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5 Ways Paul Ryan’s Budget Screws Seniors

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5 Ways Paul Ryan’s Budget Screws Seniors



Republicans marched to their biggest landslide victory since before the Great Depression in 2010, buoyed by a terrible economy and the withering attack that Democrats had cut Medicare to fund Obamacare.

Democrats saw their 4-point advantage with voters over 65 in 2008 turned into a 6 percent disadvantage in 2010. In 2012 Democrats won 2 percent back but the GOP still retains a 3 percent advantage with the nation’s most reliable voters — though polling has shown that Republicans  may be alienating this crucial voting bloc with extremism and a willingness to gut essential services.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who famously campaigned with his senior-citizen mother in 2012 as Mitt Romney’s running mate, has decided to see if he can erase what’s left of the GOP’s advantage with seniors by releasing another budget. As with each preceding budget, he has made his cuts to Medicare — which are all delayed for 10 years in an attempt to blunt the political damage — slightly less severe, hoping to dull the reputation as the guy who wants to maim Medicare, a position that won him jeers while speaking to AARP.

But Ryan’s budget is even more brutal this time to older Americans, especially the nation’s poorest seniors, while still promising $200,000 annually in tax breaks to those who earn over a million dollars a year.

Here are five ways Ryan’s latest budget would cause real pain for seniors.



  1. Lynda Groom April 9, 2014

    The more my fellow seniors see the flaws in Ryan, and his so-called budget wish list, the more they will turn against such folly. My advice to seniors is too pay close attention to the details and what is being suggested. Vote accordingly.

    1. Dominick Vila April 10, 2014

      The problem with Rep. Ryan’s budget, and the Republican vision in general, goes well beyond the illogical focus on austerity to achieve economic growth and job creation. The most pressing problem is how they are proposing to reduce spending, when our budget deficits have already been reduced to its lowest level since President Clinton left office. Conspicuously absent from their budget is the need to raise the tax rate of the wealthiest members of our society to offset the effects of policies that favor the elite and the business community at large at the expense of the working class. Perhaps not surprisingly, the focus is instead on how to gut programs that benefit the middle class and the poor, with total disregard of how damaging those cuts will be to our society and our future. Helping those who don’t need our help to accumulate more wealth than they already have, while reducing the benefits that help seniors live with a modicum of dignity, help to students, raising the minimum wage to ensure all Americans can afford the most basic necessities to sustain life, making healthcare available to all instead of just the privileged ones, ending gender inequality, and other matters that ought to be at the top of our government’s agenda, are routinely ignored and often ridiculed.

      Plutocracies don’t rise spontaneously, they becoming the dominant class with the help of a complicit government and the complacency of an ignorant or indifferent population. We will probably dodge a bullet this time, thanks to our majority in the Senate and the fact that we control the White House, but how much longer is this going to be the case? Huge amounts of money are being spent to influence our policy making process, our governmental goals, and eventually benefit the top 2% at the expense of the rest of us. Incredibly, most Americans remain apathetic and when they react it is often against the institutions and people who are still fighting for their rights and their welfare. Brainwashing can be pervasive, it is not unprecedented, and it can have horrible consequences.

      1. Bob Shultis April 10, 2014

        Dominick, great points, especially with regards to brainwashing.

        Adolf Hitler has often been called, correctly, one of the most influential people in history. Between 1933 and 1935 he and a relatively small band of extremist followers (sound familiar?) convinced the German nation to follow him and his insane agenda into the most destructive conflict in history and the ultimate destruction of Germany.

        The Tea Party preys on the ignorant and counts on the apathetic. If our general population was engaged and informed the Tea Party would be dead as of November 2014 (are you listening, passive Democrats- it’s time to come out fighting).

  2. Bob Shultis April 10, 2014

    Seems to me that Paul Ryan is confused. It’s Easter season, not Christmas. Yet here is Ryan playing Ebeneezer Scrooge again, something he appears to enjoy doing 7 days a week, 12 months a year. “Let them die and decrease the surplus population” seems to be his mantra for disabled, low income, and middle income seniors (actually pretty much anyone who falls into these categories regardless of age). Perhaps Ryan should retire and decrease the surplus population of extreme right-wing idiots in Congress.

    1. Annemb April 10, 2014

      Ryan needs to be kicked out of Congress and stripped of the all benefits of the office. IMHO, he is a sick person, one who is incapable of any leadership position!

      BTW, as miserable as Ebeneezer Scrooge was, he had a change of heart which lasted to the end of his life. Ryan is incapable of any such action, except “gimme, gimme, gimme. And the hell with everyone else.”

      1. Bob Shultis April 10, 2014

        Maybe Ryan needs to be visited by the Three Spirits- the Spirit of the Old, the Spirit of the Lower Income, and the Spirit of the Disabled. Nah, wouldn’t work. He’s too stubborn to get the message.

        1. Annemb April 10, 2014

          That’s a great idea! Perhaps Ryan could travel carrying the weight of the chain he’s forging in this life.

    2. Allan Richardson April 10, 2014

      To reflect the Easter season, he is laying a big egg. Not one that anyone would want in their basket, however.

      1. dpaano April 11, 2014

        What’s going to be interesting is what he, and his cohorts, are going to do when they hit retirement age and have no Social Security, no healthcare benefits, nothing except the millions of dollars they’ve accumulated, but nothing to buy with it because the people who work in the factories, etc. are gone. Consumer goods will be nil and none if they have their way, so what do they have to spend their money on?

  3. Bill Thompson April 10, 2014

    It’s great that the people reading national memo understand the actually dangers the Ryan budget proposes. The real challenge is to disseminate this information to the broader public. The Democratic leadership and Democratic committees need to aggressively make the facts known to the broader public, something which is not happened in recent years. The national news networks are not disseminating the facts in any depth whatsoever most people are completely unaware at the peril at hand especially for seniors. It is past time the Democrats go on the offensive.

    1. STMBT April 10, 2014

      I totally agree. but they also have to point out to the people that will be retiring 10 yrs down the road that lieyan Ryans budget will effect them even more.

    2. plc97477 April 11, 2014

      The problem with that is that although the right talk a lot about the “liberal media” it doesn’t actually exist. What means should we use to get the word out?

  4. Susan Dean April 10, 2014

    Perhaps we could cut the federal budget by eliminating Ryan’s salary and benefits. It would be interesting to know how much he has received from other people’s tax dollars over his lifetime.

  5. Hughes Hunt April 10, 2014

    For the past 40 years congressional republicans, well-organized and financed by the Koch brothers, caused the recession, forced the sequester on us, and shut the government down as designed by these Koch brothers.Do not be blinded by Koch money under the subtle disguise of Jeb Bush, Issa’s scandals, patriotism, christianity, prosperity, paid experts, think tanks, unrelenting corporate-owned media, Fox News’ 24/7 propaganda for the past five years, Republican-controlled House of Representatives, 5 Republican SCOTUS justices, 30 Republican governors with gerrymandered districts and voter suppression. GOP-TP have conned enough Americans that they believe they can actually take over government once again and start to pillage our country despite 2 unfunded wars, legislate their twisted morality, with Lying Ryan’s budget Plan to privatize trillion-dollar Social Security, voucherize Medicare, cut food stamps, end job programs, repeal without replacement OBAMACARE 52 times, tax giveaways for the rich and loopholes for corporations and call it all in the name of liberty, national security and job creation. How can you be so blind not to see that? How easily you forget GWB’s financial crisis, nationwide and worldwide, causing more than 25 million jobless Americans struggling for survival? Republicans hate Americans. They worship money and hide it in the Cayman Islands, among other things you do not know about. Vote them out of office.Period

    1. dana becker April 10, 2014

      everything you mentioned should be in the Democrats ads. The Dems just don’t know how to play the game the Republicans do and the Rep lies are winning. i too do not understand how people can be so blind and stupid to the Rep agenda but the Reps know what buttons to push to distract voters from what they are really doing, which is destroying this country from within which as far as i am concerned is sedition. Why can’t we charge our congress?

      1. dpaano April 11, 2014

        Dana, I agree with you, but its very difficult to do this when most of the media outlets are owned by conservative GOP members. There are not enough liberal media outlets to override what the American Public is being told….even MSNBC (and Rachel Maddow) can’t do it all by herself. Look at who owns the biggest newspapers, the most TV stations, etc., and you’ll see why the Republicans can get their information out easier…..even the lies!

  6. Hughes Hunt April 10, 2014

    Always be vigilant. This point needs repeating to wake up the average American out of stupor into taking action for his own best interests before it is too late. Ask yourself when alone and not when with a group of other deluded partisans for a misguided cause: What have the republicans done for Americans during these last five years besides obstructions and filibusters when so many people have lost everything because republicans allowed a pack of rich bankers to gut the whole world’s economy? What does America need republicans for? Like Romney, GOP (Greedy Obstructionist Plutocrats) relocate their companies overseas to take advantage of slave wage labor, lack of taxation, oversight and regulation. In short, to operate where they can freely endanger the lives of their workers and the general public, freely pollute the environment, mistreat their workers and pay close to nothing for the infrastructure they use. Is that what you think we should do in America in order to keep American workers from earning a decent living? Allow GOP to collude with other businesses to pay slave wages? Allow the billion-dollar Koch oil companies to pollute the environment with invisible toxic fumes for us to breathe causing irreversible damage to our lungs? Dump chemicals what amounts to poison in our lakes and rivers? Taint the ground so badly that nothing can be built or grown on it by adding Keystone XL pipeline? Excuse them from being accountable for worker and public safety? Excuse them from paying their fair share for the infrastructure they use?Republicans want us living in poverty working for slave wages.

    1. dana becker April 10, 2014

      That is their agenda in a nut shell.

    2. dpaano April 11, 2014

      What’s really going to be interesting is what are these corporations going to do when the greater share of the American public are left poor and unable to spend money on the consumer goods that they produce? If people can’t afford to purchase consumer goods, eventually, the companies that manufacture those goods go out of business. Hence, the management of those companies will end up not MAKING money, but losing it! Unfortunately, all this will happen at the detriment of the lower and middle class, and no one will be around to dispute it! Let’s hope our children and young people are more informed than some of the older seniors in some of these conservative states. They are our ONLY hope. The conservative’s agenda, in the end, will cause their demise rather than help it.

  7. latebloomingrandma April 10, 2014

    Why on earth is this man called one of the more serious, smart, and wonkiest people in congress? What am I missing here? Does he just have brain but no heart?

  8. Patricia Robertson April 10, 2014

    The republicans is so eager to find a great white hope that they will go for anyone that they think has any kind of budget whether it make sense or not. They know it will not get anywhere but they have to do something or act like they are doing something, just look at their rating it is already down so what else can hurt them. They poll a few people who say they prefer them to run the government and they are happy but everyone knows that most ratings are rigged anyway.

    1. Bob Shultis April 10, 2014

      if the GOP thinks Ryan is their great white hope they are in trouble. That guy has as much intelligence, common sense, and empathy as a flea on a dog.

      1. dpaano April 11, 2014

        Don’t embarrass the poor flea!!! I don’t think even fleas would stick to him!

      2. plc97477 April 11, 2014

        I would say the flea is cuter.

  9. dana becker April 10, 2014

    I am reading everywhere that the Republicans are a shoe in come midterms. For the life of me I cannot fathom that but I also know not to underestimate the stupidity of the American voter.

    1. Independent1 April 18, 2014

      I’m not abolutely sure they’re a shoo in. And even if they win the Senate the next 2 years will be pretty much like the last 5 – they won’t have enough votes to override an Obama veto of all their nonsense legislation.

      And see this: Kochs pissing away their money


  10. Angel Perea April 10, 2014

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Tea Party Republicans Clowns will marched to their biggest landslide defeat since the
    Great Depression in 2008, buoyed by a terrible economy that they created then and have continued with their Obstruction in Congress and their signature achievement of Closing down our Govt. to waste $27K in taxpayer funds as well as the policy of attacking but having no alternatives to Democrats AHCA and expanded Medicare!

  11. Pamby50 April 11, 2014

    How the people in that district could keep voting for him is amazing.

  12. Budjob April 11, 2014

    I can’t believe I volunteered THREE YEARS of my life to defend these Goddamn NAZIS!! This the wealthiest country in the world,depriving children of food,housing,clothing and just about everything else essential to sustain life!! That isn’t enough,now these bastards are mounting an assault on the elderly,you know the ones that rocked the cradle are now getting their asses kicked.This is disgusting degrading,despicable,and I’m running out of adjectives to describe how I feel.Please folks whatever you do VOTE,and DO NOT vote for a republican in any capacity!!!

    1. dpaano April 11, 2014

      Budjob…..the saddest part is that our military primarily vote Republican. For the life of me, as a veteran myself, I just can’t understand that one iota!!! It’s just unbelievable!

  13. dpaano April 11, 2014

    It just boggles my mind that so many seniors don’t see what’s being done to them by the conservatives. If they were fully informed, other than what they’re told on FAUX News and other conservative media formats, they would be appalled! The big problem is that a goodly portion of the elderly don’t read newspapers or view television at all, so they are uninformed of what’s going on around them. They just willy nilly vote for the same party they’ve always voted for without actually knowing what that party is suggesting for their future. And, what’s even sadder is that these same people live in states that are among the poorest in the nation. But, what they don’t realize is that they are poor because of their so-called representatives!

  14. Bob Shultis April 12, 2014

    Love the way Boehner and Co.can’t manage to bring the unemployment extension up for a vote, but push through Ryan’s idiotic and destructive budget through in record time. If that doesn’t speak volumes about their priorities, nothing does.

  15. Middle Molly April 12, 2014

    I agree that the Republicans are no friends of current or future Seniors.. I guess that means everybody except those that are planning on dying before they hit their golden years. But over and over I read of seniors complaining and complaining about “lost” benefits in their Medicare coverage that they blame on ObamaCares.. and, of course, these people favor Republicans who they think would repeal “nasty” ObamaCares so they can get their “Medicare benefits” back. The brainwashing is serious, and Medicare is so complicated that most seniors probably can’t figure it out. Plus doctors complain to their patients, and the patients write “My doctor tells me that he can’t do that procedure anymore because Medicare was cut back due to ObamaCares.” So.. it’s going to be hard to reach some of those brainwashed people.

  16. Bob Williams April 23, 2014

    Thank God that Obama’s budget doesn’t harm Seniors. Wait a minute – Obama doesn’t have a budget, and hasn’t had one since he got into office. Never mind.


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