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Benghazi Testimony By Petraeus Shreds GOP Attack On Rice

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Benghazi Testimony By Petraeus Shreds GOP Attack On Rice


On Friday the Republican politicians who had so angrily demanded the testimony of  David Petraeus about Benghazi got what they wanted—and what they deserved—when the former CIA director set forth the facts proving that their conspiracy theories and witch-hunts are dead wrong.

Appearing behind closed doors on Capitol Hill, Gen. Petraeus, recently resigned from the spy agency over his illicit affair with biographer Paula Broadwell, answered questions from legislators concerning the tragic Sept. 11 assault that left Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other diplomatic personnel dead.

When the session concluded, Petraeus was spirited away. And Senator John McCain (R-AZ), whose criticism of the Obama administration over Benghazi has verged on hysterical,  emerged from the hearing room with very little to say to the reporters waiting outside.

“General Petraeus’ briefing was comprehensive. I think it was important; it added to our ability to make judgments about what was clearly a failure of intelligence, and described his actions and that of his agency and their interactions with other agencies,” said McCain, adding, “I appreciate his service and his candor” before abruptly fleeing as reporters tried to question him.

McCain’s curt statement was in sharp contrast to his voluble remarks on Thursday, when he denounced UN Ambassador Susan Rice for what he and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) described as her misleading description of the attack on Sunday television shows a few days after  it occurred. (It later emerged, embarrassingly, that his posturing before the cameras on Benghazi had prevented him from attending a scheduled hearing on that subject. He didn’t want to to discuss that either.)

Essentially, McCain and Graham, joined by Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), accused Rice on Thursday of lying and covering up the fact that the Benghazi consulate had been attacked by terrorists affiliated with al Qaeda. They vowed to prevent her confirmation as Secretary of State, should the president nominate her to replace Hillary Rodham Clinton.

But with McCain departing so abruptly after the Petraeus hearing, it was left to others, including House Intelligence Committee chair Peter King (R-NY), Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) to reveal what their Arizona colleague didn’t care to discuss. In his testimony, Petraeus blew apart the half-baked theories offered by McCain and Graham—and left them looking foolish.

On earlier occasions, King had echoed the same complaints made by McCain and Graham, but after Friday’s hearing he reluctantly admitted the truth: Petraeus had confirmed that the CIA had approved the talking points used by Rice, tentatively blaming the incident on a notorious anti-Muslim video sparking demonstrations in Cairo and elsewhere at the time. Although Petraeus said he had believed that terrorists were responsible, that suggestion was removed from the talking points in order to protect the ongoing FBI investigation into Benghazi, which Rice also mentioned.

As King explained in response to reporters’ questions, Petraeus not only confirmed that any allusion to al Qaeda had been removed from the talking points given to Rice, but that his agency had consented to that decision:


Q: Did he say why it was taken out of the talking points that [the attack] was al Qaeda affiliated?

KING: He didn’t know.

Q: He didn’t know? What do you mean he didn’t know?

KING: They were not involved—it was done, the process was completed and they said, “OK, go with those talking points.” Again, it’s interagency—I got the impression that 7, 8, 9 different agencies.

Q: Did he give you the impression that he was upset it was taken out?


Q: You said the CIA said “OK” to the revised report –

KING: No, well, they said in that, after it goes through the process, they OK’d it to go. Yeah, they said “Okay for it to go.”

In short, Rice was using declassified talking points, developed and approved by the intelligence community, when she discussed the Benghazi attack. So McCain’s nasty personal denunciation of her , along with most of his claims about how the White House handled Benghazi, has been blown out of the water like so much naval scrap. The Arizona senator, his colleagues, and their loud enablers on Fox News and elsewhere in the wingnut media will never apologize to Rice. But that is what they owe her.

Photo credit: AP/J. Scott Applewhite


Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Lynda November 17, 2012

    Does anyone believe that the two blovating Senators will stop anytime soon? Those two put themselves in a very dark hole and I’ve seen nothing that tells me they will stop digging. Facts do matter and the General laid them out today for the congressional leadership. Ms. Rice did nothing wrong except do the job she was asked to accomplish. Those two loudmouths have tried to destroy her reputation and stop any chance of advancement. It appears that she may come out of all the nonsense with a new job. Sorry boys.

    1. Shrapnel5 November 17, 2012

      The thing with these two nut cases is that they are trying to convince the people that they are doing their job, it is more like wasting time and tax payer money to prove their speculating to be wrong and harmful to the intelligence community. John McCain should know better, after all he is a former vet and should know that classified reports are always changed, due to top secret intel, so yes him and Graham do look foolish with all their grandstanding.

      1. Jerry November 17, 2012

        McCain was one of the sorryest Naval pilots of all times. He Graduated from the Naval Academy because his father was a very high ranking Naval Officer and even with that he finished at tha bottom of his class. He crashed damn near every aircraft he piloted. He is not a hero, he only managed to get shot down because of his lack of skills as a pilot. He is so stupid that Senator Thad Cochran (Republican – Mississippi), said that he couldn’ support him for POTUS because he is a HOT HEAD that shouldn’t be trusted with the authority to order a ICBM strike. Graham is just there to carry McCain’s luggage.

        1. oldtack November 17, 2012

          I have a good friend that was in the same class with McCain at Pensacola and he could back up every statement you just made.
          What Irks me is that McCain has carried hie POW stint like a bloody badge as if he and he alone ever suffered the ignominy of a POW Camp. There were many more that experienced POW Camps but they were MEN and came home, buried their experience and went on with their lives. But not John Boy – he has to keep reminding the world of his TRAGEDY.

          He is Pathetic.

        2. rothgar November 17, 2012

          It is clear that BUPers agreed with your comments about Senator McCain. They never gave him the positions necessary for genuine command. He never had any responsible leadership position afloat. He never got any “Deep Draft” assignments which are necessary for an Aviator to get past O-6 you need for O-7 and above.

          The training squadron assignment would have been a terminal assignment. I learned this as a first year NROTC Middie in 1977-1978 so I suspect it was relevant.

    2. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

      Actually Ms. Rice should thank them, after this, who would dare oppose her nomination, should she get it?

  2. nobsartist November 17, 2012

    time for mccain and graham to resign. They are nothing but a couple of parasitic liars.

    1. trucker581 November 17, 2012

      One is a grouchy old senile fool, and the other is a dick sucking faggot!!

      1. Jody Kellar November 17, 2012

        I don’t really think the vulgar anology was necessary. They are senile ole fools, but the other discription was unneccessary.

        1. nesco54 November 17, 2012

          Unnecessary but I found it funny in a Bevis and Buthead sort of way. How on earth did that not get censored . There is a glitch in the machine.

          1. beau10 November 17, 2012

            Me too!!! Like: Holy Mackeral – why can’t I get away with that??!!

          2. TeeMitch50 November 17, 2012

            Why would you want to? People who call other people “faggots” are at least as low on the food chain as people like McCain — and that is pretty stinkin’ low.

        2. Bob Hall November 17, 2012

          He only told the truth Jody.

          1. James November 17, 2012

            Bob,what do you have against the Gay community.Sounds to me you are Homofobic.

        3. Lynda November 17, 2012


        4. bmwm357 November 17, 2012

          Ahhhh get over it, freedom of speech ya know.

      2. Mr November 17, 2012

        While agreeing with your anology–
        thinking it’s a little rough for prime time open mike.
        I do believe it is high time these two blood suckers left the arena
        and are replaced by anyone who will work for the good of
        the country. McCain is nothing more than a lying gas bag and
        his side kick Graham–not worthy of band space.
        Those two along with most other R’s show the intelligence factor of
        the right wing!

        1. John Sehler November 17, 2012

          Mr: Yes I agree and they need to take Motor mouth McConnell with them.

          1. ococoob November 17, 2012

            Not only biGOT, McConnell, they should take FauxNews with them too!

        2. Mary Martinez November 17, 2012

          They need to leave the country and take Norquist with them, or maybe they can all move in with Romney.

          1. Fern Woodfork November 17, 2012

            YES!! Bet They Wouldn’t Last One Day Under The Same Roof!!! LOLO

          2. oldtack November 17, 2012

            Did you ever do a background check on Grover Norquist and his brother, David?. Grover is married to Sama Alrayyses, a very devout Muslim who is very active in promoting the Muslim cause in Washington. Grover’s brother, David , was appointed to a leadership position in Homeland Security by George W. Bush and he also is active in promoting Muslim causes.

            The Muslim community frowns deeply on mixed marriages. A devout Muslim never marries a Heathen. So- is Grover Norquist also a Muslim? When asked that question he preferred to protest that that was a personal matter rather than give a yes or no answer. Norquist requires alegience from new Politicians by having them sign a pledge. All but one of the Republican wannabees in the Presidential race agreed to sign if they won the Party’s nomination.

            This is similar to the Islamic requirement for potential leaders. They are required to yield to be in alegience with the dictates of the Islamic Clergy that controls the Government.

            Norquist and his wife aren’t trying to subterfuge the Republican Party into a facsimile of the Muslim Brotherhood are they ?

            Check this out on Google -very interesting.

          3. myfanwy November 18, 2012

            That might work, since Romney has multiple homes. If they misbehave, he can put them in “time-out” by sending them away for awhile to different locations.

        3. stcroixcarp November 17, 2012

          Remember when Graham was urging John Sanford’s wife to make nice after the governor’s trip to Argentina? That shows the mindset of that jerk. It has been sad to watch McCain’s descent from the man who sponsored campaign reform with Sen Feingold, to a doddering old fool. McCain has had some ethics issues in his career, so he should be more gentle with people he perceives to have lapses.

        4. dianrib November 17, 2012

          Years ago McCain pal former Senator Phil GRamm and his lobbyist wife made 900 K off the sleazy Enron loophole ‘ That crooked GRamm helped create These guys get paid way too much ..benefits are super for a few years of ‘work’ They vote their own raises without our OK ! Many then become lobbyists making 1-2m il a year working against us Cut their pay Give it to our Vets who DO deserve it WE are the servants NOT these highly paid Congressman / Senators There are exceptions I like Bernie Sanders Sherrod Brown Durbin & I just love Liz Warren

          1. Lynda November 17, 2012

            Congressional pensions plans are just like those in the private sector. If your company offers a pension it is guaranteed to you after 5 years. They same for members of Congress and their staffs. However, I agree fully with the rest of your comment.

          2. ococoob November 17, 2012

            Where I come from, my pension was guaranteed to me after 12 years!! Why do they get only 5 yrs?

          3. myfanwy November 18, 2012

            I don’t know. It was 5 years where I worked, after which time, we were “fully vested.” My company contributed to our IRAs for all of those 5 years. After 5 years we could contribute, too.

          4. ococoob November 18, 2012

            IRA’s? I’m talking about “defined benefit” (pensions only), not “defined contributions” (IRA’s, 401k’s etc.) My pension was a defined benefit given from my previous company.

            Anyways, yours sounds pretty good to me. What company is this? Are they hiring. lol!

          5. myfanwy November 18, 2012

            I like your taste in Senators!

        5. James November 17, 2012

          McCain and Grahm are not Repulicans,but are Rinos.Both these morons agree with the Dummyc/rats most of the time. I thought Gays were accepted in the party or is it only at election time.

      3. dianrib November 17, 2012

        Thats too nasty don’t ya think

      4. DurdyDawg November 17, 2012

        (LOL) Good analogy, but…. Which one is which..?

      5. James November 17, 2012

        Wow it’s sounds like you have upset some of you liberal base. Your suppose to be on the on the side of the gay community. Who’s side are you on?

      6. Sandra November 17, 2012

        As my mother used to say, the truth will always rise to the top. They ought to issue an apology to Ambassador Rice but I know that’s too much to expect from these partisan liars and hacks. They have no integrity, honour or decency.

      7. solver04 November 17, 2012

        Which is WHICH – I’m kidding, I KNOW, I live in SC – I hope he’s better at that than being a Senator ? Oh Sux at BOTH — LOL

      8. CameronTurner November 17, 2012

        trucker581 — your vulgar homophobic slur is not only bigoted and cruel, it demeans this entire discussion of an important national security matter. It also insults Sen. Graham’s years of service. Make no mistake, Graham is 100% wrong about Benghazi, but his sexual orientation is irrelevant and your outrageous verbal violence is the lowest form or bigotry at an entire community of people. Be ashamed. Apologize. Remove that post.

      9. Michael Dees November 17, 2012

        Which is which?

    2. Fern Woodfork November 17, 2012

      McCain Old Cranky Senile Ass Was A No Show On The First Meeting These Old Thugs Just Keeping Up Bullshit Cause They Was Sure That Shape Shifter, Flip Flopping, Liar Of A Thug, Romney Sociopath Ass Would Win!!! Now All Of Them Are Passing Gas From Chewing On The Rotten Sour Grapes!! Let Them Keep Flapping Their Gums, It Only Going To Keep Us Ready, To Keep Making Our List And Checking It Twice, Ready For 2014 To Get These Sorry Losers Out Of Office!!! What They Need To Do Is Just Spit Those Sour Grapes Out Of Their Mouth, Suck It Up And MOVE ON!!! DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!!!

      1. Philip Pirrip November 17, 2012

        I love your verbal graphics, Fern. Glad we are on the same side.
        I will say it a little differently.
        McCain – RESIGN, and then disappear.
        I’m sick of your schtick…
        and that goes for Graham and McConnell and Boehner too.

        1. Gerri Gallo Clyatt November 17, 2012

          I really believe that John Boehner, Grahm and McConnell have no interest in relieving the devisiveness in our nation. They think it is a game and while they can’t win, the can spoil the score. Time to cancel their contracts.

          1. notafoxfan November 17, 2012

            i agree..their acts have proved selfish and not in everyones interest, but some special interest groups..at this point its mccain,boehner and graham, 0 in the game, and the rest of us at least 10!

      2. dchocolate49 November 17, 2012

        I’m ROFLMAO , you called the some “Old Thugs” didn’t they call Obama a Chicago Thug? You know what’s even funnier,every time they go up against Obama they end up looking like fools, I’m going to have to compare them to “two slice Hillie!” if you saw the Help you know what I mean!

        1. Fern Woodfork November 17, 2012

          You Got The Right Some Of The Shit Pie!!! LOL And We Know Just Who The Thugs Really Are The GOP/Tea Party Traitors And Terrorists!!!

      3. T S November 17, 2012

        Wipe your chin, Fern…that spittle is quite offputting.

        1. Fern Woodfork November 17, 2012

          Wipe Your Mouth Troll The Shit Is Streaming Down Your Face From All That Ass Sucking Of The Rich Men!!! With Your Broke Ass!! Get A Job Fool And A Life!!!

          1. James November 17, 2012

            Fern,you are one low life bottom feeding welfare slug.

          2. Fern Woodfork November 17, 2012

            I’m A Middle Class Nurse BITCH We Don’t Do Welfare We Work !! On The Other Hand Your Mother Might Be Welfare Slug Ass Bitch You Are Referring Too!! You Low Life Koch Brothers Ass Kissing THUG!!

      4. Monica November 17, 2012

        I cannot wait to 2014. Its time to get rid of people like McCain, Graham, King, and McConnell lose their senate seat.

        1. Fern Woodfork November 17, 2012


        2. Ida Bill November 17, 2012

          I agree, however, the push must start NOW to identify candidates to replace them! As you perhaps know, the Republicans met on Election Day to chart a course of action for 2014 and to continue ways to block Obama nominees, etc. Their bad-mouthing the Ambassador is an attempt to smear her nomination as Secretary of State, because they want the President to nominate John Kerry because they think Scott Brown will be returned to the Senate??

          Notice how quickly Boehner jumped out with his twist on the fiscal cliff? Now all of this madness concerning Benghazi is to distract attention away from (1) the decisive loss the Republicans were handed; (2) to get their lies and distortions in the atmosphere so that that the public is confused; (3) continue undermining the President and his favorable among the American people!

          Democrats must stay focused on (1) Bush tax cuts for the rich expire; (2) Bush tax cuts for the middle-class continue; (3) Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care Act, are protected, etc.

          Going off the “so called fiscal cliff” is a strategy to undermine the Democratic social programs and institute the Ryan “hatchet” budget!
          If the President let the Bush tax cuts expire, raise the tax rate on the rich, there will more than enough revenue to reduce the deficit, protect the social programs, and cut taxes for the middle-class!

          Democrats, contrary to the advice coming from the Republicans to forget the campaign, remind the President to stand FIRM on raising the tax rate on the rich, let the Bush tax cuts expire for the rich, and lets all get on board pushing the Senate bill that was passed to extend the tax cuts for the middle-class!

          There is work to do, other than getting caught-up in Republican Madness!

    3. dianrib November 17, 2012

      Yep Time to retire guys YOu spout off without any facts

    4. art November 17, 2012

      right, time to retire trouble maker . wasted people tax money to pay you. !!!

      1. nobsartist November 17, 2012


        1. Fern Woodfork November 17, 2012

          art Agree With You My Friend Also dianrib??? LOL

    5. Samuel Dison November 17, 2012

      I agree! Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsay Graham and other, you are so much into a witch hunt you have lost touch with reality and the american people. Senators, come back to reality and resolve the problems at hand the deficit and the budget. We the people should fire all the politicians that’s not working for us, on the next election day.

      1. Po'sMom November 17, 2012

        @Samuel Dison, I couldn’t agree with you more. Maybe we should have a Claw-Back in the oath of office. If they don’t produce for the good of America and Americans, they must return their paychecks to the general fund. They certainly did not earn any of their income in the Senate, over the last two plus years.

    6. OJohnny November 18, 2012

      McCain will be toast in 4 years. To bad it will take 4 years, but he has lost all credibility. McCain is still pissed he not only lost the Pres. election but Obama was reelected. He just can’t get over it.

    7. William Morris November 18, 2012

      if graham wants truth he should start at home first,and if he has any time left he then try to help others.

    8. ClydeC November 18, 2012

      Are you joking? politician resign over saying something stupid

  3. Baron Cormac November 17, 2012

    Ah, yes. Let’s shoot from the hip before we know what we are aiming at. Doesn’t matter that what we are shooting at will bounce the bullets back at us.

  4. Ronald S. Jordan November 17, 2012

    The war hero, was a zero, once again. He still trying to get back at the Obama administration for his lost with the Griz Palin. He is also mad at the last zero the Republicans put up for Prez, the hiding Gov, Mit the Twit. So, on it goes with these knuckleheads, can ‘t win, then accuse, can’t accuse which isn’t factual, but we saw the Republicans aren’t concerned with facts, just sound bites!

  5. Lovefacts November 17, 2012

    McCain is desperate. When the new Congress is sworn in, because of seniority rules he’ll lose his position as deputy chairman of every committee he’s now on. The only committee he can hold that position is Indian Affairs or a new subcommittee to investigate what “really” happened in Benghazi a la Watergate.

    McCain doesn’t care who he hurts or the damage he causes, including to his reputation. He’s still too angry over his loss to Obama and outrage at becoming irrelevant in the new Congress.

    1. FredAppell November 17, 2012

      Could you clarify for me? Did you mean seniority rules or senility rules cause i’m fine with either one just as long as they get McCain the hell out of there.

      1. Lovefacts November 18, 2012

        LOL, seniority rules. Although given McCain’s increasingly “irrational” behavior since 2008, I’m beginning to think senility may also be a problem.

        1. FredAppell November 18, 2012

          Thanks! It was meant to be both sincere and comical and I couldn’t resist once I read your post. I believe you are spot on with the rest of your post as well. McCain seems quite angry and resentful over an Obama win or as you put it, his loss to Obama. These morons don’t realize that they come off sounding like the village idiot. Let them! Then maybe they help will put the final nail in the coffin of the GOP forever.

  6. ignore the facts November 17, 2012

    I say again, McCain and McConnell need to go home and sleep, and not come back to revile us all. They are both out of touch and only filled with hatred towards our president. A sorry affair and time to end it. They are both too old and out of touch. Who needs them? Not the US.

  7. Dominick Vila November 17, 2012

    Democrats would be well advised to stop dancing to the GOP tune. The cynical indignation over the unfortunate Benghazi terrorist attack by those who were in control of the White House and Congress on 9/11/01, on the day the terrorist attacks in Madrid, London, Bali and so many other places, those who were in power when suicide bombers and IEDs killed thousands of people on almost a daily basis, is classic Republican strategy designed to deflect attention from their shortcomings by demonizing their opponents. The Benghazi attack, while lamentable, was an isolated incident in 3.7 years of relative peace and international stability. Obviously, we must get to the bottom of it, identiy the culprits, and bring justice to those responsible for that cowardly act. But let us not lose perspective and forget how things were as recently as 4 or 5 years ago.

    1. anyasnote November 17, 2012

      Welcome back Dominick it’s a pleasure to have you back and your posts. I agree with most of you – McCain is a blow hard sorry as.. hole of a man, lousy Senator (no clue how he gets re=elected). He shook hands with Khadafi 2 yrs before his demise and called him a friend. He wants our troops to stay in Afghanistan forever,so he is a Vet and was a POW – good soldier NEVER gets caught. As for Graham, useless flesh of a human that does nothing for anybody and self serving fool. TIME FOR THEM TO RETIRE and enjoy what is left of their pathetic lives. It looks like the mouth goes first and brain follow. They need front lobotomy and remove their hemorrhoids, they been sitting too long on their butts and spewing NONSENSE.
      WHere is Obozomustgo and montansbill – crying in their beer or venom???LOL

    2. ryueire November 17, 2012

      There are a lot of entertaining analogies and comments that express rightly the indignation of truth seekers, citizens, normal middle class people against elitist, stupid, or uninformed extremist vitriol. But, Dominic, you always bring forth salient, well put together thoughts that also inform while still keeping necessary cautionary embers lit. Well done.

  8. Richard Stewart November 17, 2012

    So Rice was given a lie to be told to the public and that makes it okay in your book? Someone gave her false talking points and this is far from being over.

    1. anyasnote November 17, 2012

      Why to blame her?? General Petraroused is a Republican, was too busy to pay attention what others say – screwing his biographer, was thinking with a wrong head. U R idiot. Besides, some information can not be told – why blasting to entire world what our agents are doing etc. Big mouth would get them killed. U R truly stupid.

      1. zeldaq November 17, 2012

        yea stewy sounds off as if he knows something. ”this ain’t over yet” sounds just like the GOP bullshit. i don’t really think you have to ask stewy if he stupid, he is broadcasting it.

    2. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

      All War is Based on Deception – The Art of War, Sun Tzu

  9. Ken Fontenot November 17, 2012

    It seems McCain does not want to give up, he tried and failed on the Presidental Run so he and his counterparts have had it in for our President ever since. If they would use that negetive enegy to help heal our country and work together to get us back on track we would be a better country. This continous fighting and trying to bring down a President is work of rich people wanting more control ( or people who marry rich women) this makes them look good in the eyes of the public so they think. Come on guy you are stopping progress you are standing in the way of our country best interest…..get over it.

  10. Steve O'Leary November 17, 2012

    Just really what difference does it even make? It won’t bring our men back.

    If you wanted to catch the perpetrators, does it really make sense to tell them you know all about it?? Why warn them? Maybe reasons exist for not disclosing all the intelligence you have on the situation.


  11. Ron November 17, 2012

    Mccain and Graham, Its time too retire. Neither of you can deal with the truth much less the facts.
    Typical of you and your party. Some maverick you turned out too be MCCAIN.

  12. atc333 November 17, 2012

    McCain has just fallen off his “Elder Statesman Pedestal”. Too bad he chose the typical GOP “Winning at any cost”, “Politics first” approach to this issue. Several weeks ago I was praising him on another topic. A little consistency in his political approach would be most appreciated.

  13. Chuck Haley November 17, 2012

    I read about a prized college student’s Republican idea to become their own country and leave the Democrats to fend for themselves. I think that’s a great idea! Lets give thos Republicans a green card right away and 30 days to get out. They can even have Alaska so they can watch Russia and hold their guns.

  14. ChristoD November 17, 2012

    The calm before the indignant, outrageous, staged bloviation shit storm from the obnoxious right.

  15. Chuck Haley November 17, 2012

    I read about a prized college student’s Republican idea to become their own country and leave the Democrats to fend for themselves. I think that’s a great idea! Lets give thos Republicans a green card right away and 30 days to get out. They can even have Alaska so they can watch Russia and hold their guns.

    1. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

      No, the US gives them nothing, they have the right to give up their US Citizenship and leave, taking ONLY their personal belongings. As for them starting their own Country, I don’t think they’ll find many Indians these days to steal a country from. So I suggest they get with Gingrich about that moon colony.

  16. gargray November 17, 2012

    Cain and Gram just showed the distrust of the repoublican party, looking for any way to portray Obama as not fit for the president. I think this is more about black and white. The blacks are proving to be more intellegent than the white and doing a better job. So the repbs are being chopped up in little pieces, thanks to effrontery and impudence of the Tea party.

  17. Keith Sullivan November 17, 2012

    Any one that would pick Palin for a vise president is not in his right mind any way!

  18. Barbara Wade Faulkner November 17, 2012

    John McCain and Graham owe Ms. Rice a public apology ,to character assassinate her in public, and belittle her and insult her intelligent speak vey high volume of their character and the position they holds in office. This is racism at it’s best. Some things cannot be hidden they need a reason to show their true color. Now made to look truly foolish. Vote McCain and Graham out of office there is no place for this behavior in Washington.

  19. LilyBug67 November 17, 2012

    McCain and Graham need to take a step back, look in the mirror, and see just how ridiculous they made themselves appear over this issue before they knew the facts. It appears it all comes down to the election results and anytime they think they can make Pres Obama and his administration look bad they will try. It is time for each of them to say good-bye to DC, go home, and draw their social security–LOL.

  20. Jody Kellar November 17, 2012

    Seems to me that Mr. McCain is still bitter, and intends on being a pain in the a** as long as he can. The General exlained what happened, debunked their conspiracy theory and proved them wrong. Lynda, I don’t think they will stop playing games soon. And you can bet your bum they will “Never” apologize for the accusations they made. At least when our president makes a mistake, he admits it and moves on. Hopefully Rice will get her job. I am waiting to see the hubaloo they make when the president wants to appoint the first openly gay woman to a federal bench, then we will really see sparks fly.

  21. raspberries November 17, 2012

    it’s all over …………until mccain satisfies his neurotic need for self-attention next time.

  22. Kent November 17, 2012

    He will change his tune in a tghusand different ways ovr the next four years.

    1. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

      Of course, it’s normal for a person to learn things over the course of 4 years that might cause one to change their opinions. It’s the ones that don’t change their opinions no matter what that are dangerous.

  23. Gilbert November 17, 2012

    Well, they should certainly shut their mouths long enough to reflect, and to consider how stupid and foolish they look trying to make a campaign issue out of an intelligence/counter-intelligence maneuver through the mind-field of the Middle East. One of the weapons used by intelligence organizations is “dis-information,” {Sun Tzu— “All warfare is based on deception.”} In such instances such as Benghazi, where no one claimed responsibility, it is a good tactical maneuver to feign ignorance of the knowledge of the real culprits, so as not to alert them that you are coming for them… This makes them feel that they have gotten away with something and buys time for the CIA to pick up their trail and hunt them down. Such an operation is OBVIOUSLY way over the heads of the three stooges… John McCain, Peter King, and Lindsey Graham. WHAT FOOLS!!! LOUD-MOUTHED FOOLS!!! Each of them owes the American people and the Administration an apology. Add Rudy Giuliani… another Loud-Mouthed, Ignorant, Sour-Grape Sucking Fool!!! He too is guilty of rushing to judgment. The CIA and National Securtiy Agencies didn’t tell them simply because there was no need for them to know. Their knowing would not have been helpful. In short, it was none of their damn business! They would get a full report in due time. All the noise that they made did not serve the interests of the American people who want the perpetrators apprehended and brought to justice. There are far too many OLD, CRANKY, IGNORANT, HATEFUL and Bigoted whitemen in Congress. This is what is wrong with the republican party. Put the old farts out to pasteur.

    1. latebloomingrandma November 17, 2012

      Don’t forget that the “cover-up, incompetence, bigger than Watergate” nonsense was completely ginned up and hammered relentlessly by that intellectual bastion of investigative journalism, Fox News.

  24. Mike Tierney November 17, 2012

    McCain and Graham are poster children for TERM LIMITS. Right along with Boehner and Pelosi.

  25. jazz92 November 17, 2012

    McCain and Gramham need to go with romney! Where ever the as beens go! Both are making Repubilcans look like fools oops I mean all three! McCain, Graham and Romney! Republicans need to get some better people in their party now! These people need to go!

  26. Jim Lou November 17, 2012

    McCain and Graham have an agenda. They, unfortunately, are grabbing for anything to discredit Obama. Rice is the symbol.

  27. Michael Schiller November 17, 2012

    I used to be a Republican until I worked for DHS. The Gov’t under Bush was a crime that Obama couldn’t fix in one term. The current Republican party has become out of touch and irrelivant. Unlike the party of Lincoln, which sought to free Americans. It has become the party to enslave Americans in idealogical dogma.

  28. joseph November 17, 2012

    McCain get a life. You lost 1 election and your party was disgraced by the awful choice of romoney to r un for the presidency, kinda like , you know, your choice for vp in your run in08.

  29. fsteph November 17, 2012

    This article is total spin!!! Petraeus’ testimony both challenges the Obama administration’s repeated claims that the attack was a “spontaneous” protest over an anti-Islam video, and according to King conflicts with his own briefing to lawmakers on Sept. 14. Petraeus said in that briefing the attack as a protest that spun out of control.

    Also, the language in the CIA talking points about Benghazi was changed from “Al Qaeda-affiliated individuals to extremist organizations” — which had the effect of minimizing the role of terrorists in the attack.

    Why? By whom? For what purpose? To hide what? To mislead whom? To benefit whom?

    1. Lawrence J. Winkler November 17, 2012

      Okay num-nuts. You say “Petraeus’ testimony both challenges…..” Gee, another Republican full of sh*t. How rare!

      Since the testimony was secret, you are in no position to know what Petraeus’ testimony was.

      1. fsteph November 17, 2012

        A typical leftist-progressive response — you don’t have an intelligent response so you are left with insults.

        So tell me, Larry, as you so profoundly wrote, “Since the testimony was secret, you are in no position to know what Petraeus’ testimony was, ” just what is Joe Conason, writing his spin article based upon?? Conjecture? Made up information? What he hopes might have been revealed? More of the same like what we get from CNN and its staging of a video of an “injured” Palestinian?

        1. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

          Don’t be such an idiot, What kind of “intelligence apparatus” makes Public everything they know about anything. It would be foolish of them to let the opposition know what they know and are planning. Despite the innuendos and complaints of People like you they are under no obligation to share intelligence with the Public.

      2. fsteph June 23, 2013

        I would like to take you seriously but to do so would affront your intelligence. The reason you, and all leftist-progressives, attack on the
        personal level anyone who disagrees with you is due to the fact that you cannot support your ideas or policies in any rational or logical manner. Which means you have to resort to emotion, name-calling, and logical fallacies in order to maintain your psychological denial

        1. Michael Patrick Brewer July 12, 2013

          I guess this is a picture of John Wayne reincarnated. The picture is a spin too, given the fact that Wayne was a draft dodger.

          1. fsteph July 12, 2013

            Well, Michael, you certainly prove my point: The reason you, and all leftist-progressives, attack on the personal level anyone who disagrees with you is due to the fact that you cannot support your ideas or policies in any rational or logical manner. Which means you have to resort to emotion, name-calling, and logical fallacies in order to maintain your psychological denial. Intelligence is certainly not your long-suit, is it?

          2. Michael Patrick Brewer July 18, 2013

            Where was the attack there? Just commented on a picture,and a historical fact. I am about as far from left or progressive as they come. Subscribe to John Birch Society magazine, long time hunter and 2nd Amendment family, decorated combat veteran of the Marine Corps/Vietnam. Write for two national publications and mustered out of the Marines from an Intelligence Unit. Retired as a Private Investigator. I attended language and counter-intelligence schools. The military had my IQ at 138. Is that sufficient? My degrees are in American HIstory/ Business and Theology. I think you see things in dark alleys with a dim flashlight. Did you serve in the Armed Forces.?

          3. fsteph July 18, 2013

            Oh, Michael doth protest too much, methinks. Firstly, I grew up in Newport Beach and was a neighbor of John Wayne. I too am a nationally published writer on labor, political and environmental issues in the New York Times, L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Comstocks, Orange County Register, Sacramento Bee, and several others. I have a published book on theology. I hold four degrees: Business Administration, Psychology, Religious Education, New Testament Greek. And yes, I served in the Marine Corp as did my father, grandfather, son, and now grandson. Are we through comparing pedigrees?

            I take exception to the fact you never did address the issues in the article but instead decided to attack Wayne’s patriotism. He received a 2-A classification, “deferred in support of [the] national . . . interest.” There’s much more to but I’ll not belabor your disinterest in facts.

          4. Michael Patrick Brewer July 20, 2013

            Semper Fi, Carry on…looks like you are busy man. I am not qualified to comment on Benghazi any more than I can tell you why we did not get air support every time we requested it in Vietnam. Too many working parts there for the commoner. Where do I find your book on Theology? What College did you attend? I know writers at the LA Times, OC Register and Tribune. Can I find your publications there? Not so much bringing into question John Wayne’s patriotism, (there is quite a bit of back story to that classification), I like the man, but just wondering why some men elect to use his picture as their own. I was raised in Dixon, Illinois, the home of Ronald Reagan,(who I voted for) He and my grandfather were life guards on the Rock River. But I do not use his picture as my moniker. In addition I had no intention of compare and contrast,,,if you read you original post the salvo came from your camp. Some folks just like to respond with dis-interesting facts.

          5. fsteph July 20, 2013

            Thank you and Semper Fi back at you. Vietnam was way too political and run by politicians — not generals — my humble opinion. My wife is constantly complaining that I’m supposed to be retired, so this year I took down my web site. The only book still available is thru Amazon’s Kindle Store. It’s titled “It’s Revival We Seek – It’s Holiness We Need,” by Frank R. Stephens. The photo of John Wayne was a rather unique one with the flag behind him. In many ways he was larger than life. An unabashed conservative. You might say a two-fisted macho guy that could not survive in today’s Hollywood.

            I found a few things I wrote still on the internet. I don’t know if they’ll allow these links to remain, but I’ve provided two. One is to an Investors Business Daily editorial, the other to a News and Review opinion piece.



          6. Michael Patrick Brewer July 20, 2013

            Hey thank Marine. My wife has a Kindle. I will go purchase your book. I like the title. I was in a coma near the end of my tour in Vietnam with 7th Marines, so I am not sure I know who ran what. let alone what happened to me. Permanent amnesia. My wife says the exact same thing? We should be on the beach at Del Mar on Camp Pendleton more often! Going for our Anniversary next month. I have bookmarked your articles to read. Be well.Semper Fi.

  30. Jerpell November 17, 2012

    Is there no end to the scandals in this corrupt Obama administration, its scandal after scandal after scandal….Its amazingly unbelievable!

    1. soul68 November 17, 2012

      I can’t tell if you’re being serious and ignorant, or are just being a troll.

    2. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

      Except, they turn out not to be scandals at all, like this one. Just another FAILED attempt by the GOP to discredit the Obama Administration. The American People are well aware of this ploy, as you’ve used it relentlessly in the past.

      1. Jerpell November 17, 2012

        It’s tough to discredit an administration that is so corrupt and scandal ridden that this administration tends to discredit itself!…..Just keep your head in the sand…Remember Romney didn’t lose the election, America lost the election!

  31. ykhalim November 17, 2012

    Suffering DEMENTIA, senile, OLD, DUMBER-THAN-SARAH PALIN, John McCain lashes out before fading away.

    John McCain & Lindsey Graham are ignorant, cowardly, bullies, PERENNIAL LOSERS, creators of Sarah Palin!

    John McCain is a disgruntled, old, STUPID demon! A perennial LOSER!

  32. lambypie November 17, 2012

    Hey I thought the “witch hunts” were done in the 1700’s. The republicans need to grow up if my kids behaved the way they do I would have put them in “time out”. Go to work do what we are paying you to do. I would have been fired from any job if I didn’t to my job. Who keeps voting for them anyway? Take care of the infrastructure, and live with the same medical insurance and retirement that we have. What a concept! Now that is “talking points” if you ask me.

  33. Danny D Davis November 17, 2012

    I am waiting for the day that the parties think before they speak. I am waiting for the day that all parties act for the good of the United States, not their party.

    1. Marlo The Bear November 17, 2012

      “Keep waiting”,
      Danny, can’t you see that’s the problem. Until you call these clowns out for what they’re doing they will keep saying that they represent the “American People”. Last time I checked the “American People” made their voice heard loud and clear. It’s now time for us to not let them forget it. If you work for a living you might have break periods, but after the break you go back to work. These clowns are not doing the work that elected official are elected to do. They are above approach and determined to do what they feel free to do (authoritarian mentality).

  34. Yachachiq November 17, 2012

    Some of the looser Republican elected officials need to accept the reality of the President’s re-election and their highest priority of frustrating and opposing anything he puts forth is null and void, one,done with – he is and will be President for the next four years so they can now shift to working in favor of the whole country rather than their partisan anti Obama efforts for Republican advantage! ¡Viva Obama!

  35. louis November 17, 2012

    Typical GOPrrrrs……..out of step with the real truth, Didn’t they learn in Sunday school you’re not to lie. Well they got that one wrong Too……..

  36. Jane Sargent November 17, 2012

    These ‘politicians’ have no interest in the welfare of this country. All they care about is the power and the money. If these are the best the republican party has, they cannot survive.

  37. rippper November 17, 2012

    I hope they shut up for good. These bone heads act like their skirts are squeaky clean. I wish Obama would set off an investigation of certain republicans. Oh, what skeletons they must have.

  38. John Sehler November 17, 2012

    McCain has the terminal case of Oral Diarrhea. I look for him to completely disappear down the toilet any day now.

    1. 1guy2 November 17, 2012

      We wish.

  39. T S November 17, 2012

    Great, except this article sidesteps the key takeaway. In vindicating Rice, the General has firmly put the blame where it belongs; Barry Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    1. zeldaq November 17, 2012

      are you forgetting that the sec. of state asked for funds to beef up secutity in our embassies around the world? and are you forgetting that CONGRESS , THE GOP, THE MAJORITY.
      refused the funds? you wouldn’t sound so foolish if you stopped getting your info from FOX NEWS. they only tell the parts of the news that suits them.

    2. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

      You’re on the Late Show, I believe Hillary Clinton had already accepted total responsibility for what happened in Benghazi.

  40. zeldaq November 17, 2012

    MSNBC has uncovered the reason the old fart McCain refuses to pull his head out of his ass on the benghazi issue. we all know there is absolutely nothing to the old fart’s claims, and the reason he keeps making a bigger fool of himself is; the job he is assigned to by the GOP has run it’s coarse. and the only job open now is somewhere in the bottom of the barrel with indian affairs. this new job has no media exposure at all. this means that if he can’t create panel to investigate some wrong doing, he will have to accept the indian affairs job, or retire. it’s anybody’s guess what he will do. he is SO pissed off over the 2008 election, that he just refuses to pull his head out of his ass and move on. every time he opens his mouth, he blows the DOG WHISTLE, letting everyone know that he thinks he should have won in 2008, because he is white. even though he has been proven wrong, he’ll keep beating the racial drum. most of the GOP do the same thing. the GOP may try to help him establish and head an investigative committee. just to stay away from issues that really matter.
    i think it’s sad that people so senial are still allowed to be involved in government. but when the rest of what’s left of his party condone his actions, he will continue to act that way.
    look at the faces of graham, and the old fart, above. their faces reek with hate, even though they are completely wrong on this issue. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR THIS BEHAVIOR IN NATIONAL POLITICS!!!!! i’m not sure when these two has beens are up for re election, well you know the rest.
    i think a complete clean sweep through congress is in order. people like these two spoiled brats
    are only big anchors tied to progress. their actions can be dangerous, and could create more
    events like the one gabby giffords had to endure.

  41. Shrapnel5 November 17, 2012

    I agree that the people responsible do need to be brought justice, but to that end we do not need silly people going off half cocked and speculating without the facts.

  42. T S November 17, 2012

    “The Benghazi attack, while lamentable, was an isolated incident in 3.7 years of relative peace and international stability.” Right…the lives of 4 US diplomats are nothing more than bumps in the road. *facepalm*

    1. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

      You whine about 4 US diplomats, who died in service to their country, in Benghazi for a Nobel Cause.
      I cry for about 43,000 US soldiers, who died in service to their country, in Iraq, for Nothing.
      I didn’t even count the ones that returned home, disabled.

  43. Shrapnel5 November 17, 2012

    You are so correct, sir

  44. T S November 17, 2012

    “One of the weapons used by intelligence organizations is “dis-information””…yeah, well I’d have to say that describing the Democrat party as an “intelligence organization” is stretching it juuust a bit.

    1. zeldaq November 17, 2012

      please get in line with the rest of the know nothings,” tea party, GOP members, and the rest of the sore losers, to get your shitty diapers changed. while you are all there, wash your mouths out. smells like you all have been chewing on each others diapers.
      WHEN WILL YOU PEOPLE GET IT? MR. OBAMA WON THE PRESIDENCY NOT McCAIN. it is absolutely none of his beeswax.
      we have already found out, and posted why McCain is shiting out of his mouth again on this issue. you dumb ass really piss me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

      Who describes the Democratic Party as an ” intelligence organization”? I always thought it was a Political Party. You must be confusing it with the CIA.

  45. SaturNine November 17, 2012

    More accurate to say the conspiracy theory fell unceremoniously out of the sky like five of McCain’s Navy planes.

  46. docb November 17, 2012

    The evil of the bitter , angry, old guy , his companion in crime and the dumb as a box of rocks female!

    Even king was stumbling and A. Cooper took another liar to task on Cnn, last night! No more attention for those that demand answers but do NOT SHOWUP when the committee is convened to inform them but run to a photo-op instead!

  47. jr_06498 November 17, 2012

    That is the problem of the two (2) Senator especially McCain and it is one of the reason why he lost 2008 Presidential Election, both of the senator doesn’t know what they were talking about, they always wanted a publicity and they suggested to have their own committee for Benghazi attacked? Both of you, it is time for you to resign, we don’t need a liars at the senate, you have to work and solve our economy. McCain and Graham your ambition is over.

  48. Shrapnel5 November 17, 2012

    He may not care who he hurts, but it seems to me by acting like he has been acting he is hurting himself more then the people he is trying to hurt, so in my opinion if runs for re-election and gets defeated he will have got the message that his time is over.

    1. nana4gj November 18, 2012

      McCain was re-elected in 2010. It seems the people of Arizona cannot bring themselves to retire him. He must occupy a “legacy seat” in the US Senate. But, I grow more and more concerned about his mental health. They say that as we age, our best or our worst characteristics begin to surface and have more expression than they used to have. His worst seem to be evident. Either that, or he may have some organic problems and perhaps an MRI of his brain and some neurological testing is in order and his “good friends” in the Senate do him no good service by indulging him in his bombastic behaviors.

  49. gendreau2 November 17, 2012

    Both McCain and Graham need to go and do some honest work for a change. What they have done in the Senate is nothing but garbage. We pay them for this, get rid of them.

  50. 1guy2 November 17, 2012

    I’m looking forward to an apology from Lindsey Graham,and big mouth McCain,over their hasty presuppositions to smear Susan Rice. It’s not often Lindsey goes off half-cocked,but for big mouth McCain,it’s the norm…..By the way, i’m not holding my breath on that apology.

  51. Tom Gagie November 17, 2012

    They are both past due to retire.
    McCain is a bitter old man.

  52. Ayaya Worenwu November 17, 2012

    Haley Barbour caught both Romnesia and Rick Perry memory loss diseases when analysing a new divisive Romney attack on young Americans.

  53. Gerri Gallo Clyatt November 17, 2012

    The obscession with the very sad Benghazi attack is a smoke screen for the. lack of ability to do anything good for this country. The R’s spend their whole representative-of-the- people time trying indict someone or something, but forget to solve the country’s needs.

  54. jjrjon November 17, 2012

    It’s all for show. It’s irrelevant whatever McCain (the loser) has to say, it’s all after the fact. McCain, Graham and Senator Kelly Ayotte are doing nothing but speculating, and “what if”. If they really wanted to know they should have been there in a first class seat, instead of having diarrhea of the mouth a few thousand miles away in their safe zone.

  55. Mike Doughty November 17, 2012

    McCain is getting too mean and senile, this is a sign of demisa setting in, Get him out now!

  56. Mike Doughty November 17, 2012

    These two men needs to stand up and appolize, but it takes a real man toadmit they are wrong!

    1. ALLLLAMERICAN November 17, 2012

      “THEY” are NOT wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. akhalilallah November 17, 2012

    While I might not have been so explicit about Senator Graham, I did think that when I saw him attempting to insult the U.N. Ambassador. As far as John McCain is concerned, he is riding the wave of over importance as a war hero, thinking that any thing he says will go unquestioned. They both seemed a bit evil intentioned toward both Mrs. Rice and the President. And no neither of them have the goodness within to apologize for their stupidity.

  58. mavilasr November 17, 2012

    McCain and Graham have come up empty. They make decisions without evidence. They are hasty. How can we have leaders who make hasty decisions concerning our national security? They should resign and leave their jobs to more in-depth, analytic, and trustworthy leaders.

  59. blueskies13 November 17, 2012

    The statements by these two and others are typical of a Congress that is divided and unwilling to come together for the good of the country. We, the People, are getting crap representation from the people we elected. They’re like a bunch of big, angry toddlers who don’t want to share their toys. Their behavior is the definition of anti-American. Washington is broken and unless these brats can swallow their pride, the country will follow suit. I hope Obama can be an example of a leader who is willing to bring the parties together, and I think he’s willing. It’s the Republicans I have my doubts about.

  60. Big Poppa November 17, 2012


  61. ProChoiceGrandma November 17, 2012

    Bwahaha! After trying to elevate his irrelevant status with his outrageous accusations against U.N Ambassador Susan Rice and President Obama, McCain is once again left with the taste of crow in his nasty mouth. Now he is relegated to tweeting about… Twinkies.

  62. Leslie November 17, 2012


  63. Charles November 17, 2012

    Hateful spiteful people conjure hateful spiteful unfounded thoughts, but to convey those unfounded thoughts via media is just plain stupidity. Indifference, hatred, bigotry, racism, ignorance and divisiveness = Republican Party.

  64. Bettylou November 17, 2012


  65. Elijah o. Ombongi November 17, 2012

    John McCain has nothing of substance in his head. He has no idea on how to generate useful discussions on matters that affecting Nation such as the economy, the budget cliff, the Jobs Act, immigration reform and things like those. McCain relies heavily on taking every issue out of context and spinning it so that he can create an ongoing and long running controversy to keep him busy. McCain believes wrongly or otherwise, that President Obama is incapable of doing anything right. He harbours bitter resentment of the President from the election defeat of 2008.

    Because of this bitter bill which he has not been able to swallow, he is constantly looking for something anything that he can use to besmirch the President and his reputation. He harbours feelings of jealousy and painful memories of losing the elections. It is because that and other reasons, McCain would want to dent the President’s image even if it is on appointment of his cabinet or other senior staff. Susan Rice is a young lady about half, McCain’s age.

    It is a shame for McCain to have stood at a platform to swear that he will do everything within his powers to block Susan Rice’s appointment as Secretary of State. Ms Rice is half McCain’s age, in fact Susan could be McCain’s grandchild. What kind of man is this? What kind of nonsense is this from an aging old, rusty man? McCain has the audacity to stand in public to swear long before he knows what exactly happened in Benghazi and how it happened. He has been crowing for so long on how the President mishandled the Benghazi issue, but the President is not the head of the CIA or even FBI. These are the Agencies McCain should have held responsible for what happened in Benghazi, but even then; what would any Agency of government have done on an issue that took place in a matter of a few minutes to perhaps an hour or so?

    McCain should have faced the press yesterday to crow the same way he has been crowing all along about the Benghazi attack. Why did he run away like a scared fox that has been found stealing chickens? People who are grown up should mature and behave responsibly. McCain’s going around vomiting venous language at everything and being antagonist all the time at the president shows not only a bonkers mentality but immaturity and stupidity as well. McCain is a complete idiot and buffoon who does not deserve to be in the Senate at this late stage in his life. He has no new ideas to contribute in this information age. McCain’s ideas are from the last century, archaic, unschooled, and completely out of place with reality. It is embarrassing for McCain to be going around vomiting bellicose language, sounding cantankerous and absurd when he has no facts on the issues he whines about. McCain should have faced the press yesterday to answer questions and to explain why he keeps whining about the President and anything he does or does not do

  66. Rob Hunt November 17, 2012

    McCain didn’t say anything after the terrorist attacks during the Bush administration, an administration that not only failed repeatedly, but went to war after spinning the word of a single individual looking for WMD’s, ignoring it’s own intelligence. Intelligence is something the GOP really doesn’t seem to understand, and when it intrudes on their agenda, they tend to spin, ignore, or run.

  67. drrichardpaul November 17, 2012

    This was an Intelligence Committee Hearing? Where was the intelligence from McCain when he decided that Rice was purposely lying? I thought being in the Intelligence Committee you actually had to have some sort of intelligence? Wait, Representative Michelle Bachmann is McCain’s counterpart in the House, so I guess that is the intelligence level of the Republicans.

  68. montanabill November 17, 2012

    Hold it! What Patraeus said was that when the CIA talking points left the agency, they indicated al qaeda was responsible for the attack. What he said was, he didn’t know who removed that point, but that it happened as the talking points were passed along. So far, the only agency that was not on board calling it an al qaeda terrorist attack, was the White House. It was the White House that gave Rice the bogus story and the mission to spread it.
    Conason has totally perverted the truth.

    1. awakenaustin November 17, 2012

      Since you were there maybe you can repeat wha Gen. Patreus actually said. You understand if your distinctionwas a distinctionworth making your friends would have stayed and been all over it. But they didn’t and it doesn’t. The horse is dead quit beating it.

      1. montanabill November 18, 2012

        So if you don’t hear the truth or see the truth, four dead Americans are a ‘dead horse’.

        1. awakenaustin November 18, 2012

          No one is saying that. You know no one is saying that. Your response is stupid. No actually it is beyond stupid. It is the same low class crap we all have come to expect from Republicans. You have no points to make you have just invective to hurl and aspersions to cast. You are a real self-righteous twit. Come back when you have something to say.

          1. montanabill November 19, 2012

            Your comment was that the investigations are ‘beating a dead horse’. How else are we supposed to interpret that?

          2. awakenaustin November 19, 2012

            A sensible way for a start. You and others have tried to gen up this big conspiracy on the part of the Administration to cover –up the “true” nature of what happened in Benghazi. Although unsuccessful in any respect, you have continued in your efforts despite the fact that the facts do not support you. Reasonable men would have walked away after Gen. Petreaus’ testimony. Ignoring the truth, however, you persist in parsing language, language even Sen. Graham and Sen. McCain ignored. Continuing to push a point when you have lost is “beating a dead horse.” But you knew that didn’t you? Rather than just be quiet or actually explain why you thought me wrong, you grabbed the flag out of the closet (where you probably keep it except when you need to wrap yourself in it) and waved it pretending you (like Fox) have some kind of monopoly on patriotism and concern for dead Americans. Taking umbrage where none was offered. You do that as a tactic and not because you really give a sh!t. For you, four dead Americans is no more and no less than another great opportunity for you to throw sh!t at the President. Your interest is in trying to make political points. You have no interest in the truth. You will not find the truth on your side in this matter. Not today, not tomorrow. The best you can hope for is that some uninformed boobs will buy into your pretend scandal. Who knows maybe years from now the same guys who believe there are dead aliens in area 51, that aliens crashed in Roswell, that we never set foot on the moon, that someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, and that 9/11 was an inside job will count this “conspiracy” among their top ten.
            I have no trouble with you disagreeing with me, lots of folks have. What drives me up the wall is this constant refrain by you and your fellow travelers that somehow those who disagree with you are un-American, unpatriotic, America haters with no concern for the lives of Americans. All of this, I think, qualifies all of you as a bunch of pompous, self-righteous, arrogantly ignorant twits. Don’t worry, I don’t think people un-American even when they are wrong.

          3. montanabill November 19, 2012

            Sophomoric and in complete denial of facts as presented by those involved.

          4. awakenaustin November 19, 2012

            You are still wrong. Can you say pprojection?

    2. metrognome3830 November 17, 2012

      And you know this for a fact? Apparently we have underestimated your status in government circles. Did you get your information from McCain and Graham?

      1. montanabill November 18, 2012

        Pay attention and you will known it for a fact as well.

        1. metrognome3830 November 18, 2012

          I pay attention to people who know what they are talking about, Bill. I even pay attention to other’s opinions. But I don’t pay much attention to those who tend to confuse their opinions with fact or twist the truth to fit their pre-conceived ideas.

  69. amarquez647 November 17, 2012

    John McCain at one time was a man of honor. Survived torture as a prisoner of war, stood down a woman that spoke out of hate and prejudice in a political rally. That does not justify his vitriol and his vindictiveness toward his and our president. This behavior besmear McCain’s legacy. It is a shame that a hero is now seen as a buffoon. I am a proud die hard liberal but I derive no pleasure in seeing McCain diminish himself.

  70. Johnny Thomas November 17, 2012

    While I do get mad and call name’s at time’s those two deserve less that what you gave them .MCcain has never impressed me .When he turned tail and run on Jogn Kerry that time marked him as a traitor for the rich and even less of a man .No wonder he is what he is for just money only and nothing else he has no pride in his honor .I don’t know the other one but they really are queer then that speak’s for it’s self All the assuming and telling deliberate lie’s in cost us a lot of money and they don’s care as long as they can take poke’s at us, they are not man enough to stand up on the truth and continue hiding behind other people and then ducking out when it get hot is the way they are .

  71. ivory69690 November 17, 2012

    well Paula Broadwell can always do a pic. set for PLAYBOY

  72. nana4gj November 17, 2012

    Shocking display of the lack of competency and knowledge on the part of Senator McCain about how intelligence works and the need for classified information to remain classified until deemed by professionals in intelligence gathering that it no longer needs to remain classified.

    Shocking display of arrogance that McCain, et al, would have expected anyone to go before mics and cameras and divulge classified information that they may have known but were not at liberty to divulge for general consumption simply to prove their own competence or to defend against a contrived conspiracy theory of Adminstration “failure”.

    More shocking than anything else is that so many little sheep are so willing to follow the leader of the pack, regardless of substance or consequences, even if it means tarnishing the credentials, credibility, reputation of another and endangering the national security of their own nation and exposing the vulnerability of other undercover agents and the ultimate plan of the defenders to continue to investigate, identify, and bring to appropriate justice the real perpetrators of this tragedy that took the lives of 4 Americans.

    This display of McCain and his cohorts in Congress is the perfect justification for and example of why Congress should not be informed of each and every thing that goes on in federal agencies that are supposed to be non-political and focused on justice, intelligence, investigations, or anything else that requires discretion, objectivity, ethics, and truth seeking. Clearly, Congress cannot be trusted with that kind of mission.

    Whether or not the President chooses to nominate the current UN Ambassador to the position of Secretary of State will be his decision for his own reasons. She has done a good enough job in her current position without complaint prior to this pathetic fiasco. If and when that happens, and we all go through the required Congressional Hearings on her nomination, we will all remember that McCain, Graham, and their co-horts have no credibility on this issue and are unfit to judge her suitability for appointment to this position. Their opinions and their vote on the matter should carry no weight.

    Frankly, the same applies to all of those who believed that classified information should have been made public at the time it was deemed classified and that, only after the classified information was declassified, an argument that alleged lies, deception, conspiratorial attempts of “cover ups”, with character assasinations all around, was thought to be a credible and justifiable basis for outrage and political machinations that we can all do without.

  73. raymond November 17, 2012

    Both of these guys would pull the triger and ask questions later! I admire McCain for his service but Graham is nothing but a instigator, they both need toretire. SOON

  74. DavidW November 17, 2012

    “Time bomb McCain” Now we know why he isn’t President. If McCain was President we would have been in 3 more wars right now.

    1. patuxant November 17, 2012

      Yeah, may he could talk them into flying a fighter again so he could spin out of control over the Pacific.

  75. ivory69690 November 17, 2012

    well Paula Broadwell can always do a pic. set for PLAYBOY and in the same month thy can have shara palin with a strap on on banging good ooo JOHNY McCAIN WHILE HE BENT OVER and in the shots the can have shara,s hubby tod standing there with a few black guys that was banger her when she was younger and dumped her because she was too nasty . tod coul;d be asking the brother,s for some tips . and ill sure thy will say just be nasty with her she loves being nasty

  76. Linda Singleton November 17, 2012

    McCain has overstayed his welcome, as has Graham … they are useless and are holding seats that could be filled by someone qualified …

  77. ivory69690 November 17, 2012

    When the session concluded, Petraeus was spirited away. And Senator John McCain (R-AZ), whose criticism of the Obama administration over Benghazi has verged on hysterical, emerged from the hearing room with very little to say to the reporters waiting outside.//// now johny boys nows the time whjere you say your sorry for being suck a jack A*Z*Z again its ok idiot johny boy your use to being a horses butt anyways . go call the ANTI-CHRIST ROMNEY and you pair of nuts that swing in a bulls sack can cry to each other on how the bad black man kicked both ur sailteen butts

  78. notafoxfan November 17, 2012

    graham (alias “the turtle), and mccain made absolute republican fools of themselves once again..of course mccain refused reporters questions because he does not wish to apologize to ms rice and say he was wrong..obama was right to defend her and say these men should not be calling her character into question..what hypocrites…

  79. AliciaSolis November 17, 2012

    McCain is a bitter,senile,mean spirited old windbag..He needs to ride off into the desert of AZ and take his sand flea sidekick,Lindsay Graham, with him…

  80. sean_stout2001 November 17, 2012

    One warm night, in the next few years, McCain will be sitting on his back porch and look into his crystal tumble, ice melting, with the residue of expensive Scotch evaporating in the wind and wish he hadn’t ended his career with this sad turn of events.

  81. Kim Jones November 17, 2012


  82. ivory69690 November 17, 2012

    General Petraeus’ briefing was comprehensive. I think it was important; it added to our ability to make judgments about what was clearly a failure of intelligence,/// or johny boy it showed once again your lack of intelligence why dont you get out while ur down . because the more you stay in office the deeper a hole you dig for your self . heck soon you will be in as deep as the hole the dirty Bush dug the country in . and you can say you had your hands in that also . with ur lack of intelligence then too . hmmmmm didnt you talk some kinda BS back then too ? hard to say for seem thats all you do best is the SB storys

  83. frogger November 17, 2012

    And this is what hard core Republicans call upstanding leadership? Old men who either due to aging brains, or who are just to obtuse to think, comprehend, and consider the consequences of their blame game, are allowed to ostensibly point their crooked witches fingers at others and pay no price? This is not the kind of leadership that will help this country get back on firmer footing and help to ensure a better tomorrow for our younger generation. Voters need to remember this and other goings on from these old men come the next election for their offices. Just to make clear, I am not a ‘younger’ voter, although I do stand with them and have faith they will do a better job.

  84. Gary Burke November 17, 2012

    No, they need to apologize to Ambassdor Rice. I’m appauled by their nasty words and accusations. They all need to be taken to the wood shed. Why didn’t they wait to get the facts instead and making accusations with no proof This is the CIA , why would they tell everything to the public when they were trying to find the bad guys.

  85. ObozoMustGo November 17, 2012

    If they knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack from day 1, why did they not say it was a terrorist attack? Why the deception about a protest gone bad when there was no protest? They are still covering up something. That something is that Obozo has been arming Al Qaida in Libya and Syria. That’s reason all of this distraction and deciept is taking place. The truth will come out. Someone that is honorable will speak out at some point. Of course, all of the useful idiots at The Memo (that includes head useful idiot Joe Conason) will all take a nap when it does happen.

    Have a nice day!

    “Blaming a 2-bit film for radical islamic violence is like blaming forks for obesity” – ObozoMustGo

    “When Obozo called the SEALs, they got Bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obozo, they got denied.” – Navy SEAL’s Facebook posting that was censored and then later uncensored

    1. AliciaSolis November 17, 2012

      Bastante ya,idiota..

    2. Charlie Watkins November 17, 2012

      No cover up, someone suggested that they didn’t want to tip off the perpetrators about what they really knew. Then there was this quote to consider;
      All War is based on deception – The Art of War, Sun Tzu

    3. patuxant November 17, 2012

      OB1—please go on with your bad self!

      1. ObozoMustGo November 19, 2012

        puxy… you’re being naughty now!!! Careful… I may need to take you out to the back pages of the site and spank ya!!!! 🙂 🙂

        Have a nice day!

        “It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan

        1. patuxant November 19, 2012

          HaHa and tee hee!  😉

          1. ObozoMustGo November 19, 2012

            [blushing] 😉

  86. ridemybroom November 17, 2012

    Lindsey Graham…you are a complete embarrasment to the state of South Carolina…you need to resign !

  87. ivory69690 November 17, 2012

    (It later emerged, embarrassingly, that his posturing before the cameras on Benghazi had prevented him from attending a scheduled hearing on that subject. He didn’t want to to discuss that either.) hey johny if all this ment so very much then why wasnt you at the scheduled hearing on that subject ? awwww you way doing som,e TV talk some place else makeing a bigger fool out of yourself ok now i understand where you was .

  88. BarbaraC November 17, 2012

    Republicans has such a dislike and hate for Pres. Obama that it shows consistently. Its really Racism at its peak. Tea parties, pointing fingers in his face, hollering at him is at its worse!
    Dishonesty, non-support from Congress is unbelievable. No President has undergone such disrespect as Pres. Barack Obama. Its ridiculous! Yet in all that, he shows respect, love and a desire to help our country, here and abroad. I’ll just bet its a closet full of skeletons in th Republicans closets. For goodness sake, ease up and support him. Other country leaders do. Stop the hate!

  89. ChristineIam November 17, 2012

    Patience and the search for Facts-Facts Won, again-amazing concept

  90. batavier November 17, 2012

    “General Petraeus’ briefing was comprehensive. I think it was important; it added to our ability to make judgments about what was clearly a failure of intelligence, and described his actions and that of his agency and their interactions with other agencies,” said McCain, adding, “I appreciate his service and his candor” before abruptly fleeing as reporters tried to question him.”

    …Old WEASELS never fade away – they just run!

    1. patuxant November 17, 2012

      Cut and run after stirring the pot of hate and bigotry!

  91. jim November 17, 2012

    I USED to have respect for McCain. Maybe he should run with Donald Chump, as finalist for idiots of the year.

  92. MEEMS.CENA November 17, 2012

    these action of McCain are going way back of 2008 when he lost and now in 2012 this a way of their fighting back, they have The Republican just do not care about anyone other than the real rich and themselves.

  93. Thomas Calderon November 17, 2012

    It’s time you both retire you’re so out of touch and both of you look like two old men in the muppets…

    1. patuxant November 17, 2012

      Yeah, and take that troll, McConnell with you!

  94. Kermit Gagne November 17, 2012

    im almost 70—–this is the truth —a lot of guys my age are very grouchy —i really dont get along –with most of them —i wonder if its because i smoked muggly whaaki–when i was younger ——????????????????

  95. abdullahiedward November 17, 2012

    Just another opportunity for McCain & Graham to say SORRY. But I seriously doubt they will.

  96. Lynda November 17, 2012

    It sure would be nice if the Hardy Boys could man up and apologize to Ms Rice and to the country at large. They won’t, which speaks volumes about those two. What a shameful week for the bully boys and a sure sign of the disfunction of our national leadership. Is it time yet to move on to the next faux outrage?

  97. Cal November 17, 2012

    Aren’t there any clear headed thinkers left on the right? It does not take an astrophysicist to understand that these people are constantly, over and over, sabotaging themselves. They continue to shoot themselves in the foot and there doesn’t appear to be anyone in the group who can help them sort out all of their negative, highly divisive bs.

    1. patuxant November 17, 2012

      No, Cal. No, none, nada, zippo clear thinking anyone on the right>>>

  98. James Fields November 17, 2012

    So is McCain going to continue to impeach Obama? I believe after all the waisted time and fingure pointing McCain has done he neeed to start the Impechment process for eith Obama or McCain.
    1/1/2013 the US is going over the cliff and Congress after 1 week is so worried they went back on vacation. I would like to know how much this cost the Taxpayer because I am sure that they did not pay to get to where ever they are going out of their pocket. To believe Congress believe that there is a problem witht he Debt and can not understand that they are the ones that are doing the spending is unbelive able. No incress in the Natioonal Debt ceiling. 4 years is too long to do nothing but talk. Write your Congress and tell them to either go back to work or RESIGN

  99. elw November 17, 2012

    The people who should apologize are the media for continuing to give Right-wing conspiracy-pushers viewer time to push their politically devised and baseless thoughts on the public. I am not sure about others, but I for one am sick and tired of listening to pundits that take up my time to even discuss accusations that, even I know, are based on nothing but hot air. I find myself turning off the news more often, I have stopped watching Meet the Press, This Week and all the other National outlets that spend way too much time discussing crap when there are so many more important things that will honestly affect my life and everyone else that I know and do not know. The whole business about Rice should have taken no more than a five minute mention with a disclosure that there was no proof of the accusations. But, that is asking today’s pundits to be Journalist, something that will not happen.

  100. itsgolden1 November 17, 2012

    The whole GOP are a bunch of liars. Look at the election everything Romney said turned out to be lies. I think the GOP should disband and take that stupid Trump with them!!!

  101. itsgolden1 November 17, 2012

    And McCain he is one of the worst!! Look at four years ago!!!

  102. Todd November 17, 2012

    Too bad Joe Conason wouldn’t know the truth if he tripped over it. Susan Rice knowingly lied to the American public on 5 different talk shows. Her claim that she was using declassified information only, doesn’t hold water. She is cleared to read classified information and had the opportunity to do so. If she didn’t, it shows a complete lack of competence, if she did, she knowingly lied to the American public to forward the Obama narractive that Al Queida is finished. Petreaus said that the CIA talking points were changed from the ones the CIA put out and sent to the White House that said the attack was an organized terrorist attack to one blaming the attack on a video when it came back from the White House. This only strengthens the belief that the Obama administration lied, and continue to lie, to the American people about how 4 Americans were murdered in Benghazi needlessly

    1. Jerry November 17, 2012

      Go take your Meds.

    2. patuxant November 17, 2012

      Oh, Mon contrere, mi amigo!

  103. Bradbrea November 17, 2012

    I think the Biggest PROBLEM is that when something like this happens, everyone starts screaming for IMMEDIATE answers (primarily the media). They do not care if their is any accuracy (how could their be so immediately) so Washington haphazardly gets a statement out without REALLY having enough details to actually KNOW everything. So then as the investigation develops and ACCURATE information is received, then the haters and fear mongers try to convince everyone that there is a conspiracy because of “claimed” lies in the beginning. News Media does not care about actually reporting ACCURATE information as long as they can be FIRST!!! I personally prefer to get the ACCURATE

    1. Bradbrea November 17, 2012

      information even if I have to wait a few days for it.

  104. Joe Smith November 17, 2012

    politcal bullshit by obama admin once again bi laden was killed and we knew with an hour it was all over the news so we use air time to annoucne a piece of crap was flushed ut when 4 american heros are taken down we get misleading fake information and why did they arrest the poor guy that made the video ?to make it look good?they didnt know for sure?what about camp bastion 3 days later? any one here of it? no oh yeah the news dosnt report stuff that makes the president look bad we are the ussr back in the 80s everything is covered up secret not allowed to be reported unless the white house says it ok to say and dont ask too many questions reporters obama gets mad and will not invite you back for any more press conferences. So how many businesses are cutting back laying off workers closing stores oh yeah they are not reporting the landslide of unemployment and debacles caused by obamacare the news does not report it recites exactly as its told

    1. Jerry November 17, 2012

      Man you are one STUPID MAN. Can you read?

    2. patuxant November 17, 2012

      Get over yourself, loser!

    3. ExPAVIC November 17, 2012


      Take your meds and settle down. You are beginning to rant and rave, making no sense.

  105. adler56 November 17, 2012

    Republicans again prove they’re un-american and un-patriotic.

  106. petronius28 November 17, 2012

    McCain is feeling his age and Graham is not worth my time to discuss/ BTW, “dick” is not a “dirty” word and “sucker” is merely suggestive.

  107. flipstar November 17, 2012

    It is high time McCain, Graham and all those old croonies who are sitting up there and all they do is criticize and complain, resign or retire. They don’t have nothing good to offer. They make themselves look and sound stupid in the eyes of sensbile Americans. I thought they had the brains, but they don’t. Republican King, just be mindful of what he says. He is a dumb idiot.

  108. dahlya November 17, 2012

    THANK GOD, this country didn’t elect Romney. Now would be a good time to replay the
    presidential debate (some call it that) where Romney so arrogantly pushed McCain’s same view on this issue while speaking over and interrupting the President of the United States and ignoring the moderator (oh ya, a woman moderator)

  109. Riobound November 17, 2012

    I understand there’s plenty of room in Romney’s garage!

  110. patrick November 17, 2012

    Another mistake from the Republican side: McCain use to be my idle since I’m an retired Air Force Air Rescue Specialist as McCain was ex military and a POW. But his life as a politician, has really altered his way of decision making and thinking.

  111. beau10 November 17, 2012

    McCain and Graham are suddenly SOOOOOO quiet. Poor losers and poor sports.

  112. welno from brooklyn,ny November 17, 2012

    McCain is bad at everything he does.Bad student at the naval academy(#5 from the bottom of his class),bad pilot got shot down in his mission to blow out a VC village then bitch about how he was treated as a POW.He also violated the rule on how not to bail out over a village you just bombed and expect roses and perfumes.then when he finally win something as the GOP nominee for POTUS,,he choose Sarah Palin as his running mate.This man really,really sucks

  113. fakesamurai November 17, 2012

    Graham and Mccain have got to go. An example of the worst facet of American political system.

  114. EarthenVessle November 17, 2012

    Mccain is a great patriot, but even patriots get fuzzy with age. John time to go home!

  115. Sara Haaf November 17, 2012

    I have been saying this whole time they said what they could but probably did no more and had no intention of pulling the wool over our eyes, but needed to hold back info so they could complete their investigation and be able to hopefully aprehend those responsible, or make a stronger case.

  116. Fubom November 17, 2012

    We have been stuck with this sick sack of crap, McCain, in Arizona for 3 decades. He is a waste of wrinkled skin. I wish there was some way of getting rid of him, but the morons in this state keep sending him back to do absolutely nothing for the state or the country. I hate this place! Problem is the majority of the voters in this place are too stupid to be embarrassed by him.

  117. patuxant November 17, 2012

    Knew it would happen this way! Hooray for the team! McCain, Graham, Ayotte and the rest of the wing nuts on the right deserve to suffer the humiliation of this BS they tried to contrive. Oh, gee, let’s see…they need to tell us “everything” that involves counter=terrorism and compromise lives and the mission? Give us a break you idiots!

  118. ChuckT November 17, 2012

    and who was it that changed the talking points from what Petraeus wrote, and what Rice said?

  119. Fubom November 17, 2012

    For the record: A bad pilot that gets shot down over enemy territory, is captured and taken POW, and makes videos and statements for his captors is not a “War Hero”. He is simply the son of an admiral, and a bad pilot, that should have never been in the cockpit of a fighter.

    1. ExPAVIC November 17, 2012


      He was out of his sector on October 17, 1967, when the SAM took off the right wing of his A6 Fighter.

      How do I know? I was in the Gulf of Tonkin on the Pratt (DLG-13) waiting to pick up his ass but he never went “feet wet.”

      1. HajjaRomi November 17, 2012


        John McCain should know quite a bit about covering up foreign attacks on American property and personnel. His daddy, Admiral McCain, has been fingered as person who covered up the Israeli assault on the USS LIBERTY.

  120. shlevine November 17, 2012

    Just because McCain spent years as a Viet Nam prisoner does NOT make him an expert on foreign policy, and his hysterical behavior during the 2008 campaign, including his desperate choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate, has destroyed whatever credibility he ever had. I wish the media would ignore this bitter old man who has been wrong on every issue and has nothing to offer.

  121. ExPAVIC November 17, 2012


    The guys at the old, old, used up GOP Clubhouse are so eager to find an issue that they have been interviewing the White House squirrels to find out if anyone has been playing with their nuts.

    McCain knows all of those squirrel because he is one of the nuts that can found at the White House when Obama has him over for lunch.

    As old as McCain is, you’d think he would know when to keep his senile mouth shut while thinking people are at work.

  122. vlady54 November 17, 2012

    I hope Senator McCain don’t mentor any future republican presidential hopeful in the 2016 election. It time for him to give up the car and let someone drive.

  123. Angel Lebron November 17, 2012

    The truth of the matter is that McCain has not gotten over his 2008 loss to Obama, so hes in this continued bigot witch hunt which BTW made him look like a Dunce, so Mr. McCain take your Dunce cone cap and take Graham and Ayotte with you to the happy trails of retirement and you both can dream of how it (USA) was back in the 50s because those years will never, ever return and your GOP eventually will ride into the sunset as the Tea Party is presently going.

  124. from mke November 17, 2012

    John Mc Cain is still angry he got whipped by Barack Obama – whether it be because Barack Obama is an African American, or that he was much younger than Mc Cain, or he got beat by a Senator from the Midwest – any number of hideous reason. Mc Cain needs to stop this juvenile behavior and grow up. He’s almost as bad as Sarah Palin, his very mis-chosen running mate illustrating her still 2008 anger. Grow up guys – and gals – it’s time.

  125. steven November 17, 2012

    Just one more example of over the top behavior by elected officials. time to give these two the boot. They still havent learned how to behave like true gentlemen and senators yet.

  126. solver04 November 17, 2012

    WHY is Graham in DC ? Politics ? Why ANYTHING with this empty suit (uniform, reservist lawyer) He got his law degree in the reserves and NOW he’s a military expert ? He is a USELESS Senator to SC, I live there, I know he’s done NOTHING positive or fundamental for our state – NOTHING. He is only good for defamation of the POTUS and consternation and bomb throwing to the freedoms WE hold dear; His world is that of a politically useless fool that has two purposes – make up conspiracies and go on Face the Nation and any other Sunday AM talking head shows that can stomach his whiny demeanor. He’s a flippin’ traitor and he and McUseless ought to resign their duties or be charged – If it were the “old days”, where the GOPBaggers and Neo Cons want to be in today they would have been charged with TREASON for making these charges without reason or proof. I’ve looked it up, in 1960 they would be awaiting a military trial RIGHT NOW.

  127. Louise Davis November 17, 2012

    There is a well known statement that says a fool answers before he hears; i believe this was the case concerning this attack.

  128. graysailor November 17, 2012

    McCain, kindly go away!

  129. Edna November 17, 2012

    Those fools rushed into judgment… and completely embarrazed themselves… they should do what their candidate Mitt did… they should apologize and admit that they were “complely wrong!”duh?

    1. debzp November 17, 2012

      Don’t hold your breath lol

  130. Jeremy November 17, 2012

    Macain and Graham belong in the rest home…..such scum bags!

  131. E.W November 17, 2012

    What’s next, LOSERS. McCain and you other BIG MOUTHS, will you just shut up and accept the loss. You are too old to keep whining/.

  132. fsteph November 17, 2012

    Well, Charlie, thank for the nice comments and observation. It would be the same Obama administration that made public the names of the SEAL and CIA personnel involved int he Ben Laden slaying operation. Obama seems obsessed with giving away state secrets — don’t you agree?

  133. ococoob November 17, 2012

    I wonder what Lindsey Graham has to say after he made a complete ass out of himself.

  134. bmwm357 November 17, 2012

    I really have grown to hate the GOP and everything it stands for.

  135. Theo McKinney November 17, 2012

    The Tea-O-P is toast, they keep trying to remind anyone and everyone…

  136. fidel November 17, 2012

    Is time for Resign Those people Infected the brain for too many Americans Including all personnel of FOX The GOP Voice.

  137. Oneil A Gray November 17, 2012

    a bunch of old and misrable ingreats

  138. Americkan November 17, 2012

    Republicans have been my only source of humor for a couple years now. I get a little giggle every time one opens his/her mouth.

  139. Mildred Ortega Calderon November 17, 2012

    The GOP Gods are falling off their pedestals one by one.

  140. a80a November 17, 2012

    John McCain endured a lot as a p o w in korea and I honor him for that, but he has outlived his usefulness in the senate, his senility is showing through as he puts his mouth in gear before engageing brain. as for lindsey graham he is a follower and not a leader so he should also go.

  141. SamR November 17, 2012

    Does this matter? I assume GOPers will say it only means the conspiracy goes deeper, or that Obama “got to Petraeus” or whatever.

  142. FredAppell November 17, 2012

    So long to McCain the maverick and hello to McCain the right- wing fringe lunatic. I am a bit surprised and disappointed in him. I never supported him because he is republican but I had some respect for him because he showed class and integrity. I wonder what he was promised by the wacko party in exchange for his cooperation or maybe this is who he always was.

  143. Rfranz100 November 17, 2012

    Mr.McCain has forgotten that He was a Gewntleman once, as for Mr.Graham, He never was……

  144. BlackhatLV November 17, 2012

    the article is correct… both Graham and McCain are now looking like fools, but most of all they need to go to all the reporters they trashed Rice with and have to give a full apology to Rice through each source, including most assuredly Fox News and there blowhards.. they need to apologize as well

  145. Bob Shipp November 17, 2012

    McCain, Graham….. old white guys, political opportunists, has beens!

  146. Teddy Parker November 17, 2012

    McCain can’t straighten out his arm and walks around with an apple in his mouth in utter bitterness as he continues to grind his ax after falling to defeat in 2008…

  147. Carol Stoughton November 17, 2012

    yes time for that creep McCain the trouble maker to go, its not his way, he stayed in a cage too long, and had he been a good soldier he would not have gotten caught in Viet Nam, and he should take all his liars over the cliff, McConnel, Graham, and stop his nasty crap. None of them should be in office and especially collecting money from us taxpayers. They are like Communism blight in our government.

    1. BlackhatLV November 17, 2012

      carol your comments are nothing but stupid, crass, and idiotic. first Sen McCain was a pilot, shot down like many pilots have been in wars. second as much as i believe his views are wrong, Sen McCain like millions of americans that have served deserve the thanks and respect for that service. and i give them that respect for their service. dont turn into someone like those faux news or radical teabaggers that are blowhards that try to tear someone down, or attack others viciously..

  148. gazzzzzz November 17, 2012

    Mccain and Graham are worse than liars. They intentionally use lies to promote an agenda

    that hurts the masses. The republicans are hate mongers and greedy destroyers of America
    They pit the masses against each other. They use Hitler like tactics, blame the blacks, blame the Jews, blame the latinos, blame any group other than the greedy elite who caused the problems.

  149. robert November 17, 2012

    McCain and Graham did much the same thing as Mytyh Romney did in his campaign: anything attached to President Obama that could have the very appearance of scandal, take it and run with it, be ugly and snarling and point accusatory fingers and use threatening words without veting the information being fed to them for validity. He always ended up like Soupy Sails, with pie in his face. McCain and Graham walked out of that briefing with Petraeus, after hearing the truth from the horse’s mouth, wiping pie from their faces and licking their fingers. they get their information from a bunch of sychophatic fairies, trolls, and zombies whose life’s ambition is to scavenge the web, the blogs, the newspaper, and even gossip to people like Myth, McCain, Graham to use against the president. They take those droppings like pooper-scoopers and stink up the news with it. Their constituents should take heed. they are murdering their own party with their antics. Benghazi was the latest gizmo from their Acme Bag O’ Tricks.

  150. John M Eschenbaum November 17, 2012

    McCain, the ring leader in this and Graham, his lap dog should both resign in embarrassment and a disgrace to their constituents. Folks like them are what is the problem in our congress. McCain for all his military heroism better quit before he loses what reputation he has left. Graham is a reservist. He should be mustered out.

  151. Willnieto57 November 17, 2012

    I don’t like it, but I understand blowhards like Rush, Beck, Trump, and all the nut jobs at FAUX, but we really need to get rid of the McCains and Grahams. They are unprofessional, sore losers, irrevelent, and wouldn’t know Leadership if it bit them on their stinky side. Enough already. Time to retire. Despite the horrendous efforts of the Republican party to force an election in their favor, I still believe in a two party system, but not like this. Not ever again. Young Republicans need to step up and rid themselves of this old bitter guard. They do no one a bit of good, except to divide our great nation.

  152. Steven November 17, 2012

    So, we now wait in anticipation for the next faux “crises” to be spun up by the GOP and the Wingnut Media.

    Imagine having people like this leading our country–republicans who would rather shove the country off a cliff with divisive rhetoric and outright lies than work together in unison with the American people.

    It seems each step the GOP takes is more dispicably anti-American than the last.

  153. msrita November 17, 2012

    McCain you lost then Romney. Maybe if you guys look at that Party of foul, liers, greedy jerk who don’t work for America.

  154. onedonewong November 17, 2012

    Peteraus testimony reinforced the fact that the WH was intimately involved in the disaster and did everything they could to cover it up. CIA analysis was rewritten and all fingers are pointing to Hilary or Barak.
    Rice lied to the American people and should offer her resignation since she will never again be approved by the Senate for any office

    1. ME November 17, 2012

      Give it up. Rice didn’t lie. The Fear and Balanced made this much more than it was. If you want to be upset check out how much the taxpayers gave Cheney and his no bid contracts.

      Your anger is a bit contradictory.

      1. onedonewong November 18, 2012

        Your right I forgot the guy who made the movie was the cause of 4 americans dying. The taxpayers didn’t give Cheney 1 dime for any contracts and no one died when his former company provided goods and services the military needed

    2. BlackhatLV November 17, 2012

      wongdongwong.. lol are you drinking.. smoking?? ahh yeah.. you are drinking that ‘crazy tea’… altering reality… the senate committee stated that what Rice said was provided by the intelligence agencys… NOT the White House.. Sen King even says it was in one of the agencys..

      1. onedonewong November 18, 2012

        No Peteraus said that some one in the WH you know barak who lives there ALTERED his report. He couldn’t say why or who but his testimony left no question who did it

    3. debzp November 17, 2012

      Rememer Beirut, Lebanon under Ronny.

      1. onedonewong November 18, 2012

        Sure do, notice Reagan didn’t blame a movie or some one other than himself and took action. While the boy in the WH points his fingers any where other than himself

        1. debzp November 18, 2012

          Oh really and exactly what action did he take? Imagine if something of that magnitude happened on Obama’s watch.

    4. Justin Napolitano November 18, 2012

      Onedone, you are a fucing malcontent that shoots off his mouth like a person with diarrhea that also took a laxative. You just read that McCain was full of shit when he made statements about Susan rice but you just ignored that and had to say something completely stupid.
      Why don’t you go away, we are tired of stupid people making stupid comments.

      1. onedonewong November 18, 2012

        No McCain didn’t recant one syllable of hi statement. McCain spoke the truth and all the administration did was to act like a petulant child, once again showing that the boy in the WH is over his head

  155. Steven Weakley November 17, 2012

    The CIA probably had a operation going on when Grand Wizard Mc Cain started running his mouth!!.Now they have been exposed,we may never know who did the attack.He knows better.The CIA can’t tell what they are doing in real time.These people are supposed to be patriots?Obama derangement syndrome has driven them crazy.

  156. debzp November 17, 2012

    Anybody remember McCain and graham and Susan Collins paying homage to Kaddahfi and his son a couple of years ago, promising them weapons and aircraft? These repubs have no shame!

  157. kathyfanning November 17, 2012

    McCain and Graham area perfect examples of what is wrong with the GOP, along with Rove and other throwbacks. They and Fox news need to “Go Away”

  158. Edmund November 18, 2012

    What exactly do you mean by “Wingnut” media? My dictionary says 3 meanings

  159. dsand1445 November 18, 2012

    Apparently, McCain and Graham are bitter and out of touch with reality. PTSD from the election now that they have been exposed perhaps they will seek medical help from OBAMA-CARE for their condition.

  160. BEN November 18, 2012

    Well, I guess Sen. Mc Cain’s underhanded attempts to retain congressional visibility and credibility within his own party and peers on the hill, backfired. Maybe they will allow him to fetch coffee during high-profile congressional hearings in the years to come.

    What’s the penalty for slander on Capital hill?

  161. DickJr41 November 18, 2012

    Unfortunately Senators McCain and Graham aren’t honest enough and Man enough to admit that they were engaged in a totally unwarranted, and totally scurrilous attack on the Ambassador and her sterling character. Their actions have been beneath contempt and until they “Man-Up” and apologize publicly, they are undeserving of anyone’s moral or political support. They are truly beneath contempt.

  162. Felix Thurman November 18, 2012

    John McCain has gotten to old for the job and he’s still stuck on stupid. This country cannot survive on hate and greed.

  163. stoptheinsanity November 18, 2012

    McCain and Graham thought they had a “smoking gun” on President Obama that would lead to Watergate-style hearings and impeachment. That false theory was blown to smithereens after General Petraeus’s testimony before a senate committee hearing. You certainly won’t hear McCain and Graham admit any fault in “jumping the gun” and engaging in a witchhunt and vicious attacks against the President and Susan Rice. The media won’t really press them on how wrong they got this whole ordeal. They will continue to softpedal the idea and make innuendos that suggest something still exists in their trumped- up charges on Benghazi. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this will be the last time these two Republican nut cases and others in their party will come up with false accusations and charges against the President. They are so bitter that the President won reelection and are seething with a raging hatred toward him as well as a burning desire for revenge. Sadly, these reprehensible actions will continue by the Republican party for the remainder of the President’s administration. Someone needs to conduct a hearing against McCain and Graham and how they got it so wrong and bring impeachment charges against them.

  164. stoptheinsanity November 18, 2012

    Petraeus’s testimony before a Senate committee contradicted every trumped-up charge McCain and Graham made against the President and Susan Rice. Every lie these two nut cases made were PROVEN to be bogus. Just because you say, “They are not wrong!!!” does not make it so. You right-wing trolls continue to live in your alternate universe. How did Fox News, Limbaugh, Rasmussen poll, Karl Rove and other prognosticators in your camp work out for you in the general election? According to them, Romney was suppose to win this election by a landslide, no questions about it. How’s that Romney/ Ryan “believey thingey” working for ya? Go and crawl back under that rock from whence you came, you troll. There’s absolutely NOTHING American about you!

  165. doren November 18, 2012

    Term limits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for all those old fools.

  166. sam arzhang November 18, 2012

    Fascinating and extra ordinary description of US Policy and policy makers .
    There is a good old proverb: Whatever you put in your soup ,it comes to your spoon .
    Could Susan Rice replace Mrs Clinton , I doubt very much .

  167. Don B November 18, 2012

    Why can’t they just take their defeat gracefully instead of looking for a gotcha moment at EVERY turn
    These guys are just plain PITYFUL and should be put to pasture

  168. Milo November 18, 2012

    Don’t pay John McCain no mind, he’s just a crazy old man.

  169. Brian November 18, 2012

    So much for old “Honest” John. He lost all his credibility when he dumped his long-time wife because “she wasn’t pretty anymore.”

    Arizona, you got what you deserve.

  170. Scott B November 18, 2012

    What has happened to the old moderate maverick -campaign finance reform MCCAIN ??? Gays in the military – now this – he has really turned into an OLD coot !

  171. Ford Truck November 18, 2012

    Typical Republican response. McCain, Graham, and Fox News jumped on an issue and attacked Obama long before they had even the basic facts! I predict that now, with facts in hand, they will soon make a claim that Petraeus was “bought off” by the administration and lied about the events.

  172. Robert November 18, 2012

    Sen McCain: I appreciate your long and outstanding service to our country. You are a national hero. But…stop it!
    Sen Graham: I don’t know what your problem is. But…stop!

  173. Jerome November 18, 2012

    And to think that 4 short years ago he was running for President of the USA!!! Can you imagine the mess this country would be in if he and Sarah were running this country!! We sing “GOD BLESS AMERICA” ….well he surely did back in November 2008 and again in Nov 2012 Thank GOD for Barack Obama!!!!

  174. Robert November 18, 2012

    Sen McCain: I truly appreciate your long, faithful and outstanding service for our country. But…stop it!
    Sen Graham: I truly don’t know what know what your problem is. But…stop it!

  175. Andrew November 18, 2012

    HEY…………McCAIN and GRAHAM……………MAN UP LIKE YOU REPUKES ALWAYS WANT EVERYONE ELSE TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or just go hide until you and Fox News can come up with another conspiracy to try and unfold…………HEY WAIT , CALL KARL ROVE , HE PROBABLY HAS SOMETHING FOR YOU GUYS…………….ROTFLMFAO………………….

  176. John Sehler November 18, 2012

    McCain has the worst case of Oral diarrhea in the history of man. He needs to see a doctor.

  177. Andrew November 18, 2012


  178. PaulCindy November 18, 2012

    Petraeus changed his version of his earlier mention that Benghazi was not a terrorist attack. The position of the W.H. as well as Sec. of State, and Amb. Rice was to go along with the violence was because of a video. This has been proved false but Obama had stuck with that explanation weeks after, even after Hillary Clinton stated it was an act of Terrorism. Because of this, Rice as Sec. of State would be highly inappropriate no matter what Party is in charge.

  179. irishtap November 18, 2012

    Par for the republican course. Use your lack of information to attack the character of someone simply doing their job. It seems to me Graham and McCain are gasping for relevance.

  180. Skyline43 November 18, 2012

    It is sad that three congressman are reaching to find some dirt in this Benghazi case. I wonder if their concern is so great about the many lives that were and are being lost in the two wars started by the Bush Administration. There lives, too, are just as important. Let’s remind them that there are over 4000 who were killed and many wounded! These same three, I’m sure, voted to get us into
    these unnecessary wars. Let’s get on with what really needs attention in this country and work together to heal rather then tear apart.

  181. Jerry Beck November 18, 2012

    I said from the getgo not to go with what Fox news was reporting(is that what they call it?) on this subject,way to many people where all set to join these two and hang this lady out to dry. Shame on you!!!!!

  182. Christopher P Doyle November 18, 2012

    Being a Repugnant means never admitting you’re wrong, and never having to say you’re sorry.

  183. Christopher P Doyle November 18, 2012

    Benghazi Testimony By Petraeus Shreds GOP Attack On Rice

  184. ClydeC November 18, 2012

    Yeah Rice was just doing what she was told to not tell rhe truth by the CIA

  185. BlackhatLV November 18, 2012

    So now Graham on Meet the Press, and am sure McCain and King as well very soon, said he will be demanding a inquiry like iran contra, the lewinsky one over this matter. but these same Senators are the ones that blocked the same kind of inquiry on Bush changing ‘intelligence’ the same as these Senators are claiming the Obama administration did over leading into a false war and false invasion of Iraq. These same Senators are the ones that blocked the same kind of inquiry over the Plame leak during the Bush terms, then did everything they could to block any inquiry by this administration over the WMD false claims or the Plame leak into what Bush and Cheney actually did know, they just took the word of their boss and vp..

  186. Gary November 18, 2012

    Well GOP there u have it now get off ur high horses and give in to the fact that Obama is the president and lets get some cooperation in getting this country back up and going strong !!

  187. Charles E Willmore November 18, 2012

    It is sad that politicians who represent We The People are so baltantly unreliable-the military seems to be more trustworthy -we are supposed to be a civlian society but half our leaders are lying to us electorsor cooking up their own theories witout any facts-This remindsme of romneys lies aboutObama Care same old MO.

  188. RobertCHastings November 18, 2012

    McCain has ruined any chances he ever had of being considered in any future administrationfor any kind of job with military or the State Department, and Lindsey Graham has once again made the entire state of South Carolina look foolish. These two should make their affairs a little more discreet.

  189. RobertCHastings November 18, 2012

    One more attempt to embarass the BLACK president backfires. I thought McCain had a little more class, but Graham is taking over where Strom Thurmond left off.

  190. Downing Gary November 18, 2012

    If we don’t get people out of office like McCain, we will constantly have more disruptions for no reason at all. We don’t need more deceptions, lies and allegations. Its time they left

  191. ORAXX November 18, 2012

    Lindsey Graham is a nasty, self loathing, closet case and John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.

  192. BlackhatLV November 18, 2012

    wongdongwong… you really need to quit drinking that faux koolaid.. Peteraus did not say that the White House altered the report. You been listening to the madhatter McCain and the looney Graham again.

    “Petraeus, a retired 4-star Army general, “was adamant there was no politicization of the process, no White House interference or political agenda,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. “He completely debunked that idea.” In particular, lawmakers said, Petraeus offered testimony to support the view that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice did not deliberately mislead anyone.” NPR

  193. oo November 18, 2012

    Need to investergate MCain concerning his first wife and the lost of America air craft repayment.

  194. ellen_h November 19, 2012

    McCain et al need to apologize, to the President, Susan Rice and the American people.

  195. Gladys Garcia November 19, 2012

    McCain begone

  196. 13observer November 19, 2012

    if you think they are bad, what about New York’s Chuck Shumer? He gets more funds from WALL STREET than enywhere else or anyone else for the democrats and we all know how you get those “gifts” from wall street!

    1. Sand_Cat November 19, 2012

      What on earth has this to do with the topic discussed here? Having trouble keeping your mind together?

      1. 13observer November 19, 2012

        no, i’m like Obama……………capitalizing when ever i can!

  197. connie2lz November 19, 2012

    I don’t like this article and I think President Obama is at fault. But, what else is new in this blame game.

    1. Sand_Cat November 19, 2012

      You’re writing ironically, I hope.

  198. cliffb47 November 19, 2012

    McCain and Graham, (as well as a lot of others), should probably consider applying to assisted living senior centers. Sure seems like they can no longer think, or act independently.

  199. Emma Juliano Ramos November 19, 2012

    Apologize, Sen. McCain. It’s a gentlemanly thing to do.

  200. nana4gj November 19, 2012

    Every day, McCain and Graham present sheer postulations, “maybes”, theories of possible Administration motives for deliberate misrepresentation of facts. It is very clear, at this point, that this entire “outrage” is nothing more than political and personal exploitation for themselves. I hear Graham is up for reelection and is concerned about being teapartied. McCain is just an angry old man who has squandered his respect and revelence; a misguided man who purports to be so concerned about the national security of this country that he would agree to put a person like Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency, much less attempt to fill the other roles of a Vice President.

    By this time, after that “stellar” presidential campaign, we know that everything behind the Republicans is based on lie, misrepresentation, and exploitation.

    McCain is desperate. Now he has the solution for Israeli/Palestinian conflict. McCain just occupies space in the US Senate, really. He has no credibility.

    Both of these men should be retired out of service. Their Senate seat serves them when they should be serving the Senate.

  201. geewilly November 19, 2012

    It’s sad that men who once commanded so much respect now are nothing but shadows of their former respectible selves. Go home McCain… for over 20 years you have represented Arizona yet not until Obama was elected did you start whining about illegal immigrants…

  202. real talk November 20, 2012

    What in the hell make you so call bloggers that the so called play boy general is telling the truth what did you think he would say after being caught up in the the usual liberal shenanigans all though he is suppose to be a conservative. he has been living a damn lie to his family so he is a liar to them first now to the rest of us.

  203. Michael Patrick Brewer November 23, 2012

    And to think that these two bubble heads do not know that the real enemy is using every word of their missives to the advantage of the bad guys. And they are swimming in the Intelligence world? Whew! We are in trouble. Someone has got to remind McCain, who has never led men in his life, is making himself and a fine career the subject of ridicule. He is turning into a SNL parody of himself. War is not the NFL John. And your days as a quasi quarterback are long gone. Even coaches know when to quit.

  204. Janice Schindler November 24, 2012

    Forget about mccain and graham. Lets put the blame back where it goes, obama said “we (Americans) have a problem with HIM, not rice”. The order to “Stand Down” had to come from him. rice only did what she was told. Don’t like her because of her past with mr clinton, but she did what she was told. BLAME goes with this admin hiding the truth, setting up 4 of our 4 Star Generals, 4 murdered Americans, and continued lying.

    1. BlackhatLV November 24, 2012

      but you and other bush flunkies totally support his actions, his hiding the truth, his lies, his destroying the constitution, his starting a war that cost 4886 american lives, over 120000 innocent iraqi lives, his exposing a cia officer

  205. Rovin May 7, 2013

    Wonder how this article plays out now that it’s becoming apparent that some people at the top levels of our government lied about the events that took place in Benghazi? Care to “revise”/update this Joe?


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