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All Votes Matter


WASHINGTON — Many find politics frustrating because problems that seemed to be solved in one generation crop up again years or decades later. The good thing about democracy is that there are no permanent defeats. The hard part is that some victories have to be won over and over.

And so it is with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a monument to what can be achieved when grass-roots activism is harnessed to presidential and legislative leadership. Ending discrimination at the ballot box was a way of underwriting the achievements of the Civil Rights Act passed a year earlier by granting African-Americans new and real power to which they had always been constitutionally entitled.

“The results were almost unimaginable in 1965,” writes Ari Berman in Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America, his timely book published this month. “In subsequent decades, the number of black registered voters in the South increased from 31 percent to 73 percent; the number of black elected officials increased from fewer than 500 to 10,500 nationwide; the number of black members of Congress increased from five to 44.”

And, yes, an African-American was elected president of the United States in 2008 and re-elected in 2012. He was powered by the ballots of Americans of color who would not let anything turn them around from their polling places.

President Obama’s victory has been routinely cited by those who were already insisting that the Voting Rights Act was outdated. They turned out to have a powerful ally in Chief Justice John Roberts, whose record on the issue Berman analyzes closely. If the United States could elect a black president, wasn’t that a sign that there was no longer a need for a strong Voting Rights Act?

Berman quotes Ed Blum, a tireless activist in the effort to weaken the Voting Rights Act. Before the House Subcommittee on the Constitution, Blum referred to Birmingham, Alabama’s legendary commissioner of public safety as a figure of the past: “Bull Connor is dead. And so is every Jim Crow-era segregationist intent on keeping blacks from the polls.”

In fact, Obama’s election called forth a far more sophisticated approach to restricting voting. Republicans closely examined how Obama’s political organization had turned out large numbers of young African-Americans who had not voted before. Their participation was facilitated by early voting, and particularly Sunday voting.

So legislatures in many states where Republicans had full political control went to work to make it harder for African-Americans, Latinos, and young people to vote. Of course, that is not what they said they were doing. They invented a scarecrow, “voter fraud,” to justify voter ID laws. These laws disadvantage inner-city residents and favor suburbanites who get driver’s licenses as a matter of routine. They also used all kinds of excuses to roll back early voting.

“No matter how much evidence emerged to the contrary, the voter-fraud myth would never die,” Berman writes. Indeed. The fraud specter is so useful to those who want to restrict voting that the facts don’t trouble them. As a result, a non-problem is invoked to create a massive new problem of obstructing legitimate votes.

Earlier this month, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas’ voter ID law “has a discriminatory effect” and amounted to a poll tax. But it also sent the case back to a lower-court judge asking her to meet a high standard of showing that the law was passed with an explicitly discriminatory intent. You can bet that the Texas voting case or another in North Carolina, or both, will make their way to a Supreme Court that has already gutted the Voting Rights Act once in a 2013 decision written by Roberts.

Will he do it again? And will voters in 2016 realize just how important a president’s power to name future Supreme Court justices is to the very right they will be exercising on Election Day?

It would have been lovely if Berman’s book could simply have celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. Instead, it is even more useful as a guide to what still needs to be done. He tells the story of the charismatic leader of the North Carolina NAACP, the Rev. William Barber II, who led the state’s innovative Moral Monday protests.

“What do we do when they try to take away voting rights?” Barber asked at a rally.

The crowd responded: “We fight, we fight, we fight.”

There is no alternative.

E.J. Dionne’s email address is ejdionne@washpost.com. Twitter: @EJDionne.

Photo: Light Brigading via Flickr

E. J. Dionne

Besides contributing to The National Memo, E.J. Dionne, Jr. is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, and a university professor in the Foundations of Democracy and Culture at Georgetown University.

His most recent book is Our Divided Political Heart: The Battle for the American Idea in an Age of Discontent (2013).

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  1. Theodora30 August 20, 2015

    Meanwhile Democrats should be spending a large part of the money they are raising to make sure people have the ID required. Counting on court cases to fix things when Republicans have been sticking the courts with right wingers since Reagan while Democrats snoozed is stupid.

    1. itsfun August 20, 2015

      Proper ID should be issued by the States.

      1. bobnstuff August 20, 2015

        The states should have to set up voter ID centers at all polling locations so that the locals can get ID if they truly believe that the ID is needed. They will never do that. The closest place from where I live that you can get an ID is ten miles away and I live 21 miles from a major city center. I find it funny that you don’t need a photo ID to get food stamp or Medicaid.

        1. itsfun August 20, 2015

          Smaller towns like I live in should be able to issue ID’s at their city halls. I don’t have a problem with requiring ID to vote, but the States should take steps to make getting a ID as easy as possible. I don’t believe you have to be a legal citizen to get food stamps or Medicaid or housing or a drivers license.

          1. bobnstuff August 20, 2015

            In Pa you don’t eve have to go the office to sign up.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker August 20, 2015

            NJ either. If you are a property tax payer or you live in an apartment complex whose owner pays property taxes you are already listed as a voter.

            I have never in nearly 4 decades EVER had to show ID. Even before I owned property. The only thing they asked for was my address. This is just more GOP stone walling to try to win an election through election fraud.

          3. bobnstuff August 20, 2015

            We have Motor Voter here and every time you get your picture taken for your drivers license they ask if you want to register to vote. At my polling place the poll workers seem to know everyone who votes. They great most by name. They do check your signature though.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker August 20, 2015

            In NJ, if you vote, you almost certainly will end up being called up for jury duty. It’s the same here in NJ too. The poll workers all know our names and addresses. We only have to sign in so they know that we voted in a particular election. NJ holds school and fire district elections in spring and all others in November. This is something Chris Christie doesn’t want changed.

            February in NJ tends to make getting to vote in fire district elections “iffy” depending on the amount of snow we get. School elections are held in April, which is only slightly better for transportation to the polls.

          5. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

            Wow! All the poll workers know your name? Is that because you have been strung out so often???

          6. JPHALL August 20, 2015

            You are a real low life and loser!

          7. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

            Why do you say that? You have just strayed into something that you don’t understand. By the way what did you teach? A good teacher is worth his weight in gold. A good student is what keeps humans progressing. I was not a proper student but my love of reading is what saved me. I thank my teachers for that. They are all dead now but their legacy follows them. A kindle has really opened up new interests for me. I take my books where ever I go.

          8. JPHALL August 20, 2015

            You are correct. I do not understand why some people insist on being obtuse. Your posts or inconsistent. Are you bi-polar or just snarky?
            Subject: Re: Comment on All Votes Matter

          9. Insinnergy August 21, 2015

            Stop killing your old teachers!

          10. hicusdicus August 21, 2015

            I could not help it something just came over me. I am pretty sure the devil made me do it.

          11. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

            If Godzilla showed up at my door I would not ask it for ID.

      2. johninPCFL August 20, 2015

        “Proper IDs” have been issued by the states (totally leaving aside the difficulty and costs of getting those IDs.) So, in those states where the state-issued ID includes too many of the “wrong people” (like students), those PARTICULAR IDs aren’t usable. For instance, in Texas your NRA card will get you into the voting booth, but your state-issued university student ID? No.

        1. Loomy August 20, 2015

          Really? How do they get away with not including a state issued University Student ID card over an NRA Card?!!!
          How does one explain such a discrepancy and actually either make sense or carry ANY Credibility at all??

          That is not just crazy but makes common sense and logic almost unlawful and soon to be a felony….or so it seems…!

          I just don’t understand how such inconsistent leaps of logic are so easily allowed, made and made possible in America when everybody else would not even think to think that they should or could or even would…in so many areas and on so many matters….

          1. FireBaron August 20, 2015

            Oh, it’s easy. A student ID may be held by someone whose family lives in Oklahoma or (perish the thought) New York! And we all know that all New Yorkers will always vote Liberal Dem!

        2. itsfun August 20, 2015

          Neither one of those id’s should be accepted.

      3. FireBaron August 20, 2015

        Why aren’t the IDs issued by the same office that registers them to vote at the time they register?

        1. Theodora30 August 20, 2015

          Most of the older people who do not have a driver’s license registered many years ago. For them it requires a trip to the DMV and a fee to pay for the ID. I cannot imagine having had to drag my elderly parents to the DMV and stand on line for hours. Thankfully this was not required when they were still living. They had been voting regularly since the early 1930’s. My husband’s aunt voted every year by absentee ballot because she was a quadriplegic and could not leave the house. Will the States send someone to the homes of voters with these kinds of problems to issue their Id’s?

          1. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

            What issues does a quadriplegic vote for??

          2. Theodora30 August 20, 2015

            The same issues the rest of U.S. citizens vote for. This woman kept up with politics regularly. Since she was paralyzed by polio as a young mother with three small children shortly before the introduction of vaccines I assume she would be betting against any-vaxxers if she were still alive.

        2. itsfun August 20, 2015

          Good question, they should be issued then.

        3. idamag August 28, 2015

          That would be too easy. Read my post above. I copied it from a news release. They aren’t stopping with photo ID.

      4. JPHALL August 20, 2015

        And it should be cost appropriate. Why must you renew an ID card annually?

        1. itsfun August 20, 2015

          Annual renewal probably gives a job to a political appointee at a huge salary.

    2. paulyz August 20, 2015

      Oh yeah, like Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, or Kagan. Duhhhh!

      1. Theodora30 August 20, 2015

        I was referring to the deliberate campaign to stack the federal courts which flies under the media’s and public’s radar not the Supreme Court.

        1. paulyz August 20, 2015

          Like the lefties stacking the federal courts with far left ideologues to legislate from the bench? Obama stacked thd courts with so many lefties that there are more of them than righties.

          1. Insinnergy August 21, 2015


  2. itsfun August 20, 2015

    Everyone that goes to a Hillary speech has to show a id to get in.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker August 20, 2015

      Not to worry…everyone who goes to a Walker, Christie, Trump, Jindal…well…and the rest of the 21 GOP candidates speeches only have to show membership cards in Koch Industries.

      1. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

        Don’t worry EW wrinkled moose knuckles are given a free pass. Go to the zoo, pick up some friends and knock yourself out.

    2. kalpal August 20, 2015

      Seems to me that many GOP candidates require a ticket to get in and if you seek entry but have an inappropriate bumper sticker, wear a t-shirt the gate keepers don’t like, participated in demonstration then you will not gain entry. It was Bush’s administration that created free speech zones far enough away to be unheard at the event locations.

    3. FireBaron August 20, 2015

      And everyone who went to a “W” or Cheney speech in 2004 had to show not only an ID, but a Republican Voter membership card, and proof that they had donated at least $100 to their reelection.

      1. itsfun August 20, 2015

        That is what I was getting at. You must pay and show a id to listen to a politician lie, but many don’t think you should show id to vote.

        1. Insinnergy August 20, 2015

          It’s clear you do not understand the basics of voting, or the term “Poll Tax”.

          1. itsfun August 21, 2015

            Requiring a id is not a poll tax. Try cashing your pay check at a bank without id.

          2. idamag August 27, 2015

            How about the literacy test.

    4. greenlantern1 August 20, 2015

      A genuine one or a REPUBLICAN phony?

  3. Carl Sdano August 20, 2015

    Despite protestations & Supreme Court decisions to the contrary, racism is alive & well in the US.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker August 20, 2015

    Isn’t it odd how the GOP suddenly runs for the US Constitution when it looks as if they have lost a significant number of votes? So, they batter the economy, push women, seniors, vets, college kids and the handicapped to their limits. But then these dumbbells think they’ll get votes? For what? A Gestapo Regime?

    If Americans are smart and I know they are, they will vote against any GOP running for the House of Reps. The GOP House majority is why nearly all blue state tax revenues ends up in Republican states. Enough of that BS.

    1. kalpal August 20, 2015

      The GOP ardently admires the Gestapo as well as Goebbels. That was the “right” way to run a nation as far as America’s RW is concerned.

    2. Daniel Jones August 20, 2015

      Agent K went into the difference between individual intelligence and groupthink’s intelligence. Go watch MIB.

    3. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

      Well if you think Americans are smart does that make you feel left out?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 21, 2015

        A pissbrain like you manufactures envy because that’s all you have as a loser. I know I’m intelligent and I have a proven track record that shows that. Success to you is opening your fly every morning without a struggle. Sorry if Mensa doesn’t count that as a high IQ.

        1. hicusdicus August 21, 2015

          My idea of success would be to have you open my fly in the morning but I know that won’t happen. There is no camel toe hiding in there. I will admit you do have a proven track record one train wreck right after another. To bad you shy away from single digit IQ’s , you are missing out on a lot of enlightenment. I don’t how you do it it but when I read your posts it makes my ears ring and you haven’t even touched the clapper rope. You have a good day and try to be nice, a moose knuckles life matters also.

  5. kalpal August 20, 2015

    The inability to demonstrate voter fraud seems not to ever enter any voting rights debate. When PA admitted that no voting fraud existed it was not deterred from suppressing voters on the possible chance that some day voter might occur.

    1. Greg G August 20, 2015

      If you want to look at voter fraud, start by looking at Chicago and the Chicago Machine’s voter fraud that goes back to the first Mayor Daley, you hypocrites.

  6. charleo1 August 20, 2015

    If you’re disenfranchising 100s of legal voters to stop the one odd illegal one, That you can’t actually point to, or prosecute, you’ve probably got an ulterior motive for an unnecessary statute. And you’ve also probably got a politically motivated, and so, not a legitimate small “d,” democratically motivated intention, when enforcing the anti- democratic statute. And, of course, if your one of the lawmakers and you deny this, that makes you a liar. But, since when have we ever insisted politicians always tell the truth? Better in some’s eyes to win on a lie, than lose telling the truth. The larger truth is, if more of us voted in the first place, we’d all be better off. Have more of the gov. we want, instead of the gov. we deserve. But we all know this, right?

    1. FireBaron August 20, 2015

      Especially ironic when the only people proudly pointing to their “illegal voting” are self-identified Conservative Activists!

      1. plc97477 August 20, 2015

        Also ironic is the fact that all the “illegal voting” in the last couple of decades has been the rw trying to win without voters.

        1. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

          I did not know that. You are really a helpful person.

        2. itsfun August 20, 2015

          Could that be, because the illegal voters are voting for Democrats? Illegal is illegal, no matter who benefits from illegal voters.

          1. greenlantern1 August 21, 2015

            Isn’t it interesting that the REPUBLICAN party is unconcerned about vote counters?

          2. itsfun August 21, 2015

            Everyone should be concerned about illegal voters. Its not a political party issue, but a America issue. Some want to make illegal immigrants legal, illegal votes count. Why not let the whole damn world vote in our Presidential election?

          3. hicusdicus August 21, 2015

            I have an idea. Lets open our borders to the world and when they are all moving in we could move out.

          4. itsfun August 21, 2015

            Then; who would support them?

          5. hicusdicus August 21, 2015

            That would be our theater of comedy , watching them try and support themselves.

          6. kalpal August 21, 2015

            Single handedly you will support the entire planet.

          7. kalpal August 21, 2015

            So to date all investigations by both Democrats and Republicans failing to find much of anything in the way of illegal voters fails to deter you from waging a struggle against these illegal voters? I bet you are an officer in the wars on Xmas and Easter too.

          8. greenlantern1 August 22, 2015

            Ever read the book, NEVER AGAIN, by Bush Attorney-General John Ashcroft?
            He, not Attorney-General Eric Holder, ordered the rescue of illegals!
            Was Elian Gonzales an illegal alien or not?
            Should an ACTUAL foreign born, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, be allowed to run for president?

        3. itsfun August 21, 2015

          ever hear of the black panthers?

        4. idamag August 28, 2015

          Instead of helping the thugs, known as Republicans today, with their attempts to make this a one-party fascist government with all kinds of deterrents to voting, we should be calling for national laws to protect the vote from jackals like them.

    2. itsfun August 20, 2015

      No one is being disenfranchised by requiring a id.

      1. charleo1 August 20, 2015

        Actually there are. And it’s not because they can’t prove they are Americans. That they are not able to prove they were born in this Country, have lived in this Country all and paid taxes, and, some have even fought for the this Country. And sometimes it has been the case the poll workers themselves know them personally, and have all their lives. Yet, they are denied their Right to vote. Because they don’t have the required, and accepted IDs to comport with the unnecessarily changed laws. And it’s not right. Voting is not like buying a beer, driving a car, or getting on an airplane. It’s a Foundational Right upon which keeping, and maintaining all the other Rights is based. The essential mechanism by which the consent to govern, flows from the governed.

        1. itsfun August 21, 2015

          If they have known a poll worker their entire life, then they had the resources to get a proper id. If they paid taxes they have tax returns. They don’t have to be born in this country. A naturalized citizen votes.

          1. charleo1 August 21, 2015

            Since I believe you are a fine upstanding citizen, that holds small, “d,” democracy in high esteem. I think you need to acquaint yourself with the various new laws, and identification requirement having been implemented around the Country over the recent 5/6 years. And see if your opinion doesn’t change. Especially when you look at the nearly non-existent instances of out, and out voter fraud. A tax return, by the way, was never acceptable proof of eligibility to vote in any of the States. Nor, is showing one’s SS Card. Or property tax, electric bill, or mortgage payment book, as many Americans may believe. Many with a driver’s license they’ve had for years, probably think, what’s the big problem? But, if you don’t have a car, can’t afford the insurance, got too old to drive, your license may have expired. Not proper ID anymore. So what now? Write to the State in which you were born, with a non cash payment of between $10.-20. dollars, and request a certificate of live birth. Wait for 6 to 8 weeks. Then take that certificate down to City Hall, with one more additional piece of ID. to wherever the State is issuing personal IDs. (Take a bus, ask a friend, or walk.) Pay City Hall another $10-20 dollars. And now, with your new approved ID. you can finally register with the State to exercise your Constitutionally protected Right to choose who will hold the power to make the laws you must follow, and levy the taxes you must pay. But your quest to actually vote may not be over. As you might well find your usual polling place within walking distance of your college dorm, trailer park, or housing project, has been moved several miles to a new location. Early, and after hours voting has been curtailed, or eliminated, and the Sunday before election day, a traditional Church to the Polls for Day for many in the African American Communities for years, has been eliminated altogether. Still think preventing rare cases of voter fraud, and not disenfranchising voters for political gain is the goal? Try obtaining that second piece of required ID. for registration, without a bank account, or credit card.

          2. itsfun August 21, 2015

            What I am not doing a very good job of saying is remove the costs and governmental hoops of getting a id. We have to show a picture id to get into a political speech. Presenting a id to vote should not be a hardship. For me, even one illegal vote is to many.
            My computer is about 9 years old and sometimes my upper case key doesn’t work. Not trying to diminish and person, place or thing.

          3. charleo1 August 21, 2015

            I understand. And I sense your sentiments are good. No one is defending, or trying to enable those who would break the law to vote. But, I think when you look at the voter ID issue in total. And the way those States that have unstoppable GOP majorities have inflated the problem to extents that no studies
            indicate are anywhere representative of the scope of the problem. And they way they have gone about enacting these new voter requirements. I believe you’ll have no choice but to conclude their intent is to discourage those voters in certain demographics, minority, young, and poor. That tend to not vote Republican. In fact, several GOP Legislators are on record admitting just that, in inner party meetings. Most notably was the Republican Speaker of the Pennsylvania Legislature, addressing the Party hierarchy in the fall of 2011. Ticking off their accomplishments for the year said. Enacted new voter requirement laws. “Guaranteeing Pennsylvania’s electoral votes for Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney!”

          4. hicusdicus August 21, 2015

            OMG! You are full of nonsense. But with you that is nothing new.

        2. idamag August 27, 2015

          Those jackals went further than just asking for photo I.D.

      2. greenlantern1 August 21, 2015

        Valid id disallowed!
        REPUBLICAN FORGED id, like the DIEM CABLE, allowed!

        1. itsfun August 21, 2015

          Yep: Only Republicans violate our law and forge ids. Only Republicans hate all people. Only Republicans are racist. Republicans hate women.
          The Republicans have White, Black, Indian. Latino races running for President. The Republicans have both women and men, young and old running for President. Republicans have both career politicians and business people running for President. On the other hand the party of diversity has only a rich old White woman and a rich Old White man running for President. The Party of diversity has only career politicians running for President.
          Those nasty, lying, racist Republicans should be in prison.

          1. greenlantern1 August 22, 2015

            Ever hear of Bernie Sanders?
            Ever hear of Elizabeth Warren?
            YOU WERE SAYING??

    3. idamag August 27, 2015

      Read my post above.

  7. paulyz August 20, 2015

    The National Memo “forgot” to mention that is was the Democrat Party that opposed the Civil Rights Act. Democrats seem to only attract voters by either giving them stuff from the Federal Government, or busing them to voting sites.

    1. kalpal August 20, 2015

      Ah yes, the another person who imagines that the racist Dixiecrats are in fact today’s Democrats. Is that due to poor education, willful ignorance or plain old lying? Can you point to a single Republican in office today who would dare to cast a ballot for voting rights for blacks or to do anything to aid the poor other than invite them to crawl off and die as far away as possible?

      1. FireBaron August 20, 2015

        That’s because they are so proud of the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a registered Republican – as were 90% of the registered Black voters in the South.
        Ever since Richard Nixon invoked his “Southern Strategy” the White/Black Democrat/Republican voter registration in the South has flipped, with the Republican party becoming the party of Southern White Segregationists.

        1. CrankyToo August 20, 2015

          Let’s not try to illuminate Paulyz. Let him continue to wallow in the dark with the other mushrooms.

          1. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

            How would you plan to do that with your one watt bulb? Mushrooms are fun.

          2. paulyz August 20, 2015

            Ewwwwww, so brilliant a comment.

          3. hicusdicus August 21, 2015

            I like mushrooms and if they are purple I really like them. You got any down there with you? How about an invite?

        2. kalpal August 20, 2015

          I think your statistics are fabricated.

          1. idamag August 27, 2015

            That is a pre-requisite to becoming a member of the t-party – you have to be a liar and not too bright. They don’t have to read and study. They have hate sites that reinforce their own bigotry to tell them what to think.

        3. kalpal August 20, 2015

          BTW what percentage of blacks managed to become registered voters in the South? Were the people who ran the registration drives Republicans? I think not.

          1. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

            There you go trying to think again. Every time you do that it gets you all upset.

          2. kalpal August 20, 2015

            Was born upset and will die that way now do give me a real vetted number such as 2% or was it 1%.

          3. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

            Its good to have been born, that way you will get a chance to die. We certainly would not want to miss a chance like that.

          4. kalpal August 20, 2015

            Its a sure bet. No gambling involved.

      2. paulyz August 20, 2015

        Yes, any Conservative will do more for Blacks or anyone than the Democrats had. Trillions more in debt yet even higher unemployment & food stamp usage under your wonderful Obama Socialism dependency. Stopping more Illegals from getting our jobs will also help Black employment, but they know they got the Black vote no matter what, but they need more of the Hispanic vote, because otherwise there is no way the Socialist failures can gatger up enough votes by their actions.

        1. kalpal August 21, 2015

          No conservative has ever helped anyone but himself.

          1. paulyz August 22, 2015

            What a kool-aid, sound-bite, general, idiotic statement that was!

          2. kalpal August 23, 2015

            Surely you can disprove it by showing the world the inherent benevolence the RW demonstrates and all the good works that are attributed to RW watching out for the majority electorate in any nation it rules?

          3. idamag August 27, 2015

            Clarify that as today’ people who call themselves Republican.

        2. pisces63 August 21, 2015

          No conservative will or has done anything for me and mine. They stopped my parents from getting a mortgage. They stopped my parents from getting a small business loan.
          Two important democrats allowed my parents to buy their home on a land grant and fronted my parents their startup money. They tried and succeeded in stopping blacks from going to college. They would not allow blacks into their neighborhoods.
          They are trying to stop our voting. I registered in 1970 and did not need an ID and don’t, now. Period. No one in my family has been given anything. We worked hard for it. The former democrats were the ones who were on the confederate side. When civil rights was first gaining traction, in the ‘40’s, Strom Thurmond and Jessie Helms created their own party, The Dixiecrats in 1948 because they were against integration, education, voting rights, etc. Once Johnson ‘betrayed’ their long time hatred and bigotry towards blacks, Catholics and Jews, he said he had lost the south and he had. It took a few decades but the poison trickled down until they are now solidly republican. When Jessie Helms and Strom Thurmond died, they were REPUBLICANS. I am sick of hearing the word socialists, also. You haven’t a clue as to what one is. USSR, formerly known as and Cuba. They did not do well. Still aren’t.
          Yet, a person voting is not socialism. A person getting a decent pay/benefits is not socialism. A right to choose is not socialism. Most of all, every citizen getting much needed healthcare is not socialism but allotting up to $1 billion a year to states like Ohio, to reimburse doctors and hospitals for the indigent, definitely
          is. Denial of those rights is communism. They had no rights at all and the right continually tries to curtail all democratic rights listed under the
          constitution. It became socialism when a
          black man ran and won twice. Civil
          rights was socialism. Integration was
          socialism. Governors standing before a
          college to prevent entry by blacks. Why
          is it anything against the white status quo is socialism? THAT was when the right declared their war on
          voters who were not republican. They said it. Read it. Tried to do it by changing registration cards and throwing them away or purging systems and ridding themselves of legally registered voters, can we say Florida under Jeb? I no more think a Rubio or Carson has a chance with the right than a snowball in hell.
          I remember Ken Blackwell, here, in Ohio.
          They threw him under the bus so fast, it was hilarious on the day of reckoning, election day. Or the Young lady in Utah, they voted in the democrat after allllll that raving and fawning
          over her. She, to her credit, eventually got there but….really?

        3. greenlantern1 August 21, 2015

          The Food For Belgium program was overseen by Herbert Hoover!

          1. paulyz August 22, 2015

            Where did you dig that useless info up, searching google all day?

          2. greenlantern1 August 23, 2015

            Are the pictures, of him shaking hands with Hitler, also useless?

    2. greenlantern1 August 20, 2015

      Ever hear of free stuff for REPUBLICAN “corporate welfare”?
      Ever see blisters on Donald Trump’s hands?

      1. hicusdicus August 20, 2015

        Speaking of hands. Do you know why a guy should never go out with a girl with big hands??????????? and with blisters, no way.

      2. paulyz August 20, 2015

        I believe it is the Democrats that are bigger beneficiaries of special interest money than Republican. But that isn’t even the point, it is the entire Democrat/Socialist & the Establishment RINOS that are obligated & influenced by special interest money. Trump won’t be infkuenced by special interest money, he doesn’t need it. Why Cobservatives like him.

        1. greenlantern1 August 21, 2015

          Bush, not Obama, golfed with his comrade, Vladimir Putin!
          Putin’s oil wells were built by the Koch brothers!
          Trump declared bankruptcy 4 times!
          Who owns him?
          Silverado was a bank.
          The bank president was a brother of JEB.
          It went bankrupt.
          Who profited?

          1. idamag August 27, 2015

            Bush held hands with a Muslim.

    3. RED August 20, 2015

      As usual, a heaping helping of stupidity you’ve brought. First, they didn’t forget to mention Democrats opposed civil rights in the 60’s, we all know this especially current democrats. But unlike you we are not stupid and recognize that 50 years ago the parties were quite different, it’s only moron Cons who think things never change. Second “busing them to voting sites?” Who are them? Who exactly do you mean moron? Second, so what if someone rides a bus to go vote? Does that make their vote less important or not count? I’m not gonna either bother addressing the stupidity of your “free stuff” ignorance, I suspect you happily took your free stuff tax deductions on your last tax return, I mean if you filed one statistically Cons are the poorest in the nation and are usually free loaders.

      1. paulyz August 20, 2015

        Where did you see that information about Democrats oppising the Civil Rights Act in this article, but you are certainly correct in how things change. We have seen Obama’s changes & we have seen how the Democrat Party became the Democrat-Socialist Party, how the Democrats have over 70 American Communist Party memvers in Congress, how they have Socialist Bernie Sanders running for President of the “new” Democrat-Socialist Party, how now they don’t even deny they are Socialists, where before they called people that claimed that, Right Wing Wackos, but niw it has become crystal clear how far left the Democrats have veered. Most likely Obama gave all the Leftie nut-jobs renewed energy to force their Socialism on everyone else.

        What, you have never seen busloads of Democrats that never cared to vote or register before, come to the polls in busloads, many times given meals, money, etc., and cause long lines to register that day? Or motor-voter? Anything to trump up votes from people that never cared or even know the issues, just thst the Democrats might “give” them something. (Free-Stuff deductions? Now you really show your bias and jealously. People like me pay way more than necessary vecause of Liberal losers like you, and getting a deduction from high taxation is hardly free-stuff.

        1. RED August 20, 2015

          Wow!! You are some kind of special stupid, aren’t ya? Your frigging own ignorant comment mentioned Democrats opposing Civil Rights!!! Why am I not surprised? I guess cause I know the Con sickness turns you stupid and just rots your brain and soul if you have a soul, most Cons do not. You are truly the lowest level of scum the U.S. could create, your ignorance is astounding, your self aggrandizement is amazing although hardly surprising from the depths of your ignorance. You and your Con sickness kind are truly a blight on humanity and will brighten our future as such vile people leave this Earth. Your descriptions of “busloads of Democrats” is quite clear, you’re a shameful waste of air. My God, it’s hard to believe how you can get so ignorant. How?? How’d you get that ignorant? How do you know whether these “busloads of Democrats” “never cared to vote or register before”? You track there voting record or their history? Why not just admit what you really mean, you sick ignorant moron? Come on say it, we all know what you mean, come just tell the truth. You’re already got a spot reserved in hell, so just say what you mean. People like you pay nothing, you’re far too ignorant and stupid to be any kind of asset to either a society or an employer. I suspect you actually have no idea what taxes are or could possibly understand a tax return, you’re clearly a drop out, from both school and reality. And although I hate to sound like most of the lying ignorant Cons on here, I can assure you could never come close to the wealth I have, NEVER, MORON, not in three life times. But you’re right, I sure don’t pay much in taxes as a percentage my wealth, capital gains and all. But I guarantee, you couldn’t spell the numbers of my tax payments. But I guess that’s not saying much, cause you’re kind of a moron.

          1. paulyz August 20, 2015

            Fun to see a pissed-off Libtard ranting to cover up when they know they lost an argument, ha, ha, haaaaa. So you are one of theee elite, 1 percenter Libtards then, excuuuuuse me Mr. Moneybags. Hope you enjoy paying for all the dependent persons with your taxes.

          2. paulyz August 20, 2015

            NO, your 1st. paragraph stated thet the article “didn’t forget to mention Democrats opposed civil rights in the 60’s. Liars have trouble remembering their own BS.

          3. idamag August 27, 2015

            It just might be that the former Republican Party has become such that it attracts those of double-digit I.Q.s and criminal minds.

        2. Insinnergy August 20, 2015

          The irony here is that Democracy means one person one vote.
          It does not mean “Stop bussing people to the polls”.
          You’re opposing your own democracy, you idiot.
          You cannot enjoy your Democracy then ask that certain people not be allowed to vote. Overtly or implied.

          1. paulyz August 22, 2015

            Who said ANYTHING about not allowing anyone to vote? The point was, the Democrats CAN’T get enough people to vote for them unless they bus them, or “give” them stuff, that others pay for. DUHHH!

          2. idamag August 27, 2015

            Exactly what is wrong with bussing people to the polls? I would be happy to see that some elderly or disabled person got to the polls. It is not a crime to provide transportation, but paulyz lies not matter how he spells it.

        3. pisces63 August 21, 2015

          You insult us with that bus load crap. My church has an outreach to it’s elderly members. MY mom just turned 88 and is a retired precinct judge. She has voted from the time she and my dad could after moving up north from Louisiana.
          There are members of my church from the old jim crow south who registered proudly to vote and always voted.
          No matter what the issue or year. They voted. They honored that right and thrived in it. As they grew older, I have been a member since 5 and I am now, 66, they are in hospices, assisted living or are shut ins. Their way to church is our busses. Their way to doctors’ appointments are our busses. They have that one Sunday when all are at church to vote en masse. There are fewer and fewer of them as time goes by but you have proven my point about conservatives, even our elderly should not have that right…..still. I have voted for many republicans over the years, as of 2008, I will never vote for another for anything, including dog catcher.

          1. paulyz August 22, 2015

            How did I insult you or anyone that voted legally on their own? I am just reporting what I actually seen, long lines of people off busses to register & vote for Obama, as well as many other news articles on this fact. Helping some elderly to the polls is a different matter.

        4. Grannysmovin August 21, 2015

          This is what your lord your god had to say:

          1. paulyz August 22, 2015

            As long as all the votes are from Legal & alive persons.

          2. Grannysmovin August 23, 2015

            Same old song and dance from you – research it your voter fraud claims are a fraud.

          3. idamag August 27, 2015

            Above I have copied a news release.

    4. @HawaiianTater August 20, 2015

      The moment someone tries pretend the Dixiecrats of yesteryear did not evolve into the modern day Republicans, they have proven themselves too stupid to converse with.

      1. paulyz August 20, 2015

        Lmao, another excuse to try & defend Liberalism & failure.

        1. @HawaiianTater August 20, 2015

          Dixiecrats switching sides and becoming the modern day Republican party is a simple statement of fact. Anyone who denies that is a delusional jackass. Contrary to popular conservative belief, one cannot simply lie about the past until history actually changes.

          1. paulyz August 22, 2015

            How does that alter the fact that liberalism has been a dismal failure? (JACKASS), hey, using tolerant words are fun!

          2. @HawaiianTater August 23, 2015

            You’re so stupid that you cannot even comprehend that at no point did I ever try to defend or even mention liberalism. That’s only further proof of the delusional fantasy world you find yourself living in. All I have done here is point out that Southern Dixiecrats switched sides and became the modern day Republican party and that you are a blithering idiot. Both of which are 100% true.

            Dixiecrats: any of the Southern Democrats who seceded from the party in 1948 in opposition to its policy of extending civil rights.

            The Dixiecrats were white supremacist Southerners who got pissed off about the civil rights laws and switched sides. They didn’t want segregation and wanted to keep Jim Crow laws. When you try to blast Democrats by saying they opposed civil rights laws, you are in reality blasting the people who turned Republican so they could continue being racist jackasses. You think you are being clever but in reality, through your own ignorance, you are unintentionally making conservatives look even worse. It is rather hilarious.

    5. Grannysmovin August 21, 2015

      What you fail to recognize that was the Democratic Party of yesterday, they evolved and became the Democratic Party of today and look to solve problems of today and tomorrow. As opposed to those in your party that keep wanting to return to the 19th and 20th Century.

      “A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward.” ~Franklin D.Roosevelt

      1. paulyz August 22, 2015

        We’re talking about the 60’s that the Democrats opposed civil rights, not all that long ago. The only way they “evolved” is by becoming even more socialist & devisive.

        1. Grannysmovin August 23, 2015

          You are as always talking about the past. The Republican party in the 60’s was a party with individuals who understood compromise, respected their fellow man and was much more inclusive. That was the past and today they are the party spewing hate, fear, intolerance and faux Christian values.

          “Politics is like driving. To go backward put it in R. To go forward put it in D.” Source Unknown

      2. idamag August 27, 2015

        What he fails to note is that the southern states actually take over parties and degrade them. It was the Democratic Party after the Emancipation Proclamation and the Republican Party after the Civil Rights Act. The parties can be infiltrated by thugs.

  8. greenlantern1 August 20, 2015

    I am native born!
    I am a Caucasian!
    I am a male!
    I USED to be a Republican.
    I am NOT a butterfly!
    I am not a hanging chad!
    I am an American!
    Does my vote count?

    1. paulyz August 22, 2015

      No, just like the votes of our military overseas weren’t counted.

      1. greenlantern1 August 23, 2015

        Who did the counting?
        Who CLAIMED to have the military vote?

  9. tdm3624 August 20, 2015

    I don’t agree with the states limiting access to the polls but the answer is to vote, in spite of the obstacles, and demand change. Elect the type of representatives who will change the elections laws in their county/state.

  10. Stephanie Michalski August 21, 2015

    when you have few hrs of spare time, there ís a simple method that can allow you to get some quíck $ on weekly basis – learn how by vìsìtìng línk listed on my dísqus profìle ( important: make sure to act now cause thìs link will probably be available for a lìmited time while here )

  11. idamag August 27, 2015

    Stephanie Michalski is a scam. If people would quit falling for them, there wouldn’t be any.

  12. idamag August 27, 2015

    Fulton County, Georgia admitted to illegally disenfranchising and misleading voters in the 2008 and 2012 elections in a settlement this month. For more than two dozen violations of state law — including improperly rejecting eligible ballots and sending voters to the wrong precincts — the county will pay a fine of $180,000. To make sure the problems do not continue in the future, the county has promised to spend an additional $200,000 on new training software for their poll workers.

    The county, which includes Atlanta, has a heavily African American voting population and leans progressive, voting overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008 and 2012. As detailed in the new settlement, county elections officials misinformed the precincts of who was coming to vote and when, failed to provide absentee ballots to voters who requested them, and failed to put voters who registered on time on the rolls, among other violations. The head of Fulton County’s elections office was fired last year, which she credits to her refusal to cover up the improper purging of voters in 2012.

    Yet the problems facing voters of color in Georgia are not confined to Fulton County. When neighboring DeKalb County, another stronghold of African American Democrats, opened an early voting location in a popular mall, Georgia State Senator Fran Millar (R) publicly lamented that “this location is dominated by African American shoppers and it is near several large African American mega churches.” He later added, “I would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters.”

    Last year, during a tight race for an open Senate seat, more than 40,000 newly registered voters — most of them young, low-income, and black — vanished from the rolls. When voting rights groups sued the state and several counties to force them to process the registrations, the Secretary of State instead accused the groups of committing voter fraud — a move the NAACP and other civil rights groups saw as an attempt to scare them away from future voter registration drives.h

    1. charleo1 August 27, 2015

      What’s done in the dark of night will eventually be revealed in the sunrise. I truly believe that. And as evidence, just look at the ringer the Republicans are in right now, as a result of their lying, and scamming to their own supporters. Making false promises they never intended to keep. Lying about the facts. Blaming their failures on others, only to have to deny the evidence. Obamacare did not wreck the economy. Insurance premiums went down, and not thru the roof. Doctors are not retiring by the thousands. Shutting down the government in order to force President Obama to agree to repeal the law, was nothing but a put up sham. Iraq was a failure. Voter fraud is a lie. The debt is slowing, not getting rapidly worse. As raising taxes on the top incomes did not kill jobs. Deregulation tanked the economy, and allowed the thieves into the public treasury. And all the money now siting idle at the top of a wage stagnant economy, ain’t never trickling down. Now all that amounts to a lot of lying to your own team. And for every lie they’ve told, makes three more they’ll need to tell, as the truth finds it’s way to the light. And all the hate, lies, and venom they’ve spewed for all these long years, is now turned upon them. Proving once again there is much truth to found even today in that Good Book. “So verily I say, if thou shall sow the wind, thy shall surely reap the whirlwind.”

      1. idamag August 28, 2015

        Your Biblical quote is apt.

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