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America Takes A Knee, As Pro Sports Pushes Back Hard Against Trump Slander

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America Takes A Knee, As Pro Sports Pushes Back Hard Against Trump Slander


Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.


After Donald Trump insulted black athletes from both the NBA and NFL this week, big names in pro sports are pushing back hard against the president’s insults.

This story began long before President Trump took office, but as is his fashion, Trump has put himself squarely at the center of the controversy.

In August 2016, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during an NFL game, igniting one of the biggest political stories in sports in years. At a rally Friday night in Alabama, President Trump urged NFL owners to, “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now!”

This morning, President Trump upped the ante with a series of tweets.


In an overseas game in London, players began the game by taking a knee.

In MLB baseball, a rookie player on the Oakland Athletics took a knee.

And last night, at the Global Citizens Concert in New York, Stevie Wonder took a knee for America.

As Sunday NFL games begin across the nation, and the concurrent NBA controversy surrounding the Golden State Warriors’ now-canceled visit to the White House morph together, this story is only going to get bigger and bigger and bigger.


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  1. FireBaron September 25, 2017

    As a Veteran, I firmly believe that what I did for twelve years supports the rights of these players to express their displeasure with how the government treats people who are “different” from them. The First Amendment is not restricted to only friends of Teflon Donnie, and as we have seen, Jerry Jones is the only NFL team owner who has expressed complete support for TD. Not all owners have effectively flashed him “the bird” ala Bob Kraft, but I suspect more will as the season progresses.
    Just think, if only the New Jersey Generals and the rest of the USFA hadn’t collapsed thanks to TD’s arrogance.

    1. ps0rjl September 25, 2017

      I as a Vietnam veteran and a Marine, fully support these players’ right to protest at the playing of the National Anthem. Also we hardly need lessons on patriotism from a man who as a young man suddenly acquired “bone spurs” to avoid serving in Vietnam.

      1. JPHALL September 25, 2017

        Isn’t it amazing that his “bone spurs” disappeared once he got his deferment? I guess playing team tennis in college is more important than serving your country.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 26, 2017

        When it comes to experience about serving one’s country and of patriotism, Trump supporters and others should learn to pay attention to the opinions of those such as you and “FireBaron”, and to ignore a dotard and coward like Donald John Trump.

        1. ps0rjl September 26, 2017

          Thank you. I am tired of people hauling out the old canard about disrespecting our veterans. Veterans are a mixture of many opinions just like everyone else.

  2. latebloomingrandma September 25, 2017

    Let’s see—kneeling on one knee during the National Anthem as a peaceful protest to inequality of how some citizens are treated vs the leader of the country as possibly engaged in treasonous activity , consorting with the Russian mob, laundering money, and who knows what. Who is dissing the country?? For all the hype that the right abhors political correctness, it’s a real bitch to them when the lefties are politically incorrect. Trump is giving the country a collective giant migraine.
    Mr. Mueller—-please put us out of our misery soon…..

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 25, 2017

    Colin’s right to protest in the manner he chose has exposed the dangerous hypocrisy and demented attitude of so many Americans. The hypocrisy is best described as the conscious decision of those Americans to exalt the flag and nationalism as co-equal with God.

    This bizarre and disturbing form of polytheism is unheard of in the annals of humankind’s existence, and demonstrates how warped so many in America—and elsewhere in the world who would apotheosize nationalism—have become. Polytheism was long ago stigmatized by Abraham, Moses in His Ten Commandments, by Muhammad who used the Arabic term “Kaffiroon” to describe those who join partners with God, and most recently in copious forms of description by Baha’u’llah.

    The row over protesting America’s embracing racialism and its practice(racism) goes back to the 60’s, when the media and many in America rained down a torrent of derision on the two sprinters, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, for raising their fists at the medals ceremony in the ’68 Olympics.

    Neither Trump, the rally-goers at Trump’s rant session, and others in America are able to comprehend the level of resentment which has been rising since then.

  4. 1Zoe55 September 25, 2017

    tRUMP always appears before his base of deplorable racists and religious nuts. tRUMP is too much of a coward (remember the bone spurs) to appear before a New York audience or even better a Harlem audience where his rear end would be booed off the stage. Thanks to the veteran who posted on this site that freedom of speech and protest are the principles he fought for. Again, thank you.

    1. ChristineMBrown September 26, 2017

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  5. Keith F. Golembiewski September 25, 2017

    Trump is RIGHT. NFL & any other Players that have NO Respect should not be Hired by any Franchise. America is FIRST always. I will BOYCOTT all of you until you find another way to protest. This is NOT about race, it is about RESPECT of our Flag & our Nation. Get IT ????

    1. Wrily September 25, 2017

      Thanks, Keith, for the comic relief.

    2. latebloomingrandma September 25, 2017

      No, I don’t get it. Our flag is a symbol, not a sacred object to be idolized. It stands for. our freedoms and rights and democracy, which is often loud and messy. If a citizen feels that our country is exhibiting unequal treatment or opportunities to some of our citizens, then we have a right to express or complain. The flag, representing the country, if protested against, says something major needs to be fixed. Taking a knee during the pledge or anthem is a nonviolent way to protest an injustice. Our troops fought for this freedom, not a cloth, beautiful as it is. Shutting this ability down is what dictators and banana republics do.
      Think this through, rather than just saying what viscerally may feel good.

      1. Wrily September 25, 2017

        Asking Keith to think anything through is giving him more credit than he is due.

    3. Johnny five September 25, 2017

      I’m with you. I saw that no one walked out with the Pittsburgh football player that was a 3 time combat veteran. No one ! He was the only hero on the field. He stood alone. Now that was sad. Our President stands with his troops..

      1. Wrily September 25, 2017

        The President is a draft dodger and a coward.

        1. Johnny five September 27, 2017

          And Obama served ? Obama hates America. We live in the greatest nation on earth. Maybe those rich football players can go down into the deprived areas and lend a helping hand , but no they will never do that! We are all slaves to the rich.

      2. ps0rjl September 25, 2017

        NO, our President is a draft-dodging coward. He had a chance when he was a young man to serve his country and what did he do? He found a doctor who would get him an exemption with “bone spurs.”

  6. FT66 September 25, 2017

    Didn’t Trump go to Alabama to campaign for his fellow republican? Where did the attack of football players come from then? Good leaders always avoid to bring politics into sports and vice versa.

  7. Dapper Dan September 25, 2017

    I was very proud of both my home team the Seahawks as well as their rival yesterday the Titans staying in their locker rooms during the National Anthem. No they’re not being unpatriotic but quite the opposite and showing their fans that the President is supposed to protect Americans rights which includes the right to protest. You demand allegiance and loyalty you will get blowback. This isn’t Nazi Germany or Russia and as Americans we’ll resist until Dotard Donnie is gone for good

  8. TZToronto September 25, 2017

    I find it interesting that some in America are complaining about NFL players’ protests on the basis that they make millions playing football. Why, the nerve! They get so much money for playing a game (and getting their bodies and brains broken in the process). Why should they protest when they themselves are not suffering the abuses they protest (well, except those players who get stopped by police while driving around in their upscale cars)? It reminds me of the attitude of America’s slave owners who complained about their ungrateful slaves. ” Hey, we paid good money for these slaves! They get free food and a place to live and the grace of God that they were missing back in their heathen days [sic] back in Africa. We’re civilizing these creatures, and they have the nerve to detest us and their wonderful existence! Why, the ingrates!” Of course, slave owners had a remedy for slaves who overtly displayed their satisfaction with their condition. I’ll bet that Trump and his followers think that solution to the problem was pretty good.

    1. Johnny five September 25, 2017

      I pay good money to watch a game, not watch some cry baby’s on one knee. Tim Tewbow would get on one knee and you stupid people would never leave him alone. This free speech should go both ways. Do not disrespect Our flag. It has been draped over many dead men and women serving their country. They served to keep our flag flying and many died for it. Your nothing but a bunch of losers!!!

      1. TZToronto September 25, 2017

        I really don’t have a problem with people–players, fans, or you–standing when the national anthem is played. On the other hand, I don’t really know why it’s necessary to play the national anthem at the start of a sports event or why parading the colors should be a part of the pre-game ceremonies. Of course, one wonders why the dead men and women you speak of gave their lives if other people in this country would deny football, basketball, or baseball players the right to express their feelings about what they see as injustice. You may recall that part of the First Amendment refers to petitioning government for the redress of grievances. You may also have noticed that the petitions made by black people to redress their grievances, especially being targeted and killed by police, have generally been ignored. So what is one to do when the expression of one’s rights is ignored by government? Where can one turn when the people who have the authority and the power to remedy the source of the grievance dismiss both the injustice and the grievance? It is the callous person who sees injustice and says, as you have, “I don’t care.” Enjoy your football games.

        1. Johnny five September 25, 2017

          O I care. Their are some very corrupt police and I don’t believe in code of silence. All corrupt cops should be prosecuted to the fullest extension of the law. I go to a football game to get away from the stresses of life just for a few hours. Everyone has first amendment rights or should have , but not at your place of employment.

          1. TZToronto September 25, 2017

            I’m glad that you care. Really. That shows that you are not a heartless person. If you saw Ken Burns’ “Baseball,” you probably noted two themes that ran throughout the nine episodes–labor vs. management, and racism. What fans saw on the field was a baseball game. What we see now was an exploitative, unjust system that kept ballplayers tied to their teams to restrict players’ salary demands and a system that purposefully kept talented black players segregated in their own, even-more-poorly-paid league for the sole reason that they were black. (Were owners, a mercenary bunch, afraid that black players make white players look less skilled? Were they afraid that racist fans would stay away from games in droves?) The Boston Red Sox were the last major league team to integrate–in 1959, twelve years after Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. Would you say that the segregationist Red Sox management should have been immune from criticism for their views on race? And what about the Boston Marathon? It wasn’t until 1967 that women were allowed to run, and even that first woman, Kathrine Switzer, was harassed as she ran in the race. The point I am trying to make is that sport is not immune from social controversy and has been a venue for protest of one sort or another for as long as anyone can remember. I agree that police treatment itself has nothing to do with football–but neither does a flag ceremony of the playing of the national anthem. If the flag and the anthem are seen as symbols of America, it is the right of those participating in the games to object to what they see as hypocrisy.

        2. Johnny five September 27, 2017

          There is injustice all over the world, people of all col

  9. notafoxfan September 25, 2017

    mr trump and his group of supporters, have tried to make this incident a matter of disrespecting the American flag,our democracy, and our men and women in uniform… it was not..the whole point was to show solidarity and unity as american citizens,for injustices and ignorance,most recently renewed by what happened in Charlottesville, and mr trumps response..what mr trump is doing,with his comments and his tweets, is an attempt to appeal to his “base” of supporters,and to divert attention away from more pressing issues such as the health care bill,north korea, and the ever present issue of Russian interference in our voting process..his denials of dealings with Russia (becoming more and more evident)and the facts coming out is the truly “unpatriotic” act..

    1. latebloomingrandma September 25, 2017

      He’s, a master of manipulating the news cycle and deflection away from the Real issues of governing. He should be worried about Puerto Rico, TX, and FL.

    2. Johnny five September 25, 2017

      Ha Granny, why would you support a rapist Bill Clinton and his traitor wife Hillary Pussface Clinton.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 25, 2017

        You have a problem with impotence. Why else would you be so fascinated with Bill Clinton’s mistake, and at the same time be titillated by Trump’s assertion of grabbing women by their genitals. It must excite you to replay Donald’s morbid nature and depravity in your tiny mind, nonstop.

        1. Johnny five September 27, 2017

          I see how stupid you are limp dick. Bill Clinton is a rapist and Pussface Hillary stood up for him and down graded the women,what a disgrace to women’s rights as she claimed to support. You don’t have a clue port-a-Potty.

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 25, 2017

    As noxious a character as Donald with his childish tweets, and cowardice by attacking athletes behind the safety of obnoxious crowds, he is serving a role he and his fans are totally unaware of.

    In some mysterious way, and there are those who may feel discomfort with this conjecture, Donald is serving a useful role in helping to awake humanity from centuries-old deep sleep on the issue of Race and Racism. No other event in the secular and social arena of humanity has had such a galvanizing effect on so many for the time being. The challenge is how do we build on this, how do we arrange to have conversations in our homes with friends and strangers, to have a heart-felt conversation on Race and how to achieve “Race Amity”.

    The term “Race Amity” was chosen by Abdu’l Baha during his 1912 visit to America at an advanced age, having recently been released from imprisonment by the Ottoman Empire and its despotic Sultan, and prideful princes who outnumbered the fleas on a a camel.

    By exhorting the nascent Baha’i Community in America to take up the challenge of stirring the collective conscience of their fellow citizens to embrace the “Oneness of Humankind” through the holding of Race Amity Conferences and to engage friends in conversations to slowly transform hearts. Now more than ever is the time to increase this activity, and thanks to Trump we have an added incentive to refute all he represents and encourages to the detriment of American Society.

    This is an effort I and other Baha’is across the nation have been given as a mandate, and carry out in our own way and according to each person’s strengths, without regard for how uncomfortable this may be, to embark on tackling a “Most Challenging Issue”.

  11. johninPCFL September 26, 2017

    Interesting that he ignites the controversy and back=pages the stories about Jar-jar and “daughter-wife” Ivanka using private servers for government business.

    Where were the “lock them up” chants during the weekend’s Alabama worship meeting?

  12. PatrickHenry September 26, 2017

    Knee or no knee, FANS pay good money to watch FOOTBALL, Not political BS. Protest on YOUR time, not OURS. Looks like President Obama did a good job of racial division during his 8 years.


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