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No, Big Brother Hasn’t Taken Over The White House

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No, Big Brother Hasn’t Taken Over The White House


Judging by the caterwauling of many in the national media, you’d think Orwell’s Big Brother had taken over the White House. The Justice Department’s issuance of subpoenas to press organizations to find out who in the government had leaked classified information to the Associated Press and to Fox News reporter James Rosen has First Amendment purists in an uproar.

The way some of them carry on, you’d think the light of freedom had been extinguished. Writing in London’s The Guardian, indefatigable civil libertarian Glenn Greewald opines that “it is virtually impossible at this point to overstate the threat posed by the Obama DOJ to press freedoms.”

Media Matters normally unflappable Eric Boehlert sounds similarly overwrought: “Whether it was the Department of Justice’s wild overreach in seizing phone records of more than 20 separate telephone lines used by Associated Press editors and reporters, or the Department’s more focused, yet even more troubling, information grab of a Fox News reporter, the practice is wrong and shortsighted. It’s also un-American.”

Un-American, mind you.

Almost needless to say, Republicans sensing an Obama weakness are going along for the ride—even many who thought Bush attorney general Alberto Gonzales’ threat to prosecute New York Times reporters for revealing the existence of a massive NSA eavesdropping operation was a terrific idea.

Over on Fox News, they’re accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of perjury because he told Congress the DOJ wouldn’t prosecute journalists for publishing information, but did sign off on a subpoena arguing that Rosen might have violated the Espionage Act.

Earth to Fox News: as anybody who’s read two John Le Carre novels understands, journalists (or people posing as journalists) have worked as spies and agents provocateur since the invention of newspapers. A press ID isn’t a universal “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

Besides, Rosen’s not being prosecuted. The DOJ is using his emails urging a State Department source to “expose muddle-headed foreign policy” by turning over classified intelligence about North Korea’s Stalinist dictatorship to prosecute the alleged leaker.

His friends say Rosen’s a wonderful family man. That’s a good thing, because judging by his journalistic tradecraft, he’d be apt to copy his wife and her mother on an email to his mistress.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The way many in the press are hyperventilating, most would apparently have had no problem with a 1944 headline reading: “Allies Plan June 6 Normandy Landing, Sources Say.”

My point’s that unless you think the United States has no dangerous enemies and therefore no legitimate national security secrets whatsoever, the content of both disputed stories should trouble you. Nor are the Justice Department’s reasons for prosecuting them obscure or malign.

Gene Lyons

Gene Lyons is a political columnist and author. Lyons writes a column for the Arkansas Times that is nationally syndicated by United Media. He was previously a general editor at Newsweek as wells an associate editor at Texas Monthly where he won a National Magazine Award in 1980. He contributes to Salon.com and has written for such magazines as Harper's, The New York Times Magazine, The New York Review of Books, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Monthly, The Nation, Esquire, and Slate.

A graduate of Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia, Lyons taught at the Universities of Massachusetts, Arkansas and Texas before becoming a full-time writer in 1976. A native of New Jersey, Lyons has lived in Arkansas with his wife Diane since 1972. The Lyons live on a cattle farm near Houston, Ark., with a half-dozen dogs, several cats, three horses, and a growing herd of Fleckvieh Simmental cows.

Lyons has written several books including The Higher Illiteracy (University of Arkansas, 1988), Widow's Web (Simon & Schuster, 1993), Fools for Scandal (Franklin Square, 1996) as well as The Hunting Of The President: The 10 Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, which he co-authored with National Memo Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason.

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  1. Dominick Vila May 29, 2013

    There are things the general public does not have a need to know, if nothing else because making aome of our capabilities and resources available to everyone compromise our national security, the security of our troops and intelligence agents operating overseas, and our global interests. In an era dominated by the threat of terrorism, the determination of other military and economic superpowers to challenge our global hegemony, and the use of sophisticated espionage to obtain critical military and industrial data by people and countries that don’t have our best long term interests in mind, the last thing we should demand is more openness.
    What we need is more effective security to guarantee our national security and the advancement of our national interests, not less.

    1. charleo1 May 29, 2013

      Very disturbing report yesterday, that the Chinese had managed to hack
      into a military data base. And gain access to what sounded like a huge
      amount of technical, information, and blueprints, on our most advanced,
      and highly classified weapons systems. Obviously, the Chinese have
      discovered, it’s a lot cheaper to steal technology, than invent it. And
      since no one, no matter how good they are, can do this kind of thing
      without help. It’s really too bad, we evidently are no longer able to
      investigate these leaks of classified information. Without creating another
      scandal, where someone’s Constitutional Rights, might be violated.

      1. Dominick Vila May 29, 2013

        And yet, there a lot of Americans are incensed by the fact that some facts involving terrorist attacks have not been revealed to the public and unauthorized disclosures of sensitive information have been investigated. We either have a lot of very naive people in this country, or some are willing to compromise our national security to score a few political points.
        One good piece of news is that Michele Bachmann is not going to seek re-election. Looks like the Tea Party nuts are fleeing the sinking ship they torpedoed.

        1. charleo1 May 29, 2013

          I suppose there are a lot of Americans upset, by what
          seems to be a legitimate investigation of an internal leak.
          But, if some Americans are upset, it is because they have
          been intentionally misled, as to the nature, and reason for
          the investigation, in the first place. It’s does seem to me,
          there is a faction of the Right, that is running a general campaign aganist government. Especially the Federal Government. On who’s side now, because of the usual,
          black, or white, for us, or aganist us, easy to script, easy
          to follow, narratives, they build. They can’t be seen as supporting their own Gov’t. Even when their Government
          is right!

          1. mike May 29, 2013

            Upset about the way it was handled. You to should be upset when govt. can get information without a court order and with delayed notice.

            You must remember the Obama admin. lied about there were no planned attacks on anniversary of bin laden’s death. The fact that AP held back on the story when asked by the admin., but decided to publish after they lied to the American people, AP refused to wait until the admin. announced it the next day. Just more of Obama’s attack on the first Amendment.

          2. charleo1 May 29, 2013

            I think you’re really reaching on this one. If you’ll go back
            to Nov. ’01, or it was the beginning of ’02, the Bush Adm.
            were clamming to get prior, approval for warrants, and, wiretaps, on matters of National security, were taking too
            long. So, it was provided, that they could do the search,
            or wiretap, look at bank records, etc. on persons of interest,
            as long as they obtained the approval in the next 24/48
            hours. Yes, delayed notice. Proper, and pre-approved long
            before AG Eric Holder. But, to bring some perspective to
            your charges of 4th Amendment violations. You would also
            need to see how many of these delayed approvals since
            2001, have been denied. That would be zero. Plus your
            mock outrage, over the Obama Adm. denying knowledge
            of any planned attacks, is frankly beneath your intelligence.
            This is not 50 questions. Where if the question is ask, you
            must reply truthfully. Even if it tips off the enemy. Exposes
            an operative, or his family. Or, allows the leaker time to
            erase his tracks. So, if we look at the facts, this is not
            about the 1st Amendment. It’s about finding the leak.
            It’s about the necessary protection of information, in the
            ongoing effort to discover plots aganist us, before they
            can be carried out. Something all of us should fully support.

          3. mike May 29, 2013

            What you seem to forget is the Obama Admin. wanted to delay even further telling Rosen or Fox News. It was first set for 30 days and had it extended for 18 months for cry from 48 hours and shoots your no delayed notice( the hill). You also, have selective memory that the Obama Admin. was turned down by 2 judges because the govt. did not want to notify Rosen and only after the 3rd judge did they get it signed.

            You also seem to be unaware that they already knew who the leak was coming from. This was all about getting at Fox, called out by Obama on numerous occasions.

            So the CEO of the AP was lying when he said they went forward with the article because of the lies of the Obama admin. saying there had been no planned attacks. Right?

            So how do you want to handle the Stuxnet, seal 6, kill list, drones leaked by the WHITE HOUSE. Only a small hand full of people do about these yet FBI, DOJ just can’t seem to find them.

            You and your ilk can’t have it both ways.

          4. charleo1 May 29, 2013

            Good grief Mike. You don’t even understand what delayed
            notification is. The notification required, is to the Judge, not
            the subject. And, as far as I’ve heard, the leak has not been
            identified. And when the press has classified information,
            it shouldn’t have, because someone on our team told them.
            It’s a big deal. And, the AP sure as Hell, did not say, we went
            ahead with publishing the classified material, because, we
            knew, the President was lying. You know what? If you
            would ever use the real information, instead of that mush,
            and, right wing, tripe, you’re consuming. Who knows!
            You might be just a very poorly informed, Democrat.

          5. mike May 29, 2013

            Good grief Charlize, trouble understanding again? I never said it was to Rosen. I said it was extended far beyond the affidavit allowed. It was signed May 28, 2010 and was finally released by another Fed. Judge November 2011.

            Fed. judge once shown PROBABLE CAUSE authorizes agents TO TEMPORARILY DELAY GIVING NOTICE to the subject. It is not to the judge but for the judge to give consent.

            U.S. Department of Justice, Delayed Notice search warrants: Are just like ordinary search warrants in every respect except the the law enforcement agents are authorized by a judge to temporarily delay giving notice that the search had been conducted.

            I think you need to find some new sources because Obama admin. knew who leaked but wanted to see who else in govt. he was talking to. Try; AP CEO calls record seizure Unconstitutional,U.S.News on nbcnews.com, then try Face the Nation, AP CEO blasts unconstitutional.

            What is so pathetic about you is if this so called “Mush” is untrue prove it wrong then ram it down my throat. So far all i get is a nothing but words with no facts to refute.

          6. charleo1 May 30, 2013

            I’ll say it again. The delayed part, in a delayed search,
            warrant, is not about delaying the notification of the subject
            of the search. It’s about judicial oversight, after the fact. Which is, in fact, contrary to the Constitution. But, something that was codified, directly after the 9/11 attacks, as being necessary, due to time constraints. The Bush Adm. argued,
            or more correctly, AG Ashcroft argued. That in a case where
            an attack was imminent , but only recently discovered, or
            even suspected, that by the time law enforcement formally
            established probable cause, a judge was found, and a search warrant, or wire tap, granted, it could be too late. Congress
            agreed. And, The Supreme Court, did not move to strike.
            But as I said, delayed searches, are clearly contrary to the
            4th Amendment. So, in this respect, AG holder was not
            only within the parameters of the law, he went beyond. By,
            first investigating, then, establishing probable cause, and
            receiving his warrant. By the way, there is no limitation
            on the specific number of judges presented with the probable cause, evidence. Only that if a previous judge, or judges have declined the request, that must also be included as part of
            the request. Also, contrary to what you believe, DOJ, is
            not under any time constraints to notify the subject, before
            or after, the warrant is executed. To do so could compromise
            the investigation. As in hey! One coconspirator says to
            the other. did DOJ issue a warrant on you too? No? Well,
            you had better get rid of those, whatever it is, Does that
            make sense? Accordingly, if they locate the source of the
            leak. Probable cause would certainly authorize the search
            of those he had been in contact with. Perhaps another
            co-worker, another reporter, perhaps someone involved
            with the terrorist cell, itself. The facts of this case are not
            in dispute. These reporters, and more so, their editors,
            were extremely irresponsible, in releasing what they knew
            on this operation. For one thing, they did not know all the
            facts. And therefore, had no idea if the information would
            result in someone’s death? Their families death? They
            had no f,ing idea, did they? Was the cell, the Saudi had
            managed to infiltrate, connected with other larger operations? And if so, will those we could have discovered,
            and stopped, but for the careless, and stupid actions of
            these members of the press, survive to kill thousand more
            Americans in a future attack? If so, who should take, at least
            partial responsibility, if that does happen?

          7. mike May 30, 2013

            “To the delayed part”, Baloney! A Delayed Notification is not telling the person they are/have being/been investigated, plain and simple. It is to deny them the right to challenge in court.

            Did you watch the AP CEO on Face the Nation. AP was not irresponsible they were asked not to reveal and did as the admin. asked it was only they said there was no threat that they released the story, Obama Admin. was going to announce it the next day. Admin. pissed that AP had scooped them.

          8. charleo1 May 30, 2013

            You’re flat wrong. Why in the hell, would law enforcement
            be required to notify the first party they are investigating,
            so that party could inform the rest? And compromise the
            entire investigation? That, makes no sense. And your
            opinion on this is all wet. You simply don’t understand
            this case. Go back, and first, determine what a delayed
            warrant is. Tell you what. Look at the way the FBI targeted
            the mob. They put bugs in the places the mob hung out,
            and listened for months. They were under no obligation
            to inform the mob of any of their actions.

          9. mike May 30, 2013

            The whole point is to get the records of the one being investigated secret from him. That’s why DOJ was turned down twice, they did not want to notify Rosen even after the fact.
            I explained it well earlier, right out the pages of the Fed. guidelines on Delayed Notification. If you can’t get I can’t help you.

          10. plc97477 June 2, 2013

            He’s not smart enough.

          11. Charvi3 May 29, 2013

            Mike you don’t belong on here…you are a republican…go to yahoo…by the way…I looked up the reporters and the editors and weather they were Democrat or Republican…there are a lot of things you can keep opening your mouth…you are like Rosen…I believe…Obama, had to keep all that hushed up…by the way….Obama, is and was a Constitutional Lawyer…and taught it…would you like to be quizzed on it…I bet you would get an F on your testing…and Bush should have been impeached…because he took us into a 3 trillion dollar war…on lies….saying that Suddan Hussein had weapons of mass destruction…etc…he didn’t have any of that…plus the Bushes belong to one of those secret socities called Skull and Bones it is only for the rich government officials…and that is who kept him from being impeached…Obama, if he wanted to…could use the 16th Amendment to get rid of each republican starting from Congress…for meddling…but, he is still staying bi-partisan…he is a true humanitarian…and by the way…when the rich didn’t pay taxes for years that is one reason…why the deficit is so high…and at least he is giving part of his salary and Chuck Hagel and John Kerry is doing the same to help pay the deficit off…he is trying to help the middle class and the poor…but, since Congress rules the USA and isn’t for the middle class and the poor…he is going to use his executive powers more and more…and a few republicans are resigning and going from republican to being a Democrat…because they know what the republicans are about..plus the 16th Amendment says that the rich should pay taxes as well as the middle class…go to yahoo all the republicans comment on there…we Democrats stay on here …sorry you don’t fit in.

          12. mike May 29, 2013

            I will not leave this site, you are not the first to tell me to leave. No way in hell. You can’t stand the truth!!!You and your ilk only want to hear your own thoughts and untruths and to feed off each other. Forgetta bout it!!!!!
            I see you are still on Bush. Get a life. I bet you think that Bush is response for the financial meltdown. if you do you are more stupid than I thought.

            Hell, you are so uninformed it almost laughable if it wasn’t so sad. The deficit, is spending out pacing revenues.You probably don’t even know the the 1% pay 35+% of the revenue and the top 20% pay 85% revenues.

            Keep dreaming and enjoy the KOOL AID.

          13. Sand_Cat May 29, 2013

            If you want to fight lies, you’d probably have a more fruitful trip if you went to right-wing sites.

            But the truth: yes, a small percentage of Americans pay most of the taxes. They also get the overwhelming majority of the income, and control an even larger percent of the wealth, not to mention that the government is largely owned by them and run for their own benefit.

            Despite your insults and the fact that some in the Clinton and earlier administrations did some of the groundwork, Bush was responsible for the crash – if he was so concerned, he had 8 years to fix things instead of appointing administrators and regulators selected precisely because they could be trusted not to enforce the law, or at best not too carefully.

            Bush’s party, which has screamed endlessly about the slow recovery – you might have even put in a word or two yourself – which deliberately did everything they could to slow it further, and whose preferred policy of “deficit reduction” has repeatedly been shown to be unwise policy in time of recession, suddenly out of nowhere panicked at the debt immediately after Dick deficits-don’t-matter Cheney and his wastrel comrade Bush left office and a slightly less conservative president who was also a Democrat and a black man, took over.

            While calling people who point this out “stupid” (or making not-particularly creative toilet-humor jokes about screen names) is a lot easier than actually answering the facts, you won’t increase your credibility or your welcome here by doing so, and you give the lie to your constant assertion that everyone who opposes you is motivated solely by emotion (not always the worst guide: a high level of disgust at dishonesty, incompetence, and criminal activity resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and gigantic debt can be downright useful) while you go with “facts,” or at least those that don’t contradict your arguments. I also note that one of your tactics is denial of what you said one post above the denial, such as your admission that in the US, clean air and water are “left-wing” issues, one of the few – and most unfortunate – indisputable statements you have made. Perhaps you should edit your earlier posts to remove the inconvenient “facts” before writing your denial, though you’re likely to fool none of the “stupid” people here.

            But you are welcome so long as you want to stay, though your anger seems to get more and more out of control and the rationality of your arguments declines dramatically the longer you stay.

          14. mike May 29, 2013

            No the lies, untruths, the ill-informed are here .

            Isn’t interesting the number of “Wall Street” people in the Obama administration. What is even more telling is the lack of arrest or prosecution of any senior Wall Street banker for the systematic fraud that precipitated the 2008 collapse.

            With all due respect, your ignorance to the facts of the Financial Crash is appalling. Just once in your life do the research, start with the NY Times-Bush can share the blame for financial crisis. Google; The cause of the 2008 fin. crisis- aim.org, financial crisis was avoidable, Inquiry Finds-NYTimes, Who caused the economic crisis-Factcheck.org, The causes of the 2008 fin. meltdown and the reforms enacted -Are they enough-hschneider.hubpages.com.

            I don’t want you to choke on your catnip but the dems. blocked attempts to fix the problem. Be intellectually honest and google “Barney Frank and Fannie Mae” and watch what he says at the 1:26 mark: there is nothing wrong with Fannie May and Freddie Mac in 2003.

            Now there you go again. All you have to do is refute the facts if I am so wrong. You are a big cat, refute, refute. If it so important to silence me refute the facts, show me the facts are wrong.

            As to clean air and water you are getting confused I have never talked about them or said they were left-wing, I never said that govt. doesn’t have a role. What is happening they are regulating everything to death.

            Nice try on the anger bit and arguments, far from it, More surprise of the lack of knowledge and truth from you zealots..

            Well my little kitty cat go find your play toys and litter box. You sure are not as well informed as think.

          15. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Yes, yes, we all know that Barney Frank (you forgot Ted Kennedy) single- (well, double-) handedly engineered the crash during the Bush Administration. They must have made a fortune from all those worthless mortgages they handed out, then packaged and sold to banks as great investments. You have to admire that two men working alone were able to bring the entire world economy to its economic knees. They were so clever they fooled all those dedicated regulators that Bush appointed in addition to convincing people to take mortgages they couldn’t afford and convincing banks (the FREE MARKET) that a pile of -well, one of your favorite substances – was worth trillions.

            Barney Frank said there was nothing wrong with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2003? 2003???!!! This is your proof, your FACTS? Wow, I know you’ve also said that we have no idea how smart you really are, and now I can see why: you hide it VERY WELL.

            And yes, you did say precisely that clean air and water are “left-wing” issues, and I saw another post where you did the same thing to someone else: he challenged something you said, so you denied saying it. So we can add “proof” that you are a cowardly, lying sack of excrement in addition to being a master at appearing to be a childish little twerp in your posts.

            One would think someone as overwhelmingly intelligent and well-informed as yourself would have the brains to edit out what he denies saying before posting the denial on the next line. But I guess with your towering intellect, you have more important things to do than tell the truth or answer legitimate questions about your pronouncements put forward by such mental midgets as we. Or even make an attempt to be coherent. A few infantile toilet jokes cover all, I guess.

          16. Dominick Vila May 29, 2013

            I suspect some Republicans are beginning to worry about the consequences of using distortions and hyperbole to score political points. Americans have a tendency to believe what their leaders say, but when we find out that those leaders lied to us there is hell to pay. Benghazi was blown out of proportion, the FBI-AP incident has more to do with a government official releasing sensitive information than persecution of journalists, and the IRS “scandal” is likely to open a can of worms that may backfire on the GOP. The obvious question for the latter is not so much why a few cheaters were being investigated, but why are political organizations – regardless of ideology – exempt from paying taxes?

          17. plc97477 June 2, 2013

            We can hope that bachmann is not the only brainless tea party nit wit in michigan. Maybe they can find a good one to replace her.

          18. labrown69 June 2, 2013

            I am upset. Everyone SHOULD BE upset. The Patriot Act and the NDAA are a defacto repeal of the entire Constitution and a declaration of martial law into perpetuity. Why would anyone NOT be upset?

        2. latebloomingrandma May 29, 2013

          It will be interesting to see how many nuts fall in the next election. There are still too many of them left.

          1. labrown69 June 4, 2013

            There are “still too many of them” ON THE left!

    2. labrown69 June 3, 2013

      Right on Dominick – just spread em. When they take you rectally it will only hurt for a little while and it’s for the public good, right?

    3. labrown69 June 4, 2013

      Yes, just mind your Ps and Qs like good little oblivious children and our fearless leader Obama will take care of his wards. You are pathetic.

  2. docb May 29, 2013

    National Security leaks solicited by the press are not to be taken lightly when we have countryless terrorists roaming the World. This practice of putting out the salacious without regard to the lives of others is irresponsible.

    Question: With the bench being half empty due to repub obstruction , do we have an independent judiciary?

    1. Fern Woodfork May 30, 2013

      You Got That Right My Friend Somethings Should Not Be In The News!!

      1. labrown69 June 3, 2013

        The Chickens are cheer leading for Colonel Sanders

    2. labrown69 June 3, 2013

      Bradley Manning is being tried for treason and could be executed. I thought the Nuremberg Nazi trials clarified that “I was only following orders” doesn’t cut it? Manning’s crime was revealing that American chopper pilots were murdering unarmed Iraqi journalists in cold blood and laughing about it. You morons will defend this despotism until you don’t have a right left in the world.

      1. docb June 4, 2013

        Typical paranoid conflating from the right, labro!

        1. labrown69 June 4, 2013

          Doc – you apparently are ignorant of what Manning revealed and what he has been charged with “aiding the enemy” for. But why should I be surprised? You are an ass kissing Obama sycophant. If you ever decide to pull your head out of your ass here is video footage which proves my comments:

          1. docb June 4, 2013

            utube-Waste of time..AIDING THE ENEMY is the bar- intent need not be established! He put the 750,000 doc’s in the public domain to be used by Al Queda et al… forget about the fact that he shopped it! He jeopardized lives and careers.

            Calling people names, unfounded, proves you have neither argument, merit, nor class. Childish.

          2. labrown69 June 4, 2013

            I thought we had settled this “I was only following orders” shit at Nuremberg. Manning witnessed murder and he knew it would get buried and that the American people had a right to know what was being done in their name. The very fact that he has been held for three years without trial is proof that we have had a military coup in the US and we do not have a democracy anymore. We should not have been in those countries to serve corporate interests when we can’t educate our kids or fix pot holes at home in the first place. Julian Assange is absolutely right about this bogus narrative, If
            you communicate with a journalist, then you communicate with a
            publisher, then you communicate with the public, then you communicate
            with al Qaeda — so you communicate with enemies of the United States,
            and as a result your communications with a journalist must be punished
            by death or life imprisonment. If tolerated, that will lead to regimes
            where every U.S. government source, when speaking to a journalist, must
            be concerned that they will suffer either the death penalty or life
            imprisonment as a result. Now having established that, the U.S.
            government will have set the precedent that not only is the [source]
            indirectly communicating with al Qaeda by communicating with the public,
            but the publisher and the journalist is as well. And therefore the
            publisher and the journalist can be embroiled in espionage charges, some
            of which similarly carry the death penalty,”

            At home in the US, we have
            had a military coup. We have had a “bloodless coup” more or less, but
            the military has become our de facto government and it is the military who in
            the final analysis gets to decide who has rights and who does not and they do
            not answer to “we the people”. Dwight Eisenhower’s predictions about
            “the military gaining undo influence in the houses of government” has
            come to pass and then some. We can not maintain a democracy under these
            circumstances. Our loss of freedom is as a direct result of perpetual warfare.
            When we speak of the NDAA, and accompanying legislation and executive orders, I
            don’t think it is fair to refer to conditions like “indefinite detention
            of civilians by the military without charges” and “rendition” as
            “in need of a little tweaking”. Those are the cornerstones of our
            democracy. Bradley Manning has been held in solitary and in deplorable
            conditions for 3 years. I would not call that a “speedy trial” and
            here is a perfect example of military tyranny trumping and ignoring the
            Constitution. I have no desire to live in a police state. That is exactly what
            the United States is experiencing. If a country is a true threat to us
            “nuke em”. If they are not we should stay home and defend the damn
            country from within. As none other than James Madison so prophetically and
            wisely said and I quote, ” “No nation can preserve its freedom in the
            midst of continual warfare.”

          3. docb June 5, 2013

            Retread material…Most know the history and do not need to be preached at from the edited perspective.

            Different times, different intent, different technology, different outcomes. Let’s see what the trial brings. Adieu.

          4. labrown69 June 5, 2013

            Manning did not release ANY material that was secret. Saying that Al Qaeda got the files is like saying Al Qaeda was able to go down to the corner and buy a newspaper. The charge of aiding the enemy is totally bogus. This is a shot across the bow to all journalists. You people are too stupid to be liberal.

    3. Mark Forsyth June 7, 2013

      The existence of Citizens United should answer that question.

  3. labrown69 May 29, 2013

    This article is purely a combination of denial and sleep walking!

    1. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

      …and “conservatism” continues to be a farce…a lot of noise signifying NOTHING.

      1. labrown69 June 1, 2013

        There ARE NO conservatives. Traditional conservatives are now called Libertarians and the Hannitys and Limbaughs and those who call themselves “conservative” are actually fascists. The last conservatives were Ike and Barry Goldwater who interestingly enough prophetically said and I quote:

        “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get
        control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so,
        it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them. The religious factions that are growing throughout our land are not using their religious clout with wisdom…. I’m frankly sick and tired of the political preachers across this country telling me as a citizen that if Iwant to be a moral person, I must believe in ‘A,’ ‘B,’ ‘C,’ and ‘D.’
        Just who do they think they are?… I will fight them every step of the
        way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in
        the name of “conservatism.” – Barry Goldwater, (1909–1998), five-term US Senator, Republican Party nominee for
        President in 1964*, Maj. Gen., US Air Force Reserves, author of The Conscience of a Conservative.

        1. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

          There are conservatives….and there are “conservatives”….I have little use for either.

          1. labrown69 June 1, 2013

            There is a time and place for all things and it is rarely all the time and every place. A strong conservative would have been a very valuable asset when they are banning cigarette smoking in your own home in Santa Monica. Many times our Utopian leftists try for perfection and make things much worse for everyone, hurting those they are trying to help the most.

          2. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            “Utopian leftists”….LOL…the language of CRAZY “conservatism”….

          3. aprescoup June 1, 2013

            You hate leftists even more than you hate pro 1% right wing policies of Obama.

            You’re a an absolute fraud. I ‘spose you think that The Black Agenda Report editors are all right-wingers, eh?

          4. labrown69 June 1, 2013

            Yours is the language of denial and stupidity. You can not make things perfect. You have to do what is best for most and when that is not good enough you deteriorate that which you are trying to improve. There is such a thing as Utopians and there is such a thing as leftists as various attempts at communism has demonstrated and you are only in denial about admitting it because you are so far left that everything looks right. Fuck you!

          5. Pelu Maad June 2, 2013

            There is NO “left” in the US….and certainly no communist threat. Everything “right” does look CRAZY to me…..”do what’s best for most”……LOL…..

          6. labrown69 June 2, 2013

            You are an idiot and I am one for wasting my time responding to a jerk like you however policies are either helpful to many or few but none are good for everyone. That is what “best for most” means. The Chinese and the Soviets have tried their hand at best for most and failed miserabley. So far Capitalism is the worst system except for all the others.

          7. plc97477 June 2, 2013

            Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

          8. Pelu Maad June 3, 2013

            That’s how communism was explained to me…..IN THIRD GRADE!

          9. labrown69 June 3, 2013

            Clearly even that simplified explanation was over your head.

          10. Pelu Maad June 4, 2013

            …and clearly…you’ve had no intellectual growth since then…

          11. aprescoup June 1, 2013

            Obama is a deeply conservative, from the wrong side of the bed, President. I have little use for his brand of conservatism, compared to say, the conservatism of a Paul Craig Roberts, which makes Obama seem like a rabid right-wing nut by comparison.

            Your brand of willful political ignorance is helping make right-wing politics the mainstay of Washington’s centrist policies.

  4. mike May 29, 2013

    Rep. Hank Johnson(D) asked Holder about prosecuting reporters under the Espionage Act of 1917, his reply was: “You’ve got a long way to go to try to prosecute the press for publication of material.” Holder when on to say: “In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I’VE EVER BEEN INVOLVED IN, HEARD OF, OR WOULD THINK WOULD BE WISE POLICY.

    When Axelrod is “disturbed” by the actions of the DOJ, you know his days are numbered.

    1. Dominick Vila May 29, 2013

      The ones that are being investigated are not journalists, but the government officials that gave them sensitive information. In their efforts to identify the culprit the FBI analyzed a list of telephone calls made and received by an AP reporter to determine who was releasing unauthorized information.
      Classified information must not be released to the public, regardless of who is in the White House. Hopefully common sense will prevail..

      1. mike May 29, 2013

        OMG!!!! 20 AP lines, multiple offices, over 100 journalist are not being investigated!!! This is intimidation, Obama-you write good things about me or you don’t write.
        What you and every American should outraged is the ability of the govt. to obtain the records of individuals without court order and with delayed notice.
        Why don’t you tell the White House to stop leaking classified information. Stuxnet virus information, seal 6 raid, kill list, etc.. You can’t have it both ways.
        Looks like you don’t want to talk about Holder and perjury. Interesting!!!!

        Still waiting on those articles.

        1. Sand_Cat May 29, 2013

          Some of us are outraged at anyone’s use of intrusive and unconstitutional laws and skipping those inconvenient warrants, etc. – standard operating procedure for the Bush, Reagan, Nixon Administrations – yet puzzled by the wave of terror that sweeps Republican ranks every time a Democrat is elected that he will use these laws – many passed over Democratic opposition, though unfortunately not so much anymore – against them. Could it be that their standard bearers did this when they were in power, that in fact many of the laws and policies were designed to make harassment and suppression of citizen “far left” dissent easier?
          It does not excuse Obama’s abuse when it does occur – probably once out of every 10 or 20 hysterical right-wing accusations and manufactured “scandals” – but I think a lot of us are curious whether an honest disclosure of your reaction to abuses by those you support would reveal any unease at all, never mind the flood of accusations you and friends pour out against the most intelligent, and certainly the most rational, president we’ve had in years, who despite his faults has probably told fewer lies in his entire life than one of your “leaders” tells in a busy political week. But even they can’t compete with the all-time champion George W. Bush and the runnerup, Mitt “breath of fresh air” Romney.

          1. mike May 29, 2013

            Still on Bush!!! LOL

            It is your economy now not Bush’s. You sound more like Obama everyday, not my fault, just heard about. He is an inept leader and a poor manager of the govt.

            My homework is fine, yours was eaten by the dog, oops, the cat.

            By the way, three scandals that aren’t going away. Even Lanny Davis is saying the Obama Admin. is in real trouble with the “trust edge”. Chris Matthews calling Obama “ship with the engine off”

            DRIP DRIP DRIP

          2. Sand_Cat May 30, 2013

            Yes, you obviously would like to pretend Bush didn’t happen because all of the alleged scandals of the Obama administration put together don’t amount to a hill of beans by comparison.

            So your assignment, since you like assignments and “proof.”

            Name one (or more, if you like) thing the Obama administration has done that comes close to being as bad as either of two signature accomplishments of its predecessor:

            1) The most successful attack on the mainland U.S.A. in history (Revolutionary and War of 1812 involved tens of thousands of “enemy combatants”) that killed around 3,000 and damaged the economy


            2) The trillion dollar plus snipe hunt in Iraq that added another 4,000 plus Americans and a couple of hundred thousand Iraqis to the death toll.

            Your choice of course has to be something that you can prove actually happened that the administration had part in, and that happened and was revealed on or before today. May 30, 2013, this last because we all know that the truth-seekers in the House will eventually prove that while returning from a secret visit to his birthplace in Kenya, Obama diverted his UN-supplied super-stealth aircraft to Benghazi, where he and Hillary personally murdered the ambassador.

            Seriously, if you can’t complete this “assignment,” then all your hysteria is just right-wing bullshit, whatever “facts” you can torture into supporting it, and you’re just another loudmouthed, dishonest, and delusional… “DRIP” has a nice ring to it. Go ahead and deny you said clean air and water are “left-wing” issues, or that Obamacare has no relationship to Romneycare, the amalgam of a bunch of old Republican dodges to avoid doing anything real about the problem. But lo and behold, I have to admit that – in spite of all you dire predictions and attacks – the people of Massachusetts are happy with Romneycare, by and large. Much as it pains me, I have to say hats off to his only and probably last worthwhile accomplishment in an undistinguished career.

          3. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            How are these “scandals”….and torture and outing Plame weren’t? “Conservatives” are insane.

          4. mike June 1, 2013

            Keep trying!! Keep living in the past!!!

            Keep blaming Bush for 9/11. He ignored every Clinton recommendation for protecting this country. Right?? Everything Clinton put in place to protect the Homeland since 1997 when CIA started using Bin Laden’s name and aware of Bin Laden’s bragging about getting back at US, Bush ignored right?

            I gave excellent facts found in MM and you can’t refute them. So you play this silly question game that shows the desperation of changing the subject and distracting.
            I will deny the clean and water remark, it was not mine. Never said anything about Romneycare,

            Well, little Puddy Tat go try the kitty litter again. I think the clogged bowels have gone to your brain.

          5. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            These scandals barely rate as controversies….From my perspective they closely resemble a Klan rally. “Inept” my ass…he beat Mitt and “war hero” McCain. Are you saying any old “inept” clown can easily beat the best the right has….? If Mitt and McCain aren’t your best….who is?

          6. mike June 1, 2013

            Only in your life of denial. Great campaigner but poor leader.

            Hell, Chris Mathews, “thrill up my leg” calls him his leadership “ship with its engine off”. Chris again: He(Obama) doesn’t seem to like being an executive. Sounds like a racist, doesn’t it?

            Well my racist friend got to go and enjoy the real world.

          7. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            So…how does Obama get judges past the RepubliKKKan Klan…???? How am I the racist because the GOP is openly doing all they can to deny PRESIDENT Obama any success? I could ask such questions all day…..but I know you racist cowards will never answer honestly…I’d have more respect for you goofballs if you’d just admit what you are and stop pretending to be the goddamn victims. Be a man…stand up for what you believe….you voted for it, didn’t you?

          8. mike June 1, 2013

            The simple answer to your question is very simple. We don’t like his transformation ideas. His redistribution of wealth never works and his Statist policies will destroy this country. He is European economy guy and we see how well they are doing.

            Your crap about RepubliKKKan Klan is just plain crap.

          9. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            I have no idea what that rhetoric is about…..”Transformation ideas”…”redistribution of wealth”….”Statist policies”..????
            Is that how you describe everything being blocked by the RepubliKKKans? “European economy guy”?…..based on what?

            I understand you don’t like him but until you make a coherent case, I have no choice but to chalk it up to traditional American racism.

          10. plc97477 June 2, 2013

            You keep telling us you are leaving but you are still here.

          11. mike June 2, 2013

            I would miss reading all the ridiculous lies, distortions and denials of the left.
            Looks like another bad week coming for Obama.
            Harmonic Convergence this week: 3 Congressional hearings, Bradley Manning Trial, Sibelius Fundraising questions, IRS Agent saying orders came from DC, Holder and perjury, just the tip of the iceberg.
            I am looking forward to the spin that will be coming from NM.
            Chris Matthews said best about Obama: ship with the engine off.

          12. aprescoup June 1, 2013

            He beat them by agreeing with them on economics and foreign policy goals!!! and throwing in some scraps of socio-cultural pablum, and immigration mis-direction to fire up his base’s muppets.

            Now it’s muppet slaughter time.

            Immigration is about serving the Chamber of Commerce, corporate America interests, with H1-B visas.

            The chasm of inequality under Obama between the 1% and the rest has widened more than under the entire Bush term.

            His pursuit of TNC interests in his leaked TPP agreements is a Raganomics based, right wing, Straussian travesty!

            You are one stupid and ugly, mofo, PM.

            Get informed!

          13. Pelu Maad June 2, 2013

            YES!…Obama is a conservative….His saving grace is that he isn’t a RepubliKKKan white supremacist.
            You’re such a brilliant, classy, well spoken person…..I think I’ll ignore you anyway, asshole…

        2. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

          Can you name a few reporters who have said they were personally intimidated?

          1. mike June 1, 2013

            Every reporter, congressman/women, employees of the govt.. Just go listen to AP CEO and hear him say people are afraid to talk them now because they are worried about govt. coming after them. It is called INTIMIDATION. Obama has gone after more whistleblowers than any other president. Media can talk about what he did that is positive, but don’t you print anything about the wrongs in the govt.. It is called Control.

          2. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            So the answer to my question is “no”?….You’re sure there’s been a crime, you just can’t find a victim? I hope you’re not a cop…..Sheeeeesh!

          3. mike June 1, 2013

            You are so motivated to know the truth you went and watched the CEO AP say how people are afraid to talk to AP, Right!!! I answered your question, just not the answer your bias was looking for.

            Ask the AP journalists if an attack upon the their right to do their job has been not been compromised. DOJ unprecedented move to make it a criminal act is tremendous over reach to find information and to silence any and all people who would like to talk about the wrongs in this administration.

            Obama wants to decide what we can know-Pretty simple.

            NY Times: The 2008 version of Candidate Obama was absolutely right when he decreed that govt. whistleblowers are engaged in “acts of courage and patriotism” that should be encouraged rather than stifled.” The Presidential version of Obama is wrong–dangerously so– in this still escalating assault on the sources and journalist who make this possible.

          4. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            “Obama wants to decide what we can know-Pretty simple.” One legal investigation does not a “continuing assault make”

            Pure paranoia…he’s “black”….GET OVER IT!!!!!!

          5. aprescoup June 1, 2013

            You need to get over the color of his skin, and start looking at policies, as you would with say, a Herman Cain, or Allen West, or Corey Booker – the ultimate up-and-coming and rising star of the right wing New Dem, fascist party.

            Watch and listen to the Glen Ford speech at the link I furnished to you elsewhere.

            Hell, here: Glen Ford: Corporate Assault on Public Education – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdPACwRgw04

            or here:

            “Corey Booker and the Hard Right’s Colonization of Black American Politics”http://blackagendareport.com/content/corey-booker-and-hard-rights-colonization-black-american-politics

            Wake up, man!

          6. Pelu Maad June 2, 2013

            You need to get over the feeling of superiority which makes you think I may have the slightest interest in your advice. Maybe then you’d get over the racist assumption that black people feel some racial affinity with Obama. Obama SUCKS….but he’s a hell of a lot better than some extremist RepubliKKKan bigot….I have no interest in anything entitled “assault on public education”….I’m 3rd generation AFL-CIO and I have no use for a fool’s anti-union nonsense.
            You don’t understand anywhere near as much as you think you do….This is a deeply racist society and we’re ALL affected…

          7. aprescoup June 2, 2013

            Your problem is that third generation AFL-CIO is no longer your granddaddy’s outfit. They’re no longer into you, bud.

            Labor and blacks have lost more ground under Obama’s tenure than over the entire Shrub tenure.

            “Maybe then you’d get over the racist assumption that black people feel some racial affinity with Obama.” The record shows that they haven’t.

            I urge you to read up on unions at WSWS.org, and on black relations in America at BlackAgendaReport.com.

            You will not easily find greater champions of the working class, in general, than WSWS, and of the black working class community than BAR. I promise!

          8. V4Vendeta June 2, 2013

            Absolutely~! The trade unions now work hand-in-glove with the corporations to implement cuts to the workers so long as their bloated salaries and perks remain untouched.

          9. plc97477 June 2, 2013

            I really like reading your posts. Thank you for putting them here to read.

          10. Pelu Maad June 3, 2013


          11. aprescoup June 1, 2013

            Now you are defending standard totalitarian police state tactics? You’re a Demo-fascist twerp, to the “RepubliKKKans,” and that is supposed to make the rest of the sandwich screwed public feel more confident?

            Tell you something, for your brand of stupid I’ll just defer to the deeply investigative work of Glen Ford, and Bruce Dixon.

            In fact, try to rebut this:

            Glen Ford: Corporate Assault on Public Education-

          12. Pelu Maad June 2, 2013

            I ask you questions …which you never answer, yet you expect me to watch your links? NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
            Where are you seeing “totalitarian police state tactics”?
            I’m not a Dem…I’m more an anti-RepubliKKKan. The Dems suck, but they’re not flat out insane bigots.
            Do have any links to information of the white abandonment of public education?

          13. aprescoup June 2, 2013

            “Do have any links to information of the white abandonment of public education?”

            Are you living in some closet or such?

            Glen Ford: Corporate Assault on Public Education: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdPACwRgw04

            “In the space of less than 20 years, the public school privatization movement has emerged from the narrow, right wing fringes to dominate both major political parties. From vouchers to school choice to charter schools, the issue has divided even Black Americans, who were once public education’s most fervent supporters. Glen Ford explains how this came about by wealthy individuals buying black politicians and promoting their careers, particularly Corey Booker.”

            “Marching in Chicago: Resisting Rahm Emanuel’s Neoliberal Savagery” – http://truth-out.org/opinion/item/16478-marching-in-chicago-resisting-rahm-emanuels-neoliberal-savagery

            “Chicago Students Erect Protest Garden for ‘Uprooted’ Schools
            Condemning Mayor Emanuel’s “racist” policies group says: ‘students must be nurtured to grow and flourish'” – https://www.commondreams.org/headline/2013/05/27-0

            “Ninety percent of the schools targeted for shut down are in the city’s minority and low-income neighborhoods, prompting many—including nine-year-old Chicago student Asean Johnson—to declare Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s education policy “racist.”

            Do us all, social and economic justice leftists, but mostly yourself, a favor and open-up-your-eyes!

  5. itsfun May 29, 2013

    talk about yellow journalism. This author write “His friends say Rosen’s a wonderful family man. That’s a good thing,
    because judging by his journalistic tradecraft, he’d be apt to copy his
    wife and her mother on an email to his mistress.” He knows some folks will run with this and start accusing the man of having a mistress. Of course if anyone complains about this, he will run and hide behind the 1st amendment, which he seems to think Rosen doesn’t have the protection of the 1st amendment.

    Eric Holder went judge hunting to get his warrant to snoop into emails. He then says, I just signed off on it. Write about that stuff

    1. mike May 29, 2013

      Well said.

    2. Gene Lyons May 29, 2013

      No, he will run and hide behind syntax and logic. This is pretty clearly what most native speakers of English would recognize as a joke.

  6. m8lsem May 29, 2013

    So the press is hyperventilating over what sounds like treason? One of the more obvious areas for CIA/DIA to be endeavoring to insert intelligence agents is the Middle East. The targets among others would be groups like the one that attacked our consulate in Benghazi. Revelation of what we know and when we learned it can amount to revealing who those agents are.
    Dear press, your thirst for a scoop needs to be matched with some discretion not to reveal who our agents are by showing we know something only our agent and four or five other people know (which 4 or 5 have known each other for years).

    1. demhack May 29, 2013

      No agents were revealed and the CIA agreed that they could release the story

      1. MARWBI May 30, 2013

        Thursday, February 7, 2013
        United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
        MR. BRENNAN: …Because I want to make sure whoever leaked this information that got out to the press and that seriously did disrupt some very sensitive operational equities on the part of some of our international partners — that never should have happened.
        SENATOR RISCH: And you’re in agreement with that — that this was a serious flaw in what should have happened; is that correct?

        MR. BRENNAN: It’s a serious flaw that it got out to the press before that operation was, in fact, concluded; absolutely.

  7. Charvi3 May 29, 2013

    Under the Bush administration…a R(TX). Lamar Smith…said it is pretty serious when the AP or any other journalist…in their reports there are leaks…he said it sounded cynical…but, he thought leaks are really bad offenses…just like espionage…that Rosen, who colaborated with a person in N.K. who has already been charged with espionage charges…then this Rosen should go to jail as well…the rules should never change…when they let serious and grave leaks out…I am with, Larmar Smith as I am with Eric Holder and President, Obama…on this call..and Fox News…if these reporters who by the way are all republicans..should be charged as well…because they allowed that reporter to was in on the act of espionage..

    1. mike May 29, 2013

      I think you need to work on your N.K. facts. His information came from Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, a contractor with the State Department.

      If the AP journalist are republican, should they all go to jail? I would bet they all are dems. and voted for Obama.
      You go right a head and support Holder, I don’t think he will around much longer. To many lies, untruths, and now his best friend is about to throw him under the bus. Wait and see. Axelrod is already expressed his thoughts. Someone has to go and Holder will be first.

      You seem to have selective memory on leaks within this admin., Stuxnet, seal 6, kill list, drones all leaks out of the White House and not one person has been charged. Just remember all of these were known by just a hand full of people, yet still no charges. But, your guy said he would get to the bottom of it.

      What an inept leader and manager of the government.

      1. Gene Lyons May 29, 2013

        If the president wants to declassify something, he has the constitutional authority.

        1. demhack May 29, 2013

          He doesn’t have that authority

          1. Gene Lyons May 29, 2013

            In fact, he does. He blew nothing. No sane politician would agree to a “special prosecutor.”

        2. mike May 29, 2013

          Authority yes, but not in this case.

          You seem to have not been listening when Obama denied the White House for the “cascade of leaks”

          “The notion that MY White House would purposely release national security is offensive. It’s wrong.” said Obama.

          Your leader refused to have a special prosecutor to find the leaks. Quite telling!!!

          Nice try on your part to take the blame off Obama, but alas, he blew your case.

          1. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            Help me here….”blame” for what?

          2. mike June 1, 2013

            White House leaking Stuxnet, Seal 6 raid, kill list and drone attacks. All top secret and known by a very very small group but yet all were leaked and not one arrested or charged.

          3. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            “Conservatives” have a problem with murder by drone? LOL….you expect me to believe that?
            Who do you want to see arrested and charged and for what?…..I have no clue what you’re talking about….

      2. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

        Have you ever met a black person you didn’t consider “inept”? Just curious.

        ” Someone has to go and Holder will be first.”

        Why does someone have to go?

        1. mike June 1, 2013

          Get off this racist crap. It has nothing to do with color of skin but definitely Obama’s inability to run the govt.. He sets the tone and is overseeing corruption in almost everywhere important department-IRS, DOJ, HHS. Everything he said about Obamacare is turning out to be a lie-keep your doctor, keep your insurance, cheaper premiums, etc. etc..

          Why does Holder have to GO??? He lied to congress, lied to a Fed judge, attacking Freedom of the Press. And most important he is hurting Obama.

          1. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            I have no clue what you mean by “inability to run the government”….it sounds like a typically mindless “conservative” talking point that basically trades on the racial paranoia of the right.
            “Corruption”…..where? Again….the kind of accusation often repeated by those who are fundamentally racist. You folks NEVER have specifics….
            You haven’t heard any good things about Heritage-Romney-Obamacare..??? I heard that it’s causing medical costs to decrease. I still have my doctor and insurance and I don’t know anyone personally who’s complaining. Do you racists sometimes just make shit up?
            There are legal procedures that apply if Holder did all that lying but you know as well as I do it won’t happen. I’m sure that you feel safe calling Holder a liar because in your mind, all blacks are dishonest. “Attacking freedom of the press”…..lol……just as silly as running guns to Mexico. The part that scares me is that I have NO reason to believe people like you are capable of any better.

          2. mike June 1, 2013

            Corruption. You really want to go there? Ok!! Solyndra, Fast and Furious, NLRB suing Boeing, Lisa Jackson EPA emails all are serious scandals involving govt. corruption at the highest level.
            How about IRS-they have admitted their guilt.

            DOJ-and AP and Rosen. Now Holder trying to save his ass with Off the record meetings with press.

            Benghazi-still growing.

            “Off the book” funding that Obama voted against while a senator but does as president.

            May 2010, giving KBR a no bid contract hours after Pentagon filled a lawsuit against them.

            You want more I’ve got them.

          3. Pelu Maad June 1, 2013

            LOL…you list failed attempts to get him as proof of something? he’s “black”….GET OVER IT!
            “EPA e-mails”…..LOL!!!!!!!!!!

          4. mike June 1, 2013

            All those hit home didn’t they??? You either know they are correct or you have no idea what they are and trying to change the subject.

            “He’s Black”, such a crock of s _ _ T.
            As to the Race card you just seem to want tn play, is a lie, and I will not dignify such ignorance.

          5. Pelu Maad June 2, 2013

            Until one of the MANY accusations pan out I’m afraid you’ll just have to live with being seen as part of just plain racist “conservatism”. “Race” isn’t a card to be played to me….It’s a social construct designed to exploit…and it must go. “Race” is a racist lie.

          6. mike June 2, 2013

            “Accusation pan out”, now that is funny. IRS already admitted they targeted Conservative groups. New Revelation: Regional IRS agent reveals flagging of conservative groups came from DC.
            DOJ targeting journalist as co conspirators unprecedented. Accusation, I don’t think so!!!!

            Time for you to go back under the rock.

          7. Pelu Maad June 2, 2013

            The IRS confessed to some over-exuberance in DOING THEIR job investigating groups claiming to be “social welfare” organizations…..Everyone paying attention knows they were lying “conservative” scum. NOT ONE GROUP lost it’s tax exemption…..You people are crying foul about NOTHING……except he’s “black”.
            Where have any journalists faced conspiracy charges? You yahoos sure are major drama queens.

          8. mike June 2, 2013

            Isn’t interesting that the IRS agent said they are micromanaged and he/she could not have done it with approval from the top.

            Explain why Obama’s brother could ran an illegal foundation for 3 years(determination must be within 27 months) before even applying for tax exemption and was approved by Lerner in 1 month. And progressive groups are perfect scum, Right!!!!!

            Nothing is off limits now when it comes to journalist doing there jobs. Even Obama knows he will be destroyed if he tries to prosecute a journalist.

            Stop this black crap. He is disliked because he lacks character, lies on about every subject, wants bigger govt. less freedom for the people, govt. will decide what we can know, and wants each of you to be a Julia/John cradle to grave life.

          9. Pelu Maad June 3, 2013


          10. labrown69 June 2, 2013

            Pelu – Whatever your race is, you are intellectually inferior. I will leave it to others to decide whether that is a function of your race.

          11. plc97477 June 2, 2013

            Look who is being racist.

          12. plc97477 June 2, 2013

            You do realize don’t you that the more crappola you spout the less likely we are to believe you?

          13. mike June 2, 2013

            You do realize the longer your denial the sillier you are going to look.

            James Goodale, a First Amendment lawyer, who represented the NY Times in the Pentagon Papers case against the Nixon Administration, says he sees Obama wanting to make it a crime for a reporter to talk to a leaker. He went on to say: Obama will surely pass Nixon as the worst president on issues of National Security and press freedom.
            Time for you to take your next sleeping pill and get back under the rock.

    2. demhack May 29, 2013

      Thank goodness you show your age of 13 and not your IQ

  8. demhack May 29, 2013

    Total white wash again…. Barak went after Rosen’s parents their phone records as well as email. Site another instance where the govt did this?? Holder signed the order to go after Rosen and his parents and then LIED to congress about the issue, I can only hope for a perp walk with holder in cuffs.
    The barak administration went after the reports ever after the CIA told them there would not be any harm in placing the story. Barak went after them because he planned on holding a press conference to show how engaged he is and lost the opportunity. Time to stop being Obama apologists and start acting as Americans

  9. Sand_Cat May 29, 2013

    If “National Security” wasn’t so grotesquely overused as an excuse for unwarranted secrecy and abuse of legitimate dissidence, perhaps things wouldn’t be so dramatic. If Obama had been more forthright and emphatically repudiated all of the previous administration’s abuses of executive power, or even taken action to try to assure they don’t happen again, maybe at least Democrats would be more sympathetic. Seems to me there’s an old story that applies here, something about a boy and a wolf.

  10. Allan Richardson May 29, 2013

    If this or any other President were to announce, after a tragic terrorist attack, that he or she was UNABLE to prevent the attack without doing something unconstitutional, and so chose to abide by the Constitution and let the terrorists have their way, the SAME people who complain about leak investigations would be calling to impeach that President for not keeping us safe; and if the impeachment failed, the opposition party would base its entire campaign on something like “Constitution, schmonstitution! Our guy will stop the terrorists!”

    In such a situation, ONLY the most PHILOSOPHICALLY HONEST libertarians would vote for such a President again. So make up your minds about where on this slippery slope you stand, and do not complain if a President follows your PRINCIPLES too closely but the RESULTS are not to your liking.

  11. labrown69 June 3, 2013

    You people are brain dead. Jill Abramson has stated that the Obama regime has criminalized news gathering. Tom Brokaw has said Holder should be fired and Bradley Manning goes on trial for his life for telling us that war crimes are being committed in our name and that unarmed journalists were gunned down in cold blood by American troops and all you liberal morons can do is circle the wagons around your Hugo Chavez wannabe president?

  12. Mark Forsyth June 7, 2013

    Well why be surprised when a vice president can get away with outing a CIA agent without any repercussions at all.Whistle blowers not withstanding,when your words endanger our National security and put the lives of our operatives and or citizens in jeopardy,you should expect to be prosecuted.


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