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5 Worst Voting Rights Attacks Since 2000

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5 Worst Voting Rights Attacks Since 2000


When George W. Bush became the first person to lose the popular vote and still take the White House since 1888 — with huge assists from Jeb Bush, John Roberts, Ted Cruz, and the Supreme Court — it proved to conservatives that it was too easy to vote in America.

And W.’s administration, filled with several officials who had built careers on opposing the advances of civil rights, went to work to fix that.

Ari Berman’s new book Give Us the Ballot, which is being released on Tuesday — just two days before the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Voting Rights Act — tells of the rise and what could be the fall of America’s second reconstruction. It’s the story of a revolution that begins in a nation where black women and men literally had to risk their lives to overcome hurdles to register and vote. It spans five decades in which a singularly successful piece of temporary legislation found a permanent foothold to help ground an expansion of the right to vote in places it had been denied for nearly all of American history. And it ends after the election of the first black president inspired a conservative movement rebuilt on a Southern Strategy to strike a blow to the “crown jewel of the civil rights movement” by again shrinking the most fundamental right in a democracy.

The through line of Berman’s inspiring but gut-wrenching history of the last century’s struggle for voting rights is the life of John Lewis, the youngest speaker at 1963’s March On Washington and current congressmember from Georgia. Lewis was beaten in Selma and has been a witness to or an active participant in every effort to expand ballot access in the last five decades. And his testimony provides the most stirring indictment of the right wing’s mission to retain power over a “coalition of the ascendant” with legislation that exists only to discourage the votes of minorities, students, and the poor.

You need to read this book to understand what has been won and what we risk losing. But to get a sample of the assaults on the right to vote in what he calls “counterrevolution,” here are 5 of the worst attacks on voting rights from the right since George W. Bush quite literally took office.

1. Ohio 2004.
The only reason the 2000 election even ended up in the Supreme Court was because Florida’s purge of the voting rolls left 12,000 citizens, 44 percent of them African-American, unable to vote. “We did think it was outcome determinative,” the Civil Rights Commission reported. Democrats went into 2004 determined to not forget what had happened in Florida. But on Election Day in 2004, history repeated itself, Berman suggests.

Republicans in Ohio didn’t need to purge voting rolls or stop the count, they just needed to make sure that John Kerry’s voters didn’t have easy access to the polls. “Overwhelmingly Democratic precincts in Columbus received seventeen fewer voting machines in 2004 than 2000, while heavily Republican precincts got eight more machines.” The result? Democrats had to wait hours longer to vote than Republicans. In the end, an estimated 174,000 Ohioans left their lines before voting. Bush won the state by 118,000 votes.

2. Bush’s Department of Justice fires U.S. Attorneys for not inventing voter fraud.
Beginning in 2002, the Department of Justice, led by Attorney General John Ashcroft, was on a mission to find voter fraud — while massive mortgage and securities fraud that would lead to the financial crisis went largely unattended. In the end all they proved was that they’d been wasting their time. Of more than 300 million votes cast, they’d nailed 86 convictions. Not a single case involved voter impersonation or had swung an election. Meanwhile administration officials helped suppress an Ohio State/Rutgers University study that found voter ID laws reduced Latino turnout by 10 percent and black and Asian-American turnout by 6 percent in 2004. In other words, they worked just as conservatives had designed them to. Republican donors refused to accept that there was no evidence to justify new voting restrictions and demanded that someone be punished for not finding it. After the 2006 election, respected U.S. Attorneys David Iglesias — the basis for the character Tom Cruise played in A Few Good Men — and John McKay were forced out of their jobs for failing to indict anyone for fraud Republicans were sure existed.

“It’s very frightening, and it doesn’t exist,” Iglesias said, comparing voting fraud to the bogeyman parents say is in the closet to keep kids in bed. “U.S. Attorneys have better things to do with their time than chasing voting fraud phantoms.”

3. Trying to steal the 2012 election — and failing.
If Bush losing the popular vote proved access to the polls was a problem, Obama’s landslide election had proven it had become an epidemic. In 2011 and 2012, 27 new laws in 19 states, nearly all Republican, put new limits on voting. Voter ID laws backed by The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) were introduced in 37 states, all nearly identical. In addition, five states — including the two crucial swing states with the worst records of voting integrity, Ohio and Florida — cut early voting time. The Department of Justice used Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which requires certain states and counties to pre-clear all changes to voting laws, to prevent the most egregious attempts to suppress the vote. But if 2012 had been as close as 2004, as many suggested it would be, it wouldn’t have mattered. Voters in Florida reported that they were forced to wait several hours and often make two trips to the polls in order to vote. But a backlash to the new restrictions so baldly targeted at minorities resulted in their turnout rising over the 2008 election. For the first time ever, a higher percentage of black voters showed up at the polls than white.

4. Gutting the Voting Rights Act.
A major subplot in Berman’s book is Chief Justice John Roberts’ passion for limiting voting rights. And ironically, President Obama’s re-election helped him build that majority he needed to do it. In his majority decision for Shelby County v. Holder, Roberts praised the law, which he had claimed was constitutional during his confirmation hearing. “But history did not end in 1965,” he wrote. Deploying the logic of “equal sovereignty” that had not been used by the Court since the Dred Scott decision deprived all black people of citizenship, he gutted Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act by throwing out the formula used in Section 4. His argument was the formula, which allows for state counties that show a strong commitment to voting rights to opt out, was not reflective of current realities.

“These men never stood in unmovable lines,” John Lewis wrote in his reaction to the decision. “They were never denied the right to participate in the democratic process. They were never beaten, jailed, run off their farms or fired from their jobs. No one they knew died simply trying to register to vote. They are not the victims of gerrymandering or contemporary unjust schemes to maneuver them out of their constitutional rights.”

5. Shelby opens the voter suppression floodgates.
The speciousness of Roberts’ argument was proven by how several of the states freed from Section 5 immediately reacted to its gutting. Texas immediately put its voter ID law into effect. Pre-Shelby this had been blocked because over half a million Latinos lacked ID and might have to pay, adjusted for inflation, more than the poll taxes that had been outlawed by the VRA, just to secure the papers needed. North Carolina was already in the process of enacting the worst set of voter suppression laws since Reconstruction. After Shelby, it toughened its voter ID law to make it more restrictive than Texas’. Voters in 14 states faced new restrictions during the 2014 elections, the first without the full protection of the VRA since 1965 and, coincidentally, the election with the worst turnout since before World War II ended.

Our voting rights landscape, Berman notes, now resembles the period before 1965. The first Reconstruction fell to violence legitimized by the Supreme Court. Whether our second reconstruction meets the same demise depends on the enduring strength of the remaining sections of the law, and the hopes of fixing it before conservatives construct permanent legislative and judicial majorities that make it possible. And while demographics may be on the side of the ascendant, the cunning effectiveness of a movement so delusional that it can only process failure as fraud presents a fearsome opposition.

“How many of you are going to leave here and remember the blood of the martyrs?” William J. Barber, the architect of North Carolina’s Moral Mondays movement that rose up in part to oppose the right’s attack on voting rights, asked a crowd in 2014.

Berman’s book is asking us that same question.

Photo: Bill Selak via Flickr



  1. greenlantern1 August 3, 2015

    Remember Nixon’s OPERATION SEDAN CHAIR against Muskie?
    Perfectly clear?

  2. Carolyn1520 August 3, 2015

    The article fails to mention another voter suppression tactic, the ridiculous “war on drugs’, giving police free rein to stop and frisk and putting people into the system and disenfranchising them in record numbers. If one tactic didn’t produce results, there was another and another. We know it and worse they know we know it but that hasn’t stopped any of it.
    All I can say is any dem who sits out any elections may as well call themselves a republican and I can’t think of any worse name to call them.

    1. Louis Allen August 3, 2015

      Carol dear:
      You are so full of $hitt.

      1. Allan Richardson August 5, 2015

        How do you know that? Are you a proctologist? Or are you one of the things proctologists work with all day?

        1. Louis Allen August 5, 2015

          Hahahaa!! You are such a dumbass that you are actually funny without trying to be.
          It is obvious now that Carol is not the only one. Allan, you are full of $hitt yourself.

        2. Louis Allen August 6, 2015

          Legitimate questions those, Allan.
          The well-deserved answers are:
          # 1: No, I am not a proctologist. I considered becoming one but decided against it after realizing that you would be the “thing” I would have to work with all day. I also realized that I abhor the smell of decaying brain tissue that is expelled through your “back orifice”, for Pete’s sake.
          # 2: How do I know that Carol is so full of $hit, you ask?
          By reading her characteristic rants that have become a “distillate” of her dead brain remains.
          Get a life, Allan.
          Now, go back to your fellow KKockroaches.

        3. Carolyn1520 August 7, 2015

          You waste your time Allan. It’s one those sock puppets every comment section has, adds nothing and is designed to just be annoying. If you ignore it, another one pops up so they can give the impression at least one other person acknowledges them or agrees with them. Sometimes it’s a Mike or a David.

          1. Louis Allen August 7, 2015

            carol, honey:
            And sometimes it’s a bobnstuff, or an ida, or an Allan, or a Dependent1, or, worst of all, my ex-wife Lenore Whiptaker !!
            Oh brother.

  3. idamag August 3, 2015

    The right to vote should be held sacred. Tampering with it should be a felony. Even though the early pole closing in some districts, in Ohio, was pretty out there, we accepted it. Eventually, we accept that politicians are not honest, but vote for the lesser evil. We are getting the government we deserve. The right-to-vote should be protected by the Federal Government and the so-called supreme court. If the population has become so great as to make it cumbersome to vote on election day, then extend it from election day to election week or month if necessary. The politicians, that you chose, spend twelve months a year campaigning, but voting is limited to one day a year. What is wrong with this picture, aside from the fact, thugs try to control the ballot. If you refuse to champion other people’s right to vote, you will wonder what happened to democracy.

  4. Canistercook August 3, 2015

    All they have to do is register and prove they live in the district! Is that difficult????

    1. paulyz August 3, 2015

      And also that they are Legal & alive.

    2. johninPCFL August 3, 2015

      If you were 70 years old born in the south, yes. It is quite impossible to get any semblance of the paperwork required. In the last 50 years, all that was required was a bill from a government agency, or a social security checkstub, listing your name and address. Now, it requires two or three visits to your birth state (yeah, the pukes also inserted delays in document production) costing a few thousand dollars to get your “papers”.

    3. Independent1 August 3, 2015

      Your inane posts are so mindbogglingly stupid they aren’t even worth a serious answer!!

      1. idamag August 4, 2015

        I wouldn’t even respond to that racist broad.

        1. Louis Allen August 5, 2015

          ida, dear:
          Between Dependent1 and you we can’t get one working brain.
          What is your answer to Canister’s comment: “All they have to do is register and prove they live in the district! Is that difficult????”
          What is your answer to that, you Ydiot ??

  5. Independent1 August 3, 2015

    If anyone doubts whether or not the GOP’s gerrymandering and voter suppression are working

    1. David August 4, 2015

      Hey, remember to tell those illegal aliens, “vote early, and vote often”.

      1. Louis Allen August 5, 2015

        Very good and very funny, BUT these leftist/liberal Ydiots do not possess ANY kind of a sense of humor (…. which they are going to need when the DemocRAT candidate gets CREAMED in 2016).
        LOL !!!!

        1. David August 6, 2015

          So true!!!

    2. idamag August 4, 2015

      This state is so red, there is bias against Democrats. Many of them tell me that it doesn’t do them any good to vote in the midterms so they don’t. We are also one of those states who take more in welfare than we pay in taxes.

      1. Independent1 August 4, 2015

        Yeah! It’s really unfortunate that the GOP has been able over the years to brainwash so many of our nations’ electorate into believing their mindlessly stupid rhetoric.

  6. Louis Allen August 3, 2015

    Another disingenous, or, worse, dishonest article from this “person” or (most probably) “group” that calls itself LOL@GOP instead of using his (their) real name. What coward(s).
    Another article by the PhDs of obfuscation and demagoguery, the leftist/liberal/”progressive”/socialist ydiots of this blessed Nation of ours that are trying desperately and dishonestly to bring back-door statism to it.
    These are the obfuscators who play to the ignorant, low information, Gruber-typified voters by using oh-so-subtle terms as:
    a) “equal voting rights” (for making it easy for illegals to vote, DemocRat, of course!), b) “anti-immigrant regulations” (for anti-illegal immigration),
    c) “pro-choice” (in favor of easy abortions but limited or no information to the parents of the young woman),
    d) “American workers deserve a raise”–my personal favorite–(for unilaterally increasing the Federal minimum wage without any other economic consideration),
    e) “income inequality” (for the inescapable result of a system of free enterprise in which some “run with the ball” and others let it fall and are not willing to pick it up again, again, and again).
    Would it be OK for “LOL@GOP” to agree to bring our voting laws and requirements up (“up”, believe it or not !) to Mexican standards??
    But OF COURSE NOT !!!

    1. bobnstuff August 3, 2015

      You do know that most of what you say is fiction and without any facts to back it up. I don’t think you have ever voted or you would have seen that what you say is happening isn’t. If the right really believed in the constitution as much as they claim they would be fighting to be sure everyone’s right to vote was protected in the same way as the fight for guns.

      1. Louis Allen August 3, 2015

        Another Gruber-type liberal.
        What exactly do you mean with “… what you say is happenning isn’t.”??
        Do you mean (a), (b), (c), (d), or (e) is not happening?
        Typical Gruber-type low info voter: deny and deflect, deny and deflect, deny and deflect ….

        1. bobnstuff August 3, 2015

          A, B,E. And you are clueless on D. There are reasons for C that you don’t know or don’t understand. Oh and I believe I understand what it means to vote more then you. You see I vote, work the polls and know the people I vote for, in many cases in person.

          1. idamag August 4, 2015

            How about the day you were swamped with people, who could not speak English, and all 400 of them voted? I am being facetious.

          2. bobnstuff August 4, 2015

            Sure and the republican poll watcher just sat there and didn’t say a thing, right and after they voted they got into their space ship and flew away. Don’t you vote? Have you never been to a polling place and seen how it works?

          3. Louis Allen August 5, 2015

            ida + bobnstuff = 12% of one normal brain;
            LOL !!!

          4. bobnstuff August 6, 2015

            Unlike your perfect brain, because it has never been used.

          5. Louis Allen August 7, 2015

            I was wrong. It’s really 9.25% of one normal brain.

      2. idamag August 4, 2015

        facts, oh gost, those trolls don’t need facts. I had a driver of a shuttle tell me that 93 percent of Hispanics are on welfare. I asked him where he got his information and he said, “Everybody knows that.” A medical clinic, where I was having surgery, has a shuttle service. I love that. The driver is nuts. He drove over 7 miles around the perimeter of the city to avoid driving on 17th street which is one of our busiest streets. Th entire time he is yammering this whackadoodle stuff and I was hoping he wouldn’t stop and shoot someone or me.

        1. Louis Allen August 7, 2015

          Do try, honey, to get an education somewhere; your “examples” just don’t cut it.
          I had a taxi driver in New York City tell me that Bill Clinton had personally killed several people he considered his enemies. Did I use this insignificant example to extrapolate or project a conclusion that Clinton admirers excuse murder? Was I stupid enough to use this statistically INSIGNIFICANT anecdote as proof of anything?? Of course NOT; …… but you did, you dumbass ….

      3. Carolyn1520 August 4, 2015

        When there’s a good rain, the sewers stir up the solid waste at the bottom. Hence the comments from Louie and the sock puppets. He creates them so someone will agree with him. Either that or it’s “Mike”, using a different persona, another loser who applauds his lack of knowledge.

        1. Louis Allen August 7, 2015

          Carol dear:
          Let me tell you again: Let go of the booze; it’s causing you to think that you are intelligent and smart.
          LOL !!!

    2. WakeUpAmerica August 3, 2015

      Historical facts are given. Easily verifiable. Yet you resort to limbaugh-like name calling, then totally slant terms to fit your disdain for any thought/viewpoint/fact that differs from your world, which is confined to the bubble that is the right wing hate and misinformation machine.

      1. David August 4, 2015

        My concern is when precincts in Cicinnati vote 100% for Obomo; and, when other precincts have 117% voter turnout.

        1. Louis Allen August 4, 2015

          Very easy to explain:
          Dead (but still hateful) Republicans resuscitated and voted for Obama.
          You see? We liberals have an explanation for everything !!

          1. David August 4, 2015

            🙂 Indeed you do! Indeed you do!

          2. bobnstuff August 4, 2015

            The problem is that it didn’t happen. The local election folks are very upset with is story. Go look it up. It’s crap like this that people say that is distorting our country.

          3. Allan Richardson August 5, 2015

            The worst offenders against the commandment “thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” are the “Christian” who are constantly bearing false witness to “help” their “Christian” theocracy gain and keep power. Lying for TRUTH’s sake is OK.

          4. Louis Allen August 5, 2015

            Allan, my friend:
            Between bobnstuff and you, not even 15 % of a brain can be obtained.
            LOL !!!

          5. Allan Richardson August 6, 2015

            I take your comment to mean that (1) you APPROVE of lying and dishonesty when “your side” does it, and (2) by “LOL” you mean that you regard honesty as a joke.

            And where did you get that figure of “15% of a brain?” The same place you get your statistics on “voter fraud” and “illegals voting?” Try putting some cream on that spot; it may reduce the itching and make you feel better.

            Bob, you want to take a shot at him now?

          6. Louis Allen August 7, 2015

            Allan, my friend:
            1) As a leftist/liberal/mindless nincompoop, you can never bring yourself to admit that words mean what they mean, no more, no less. Don’t “take” my comments to mean anything different from what I said: “Between bobnstuff and you, not even 15 % of a brain can be obtained.”, ….. LITERALLY (although I could be off by a few percentage points and it could very well be 11.25%)
            2) As to the subject of voter fraud, about which you DISHONEST leftist/liberals are so “deniers” (to come back at you with one of your favorite words!!), please answer my very simple (yes, even to you) question: “What’s wrong with updating (yes, updating !!) our voting laws to Mexican standards?”
            Allan, my friend, answer the question.
            P.S. – bobnstuff does not want or is too much of a dumbass to “take a shot” at me.

          7. Allan Richardson September 30, 2015

            I certainly have enough of a brain to recognize “argumentum ad hominem” as the last refuge of someone who has no ideas, or is afraid to let ideas enter the discussion.

            If the new voter laws ONLY required a reasonable ID which even poor people in nursing homes or working three jobs to feed their children would be expected to have already, OR if they provided BETTER, not WORSE, access to the agencies which issue their NEWLY REQUIRED ID cards, it would be reasonable to require them. But in every case, they have mandated a NEW, DIFFERENT card for those who do not already have the new one; they have reduced hours and closed the most convenient locations of those agencies; they have increased the fees for obtaining those new cards, and in every way they have made sure that people who have been voting legally for decades can no longer vote, because the new cards require fees, transportation, and documents which may have been destroyed in records disasters but were never needed in the past because of common sense. The fact that requiring a new, DIFFERENT ID than you already have, plus making it MORE DIFFICULT AND EXPENSIVE to get that ID than it was previously, makes the INTENT OBVIOUS, even if you did not hear Republican office holders speaking to their own constituencies about that intent.

      2. Louis Allen August 4, 2015

        You must mean “selected” historical facts.
        LOL !!
        P.S. – Your “hate and misinformation machine” reminds me of Lois Lerner and her rewards….

        1. bobnstuff August 5, 2015

          Louis, we know that you can’t fact check, know very little history and believe anything that supports you misinformation.

  7. Nigel August 3, 2015

    Good to see we (USA) represents a “model of democracy” to the rest of the free world.

  8. Insinnergy August 3, 2015

    The only reason you enact all these voter suppression laws is because you fear that without them you will lose. Basically the GOP is reducing US citizens’ freedom… because they are scared.
    “Land of the Free… Home of the Brave…” Hahahahaha

    So I’m interested as to how Americans reconcile this obvious debasement of democracy, with American Exceptionalism?
    Anyone want to tell me what a shining beacon your Democracy is, again?

    I’d also be interested in the usual GOP mouthpieces explaining to me
    1) Exactly why, from their point of view, these rules and this obvious strategy are necessary (without mentioning voter fraud… because that has been conclusively proved to not be a thing… plus you have several GOP governors/senators/etc recorded saying that these rules will help their party directly). Surely if you have the better political philosophy and ideas you want everyone to vote because more will vote for you, right?
    2) What the end-game is. More of this is occurring. More rules are being set. Obviously the GOP is requiring more and more help over time to be competitive (according to their own actions)… So what is the end game here? Eventually only 75% of people will be legally/physically able to vote?… 50%?… 25%? If this continues then where does it end up?

    Bonus Question: How long will it take before the GOP realise that the way you actually win elections democratically is to have better ideas, promote them, and get the majority of all people to vote for you?

    1. idamag August 4, 2015

      The land of the free and the home of the brave? First, it is now the land of the scared with everyone arming themselves. It will no longer be the land of the free when the radicals take over the government. They have cleverly built hate between political parties. Ideas can no longer be exchanged in a civil manner. Too bad, everyone doesn’t study history and find out what destroyed a democracy in another country.

    2. Buzzi Butt August 4, 2015

      What are you talking about?

  9. Whatmeworry August 3, 2015

    Another hog wash article. Bill Clinton lost the popular vote in 1992. And the author left out the 4 MILLION illegal voters in 2008 and 2012 that allowed Barak to steal 2 Presidential elections

    1. Daniel Max Ketter August 3, 2015

      The article makes sense to me. Bill Clinton was one of our greatest presidents (next to Jimmy Carter and FDR), and I’m sure Ms Clinton will make a fine one as well. Me & Linda Rae are voting for her no doubt.

      1. David August 4, 2015

        Great satire!

        1. Buzzi Butt August 4, 2015

          Absolutely. Do.

        2. Daniel Max Ketter August 5, 2015

          Whats funny?

          1. David August 6, 2015

            The statement that Bill Clinton was one of the greatest presidents! Right along with Jimmy Carter!

          2. Daniel Max Ketter August 6, 2015

            Whats funny about it?? I’m stating a fact.

          3. David August 7, 2015

            I guess it all depends on what your definition of the word “is” is.

    2. bobnstuff August 4, 2015

      You say that 4 million illegals voted, two things come to mind one is they had a better turn out then the republicans. The second is how do you know this and why has no one gone to jail? This is just another made up fact.

    3. Ok, I’m an idiot and a moron

    4. whatmeworryisfatDan Ketter August 19, 2015

      ←Self proclaimed Col Daniel M Ketter also pulled a Bill Clinton during
      the Vietnam War and dodged the military draft with an in-school
      deferment. Why not be a real American and serve your country when
      called upon instead of being a crybaby pus*y like a democrat???
      Cowardice must run in the Ketter family.

    5. Daniel Max Ketter August 23, 2015

      ←Yes Williamsburg Virginia’s village idiot Dan M Ketter cowardly dodged the Vietnam War by getting his draft card stamped “waiver” so he could attend college and grad school. All that education and moron Dan cannot even spell on his one liner blogs. What’s wrong whatmeworry/mandinka??

      Dan could only get a part time job as a teaching assistant out of school, and lived off the taxpayers dole through welfare and food stamps, until Ford Motors hired him as a non-union worker to enter parts data into a computer. Too bad they wouldn’t let him join the United Automobile Workers, and he could have gotten real money and benefits instead of being envious of them! Worse of all, Dan is a military impersonator, making false claims he is a retired USAF Colonel and pilot
      (he! he! military veteran & pilot??)
      Yes, loser Dan pretends he’s a dedicated teabag angry populist on his blogs, and represents them quite well!

  10. plc97477 August 4, 2015

    if the only way the gotp can win is by cheating it makes them look very desperate and whimpy. Not a viable party at all.

    1. Louis Allen August 4, 2015

      Not a viable party at all.
      Exactly what you leftist/liberal/statist Dems said before the 2014 Congressional elections.

      1. Independent1 August 4, 2015

        GOP Columnist: The VERY Bad News FOR THE GOP in the GOP’s Midterm Victory

        A GOP strategist, columnist at the Houston Chronicle who goes by the handle GOPLifer, Chris Ladd, has declared that the week of the Midterm Elections “was a dark week for Republicans.

        Republican support grew deeper in 2014, not broader.

        Some other observations:

        a) Republican Senate candidates lost every single race in the Blue Wall.

        b) There were some GOP victories in Governor’s races, but in each case there were no coat tails. None of these candidates ran on social issues, Obama, or opposition to the ACA. Look at Rauner who took out Quinn in Illinois, but Democrats in Illinois retained their supermajority in the State Assembly having not lost a single seat.

        c) Voter turnout was awful. It was more awful for the Democrats but the GOP won 52 percent of 35 percent of the vote: in other words their mandate is 17 percent of the registered electorate (and 13 percent of those eligible to vote).

        d) Good news for the Democrats: They have consolidated their power behind the sections of the country that generate the overwhelming bulk of America’s wealth outside the energy industry.

        e) Voter suppression is working remarkably well, but that won’t last. They key is voter ID. Eventually Democrats will top whining and will help people get the documentation they need to meet confusing new requirements and obstructions. The whole “voter integrity” sham may have given Republicans a one or maybe two-election boost in low-turnout races, but the message to minority (but growing) groups is clear. We GOP don’t give a damn about you.

        f) Every major Democratic ballot initiative was successful, including every minimum wage increase, even in the red states. AND every personhood amendment failed.

        g) Half of the Republican Congressional delegation now comes from the former Confederacy. There are no more white Democrats from the South. All of the Dixiecrats are now GOP.

        h) Democrats in 2014 were up against a particularly tough climate because they had to defend 13 Senate seats in red or purple states. In 2016 Republicans will be defending 24 Senate seats with at least 18 of them very competitive based on geography and demographics. Democrats will be one seat looks competitive.

        i) McConnell’s conciliatory statements were encouraging, but he cannot persuade Republican Senators and Congressmen to cooperate on anything constructive.

        j) This is an age built for Republican solutions. The global economy is undergoing a massive, accelerating transformation that promises massive new wealth and staggering challenges. Ladd say that the GOP could address a this with heads-up, intelligent adaptations to capitalize on those challenges. Republicans, with their traditional leadership on commercial issues, he claims, should be at the leading edge of planning to capitalize on this emerging environment.

        k) Instead, he predicts, what the GOP will spend its time on is: Climate denial, theocracy, thinly veiled racism, paranoia, and Benghazi hearings.

        He closes his essay saying: “It is almost too late for Republicans to participate in shaping the next wave of our economic and political transformation. The opportunities we inherited coming out of the Reagan Era are blinking out of existence one by one while we chase so-called “issues” so stupid, so blindingly disconnected from our emerging needs that our grandchildren will look back on our performance in much the same way that we see the failures of the generation that fought desegregation. Something, some force, some gathering of sane, rational, authentically concerned human beings generally at peace with reality must emerge in the next four to six years from the right, or our opportunity will be lost for a long generation. Needless to say, Greg Abbott and Jodi Ernst are not that force. ‘Winning’ this election did not help that force emerge.”


        1. Louis Allen August 4, 2015

          Typical of you leftist/liberal dumbasses (and you are their leader, Dependent !) to lean on every word uttered by this ONE supposed GOP “strategist/columnist” (yeah, right !) Funny how ydiots like you “cling” to his opinion as if it were fact. Then again, I know hard it is for you liberal nincompoops to separate “facts” from “fiction”.
          Reagan said it best: “The problem with our liberal friends is not that they do not know anything, but that they know soooo much that just ain’t so.”

          1. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            It doesn’t matter who said it dumbcoff, everything the GOP guy said in items a through k WAS FACT!! All the GOP could muster was 13% of the eligible Republicans to come out and vote in 2014 – even the Republican base is so fed up with the GOP that even they didn’t make the effort to vote!! It’s clear it was voter suppression that won them those senate seats ONLY IN ALREADY DEEPLY RED STATES!!!

          2. Louis Allen August 4, 2015

            1) you r going to get a very unpleasant surprise in 2016.
            2) You are a dumbass. So what else is new??

          3. bobnstuff August 4, 2015

            Louis, Do you dispute the facts here? Did the republicans have a good turn out? Is anything that was said false? Do you have any facts, links that can prove them wrong? Thing you should remember is that Democrats have more voters nationally then the republicans and that the republican party is split so that they can’t agree on leaving a burning building. Add the Trump factor and the republicans are in trouble.

          4. Independent1 August 4, 2015

            The only way the GOP can win in 2016 is the same way they’ve won their elections since 2000 – by cheating. With a combination of voter suppression, gerrymandering and outright elections fraud. Virtually every major elections fraud case that’s come to a court over the past 2 decades has been related to Republicans cheating.

            Either hiring people to stand in election lines and con people into believing they would take their votes for them; or via the phone doing the same thing and then tossing the votes away. Or posting advertising signs in minority areas deliberately showing the wrong times or places for voting; or even gimmicking voting machines to record votes cast for a Democrat as being for a Republican – or even just not counting Democrat votes – and it goes on and on with the devious ways the GOP cheats!!

            But that aside, here’s an article in the Washinton Post you9 should find of interest

            The GOP’s major 2016 problem — in 3 maps

            :Republicans have two major problems when it comes to winning presidential elections: demographics and the Electoral College. And as the 2016 election gets off the ground, both of these problems are getting worse.

            On the Electoral College front, Democrats quite simply have more electoral votes “in the bank” (i.e. safe blue states) and need to win fewer swing states than Republicans do. And demographically, the Democrats’ gains among Hispanic voters in particular pose a real long-term problem for Republicans, given this population is growing extremely fast and the white population is, well, not.


  11. idamag August 4, 2015

    There is no level to which the people, who are calling themselves Republican, will sink to to win an election. It shows what they think of Democracy. They lie, the purge, they call people and tell them to vote in a different district, they close polls early and they get the right wing governor brother to assist them.


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