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5 Ways Trump And The GOP Are Campaigning Like Losers

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5 Ways Trump And The GOP Are Campaigning Like Losers

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Nobody wants to jinx the defeat of the most singular threat to American democracy to ever crawl out of the WWE Hall of Fame. But something is going on.

Early voting hasn’t been uniformly good for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But as tens of millions of voters have been making their way to the polls, the news has been getting progressively better out of the three key early voting battlegrounds — North Carolina, Florida, and Nevada.

If the Democratic nominee sweeps or even picks up two of these three bellwether states, it will be nearly impossible for Donald Trump to become our God Emperor Overlord, or whatever he thinks the president does.

North Carolina’s Republicans have surgically limited early voting sites to make getting a ballot more difficult for students and black voters. But signs still point to a Clinton lead in the state Barack Obama won in 2008 and lost in 2012. Florida was a worry for Democrats as Republicans led the early vote until Friday. But Saturday was the best day for the Clinton campaign, with Miami-Dade county, rich in Latino and left-leaning voters, delivering a 67 percent increase from 2012.

And in Nevada on Friday night, there was a nightmare scene for the right as Latinos waited on line for hours at the Cardenas Market to summon justice upon the man who has smeared them, their families and friends as “rapists and criminals.” They brought their best and if you do the math, as veteran Nevada reporter John Ralston does every election year, you might see that the chances of Trump winning the state “are about the same as Billy Bush anchoring the CBS Evening News.”

The Atlantic‘s Ronald Brownstein suggests that the focus on these states outside of Democrats’ “blue wall” may have “overestimated her hold on the states most central to her strategy.” But the seeming effectiveness of her ground game — which towers over her opponents’ Twitter plan of having people in red hats gathering to join their leader in yelling at the press — should allow a little optimism.

How much?

Well, are you a Bill, a Nate, a Nate, a Drew or a Sam?

Trump campaign mascot and conservative radio host Bill Mitchell is still preaching the Trump gospel that only the polls that show the Republican nominee winning can be correct. FiveThirtyEight‘s Nate Silver, the savior of Democratic nerves in 2012, isn’t willing to be your salve this time, after missing the rise of Trump in the GOP primary; he’s saying Clinton has a lead in the race but it’s “tenuous” at best, with a 60-70 percent chance of making history. The Upshot‘s Nate Cohn sees a “solid lead” for Clinton and an “unclear” map for Trump. Thus his paper’s model suggests Democrats’ hopes are in the mid 80s. Daily Kos Elections‘  Drew Linzer isn’t as well known as his modeling colleagues, but he was the most accurate forecaster in both 2012 and 2014. His model gives Clinton nearly a 90 precent chance of capturing the White House.

And then there’s Princeton Election Consortium’s Sam Wang, the man who can soothe any Clinton-backing nervous wrecks enough so they can join some “Get Out the Vote” operations. Wang has Clinton’s chances of carrying at least 270 electoral votes at almost 100 percent.

There’s still plenty to worry about, including the unprecedented way the FBI intervened in this election, which rocked the polls and hurt Democrats’ chances of taking the Senate and thus America’s chances of having a functioning Supreme Court.

As a member of Hillary Clinton’s inner circle told Newsweek, “You don’t overthrow 5,000 years of patriarchy without a fight.” But the most positive signs for Democrats may be the manner in which the GOP and Trump are campaigning.

Here are five ways Republicans and their nominee seem to be telegraphing a defeat on November 8.

  1. Back to building doubt in the system.
    Trump was jubilant over FBI Director James Comey’s intervention in the race for a few days, but the images of Latinos lining up to vote has shaken him back to reality. He sees voters being allowed to vote because they arrived in line before the polls closed as “rigged,” though it’s standard procedure. There are signs such rhetoric depresses his own supporters and possibly GOP turnout. To start “whining before the game’s over,” as President Obama calls it, sounds like you’re preparing to lose.
  2. Preparing a post-defeat game plan.
    Republicans have already started talking about Clinton’s impeachment, which is both ridiculously contemptuous of the voters’ will and also a sign that they expect her to win. Trump’s warnings of an “unprecedented Constitutional crisis” should he lose aren’t just fortune telling — it’s a preview of how his campaign to delegitimize his opponent and our democracy will continue after Election Day.
  3. Trump campaigning pretty much everywhere.
    The Clinton campaign’s surprise visits to Michigan — which Democrats have carried in presidential elections since 1992 — could hint at anxiety in holding a key state. But at least there’s some semblance of a strategy — activating black voters and improving her party’s down-ballot prospects. “Clinton has strategy and data,” Democratic strategist Reed Galen tweeted. “Trump has an airplane.” His travel schedule has him flying all around the country and back into the same states twice, canceling a visit to Wisconsin while hitting Minnesota, a state he has little-to-no chance of winning. These are the tactics of a man who sees no clear path to victory — or just doesn’t want to pay his pollsters. The campaign’s goal, Trump insiders have suggested, is to beat Mitt Romney’s total in 2012, not Hillary Clinton’s in 2016. When you’re trying to be the better loser, you’re still a loser.
  4. Down-ballot ticket-splitting strategy.
    One of the most effective Republican Senate campaigns of the year has been waged by Ohio’s Rob Portman and it was born out of a realization that Trump could lose the state. He’s spent the last year cultivating voters who back him and either major party nominee. This is an ominous sign, given Ohio is one of Trump’s best chances of picking up a state Obama won twice. And even worse for Trump is that ticket-splitting also has become the strategy of Pennsylvania’s GOP Senator Pat Toomey. If Trump can’t win the Keystone State, he probably won’t be president.
  5. Intimidating voters.
    If you have to stop people from voting in order to win, you’ve probably already lost. A federal judge issued a restraining order against the Trump campaign for what’s been called “voter intimidation.” And, of course, the Trump campaign appealed the decision. Intimidating citizens from exercising their right to vote, it seems, is their final hope.

IMAGE: U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event in Wilmington, Ohio, U.S. November 4,  2016.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri/File Photo



  1. Buford2k11 November 6, 2016

    It seems that the gop has tried and failed to purge voters…another attempt at rigging the election, but this time it is a real gop attempt…voter poll purging has been a favorite tactic in their arsenal…

    1. AgLander November 6, 2016

      If only I was able to vote multiple times like the typical Democrat in corrupt Democrat controlled urban wards where a Republican places himself in physical danger by even questioning their long running polling fraud schemes.

      1. I Am Helpy November 6, 2016

        Hahahaha yeah the ones doing all the gerrymandering are the Democrats, somehow. You people get dumber by the second.

        PS: you gonna lose! And not because of vote fraud – because your thin-skinned Russian-owned sexual predator is so very unpopular.

        1. marriea November 7, 2016

          God, and I personally don’t believe God is interested in American politics, but still, God, I hope you are right.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 6, 2016

        If only you had a brain, scarecrow, imagine the good you might be able to accomplish.
        Sorry Agatha, but only good tuna get to be Starkist tuna. As a sardine, you might qualify for canning.

        1. AgLander November 6, 2016

          Local time in your beloved Muscrat, Oman is 1:09AM…temperature is a balmy 80 degrees.

          Women still do not enjoy equality under Personal Status Laws laws where controlling men like yourself hold special privileges.

          And yet you feel the need to lecture and question American laws and values. (It must be a “Muslim thing”)

          1. I Am Helpy November 6, 2016

            Reminder: you will never be funny. At least, not on purpose – a toddler filling his diaper in a tantrum rage is kinda amusing to onlookers.

          2. rvn_sgt6768 November 7, 2016

            Time for you to go there. I’ll start a gofundme page for your ticket if you need assistance.

          3. marriea November 7, 2016


          4. Independent1 November 7, 2016

            “Women still do not enjoy equality under Personal Status Laws where controlling men like yourself hold special privileges.”

            And you’re trying to relate that statement to Aaron_of_Portsmouth?

            What kind of idiocy is that? When it’s the GOP that is going around trying to dictate to women almost everything related to living their lives!!

            Whether or not they can even determine for themselves whether or not they want to carry a fetus to term!!

            Or whether or not they can even use contraceptives!! Or whether contraceptives should be covered by a health insurance plan they have.

            Or whether or not they can even participate in some job-related areas that Republicans think only belong to men?

            Or even the fact that they should be paid the same pay for doing the same job as a man!!

            Or in years past, whether or not they were equal enough with men to even have the right to vote!!

            You’re clearly as bad as big a bigot lasTrump!! Are you sure you’re not him??

            You’re posting something that’s as ridiculous and provable to be a blatant lie as Trump was when he claimed to his moronic supporters that Obama screamed at some heckler which videos clearly showed was a flat-out lie!!

      3. Thoughtopsy November 6, 2016


        Pure troll.

      4. Lynda Groom November 6, 2016

        Evidence please.

      5. MarkLanc November 6, 2016

        Care to offer any proof to support your belief?

        1. Dominick Vila November 7, 2016

          Not to mention hanging chads, delays in recounts, and now closing polling places in predominantly African American areas in North Carolina.

          1. Independent1 November 7, 2016

            As someone pointed out on CBS news radio yesterday that since the GOP has absolutely no record of accomplishments to run on, the party has decided about the only way it can win is to cheat. And so the party actually contracts with firms that come up with every form of elections fraud they can dream up.

            Like putting up Ad Boards in areas that give the wrong date and place for voting to mislead as many minority voters as possible.

            Setting up call centers that call likely Dem voters and claiming they can vote by phone, thereby supposedly taking people’s vote and then simply trashing them. And on and on. Cheating during elections has become the GOP’s modus operandi because the GOP simply does not have a record to run on other than the false BS that they can cut taxes and reduce debt when any reasonably thinking person should realize is nonsensical.

            Unless of course the entire nation is going to fall into total destruction and chaos as the infrastructure collapses, violence goes through the roof and people start dying like flies because without adequate tax revenues the state or nation can’t provide adequate police or fire protection to keep down violence, robberies and,murders. And people no longer have safe roads to drive on, or safe water to drink, or even any kind of safe healthcare facilities to go to and on and on.

            And sadly all this deterioration of our nation is already going on in red state after red state as GOP governors try to govern on the cheap: Gallup-Healthways already says it’s 10 GOP-run states that have already claimed the designation of the most miserable places in America to live because they’re becoming death traps where mortality runs high (Ohio run by Kasich is #2; Indiana run by Pence is #3). Not only that, but WalletHub says it’s 25 GOP-run states where the biggest percent of people can hardly make it from payday to payday because they’re the most broke and on the verge of bankruptcy.

            And it’s even gotten to the extent where the degraded GOP-governance are resulting in GOP-run states having 2-3 times the auto fatality rates of Dem run states for probably a number of reasons symptomatic of poor governance: probably not enough cops patrolling the highways, maybe lax or not enough people in state’s DOT’s to ensure people driving really know how drive or are qualified, or maybe even because GOP-run states have higher incidences of drug and alcohol abuse with more DUIs and impaired related auto accidents. But it’s really telling when a state like Wyoming has almost 3 time the auto fatality rate/100,000 of even the national average – while most Dem states have rates that are almost 1/2 the national average which is driven so high by the terrible auto death rates in red states.

          2. marriea November 7, 2016

            As I was reading your post, I thought to myself, right on.
            But the big part of the GOP talking points is that people don’t want to blame themsleves for their own downfall and of course the norm is to blame someone else.
            And the GOP is so very good at doing that especially to whites who look at everyone one for the probelems they brought on.
            Drugs, blame the blacks and Hispanic
            Crime, blame the Muslims, black and Hispanic.
            Poor job prospects, blame the liberals.
            Can’t tell everyone what to do, blame liberal courts and judges.
            It kind of remind me of the cartoon ghost called, ‘not me’.
            These people fail to realize that even more so than the president, they keep putting the same folks in office that represent Congress and the Senate.
            Especially Congress.
            Why haven’t they stoped to look at the fact that the GOP is working more on trying to retain the Congress then they are anything else.
            Why, because the party that holds the majority in Congress is the one that decides what bill will be heard that benefits the people and this majority ain’t concerned about the people.
            They are only concerned about holding on to the majority edge and not doing their jobs.
            If people are really mad, then they should do a little homework and discover how their govt is really run.
            But then again, it’s always someone else fault.

          3. Dominick Vila November 7, 2016

            Whats concerns me the most is the fact that we have moved from political or ideological divisiveness to overt antagonism. We are no longer looking at each other as fellow Americans with opposing views on how to solve common problems, but as enemies.
            I hope that after this election is finally over, efforts will be made by whomever wins, and the leaders of the opposition, to find common ground and join forces in addressing the challenges we face.

          4. richard corozine November 7, 2016

            Dom (if I may call you that?)…these people are my enemies, much like the segregationists from the South. How does one deal with with these assholes…by being nice to them? C’mon, Dom, they want war (metaphorically speaking) so let’s give it to them. Destroy the lot of them. There is no common ground with right-wing scumbags. All the best, Rich

        2. marriea November 7, 2016

          Voter fraud via Jim Crow style.

        3. Anna Maria Yoakum November 7, 2016

          RepubliCONs are notorious for blaming others for the things that they themselves are guilty of. Deflection is a game they excel at and Trumpty does it constantly.

      6. zorro037 November 7, 2016

        The one who stole the 2000 elections in Florida were Republicans aided by the Supreme Court.

        1. Independent1 November 7, 2016

          And 2004 was arguably stolen by the GOP by elections fraud committed in Ohio where voting machines made by a right-wing leaning company were later found to be recording votes for Republicans which had been cast for Democrats (not to mention the illegal voter suppression in a number of big city areas of Ohio that had also gone on.)

          1. johninPCFL November 7, 2016

            “right-wing leaning? The company CEO was the Ohio chair of GWBs re-election campaign. That’s not LEANING, that’s IN THE BAG FOR.
            Luckily the company was sold to a Canadian outfit. They’ll be deciding this election for us…

      7. The lucky one November 7, 2016

        ” vote multiple times like the typical Democrat”

        Provide one instance where anything even remotely like that has happened. The only good thing about this election will be watching a-holes like you choking on your own shite. Get a clue, your own hero knows he’s losing, didn’t you get the memo.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 7, 2016

          Actually, there is one instance that was all over FB last week of the woman, a Trump supporter, in KS who admitted she voted for Trump twice, as she claimed, “to make sure he wins.” Ignorant much? What else from the Corn Pones.

          1. marriea November 7, 2016

            Thank you
            But I thought she was somewhere in Iowa.

          2. Anna Maria Yoakum November 7, 2016

            Yes, she was in Iowa, and there was another Republican woman in Nevada that attempted to vote twice and was caught.

          3. marriea November 7, 2016

            It’s gonna be interesting to watch these same people try and defend their actions when either their kid is bullied or their child is doing the bullying.
            Something I realized that as a single mom, was to never put anything in front of my kid’s face that I didn’t want to look at later on.
            In front of their kids, they are saying it’s OK to support a fool like Trump.
            How do you explain that? Kids don’t forget anything.
            And one day they will be reading in the history books all about this election. They will remember all that their parents have said and how they acted in regards to Trump.
            How do one explain that to their kids.

          4. dpaano November 7, 2016

            As if her one vote is going to do much…..seriously?

      8. FireBaron November 7, 2016

        Oh, you mean like that Conservative Icon, Ann Coulter, bragged about doing in the last election? She claimed on Fox that she voted in at least two (maybe three – I forget) different districts using different addresses. Last time I checked, that was pure voter fraud.
        Or, maybe you prefer the Republican version of voter fraud. Tell a bunch of people to apply for absentee ballots, pay them to turn them over to the local committee who fills them out, then hands them back long enough for the voters to sign the affidavits, hand them back to the GOP Apparatchiks and let them mail them in.

      9. Dan S November 7, 2016

        You mean like the typical Trump voter. I saw that a woman cast her vote twice for Trump thinking her first vote wouldn’t count. More often than not when a voter is caught cheating it’s usually a Republican ????

      10. pisces63 November 7, 2016

        Look dim bulb liar. I live and have voted in Ohio. I first registered in 1970 and I can go on line, now and see when and where I voted for each election. Even primaries I ignored, thus did not vote. I vote absentee. I am the only me. One time. I see my address changes. Name change when I married in 1972. Address change when we bought a home. Now, it is there where I requested an absentee ballot. when it was received. When they sent out the ballot. When they received it back. My husband and father died in 2003 and they are NOT on file any longer. Reads deceased and my husband was visiting relative in Tennessee when he died but it’s there. Tell you dumb lies elsewhere.

      11. pisces63 November 7, 2016

        In fact, the worse or one of the worse cases of voter fraud happened in Wisconsin where a republican white man voted 12 times over 2 years using his name, son’s name, girlfriend’s son’s name, parent’s address and one in Indiana.

      12. marriea November 7, 2016

        The only one who is seemingly casting votes more than once that has been made public was/is a Trump supporter in Iowa.

      13. johninPCFL November 7, 2016

        Trump is in video saying his people can vote multiple times, and one of his supporters in Iowa took him at his word. Unfortunately, Trump was lying again and his supporter was arrested… “www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/10/29/trump-supporter-charged-with-voting-twice-in-iowa”

        1. AgLander November 9, 2016

          Must not of hurt him much……he’s president elect!!

          1. johninPCFL November 9, 2016

            Now the real work starts. That’s where he typically declares bankruptcy, though.

    2. AgLander November 6, 2016

      Yes….to a Democrat, purging dead people off the voting roles is a crime because it steals away the support of one of their most vital voting blocks!

      1. I Am Helpy November 6, 2016

        OK sorry you have to make up stuff to try to convince yourself you’re not a losing loser. It doesn’t work, clearly, but you do you.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker November 7, 2016

          Aggie has no idea what truth or facts are. In his fantasyland world, he owns his own truths and facts.

      2. Marianrwilliams3 November 7, 2016

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      3. Eleanore Whitaker November 7, 2016

        Fantasyland again for you Boozer Boy? I imagine you are going to tie a really BIG one on tomorrow when you losers realize Trump lost the election.

        What are you next big plans for sabotaging our government before you piss off all the wrong people and they have to teach you a lesson to keep your stupid, spiteful little boy mouth shut so we can all have some peace and quiet?

  2. I Am Helpy November 6, 2016

    Only FIVE?

  3. SquareState November 7, 2016

    Where is the odious Ben Ginsburg, the attorney behind some of the worst Republican shenanigans of the last 2 decades? You can bet he’s ready to start the legal shitstorm when Trump loses.

    1. opinioned1 November 7, 2016

      Hillary earns 53% of the popular vote, 340 electoral votes, making anything Trump claims laughable. Not even Ginsburg is going to embarrass himself after this kind of azzwhoopin…

  4. Eleanore Whitaker November 7, 2016

    Look, no decent, honorable American would ever vote for a guy like Trump. In the 2nd debate, Trump admitted he handed the RNC $100 million “for my own campaign,” as he stated.

    You know what that means? It means that the Koch’s admitted handing the RNC $995 million and then add in Trump’s $100 million and if they still lose this election, it proves that Citizens United didn’t do them much good.

    What I cannot possibly understand is how ANYONE, knowing what so many people know about Trump, could ever support this sleazeball? At first, I thought maybe it was just because I live in Trump Territory in the NY/NJ Metro area and we naturally see and hear more about him in the media.

    But once the Trump racketeering case went forward, that should have immediately disqualified him. There is enough proof of his racketeering and violations of the RICO Act and I also suspect, the Hatch Act, to keep him in prison for life.

    It won’t happen. Dollar to a donut that phony assassination act will have him demanding another string of court case delays until his right to Due Process makes the case null and void.

    The only good thing that came out of all of this? Half of the residents in Trump Place have already petitioned to have his name removed from their high end very expensive rentals. His name is mud here in NJ.

    1. pisces63 November 7, 2016

      NJ???? How about the UAE!!! they don’t want him in the desert!!!! THAT’s funny. Cannot give away a room during a convention week. Had to lower their rates 59%. His daughter’s line is almost worthless.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 7, 2016

        Wow! I so agree. But, last week, The Toronto Star published a report that his Toronto Hotel there went belly up. Now he has a HUGE problem.

        He can’t force US taxpayers to pay for that bankruptcy and the Canadian government won’t either. If he doesn’t pay up, the Canadian Mounted Police will be more than happy to show him what those US judges in Trump’s back pocket never have…a prison cell.

    2. marriea November 7, 2016

      Trump is obviously hoping for a win, but for him to keep harping about an impeachment of Clinton is clearly wishful thinking.
      For one thing, his GOP commades are far too quiet for me.
      Not only are they are not overtly campaigning for him, but they also hate him.
      Trump is the only one who faces impeachment if he wins the presidency.
      I will give him six months.
      The GOP are just bidding their time hoping for a Trump win, then either impeachment or an assassination will happen. They/We will then get a Pence for President.
      Pence was in the Senate before he became governor of Indiana.
      And he’s very conservative with a religious slant to him.
      The Senate might hold off on any Supreme Court Justice appointment should Trump win, just so they could put another Scalia in the post.
      Heaven help us all.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 8, 2016

        I just find it hilarious that the people claiming Trump is the next best thing to Mom’s Apple are about to get a rude awakening.

        These are the people who ONLY support Trump because as always, the Great Snake Oil salesman latched on to the people he knew were lazy, lacking in ambition and hate, change, progress or advancement.

        What these losers want is for us to continue to pay all of our state taxes to their states as we’ve been doing since Reaganomics made it easy for the Republicans to takeover the House of Reps and flush most of our tax dollars to their Republican states.

        Now, they hate hate hate the idea that their sob stories of poverty, unemployment and lack of a future is not convincing anymore.

        If you can’t find a job, you make one. If you can’t make one, you lack the brains, ambition and initiative it takes to be a productive human being.

        It’s awfully odd how the states that take the most of our tax dollars are the same states griping about their failing state economies. All they want is to hold the rest of the states hostage while they slog along in jobs that should have died 50 years ago.

        1. dpaano November 8, 2016

          What is amazingly silly is that these Trump followers don’t seem to understand our government. They’re complaining that they don’t trust our government and that the government hasn’t done anything! Well, who is running the government? It’s the Congress, and who runs the Congress…..it’s the Republicans!!! So, if they are so disillusioned with our government, they need to put the blame where it lies…..the Republicans. But, unfortunately, they blame the president for not getting things done despite the fact that he’s done amazingly well despite the Congress! And, these uninformed voters just keep voting back in the same idiots that have made them angry for the past 8 years!!! It makes no sense to me! But, then again, like most on this site, we’re not as uninformed as the Trump followers seem to be! Let’s just hope that people like you and I prevail today in the election and our candidate is elected!!!

  5. opinioned1 November 7, 2016

    Americans are not going to elect a clown like Trump who`s been rated a liar 83% of the time, only being able to tell the truth 17% of the time..Trump has trashed the GOP and any chance they might have had for getting elected for decades.

  6. Jon November 7, 2016

    I have put up with robocalls for months now but the last 24 hours they have gone from annoying to extremely irritating. They are all made in support of the orange blob. It seems like desperation with a helping of psychosis. Whatever it is, I am sick of it and about ready to unplug the phone.

    1. dpaano November 7, 2016

      Gee, I haven’t answered my home phone for the past year, especially if the call is coming from someone or some number that I don’t recognize. I don’t have time or have the energy after a full day’s work to bother with the calls, the surveys, the polls, etc. So, Jon, I know from whence you come, believe me!!! I’ll be SO glad when this election is over and my mailbox goes back to just a couple of items and my phone stops ringing day and night!!!

      1. Jon November 7, 2016

        If I don’t answer it, the caller gets my answering machine and I still hear their message as it is left on my machine. Then I need to clear the large number of robocalls off the machine which annoys me as they take up space needed for legitimate messages.
        Your mailbox sounds like mine. Some days it is about 3/4 campaign ads. It fills the trash can much faster than usual.

        1. dpaano November 8, 2016

          Yep….sounds like the same BS that I go through. When I get home from work, there are dozens of calls on my home phone. I have to go through each of them and delete them!!! Boy, I’ll be glad when today is over and the election is done!! It will certainly save my mailman also!!!

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com November 9, 2016

    so DONNY DUMP CLOWN won he should thank the FBI the corrupt GOP for all the crap thy been pulling for the last what 2 to 3 years . so all get ready for the burying of the country to start . im thinking the CLOWN will dig the country in a deeper hole in only 4 years then the dirty bush did in 8 . mark my words get ready for it very well could be the beginning of the end . all the clown lied about you will see and more lies . he will try to still to use the house to get rid of all his cons frauds and scamming he has done and watch how much work he dose for the country and how much he will do for himself . he will have his brain dead children working one end of the country while he works the other end . he will make a room in his house for his b/f RUSSIA’S PUTTHEAD

  8. dpaano November 9, 2016

    Apparently, not enough Latinos or African Americans voted or we would not have been in the position we’re in today….the day after the election. Maybe some of them thought that Hillary was a shoo in and they didn’t need to vote; maybe they couldn’t get to the polls because the Republicans made sure they were spread very thin; maybe they didn’t have photo IDs…..whatever the reason, it was criminal! Today, we’re stuck with someone that has NO empathy, no love, no compassion for any minority! Today we have what can be called a Republican dictatorship! I can only hope that we survive this next 4 years…..but I’m very disheartened today!

  9. Box November 15, 2016

    Are you sure? Looks to me like it was the winning strategy. (writing down in 2020 book)

  10. patricia.franks December 4, 2016

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