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5 Ways Republicans Dare You To Vote Against Them

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5 Ways Republicans Dare You To Vote Against Them

2016 GOP Candidates

In a sensible world, you wouldn’t be able to run on failed policies.

Economic gambits that led to massive inequality in the good days and a financial crisis that cost 8 million jobs in the bad days would be cast aside forever. Proposing a rehash of the foreign policy that destabilized the Middle East at the cost of thousands of American lives and trillions in treasure would exclude you from polite society. You wouldn’t, for instance, even consider backing the brother of the president who championed all these polices, especially a brother whose only major disagreement with that president would have left America with a net job loss, instead of just the worst job creation since the Great Depression.

In a sensible world, the guys who led us into Iraq to be “greeted as liberators” would be tarred and thumbtacked for suggesting that the poor should think about their life choices.

But we have to stop pretending this is a sensible world.

Since the early 1970s, America’s right wing has been bolstered by corporate America’s realization that its best investment was buying our government. By merging with the Christian right to foster the abomination known as Christian Libertarianism, business conservatives have created a movement that has taught itself how to sell its unpopular and cruel ideas.

Creating reality has brought Republicans to the verge of political power they have not seen in a century. It tricks millions into believing the stimulus — which prevented a Great Depression and created a green energy revolution that could prevent untold horrors — was a failure. The propaganda around Obamacare is so pervasive that even Republicans who’ve bought a plan in an Affordable Care Act marketplace, got a subsidy, and like their plan still hate the president’s health care reforms by a 74-35 percent margin. Meanwhile, the fiction that the Iraq War had suddenly been “won” after six years abounds. The only problem, Republicans have decided to argue, was that President Obama followed through on the agreement George W. Bush made with Iraq’s “democratically” elected government and didn’t insist on a permanent occupation of the country.

The power of repeating lies is undeniable. The power of repeating lies in a political environment of unlimited anonymous political spending, where the Koch brothers’ network alone plans to spend nearly a billion dollars to pick the next president — who will in turn pick up to four Supreme Court justices — should send out never-ending lightning strikes of fear across all of America.

Fortunately, Republicans’ fiercest opponents are themselves. Actual reality has proven to be a powerful countervailing force, when enough Americans vote. This is why you should expect an election filled with Bushian attempts to blur the differences between the two parties in order to encourage independents and discourage liberals. Despite that, there will be plenty of moments to call out the true differences between the two parties, besides one wanting you to have health insurance, voting rights, reproductive rights, and the freedom to organize, while protecting the sanctity of traditional… climate.

The truth behind the conservative mission to have America governed by big corporations is often exposed in the party’s most risible policies. Here are five ways Republicans reveal their cruel intentions and dare people not to vote for them.

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