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Benjamin Netanyahu, Defying Expectations, Pulls Off A Big Victory

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Benjamin Netanyahu, Defying Expectations, Pulls Off A Big Victory


By Laura King and Batsheva Sobelman, Los Angeles Times (TNS)

TEL AVIV, Israel — In a dizzying outcome to a divisive and angry Israeli election campaign, preliminary official results early Wednesday pointed to a sweeping victory for the party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, paving the way for him to form a new government.

Through a long night of vote-counting that began with exit polls suggesting a dead heat, Netanyahu’s conservative Likud Party opened a lead over his main rival, the left-center Zionist Union, that widened by dawn to five or six seats in the 120-member Knesset, or parliament. With more than 99 percent of the vote counted, the tally was 29 or 30 seats for Likud to 24 for the Zionist Union, according to tallies posted on Israeli news sites. A final count will take some days.

Netanyahu, a consummate political survivor, had gone into Tuesday’s vote trailing in opinion polls, and had painted even the deadlock suggested by exit polls as a victory. By dawn, his supporters were rejoicing deliriously over a turnabout that, if borne out in the final official tally, appeared to give him a clear mandate to seek to remain Israel’s leader, though he will still need to woo key political factions to do so.

Addressing cheering, chanting supporters early Wednesday at his headquarters, Netanyahu declared that “reality does not take time out. … The citizens of Israel expect us to swiftly form a responsible leadership that will work for them, and so we shall do.”

But the scorched-earth campaign waged by the prime minister and his backers pointed to political fissures that will probably emerge again.

Initially, as the count was beginning, Isaac Herzog of the Zionist Union said he too would try to head a governing coalition. “We will wait for the real results,” he said. “The people of Israel want change.”

As the hours went by, however, those hopes appeared dashed. “The people have decided, loud and clear — Israel has spoken,” said Nachman Shai, a senior lawmaker in Herzog’s party. “The people want a right-wing government, and got it.”

Throughout the campaign, the two candidates were a study in contrasts, not only in style and personality but also on the big issues confronting Israel. Herzog said he would try to engage the Palestinians and mend ties with Europe and the United States; Netanyahu sought to quash Palestinian statehood hopes and railed against foreign critics who he said were trying to unseat him.

Reflecting voter passions, turnout was estimated to be even higher than the 68 percent in the last election, which was the highest in 16 years. Throughout the day, soldiers in rumpled uniforms, ultra-Orthodox Jews in long black coats and twentysomethings with nose rings made their way to polling stations across the country, sometimes waiting patiently in long lines.

No single political party has ever captured a majority in the Knesset. So the popular vote is only the first step in the painstaking process of assembling a governing coalition. Netanyahu will need to build alliances with an array of smaller parties to achieve the 61 seats necessary to govern.

Even the dead heat originally forecast in exit polls had represented a deeply disappointing outcome for the Zionist Union. Herzog’s supporters had hoped that the lead of up to five seats, projected in the final opinion polls before the vote, would translate into a victory sufficiently commanding that the 54-year-old lawyer-politician would be asked by President Reuven Rivlin to form the next government.

The president had expressed hope for a so-called unity government that would incorporate the rival factions. Netanyahu, however, has ruled out such a scenario.

The Zionist Union, having put the campaign focus in the final days on ousting the prime minister, would be hard-pressed to embrace him, although Herzog said earlier he would talk to any party, including Netanyahu’s.

As the exit polls were reported and the vote-counting began, the mood in the stunned crowd at Zionist Union headquarters was subdued, although Herzog’s post-midnight appearance drew warm cheers. “You put your heart and soul into this campaign,” he told backers.

Netanyahu in recent days had made a frantic push to retain support from conservative and nationalist voters amid signs the electorate had tired of him, and hardened already hardline positions toward the Palestinians.

On election eve, he declared that there would be no Palestinian state on his watch and that Jewish construction would continue in East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want as the capital of their future state.

On election day, he drew widespread criticism with a Facebook video declaring that voters from Israel’s Arab minority were descending “en masse” on the polls, a stance denounced as racist by his opponents.

The preliminary picture painted by the exit polls illustrated a highly fragmented political scene that analysts predicted would make it difficult for either Netanyahu or Herzog to assemble a governing coalition or to keep that alliance from fracturing. But the later figures suggested Netanyahu would have a much more solid base on which to build.

The preliminary tally pointed to a political landmark: A political alliance of Israeli Arabs, who normally distance themselves from the country’s political scene, emerged as the third-largest party in parliament.

“We are in the midst of a historic founding moment,” said the alliance’s leader, Ayman Odeh, whose Joint List won up to 14 seats.

The new government that emerges from this maneuvering will be faced immediately with daunting challenges at home and abroad: economic woes that played an outsized role in the campaign; a damaged relationship with the United States, Israel’s most important ally; and external threats such as Iran’s nuclear program, which Netanyahu sought to frame as the most crucial threat to Israel’s existence.

Herzog had said he would attempt to engage diplomatically with the Palestinians.

The prime minister’s campaign had emphasized security issues, including the nuclear threat posed by Iran, while the center-left focused on social issues such as the soaring cost of living.

To some, Netanyahu’s relentless focus on threats to Israel amounted to a scare tactic.

Irit Neeman, a 58-year-old lawyer and talent agent, said she voted for the Zionist Union because “I’m fed up of living in fear.”

The prime minister’s core supporters, however, remained loyal. In Tel Aviv’s open-air Carmel Market, traditionally a Likud bastion, 46-year-old Adi Hayek, who runs a stall selling cheap cosmetics and drugstore goods, said he would not turn away from Netanyahu now.

“It’s Bibi or nothing,” he said, referring to Netanyahu by his nickname. “We are in good hands.”

Times staff writer King reported from Tel Aviv and special correspondent Sobelman from Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is battling to retain his seat in the coming Tuesday elections. His main rival Isaac Herzog’s relative anonymity has made elections a referendum on Netanyahu. (Daniella Cheslow/McClatchy DC/TNS)



  1. cosliberal March 18, 2015

    Another campaign of fear and racism driven by money from Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers, why is anyone surprised that Bibi won?

    1. mike March 18, 2015

      Yet American taxpayer money was used to try and defeat BIBI? From the State Department no less!

      1. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

        If the US had a Bibi the US would be on top again. Instead all we are doing is making the worlds biggest Tarzan movie.

        1. pjm19606 March 18, 2015

          What exactly does “on top” mean?

          1. mike March 18, 2015

            Not leading from behind, not looking so weak, being trusted again by world leaders.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2015

            Thanks for reminding us of what your GOP has done since the day Bush took office…Sept. 2008 …Financial Meltdown after 8 years in office? Wow…are you a dipshit or what?

          3. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

            You should stop down grading bush. You after all are a bush a very noisy bush. You needs some reliable male to trim your bush. That would get rid of all the bird nests.

          4. mike March 18, 2015

            I see you are thinking stupidly again!

          5. mike March 18, 2015

            Learn the real facts for once, not the dung you live on from the left.

          6. mike March 18, 2015

            Learn the real facts for once, not the dung you live on from the left.

          7. mike March 18, 2015

            Learn the real facts for once, not the dung you live on from the left.

          8. mike March 18, 2015

            Learn the real facts for once, not the dung you live on from the left.

          9. pjm19606 March 19, 2015

            Neither is leading. They are both driven by fear. “On top” of what? Nothing will solve itself as long as Israel exists.

          10. mike March 19, 2015

            As for as “on top” ask hicusdicus.
            To me, he was saying being the world leader that has been our role since the end WWII. Obama doesn’t believe in it and has made it quite clear he does not want to be the voice of the Free World. Obama’s goal is domestic policies and redistribution of wealth and only BIG Government works, the hell with the rest of the World.
            As to Israel, Get over it, it is staying around for a long time. Looks like pjm19606 has some anti-Semitic thoughts. Sad!!

          11. pjm19606 March 30, 2015

            Not anti-Semetic, my Wife is Jewish. Israel is sitting on land it gave away without a fight 5,000 years ago. The land of Palestine is NOT the Jews land…..and, yes, my Wife concurs.

          12. mike March 30, 2015

            Keep trying!!!
            They are there and aren’t leaving. Get over it!!!

          13. pjm19606 March 30, 2015

            Israel will not live to see it’s 100th birthday.

          14. mike March 30, 2015

            You’re right if Obama gets his way.
            But he won’t and Israel will be around far longer than you think.

          15. pjm19606 March 30, 2015

            Well, we are none of those things and never really were. Only in the American mind!

          16. mike March 30, 2015

            Middle East is imploding, Saudi’s no longer trust Obama and didn’t inform the US of attacks on Yemen until the last moment.
            This implosion can be directly related to Obama’s poor leadership in the world and especially in the Middle East. Arab Spring a complete disaster, Obama’s push for an Iranian deal has pushed the Sunni’s even further away from US.

          17. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

            I think top means opposite the bottom.

          18. pjm19606 March 30, 2015

            “On top” of what? We are lagging the rest of the World on SO many fronts it’s ludicrous: Education, healthcare, Environment……

          19. hicusdicus March 30, 2015

            We are not lagging behind in education. There is a population group that has no interest in education. The healthcare is excellent unless you want it for free. The environment is pristine out of the big cities. Is there something missing in your life? My life could not get any better. Considering we are the third largest population we are head and shoulders above the rest of the world. Tell me of a better place to live.

          20. pjm19606 March 30, 2015

            The why are we not #1 in graduating Pd D.’s? Where are your stats? We are not even in the top 10 among industrialized nations.

          21. hicusdicus March 30, 2015

            PHD’s that’s really important. I would much prefer a electrical contracting license it pays about 10X more and requires more real knowledge. My father in law was rocket scientist and one of the top thermo plastic research people in the country and he had no PHD. He also was a tank commander in the battle of the bulge. That is something I really appreciate about him, also all his friends died.. A welfare recipient here lives better than the average person in the world. What is your problem with our country other than that thing that is running it. The most innovation still comes out of the US at least for now. Where would you rather live? Where did all those companies in China come from,here. The only thing that really matters is that our military is feared world wide. The day that goes away, life in this country will deteriorate rapidly. I am sure you have some whinny comment about this and that and how terrible every thing is and its all the conservatives fault. What do you think about the move to rewrite the constitution?

          22. pjm19606 March 31, 2015

            On a per capita level, you are dead wrong. Per person, tiny little Switzerland blows the doors of the US in innovations. “Average person in the World” what are you nuts? When over have the Worlds population lives in abject poverty. God, you Right Wingers LOVE to twist the stats. “Our military is feared world-wide? By whom? We have not had a “clear and decisive victory” since WWll (and even that is debatable). The Constitution has required a re-write for about a hundred years. Eliminate Congress and have the people vote on EVERYTHING.

          23. hicusdicus March 31, 2015

            No they don’t. I am not dead and I am not wrong. The day our military is not feared you will be introduced to all the folks it kept in line. How would you rewrite the constitution?

          24. pjm19606 April 1, 2015

            You are DEAD wrong. Our military, man for man is one of the most pathetic on the planet. We haven’t had a clear and decisive victory since WWll and even then, we were getting our asses kicked until we had to use the most lethal weapon ever devised. Our military “feared”? By whom? The Constitution? I would reduce POTUS and Congress to actuaries with the voters making ALL the decisions on-line. Simple. You are a typical Right Wing whacko who doesn’t want to play, always whining about taxes. I say, you should not have to pay a dime but you will jailed or worse for using the roads, schools, hospitals, etc. for which “I am paying.

          25. hicusdicus April 2, 2015

            I made a reply to you that NM won’t post because it was so vile in describing my impression of you. I just don’t do this sort of thing but you are the epitome of every thing that disgusts me.

          26. pjm19606 April 2, 2015

            Many thanks for the ongoing validation!

        2. mike March 18, 2015


        3. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2015

          If the US had a Bibi…your land wouldn’t belong to you. Get real. If you can’t keep your religion to yourself, you can’t be in government in the US. One has nothing to do with the other.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2015

        Wrong…the only dispersements of American taxpayer money always comes from the House of Representatives…Not the State Dept. You are a moron. Read your Constitution. The job of the House is to disperse tax funding. And we all know how the power drunk GOP House majority spends our tax dollars don’t we? $14 Billion last year on Big Oil. Another 65% on defense which goes to the No. 1 red military industrialist state of Virginia. Try again hot shot.

        1. mike March 18, 2015

          No, it came from the state department! Their records show it.

  2. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2015

    Big Win Win…Gee Surprise? Wrong. So..Now that King Bibi is in control and his little “deal” with the US GOP is in the bag, can we assume US taxpayers will foot the bill for Bibi’s Iran War next? After all, who but our REDS in the CON states make the most profit from endless wars right?

    1. GraceAdams830 March 18, 2015

      I just hope that the next war in the Middle East does not escalate into Armageddon of Biblical prophesy. We have enough trouble with climate change without Armageddon at the same time.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2015

        I’m not much into Biblical promises. So, I’ve never believed in “chosen people” or “promised land.” In fact, in the New Testament, it was the apostle Peter who broke the Hebrew law by entering the home of a Gentile. So..who do we believe? When it comes to religion, there is NO place in government for any religious beliefs. Yet, Israel still relies on Biblical platitudes to try to make the case for territorialism and aggression against its neighbors. If you read the history of the Israelites in the Old Testament, not much has changed with Israelis today. They still manage to be common denominators in the problems they instigate.

        It’s the same with the sectarianists in Iraq. Shiites hate Sunnis. Shiites battle for supremacy in the same way Israel is battling for more land for the population that has now grown far beyond the original 1947 borders.

        I don’t believe in prophesies per se. Time and events are dependent entirely on the vacuousness of infinity.

        1. GraceAdams830 March 18, 2015

          Humans have been nastier to each other in the name of religion than they have in the name of anything else. Somehow humans seem to believe that religion is more respectable as an excuse for war than any other excuse. I suspect real motives for war have even more to do with coveting other nations natural resources than anything else. Israel is very openly a religious state and rather fiercely claims that their religion justifies their land grab. What with coastal flooding etc., it might make sense of Israel to BUY a fleet of many large boats, moor them off the coast of Jaffe, and move all their living quarters and mundane making a living space to the boats, and visit Israel only to visit the tourist attractions.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2015

            There are many in the US today who do not espouse the aggression that Netanyahu is promoting. It’s to the point now where no disagreements are allowed regarding Israel lest we all be called “anti-Semitic.”

            To which, begs the question, are they then all too Semitic? Should they be Americans before they are anything else?

            What if every American attempted to rely on the “old countries” traditions of our great grandparents who came to the US to be “Americans?”

            I am first and always an American. My religion is a separate entity from my country of birth. If this is not what today’s Americans of the Jewish faith believe, it’s obvious where their true allegiances lie and it’s not with the country that grants them more freedom than any other country of the world.

          2. GraceAdams830 March 18, 2015

            MOST American Jews were either born in the United States or a few of the older ones were born in Europe. Their allegiance is not to their country of birth but to an ethnic group that was landless for over a thousand years and/or to a very nostalgic dream of the land of their more like two thousand to three or four thousand years ago very ancient ancestors. There is archeological evidence and even a little evidence in history of other groups in the area at the time of Jews in the area where they claim King David reigned and that King David did indeed reign over a Kingdom there. There is also evidence that Jews still lived in the area but as a people conquered by the Romans during the first century of Christianity.

          3. Allan Richardson March 18, 2015

            It is not what the MAJORITY of Jewish Americans believe, but as is the case with Christians, a minority of fanatics have made the majority within their faith afraid to call out the fanatics lest they be called “self-hating” Jews.

            A minority (but a loud and influential minority) of American Protestants (mostly, although some Catholics may have joined them) want to make the Israeli people and government over confident that “with God’s help” (and American nukes) they can defeat ALL the surrounding countries at once, and ignoring the offense it would cause to even peaceful Muslims, take over the Temple Mount (or Noble Sanctuary), tear down the Mosque of the Rock, rebuild the ancient Temple, and restart the daily animal sacrifices there. These “Christians” are encouraging these actions not because they actually believe the Jews in Israel would be left alone in peace, but because they believe that Jesus Christ will then return and kill all non-Christians … including the majority of devout Jews who refuse to accept Jesus as the Messiah. And Christians who do NOT see the Bible in their terms are condemned as not being “real” Christians.

            In other words, they want to turn their misinterpreted book of prophecy into a real life war that will destroy humanity. They are NOT on the side of Israel at all.

          4. GraceAdams830 March 20, 2015

            Jews have been an ethnic group without a national territory to rule more of their known history than they have been a nation. In their early history they were nomadic shepherds, moving with their flocks from pasture to pasture. After Joseph saved Egypt from a major famine with prophesy before the famine that enabled Pharaoh to stockpile grain before the famine, Pharaoh invited Joseph to bring his father, brothers and only sister to Egypt as honored guests. After Jacob called Israel and Joseph and many of his brothers had died, there arose a Pharaoh that knew not Joseph and Jews became slaves in Egypt for about 400 years, until God sent Moses to Egypt to lead the Jews to promised land. Forty years of wandering in desert, followed by maybe 40 years of conquering Canaan in time of Judges, followed by maybe 40 years of King David consolidating his territory, followed by maybe 40 years of his son Solomon, and then United Kingdom fell apart over taxes. The Divided Kingdom lasted a few hundred years until it was conquered by Babylon and the Southern Kingdom another hundred or so years until it was conquered by Assyria. Assyrian captivity lasted 70 years. Area was occupied by Roman Empire for a few hundred years before Romans expelled Jews from Jerusalem in AD 70. Then Jews were mostly traveling merchants for well over a thousand years. In 1948, the British had lost enough in WWII in spite of being on the winning side to not feel up to managing the British mandate in Palestine, and many felt sorry for Jews getting beaten up so badly by the Nazis and decided that Palestine would be a good place to put the Jewish survivors of the holocaust as refugees.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 20, 2015

            As a former Bible History student in my school days, I am aware of the nomadic nature of many tribes in the Middle East. That said, no matter which culture is in the spotlight, victimhood only goes so far in attempting to exact sympathy.

            The present is all that matters. At present, the Israeli government is responsible for the mass murders of Palestinians. All while they claim to be the victims. The death toll among Palestinians at the hand of Israelis is nearly the total population of Israel. Is that what Netanyahu believes is worthy of sympathy for his nation?

            What if the US and Canada fought over land like Israel does to its neighbors? You can see that the minute you apply Israel’s tactics to any two countries of the world, the outrage at Israel would be justified.

        2. InsideEye March 18, 2015

          The Moslems actually desire an Armageddon , to complete their life cycle. It will be the end of an olde era, and the the once Jewish Christian Jesus will appear and ” save ” them. If the Moslems are waiting for the redemption by the presence of Jesus, why are they pissed off at Christians and Jews,?…..Go Figger.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 19, 2015

            Actually, your post in not accurate. Armageddon is mentioned in the New Testament. Not the Koran. As to Christians, I don’t buy the sanctimony and righteousness either. More of the so-called Christians today are former skirt chasing, boozing, gambling and drugging people who “got religion” only when they hit bottom.

          2. InsideEye March 19, 2015

            True, Armageddon was used metaphorically . No religion is immune from self righteousness . You would think that Moslems have enough wives to satisfy their Islamic lust. I was standing near a Saudi at JFK and he was fumbling for his ticket in a bag , a magazine of porno quality fell unto the floor, he quickly retrieved it and secrete it into his brief case , I tried not to looke and embarrass him. You would think that praying and reciting the Quran from memory all day, would keep one focussed . It’s like trying to diet , the more I try , the hungrier I become….Go Figger!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 19, 2015

            Obviously, you missed the flap posted in several NY newspapers about the Rabbi who extorted (or tried to) nearly $250K from the wife who wanted a divorce from her orthodox husband?

            As to Arabs being inordinately sexually aligned with porno…who the hell is more prone to this type of behavior than Jewish males who are responsible for the Zuckerberg Filth of the NY Post. You are all too biased pallie…you need to stop the rah rah Judaism. It gets you NO where in the US. If you are living in MY country, you are American first. Not Jewish.

          4. InsideEye March 19, 2015

            All religions are to be mocked for their hypocracies and No one people nor religion is immune from mockery or satire . I would mock myself if I were not all fair. Having worked in multi diverse NYC you can see many different cultures interacting , or maybe more likely, avoiding interacting trying to justify their way is the right way, thinking it works for them and therefore everyone else is wrong. All earlier immigrants via NY area came here to be Americans , proudly to work for their fruit, not to take the fruit with no labor. All current immigrants bar none , are here to take entitlements,…. Personal observations.

        3. InsideEye March 19, 2015

          Moses never entered the so called Promised Land . He decided to sit it out ….. I believe he thought he made a wrong turn and should have turned towards the oil fields of Iraq ….. Personal observations . There may be a quiet , unspoken angst in Jewish people about this lack of Moses’ navigation skills.

      2. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

        After about 100 nukes went off climate change would be for real.

        1. GraceAdams830 March 18, 2015

          I doubt world civilization could survive multiple nuclear bombs for more reasons than climate change.

        2. GraceAdams830 March 20, 2015

          Not to mention more of a problem with radioactive debris than what we have from Fukushima already. The closest we have to a technological solution to climate change is CO2 capture from ambient air. It is likely to cost many trillions of dollars, but still a lesser evil than climate change causing famine and plague bad enough to provoke wars over resources including both potable water and fresh water for irrigation of crops.

          1. hicusdicus March 20, 2015

            WE could use a big dose of famine and plague there are way to many useless people who do nothing but take, pollute and commit serious crimes. Have you ever read what Roe versus Wade did to reduce crime. War is a masculine hobby and will never go away. There is no cure for climate change unless you can get Jesus ti intervene. Since Jesus never existed I don’t think there is much of a chance he will step up to the plate. Unless of course its the collection plate. You are starting to imitate a pretty [silly] woman.

      3. Allan Richardson March 18, 2015

        See my spoof of prophecy above. The only reason prophecies come true is that people who believe them acquire power and do the things what will make them come true.

        In reality, Armageddon was a metaphor for the eventual defeat of Rome by the Church. But in reality, Rome just BOUGHT the Church in 325 AD.

        1. GraceAdams830 March 19, 2015

          Where is above?–clicking on doesn’t show entire comments section.
          What makes you believe that our Military Industrial Complex is NOT doing their *****est to bring about Armageddon in the Middle East? Great profits for our MIC from ANY WAR!
          I thought it was about 400AD that Emperor Constantine decided he needed a new state religion to unify his Empire and told primitive Christianity and Mithraism to merge with each other to form his new state religion.

    2. mike March 18, 2015

      Let’s not forget the $350,000 that the state department gave to voice1 that Is connected to electing Herzog. Or the fact members of Obama’s election team were there to get Herzog elected.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2015

        Or the Bush team that put Al Malaki in charge in Iraq and got that country roiling all over again. Or, even more up yours pallie….that photo op of Bush holding hands with that Saudi Prince he invited to his Crawford ranch barbecue. When you try to nail Obama, you best get your butt out of Bush territory first.

        1. mike March 18, 2015

          Deflect, deny, ignore the facts about American taxpayer monies given to one voice, who then set up Victory 2015, in Israel to defeat Bibi.
          You really are barrel laughs. PS: laughing at you not with you.

    3. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

      You really would not like living under Muslim rule. They would sew your mouth shut and send you a new Arab post ever hour on the hour, no preparation H included.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2015

        And you would love being an Israeli male. I understand from an article in the NY Post 3 weeks ago, on NY rabbi was involved in a scheme where he plotted to refuse a “get” for a husband whose wife was trying to divorce him to the tune of $250K he tried to extort from the wife.

        I also understand that in Israel, women are not allowed to sit in the ame part of Temple as men or take part in weddings in equal roles to men.

        Gee…sounds an awful lot like the same Sharia laws to me. How about, there’s something totally “off” about men in the entire Middle East?

        1. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

          Quite true. They know how to keep big mouth flappy lipped women in their place. All women should be required to raise their hands before they speak so that real men could punch them in the mouth before they made a bunch of stupid noise. This comment will get you back on your meds.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 18, 2015

            Might one opine as to why a penis and set of testicles grants such privilege to life on planet earth?

            Real men? Don’t make me laugh. In my 68 years, I think I’ve actually encountered 5 real men.

            All of the problems on planet earth are due to one and one only species…males. They can’t shut their mouths. They are obnoxious, offensive and unable to take full care of themselves. Their only claim to fame is their five minutes spent trying to create babies.

    4. Allan Richardson March 18, 2015

      It is written in the prophesy of the book of Seven Days in May that the war in Iran must come before the glorious Pentagon victory against the president who dares to sign a nuclear treaty with our enemies. The next Preakness after the Iranian war will bring the arrest of Lyman Jordan by ECOMCON and the true American conservative administration of General Scott. Names are changed in prophetic books, of course, but I’m sure there is some way you can turn the number of the name Lyman Jordan into the number of Barack Hussein Obama if you really try.

      Sounds whacko when someone else starts quoting “prophecies” doesn’t it?

  3. The lucky one March 18, 2015

    War mongers always win in today’s world.

    1. FT66 March 18, 2015

      Netanyahu hasn’t won anything. He can’t go to the Office tomorrow and claim he is the Prime Minister. Until and unless he forms the new government of which won’t be easy. So far he has won 29 seats. He needs 61 seats from colliation to form the government. If he fails to get 61 seats his win for the time being means nothing. Thats why you hear it will take at least 3 weeks to find a way of forming a new government. The opposition party (Zionist) which has a good number of seats, is not ready to join him. The happiness of winning today might turn to the sadness of tomorrow if he gets few parties with few seats to join him.

  4. The lucky one March 18, 2015

    As the 1% of the world continues their greedy and ultimately foolish grab of more and more wealth those left fighting for the scraps become more fearful and will follow fascists like nuttinbutayahoo.

  5. underledge March 18, 2015

    When our children and grand kids are drafted to fight Israel’s war we have only ourselves to blame!

    1. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

      There war could very easily could be the one that saves the US. Muslims with a plentiful supply of nukes and Allah to back them up. Do you really think that Islam cares what you think?

  6. 1standlastword March 18, 2015

    This proves the world is not yet ready for peace and harmony among humans

    1. FT66 March 18, 2015

      Sorry you got it wrong. It is not the world which is not ready for peace, it is people in Israel (voters) who still have a spider around their eyes, and didn’t see far what the catastrophy this man Netanyahu will bring to them, and hence to the entire world.

      1. 1standlastword March 18, 2015

        FT I have a map above my desk…the world is not ready for peace

        1. FT66 March 18, 2015

          Good for you. Just keep it for yourself, The rest of us don’t even bother to hear you have such a thing.

          1. 1standlastword March 18, 2015

            I sense your poignant disappointment and it is mutual. This was an inauspicious outcome

          2. FT66 March 18, 2015

            For god’s sake Netanyahu has so far won a feel good win only. Can you please revisit hereunder my explanation I have given to someone identifying himself/herself as: “The Lucky one”. I think I don’t need to explain to you again how Israel politics works. Please take a bit of your time and read it.

      2. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

        Have you explained your theory to the Muslims? Try to include the ones that want the Jews all dead.

    2. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

      The only way the world will see peace and harmony is when all the humans are gone and the frogs are happily singing particularly in France.

  7. TMZ1928 March 18, 2015

    A huge embarrassment and defeat for Obama after sending his campaign staff and US taxpayer funds in an effort to defeat Bibi. He’s such a petty and impotent weinie.

    1. FT66 March 18, 2015

      Oh! please don’t even try to go there and accuse anyone for nothing. Pres. Obama has the Power. If he will choose to ignore Netanyahu, tell me who will come to his kneels and beg for an assistance.

      1. TMZ1928 March 18, 2015

        Obama has power? The US president is no longer the “leader of the free world” due to his fumbling incompetence. He was never qualified to be president and has demonstrated that he is in way over his head. It will take decades for the US to recover.

        1. FT66 March 18, 2015

          Are you insulting voters who voted him twice and not once? The only qualification for getting voted in to become President is to get the majority of votes which translate to a person being qualified as he has been accepted by the majority. If you will opt to take again the way of your thinking come 2016, I can assure you, you will end up to the loser side one more time.Trust me.

          1. angelsinca March 19, 2015

            He was elected by the majority. The acceptance part keeps shrinking.

        2. jmprint March 18, 2015

          We will never recover as long as the the republican are at the helm.

          1. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

            Well at least the boat is still afloat.

          2. jmprint March 18, 2015

            Yea, but it will eventually sink with all the brown logs the Tea wingers are shitn’ out.

          3. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

            You better wake up to the fact that neither party cares about anything but keeping the populace under their thumb.

      2. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

        Please, JSTFU.

        1. jmprint March 18, 2015

          Why don’t you.

          1. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

            Because the world could not function without my guidance.

          2. jmprint March 18, 2015

            Every man is a king of his own world.

          3. FT66 March 19, 2015

            – Never argue with a fool, people won’t notice the difference -.
            Just ignore him as I did. Some people have no filter at all in their brains to know what to write/say, and what not.

    2. Robert Eckert March 18, 2015

      Nobody sent any staff or funds over to Israel. We stay out of elections in other countries since we need to be able to deal with whichever side wins. This is why it was so profoundly inappropriate for Bibi to use the US Congress floor as a stage for his campaign event.

  8. FT66 March 18, 2015

    I have tried hard to tune in on world different channels to see what they are saying of Netanyahu’s win. Nothing there. This goes to show the rest of the world are not excited of his win. They have good and a sounding reason. They want to live in peace while this man Netanyahu wants the world to be set on fire. He is another Hitler, sorry to say so BUT it is the reality.

    1. mike March 18, 2015

      If you are talking Europe with their large population of Muslims, anti Jew attitude , what do you expect.
      In the Middle East they were hoping Bibi lost so they could neuter Israel. No wonder they are so quiet.
      There will be no peace as long as Isreal exists and if Iran gets the bomb forget about the area ever being peaceful

    2. hicusdicus March 18, 2015

      Are you an Iranian Muslim? There is no reality in your thinking. Your reference to Hitler is quite ignorant even for you.

      1. pjm19606 March 18, 2015

        OH Hiscusdiscus, you are at it again with your Right Wing drivel. FT66 is correct. Israel sits on land they stole from others using the World’s largest Superpower to do it. NetanYahoo,s days are numbered. The US remains Israel’s ONLY supporter….or should we now be saying “athletic supporter”!

  9. midway54 March 18, 2015

    The Gilded Age II Plutocracy with its protofascist agenda is solidly in place, the plutocrats having successfully purchased, and with the aid of duped constituent voters, the latest set of crackpots to take office and produce the majority Plutocratic Party membership in both the Senate and House. All are surely rejoicing over fellow warmonger Bibi’s win that signals continuation of the perpetual wars and perpetual profits around the world, The chicken hawks especially are salivating and perhaps reaching orgasm over the prospect.
    Now the spectacle of those crackpot senators and representatives newly in the majority stumbling all over themselves like serfs to serve their masters will be witnessed by the whole world.

  10. jointerjohn March 18, 2015

    U.S. history contains two well-intended bumbles which continue to haunt us to this day with no end in sight.
    The first was the Reconstruction after the Civil War Treasonous Confederate officers who commanded the killing of tens of thousands of loyal Americans were allowed to return home where they become congressmen and senators. We are still suffering from that mistake. Oh, yeah, they also returned home to perpetrate their racism, classism and be extolled as local heroes when they should have all been hanged for treason. OOPS!
    Second was the kind spirited creation of the State of Israel after World War II. The idea of returning any people to their original homeland is noble indeed, but inserting religious bigots into a hotly contested piece of land already claimed “holy” by at least two other groups of religious bigots is madness. Israel was created by a war-weary world who just needed a break from conflict, but then was allowed to be the unsupervised and unguided child of a very tired parent.
    “Peace in the Middle East” is unattainable while we finance, arm, or even engage any ethnic or religious bigots. Religious bigots are immune to reason.

    1. Robert Eckert March 18, 2015

      I don’t know why you call that part of “US” history. The 1947 partition resolution was co-sponsored by the UK, which wanted out, and the USSR, which at that time naively assumed that Jewish “socialists” would be on their side. Truman did recognize the state of Israel, but Congress imposed an arms embargo (not lifted until the JFK administration, when arms were sold in equal quantities to both sides); Israel was armed by Czechoslovakia. I don’t know how this myth that the US was Israel’s ally from the beginning ever got started.

      The Jewish migration back to their old homeland did not start “after WWII” but in the 19th century while the Ottomans still ruled the area. The British Mandate after WWI called for encouraging such migration “without prejudice to the civic rights of the existing population” but the Muslim leadership did not accept that non-Muslims could ever have equal rights and launched an extermination campaign especially targeting, not recent immigrants, but communities which had been there for hundreds or even thousands of years, to emphasize that all Jews were the targets. It was after they allied with the new Nazi regime in Germany and escalated the violence that a “two-state solution” partitioning Palestine into separate Arab and Jewish states was proposed, but this could not be implemented during the buildup to another world war. Palestinian apologists retell the story starting ex nihilo in the late 40’s as if they were just minding their own business when suddenly all these Jews showed up whom they had never heard of before.

      1. jointerjohn March 18, 2015

        It is U.S. history because we are now toting the load. Everything you said is accurate, but only fuels more religious insanity. That is the point.

        1. Robert Eckert March 18, 2015

          Is Nebuchadrezzar part of US history because we’re now involved in Iraq? The US shifted from pro-Arab under Eisenhower to neutral under Kennedy to pro-Israel after the 1967 war, because we were repulsed by the naked genocidal desires and random terrorist campaigns by the Arabs at the time. Of course we did not expect at that time that the situation with the occupied territories would drag on this long, nor was it our policy that Israel would stay there forever; but it crazy to pretend that the blame is all one-sided for how the history has gone, and in particular I find your behavior of blaming Israel for existing in the first place and then blaming the US for its creation when we had nothing to do with it to be tediously reminiscent of the worst kind of western leftist self-flagellation.

      2. nana4gj March 18, 2015

        Maybe it’s called “US history” because the US had a role in that history.

        1. Robert Eckert March 18, 2015

          Other than existing on the same planet at the time?

    2. Whatmeworry March 18, 2015

      Had Lincoln lived he would have been prosecuted for War Crimes. He was guilty of killing more Americans than all previous presidents combined

      1. Allan Richardson March 18, 2015

        With the exception of about a dozen Native Americans in Minnesota whose death sentences he did not commute, everyone killed “by Lincoln,” just like almost everyone killed “by” Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, FDR and Truman was killed in battle fighting AGAINST the United States. As a white Southern boy myself, I’m ashamed for my ancestors to admit it, but they WERE committing treason against the United States. And he DEFINITELY would not have been prosecuted by the anti-slavery and anti-secessionist Radical Republicans for war crimes; if anything, they would have opposed his attempts to HEAL the Union, but with Lincoln’s popular charisma, he would have overcome that.

        And the Confederate troops WERE disenfranchised, but the nearly 100% loss of white voters in the South only lasted a decade, because their SONS who had been too young to fight GREW UP, just about when the Klan became strong enough to intimidate black voters. Ironically, the black vote would have been partially balanced if the WOMEN, who did not join the Confederate army, had already gotten the vote in the country BEFORE the war. This would have moderated the temporary black takeover (which was a problem mainly because, as naive voters, the black men were easily corrupted or misled by corrupt white men) and allowed some degree of healing.

        But instead, the Confederacy was reborn in all but name, slavery was rebuilt in all but name, and another century went by before the second attempt at equal rights began to succeed.

        Of course I realize that “whatmeworry” is a neo-Confederate troll whose hero is the comic character on the cover of Mad magazine. Why don’t you put his face on your avatar, What? Couldn’t get permission to use it? Use W’s picture, it’s a close enough resemblance.

        1. Whatmeworry March 18, 2015

          So I’m ignorant

        2. Whatmeworry March 19, 2015

          Lincoln committed war crimes. he invaded states that voted to leave the union. Leaving the union was ALWAYS an option and NUTTING in the Constitution prevented that.
          Its apparent that “lawyers” from IL have made it habit of NEVER reading the constitution

          1. Daniel Max Ketter March 20, 2015

            Lincoln would have been the ONLY repooblican I would have ever voted for. he he..But don’t let the boys with the UAW know I said that.

        3. Whatmeworry March 20, 2015

          Lincoln committed war crimes. he invaded states that voted to join the
          union. Joining the union was ALWAYS an option and NUTTING in the
          Constitution prevented that.
          Its apparent that “lawyers” from GOP have made it habit of NEVER reading the constitution

          1. jointerjohn March 20, 2015

            They read it. They just cherry-pick the parts they like and disregard the rest.

      2. Daniel Max Ketter March 18, 2015

        Lincoln was a fine president, along with FDR in breaking the color barrier. Unions have also done plenty to equalize racism, which is why affirmative action needs to never go away. Please support you labor organizations and thank them for their service to our country.

      3. jointerjohn March 20, 2015

        Let me try to follow you erratic logic. The President of the United States responds to sedition by some of his southern states. The seditionists turn it into full scale warfare. They fired upon and began killing their own countrymen. The treasonous southern seditionists kill tens of thousands of Americans, but it is Lincoln’s fault? Now that is some wild-assed thinking.

        1. Whatmeworry March 20, 2015

          Sedition while a felony only carries a fine. No where in the Constitution does it provide the president he ability to declare war
          Add to that Congress NEVER declared war on the South

          1. Daniel Max Ketter March 20, 2015

            Huh? They couldn’t sedate people back in Abe’s day, except perhaps a bottle of whiskey when extracting a tooth.

        2. Daniel Max Ketter March 20, 2015

          Sedation while a felony only carries a fine. No where in the
          Constitution does provide the president he ability to declare war
          Add to that Congress NEVER should declared war on the South

        3. Whatmeworry March 20, 2015

          Sedation while a felony only carries a fine. No where in the
          Constitution does provide the president he ability to declare war
          Add to that Congress NEVER should declared war on the South

    3. nana4gj March 18, 2015

      Do you know why there was not TWO states created at the time the land was given to Israel or was declared a state?

      I have been reading comments on the Jerusalem Post and must say that those comments, and their PM, sound as irrational, as belligerent, as fanatical, expressing that there never was a people called “Palestinian”, nor was there ever land called Palestine, and they should be driven out altogether as the goal of Israel into Jordan, or anywhere else, with hateful rhetoric to Arabs, in general, the US President, and then, like fanatical Islamists who do the same and implore “Allah Akbar” to bless heinous deeds, they call out to the God of Abraham, Issac, and all the rest, to bless them and their hearts full of hatred.

      They are no longer victims; they have become their enemies, and they have the nuclear capability.

  11. Whatmeworry March 18, 2015

    Good news for World Peace and an end to Barack’s give away treaty to Iran. Proving once again that Barak’s political operatives and millions in US taxpayers $$$ couldn’t over throw Netanyahu

    1. nana4gj March 18, 2015

      The election results in Israel will not impact the international attempt to reach secure agreements with Iran on nuclear arms non-proliferation. That is a world issue, not an Israeli issue.

      The only proof anyone has that political operatives and millions in US $$$ were spent in this campaign for any candidate is the documented knowledge that Sheldon Addelson spent millions in campaign dollars to support the PM and has his own newspaper there to promote the PM.

      Never before have the Israeli elections ever been about a US President, as if he were a campaign opponent. I do not understand the need for that, although the PM has made his partisan politics publicly known since 2009. His alliance with a sect of one political party in the US has taken precedence over the alliance of his country with the country of the US, regardless of who is head of state in either country. I am appalled that the Likud Party, in the last day before election day, aired an ad with a photo of the US President, calling him “Hussein”, and implying he was Muslim and could not be trusted. That is GOP Playbook; that is someone running that stupid campaign, the same who run ads like that here in the US. Never mind that while “Hussein” may sound Arabic, or that “Barack” sounds Jewish, or what possible difference a name should make and that no one other than someone named “Jones” or “Smith” could be “trusted” to be “pure”.

      All of this polarization was just ugly, and revealing more of what we were already learning about this PM, or suspected. At the end of the day, this President does not engage in personal politics. He will make objective decisions on issues before him based on principles, international norms and standards of conduct, compliance with terms of alliances, signed agreements, re international relationships with any country.

      Which means that Israel and the US will need to determine if continued occupation, repression of groups of people, expansion of settlements, denial of 2-state solution, and, should I add, unfettered ownership of their own nuclear capacity, is consistent with the principles of the historical alliance between US and Israel, if it comports with “democracy” as the only democracy in the ME, and if our interests are served by the continuation of such policies. Many of these policies mentioned, if not all, are in the purview of the UNSC, so it is not simply a US President, or Congress, that determines the outcome of continued defiance of them.

      Lastly, this US President has never publicly disrespected or maligned the Israeli PM; has never denied the support, protection, or provision of resources to Israel; and has remained faithful with pro Israeli votes in the UN. That the PM has chosen to allow himself to be used by American political operatives is unfortunate, unseemly, and it diminishes his credibility on issues, in the same way the GOP has discredited themselves on issues; we learn not to believe much of what they have to say because they are so partisan and obstructive that they stop at nothing, sounding unreasonable and senseless and unconvincing.

      Any President of this country has a responsibility re foreign policy and international relations to work with all countries in what is in the interests of our country and the family of nations. In the matter of nuclear arms proliferation, this is critical. To refuse to attempt to address that, with other countries, would be abject neglect and abandonment of responsibility. Any effort toward that goal, is worth trying, whether it results in success or whether it is violated, and would benefit every country, including Israel. A verifiable agreement or plan would promote fact over feeling; we would know exactly what we are dealing with based on today’s motivation of that country, not of years ago.

      1. Allan Richardson March 18, 2015

        I am surprised that calling our president Hussein in the Israeli press did not backfire, because the late King Hussein of Jordan was one of the most peace-promoting leaders in the Arab world, as is the current King.

        Hussein as a middle name is popular in Muslim culture (and it is true that the president’s father was RAISED a Muslim, albeit a secularized one) because it is the name of one of the early members of Muhammad’s family. It’s just like naming one’s son Lincoln in America; that son could grow up being like President Lincoln, or like George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, the exact opposite.

      2. Allan Richardson March 18, 2015

        I am surprised that calling our president Hussein in the Israeli press did not backfire, because the late King Hussein of Jordan was one of the most peace-promoting leaders in the Arab world, as is the current King.

        Hussein as a middle name is popular in Muslim culture (and it is true that the president’s father was RAISED a Muslim, albeit a secularized one) because it is the name of one of the early members of Muhammad’s family. It’s just like naming one’s son Lincoln in America; that son could grow up being like President Lincoln, or like George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, the exact opposite.

      3. Allan Richardson March 18, 2015

        I am surprised that calling our president Hussein in the Israeli press did not backfire, because the late King Hussein of Jordan was one of the most peace-promoting leaders in the Arab world, as is the current King.

        Hussein as a middle name is popular in Muslim culture (and it is true that the president’s father was RAISED a Muslim, albeit a secularized one) because it is the name of one of the early members of Muhammad’s family. It’s just like naming one’s son Lincoln in America; that son could grow up being like President Lincoln, or like George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party, the exact opposite.

      4. Whatmeworry March 18, 2015

        I’m not ignorant. I read it online in a pol

      5. Whatmeworry March 19, 2015

        Not hardly it maybe a world issue but Israel will decide if the US is a signatory or not. The sanctions CAN”T be lifted unless congress agrees and Israel controls that.
        As for proof try reading a news paper or looking at the State Dept expenditures.
        Obama’s love for moooslims as opposed to any reason and his hatred of Israel caused this riff The 1st in 70 years

        1. Daniel Max Ketter March 20, 2015

          Your argument borders on naivety and ignorance. You must be reading too many newspapers professor Gump. God bless our labor unions for building this nation from the ground up.

      6. Whatmeworry March 20, 2015

        Not hardly it maybe a world issue but Israel will decide if the US is a
        signatory or not. The sanctions SHOULD be lifted unless congress agrees
        and Israel controls that.
        As for proof try reading a news paper or looking at the State Dept expenditures.
        Obama’s hate for moooslims as opposed to any reason and his love of Israel hardly caused this riff The 1st in 70 years

    2. Daniel Max Ketter March 18, 2015

      Netanyahu is a common criminal.

    3. rustacus21 March 18, 2015

      … meaning the imperial, monarchal wealth of rich American individuals (who also ‘bought’ Republicans the 2014 election) bankrolled Netanyahu’s victory? Guaranteeing greater friction, discord & violence? That’s a better result for both US & the Israeli public at large? To be continually in conflict? Not realizing that just 16 years ago, war & conflict in the Middle East were nearly extinct? W/our nuclear agreement with BOTH Iran & N. Korea, regional conflicts diffused. Civil war diffused in Indonesia. Ireland. The Balkins. Iraq was democratizing & preparing for elections in 2001. All of these being inferior to the peace being sought by our Executive? A presidency following the path of the Bush administration – as opposed to the Clinton administration, who brought peace, reconciliation, cooperation, lives saved, cities spared from destruction? ‘Inferior,’ as you seem to advocate, a violence-obsessed individual/government, uninterested in peace w/any of its neighbors? All b/c of a Black face representing our Executive? Did U know Iran had the very 1st organized institutional governmental system in human history? (http://persepolistablets.blogspot.com/2007/01/persepolis-in-news.html) & we’re preaching to them about ‘treaties’ & ‘Democracy’ (http://www.freerepublic.com/~cyrusthegreat/)? Overthrowing their 1953 election (http://www.ibtimes.com/iran-sixty-years-after-1953-cia-coup-toppled-democracy-1313849), should they trust US?! Were we better enlarging a circle of peace (http://fpif.org/us_democratization_assistance/) or what U suggest, as to what will continue in the Middle East?

  12. browninghipower March 18, 2015

    I understand that Israel’s economy is not doing very well, and has been tanking under the corrupt Bibi/Likud rule over the last several terms. No wonder Bib focused on bullshit and scare tactics. Adeleson taught him well. In the end, Israel suffers, why Mid East will be in utter chaos in the near future, and the goopers will gleefully rush to enter the fray. Bibi is a pig. The goopers are traitorous scum.

  13. cjakobsson March 18, 2015

    Netanyahu has said there will be no Palestinian state established on his watch, and the international community should take him up on that. This is perhaps the most opportune time in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to bring to the table a proposal for the establishment of a combined, democratic, Israeli-Palestinian nation-state to govern the land of Israel, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. The combined state solution has many advantages over any form of the two-state solution that has been proposed for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The foremost of those advantages is the fact that nobody – either Jews or Palestinians – has to be evicted from their homes in order to make room for it. Because of that, the combined state solution is the solution that protects the basic human rights of both Jews and Palestinians. Only a solution that protects the basic human rights of people on both sides of the divide can last. A solution that violates the basic human rights of people on either or both sides is a solution destined to self-destruct.

    1. Allan Richardson March 18, 2015

      Such a state would probably have to be started with a UN-mandated caretaker government, and given a neutral name. The name Israel includes only the Jews, being the new name of Jacob in the Bible after his dream of the ladder, and the name Palestine is offensively anti-Jewish, since it was imposed by the Romans after the crushing of the second Jewish revolt in 135, and comes from the Philistines who oppressed the Jews (technically, Israelites) before King David defeated them. Perhaps the name Canaan, the geographical name applied to the area before either Jews or Muslims arrived, after the polytheistic peoples who were replaced by the Jews (and might have been ancestors of some Jews and some Arabs), would be a mutually acceptable name.

      For many years, until the civil war of the 1970s, Lebanon had a stable and peaceful existence half Muslim and half Christian, with both faiths having an equal share of governmental power. Perhaps, if the UN imposed such a form of government long enough for the Republic of Canaan to become too prosperous for a home grown civil war (while helping keep outside provocateurs of ANY faith from invading), this might be a viable solution.

      1. cjakobsson March 18, 2015

        It could also be named the Nation of Abraham, because Abraham was a patriarch of both Jews and Arabs. It would probably also be at the top of the alphabetic list of the world’s nations. I did not check that list before writing this reply. You are probably right in saying that the implementation of the single state solution would require active participation by the United Nations, with the most active roles being taken on by the elected governments of the world.
        The expense of the international role in making this combined state a reality would be more than compensated by the increased stability resulting in the rest of the Middle East. My guess is that if the USA announced this as a diplomatic goal, we would see an immediate effect on the issues facing us in the rest of the Middle East, in that those issues would start becoming more nearly manageable. That is because we would start seeing new allies coming out of the woodwork bearing gifts of usable intelligence that would be helpful in dealing with the various crisis situations in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.

        1. InsideEye March 19, 2015

          This forum has better solutions than so called peace makers !!!!!

      2. GraceAdams830 March 19, 2015

        Maybe Israel needs to be forcibly resettled by UN to a large fleet of large boats just off the coast of Jaffe. All the pilgrimage sites important to Jews would be just about within day-trip distance of such a fleet. Every adherent to a recognized religion ought to have pilgrimage access to all pilgrimage sites significant to that religion, preferably by bus with trained docent/tour-guide of same religion and bus driver. And such pilgrimage access should be worth giving up any right to maintain residence and/or place of business in land of Israel in exchange for it.

    2. nana4gj March 19, 2015

      I suggested a similar solution, only creating a “neutral” state administered by the UN. I was insulted off the Jerusalem Post by rabid angry responses. I like this idea better, but, who would govern? Political parties and elections? Throughout this campaign and post electoral “victory”, those same comments spoke of the PM’s success that would run the Palestinians out altogether, into Jordan, and Israel would take the whole place. They say there never was a people of “Palestinians”, there never was a “Palestine”, as they proceeded to demonize every Arab and Iranian, invoking the God of Abraham, Issac, Moses, and everyone else in the Torah to bless their sentiments and plans, in much the same way fanatical Islamist extremists call on “Allah Akbar” before they slaughter people.

      This Bibi and his right wing politics and now is extreme right wing politics will be the ruination of Israel, IF, he is not ousted for damaging Israel’s interests before his term is done. Already, however, those who will be in his coalition are ranting about how they will now “take over everything” and “run it the way they want”, including, “the Supreme Court”, et al. None of it bodes well for America’s ability to continue to blindly and devotedly support such a government.

      I read in NYT article that we may need to distance ourselves re the settlements, occupation, 2-state solution, inequalies unbecoming to a “democracy”, but, we would continue to send $3 billion a year for military defense, etc. What happens when the day presents the use of their military force to do things that American cannot support? We would be “enablers” and hold some responsibility for that.

      Finally, all of this makes the next Presidential election a critical choice. We cannot have amateurs, international unknowns and lightweights; or right wing extremists. The same importance applies to any Congressional seats that may be up for re-election or election, and that includes Democrats who may be going “wobbly”.

      If we thought we were being scapegoated before and placed at high risk for our support of Israel, a decent and sane Israel, blind devotion to a rabid, right wing undemocratic, abusive Israel will colonize us in the eyes of the world and place us at higher risk.

      1. cjakobsson March 19, 2015

        The United Nations would have to be involved in setting up a combined Israeli-Palestinian nation-state, but the effort would pay for itself in the long run. The combined state would not have the support of sectarian fanatics and racists on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian divide, but it would have the support of those who just want to mind their own business and raise their families. My guess is that that latter group is probably in the majority.

  14. rustacus21 March 18, 2015

    What’s so ‘original’ or ‘unique’ about inciting racist anxieties among an already nervous, fearful public? He’s only borrowed the same racist tactics that have terrified White people here in this nation for elections over the last 15 years or so! There NOTHING at ALL ingenious about this in the least. Evil, yes! Intelligent or ‘astute,’ NO WAY!!!

    1. nana4gj March 19, 2015

      As well as burning bridges with any nation, including us, who have been supporters and defenders of Israel. He is a pariah. Although the Canadian Prime Minister tweeted a congratulatory message to the PM, stating, “Canada has no better friend than Israel”….
      Maybe Canada can build their pipeline in Israel.

  15. Adam Smith March 19, 2015

    In related news, Obama’s 1/2 brother Malik is now on a terrorist watch-list in Egypt: http://bit.ly/MalikObamaOnTerroristWatchList


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