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Appeals Court Rejects Pence Order Barring Syrian Refugees As Discriminatory

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Appeals Court Rejects Pence Order Barring Syrian Refugees As Discriminatory

Mike Pence

By Timothy Mclaughlin

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the Republican nominee for U.S. vice president, lost another round in federal court on Monday in his bid to keep refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war from resettling in his state.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago affirmed a lower-court ruling that Pence’s order seeking to bar state agencies from helping the resettlement of Syrian immigrants discriminates against the refugees based on their national origin.

The setback for Pence comes a day before he is scheduled to debate the Democratic vice presidential nominee, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, on national television.

Pence was among more than 25 U.S. governors, mostly Republicans, who urged President Barack Obama to stop resettling refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war after November attacks by extremists in Paris that killed 130.

Critics of the resettlement program have argued that it leaves the United States vulnerable to infiltration by militants from Islamic State, also known as ISIS, which has seized vast swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq and claimed responsibility for attacks on civilians in Paris and elsewhere.

But Appeals Court Judge Richard Posner, writing for the three-judge panel that sided unanimously against Pence, said the governor’s assertions of a national security threat were presented “without evidence” and amounted to “nightmare speculation.”

All three appellate panel members are Republican appointees, including Judge Diane Sykes, who Pence’s running mate, Donald Trump, has said he would nominate to the U.S. Supreme Court if he wins the Nov. 8 presidential election.

A Pence spokeswoman, Kara Brooks, said the FBI and U.S. Homeland Security Department have acknowledged “security gaps” in screening of Syrian refugees. She also quoted a State Department spokesman who said last month that he “‘wouldn’t debate the fact that there’s the potential for ISIS terrorists to try to insert themselves’ into the refugee program.”

Pence’s order was blocked by a U.S. district judge in February after a court challenge brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and he appealed.

The ACLU welcomed the court’s ruling on Monday as upholding the group’s position that the governor “may not constitutionally or legally discriminate against a particular nationality of refugees that are extensively vetted by the federal government.”

Indiana has accepted 150 Syrian immigrants between Oct. 1, 2015, and Aug. 31, 2016, accounting for about 9 percent of all refugee arrivals in the state during that period, according to the State Department.

(Reporting by Timothy Mclaughlin; Editing by Andrew Hay)

IMAGE: Republican vice presidential nominee Indiana Governor Mike Pence speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 20, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst



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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 3, 2016

    Pence can’t help himself—He, Trump, and the majority of the GOP are hell-bent on being cruel and sadistic, with an egomaniac and a psychologically-certified narcissist as its standard bearer.

    1. Independent1 October 4, 2016

      First of all, I don’t particularly believe a word Kara Brooks says about what the FBI and Homeland Security supposedly told her about the vetting process of refugees (right-wingers these days have a propensity for fabricating the truth). And Brooks is clearly omitting to mention the fact that the vetting process for any refugees from terrorist prone countries is reasonably rigorous and the last I heard can take a number of years to complete at worse and at least 17 months at the very least. And even after all that time there’s no guarantees entry will be approved.

      With that kind of potential wait time (years) and with the added uncertainty, it’s only remotely likely that someone determined to be a terrorist would be willing to wait that long and at the end still not be certain of entry. Plus the added risk of possibly being found out during the vetting process that they are in some way involved with terrorism. Although it’s not impossible, it’s very unlikely terrorists would choose that route of entry to the U.S.

      It’s curious Pence hasn’t tried to institute a program that vets pregnant women in Indiana or established a tracking program for all new babies born in Indiana; as there’s a bigger likelihood that a newly born American in Indiana will grow up to be a criminal and possibly commit mass murder than there is of a terrorist infiltrating the refugees or immigrants entering our country via Indiana. Especially given Indiana’s very lax gun laws which are a very big factor in all the killings going on in Chicago (all forms of hoods in Chicago can run to gun-law lax Indiana, buy an AR-15 and be back in Chicago shooting someone almost within an hour).

      1. Daniel Jones October 4, 2016

        The man didn’t debate the *assertion* because he knew and told her straight up it was only that.

      2. FireBaron October 4, 2016

        Fabricating the truth? Hell, Indy, that’s putting it mildly. It almost looks like these clowns are letting Alex Jones write their press releases for them!

  2. Dominick Vila October 4, 2016

    The contrast between people in European countries demanding greater action by their governments in accepting more Syrian refugees trying to escape the horrors of a cruel civil war, that targets mostly civilians, schools, and hospitals; and a presidential candidate in the USA trying to keep them out of Indiana for fear that some of the women and infants that are desperately trying to survive, says more about who we are than any slogans or pretenses can say about ourselves.
    Why do people like Trump and Pence propose acts of cowardice like this? Because they know that their proposals to keep Muslims out of the USA, and deporting Mexicans, are the two most important elements in Trump’s presidential bid.

    1. Francesgconnolly October 4, 2016

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    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 4, 2016

      Yes, the contrast in sensibilities towards the plight of the refugees as shown by countless acts of generosity by a large number of Europeans is startling compared to the largely paranoid response of politicians and Conservative voters in America. Although there are plenty of exceptions in that spirit of empathy shown as evidenced by the likes of Brexit supporters, by Italian and French nativists, and German Right-Wingers, Europeans still by and large are far ahead in the sympathy department compared to their American counterparts. Governors Pence, LePage in Maine, and several conservative Congressmen in New England being prominent in the vanguard of the Scrooge Brigade.

      1. Dominick Vila October 4, 2016

        They are more than just scrooges. Cowardice, influenced by paranoia and prejudice cannot be ignored or condoned.

    3. Independent1 October 4, 2016

      Dominick, did you watch the VP debate? If so, what was your take? I watched for about 20 mins and was disappointed that although Kane pointed out some of Pence’s propaganda and some outright lies; he didn’t on some others which I feel left millions of Americans with misconceptions of a number of issues. Like most conservatives, Pence debates by spewing fabrications of reality one after another (sometimes so fast it’s hard to figure out which falsehood to try and rebut.)

      1. Dominick Vila October 5, 2016

        Kaine did not do a good job as an attack dog. He interrupted too much, looked upset, and placed too much emphasis on Trump attacks, neglecting issues important to voters.
        Fortunately, VP debates seldom have a major impact on the outcome of elections.

        1. Independent1 October 5, 2016

          Dominick, I got the same feeling watching the debate. But after seeing some videos in today’s list of Daily Kos stories, I’m starting to wonder if what Kaine did was actually the plan Hillary’s team had going into the debate.

          Maybe they’ve realized that it’s virtually impossible to effectively debate a right-winger who is going to deliberately spew one lie or fabrication of reality after another because there’s just no way to effectively rebut 5 lies a minute. Obama was faced with that in his debates with Romney and didn’t do well because, pathological liars will just rebut any issues you try to make in support of yourself, by fabricating a lie at the spur of the moment to make whatever points you may make in support of yourself and turn them into a negative for segments of the audience who aren’t 100% with you.

          So given some articles published by the DailyKos today, I’m thinking what Kaine did was by design – he purposely was not making a huge effort to honestly debate Pence, but rather his objective was to bait Pence into making as many lies as he could.

          I’m going to post here a couple videos the Clinton campaign has put together which make the most of bringing up Trump’s and Pence’s lies. See what you think.

          Here’s the first one:

          How Senator Tim Kaine ultimately won the Vice Presidential Debate in 34 seconds


        2. Independent1 October 5, 2016

          And here’s another:

          Already video pushback on Pence’s lies about Trump


          1. Dominick Vila October 6, 2016

            Pence lied repeatedly throughout the debate, but I doubt his supporters mind that. In fact, they are probably cheering him on.
            In the meantime, I have to finish getting ready for Mathew.

          2. Independent1 October 6, 2016

            All the best for weathering Matthew! Here’s hoping the hurricane stays a ways offshore so all you folks along the coast don’t get the brunt of its nasty winds and rain!

          3. Dominick Vila October 6, 2016


  3. bojimbo26 October 4, 2016

    Mikey , being Dickheads lapdog , has to do what Dickhead tells him to do .

    1. RED October 4, 2016

      You’re being too generous, Mikey was a scumbag dickhead long before he joined the Con ticket.

  4. Mama Bear October 4, 2016

    More of Pence’s good old Christian values.

    1. Dan S October 4, 2016

      Pence gives all good Christians a bad name. He certainly doesn’t reflect my values anymore than Trump does

  5. Dan S October 4, 2016

    I think upon reflection I will watch tonight’s VP Debate. We really need to know more about Pence since by a remote chance the GOP ticket wins he’ll likely be President. I believe that while Trump would be President he’d more likely get impeached sooner rather than later

    1. charleo1 October 4, 2016

      I understand. But what more do we really need to know about rattle snakes?

  6. charleo1 October 4, 2016

    I was trying the other day to decide which is more corrosive to our souls? The lies we convince ourselves are true, or the larger truths we ignore in order to accept the lies?
    I was listening to Mike Pence the other day. A man who holds himself out as a person who is especially fond of his “Christian Values.” (Sanctity of marriage-sanctity of life.)
    As he was flat out lying to Chuck Todd. Just as he lies to thousands on a weekly basis, about the vetting process of these Syrian refugees. How the Obama Administration’s open doors policy that Hillary “wants to expand tremendously.” Was allowing thousands of, “these people,” to enter the Country. (The current number being proposed by the Obama Adm. is 10,000.) How he’ll slam his door if they come to his State. Germany has accepted 500,000, impoverished Jordan, more than 2 million. The World Community as it turns out, has a big heart. And how “we,” meaning himself, and Trump’s Right Wing, had no idea who they were. Pence went on. If they were radical Muslim Jihadists?
    Or just, “Skittles,” As Mr. Trump Jr. calls them. That all will need to be submitted to an extreme vetting process! “They,” would include, as I’m sure the Governor knows, thousands of small, terrified children, and yes, along with their heart broken, and desperate parents. Seeking, begging, sanctuary, and relief from this hell on Earth they didn’t cause, and no human being deserves to be subjected to. But certainly not the children. The children the very pious Governor neglected to mention. Those least among us, who according to the very scripture he claims guides, and informs his every move, will sit at the Right Hand of God in the Kingdom that is Heaven. A place I hear with perhaps its own “extreme vetting processes.” That Mr. Pence, and every one of his supporters will seek to immigrant to one of these days. I wonder, what callous truths will sustain them there? What they will say in defense of the lies they convinced themselves of, and the gospel truths they can no longer dismiss, to those children of Syria, of Aleppo? Those that have perished, and those that will perish, if the will of Governor Pence is done on Earth? Or what those children might whisper in the ear of God, on that day as to the final disposition of the black, heartless soul of the false prophet? Or the Country that turned its back on God, and its own humanity, and gave him power?

    1. Oddworld October 4, 2016

      I saw a news report a few of weeks ago indicating the Canadian citizens were petitioning their government to allow the refugees in, as many as possible. The Canadian people are exited to bring them there and many are volunteering to open their homes and let the refugees live with them. I got choked up when I saw that story. What is wrong with this country?

      1. charleo1 October 4, 2016

        What’s wrong at least in part, has been Right Wing propagandist promoting ignorance, extreme nationalism, fanning fear of others, and calling for religious, and cultural purity. You know? All that politically incorrect crap they are all so proud of.

        1. Oddworld October 4, 2016

          That’s why we often refer to them as the American Taliban.
          Different religion, same mindset. Their just too damn stupid to see the comparison.

      2. Dominick Vila October 4, 2016

        I watched news on a foreign channel a few days ago that showed thousands of Hungarians demanding action by their government to expedite the migration of Syrian refugees.
        Trump, Pence, and the far right in general, stand alone in denying human beings asylum, ostensibly, because of unabashed cowardice, mixed with a heavy dose of prejudice.

        1. Oddworld October 4, 2016

          It breaks my heart when I witness people of other countries who are much closer to the problem figuratively and geographically who are willing to help. They have a much better understanding
          of what’s going on then the typical American yet they want to the shoulder burden. Amazing! By the way Dom, aren’t some of these
          refugees fellow Christians. I guess their just the wrong kind of Christians for the right-wing.

          1. Dominick Vila October 4, 2016

            Some of them are Coptic Christians. ALL of them are human beings, including small children, trying to survive.
            Considering some of the things far right zealots say, such as Anne Coulter acknowledging that she would be OK if Trump performs abortions in the White House, their Christian values seem to be something they are willing to trade for the advancement of a cult driven by fear bordering on paranoia, hate, xenophobia, and misogyny.

          2. Oddworld October 4, 2016

            Ann Coulter said that? Dom, we should give these wackos more attention then. The more they get the more they slip.

    2. Beethoven October 4, 2016

      A person who lies about another person with the intent of causing harm to the other person (either physical harm or simply harm to the other person’s reputation or standing in the community) is just as much a sinner and an evil person as one who rapes another person or murders another person.

    3. Independent1 October 4, 2016

      Did you watch any of the VP debate tonight? Pence kept up with one lie after another just like Romney did against Obama in 2012. Unfortunately, Kane didn’t point out some of the lies and so Pence reinforced the lies about Hillary and ISIS forming and a number of others which is totally unfortunate. If you watched the debate, what was your sense?

      1. charleo1 October 5, 2016

        Yes I did watch. If the debate had had a fact checker..If ever any discussion needed a fact checker. This one needed Mike Pence hooked up to a lie detector! I got what Kane was trying to do. And he did a pretty fair job of catching fish in a barrel. Making the case of Trump’s being wholly unfit to be President. Hammering away on Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns. Trump as being this supposedly big successful businessman, and yet losing so much money, his write offs leave him paying no taxes for almost 20 years! His mysterious, and who knows how deep business ties to Russian entities that could effect his decisions as President. All of which could make a lot of sense to the person that hasn’t been paying any attention. Doesn’t know what a status of forces agreement is, or why ISIS began. Couldn’t pick out Iran, Iraq, or Syria on a map, on a bet. And so, make up that 5-7% of mostly disinterested, could not care less people, who are still undecided. And if they voted, would be capable of moving the needle in one direction or another. But the fact is, barring any last minute deal breakers, this campaign is over. Minds are made up. And much like my yelling at the T.V. there isn’t a thing you, or I, Tim Kane, or Mike Pence could have done, or said, that is going to change this thing in any appreciable way.

        1. Independent1 October 5, 2016

          For a change, it looks like the Dems may actually be doing something to throw Trump’s and Pence’s lies back in their face.

          See these articles from the DailyKos this afternoon and even this first one from Newsmax about a lot of negativism from Pence’s offhand comment about Mexicans:

          ‘That Mexican Thing’: Pence’s Debate Retort Goes Viral

          Breaking News at Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/pence-debate-retort-viral/2016/10/05/id/751856/#ixzz4MGi45KnC

          Urgent: Do You Back Trump or Hillary? Vote Here Now!

          And from the DailyKos:

          How Kaine won the debate in 34 seconds


          Pushback on Pence’s lies about Trump


          Hillary hits Pences with reminders of …. Pence


  7. 1Zoe55 October 4, 2016

    My question to Pence is this: what do we as a nation do about white boys who are raised in trailer parks, have access to guns, enter a church filled with real Christians who accept this boy and then murders them? The police who arrested this Dylan Roof actually treated him with kindness, buying him a hamburger. My point is that I am more afraid of the gun owners like Roof than of any Muslim refugees. Pence, you are no Christian.

    1. Jon October 4, 2016

      It’s funny to me who qualifies as a Christian today. I watched Trump’s speech to the Values Voters in DC a few weeks ago and was appalled to see them just as rabid as Trump supporters at his rallies. What kind of Christian values do these people have? What twisted version of the Bible are they using? All of the so-called Christian churches and organizations that have endorsed him must practice some very warped version of Christianity. On the lighter side Trump has provided a few moments of laughs whenever he tries to act pious around both real Christians and Trump Christians. He is a master at deception but just can’t pull off feigned piety very well. It was amusing to learn that one of the few, maybe the only, book of the Bible he could name was “Two Corinthians”. I had never heard 2nd Corinthians called Two Corinthians before. I guess that means that 1st Corinthians is One Corinthians in Trumpworld.

      1. Beethoven October 4, 2016

        Most “Christians” are no more true Christians than Hitler or Mussolini. And most “Christians” know about as much about the Bible or Christianity as the average second-grader knows about American history or astronomy.

        1. Jon October 4, 2016

          Sad but true. One thing I notice is that many can recite scripture but either don’t understand it or are incapable of applying biblical teachings to their lives. If you can’t put into practice what Jesus teaches, you do a disservice to all Christians if you call yourself a Christian.

        2. useyourindoorvoice October 5, 2016

          And I find it really sad that those that are actually Christian and live the teachings they believe in are silent. They literally sit back and allow these hateful, racist, bigoted, evil people to completely high jack their bible, their God and their teachings. Guilt and accountably are funny things. Even in our legal system what you don’t do sometimes makes you as guilty as the person that actually does it. Is it any wonder that the younger generations are fleeing organized religion by the thousands.

    2. Independent1 October 4, 2016

      Exactly. New babies born in Indiana today, are more likely to grow up and be mass murderers than any refugee or immigrant that now moves to Indiana. Immigrants are almost 10 times less likely to commit a crime as a native-born American is; and refugees are vetted extensively already for around two years before they are even considered for entry to America.

  8. Oddworld October 4, 2016

    I’m Happy to see these Republican appointed judges didn’t play politics. I don’t know what their personal feelings are regarding the situation but they were correct to follow the law.

    1. PrecipitousDrop October 4, 2016

      Good judges tend to do that — no matter who appointed them.

      1. Oddworld October 4, 2016

        Someone better explain that to Pence. The debate tonight out to be a real hoot.

        1. Independent1 October 4, 2016

          My concern is that many watching the debate may come away with the notion Pence won because like Romney he got away with making what many may have thought were valid negative points against Hillary and Obama because of lies and half truths.

          Although Kaine rebutted some of Pence’s falsehoods, he didn’t pick up on several of them like Pence kept blaming Hillary and Obama for not extending the stay of our troops in Iraq – thereby being responsible for the growth of ISIS; When that is a lie because the pull-out date was negotiated by Bush and Obama actually tried to extend the pullout but the Iraqi legislature kept refusing to accept any extension recommendations the Obama Administration made.

          1. Oddworld October 5, 2016

            Maybe. Unless most people who watched decide not to do any fact checking you could be right. I can’t declare a winner from tonight but based on honesty Kaine came out way ahead. Your second paragraph brings up a compelling point but I can tell you exactly what the rebuttal will be. They’ll say that once Obama became president it became his war, his rules. The GOP has said it before so there is no reason to believe they would change that narrative. Personally, I agree entirely with you but if the GOP thinks the lie is effective they’re going to run with it. Let us hope enough Americans disagree with them.

          2. useyourindoorvoice October 5, 2016

            Actually Kaine did cover that quite well. Pence just ignored it and kept lying.

          3. dbtheonly October 5, 2016

            But in the great laugh of the day, the more Pence “wins”, the worse he looks to Mr. Trump. Trump didn’t win. So, by winning, Pence shows up the boss. The more Pence is seen to win the debate, the less convincing Trump’s complaints about polls sounds.

            So the more he wins the more he loses.

      2. Oddworld October 5, 2016

        Did you notice Pence tried to play that down during the debate?

        1. PrecipitousDrop October 5, 2016

          Yes. When Pense left Catholicism for the Dark Side of evangelical dominionism, he found a “justification” for Islamophobia.
          Pense is a nasty piece of work. Indiana enacted a Gay Ban long before North Carolina ever thought of it. He has signed legislation requiring burial or cremation of fetal tissue.
          What else might we expect from a man who openly praises Dick Cheney?

          1. Oddworld October 5, 2016

            Dick Cheney “The Sequel”!

  9. Don Ror October 4, 2016

    All this slime from the Federal judges would stop immediately if they had to live with this Muslim filth and endure what Muslims dump on non-Muslims! Or, is this Federal judge a Muslim like Barack Hussein Obama?

    1. Paul Bass October 4, 2016

      All 3 are REPUBLICAN Federal appellate judges, as was said in the article, that you didn’t read.
      So you are a racist bigot, who didn’t read the article.Your opinion is worth how much by NM readers?

    2. jmprint October 4, 2016

      You call children in need slime? WOW, you must be a republican christian, or just a dead frog.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 6, 2016

        maybe its just the children that don’t fall for his , you want some candy little boys and girls ?

    3. PrecipitousDrop October 4, 2016

      Quoting Pepe?
      Please, Donny, get some new material.
      You’re BORING.

    4. Independent1 October 4, 2016

      Wow!! We don’t have to guess that you’re a huge racist – now do we???

      And do you also somehow consider yourself to be a Christian to boot??

      (Did you slam the trailer door shut the last time you left?? I hope so, because otherwise you may find a boogieman in your trailer when you return.)

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 6, 2016

        the worse boogie man he would find is in the mirror there a hateful POS

    5. useyourindoorvoice October 5, 2016

      Speaking of slime, time for you to finally take your monthly shower to get the slime of ignorance and racism off your scummy body. That should keep you off the sight for a while.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 6, 2016

        shower wont be able to wash off as much as he has on himself one might if the had the old days gold miner’s blasting hose . still im sure souldnt take off all of the slime he has . him slime go’s go deep into his mind and hateful heart how ever small the both of them are and truly worthless

    6. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 6, 2016

      THE SLIME YOU TALK OF COMES FROM WITHIN YOU AND YOUR HATEFUL PERSONALITY . its you that is the evil one that should be gone

  10. Thoughtopsy October 4, 2016

    So basically the court said:
    “If you bring a matter before us you need to provide evidence to support your case.”

    I wonder if this was a shock to him?

  11. misty.munden October 4, 2016

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  12. useyourindoorvoice October 5, 2016

    None of Pence’s or the other Governors action have anything to do with keeping their constituents safe. It is all about getting elected. Feeding the real fear of some and the embedded hate of the others.

  13. useyourindoorvoice October 5, 2016

    Pence is a scum at the highest level. Essentially last night he said women should be forced to be incubators for babies for those that can’t have one. He made it clear he thinks while the government should not regulate climate control or business morality or corruption it should regulate his version of Religious morality. By his version couples are lined around the block waiting to adopt a child. What he doesn’t say is they are waiting to adopt the child they prefer. There are hundreds of thousands of children in foster care that need a permanent home. But they aren’t babies and they aren’t white.

  14. Don Ror October 5, 2016

    The Muslime are the bigots and filth since they are the ones who wish to enslave Americans and force us to either become members of their filthy idology or have our heads cut off. The Muslime also wants to replace the U.S. Constitution with their feces filled Shariah law.

    1. PrecipitousDrop October 5, 2016

      What, exactly, do you and Pepe know about the Constitution of the United States, Donny?
      Did you skip the part about religious freedom to zoom in on the part about militias?
      It’s not a pick-and-choose document.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 6, 2016

        the great thing about the constitution is freedom of religion . but it is separated from government separate fro church and state . with that it covers and bad or crazy things a faith might come up with

      2. Don Ror October 6, 2016

        Islam is not a religion but a filthy, feces filled ideology designed to enslave wonderful, freedom loving people. Would not make any difference if it were a “religion,” because the Constitution does not prohibit people whose religion is dangerous to the U.S. from being denied entry to the U.S.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 6, 2016

      not all of them are more like just the evil ISIS ones and those who believe in ISIS ways . but that’s not all of them

  15. Don Ror October 6, 2016

    Muslimes are the greatest racists and bigots the world has ever known. Either you accept their filthy, feces filled way of life or they cut you head off. Couldn’t get anymore racist or bigoted than that! Of course, those Muslimes are what Hillary the HO spreads her legs for and takes their hundreds of millions of dollars as she sells out America!

    1. Independent1 October 6, 2016

      You’re obviously a very mentally disturbed person. Be a good idea if you went and got some help!

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