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5 Things To Tell Your Republican Relatives At Thanksgiving Dinner

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5 Things To Tell Your Republican Relatives At Thanksgiving Dinner


Since the Native Americans first dined with the Pilgrims, Thanksgiving has been a time for awkward dinner conversation, while giving thanks for the good things in life—like Tofurky, Mitt Romney pumping his own gas, and pumpkin cheesecake.

This year, you have to have a little sympathy for your Republican family members. Not only did they lose, they lost after nominating a guy they never liked because they thought he could win. For this reason they’ll be extra agitated and prone to ranting.

The best advice is probably to avoid talking politics until at least dessert—if at all possible. Then if you get seriously annoyed, you can make a clean escape without upsetting grandma. But if your right-wing relatives want to treat you like Colmes to their Hannity and demand a debate, you should be armed with a few facts that will at least get them thinking.

1. In the past three years, the deficit has fallen faster than in any three-year stretch since World War II.
Republicans do a nice job of scaring people about the deficit. But they’re in denial of a few basic facts. The deficit President Obama inherited was over $1 trillion—entirely the result of President Bush’s policies combined with the cost of the wars and the bad economy. Yes, President Obama continued the Afghanistan War and temporarily extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich—two of the only Obama policies the Republicans endorsed. Still, the deficit is shrinking fast. “From fiscal 2009 to fiscal 2012, the deficit shrank 3.1 percentage points, from 10.1 percent to 7 percent of GDP,” according to Investors’ Business Daily.

2. The U.S. recovery has been one of the best in the world.
Since the financial crisis began on Wall Street and spread across the globe, America’s recovery has been frustrating but it is still the “sole bright spot of the world.” Meanwhile, Europe has fallen into recession after dramatic spending cuts made worse by the uncertainty of their weak monetary union. Individual states united by a common currency making their own decisions, along with huge spending cuts, sounds exactly like the Republican agenda. Aren’t you glad we didn’t go along with that?

3. The GOP is the food-stamp party.
Yes, most counties where food-stamp consumption is growing vote Republican. The states that contribute the most federal taxes almost all vote Democratic, while all of the lowest tax-contributing states vote Republican. Despite preaching personal responsibility, the GOP encourages food-stamp consumption by cutting education and cracking down on unions that ensure workers earn a living wage. Yes, about 40 percent of those on food stamps work, but don’t earn enough to get off assistance.


  1. West Gates November 21, 2012

    I copied this from a comment thread late last year. The article was about the Republican hypocrisy on the national debt. I don’t know who the original author was ~ but I like the info.


    I compared the deficit as a percent of GDP for each presidential administration to see how the budget inherited by each president (i.e., the fiscal year in progress when the president took office) compares with the last budget passed on to the next president (i.e., the fiscal year in progress when the president left office). Here are the results since 1945:

    Truman: 7.2% deficit inherited, 1.7% deficit left (5.5% reduction)
    Eisenhower: 1.7% deficit inherited, 0.6% deficit left (1.1% reduction)
    Kennedy/Johnson: 0.6% deficit inherited, 0.3% surplus left (0.9% reduction)
    Nixon/Ford: 0.3% surplus inherited, 2.7% deficit left (3.0% INCREASE)
    Carter: 2.7% deficit inherited, 2.6% deficit left (0.1% reduction)
    Reagan: 2.6% deficit inherited, 2.8% deficit left (0.2% INCREASE)
    Bush I: 2.8% deficit inherited, 3.9% deficit left (1.1% INCREASE)
    Clinton: 3.9% deficit inherited, 1.3% surplus left (5.2% reduction)
    Bush II: 1.3% surplus inherited, 9% deficit left (10.3% INCREASE)

    So over the last 66 years, all Democratic administrations have presided over decreasing deficits, while all Republican administrations, except Eisenhower, have presided of INCREASING deficits.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen November 22, 2012

      Like the American Indian said many years ago.

      White Man Speak With Forked Tongue. Since the Republican Party is composed primarily of White Old Men and Dominated White Women, evidently, it must be true.

      That “Forked” Tongue sort of reminds me of Snakes.

      Also, I’ll remember to save this article. It’ll be handy, just in case we DO have anyone over for Dinner and wants to have a discussion.

      1. Bruce Martin November 22, 2012

        “Forked” tongue? Well, that’s close …

      2. matt barrieau November 23, 2012

        White man speak with forked tongue, but Liz Warren pretends not to be white. Which is worse?

        1. Ed November 23, 2012

          Ever been to any of the soutwest states? Many americans have native American ancestry. As there are few native americans left in Massachusetts, I have to conclude that she included this in her biography out of honesty. Of course her opponent tried to make it otu to be a lie. In the south, prior to the civil rights act, you were considered “negro” if you had 1 % negro blood. (How they determined that I have no idea!

          1. Susan November 23, 2012

            And Elizabeth Warren is actually from Oklahoma, where the Cherokee were sent on the Trail of Tears. Not at all surprising that she has some Cherokee ancestors.

          2. JeffreyH November 23, 2012

            She’s from Oklahoma, and yes, hardly any native here doesn’t have red blood

          3. Hillbilly November 24, 2012

            If you are a 50/50 mix you are concerned black no matter what color the other 50% mix. If the day ever comes when all we say about a person is that”he is an American” and not mention skin pigment and racial background, we can truly say that the USA is not prejudiced anymore and one more ploy to divide the Country will be gone.

        2. Sand_Cat November 23, 2012

          Is this the best you can do?
          Repeat a pathetic and irrelevant lie from a failed Repugnant candidate desperate to retain his seat?
          But then I guess that characterizes you and all of the die-hard trolls who have nothing better to do (the wife picking up your food stamps?) than come here and further advertise their willful ignorance.

          1. matt barrieau November 23, 2012

            Typical left winger. if someone disagrees with you, you resort to name calling and moronic comments like “wife picking up food stamps?” I would be wiling to bet that the vast majority of food stamp recipients voted for Obama and Liz Warren. So what is clever about that?

          2. Hillbilly November 24, 2012

            If that is the case, how come the largest group of people that get food stamps live in states where the Republicans control both the Governor’s office and the state legislature. Check your information before posting and see Red states have people on food stamps than the Blue states do. One of the reason there are more on food stamps in Red states is because most of the people working in these states are not making enough money to buy food and buy their mortgage or rent.

          3. matt barrieau November 24, 2012

            I think that you need to check your information. The largest number of food stamp recipients live in urban areas. Which overwhelmingly vote for the President.

          4. Vincent Abate December 26, 2012

            You didn’t read the first page did you? And you wonder why people resort to name calling? It’s because its well deserved. People that don’t bother to put in any effort, deserve norespect. Either come to accept that fact, or change the way you operate, and you will be treated differently. If it’s one thing I’ve noticed here recently, people have a really big issue with blaming everyone else, for their own short comings.

        3. Robert Eckert November 24, 2012

          The Native American feature of high cheek bones is prominent in her face, however “white” the majority of her ancestry is.

        4. Carol Frick November 26, 2012

          Matt this is a none issue people are people and all are mixed.

        5. David Hendrickson November 26, 2012

          You lost that election, too, Sparky. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

        6. Connie NoRomneyever Mauricio December 24, 2012

          Umm…my mother had always told me that my father’s father was Cherokee Indian. Then I mapped out my family tree to find that my grandmother was the one who was Cherokee. Many people repeat what they have been told. I am sure that is what she did. Besides..who cares?

          1. matt barrieau December 24, 2012

            You are replying to an ages old commentary. Let it go. She obviously got away with it. There is a huge difference between repeating family lore, and checking a box to gain an advantage in employment. And please do not insult yourself or me bay saying that she gained no advantage. Harvard published the story of their hiring of the first female-native-American professor. So merry Christmas to you. Check your facts. You had 2 months and still couldn’t get it right. So, leave me alone. I’ve no time for sheeple.

    2. JohnRNC November 22, 2012

      Oh, I get it. Use FACTS instead of the fabricated BS that the repubs ran their campaigns on. The scary part is that close to half of the voting public believed the lies and probably still do.

      Stay alert – the 2014 mid-terms are already underway!

      1. Michael Kollmorgen November 22, 2012

        This IS what really scares me the most about the American Public.

        We ALMOST elected a Mormon Bishop for President who approved of marrying off young girls to old men in secret and supported candidates who thought god approved of rape. And, “Christians” approved of Romney to boot, even though they must have known what the Mormon Church was all about. Talk about Value Systems? They ain’t got any I can see.

        If roughly half of the american public is this nieve, what else is this country capable of?

        I’ve been told several times that what I believe is anti-american. But, if ANYONE had any brains at all, they’d pack their family, their careers, whatever savings they got and get the heck out of this country before this country falls totally apart. The smart ones already do and they aren’t necessarily rich either.

        1. Justin Napolitano November 22, 2012

          No Michael, We need to fight. No one is going to run me out of my country. Fight, Fight back, I tell you and never give up. We won the Presidential election because we didn’t give up. FORWARD!

        2. John November 22, 2012

          Quit worrying. McCain got closer and he wasn’t close.

        3. Independent1 November 22, 2012

          Unfortunately I don’t really think many Americans understand how delusional someone has to be to be a Mormon. It’s really hard for me to understand how anyone could listen to what Joe Smith made up and not realize that if anything, it came straight from the Devil’s mouth. To believe that God would approve of behavior that is 180 degrees out of sync with what Jesus taught us is mind boggling: that at death we’re going to have our own planet with as many wives as we want and attain to the level of a god…how delusional do you have to be to believe this. And even just reading the book of Mormon requires believing in unbelieveable fantasies.

        4. golfer78015 November 22, 2012

          Pack up, move out of the country, pay your exit tax and give up your citizenship. Don’t come crawling back wanting to live in the US again. Once out, for ever gone.

          1. Grunge45 November 22, 2012

            Let’s see now. Here I thought it was the Republicans who want to secede.Who signed all those petition. Golfer, better you should follow your own advice, and join them.

          2. Michael Kollmorgen November 22, 2012

            To me, what I believe as for the reason for leaving is this.

            I believe within the next 50 to 100 years or sooner, we are very likely going to be in a Civil War.

            This is not a matter of political ideology. This is not even a matter of Patriotism. It is a matter of survival.

            None of us here now will probably not live to experience this. But, do you want your children to?

            I for one an not willing to die for someones elses bank account.

            Many Senior Citizens already have left. They retain dual citizenships and retire somewhere else. There quite a few retirement communities set along the US/Mexico Border purposely developed for US Seniors to retire to. I’ve chatted with a few and they wouldn’t move back under any condition. They’re not rich either.

            Because many research grants are being cut by republicans, many of our brightest scientist are now located elsewhere. This is a growing trend. They also hold dual citizenship. This is also a consequence of a declining education system here. Lack of funding our public schools is the primary cause. And, putting a major focus not on science is also another cause.

            So, you see, I’m not so crazy about this.

        5. Grunge45 November 22, 2012

          Wouldn’t leave this country. I love it, and would rather try to change the feudal mindset that dominates the Republicans. They are against the people, against real Christian values, and against the American Dream.

        6. kinklu November 22, 2012

          There seems to be a certain type of “True believer” who suspend the logical functions of their brain. It’s convenient in a way. Don’t think critically. Just believe everything one man tells you and presto, you have a blueprint for life. You can go into killing Christians for the 72 virgins, handling snakes with a bunch of “true believers,” or telling yourself that you are chosen of God because you are rich and don’t share anything with poor people because, of course, they are just lazy.

          Once you have found the “true way,” you can judge everyone else on the criteria of how closely their beliefs line up with yours, and it’s much simpler because most of the details have already been worked out by someone else.

          There must be great comfort in the secure knowledge of the answers to the great questions. It also frees up more time time for choosing investments.

        7. davis November 22, 2012

          I hope you take the next train out.

        8. matt barrieau November 23, 2012

          That is what is wrong with liberals. If a Republican made a statement like that, it would lead the news on MSNBC, Small minds…

          1. Michael Kollmorgen November 23, 2012

            What I stated was NOT liberal thinking as far as leaving. I wouldn’t condemn anyone for stating this. And, I wouldn’t blame anyone for doing it.

            BUT, do it for the right reason, not because of politics, or because you hate this or that. Do it because you want a better life for yourself and your family. And, Patriotism has absolutely nothing to do with this.

            If half the population is really this nuts, maybe its time the smart people start taking charge of their own destiny and make the changes in their personal lives they need to.

            Trying to change this system from the inside is not working. It’s gotten worse actually. And, beating a dead horse is the worst thing anyone can do.

            This is reality and matter of survival. Yes, the grass is greener on the other side IF you take the time to look. This all depends how you want yourself and your family to experience life.

            I don’t like all this stress, political infighting, the hate, the discrimination and greed which is so dominant in our culture. And, I were young, had a decent career you can use somewhere else, with/without a family, I wouldn’t like beating my head against a brick wall.

            I think this country is far too gone for an individual to try and change anything.

      2. matt barrieau November 23, 2012

        Like the lies told after Benghazi? Or are we talking about a special kind of lies?

    3. johninPCFL November 22, 2012

      One problem here is that Reagan changed the dynamic by pulling military expenditures out of the budget process. That’s why Reagan’s deficit only increased 0.2% while he added $4T to the national debt. GHWB, Clinton, and GWB followed the same practice, which is why Clinton’s budget surpluses didn’t result in a shrunken debt. The national debt increased by a trillion over his eight years.

      GWB is the prize-winning liberal spender in the crowd though. He inherited $5.7T from Clinton and passed $11.9T on to Obama.

      The GOP was want to brag about the “four years of $1T+ deficits” through this election period. GWBs record:
      $20B added to the National Debt in 2000 (Clinton’s last budget)
      $400B added to National Debt in 2001
      $600B added to National Debt in 2002
      $600B added to National Debt in 2004
      $550B added to National Debt in 2005
      $600B added to National Debt in 2006
      $500B added to National Debt in 2007
      $1T added to National Debt in 2008
      $1.8T added to National Debt in 2009 (GWBs last budget)

      So, it was actually 6 years of $1T deficits, we were just lied to by the GOP. Obama put military spending back into the budget, so his $1T deficits are real numbers, not the “creative accounting” numbers of the Reagan era.

      1. Independent1 November 22, 2012

        And on top of that, a great deal of the continuing deficits under Obama have to be the responsibility of Bush simply because of the unparalleled disaster that he passed onto Obama, e.g., 800,000 jobs being lost/mo, companies still going belly up into 2010 before Obama’s policies could slow them, with the continuing loses in the housing market and banks going under, which resulted in Bush passing to Obama about a 1.5 trillion/yr reduction in tax revenues and the 1.3 trillion in deficit increase in his last budget. I don’t think any other president in history had to deal with such a devastated economy in the first few years of his presidency. So I would charge the majority of the continuing deficit increase under Obama to Bush.

    4. Michael Stoll November 22, 2012

      That is because the republicans had to clean up the Dem messes

      1. one_veteran November 22, 2012

        Like all Repuks Michael, You watch and listen to BS Faux TV, and need to create a way to ignore truith! The election is over and YOU LOST!! get over it and get honest or SHUT UP!!

      2. Justin Napolitano November 22, 2012

        Wrong, Michael but you, obviously, never let facts get in the way of your opinions.

        1. Bill November 22, 2012

          Justin that was a typical alertnate reality repsonse from the right wing. One sentence with a vague statement and nothing to back it up. What messses are you referring to and to quote one_veteran get honest or go away

      3. Bunny November 23, 2012

        Michael Stoll.. Give examples to back your statement. Please and Thank You .

        1. Hillbilly November 24, 2012

          Bunny, you won’t get any examples from Michael Stroll. He makes statements that are false and that is why he never gives any examples to prove his statements.

    5. Andrew Rei November 22, 2012

      Not only did “Ike” preside over a deficit reduction, WG, he also used the high top tax rate of 91% to build the Interstate highway system, which created millions of jobs! All of the true evidence (read: stuff that isn’t GOP BS, hypocrisy, talking points, deflections and distortions) indicates that, since Ike left office, GOP administrations have been terrible stewards of the American economy…where the GOP have excelled since 1961 is in upward wealth and income distribution. Since 1970, the GOP have had a “Starve the Beast” philosophy, whereby federal taxes are reduced to reduce the size of government. This allows the fascist corporate plutarchy (Grover Norquist, Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, the Koch bros., etc.) to take over the government by privatization of normal federal government functions. When there’s practically no federal government and the FCP rules, there are two classes of citizens in the country: the FCP and everybody else. Guess which class has 90% of the wealth and nearly all of the income? Right now, the FCP already run the GOP.

      GOP moderates muffed their chance at getting rid of the Conservative Wrong-Wing Nut Jobs (Cons, aka, the avarice-fueled aristocrats) and the Tea Party Militia (Teabaggers or Baggers, who turn out to be as rich and as greedy as the “Cons”-smh) by saying that they were sick of GOP BS and that they were going to vote for Democrats, then voting for the Cons and Baggers, anyway. If those moderates had done what they said they’d do, even the gerrymandering the GOP did to US House districts wouldn’t have helped them retain control of the US House and the Demos would have a filibuster-quashing 60-seat supermajority in the US Senate. Most of those moderate traitors live in suburban and rural areas. If you’ve hated the legislative gridlock in DC since January 2011, GOP moderates, get used to it; by voting the way you did in the 2012 elections, you’ve guaranteed another two years (at least) of this BS. Shame on you! 🙁 ssmdh

    6. Fern Woodfork November 22, 2012

      GOP/Tea Party Is So Full Of Shit That’s All They Do Is Lie They Really Think We Are Stupid Even Thou We Show Them We’re Not Time And Time Again!! They Still Using The Old Play Book About If You Keep Telling A Lie Some How People Will Begin To Believe It!! LOL Sorry That Only Works On The Dumb , Stupid And Racist People Out Here !! We Are Way To Smart To Fall For The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban BULLSHIT!!!!! We Are A Rainbow Of People Out Here And We Will Unite And Get These Lying Thugs Out Of Office!! Get Ready for 2014!! United We Will Stand!!!!

    7. Plznnn November 22, 2012

      Be nice if you gave credit where credit is due. When Clinton was President, the Congress was Republican, which is more important than who is President. Under Obama, most of the time he had the WH & the entire Congress and we have seen what happened, worse economic mess since the Great Depression. The above Posts’ figures are ridiculous. BO increased our debt 5 Trillion in 4 years and his “recovery” is worse than the recession that OFFICIALY ENDED June 2009. Why can’t you Liberals at least admit it instead of trying to give socialist propaganda to supporters to ruin their families Thanksgiving Holiday. Jeeeeze!

      1. Hillbilly November 24, 2012

        You are also a liar. The economy was doing fine before the Republicans took control when Clinton was President. The country went into a deep recession starting in 2004 went thousands upon thousands of workers were laid off and unable to find a job. I was a victim of Bush 2 economic policies and wasn’t able to find a job while he was President. When President Obama took office, he did something that Bush 2 never did while he was President and that was to add the cost of the 2 illegal wars we were fighting to the National Debt and that raised the debt a lot. If Bush 2 had done what he was suppose to have done and added the cost of these 2 illegal wars of his, the National Debt would have been almost double the amount he showed when he left office. The reason Bush 2 borrowed money from China to finance his 2 illegal wars and took money from the Social Fund twice was to keep from including the cost of the wars to his National Debt amount.

    8. kinklu November 22, 2012

      I’d like to see this graphed along with the figures for unemployment for each president, average income, income distributions, and a host of other indicators, all done impartially.

    9. Pooua November 22, 2012

      It’s Congress that sets the budget, not the President; he only signs (or not) the thing. The U.S. economy was booming under George Bush, until the Democrats took over Congress and, especially, the financial committees; then, everything tanked. Likewise, the economy began booming under Clinton after the Republicans took over Congress.

      1. Hillbilly November 24, 2012

        You are a liar about the economy blooming under Bush. I was one of the thousands upon thousands that lost my job when Bush 2 was President and was unable to find one the whole time he was President. This country went into the recession in 2004 before the Democrats had control of Congress. The economy was already booming under Clinton before the Republicans took control of Congress. Get your facts right and stop posting Limbaugh and Fox not News lies.

  2. Robyn Ziff November 22, 2012

    You can tell them until you are blue in the face – they still will not believe it. I speak from experience!

    1. adler56 November 22, 2012

      The truth is of no interest to righties.

      1. Independent1 November 22, 2012

        And sadly many of them consider themselves Christians when nothing could be further from reality. Christians don’t knowingly lie to get a voting advantage as Mitt said was okay in one of the earlier debates. If Christians really listened to God they would have heard the words: liars will be thrown in the fire.

  3. Dominick Vila November 22, 2012

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my cyber friends! Behind the rarefied campaign rhetoric and claims of economic Armagheddon remains a nation with the largest GDP in the world, a country whose economic and military might is second to none, and an economy that is recovering while much of the world remains in chaos. Our unemployment, which is repeatedly being used as evidence of socio-economic disaster, is the envy of the world. What people ignore when they consider the latter is the availability of work in the USA, and the ability of tens of thousands of professionals from countries like India and Pakistan to come to the USA and find employment upon arrival. One of our greatest problems is a sense of entitlement that make many of our fellow citizens decline job offers or even apply for work because accepting it interferres with their ability to spend the day texting, playing video games or watching TV. The excuses I have heard when I suggested to people close to me that there are plenty of vacancies for truck drivers, in the medical field, or in places like North Dakota range from back problems that don’t seem to affect their ability to ride their Harleys or party, some of those jobs require spending too much time on the road or away from home, it is too stressful to move faraway, etc. Add the fact that many of our unemployed do not have the skills to qualify for the jobs that do exist and what we have in our hands is a social disaster that does not augur a happy ending.
    The welfare work requirement must be enforced and broadened, and retraining programs are desperately needed to help people find meaningful employment. Above all, we must invest in education with special focus on motivating students or we risk following the steps of every great nation before us. Greece, Rome, Spain, France and Great Britain did not lose their empires because they no longer knew how to govern or lacked the military might needed to prolong their hegemony, they lost when their populations became complacent and forgot what made them great in the first place.

    1. Justin Napolitano November 22, 2012

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too Dominick.

    2. Hillbilly November 24, 2012

      Dominick, I agree with what you say but a lot of people that are trying to get welfare and foods stamps do have things put in their way that makes it hard or impossible to get off welfare and food stamps. When I drove a transit bus I drove in areas with public housing and found out that the people that are in charge of the public housing that can make it harder for people to get off of welfare. There was a young woman that rode my bus that lived in public housing that got a job at a McDonald’s making minimum wage which she was happy to get saying she could now save up some money and get her and her child out of the projects. She informed the rental office where she lived about her job and what she would be earning, for 3 months she kept on paying the rent she had been paying. When she went into pay rent the 4th month she was informed that she was three months behind on her rent because she hadn’t being paying the $100.oo a month more because her rent went up when she got a job. They also told her she had to pay the $300,00 in back rent in 7 days and if she didn’t she would be put out on the street. With the $100.oo a month increase in rent and what she had to pay for childcare, she didn’t make enough money to pay both the rent increase and childcare. She quit her job and this happened when Bush 2 was President. There are many people today that find themselves in the same situation as this young woman did. The young woman was able to get out the projects when she got a job paying more than minimum wage, she and her child now live in their own home.

  4. jnsgraphic November 22, 2012

    We are in Puerto Vallarta for the week of Thanksgiving… believe me, I feel much safer in Mexico than at a disfunction family holiday dinner at home; especially after the recent election with the more conservative side of the family still in morning and angry at the rest of us liberals. Christmas at home isnt looking safe either… Christmas is on a Tuesday and we have Monday off for Christmas Eve… maybe when we get back from Puerto Vallarta we can find a last minute vacation for a long weekend December 22-25. Safer! No Drama! and we will probably even drink less. Thank God we already have plans for Easter!

  5. ronlar November 22, 2012

    Okay, so many families who are going to be sitting around the table and in the living room should probably just plan on declaring the house a politic free zone this Thanksgiving. For those who elect to discuss politics, you may be interested in this information. Especially good rebuttals if you are a democrat or a liberal leaning independent. Nice job – make sure you read West Gates comments below. Would love to know the author!

  6. nobsartist November 22, 2012

    The first thing they will bring up is “why should employers pay for your health insurance”? Then I ask “why should employers pay for employees to use the corporate jet for personal use and why is that not considered income and taxed as such”?

  7. trucker581 November 22, 2012

    I won’t have this problem, because there’s no Republicans allowed in my house.

  8. Jim Sadler November 22, 2012

    Has anyone actually considered that evil is a real force in theis world and that the right wing types have been captured by this evil? Twisted doctrines creating greedy self centered minds are easy prey for more evil forces to germinate. What could be more aganinst the teachings of Christ than right wing doctrines?

    1. Independent1 November 22, 2012

      I couldn’t agree more. The GOP is about as evil as it gets with their love of money dictating every decision they make. For my part, I see the GOP as America’s Mafia in action: politicians who make every decision based not on what’s best for their constituients or the country, but rather on what will make a president fail so they can get back into office to pass more legislation to rip off the taxpayers, or to confirm their vow with a rich old tyrant that they won’t raise taxes on the rich (which includes themselves) even by $1.

  9. Joyce November 22, 2012

    Let them eat enough turkey, the trytophan will encourage sleep. The acceptance level will be reached , maybe they are still bargaining. They deserved what they got if they were silly enough to believe Romney the shaker of the truth

  10. Rex H November 22, 2012

    My egg lady dumped me when she found out I voted and volunteered for Obama. It was sort of funny, especially after she told me her chickens were Republicans and then amended that to say they were Libertarians.
    I decided not to mention to her that she was probably some kind of closet socialist who redistributed their eggs….because she was actually mad at me and was in no mood for a little joke.

    As for Thanksgiving, I say you take all Republicans off the meal invitation list. They will ultimately be happier and so will you, since you, and not they, are doing all the work, and it could all turn into a nasty argument and ruin the day.

  11. Ayaya Worenwu November 22, 2012

    I suggest you give good republicans una pizza alla magarita’ or una Hawaiiana, and give una foccacia to those other crazies.

  12. BptGuy November 22, 2012

    To the true believers there is no truth that can not be denied, no fact that can not be ignored. It is impossible to hava a rational discussion with anyone who believes the earth is only 5000 years old and dinosaurs rode on the ark with Noah. If President Obama were to find a cure for cancer, eliminate tha national debt and reduce unemployment to 1% they would insist it was because he was able to do it only because he is a Kenyan born witch doctor who made a pact with the devil to force the US to follow sharia law and turn to communism.

    1. Independent1 November 22, 2012

      The belief that the world is only 5,000 years old is believed only by faux Christians. True Christians understand that the term Day at the beginning of Genesis was not a measure of Earth’s day, but rather it was just a term used to describe the different phases of work God went through to create the universe and everything in it; which in God’s time relevant to eternity, could have been billions of years. It’s absurd to believe that God only took six of earth’s days to create everything in the universe, especially given that the sun, which is what defines Earth’s day, was not created by God until as it says in Genesis: day 3. In addition, true Christians realize fully that whomever wrote the beginning of Genesis was trying best he could to describe the creation, and may have even gotten some of it out of order, e.g., it’s really not likely that God would have created the plants and animals before he created the light(sun) that allows them to live.

  13. Mimi2kool November 22, 2012

    All of these are great points. But as Republicans have shown us again and again, they are not guided by facts, only their beliefs.

    1. Independent1 November 22, 2012

      And unfortunately, many of their beliefs are misguided. Christians who align themselves with the GOP, which is arguably the most antiChristian organization in America with it’s total love of Money above everything, are nothing more than the Pharisees of Jesus time who believed selfrighteously that they knew exactly what God was thinking, when in fact they were most often very wrong. And even their worldly beliefs on how to run an economy, which have been proven over the years to be false, are in themselves misguided.

  14. KENNETH LANE November 22, 2012

    Is it also true that even with the attacks of the rightwing and their cronies in oil and finance that President Carter had NO RECESSIONS? Is that possible with the bashing our national media syndicates have drowned President Carters record and image with for decades?

    1. johninPCFL November 22, 2012

      One of Carter’s problems was the persistent inflation that he inherited from Ford. You may recall Ford’s WIN (Whip Inflation Now) buttons. I recall home mortgage rates hitting 20% in those days.

      Reagan cured the inflation problem and created a recession. Then he cured the recession using a $4T “stimulus”: military spending. Of course, he put none of the stimulus spending in his budgets, so it was never debated.

  15. Jeremy November 22, 2012


    1. JohnDoner November 22, 2012

      I read some far-right blogs just to see what they’re saying (when I can stomach the distortions, paranoia, half-truths and sometimes all-out lies!) and am amazed at the hatred toward Obama and their frequent gutter language. Jeremy, please don’t get into the gutter with them.

  16. brian_dino November 22, 2012

    Also the free phone program started under Ronald Reagan

  17. martykayzee November 22, 2012

    I ask them if they remember where they were on Sept. 15, 2008. They say, “huh?” I say, that was the day Armageddon happened. They say, “HUH?” Then I review the Great Meltdown with them and discuss the repeal of Glass-Steagall and the fall of Lehman Bros. and the cardiac arrest of the world credit system and the wipeout of the small banks and the million foreclosures and job losses, ad nauseum. Then we change the subject to aunt Margarete’s Petunia garden.

  18. Michael Stoll November 22, 2012

    I have a tip for Liberals . don’t talk Politics with Conservatives . They will use facts and logic . This will confuse and scare you . Ultimately you will appear a fool to everyone at the table . The recovery has been the slowest in history and the Republicans are not the party of food stamps . Throw that out there and look silly . And are you kidding me on the deficit ? dont embarass yourselves Libitards

    1. Justin Napolitano November 22, 2012

      Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha, Ha Ha,.
      You mean like the earth was created six thousand years ago?
      The word fact was removed from the Republican lexicon when they said, during the election, that they would not lets facts dictate their political positions.

      Here are the facts, according to the official government statistics:
      • In the 2009 fiscal year — the last of George W. Bush’s presidency — federal spending rose by 17.9% from $2.98 trillion to $3.52 trillion. Check the official numbers at the Office of Management and Budget.
      • In fiscal 2010 — the first budget under Obama — spending fell 1.8% to $3.46 trillion.
      • In fiscal 2011, spending rose 4.3% to $3.60 trillion.
      • In fiscal 2012, spending is set to rise 0.7% to $3.63 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate of the budget that was agreed to last August.
      • Finally in fiscal 2013 — the final budget of Obama’s term — spending is scheduled to fall 1.3% to $3.58 trillion. Read the CBO’s latest budget outlook.
      Over Obama’s four budget years, federal spending is on track to rise from $3.52 trillion to $3.58 trillion, an annualized increase of just 0.4%.
      There has been no huge increase in spending under the current president, despite what you hear

    2. patuxant November 22, 2012

      Go away!

  19. montanabill November 22, 2012

    Aren’t statistics wonderful?
    1. 2008 – last Bush deficit $459 billion
    2009 – first Obama deficit $1.413 trillion
    2010 – $1.293 trillion

    1. Justin Napolitano November 22, 2012

      Sorry Bill but 2009 would have been the last Bush Budget. The first Obama budget was for 2010.

      1. montanabill November 22, 2012

        I don’t believe Bush was President in 2009.

        1. patuxant November 22, 2012

          You’re from the Big Sky country where there are lots of rivers and lakes. Ever hear of what happens when you skip stones in water? Ever hear of the ripple effect? Probably not big guy!

          1. montanabill November 26, 2012

            2009. Democrat President. Democrat control of both the House and the Senate. They could have easily modified the budget and the spending. Did they?

          2. patuxant November 26, 2012

            Try changing the law of gravity…

        2. johninPCFL November 22, 2012

          You probably don’t really understand the federal budget process. The spending for the government’s fiscal year is put in place in the early part of the previous year, the laws are passed and signed by the president, and the spending on those budgets begins on 10/1. GWB never vetoed any spending bills, and signed the last of them on September 30, 2008 (while he was still president.) You might recall it as the TARP act.

          “The president’s move, which came on the last day of the government’s budget year, was expected even though the measure spends more money and contains more pet projects than he would have liked. The legislation is one of the few bills this election year that simply had to pass.”

          Spending on GWBs last budget started on 10/1/2008 and ended on 9/30/2009, no matter who was sitting behind the president’s desk.

          1. montanabill November 26, 2012

            As noted in another post to you, it can easily be changed. The proof that budgets don’t mean anything should be obviously from the lack of one for the past three years.

          2. johninPCFL November 26, 2012

            Again, you don’t understand the process. The bills progress through the Congress and are signed into law by the President. The federal fiscal year runs from October first through September 29, so most of the spending in any given calendar year is from a bill signed into law by the President the previous year.

            Thus, GWBs last spending actions (i.e. bills he signed into law) occured on September 30, 2008. Obama’s first spending actions for the fedgov took effect on 10/1/2009. The $1.8T in spending that took place in 2009 occured because GWB signed bills into law spending that money.

          3. montanabill November 26, 2012

            It could have been overturned. Numerous Republicans would have sided with Democrats had an attempt been made.

    2. metrognome3830 November 22, 2012

      You may want to go back and study up on who is responsible for that 2009 budget, Bill. But wait until after Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t want to spoil your Thankswgiving day.

      1. montanabill November 26, 2012

        A budget is a budget. 2009, Democrat President, Democrat controlled House and Senate. They could have easily modified and completely changed spending, budget or no budget.

        1. metrognome3830 November 28, 2012

          No, Bill, a budget is not easy to change. And furthermore, I also believe that if Obama changed Bush’s budget you would haave been one of the first to complain about that. Someday you should face up to the fact that no matter what Obama has done or will do in the future, you won’t like it mainly because you don’t like Obama. You certainly have the right to say what you want to say but just because you say it and think it that doesn’t make it so.

          1. montanabill November 29, 2012

            Passing a bad healthcare bill wasn’t easy either. Actually, I do like the fact that Obama is following Bush’s schedules for ending the wars, although wasting another year in Afghanistan seems like a fool’s errand.

          2. metrognome3830 November 29, 2012

            Well, something we can agree on. Ending the war in Afghanistan. I would prefer that Obama would end it today. But looking at it pragmatically, it probably would put our troops and others at greater risk. A year does seem like a long time. I’m guessing that it seems like an eternity to the troops on the ground there.

          3. montanabill November 30, 2012

            I may not have enough information, but from what we do have, it is inconceivable that our goal of creating a police and military force capable of withstanding extremist muslims who have no code of ethics, is possible today or within a year. If simply pulling out is our goal, then today is better than tomorrow.

    3. johninPCFL November 22, 2012

      GWBs last budget ended on 9/30/2009. Deficits aren’t spending. GWB didn’t include military pending in any of his budgets, so during the war years they understated spending by $600B per year.

      Try looking at “debt to the penny” to straighten out your numbers. GWB added at least $400B to the national debt ($600B in most years) every year of his presidency. His last two increases were $1T and $1.8T.

      1. montanabill November 26, 2012

        2009. Democrat President, Democrat controlled House and Senate. They could have easily changed any budget created in 2008. They didn’t.

        1. johninPCFL November 26, 2012

          Sorry, no. They had a filibusterprrof majority for three months of that two year period due to deaths and other absences, and only when both independent Senators voted their way. Sanders was not having it, and they got one major bill through.

          1. montanabill November 26, 2012

            But they had no filibusters and they did get a despised health care bill passed.

            Do you wish that the elimination of the filibuster threat had passed when Republicans were threatening a ‘nuclear option’ back in 2005 so that the deliberate slowness of the Senate could be overcome now? Consider the future.

          2. johninPCFL November 27, 2012

            Yes, they got one major bill through, as I said. With 193 GOP amendments. “Despised”? As more people understand it, the polls I see show it moving to 70+% saying modify and keep it.

            Remember, the House couldn’t pass a bill that would pass the Senate, so the Senate bill was passed through the House. That’s how all the “poison pills” got passed into law.

            I never said I wanted the filibuster eliminated. It is the only limit on the “tyranny of the majority” with regard to laws. Does it pose a limit? Sure. It forces some things off the table at inopportune times, the threat is used far too often (in my opinion), but the party in power always has a short memory as to how history flips over. The rule can only be changed on one day at the beginning of the session (in January), and frankly I dont know how I’d change it to make it “harder” and keep it useable, at the same time.

          3. montanabill November 28, 2012

            There were zero GOP amendments to the Affordable Healthcare Bill. I will not deny that some provisions of the bill are beneficial. However, the overall effect of the total bill will be truly negative. I don’t have time at the moment to go through the whole litany, but rationing, lower quality and higher taxes summarize it.

          4. johninPCFL November 28, 2012

            Sorry, there were over 160.

            “July 15, 2009 — The Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee passes The Affordable Health Choices Act. The bipartisan bill includes more than 160 Republican amendments accepted during the month-long mark-up, one of the longest in congressional history.” from CNN “Timeline of the healthcare law”

          5. montanabill November 28, 2012

            And that’s technically true. But it’s a stretch to characterize it as bipartisan.

            The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions adopted 159 amendments offered by Republicans, but only two of them were significant or controversial enough to merit roll call votes. One of those two affected the manufacture of biologics medication and another required members of Congress and congressional staff to enroll in the government-run option.

            Don Stewart, a spokesman for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, said 132 of the 159 were for “technical amendments” and that it was a misnomer to call them proof of bipartisanship.

            None of the Republicans’ priorities have gotten any traction, he said: Tort reform, equalizing the tax code, reducing the proposed cuts to Medicare spending, and scrapping the proposed “public option.”

          6. johninPCFL November 28, 2012

            That’s the “technical” spin they have to put on it to keep from being called “bipartisan” and warranting a primary challenge from one of Grover’s teabaggers.

            One of the GOP amendments that did make it into the final bill was the “small business poison pill” requiring all businesses to issue 1099s to anyone doing more than $600 worth of business. Presumably they thought it would be removed in conference, but since the House passed the Senate bill unamended, it required Congress to actually pass a law with a specific intent.

            The proposed cuts to Medicare spending are identical to those proposed by the Ryan budget. Interestingly, Romney distanced himeself from those savings, promising to reverse them, so I guess he was all for Medicare going insolvent by 2016?

          7. montanabill November 29, 2012

            Let me ask you if you have received a statement for a Medicare payment to your physician? Look at the charge submitted, the copay allowed and the amount actually compensated. Now do some math to figure out approximately how much of your physician’s actual practice time was compensated. Figure in a fair rate for his skills and time, his staff’s time, and overhead costs. Don’t forget taxes. When you come up with an answer, ask yourself if you would go to school for at least 8 years and serve a 4 year internship, invest in equipment and continual training for that compensation? If your answer is yes, you miss figured.

          8. johninPCFL November 29, 2012

            I don’t receive Medicare. My primary care doctor has a Medicare practice (as well as insurance) and her Medicare co-pay is higher than her insco co-pay from the patient. She’s busy, has adequate nursing staff, is affiliated with three local hospitals. I’m sure she’s re-run the math a few times over the decade or more we’ve gone to her, and would have changed her practice if she weren’t making enough money.

            So I guess my question back is, why is it OK for Ryan to pull $716B out, but not Obama? The same $716B is gone, but instead of insuring new patients, it goes to the military?

          9. montanabill November 30, 2012

            I’m not sure where you came up with Ryan pulling $716B out of Medicare?

            Prior to the implementation of Obamacare, physicians could charge a little more to insurance plans and to cash patients to cover low Medicare compensation. Once a practice started accepting Medicare patients, they also had to reduce time spent with each patient and increase the number of patients seen per day. Once Obamacare goes fully into effect it will result in millions more covered office visits which results in a projected doctor shortage of 52,000. On top of that, Obamacare also will force the insurance companies to cap payments which means that insurance covered patients will no longer supplement Medicare covered patients.

            As I stated before, many doctors will find the load simply detrimental to the practice of good medicine and/or their compensation will no longer make their practice viable. The end result will be even fewer doctors trying to see many more patients and many doctors moving to a cash only practice.

          10. johninPCFL November 30, 2012

            Earlier in the election, the Ryan budget was touted by the GOP until the $716B in Medicare cuts were found. Then it went straight back into the closet.

            Typically, when a new price point is introdced into a market, the current purveyors grouse about quality, etc. to prop up their own profit point. I’m sure the same will happen in the medical field until the practices bring in Nurse Practitioners and RNs to do some of the work that the doctor does now. After that, the price and labor points will rebalance, and care won’t be affected.

            My doc charges a lower copay to me on my insco than the Medicare patients (I asked for the Medicare discount once when I went to re-negotiate our fee-for-service deal), but I have no idea how the insco payments compare to Medicare payments. I’ll know in a year or two…

          11. montanabill November 30, 2012

            Copay is only your share of the bill. Look at your statements to see what the insurance company paid. Then make some estimate of what it must cost your physician to run the practice and see how much time and skill was compensated.
            When I first started suffering from sciatica, I called to my regular doctor and was shunted off to a PA. She spent all of 2 minutes sticking a needle full of steroids in my posterior. That’s when I did some research to find someone who had some experience and success in getting rid of it. Medication is absolutely the last resort to any health problem.

          12. johninPCFL November 30, 2012

            The last insco summary I looked at showed that the amount paid was a significant discount off the bill, something over 30% if I remember correctly. The doc never passed the unpaid portion of the bill to me, so my suspicion is that her practice is run using accrual accounting and she takes the full write-down of any bills like that.

            I had my appendix out around two years ago, and the total bills amounted to just over $43k. My deductible was $10k and I settled with the hospital for $3200. I don’t know what the insco settled up with the hospital, but I’m sure it was nowhere close to the $33k they were billed.

          13. montanabill November 30, 2012

            Actually, most practitioners and pharmacists never know exactly what the compensation amounts will be. What they list is what they would charge a cash customer. In some cases, particularly pharmacy, they simply put in a large amount knowing that the insurance company will pay either the amount they listed or the amount dictated by the insurance, whichever is the lower. They don’t want to send in an amount less than what the insurance company would have paid. Compensations change on an almost daily basis per plan per drug, so no pharmacy can keep up with them.

  20. MARK November 22, 2012

    I LOVE good ammunition.Today I will strive to use it with the utmost discretion. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

  21. montanabill November 22, 2012

    All bogus. Don’t try to use these points on a knowledgeable person.

    1. patuxant November 22, 2012

      Yeah? And where do you get your facts? FAUX News? And “knowledgeable”? I suppose you are referring to yourself. In the words of Santorum, “What a SNOB!”

      1. montanabill November 26, 2012

        Perhaps unknown to you, the government publishes information.

  22. old_blu November 22, 2012

    If they are Tea Partiers just tell them to go home, cuz they won’t listen to anything you say.

  23. Clintstantinople November 22, 2012

    Who eats pizza for Thanksgiving dinner?

  24. BptGuy November 22, 2012

    The true believers I refered to are the GOP right wing extremists that drive the party and its ideology, not any particular religous group. They have become so dominant that electable Republicans are forced out of contention or they have to forgo so much of their beliefs and (in my view) rational view of the world to get nominated they become un-elecatble to the majority of Americans. There is a Republican Senator from Florida, on the Committee for Science and Technology that claims not to know the age of the earth. How can someone who denies proven scientific fact be on a Senate committee for science you ask? Simple, if you want to be elected you have to contort the real view of the world to fit the fantasies of hard line extremists. If you want to be re-elected then you must continue to follow their ideological lead. Mao had a little red book everyone had to follow or else; they have their own manifesto that everyone has to follow. They are the American taliban, if you do nmot believe as I do you are the infidel and we must purge you from our body politic seems to be their mantra.

  25. Fred Smith November 22, 2012

    Good summary. Unfortunately, the wingnut Faux brainwashing is so deep rooted it is impervious to such facts.

  26. Susan November 22, 2012

    mitt romney is the saddest human being on the planet. he has no political background, which makes me wonder why he thought he would win the election. no consession speach prepard. the tea party/republican party must think why they lost the election! 53 percent of voters are women. why is the male repblican party into controlling women’s body’s. all male republicans need to stay out of our health, reporductive system, out of trying to get rid of planned parenthood. we have so many problems is this country we should deal with the important issues, not old white men telling women what to do.

    1. Michael M. T. Henderson November 22, 2012

      He did have some political background as the carpetbagger governor of Massachusetts. But he didn’t run for a second term because he knew there was no way he could get reelected. In those days, he was pro-choice, like most of Mass. residents; but once he started his run for the White House, he had to swing the other way, just as he did on virtually every stand he’d ever taken. It seems to me that the man has no principles at all beyond increasing his own already-stunning fortune at the expense of the 99.9%, taxing dividends and interest at almost zero. Also, he said Russia was our greatest enemy in the world, and we should build more battleships to counter it. He must have stock in a naval shipbuilding company.

  27. Lemondish November 22, 2012

    ‘Sole bright spot in the world’, you know, other than Canada.

  28. northierthanthou November 22, 2012

    I think it’s best to avoid this subject on TG.

  29. daniel November 22, 2012

    There are lots we all can thanks regardless our politcal affiliations. Most importantly, I like to thanks our arm service men who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect us. Also, I wish that Governor Romney is around people who can uplift him to be thankful for all the accomplishments and the changes he had made in so many people lives despite falling short on the presidential elections. I think he can still be an influencial person in the country, it doesn’t mean that only presidents can bring changes, everyone have the fair chance.

  30. lancesharpe November 22, 2012

    The last time I tried to discuss politics with a con he threatened to beat me up because he was to confused by the facts. This man was the town leader of the Republican party the best and brightest of the bunch just a drunk a-hole if you ask me so be careful this species is quite dangerous when cornered by facts and truth.know the danger signs red face,name calling,cronic spewing of bald faced lies. At this point they are about to loose it try giving them pie and avoid alcohol they have a low mental capacity and booze makes the more dangerous good luck:)

  31. lancesharpe November 22, 2012

    As liberals we have a responsibility we are the analytical thinkers we have to lead by example our conservative friends and family do not have the ability to process information in the same way we do . Picture them as a Steel box with to slots in the to of limited size say round an square if it can’t fit the predetermined shape it didn’t get considered if it does get in its hard to get it out, a liberal is a box with an open top and intelligence to consider all ideas some are filed as true and real,some are rejected and tossed out outers are pit aside for future consideration pending further facts and analyst. Coms can’t help the way they think so live well and be kind maybe some will grow and be enlightened others are doomed to life of black and white remember they already know everything they want to know
    Show them pity they can’t help them selves

  32. kinklu November 22, 2012

    Very good points but we’re going to have thanksgiving at my brother’s small town in a church hall due to the size of the crowd, and we have a truce for the holiday. NO POLITICS. Yes, I made the supreme sacrifice because his nine children and their spouses will be there with their children and grandchildren.

    I love my brother, but he is the opposite of myself. I love the future including change and I love to predict it, while he is of the religious right and thinks 1964 was the best year ever. Go figure!

    I also love my nieces whom I held on my knee when they were little and who seem to remember it even more than I do. It feels good to have young people admire you when you know you’re just another schmuck. And I’m proud of my nephews, one of whom is a 19 year old flaming liberal and a member of the Occupation, not to mention that he’s a remarkable thinker. I’m dying to ask my brother about him but, of course, I can’t under the terms of the truce.

    So far be it from me to start a revolution. My brother seems to have problems enough with at least one of his children and probably even more. But every cloud has a silver lining. I won’t have to defend President Obama by referring to former President Reagan’s actions with respect to the ER. That will afford me ample time to go back for multiple seconds on the turkey and pecan pie, etc,etc. What a deal!

  33. onedonewong November 22, 2012

    Let’s see the debt goes up to $1.5 Trillion and this nutcase says it went down, he think unemployment went down with over 23 million are unemployed and that food stamp recipients went from 30 million to 45 million.
    No question when common sense is lacking you can make all kinds of outlandish statements when your a lib since the state run media won’t challenge it but a 3rd grader would tear this guy apart

    1. jcabanis November 22, 2012

      Arithmetic, my poor dear: the amount of the deficit is not as meaningful as the increase or decline AS A PERCENTAGE OF GDP. Read the paragraph again. It’s okay if you have to move your lips.

      1. onedonewong November 25, 2012

        sorry the article is doing nothing more than masking the size of the disaster. just for info a debt means its supposed to be paid back and that SS Medicare and Medicaid and the interest on the debt will consuming all Federal spending by 2015.
        But hey to the dems a family value is making sure our children have that $130,000 over their heads once they are born while they live and not work

    2. Progressive Patriot November 22, 2012

      The deficit had to go up in order to keep us out of a Republican caused depression. We’d be in a much better place without all of the Corporate Entertainment Media fueled obstructionism and misinformation corrupting our collective brain. I agree with jcabanis. Please read the article above again. Oh, and by the way, what is your intention in reading and posting on this site?

      1. Hillbilly November 24, 2012

        He can’t get his rantings and lies posted anywhere else

        1. Progressive Patriot November 24, 2012

          Good to hear from you Hillbilly. I’ll be watching for your posts. 🙂

      2. onedonewong November 25, 2012

        Thanks for the history rewrite… when did the economy take the skids in the US why right after Dems and barak took over congress in 20077. back then deficit was $200B a year 4.5% unemployment and then dems worked their financial magic and thennnnn.
        Corporate media?? Sorry its the State run Media that keeps the 52% who don’t pay taxes ignorant and thinking that the taxpayers owe them a luxurious life style

        1. Progressive Patriot November 26, 2012

          Dems and The President won election in 2008, after Bush and Republican policy almost destroyed the country. We were loosing thousands and thousands of jobs a month as the Bush second term came to a close. Once The President’s policies took effect (despite historic obstructionism), we’ve had ongoing job growth. Don’t know where you get the “State run media line (The Bubble?). Looking at your response, perhaps you should reconsider the, “ignorant,” comments? Where do you come up with anybody byt the 1% thinking that they are entitled to a luxurious lifestyle, while the rest of us foot the bill?

          1. onedonewong November 26, 2012

            Dem’s took over congress in 2007 and that’s when their legislation that ruined our economy started.
            There hasn’t been 1 net job added under barak. There are 23 million unemployed and there are less people employed under barak than at anytime during W’s second term. Just because Barak says it doesn’t make it true try finding another messiah.
            The 1% pay 70 % of the taxes, time for the dem base the 51% who don’t pat taxes to start

          2. Progressive Patriot November 27, 2012

            Bubble stuff. Not interested. What is your intention here?

          3. onedonewong November 28, 2012

            That your a fool

          4. Progressive Patriot November 29, 2012

            Thank you for your expert opinion on the subject of fools, onedonewong. 🙂

  34. Miguel Crespo November 22, 2012


  35. Miguel Crespo November 22, 2012


  36. R Joseph Owles November 22, 2012

    I’m sure it’s a good thing that petty, partisan bickering will not take a break for the holiday

  37. Gail Anderson November 22, 2012

    Well Romney was spewing the bs out of his mouth about the 47% and it turns out it is ALL repukes. not Dems as Romney would have had you believed. I knew all along that was wrong as the blue states have always worked and carried the sorry ass red states for not doing their share. The are mostly in the South and are as redneck, ignorant and so called evangelicals as they come. They talk shit about the blue states, even Romney did when in all reality it was the very states he did the best in, the friggen MORON.

    1. Hillbilly November 24, 2012

      Gail Anderson, I would like to correct you on some of the things you have said about the South. I live in the South and grew up in the South, there are many people in the South that work 2-3 jobs to support their families during the week then 1-2 jobs on the week end and do not get welfare nor food stamps. Since the majority of the Southern states are right to work states the employees in these states are usually only paid minimum wage and do not make enough money to buy food, pay mortgage payments or rent or have health insurance and do have to pay high prices for food, clothing, mortgages rent .and medical care. It makes me very angry when people post about what they think the people in the Southern states are like and most of what they post is lies because they have never investigated life in the South or lived it the South.

  38. ridemybroom November 23, 2012

    I just tell em…..” stuff It “

  39. matt barrieau November 23, 2012

    This is the most irresponsible representation of President Reagan’s policies that I have ever read. Four years from now, when we are all sucking our hind tits, bring this out again. Obama won, but there are still those of us that do not believe we need to go socialist to solve our problems.
    Mr. West Gates, where are President Obama’s numbers?

  40. TEN-OF-WANDS November 23, 2012

    When I was 17, and would go on a date, all I could think of was whether or not I would get laid as a result of the date. My batting average was abysmal, and I was perpetually horny. As I got older, my attention drifted away from this narrow agenda, and my batting average easily exceeded the kind of numbers one sees in major league baseball. I suspect that there may be a similar relationship between MATERIALISM and WEALTH. The obsession with the seizing and retention of personal wealth is the universal GUARANTOR of POVERTY.

  41. Chas November 23, 2012

    I will tell Republican relatives one thing only. This is not the the proper venue for discussion, so please do not talk politics and spoil the thanksgiving dinner. Please keep it pleasant.

  42. Rafael Kafka November 23, 2012

    All the food stamp counties are liberal like Birmingham, Alabama, more liberal than Berkeley lol! You would face the door lying like that in my home lol You are a living prof why conservatives should not allow liberal to be near them!

  43. JeffreyH November 23, 2012

    Are Margarete’s petunias edible? If not, I fail to see where they would have a place in a family Thanksgiving dinner discussion.

  44. JeffreyH November 23, 2012

    Yes, the direct ‘inheritance’ of inflation was from Ford, but it is my studied opionion that it was Nixon’s wage & price controls that laid the groundwork for this inflation. Economic effects are always a bit down the line, thus today’s persistant problems stemming from the 2008 troubles.

  45. igotmynm November 24, 2012

    As one of only two Democrats in a rabidly Republican family, I LIKED this article. But I especially liked what I hope are facts that were added by reader West Gates…regarding which I ask “What can Republicans and Conservatives say to paint the West Gates facts in a positive light?”
    Can they say that the economies were shrinking when the Republicans took office and the Republicans’ spending boosted the economy to the benefit of the Democratic presidents who were then able to reduce the deficit? That sounds like something my family members would say. Although Thanksgiving is over, I need ammunition for Christmas. I would appreciate the person(s) who would do the research and respond with some facts.

  46. Pops November 29, 2012

    On point 3, an even more direct way of getting those 40% off food stamps is to raise the minimum wage.

  47. NICKinNOVA December 24, 2012

    “You can have your facts when you pull them from my cold dead hands!”

  48. Vincent Abate December 26, 2012

    DUDE, the info is on the first page of this article! You are the one that needs to check the facts. Shall we just call this what it is? Typical republican low information screetcuhing.


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