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5 Ways Republicans Make It Harder To Vote And Easier To Buy Elections

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5 Ways Republicans Make It Harder To Vote And Easier To Buy Elections

Kansas voter id laws struck down

When it comes to voting rights, conservatives have to play dumb.

Over the last half-decade, Republican-led states have engaged in a concerted effort to limit voting rights that has not been seen since the civil rights struggle of the 1960s.

“From 2011 to 2015, 395 new voting restrictions have been introduced in 49 states, according to the Brennan Center for Justice, and 21 states have adopted new laws making it harder to vote, 14 of which will be in effect for the first presidential cycle in 2016,” wrote The Nation‘s Ari Berman, whose new book Give Us The Ballot tells the story of the modern battle to win the right to vote and the five-decade conservative effort to undo it.

Hillary Clinton called out several of her Republican rivals this week for their efforts to limit voting rights while proposing some simple yet radical ways to make it easier to vote, including automatic voter registration.

“She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,” Chris Christie told CBS’ Face the Nation in an interview that aired Sunday morning.

The New Jersey governor  — like all Republicans, with the occasional exception of Rand Paul — has to ignore both the broad GOP effort to keep Democrats from voting (an effort that conservatives have candidly or indirectly acknowledged several times) and his own personal contribution to it. Christie vetoed early voting in 2013 after Superstorm Sandy exposed problems with the state’s voting system.

GOP presidential candidates Scott Walker and Rick Perry passed laws that will deny the vote to hundreds of thousands of citizens in their states. But they’re amateurs compared to Jeb Bush, who was governor when purges of the voter rolls targeting minority voters may have helped swing Florida’s electoral votes to his brother George W. Bush twice.

Echoes of the stolen 2000 presidential election could be heard clearly in 2014, when Chris Christie argued that Republicans needed to win so they could maintain control over “voting mechanisms.” As head of the Republican Governors Association when the Bridgegate investigation targeted his administration, Christie set a record by raising over $100 million. And since then, he has distributed “generous gifts” to show appreciation to his donors.

While the conservative Supreme Court has gone on a rampage of undoing campaign finance laws, throwing out limits on donors and allowing unlimited anonymous donations to campaign organizations, actual voting keeps getting harder — but only for certain Americans.

Black, Latino, and Asian voters all have to wait longer to vote than their white peers. They also tend to vote Democratic more often, which is exactly the point. Republicans think voting should be harder, but buying an election should be easier, because they’re so much better at attracting the .01 percent of donors who sway our politics than voters. Here are five ways that Republicans use “voting mechanisms” to undermine the will of the people.

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  1. Dominick Vila June 8, 2015

    Considering the fact that greater voter participation would help both parties – and would be good for the United States – I really don’t understand why the GOP is so determined the make it as difficult as possible for people to exercise one of our greatest rights.
    Instead of worrying about the African American vote, or how LEGAL Hispanics-Latinos are going to vote (many are conservative Republicans), the GOP should consider the benefits of inclusiveness, not only on our political process and democracy, but on themselves.
    A nation-wide ID system, consisting on an ID card issues to every American, preferably with the latest security and technical capabilities to facilitate voting and other activities that require personal identification, would help Republicans as much as Democrats.

    1. Alvin Harrison June 8, 2015

      I doubt minority and young voters would do anything but hurt Republicans and they know it. I think they believe if they can lessen the minority tide against them, the negative and fear inducing ads their corp/1% will be flooding the airwaves and TV with will provide them with at least a chance in 2016.They are wrong. They appeal only to their base and it is just not big enough to carry the day. They will find out to late that demographics have conspired to end their attempt to turn our government over to a “ruling class”….2016 may be the year we win back our freedom. Vote…. Bernie Sanders!

      1. Dominick Vila June 8, 2015

        There is no question that our cultural and ethnic diversity is working against the GOP agenda, insofar as the popular vote is concerned, but considering their stranglehold in the South and throughout the Bible Belt, I am not so sure their political future is as bleak as you describe. I believe they will succeed in keeping their super majority in the House, their majority in the Senate, and that if they nominate the right person they may come closer than we think in the presidential race.
        We rely on a few large states, such as California, New York, and Illinois, to win. Florida is a toss up, and Texas will vote red regardless of who the nominees are.
        As a Democrat, I hope you are correct, but I am not holding my breath. Much depends on voter turnout, and if Democrat are as indifferent as we were during the midterm election, anything is possible.
        The main concern for me, if conservatives control all 3 branches of government, is the likely retirement of at least 3 Supreme Court justices, because of its long term consequences.

        1. Alvin Harrison June 8, 2015

          Dominik…you have touched on my GREATEST fear….control of all three branches of government will spell the end of the democratic system in the USA. The damage to democracy that could be done in four years of corp/1% directed rule by conservatives will be this country’s undoing. The ruling class model will be firmly in place and the rest of us will be slaves to the machine. I can only hope that enough Americans can see the writing on the wall with that eventuality, to ensure with a huge voter turnout that this plan is thwarted….unfortunately I am not sure Hillary is on the right side though. The only horse in the race, untainted by Pac money and beholden to those who want to rule the USA might be Bernie Sanders….and although he talks a great game….he may not have enough horsepower to compete in the race because he wants to stay free of corp/1% control by not taking their money…..his motives are good but the system may already be too corrupted.

          1. Dominick Vila June 8, 2015

            I support everything Sen. Sanders has said. Unfortunately, he does not have the name recognition, at a national level, or the financial backing to win elections in the USA. The pervasive influence of money on our political process, and its impact on our democracy, being another major concern for me.

          2. Bob Eddy June 8, 2015

            Might I remind you, neither did Senator Obama…and yet! Remember also that a billion dollars couldn’t even move the dial for Romney. He finished with the same number of electoral goes he started with.

          3. Alvin Harrison June 8, 2015

            Bob I sincerely hope you are right!!!

          4. plc97477 June 8, 2015

            Although the right seems to think Obama is way to the left he is actually very middle roadish. Right where the voters like their pols.

          5. Louis Allen June 8, 2015

            So you finally admit to being a socialist.

          6. Dominick Vila June 9, 2015

            I support government-sponsored social programs designed to help the poor, the middle class, the handicapped, and help promote economic growth and education. Examples of the latter include investment in infrastructure and education, two critical areas to maintain our competitiveness and global hegemony.
            I don’t support perpetual welfare, and I believe greater scrutiny is needed to limit the incidence of abuse that is impacting most of our social programs.
            As opposed to Republicans, who believe the private sector can and is willing to solve all problems, I believe government has a role in providing what the private sector has been unwilling to do for centuries.

          7. plc97477 June 8, 2015

            I like Sanders but I don’t think he has what it takes to win the white house. He is farther to the left than most voters want to go. He would have no problem with the democratic base but getting the middle roaders to make a run successful would be difficult.

          8. Alvin Harrison June 8, 2015

            I truly believe his divorcing himself from corporate/1% sponsorship and the debt it brings when making decisions, as well as his tax reform policies that would have corporations finally paying their fair share might just be enough for the middle of the roaders to realize we could pay for so much if EVERYONe paid, not more than, but what they really should be paying to keep this country competitive. We cut education and put our bright minds in debt…smart countries do not do this. Our infrastructure is falling apart…we have some railroad systems that date back to the civil war…smart countries do not do this. Our middle class is being decimated and will leave us with a master/slave society…smart countries do not do this….lets be smart!

          9. plc97477 June 9, 2015

            I hope you are right. I don’t want to end up with jeb or walker trying to get great when we could settle for good.

      2. FireBaron June 8, 2015

        That’s because the minority and young voters have been hurt by the Republicans and their policies.
        I have said it before and will repeat it – anyone who earns less than $100K per year and votes Republican is voting against their own self-interests.

        1. Bob Eddy June 8, 2015

          Actually anyone earning $100 K per year would probably be doing so also. Remember that Romney thought the middle class included those making $250k a year. To benefit from Republican policy you need to be making at least that much.

      3. idamag June 8, 2015

        Great choice!

      4. Bob Eddy June 8, 2015

        Sanders/Warren? Sixteen years of a Democratic White House!

        1. Dominick Vila June 8, 2015

          …or Warren/Sanders.

          1. CPAinNewYork June 16, 2015

            I’m impressed by your participation in this website. It must take hours of your time, if not all of it.

            Evidently, you do not work.

          2. Dominick Vila June 16, 2015

            I retired several years ago, after 44 years of work. It takes me less than you think to express my opinion on matters that interest me. I spend most of my time working in the yard, and with my grandchildren and great grandchildren.

        2. Louis Allen June 8, 2015

          Yeah, bring it on!! Just what this Nation needs: a self-confessed socialist !!
          Everybody will earn way more and the federal minimum wage will be raised to $85/hr, thus eliminating poverty, and we will really stick it to the “rich”, and they will work for us and pay our taxes!
          Viva socialism!!
          Viva Bernie Sanders!!
          Democratic White House for 64 years!!
          (or until this Nation, what’s left of it after 8 years of Bernie Sanders/Liz Warren becomes a part of the ash heap of history …

    2. Leftout June 8, 2015

      I think you may be missing the point , behind the scenes the democratic operatives do not want their voters to identify themselves, they feel it is against their “personal rights” so this contrivance of an issue goes on and on. so they blame it on republican voter suppression, it is a double win strategy for Democrats, but most people , even on this site!!!!, are proposing an ID system to verify eligibility . Voter fraud has almost always been from insider manipulators .

      1. Bob Eddy June 8, 2015

        My God! You prove the point. Republicans are stupid! That statement makes no sense and is based on the false premise that ” most people…are proposing an ID system to verify elgibility.” We already have a system, and it seems to be workig quite effectivly as witnessed by the fact that a 4-year investigation by the Bush administration ended up with only a handful of convictions and most were for minor infractions and were not specific to one party.

        1. Leftout June 8, 2015

          Yes, we agree. The present system is working. We all show IDs at registration, and do not show them ever again , usually, just sign your name.
          Same As the present immigration policy works as well if we enforce it, no need for additional laws, except formmore border informers that enforce…simple.. There are all fabricated issues.

        2. idamag June 8, 2015

          Leftout does prove it. He has an ideology and like all dogmatics , he will defend that ideology that everything is filtered through.

          1. Leftout June 8, 2015

            Not ideological , just a fair person.

          2. Bob Eddy June 8, 2015

            Fair person? Then why do you lie about Democrat’s motives — or donyou have any proof of this?

          3. Leftout June 8, 2015

            Yes, Al Sharpton , Black confidant to Obama , last week stated that much. He did not want any of his protected ones to be photographed and made to ID themselves.

      2. dr_benton_quest June 8, 2015

        You are talking about election fraud, not voter fraud. Republicans are big fans of election fraud.

        1. Leftout June 8, 2015

          Semantics, maybe there should be a citizens committe to adjudicate these allegations and impose the harshest of penalties on offenders, more oversight may be needed. Most surveys,,,,,bu whom ??? seem to indicate not many votes are in question .

          1. Bob Eddy June 8, 2015

            These allegation were studied very extensively by the Bush administration and voter fraud was found to be virtually nonexistent –probably because those harsh penalties already exist. BTW, it is not semantics. Election fraud and voter fraud are two entirely different things.

          2. dr_benton_quest June 8, 2015

            It’s not semantics. Voter fraud is one voter. Election fraud is mass disenfranchisement through long voting lines, poll address changes, hours at polling places cut back, felons not allowed back on the voter roles.

      3. Bob Eddy June 8, 2015

        YOU seem to be missing the point. The point is that voter fraud is almost nonexistent and the “cures” to this nonexistent problem proposed by Republicans ALWAYS negatively effect groups that traditionally vote Democratic. Throwing in a red herring — that “Democratic operatives do not want their voters to identify themselves” doesn’t change those facts.

        1. Leftout June 8, 2015

          I agree it is a contrived issue, on both sides, but, it is only the right of legal citizens of a country to vote, and vote only once, do you not agree. Most , EVEN, on THIS forum agree that a form of ID is a prerequisite to assure honesty at registration.

    3. bhaggen June 8, 2015

      I’m with you all the way; the U.S. is one of the few 3rd world countries without a nation-wide ID system. BTW, Leftout is correct

      1. Dominick Vila June 8, 2015

        Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, and Canada, among others, are not exactly what most people would regard as Third World countries, and they all have various forms of national ID systems.
        There is no question that such systems in countries with a history of repressive governments, such as Argentina and Chile, can be used for anti-democratic purposes, especially when the system is focused on bio-metrics, but the likelihood of such as system being used to persecute Americans is not within the realm of probabilities. Unless something very tragic and unprecedented happens, which is unlikely.

        1. bhaggen June 9, 2015

          I just came BACK from Germany & Switzerland. The U.S. is the 3rd world country I was referring to & Italy is a s##thole! Attended an airshow in Switzerland with my cousin Ueli. Not so much as a gum wrapper on the ground. Here in the U.S. you literally wade through trash! Much like Mexico.

          1. Dominick Vila June 9, 2015

            I agree that our standard of living, our social programs, and labor laws are miles apart from those in countries like Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries, but I think suggesting the USA is a Third World country is hyperbole on steroids.
            Our socio-economic problems are caused by ignorance of what is going on in other industrialized nations, the conviction that we are number one, and a tendency to compare ourselves with Third World countries to demonstrate how great our standard of living is. The part we ignore is that most of our problems are caused by an economic and fiscal system that protects and benefits the top 1% of our population at the expense of the rest, and refusal to consider desperately needed changes that, when suggested, are immediately labeled as evidence of evil socialism. We have been brain washed, and most people don’t even suspect it.

          2. dtgraham June 9, 2015

            Hyperbole on steroids; agreed. The U.S. is still the largest economy in the world and in the top ten for GDP per capita. The United States can still do whatever it wants to do. Not bad for Third World.

      2. FT66 June 8, 2015

        US has to apply Scandinavia method. I have seen it and it works very well for them. What they are doing, they know every and each individual has to make any money transaction through the Bank, or go to the Bank and fetch money. Salaries are paid through the Bank, all Bills, debt cards are done through the Bank. They introduced Bank ID as their ID card. This card is used everywhere, whether you go to vote, fetch money or on anything to be identified. What they do, people go to the Bank, open Bank Account. Pictures/photos are taken at the Bank and the ID Card is issued right away of which can be used anywhere. Why can’t US use this system? It will solve all problems within no time.

    4. Bob Eddy June 8, 2015

      You seem to ignore the fact that what you suggest is entirely uneccesary. As the article points out, voter fraud in this country is very, very rare and certainly not common enough to change an election. Why go to the expense of creating another program to fix a problem that doesn’t exist?

      1. Dominick Vila June 8, 2015

        The rationale, or justification, for a national ID system is not the need to eliminate fraud which, as you said, is not as widespread as spread as some people suggest it is, but to encourage voter participation by replacing a system that makes it difficult for specific segments of our population to participate in.

      2. itsfun June 8, 2015

        There are people in Indiana in prison right now for voter fraud. How many dead people vote in Chicago?

        1. Name June 8, 2015

          Youre a moron! No kiddin, you are!

          1. itsfun June 8, 2015

            golly gee Wally, you have such intelligent responses.

          2. Louis Allen June 8, 2015

            Yeah, Wally, you are a GENIUS!!
            What exquisite perception you’ve got!
            You want to see a REAL moron, Wally boy? Look in your bathroom (outhouse in your case) mirror.

        2. Leftout June 8, 2015

          All people in Chicago, dead or soon will be , should be allowed to vote. A decreasing population is a policy of the Chicago eugenics program, voters may be increasing or decreasing , depending on how you see it.

        3. JPHALL June 8, 2015

          Why are you repeating the old stories of voting fraud? Almost all you have mentioned occurred in the 19th and early 20th century. The few cases reported in the last 50 years involved a few individuals mostly Republican who ran the elections. (Losing ballots, questioned vote counting, too few voting locations and hours)

      3. Louis Allen June 8, 2015

        Disingenuous and/or dishonest. Disingenuous and/or dishonest.
        Disingenuous and/or dishonest.
        Tsk, tsk, tsk….

  2. FT66 June 8, 2015

    Republicans are acting like MAFIAS. They think people can’t find out their stinking tricks they are using to surpress votes. I couldn’t believe last weekend when I heard Rick Perry talking about ID that if you are required to show ID at Airports, you must be required to show ID while voting. This man is still dumb. Can’t he ask himself how many voters do fly? What has security at airport have to do with voting? Not everybody flies, BUT everybody has to exercise their right to vote.

  3. idamag June 8, 2015

    It doesn’t say much for Republicans if they can’t win fair and square. Voting is a right that should be protected from fascists and the like.

  4. TMZ1928 June 8, 2015

    Hilliary is sinking and needs to continue Obama’s race agitation in order to win. It backfired on her when she called out the governors while New York State has zero advance voting days. The voters of New York have the choice of voting on ONE DAY! Getting illegal aliens to the polls has to be part of her plan, too. It’s party before country with the Democrats.

    1. Bob Eddy June 8, 2015

      No. Democrats, unlike Republicans believe in Democracy. You and this Tea-bagger infested Republican party have become thoroughly anti-democracy and have taken to lies, hysteria and hyperbole and have rejected all facts that are contrary to your beliefs. That puts you entirely at odds with the principles this nation was founded on,

      1. Eleanore Whitaker June 8, 2015

        You’ll notice that the belligerent, narrow minds of the right are delusional. They put nearly 20 political pimps out there to run for GOP candidate for president so the Koch boys can run a back room presidency just like Cheney did. This only shows how utterly bizarre these right wingers are.

        How stupid was it for them not to realize a vote for Bush was really a voe for Back Room President Cheney?

        The 2016 GOP candidates will be down to possibly 5 of the top choices of the Koch boys. It is war between Charles and David Koch, Adelson and Rove to see whose “man” and it will be a man only, will beat out their competitors. Typical CEO control freak BS as usual.

        The 2016 is massively important to the GOP more than any prior election. It is will be the defining moment in handing ALL of the government to private industries with ties to Wall Street, which is what the GOP has been salivating over since they installed Reagan as their front man. Who was Reagan’s VP? GHWB…another deeply embedded operative of the GOP since he was head of the CIA and embedded with Cheney and Rumsfeld in the Nixon Administration.

        So..it isn’t the candidates the GOP is showing in their stable of political prostitutes to watch for…it’s who their candidate chooses for VP. Have we learned nothing for Halliburton Cheney?

        1. Louis Allen June 8, 2015

          Ellie dear:
          You are crazy; the only “political prostitute” here is HiLIARy.
          How many times do I have to tell you to stop making a fool of yourself, Lenore?

      2. itsfun June 8, 2015

        What is anti-democracy about requiring an id to vote? Voting is a right for American citizens, what wrong with proving you are legal to vote?

        1. Aaron_Zanzibari June 8, 2015

          You have clearly lost any semblance of being in touch with reality. If you can’t see the resurrection of the evil ideology of denying the vote to certain members of society based on race, color, gender, social status, then you are as mentally blind as a bat(without sonar capability). That is the hidden agenda of those who seek to deny others the right to vote, just like the anti-women and racists in America sought to do in the 19th Century, and still aspire to do so in this Day and Age. A pox upon the house of the deniers.

          1. itsfun June 8, 2015

            Just how does requiring a id stop people from voting? All people regardless of race, color, gender, social status can get a State ID if they are legal residents of the state. There is no hidden agenda. The agenda is to not have illegal immigrants voting for our leaders and laws. What would happen if I tried to vote in Mexico, or Spain, or Russia, etc.?

          2. Louis Allen June 8, 2015

            itsfun: “Just how does requiring an id stop people from voting?”, you ask?
            Short answer: In NO way.
            The problem is that these leftist/liberal/socialist/populist/”progressive” dishonest rats will never agree that, as you so well said “The agenda is to not have illegal immigrants voting for our leaders and laws.”
            I, for one, am proposing to these leftist/liberal idiots that we bring our state voting requirements to, are you ready for this? – MEXICAN STANDARDS.
            Yes, up to Mexican standards. Can we/should we do that?
            Of course, but nooooo, leave it to these dishonest imbec1les to oppose even that !!

          3. Justin Napolitano June 9, 2015

            What part of “it is not that easy to get an ID” do you not understand? You and I both know that there is just about zero voter fraud so what the Republicans are doing is stopping people from voting, anyway they can.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker June 10, 2015

            My father was an Italian immigrant who could neither read nor write. Back in 1907 when he came to the US, he didn’t need any ID to vote. He got his citizenship papers and that was ALL he needed.

            My neighbor across the street was born in the late 1930s in West Virginia. She never had to have an ID to vote. Her mother and she always voted by walking miles to the only voting polls and casting a hand written ballot.

            But, I’ll bet you hot shots of the Must Have Voter ID BS would hate to have handwritten, hand signed voter ballots in black and white wouldn’t you? Too too too too much proof of identity for you?

          5. itsfun June 10, 2015

            And I walked 5 miles to and from school everyday in blizzards and ice storms and it was up hill both ways.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker June 11, 2015

            Didn’t most seniors? The nearest school to our NJ truck farm was 2 miles and there were NO school buses. Get off the Pity Pot.

            My Dad built the home we lived in. No running water, no electricity and all food came out of his gardens. How my Mom ever used a wood fueled cook stove to bake is a wonder.

            Life in those days was austere but it was for EVERYONE…Deprivation, hardship and struggle is that which didn’t kill any of us and in fact, made us stronger.

            Can you say the same of today’s spoiled snot nosed punks who have to have the latest iPhone, video game and Beamers?

          7. Louis Allen June 10, 2015

            Your father, Mr. Ferrantis, an excellent man, “could neither read or write”, true.
            You, dear, can read and write (albeit very poorly and with deficient grammar), but you can neither think nor reason.
            …. and you are completely devoid of something called “plain common sense” ….

        2. Leftout June 8, 2015

          Your bright light blinds those who take comfort in darkness. Your solution is a plain , common sense solution, most here a free with. Good Grief. Even Dominic Vila agrees, he is almost the most fair on this site.

          1. itsfun June 8, 2015

            Thank you, actually Dom and I agree on a few things. He also doesn’t call people names and shows respect for all.

        3. Justin Napolitano June 9, 2015

          The ID required is not that easy to get and the Republicans know it which is why they want the ID.
          Got it?

    2. Eleanore Whitaker June 8, 2015

      Hillary is the GOP’s worst nightmare. They are all constipated with envy and know that she is THE most formidable opponent. The GOP will do what they always do…look for a Ross Perot to take away some of the votes. Not that it did the GOP any good. Perot was just a doppleganger for the GOP.

      Senator Clinton is a NY Senator. What the hell are you babbling about? She was Secy of State and all you bully boys of the mindless middle aged Twerpie Generation have is Benghazi. Try again honcho…With nearly 20 GOP candidates and all but 2 of the 20 MEN, the cards are already stacked against the Male Dominators of the GOP.

      Just who among that nearly 2 dozen lunatic fringe southern and midwestern tripe balls do you think anyone up north will vote for? And, in case you missed it, TX is so pissed at Perry they are already turning purple..just like northern NY is pissed with Peter King.

      Sorry if you shot your loads of money on a bunch of low life losers.

      1. Louis Allen June 8, 2015

        Lenore, sweetie:
        Crazy as ever, I see.
        Still constipated with the “male dominators” harangue.
        Quit your Appleton’s (I remember, Ellie!) Jamaican Rum.
        It’s damaging your already-damaged pea-sized brain.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker June 9, 2015

          Loooue sugar plum …Sorry, I don’t need alcohol like you do. I don’t need drugs or any other crutch to get me through life like you do. It isn’t a surprise you know so much about booze…You need to get off the sauce and get into rehab.

          1. Louis Allen June 9, 2015

            Lenora dear:
            AA won’t accept you unless you first admit that you have a problem.
            In your case, the problem is not only alcohol.
            It’s a permanent deficiency in your pea-sized brain.
            Still, don’t let your brain deficit deter you from attending your weekly AA meetings. They miss you there.
            P.S. – Call the Burkes and apologize, Lenore, PLEASE?

          2. Eleanore Whitaker June 9, 2015

            Since you are a nut job, I realize it’s not possible for you to shut the hell up and get a life. Try again…You still have nothing to offer any woman or for that matter any employer would want.

            You are a coward who hides behind a computer all day to get your jollies. One hand on the keyboard and one on your penile implant. Go take your Viagra hot shot. The side effects are beginning to show.

          3. Louis Allen June 9, 2015

            Lenore, sweet tits:
            1) Since you feel free to show the trashy side of your vocabulary, I feel free to call you “sweet tits” instaed of “sour slob”.
            2) I see that your fellow idiot, Justin NapolitANUS, has joined the (very small) group of retards that give your rants a “thumbs up”.
            3) I repeat: AA won’t accept you unless you first admit that you have a problem. In your case, the problem is not only alcohol.
            It’s a permanent deficiency in your pea-sized brain.
            Get a life, you druggy, and go back to your sloppy pigsty.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker June 10, 2015

            Louis Allen phony Mad Scientific Experiment Gone Wrong…you really are losing it. I do hope the mental institution you reside in takes the computers away from you.

            You know posted at least 3 times you are not coming back. So..admit it…it’s an obsession with you to troll for prey.

            Sorry, I am unable to accommodate your mentally insane fantasies…as stated, unlike you, Mr. Druggie Boozer Nut Case, some of us can function and manage reality. Your posts all prove you are so far from reality, it’s a pathetic commentary on why a mental case like you is allowed out of your “cell.”

          5. Louis Allen June 10, 2015

            Lenore WhiTTaker inferiority complex-ravaged-slob:
            I am still laughing so hard at your pathetic attempts to appear to the world (to the ones that do not know you like I unfortunately do) to be an above average beauty and mind, when in reality, you are one crazy fat cow:
            “jmprint…Such a very observant man. I am too much woman for most men.” WHATTT ??!!!
            Ellie, dear, THAT was such a magnificent, glaring WHOPPER !!!!

          6. Eleanore Whitaker June 10, 2015

            Did you not post this?: “P.S. – Get it through your thick skull, Lenore, I am not coming back. Ever.”

            Obviously, a boozer who can’t remember what he posts is a boozer who can’t be relied on for facts or truth.

          7. Louis Allen June 10, 2015

            Lenore, empty skull:
            When I said “P.S. – Get it through your thick skull, Lenore, I am not coming back. Ever.”, I meant, OF COURSE, that I am not EVER coming back to our former life together as man and (bad) wife, you nincompoop!
            I never meant that I would never confront you with your crazy leftist/liberal/socialist/populist/”progressive”/pathetic/foul-mouthed/hateful/men-hating RANTS, you more-on!

          8. dpaano August 5, 2015

            Eleanor, why do you stoop to his level….just ignore him entirely! He has nothing of any substance to say about anything and NEVER seems to want to address the subject that is being discussed. You are so much smarter than that to allow him to bother you!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker August 6, 2015

            I long ago, stopped responding to this nut case. He has nothing of substance to offer or communicate. Now, I just delete his responses. Trying to deal with minds like his is like trying to reason with Charles Manson. Can’t be done.

          10. dpaano August 6, 2015

            I just responded to his latest rant for the last time….it’s amazing how ridiculous he gets and totally has NOTHING to say, especially about the subject at hand. I’ve blocked his posts so that, in the future, I don’t have to deal with him. Hang in there, Eleanore!!! I’m sure you have more intelligent things to say than to continually have to respond to a mentally unstable individual!

          11. Eleanore Whitaker August 6, 2015

            I am beginning to believe that National Memo allows him to continue his disruptiveness. I reported him several times for his language and his attack on women. NM seems not to want to do anything about him. This leads me to believe he has to be a paid NM plant. You are so right. He has nothing to say worth reading. Thank you for your insightful comments. I always love to read your opinions.

        2. dpaano August 5, 2015

          Louis, when are you EVER going to respond with an intelligent response? All you ever do is make fun of people on this post that are trying to have an intelligent, insightful conversation. If you want to go call someone names….go look in the mirror! If you can’t come back with responses that pertain to the subject at hand, don’t bother to respond! You just make yourself look more and more stupid with each of your posts! It gets tiresome!

          1. Louis Allen August 5, 2015

            dp, dear:
            1) “Stupid” is what you dear see in your mirror, every morning of your boring life. Can’t help you with that.
            2) Come on, stop going back to 2-month-old posts. Get a life, …. away from the computer.
            3) Going to advise you, dear, the same that I advised Lenore Whiptaker 2 months ago: quit your Appleton’s Jamaican Rum.

            Its uncontrollable comsumption wrecked Lenore’s brain, …. and from what I see, yours might be beyond repair.

          2. dpaano August 6, 2015

            First of all, I hate responding to you because you NEVER come back with anything intelligent, but I’m definitely NOT stupid (at least I can stay on point). Secondly, I work for a living, so if I don’t get to a particular article for 2 months, it’s usually because I’m busy (and it’s really none of your business and I’m not sure why you seem to get so upset about how often I look at a post). Lastly, I don’t drink except for an occasional glass of wine when my husband and I go out to dinner, and I definitely do NOT like rum! Don’t bother responding to this because I’ve blocked your future posts….I don’t have time to read inane posts by someone who has nothing of any interest to say other than to put other people down.

          3. Louis Allen August 6, 2015

            I couldn’t care less whether you respond or not to this post (2 months from now, of course !! LOL !!)
            But I will respond to you as follows:
            1) Quoting you, dear: “You just make yourself look more and more stupid with each of your posts!” – Again, that’s quoting you. As a typical leftist/liberal/socialist/mindless nincompoop, you can “dish it out” and think you are entitled to, but you can’t take it. Typical ….
            2) Again quoting you: “…. you NEVER come back with anything intelligent….” What you Ydiot mean is that I can NEVER come back with anything stupid enough that will cause you to agree !!
            3) AGAIN quoting you (from a previous post):

            “What the GOP is attempting is to make it harder for these types of people to get valid ID since they refuse to accept copies of utility bills, or any other valid documentation (other than a birth certificate or driver’s license) that indicates that a person is a valid citizen.”

            This, dear, is as DISHONEST as anything I have read from your leftist/liberal/mindless “friends” on this TNM site !!
            You very well know that a utility bill does NOT “indicate”, and constitutes no proof whatsoever, that a person is a “valid” (you really mean “legal”) citizen.
            Your sheer, pure and unadulterated hypocrisy and DISHONESTY have been lain bare for everybody to see.

    3. drdroad June 8, 2015

      Eh, TMZ1928, the NY thing doesn’t work. NY has no early voting because the State Senate has a GOP majority. But thanks for reminding us of another body restricting the vote, good job!!

    4. kimbanyc June 8, 2015

      you really are an idiot aren’t you?

  5. itsfun June 8, 2015

    Asking everyone to show id is not stopping any legal citizens from voting. It is stopping illegals from voting. We have to show id to get on a plane, cash a check, use credit cards, etc. What is the big deal about showing a id to vote. Requiring a id to vote helps to keep dead people from voting. Requiring a id helps to keep illegal immigrants from voting, helps to keep non-citizens from voting, helps to keep ISIS from voting. Hillary’s ranting is just a effort to get people to forget about her problems. She is slipping in the polls and her once double digit lead is a lead in the margin of error. She desperately needs illegals, and uninformed voters.

    1. FT66 June 8, 2015

      itsfun, please don’t pretend to be silly of which I know you are not.You are talking about credit cards. Really! how can a person who depend on voucher stamps to survive can have credit cards. Are these dependants on vouchers don’t have the right to vote?

      1. itsfun June 8, 2015

        If someone has a voucher they have proven their identity to a state official somewhere.

        1. FT66 June 8, 2015

          Is that the ID they can use to vote? If not, why not?

          1. itsfun June 8, 2015

            If they are American citizens, why not.

    2. pm1 June 9, 2015

      It seems as if you have never voted in your life. First of all, you have to be registered to vote, in order to vote. In order to register you have to show ID and give your SS number. You also sign your name. When you go to vote you have to give your name, in your district, and sign your name again. Your signature is then checked against your original signature which is right there on record. If it doesn’t match you can and will be challenged to show proof of ID. What jeb bush did in FL, along with his gop clown operative, Catherine Harris, was criminal. It should offend every American. This obvious attempt to stop Americans from voting is no different. You wing-nuts talk about morals and values, but you have none. You are cultist zombies that are an insult every Veteran that has ever served to defend American Democracy. You and your ilk are a disgrace.

      1. itsfun June 9, 2015

        Didn’t Jeb just purge the voting lists of dead people and felons? My question still remains, how is asking someone to show id before voting stopping a legal voter from voting. Every state has a procedure to get a state id. I think getting the state id should be free.

        1. Justin Napolitano June 9, 2015

          It is not that easy to get a state ID when your birth certificate is in another state; particularly if you are an older person.

          1. Allan Richardson June 9, 2015

            And if it requires travel not only for yourself but for a nursing staff to keep you alive!

        2. Allan Richardson June 9, 2015

          I know you won’t believe the facts, but for the benefit of others, the facts about that voter purge are: first, rather than using a VERIFIED list of dead people and felons, they threw a wide net and looked for people with “similar names” to known dead people and felons. Under that procedure, the African-American actor James Earl Jones, who is alive and not a felon, would show up on the same list with James Earl Ray, the killer of Dr. Martin Luther King, who was convicted of a felony and is now dead. The names are similar, after all.

          Second, they looked for obviously Hispanic and African-American names on the voting rolls, despite the fact that the majority of Hispanics are US citizens (and a majority of THEM are BORN citizens, thanks to the Spanish speaking states we took in the 1840s, and Puerto Rico which we took in the Spanish-American War in 1898-1900). And of course, the majority of African Americans are law abiding citizens, not felons.

          Third, they lied to the people MAKING the lists, saying they would check each name more carefully before officially deciding to purge them, so the list makers should be more liberal in putting names on the list (the one case in which “liberal” is exactly what conservatives desire). But after receiving the list, they treated it as if it had ALREADY been boiled down to the ACTUAL dead people, those who moved out of state, felons and non-citizens.

          Fourth, they released the list SO CLOSE to Election Day that there was not enough time for those who were WRONGLY on the list to challenge it and produce the documents. Even if they already had the documents, there were so many of them that they would have stood in very long lines to show their documents.

          Fifth, they pretended to have acted in good faith. Why would it take up until two weeks before the election to produce a list which was NOT completely verified, when the entire time since the PREVIOUS election was available to compile a list?

          Even though any one of these questions COULD be answered as “just a mistake,” the combination of ALL FIVE makes it obvious to an HONEST citizen that their plan was precisely to make it impossible to get all the possible challenges to that list filed and adjudicated in a short time, thus guaranteeing that a substantial number of (1) non-felons whose names happen to be similar to a felon’s name, (2) living people whose names are similar to a dead person’s name, (3) residents whose names are similar to a former resident’s name, (4) black Americans whose names “sound like” they might be “thugs” and felons, (5) Hispanic Americans, based on their names, who “might” be non-citizens (as opposed to names like Alex Trebek, Justin Bieber, John Candy, Margaret Thatcher, Ringo Starr; they’re all Americans, right?), and (5) people without the time and/or money to scrounge up birth certificates (or naturalization papers), proofs of residence, etc. and stand in long lines first to get the documents then to show them to the election officials (and without the money to just call their attorneys and ask THEM to “handle it” for them). What most of those people have in common is that more of them would be likely to vote for Democrats than Republicans.

          The one thing which would stop these hijinks in the future would be a financial penalty to the STATES for unjustly stopping an eligible voter, who tried to vote, from registering and voting. Since our Revolution was based on “no taxation without representation,” and since legally eligible voters who are wrongly stopped from voting by their state’s officials ARE in fact not represented, anyone whose eligibility is verified too late to vote, or is prevented by logistical problems (such as long lines) from voting, should get an official “apology card” from the state EXEMPTING THEM FROM PAYING STATE TAXES until the next election. See how many dollars of sales and state income tax are paid by “felons” who aren’t actually felons and “aliens” who are actually citizens!

          1. dpaano August 5, 2015

            Thank you, Allan, for explaining it so clearly. Plus, you have to take into account that GWB’s brother was the governor of Florida, Catherine Harris was a republican, and the SCOTUS consisted of a majority of Republican judges! All of that added to the decision to make GWB president……and the GOP complain today that our current president was not justly elected….they have little or nothing to talk about when you look back at the 2000 election! Gore won it fair and square, and had the recounting of the votes been allowed to continue…..we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in today!

        3. dpaano August 5, 2015

          Boy, are you misinformed. No, Jeb Bush didn’t JUST purge the voting lists of dead people! Plus, some of those so-called “dead” people weren’t deceased at all. The same with the so-called “felons,” who weren’t felons at all but were purged because they had a similar name or the same name as a purported felon. It was a farce from Day 1!

      2. dpaano August 5, 2015

        I agree with your analogy on the 2000 election…..even the Supreme Court got into the picture, and they had no constitutional right to override the authority of the Florida Supreme Court. Unfortunately, no one seemed to have a problem wth it and Gore’s attorneys were idiots and kowtowed to the court, which allowed SCOTUS to make their erroneous decision! Catherine Harris and her gang also did their best to stop the recounting….much to the surprise of anyone with a brain!

    3. Justin Napolitano June 9, 2015

      you don’t know what you are talking about. If the ID law says that everyone that wants one can get it free, and if transportation is needed to get to the place issuing the ID is provided and if the necessary documents are made available without charge from all 50 states then maybe ID’s should be checked. But before any of that happens people who have been voting for years and have an address within their precinct should be allowed to vote.

    4. dpaano August 5, 2015

      There are ALOT of people who live off the grid, who were born in their own homes, and therefore, do not have valid birth certificates. Or, their proof of citizenship has been damaged or lost in a fire or another catastrophe. What the GOP is attempting is to make it harder for these types of people to get valid ID since they refuse to accept copies of utility bills, or any other valid documentation (other than a birth certificate or driver’s license) that indicates that a person is a valid citizen. Our government is owned by the people….that means everyone….and everyone that is a citizen has the right to vote. Asking some of our citizens to provide documents that are difficult for them to obtain for many different reasons is unconstitutional!

      1. itsfun August 5, 2015

        The GOP is trying to stop illegals and non-citizens from voting, not legal citizens. At Hillary’s little meeting in Iowa, people were forced to show a picture id before getting in. Voting is more important then attending a political speech. Could you show me where the constitution says you can’t ask for id to vote.

  6. Aaron_Zanzibari June 8, 2015

    “Playing dumb” comes quite easily to certain groups that love to endorse extremist, confrontational, in-your-face views. Some people/political entities are just compelled by a dark voice within that exhorts them to do and say those things which are an affront to the dignity of humanity.

  7. Insinnergy June 8, 2015

    Look at it this way.
    The Republicans, at their core, understand that they are so weak that they need to rig their own democracy in order to win.

    The corollary is that they also see no moral or ethical issue with doing this despite it being the antithesis of Democracy, and despite doing so under the cover of obvious lies and hypocrisy.

    Both of these things show awareness of their own extreme weakness, and a lack of desire to take stock and re-energise the party and it’s platforms.

    From a non-partisan angle this will be bad for US democracy as a whole. True democracy requires strong progressive parties to remain healthy.

    1. joe schmo June 8, 2015

      WHAT! You are speaking in circles. What you say says the same thing in 3 paragraphs. Why don’t you tell me how the GOP is not for Democracy and I will explain to you how you people are becoming the antithesis of Democracy with ideology bordering on anarchy. If you want to divide this country even more then vote for Hillary. The cops just need to leave the natives alone. Once they do and there is total mayhem, nature will take it’s course. If you watch the footage of this young girl closely, you will see three of the young black men attempt to go after the officer from the back. What is the cop supposed to do? Just stand there and allow the young man take his gun? You people are truly idiots. Each and every one of you.

      1. pm1 June 9, 2015

        Go sober up, jojo.

      2. Justin Napolitano June 9, 2015

        Total crap Joe.

      3. Budjob June 10, 2015

        Joe Schmuck,You are,by virtue of the intelligence part of your brain running down your Momma’s leg,epitomize the word IDIOT!!!

    2. Dave Null June 14, 2015

      Exactly right, Insinnergy. Republicans are swimming upstream, against the current of social and demographic change. Fear of change does not prevent it’s arrival. That being said, Democrats are good at taking money too (who isn’t?). the corrupt bloated whale that is Washington needs to be dragged out to sea, where it belongs, and replaced by government that is really “for the people” (wouldn’t that be nice). Oh, and enough with the bickering already.

  8. pm1 June 9, 2015

    So very typical. In life, the biggest bible thumpers are always the biggest hypocritical ‘Christian’ frauds. Values voters? Bless their hearts. What a circus.

    1. MarioRom June 9, 2015


  9. MarioRom June 9, 2015

    What a crock. Explain how a few years back in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (one of the Democrat Meccas in America) produced 7,000 more votes than the total number of people who live in Milwaukee? That was Republicans, right? No, it was the crook Democrats. Can’t win fair and square so they cheat like the fake, phoney and frauds that they are.

    I know Libs never do their own research and demand links. Here it is jokers…

    1. Justin Napolitano June 9, 2015

      You are making stuff up and you know it.
      There was no 7,000 additional votes. Quit lying.

      1. 13observer June 11, 2015

        How about this; no I.D. to vote, no I.D. to buy guns! Problem solved, let’s start tomorrow.

      2. MarioRom June 24, 2015

        This is why I don’t like doing research for Liberals. Even when they are given a link to a “Mainstream” source, they are too stupid to look at it. Quit being stupid.

        1. Wedge Shot June 25, 2015

          Show me the facts jack or shut up. Show me anything that substantiates your blather.

          1. MarioRom June 28, 2015

            As I said and I’ll type this out really really slowly so that even you can understand it…
            What part of that statement baffles you?

  10. 13observer June 11, 2015

    Funny how dems want total disclosure of donors to GOP political PACs but no voter I.D. requirements?????

  11. John Phillips November 13, 2015

    The law says that you must be a citizen and alive to vote. There are places where more votes are cast than live citizens.
    If you cannot be bothered by registering and getting an ID can you be expected to vote intelligently? Are adults required to have an ID in your state?
    Where can a citizen live without an ID?
    Can you get any government programs with out an ID?
    If a citizen has an ID why not be required to show it when voting?


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