to eat fish that are caught in them.

          What’s really sad, is if Republicans get their way in the coming election, that’s what America will look like in a few years as Republican politicians dismantle the EPA and every other government agency that’s working today to keep corporations from rampant environmental destruction.

          What’s really telling is politicians like Jeb, who can deny climate change, even as Republicans and Democrats work together in 4 southeast counties of Florida, to keep the Atlantic from not only overrunning Florida land, but from also destroying the ground water that millions of Floridians depend on to keep alive. It’s almost a losing battle as the sea rise moves further and further inland a pollutes with salt more and more of southeast Florida’s aquifers. And yet a prior governor of Florida, who should no better, will get up on a stage and flat out life to just appease the clearly ignorant of reality, GOP base.

          1. JPHALL September 14, 2015

            The Chinese elite like their counterparts in other parts of the world believe that they can despoil their own lands, then move to new ones. See the rise of Chinese with the ability to move legally between prosperous countries in America and Europe.

          2. hicusdicus September 18, 2015

            At the moment the Chinese are not the real problem it is our governments corruption factor and our populations stupidity.

          3. toptwome September 14, 2015

            They want to get rid of the EPA and the republicans think that would be great, but it would be terrible.

          4. hicusdicus September 17, 2015

            Oh yes that would be terrible , terrible the snail darter would pass on to the dust bin of history. The Republicans would just wantonly start peeing in the water ways. OMG ends times are upon us.

          5. hicusdicus September 17, 2015

            I thought that Floridans was something they put in your drinking water to stop tooth decay. If the Atlantic over ran Florida would all our teeth start to rot? Where would all the alligators go? There would be a refugee crisis of homeless white trash and red necks.

          6. Independent1 September 17, 2015

            Just in case you think I’m overstating the issue as Rick Scott continues to deny climate change, here’s an excerpt from one of many articles on the problems Southeast Florida is facing as sea levels rise. 4 Counties, 2 run by Republicans and 2 by Democrats are working together to do what they can to save coastal roads and beaches and even the water that millions in cities along the Florida southeast coast need to drink, bathe and use in their everyday lives.

            See this excerpt from the Daily Kos, and if you don’t like the Daily Kos do a search on ‘4 southeast Florida counties’ and you’ll get numerous hits on web pages about what southeast Florida is doing to combat global warming while the Florida governor continues to do nothing!!

            The densely populated megalopolis of South Florida is losing it’s water wells as sea water intrudes into the Biscayne Aquifer. Salt water has already moved 6 miles inland in Broward County and is likely to continue to creep westward. Ninety percent of South Florida gets its drinking water from underground supplies, most from the Biscayne aquifer. This inland movement observed in Broward County is due to urbanwithdrawals from the Biscayne Aquifer, ocean water moving sideways intothe aquifer and seepage of saltwater from surface sources.

            Governor Scott, this is threatening the habitability of a region of close to 6 million of your fellow Floridians. Your inaction and hostility towards climate issues and sustainability now threatens funds and other aid from FEMAas they will not give money to any state that does not plan for climate change. Where is the disaster relief going to come from if not from
            Federal sources?

            A report titled Climate Change AND Sea-Level Rise IN Florida notes the hellish calamity that will affect Florida’s urban populations, economy, ecosystems and coasts.


          7. hicusdicus September 18, 2015

            You are truly weird.

          8. Independent1 September 18, 2015

            Really?? Maybe I wouldn’t be so ‘weird’, if you right-wingers expressed even the slightest bit of anxiety about the fact that the planet we live on is approaching the point of no return. If you nitwits, keep up stalling much longer, there will be no reversing the damage being done by your continued denial of reality.

            And then what are you and everyone else on the planet going to do??? Have you even thought about reaching the point of no return??? I’m not convinced you have enough brain cells in your head to even do that.

          9. paulyz September 20, 2015

            Perhaps you should be concerned about world over-population if your so worried about bringing down businesses. Rapidly growing populations, especially in the 3rd. World, are the greater threat & cause of your enviornment problems, but you Socialists say nothing about that. Meanwhile you allow & support Millions of 3rd. World Illegals to enter thd U.S., then wonder why we have problems. Europe is being flooded with these 3rd. World masses as well.

          10. Ruby September 18, 2015

            The reason salt water is invading the fresh water aquifers is the fresh water is being withdrawn at a greater rate than the replenishment rate. If Floridians want to have a guaranteed fresh water supply, especially to support the over population of the area, then de-salination of sea water is a more appropriate avenue of research. Some sound conservation practices are in order too. The state government should consider population growth limits and a realistic urban planning program. Unlimited growth taxes natural resources to the point of irreparable destruction. Climate change is a long drawn out event that is not going to be reversed by political debate, dictate or money. Invoking the god of climate change is irrelevant for solving the problem related
            to the current sea level changes. It’s a popular evil to blame, but sea levels have been going up and down since planet
            Earth was invented. To assume that mere mortals with piles of dollars,
            rock and sand can change that is ludicrous. Move away from the coast. In times past it was well known that eventually a flood, tsunami, hurricane or some other natural event would destroy anything and everything man built on these geologically dynamic environments. Our arrogance that we can override the forces of nature is our undoing.

          11. Independent1 September 18, 2015

            If man isn’t responsible for global warming caused by increased CO2 levels, please explain how starting back before 1950, about the time of the industrial revolution and man really getting into using fossil fuels, that the concentration of CO2 in earth’s atmosphere has reached levels NOT SEEN in the past 650,000 YEARS!!

          12. Ruby September 19, 2015

            Really? Why only go back only 650 million years? During periods of glaciation, CO2 has been much higher than today. During the Ordovician, CO2 levels were around 3000-5000 ppmv, where as today they are about 400 ppmv. The proper assumption is that CO2 is but one factor that influences global warming. There is no doubt that rising CO2 levels are related to climate change. The question is what, exactly it changes. By itself, it is indeterminate.

          13. Independent1 September 19, 2015

            You really can’t be that clueless, can you?? The co2 level never exceeded 300/ppm for 650,000, years. Then man discovers oil, which drives a manufacturing revolution, with thousands of factories in huge cities being built across the earth’s surface – all containing huge buildings that retain heat; the planet is now crisscrossed by millions of miles of asphalt roadways all that hold heat (which were never there before), millions of automobiles and trucks and enormous oceanliners are now pumping out co2; along with thousands of oil and coal fired powerplants around the world. The population has grown to around 7 billion – with billions now in India and China burning mostly high co2 generating coal.



          14. ColorPurple October 26, 2015

            If you must harp about CO2, then keep it in prospective with all of earth’s climate history, not just a segment of time that substantiates your point of view. Further, CO2 level is not of significant in and of itself, but must be considered with other components of climate in order to be evaluated meaningfully.

          15. ColorPurple December 9, 2015

            Again, why the arbitrary cut off at 650 million years? The life of earth and climate change have been around for several billion years. To presuppose that the period of time during which a single spices has lived is the only significant cause of climate change is biased. There is no doubt the humans have made a major impact, but will that end earth? Nope. It might lead to the demise of the human species but earth will live on and recover–baring a meteor strike or some such planet destroying event. My bet is on nature stepping up to the line with another pandemic which will depopulate earth by 50% or so. Heck, I’ll settle for a 25% reduction.

          16. CandideThirtythree October 14, 2015

            Republicans don’t do facts, they just parrot the lies that the rich tell them to parrot.

          17. hicusdicus September 17, 2015

            You a truly weird.

        2. paulyz September 14, 2015

          Really an unbelievable comment, that China is communust in name only. Perhaps to a Socialist, they would be considered “just capitalists”, because of Socialists hate for the wealth of others. Well under China’s capitalism, the profits of corporations become the property of the State. Quite hard to attract people to start up businesses if the State redistributes their profits. Now I understand why you like Obama so much.

          China’s Communist government like other Communust governments have failed resulting in growing resentment & protests from the People, forcing them to become more Capitalistic, but not in actuality. To survive & compete with Western Society, they must, though grudgenly & gradually, be more like us. Meanwhile American Socialists want to move in the failed, opposite direction. They laugh at you comrade.

          1. charleo1 September 14, 2015

            What the Chinese have is a concentration of wealth, and power in the hands of few powerful party elite. What the Capitalists in America are creating is the same thing. So, it seems to me, the goal of the Capitalist in America, is to become more like the Communist, in order to compete. Not the other way around. What do you see as the difference between a central government owning and controlling the wealth, and distributing it out as they see fit to a powerless workforce. Or a centralized corporate structure owning the wealth,and buying the government, so as to distributing out the wealth to a powerless workforce as they see fit? How much freedom, liberty, or opportunity does the average person have in either structure?

          2. paulyz September 14, 2015

            Excuse me? No Socialists here? Bernie Sanders taking the lead with you lefties, 70 Democrats members of the Democrat Socialist Party? Obama wanting to redustribute our wealth? Socialized medicine. All the government control you “warn” about is being accomplished, slowly at first, then faster. Unlawful Amnesties, more gun control, racial & wealth division, repression of free speech….That certainly does concern me. People like you willingly ALLOW the Federal Governnent to take control, & what really scares most Americans is that you & so many others buy into their propaganda, because it is happening right in front of you, right now!

          3. charleo1 September 15, 2015

            That’s right, no Socialists. Stop being such an ideologue, and look at reality, and not all that BS. about wealth redistribution. At least not down the scale, as in dragging Plutocrats out of their penthouses. You are aware all of our industrialized allies have some form of socialized medicine, right? And I don’t see their people in the streets over the loss of their freedoms. Or their governments tyrannizing them either. Do you? Why is that, do you suppose? That we’re bound to defend Democratic Socialism in Europe. With their universal healthcare, workers with living wages, and retirements. Where higher education for their children costs a fraction of what it does here. But we the people here in the U.S. can’t have those things, because we’re afraid our own government will take all of our liberties away. So we just leave all that up to the tender mercies of the profit driven corporations? There’s something really messed up, and down the rat hole back assward, with that kind of paranoia. That’s if one believes in small d democracy at all. Where the power flows from the people. And not a corporate board room. Which cares nothing for protecting people’s Rights. Those would be seen as regulations, and the profits are increased by ignoring them, not respecting, or protecting them. Better smarten up, my friend, and start dealing with the real World here.

          4. paulyz September 15, 2015


          5. Dominick Vila September 15, 2015

            Not surprisingly, most far right fanatics don’t have a problem with wealth redistribution when it flows in the direction of oil companies, wealthy farmers, corporations engaged in rebuilding the countries we destroyed, or tax laws that favor the wealthiest Americans accumulate more wealth than they already have. For them, that’s good redistribution, even when most of them are among those getting the shaft.
            The irony, is that social programs such as generous pension plans and universal healthcare help corporations by reducing their operating expenses. A fact that makes them more profitable and competitive.
            Not surprisingly, these are the same people that blame everybody but themselves when they hear that our companies have trouble competing against foreign businesses.

          6. charleo1 September 15, 2015

            Exactly! That’s that inverse universe effect. Where all the Democrats are radical Socialists, and Marxists. All the debt is naturally due to welfare. All the jobs are outsourced due to labor unions. And the wealthy, and the few industrious workers America has left, that aren’t on the public dole, are being taxed to death to finance it. And, all this is being claimed at a time when we are experiencing the greatest wealth, and income disparity, and increases in long term persistent poverty, among larger segments of the population, than at anytime since the Great Depression. And, as for taxes for the very richest Americans, and the most profitable corporations. They haven’t been lower in 80 years. Clearly demonstrating what the Right believes, is directly tied to the sources of information they use, and not their understanding of economics. Which would serve to disprove much of the misinformation they are ingesting. Like, the richer you are, the smarter you are. And so, billionaires are the smartest people on the planet.

          7. hicusdicus September 18, 2015

            If money counts billionaires are the smartest people on the planet. I bet money counts for you. Are you a socialist? or do you just have a sour grapes attitude because you can’t cope? I don’t like the way things are but then I remember I am part of the human race whose intelligence factor is way over rated. The bottom line is the world population has become unstable and unsustainable. Unhappy poor people can be bought for the price of a rifle. Humanity will never run out of rifles.

          8. charleo1 September 18, 2015

            Wealth equals power, period. The most intelligent people on the planet are overwhelmingly not the richest. Or do you worship wealth, idolize the rich, and believe you’re always the smartest person in the room when your scratch off pays five bucks? The higher goal is not to buy unhappy people, but to empower them to pursue their happiness to their fullest potential possible.

          9. hicusdicus September 19, 2015

            That statement was so profound I will have to spend sometime contemplating it. By the way you did completely miss the point. It has nothing to do with buying the poor. It has to do with furnishing the means for them to adjust the population.

          10. hicusdicus September 17, 2015

            How is your love affair with Hilary doing these days??

          11. Dominick Vila September 17, 2015

            I don’t know about love affairs, but I still think Hillary is the most qualified candidate running for office. Having said that, I can’t say that I am too impressed with her campaign. I am taking a very close look at Bernie Sanders, and if VP Biden decides to run, I will probably vote for him. Especially if he chooses Elizabeth Warren as his running mate.
            How is your love affair with The Donald going? Were you impressed last night?

          12. hicusdicus September 17, 2015

            I have no interest in listening to debates particularly politicians. I really don’t care who wins. We are screwed no matter what. You are aware of this????

          13. Dominick Vila September 18, 2015

            What I am aware of is the money and extreme ideology is destroying what is left of our democracy and causing irreparable damage to our society and values. Anarchy is not the answer. The answer is to elect people who have the interests and values of our country at heart.

          14. hicusdicus September 18, 2015

            This should have been done 40 years ago. The only thing left is a financial collapse which will stop the give away and scare the complacency out of people and get their bullshit [Global warming is because we fart to much and more taxes will save us ] detectors working. The lobbyist and vote buying will have to stop. The Hilary’s and the Jeb’s and their whole motley [ democrat and GOP] crew must go. The do gooder give a ways are destroying the incentive of the producers. The control the unions and the government [ EPA etc] are doing to all business is driving jobs out of the country. The pensions and welfare can not be sustained. I am not a doom and gloom er but I am not stupid. I and a lot of other people are getting tired of being treated like we are. How about you?? If you are on a pension what happens when it dries up or will no longer compete with inflation? Oh did I mention corruption is out of control.

          15. tomtype September 15, 2015

            The real essence of Socialism is who owns the means of generating wealth. Those who own tat will use it for their benefit, of course. Universal health care can be seen either as the owners enjoying their earned wealth or as an attempt to placate the masses while the real owners enjoy their wealth. A bribe not to object. But in no case does it represent a danger. And if it does not produce ownership it isn’t Socialism. Socialism is just free enterprise for everyone.

          16. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Your statement, “Socialism is just free enterprise for everyone”, is such an idiotic statement & clearly shows you have no idea what your talking about, but gee, it sure sounds good to you, doesn’t it? If WHAT does not produce ownership it isn’t Socialism? Wealth?

          17. paulyz September 16, 2015

            Again my reply disappeared. What, the National Memo censoring opposing views?

          18. Dominick Vila September 15, 2015

            Do yourself a favor, try to familiarize yourself with what has been going on in China during the last couple of decades before you compare the current circumstances to what prevailed in the Maoist era.

          19. paulyz September 15, 2015

            I did!

          20. Dominick Vila September 15, 2015

            You did and you still think that referring to China as communist in name only is inaccurate?

          21. paulyz September 16, 2015

            As I mentioned, China’s government, out of economic necessity, have allowed foreign investment & moved in some ways capitalist. The Chinese People have gotten a taste of Capitalism & like it, but their government won’t give up their control as much as they would like. The government still controls the capitalists in most ways.

            Meanwhile, after having seen Communist Countries move towards Capitalism to improve the lives of their Citizens, American Liberals want to move more in the opposite direction, more Socialism. Really shows how wrong they are.

          22. Dominick Vila September 16, 2015

            One of the problems that China has is that they can’t control their new entrepreneurs or billionaires. The latter have been investing billions of dollars in other countries, a fact that is impacting China’s dollar reserves and limiting domestic investment.
            I don’t know a single Democrat interested in replacing capitalism with communism. Supporting social programs such as SS, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, ACA, and public education does not mean we support communism.

          23. paulyz September 18, 2015

            I believe I used the word Socialism, of which Bernie Sanders as well as 70 Democrats ARE, and you talk of China by moving to Capitalism is good for the average Chinese worker, but at the same time want the U.S. to become Socialist. Not really Capitalism in China when the Government still controls everything & certainly not a Government OF the People in China, many are sweat-shop laborers for the State.

          24. Dominick Vila September 18, 2015

            One of the problems with China is that its government lost control. Forget the sweat shops of the Maoist era, millionaires are popping up like weeds, they are investing heavily in real estate and new businesses, with little or no regulation to protect the environment, worker safety, consumer safety, and limit the probability of fraud.

            Bernie Sanders’ socialism has nothing to do with Marx or Engel’s philosophies. Sanders is not talking about nationalization of industry, transferring ownership of businesses to the public sector, shutting down private banks, eliminated the stock market, or replacing private sector jobs with public sector employees.
            There is a huge difference between Karl Marx socialism and what most European countries, Canada, and a few others have. Namely, Social Security (pensions), universal healthcare, public education, and greater control of the stock market and businesses to avoid fraud and protect consumers.

          25. paulyz September 16, 2015

            AGAIN my reply disappeared.

          26. Independent1 September 19, 2015

            You’re loonier than a crazy person!! China’s not like that anymore at all. The government does not own everything. It’s turned into an ‘Elitest society’ where the “ins” run businesses just like capitalism. It’s akin to the Mafia running the country – with thousands of Mafia gangsters all competing for who can get away with what. Exactly what America will look like if the GOP is actually successful at taking over and putting a figure head like Romney into the presidency. America would become the first corporate run nation on the planet, with corporate CEOs pulling the puppet strings of a ring leader like Romey who would be dictating to a rubber stamp Congress. (Just like Bush virtually dictated to his rubber stamp Congress for almost 6 years.)

    5. 788eddie September 14, 2015

      It seems like what you’re describing is the result of too many people watching Mad Max, and thinking “well, it worked our for them, didn’t it?”

      1. CandideThirtythree October 14, 2015

        Hahaha I have had thoughts along those lines too about republicans.

  2. FireBaron September 14, 2015

    There are some Republicans out there who would be respected, and who could win the party nomination and election. Unfortunately for the Country, they are too smart to enter this circus. Part of the problem is we had two people who expected to fight it out against each other – Jeb! (the privileged son and designated heir apparent) and Rick Santorum. Santorum’s claim was as the “runner up” of the last primary campaign, that individual is usually the nominee the next time around. Considering that Santorum went out of his way to alienate just about everyone who would have supported him this time, and Jeb! went into this with the attitude that he was the Presumptive Nominee. I am not surprised that the 12 dwarves tried to jostle their place to earn the VP slot. Then along came THE DONALD, Carly and Ben to upset their carefully balanced apple cart.

    Now, the candidate the old hands want is trying to make his voice heard, and NOT sound like the stupider brother. The candidate the Koch Brothers put their money behind is showing all the intelligence of a sideshow pinhead, the darlings of the ultra-right, evangelical Christian wing have both turned out to be less than one-trick-ponies, two of the sitting governors could be facing State AND Federal indictments, and the ones who could probably do the job can’t poll above Margin of Error (MOE). So, when you hear me writing this season about someone with lower numbers than Moe, I am not referring to the bully of the Three Stooges. I am referring to those candidates that cannot get above 5% support.

    So, we are dealing with the three best “pollers” in the School-yard bully with delusions of adequacy, who is great at inciting the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, beetle-brow wing of the Party; another CEO, who managed to damn near tank two corporations that had been highly profitable, one of which couldn’t get rid of her in time, and the other kicked her out so fast they never had time to dust her office; and a retired physician who, apparently, never bothered to study civics, US or World History.

    Over on the Democratic side, we aren’t in much better shape. Hillary has been conducting her campaign as the presumptive nominee that desperately needs help, a Socialist-Independent who is forcing Hillary to state her position on issues (thank you, Bernie), and a couple of other guys who really haven’t said why anyone should support them.

    Can we please get some real candidates? It isn’t too late! Bill Richardson, where are you when we need you?

  3. rednekokie September 14, 2015

    Seems to me that the reason Trump is making his fellow candidates look like fools is that they are, indeed, fools.
    None of them have the country at heart. Only the corporations who pay their wages.
    None of them care anything about seniors, pregnant women, students, homeless, or even those who are desperately trying to help those groups.
    If a republican actually wins the white house this time around it will only be because the voters have, indeed, become fools, as well.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker September 14, 2015

    Oh how naive some in this country can be. Those of us who grew up with The Donald always making some outlandish BS Spoiled Little Rich Boy edicts of power are not fooled.

    So, now the GOP is pretending to hate The Donald? Oh really? And is that because GOP men are smart enough to know yet another excellent “blind” distraction from their agenda?

    Trump isn’t make fools of fools. There is NO way to make fools more foolish.

    The very thing the GOP publicly protests about The Donald is their own back room operative: To take over. That’s what it’s ALL about folks.

    Most of us in the Metro area have seen for 30 years what The Donald really is. He loves to play big mouth and buy those things necessary to his own over-bloated ego…and now really, isn’t THAT what Republican men are ALL about too?

  5. yabbed September 14, 2015

    Trump is the Ugly American that the entire world speaks of with dismissal and ridicule. He’s richer and smarter and more powerful than anyone else on earth and he constantly reminds us of his superiority. He doesn’t have to make any accommodations to anyone ever. He’s the winner of everything without question. And since most Americans live in the world of General Patton and Dirty Harry, they love Donald Trump.

    1. charleo1 September 14, 2015

      Well, I think that’s right. Trump is the ugly American, that a large chunk of the American public have never had to hold a mirror up to. And so would probably not recognized themselves staring back if they did. Having only looked at themselves, and their ideals, thru the sanitized lenses of a Hollywood Rambo, or Green Beret-ed, John Wayne. Helping us deceive ourselves as it was once upon a time. That a war we clearly lost, might have been won, if we were all more like these movie actors. Indeed, if we elected one as President, that fed us a lot of feel good, horse manure. Maybe then, we could get the swagger back? “Spit tobacco in some dude’s eye, and shoot him with my old .45.” (From A Country Boy Can Survive.”) Hank Williams Jr.

  6. pisces63 September 14, 2015

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – John Donald Cody, the convicted swindler who once schmoozed his way into the White House, has stirred up trouble in the cellblock.

    Cody, 68, used the name Bobby Thompson to solicit $100 million in donations in Ohio and 40 other states from 2002 through 2010 for his phony charity, the U.S. Navy Veterans Association. The sham allowed Cody to mingle with Washington’s elite, enjoying time with President George W. Bush and U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

    Today, he chafes when dealing with prison guards. He has been cited for spewing profanity at officers, refusing their orders and becoming belligerent over seemingly minor commands. He has been accused of nine prison violations in nearly two years behind bars.

    The citations offer a window into the depth of Cody’s free fall, which began in 2010. That’s when newspaper investigations revealed most of the charity’s $22 million annual revenue could not be accounted for and his claims of having served in the Navy Reserve could not be verified. His years on the run gained national attention, as investigators scrambled to track down an elusive figure who once claimed to work for the CIA. Another republican.

  7. FT66 September 14, 2015

    To me calling them fools doesn’t change anything. Just do whatever you can to beat them again and again. Everybody will see self how fool they are even without being told.

  8. plc97477 September 14, 2015

    Long story, short. Trump is not making them look like fools; they are fools.

  9. Lynda Groom September 14, 2015

    Number 4 covers it nicely. They can easily be made to look foolish and inept, because they are foolish and inept. Trump is just stating the obvious, but does not seem to realize that he’s in the same group.

  10. larzneilson September 14, 2015

    A most amazing picture, him & Perry: He’s smiling.

    1. charleo1 September 14, 2015

      This pic taken right before Trump stuck the fork in his back? Look at Trump’s grin. Rick for his part, hasn’t a clue of what’s about to happen. Ugh!

  11. Charles Evans September 14, 2015

    The GOP was looking foolish before Trump. He just makes their foolishness look clearer.

    1. msazvelmad September 14, 2015

      And he gives them ample opportunity to embrace and be proud of their foolishness.

  12. Wrily September 14, 2015

    It’s just a matter of time until Trump wins the Republican nomination and turns his talents on his Democratic opponent.

    1. JPHALL September 14, 2015

      Yeah. I cannot wait till he turns his invective on Clinton or Sanders. Maybe then people will wake up.

    2. SecludedCompound September 15, 2015

      The problem is, the not-even-plurality of the Republican party that supports him seems to think that its bare 25% of the American electorate is enough to win against a moderate business-oriented Democratic candidate like Hillary Clinton. She would destroy him in the electoral college.

  13. Insinnergy September 14, 2015

    Another excellent summary. 🙂

  14. toptwome September 14, 2015

    Wonderful article. Why are they for a pompous bully?

  15. johncp September 15, 2015

    And Sanders has shown 1 way he’s made fools of democrats. The slow destruction of Hillary’s campaign, by media that hate her, and a government intent on applying a double standard with respect to a trumped up e-mail pseudo-scandal, when high ranking officials in the repubiican party have done the same or worse, plus a possible or likely Biden run, a man, hungry for the attention, hungry to prove himself, easily persuaded by people complimenting him, but sorely lacking the ability to deal with, especially, the intellectual challenges and immense demands of the highest office. Hillary is feared and hated by so many in media, particularly men that can’t accept their misogyny let alone their ignorance about her, and women that are easily fooled by media lies, makes her campaign a near impossible one to continue. It’s exasperating to watch such incredible media deceit, and Hillary’s apparent surprise at the extent of the hatred against her. Sanders takes advantage of this slow massacre of Hillary, thinking he’s winning something. In fact, he’s showing what fools can be made of democrats, that can be taken in, to such an extent, by a, likely, well meaning old man, enamored of himself, and his apparent ability to ‘mesmerize’ a crowd with stock in trade liberal talk, that is commonplace in progressive thinking circles.

  16. johncp September 15, 2015

    I’ll try again, not to annoy the moderators. Trump, I believe, is not showing the folly of the republican party., What he’s showing, is the pent up rage, in the hearts of most republicans, who were, without knowing it, waiting for someone who would give them, not so-called straight talk or “authentic talk,” but an avenue thru which they could vent. This country is in a political mess. Our society is dominated by billionaires that see nothing to be gained by awakening people from their intellectual slumbers. I understand, that, we’ve just had a poll showing that support for Hillary, among democratic women, no less, has fallen from a high of 71% to, presently, 47%, and not because of any major flaws in Hillary’s makeup, but because most women are fooled by Corporate media, and the continual stream of lies being told about her, by news show hosts, their invited news commentators, pundits, etc., that, despise Hillary, without a single exception out of approximately 100 news professionals.

    1. paulyz September 15, 2015

      Quite an insulting comment about the intelligence of women.They SEE the flaws in Hillary, but you don’t.

  17. Jason Murdoch September 15, 2015

    Lawl. The fact that Democrats are accusing anyone of being race baiters is just hilarious. “These Republican candidates are terrible.” Lol. Not really. The Republican field is made up of diverse qualified candidates. The Democrats are offering up a “will probably die in office” socialist and a corrupt old hag who has to launch campaigns to show us how transparent and authentic she is. This article is garbage. Why don’t you focus on how terrible the Democrat presidential candidates are. . otherwise get ready for a Republican house, senate, and executive branch.

    1. old_blu September 15, 2015

      You’ve got what you wanted now, a Republican House and Senate, but yet nothing is still getting done. What makes you think a President is going to fix the party of no?

      1. Jason Murdoch September 17, 2015

        There will be not threat of a veto?

        1. CandideThirtythree October 14, 2015

          Do you really want them to end your social security and medicare?

  18. joe schmo October 11, 2015

    Really, he’s not! That’s just what your media is telling you. His rallies are packed. He’s all over the news and internet. Fail to see the problem…


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