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Black Lives Matter and ‘Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

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Black Lives Matter and ‘Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC


The chaos outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Tuesday night could be felt from miles away. Trains going to the Wells Fargo Center were not running all the way there to the venue, and police were present in every cart of every train heading that direction.

On the 25-minute walk from the train station to the convention, a swarm of incredulous Sanders delegates could be seen walking back the other way from the Wells Fargo Center, after the Vermont senator decided to end the roll call vote and nominate Hillary Clinton for the presidency.

“Have you ever been surrounded by Hillary people all day long? It sucks,” one of them said to a protestor.

The first thing I saw at the convention’s outer gate was a Sanders supporter who now supports Clinton arguing with a Sanders supporter who now supports Trump. “Don’t call me a fucking fascist!” the man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat said to the Clinton supporter.

Riled up “Bernie or Bust” supporters waited for the Sanders delegates who decided to walk out of the convention as a show of protest. Once the delegates came out, the protester’s next move was unclear, even to their leaders — those who seemed to have some sway with the crowd chanted “slow down, tighten it up.” No one knew where we were headed, but a stampede of police officers followed, awaiting their own orders. Protesters first followed the delegates, and then turned around and came back to the gate.

One of them, Jill Orchin, from North Carolina, was visibly upset at what she claimed were efforts by the Democratic Party to silence Sanders’ delegates during speeches. She called Sanders part in the roll call vote for Clinton “hurtful.”

“I look up to Bernie, I thank him and he’s a beautiful human being, but it sucks that he had to do what he had to do because of his job and I don’t agree with it” Orchin said.

An older woman with a Sanders shirt was handing out roses in an attempt to “keep the peace.” But it wasn’t long before peace was threatened outside the DNC.

When a Black Lives Matter march arrived, tensions rose as they refused to unite the two protests. “This message is not gonna get drowned out. I will not allow it” one BLM protestor said, as he argued that the Bernie or Bust crowd only wanted to protest together to make their own movement look larger than it was, not to address racial injustice.

A group of Sanders supporters attempted to ease tensions with “we are in this together” chants that clashed with “hell no DNC we won’t vote for Hillary” screams.

“This is why we can’t do anything” a Sanders supporter said of BLM’s attempts to keep the two protests separate.

A BLM activist replied that he had joined the Bernie or Bust movement before, but that their “this is what democracy looks like” motto did not represent his demands as a black man. “I’ve been shot in the street. You wanna talk about that?” he asked the Berner.

Green party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein showed up shortly after, but, even after a megaphone was handed to her by protesters, her words were nearly inaudible to anyone more than 10 feet away from her. Most of the people there did not even know who the woman swarmed by a crowd of cameras was.

The protest rapidly deescalated once the BLM and Bernie or Bust crowds separated for good. Those angry at the DNC were loud, but even at the protest’s peak, the chaos spoke louder than their message itself.

The relative inconsequence of the protests became even clearer as I left the area in an Uber: I was greeted by the driver’s shushing — “I gotta listen to Bill Clinton’s speech!”


Photo: Fabian Ortiz



  1. jmprint July 27, 2016

    So what do the Bernie supports want? If not the same as ALL democrats. Unite or lose.

    1. Rightazz July 27, 2016

      Give this a thought what the DNC did was immoral and corrupt that will lead to more corruption what is more important to you to uphold your Moral principals or your political ideology.

      1. jmprint July 27, 2016

        And Debbie paid the price for her immoral thoughts. Corrupt, I don’t see the fudging. I do hope that what happened enlightens voters to stay on top of things and hold members accountable. But after the fact, what’s next, what do we want? We don’t wont to lose to Trump.

        1. Rightazz July 27, 2016

          First I have over many years donated money to the DNC my reason was to support DNC candidates and political issues even if some candidates and issues I did not support call it the common good.
          This is deeper than Debbie OK Bernie we got caught we are sorry. Big question sorry you got caught or really sorry you are wrong. It is not just Bernie who is owed the apology but all DNC members and supporters. I can come back from with a little extra work and time a jerk idiot what ever name you to call Trump. but to knowingly be part of or support corruption and survive that is much more difficult. We must pay the price now it will be better for us in the future. At the very least I support the actions of the Bernie supporters and respect them individually

          1. jmprint July 28, 2016

            I’m pretty sure that more emails will come out that are more damning, these people work to elect the whom they think is more electable and they plan behind the scenes, I’m sure what is in those emails has been going on for years. Bernie did not lose because of it. I realize that Bernie Sanders supporters that worked very hard and are very, very disappointed, BUT one MUST look beyond and work for the betterment of this country for ALL.

          2. dtgraham July 28, 2016

            The two national committees should never, ever, work behind the scenes to get anybody elected, or sway the vote in any way. That’s not their role or function. That’s up to the voters.

            As far as being electable, if Bernie had done a little better at the end, he was planning on contesting the super delegates right up to the convention because the polls consistently showed him doing better against Trump than Hillary. I would have had problems with that. There shouldn’t be any super delegates, or their role should at least be limited to very rare situations.

          3. jmprint July 28, 2016

            I whole heartedly agree with you on the super delegates role. That’s why the movement was a good thing, it doesn’t have to stop. It just cannot be part of the obstruction. We have had enough obstruction from the party of the elite. We all know that JIll is not going to win, we wall know a vote for her or a none vote will help Trump. And I just CANNOT stomach that.

          4. King of America July 29, 2016

            What evidence do you have that they “worked behind the scenes” to get Hillary elected? Oh right, none. There’s some rude emails about a guy who was constantly bad-mouthing them written well after he had effectively lost.

            And why do you people focus so much on super delegates? Caucuses are clearly way more of a problem. In fact, if it wasn’t for caucuses Sanders would have only got the number of delegates he deserved and lost way earlier… oh wait, I just answered my own question. You’re not interested in anything but enforcing your own ideology on others, which is why you are now supporting Trump.

          5. dtgraham July 29, 2016

            Read the e-mails. Your irritating style doesn’t change the fact that caucuses are clearly way more democratic.

            Hey I’m catching on.

            Get better soon.

          6. King of America July 29, 2016

            None of the emails back up your assertion of a conspiracy.

            I hope that helps!

          7. dtgraham July 29, 2016

            Yeah that’s not true. Weird.

          8. King of America July 29, 2016

            Oh OK so quote where one does. Should be easy, although literally every journalist in the world has missed this blockbuster story.

          9. dtgraham July 30, 2016

            It’s weird that I don’t have to submit to all of your ideologically pure commands. If you can’t comprehend the e-mails, not my fault.

            I hope that helps!

          10. King of America July 30, 2016

            So a huge surprise – you can’t back up your lies. That has never happened before, except for every time. You are a dumb Trump-supporting liar.

            I hope that helps!

          11. dtgraham July 30, 2016

            Sorry that you don’t have the ability to read the Wikileaks e-mails. Weird.

            Get better soon.

          12. King of America July 30, 2016

            Yes “the” email, that you are asserting somehow justifies your breathless support for Donald Trump, although you cannot show why. Next week you’ll have moved on to the next Koch brothers conspiracy theory, and this one – like all the previous ones – will be forgotten.

          13. dtgraham July 30, 2016

            Not all of them. Remember how the DNC tried to discredit Bernie by organizing a smear campaign at his claim that Doc Brown from the future wasn’t a real scientist?

          14. King of America July 30, 2016

            Yes I get that you’re dumb as hell but for some reason think you aren’t, and have invariably failed to back up the ridiculous conspiracy theories you keep posting. Even your stupidity is not an excuse for your whole-hearted support of a Nazi.

            I hope that helps!

          15. dtgraham July 30, 2016

            That’s not true. Trump has the endorsement of world leaders and movers like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Bashir Al-Assad, Darth Vader, and Jack the Ripper through a seance, but I’ve heard nothing of Hitler.

            Get better soon.

          16. King of America July 30, 2016

            Yes I get that you don’t care about civil rights or indeed anything but your vanity tantrum. That’s what I’ve been saying all along.

            I hope that helps!

          17. JPHALL July 29, 2016

            Right! So one group can show up and take control without the votes of the regular citizens of the stare. BS.

          18. dtgraham July 30, 2016

            Exactly. Talk to the super delegates who screwed Bernie in all of the states that he won or tied. Well said JP.

          19. JPHALL July 31, 2016

            You really do not know what a super delegate is do you! They are not elected during the primaries. They are party office holders and officials. They are not required to follow the will of the voters in the primary. Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

          20. dtgraham August 1, 2016

            Why aren’t they required to follow the will of the voters, especially in the sheer numbers that they have?

            I understand the concept far better than you think. They’re Karl Rove’s House of Lords, which I’m very familiar with. Possibly the only thing that I’ve ever agreed with him on.

          21. JPHALL August 6, 2016

            Obviously not! Super delegates, at least in the Democratic Party, were created to keep outliers from controlling the outcome of the nominating process. Again it worked. If Bernie’s people had bothered to get some of their people elected and to read the state rules, they would have done better.

          22. Rightazz July 28, 2016

            Many are overlooking the impact there is more at risk than the office of president congress senate state held offices county city. The conservatives will use this for many years to come. The fact it has been going on for many years does not change the fact it must stop. I am not a Bernie supporter I voted for Hillary how ever the Bernie supporters I believe are correct in there actions. Hillary needs to use her political power influence to put the DNC on the right course. There is time to correct this before more E-Mails come out making them useless. Stop trying to excuse it like a child caught stealing a cookie.

      2. Vocalic Scissors July 27, 2016

        Yes, the DNC. Not Hillary, or do you prefer a Trump presidency which will be a Russian puppet? Trump is only eying for business in Russia. Most American businesses are reluctant to enter into contract with him. His business is shrinking and he is looking to the Russian market where he can make payoffs and grab a piece of the action.

        1. Rightazz July 27, 2016

          Make your own decision what is more important to you your political ideology or your moral principals. That is my point Hillary not to blame without proof I would not blame her. You ask if I would prefer Trump over what supporting Corruption putting my political ideology before my moral principles I choose 4 years of a big mouth dumb Ass than to lose for many years to come. Ya I get the argument and I do not buy it The DNC is not sorry a BS excuse Hillary won the electoral vote yes she did but would she have without the DNC interference I believe so but NO ONE CAN PROVE THAT because the DNC immorally against its own charter and political ideology interfered and the best argument of the day it was the Russians they are helping Trump even if so you should not have stolen the cookie from the cookie jar. Your choice is yours I am 60 years old always supported the DNC this time I refuse and will vote against every candidate and issue from for the DNC Morals first winning second

          1. Vocalic Scissors July 27, 2016

            It was a great campaign. Bernie did all he could and fell short. In politics and for that matter election politics, established relationships matter most. Hillary has long standing relationships with various demographics within the Democratic Party. One of those relationships is the BIG BLACK VOTE. It allowed Hillary to sweep the South where African Americans are in the majority. Bernie has to work from scratch. I do not believe that Bernie lost because of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. We need to move on and prevent Trump from winning. Debbie already paid a price!

          2. Rightazz July 27, 2016

            Yes Debbie paid the price the only one who showed a ounce of courage I do not believe the blame lies entirely with her. I would vote for her for president she took the bullet while everyone else hid in the back room at least I could trust her to go down with the ship and not steal the last life boat.

          3. Vocalic Scissors July 27, 2016

            At the DNC, the buck stops with Debbie. She is the absolute Boss. Tulsi Gabbard has to resign when her views differ with those of Debbie and the rest of the DNC.

          4. Insinnergy July 27, 2016

            Trump is more corrupt than you can possibly imagine, dumbass.
            Do you read nothing?
            He’s in with the Mafia.
            He doesn’t pay his contractors.
            He lies about charity.
            He swindles people.
            He setup a University that was a pure con to rip money out of poor people and students for which he is currently in court proceedings on the actual real charge of Fraud.
            He won’t release his tax returns. (Even Mitt did that)
            He has received almost 3000 Lawsuits from aggrieved suppliers etc… that’s one for every 3 days he’s been in business.
            He’s currently accused of rape by three different women.

            In comparison Hillary has been investigated so many times I’ve lost count, and NOTHING. Plus HIllary and the Clinton Foundation have released years of Tax returns, and even corrected minor items where required.

            So where is the corruption, pinhead?

            And, why when you are so ready to lambaste Hillary’s mythical and entirely evidence-free corruption…. which has never been proven by anyone…. do you somehow totally avoid Trump’s obvious historical and current corruption that he is being taken to court for as we speak?

            Under the dictionary definition of “Cognitive Dissonance” there’s a picture of you.

          5. Rightazz July 28, 2016

            The question is can you comprehend what you read . My comment was regarding the DNC in fact I addressed that to repeat myself I Would not blame Hillary without proof . Not a news headline but proof. At the same time has nothing to do with Trump There is proof the DNC violated their own charter. People like me have donated money to the DNC for years to promote all the DNC candidates not the ones they choose but all equally. There action in regard’s to Bernie Sanders is in fact immoral and corrupt. The DNC tried a similar tactic with Obama and Clinton if you have the age and the ability to remember Obama threatened the DNC he would run as a independent if they did not stop. When reading peoples replies it is easy to spot uneducated and or ignorant people as they always resort name calling Such as the word PINHEAD the only person I have ever heard use this word directed at people that disagree with him is Bill O,Reilly I thought he was the only ignorant dumbass pinhead that could not comprehend another persons ideas, I see know I was wrong there is at least one other ignorant DUMBASS PINHEAD who can not read out there

          6. Marv Nochowitz July 28, 2016

            OK , The DNC violated their own charter. And for that you will shoot yourself in the head. That will show em.

          7. Rightazz July 28, 2016

            Just the opposite. The most common destruction of democracy has been corruption and the failure to abide by rules. The DNC organization will suffer for years to come if it does not change TODAY. We will survive a Trump President. The only thing most Democrats see is we must win Hillary must win. Good sacrifice congress Senate local state elections county elections city council elections to win RA RA RA you beat Trump the NUT.
            EVERY conservative will use this against every democrat. Win a battle and lose the war or win the war and lose a battle. The fact is the DNC still has time to correct the problem before the election. So far they have killed a sacrificial lamb and claimed it was because Russia hacked there server made a apology to Bernie The DNC still can not understand they attacked democratic moral principal Tell me what is to stop them from the same or worse in the future ? So you my friend are wrong for believing it is me shooting my self in the head perhaps but that is much better than drinking the Jim Jones flavored Kool Aid

          8. Marv Nochowitz July 28, 2016

            News flash!!!! The DNC does not vote. The private emails they sent had no effect on the election because nobody saw them. The voters picked the nominee not the DNC. Millions more of us prefer Hillary Clinton. It is that simple.

          9. Rightazz July 28, 2016

            Do you live in Disneyland The DNC has influence across the board they make contacts with other organizations such as labor unions religious groups community groups, these organizations make recomenddations to their membership. Not to mention Media bias that is what the E-Mails I wish people would stop trying to justify the DNC action it is not about Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders it is about corruption from within a political organization. To make it very clear I voted for Hillary she has the political power to correct what is going on within the DNC if she does not then the DNC runs her and a corrupt organization will be running our country

    2. Vocalic Scissors July 27, 2016

      Great point! Bernie has a seat at the table. If his supporters vote for someone else or stay home, Bernie will be the BIG LOSER!

  2. dtgraham July 27, 2016

    I don’t get that state by state roll call last night. My wife and I were amazed almost to the point of shock. There were states like Iowa where the difference in the original primary vote was one tenth of one percentage point, yet Hillary was awarded 9 more delegates than Bernie out of 51 total. Bernie sandblasted Hillary by a huge margin in New Hampshire, yet there were 16 delegates awarded a piece. Bernie won Michigan, yet Hillary was awarded 15 more delegates than he was out of 147 total.

    This kind of thing continued. There were several states where Bernie won by landslides in the original primary vote, but was awarded only a few more delegates, and it was all on a pro-rated basis. The state super delegates were voting for Hillary in plenty of cases where there was no justification for doing so.

    Don’t misunderstand me. Hillary received more total primary votes and should, of course, be the nominee. I’m just talking about the optics at a time like this. You’d think the DNC would be sensitive to the aggrievement that many Sanders primary voters must feel after these e-mail revelations. What’s with this continued poking in the eye and slapping in the face? Don’t they have any internal voice telling them that this really doesn’t look good, at a time like this especially? For those who feel that the system was rigged against their candidate, that roll call didn’t help.

    Last night was a little whipped topping on their aggrievement Sunday. Is it just arrogance or stupidity or lack of awareness or what?

    1. Aware July 27, 2016

      That was rigged just like the primary election. This gives the perception the people are stupid and you can fool them all the time. Shake up the system and don’t vote for the status quo.

      1. King of America July 28, 2016

        Yes it was “rigged” by way more people voting for Hillary than Sanders.

      2. JPHALL July 29, 2016

        You just proved them correct. Where have you people been? Did you sleep through Government or Civics classes. Until recently the conventions were merely for publicity, The candidates were decided in a back room.

        1. Aware July 31, 2016

          The Government or Civics classes must have been boring or off-target. If the back room is still in existence, we need to double padlock or blow it up lol

          1. JPHALL July 31, 2016

            You still missed the point. Most of the back room shenanigans are over. But since so many people never paid attention, they believe the fairy tales told by those who would use them. Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

    2. Vocalic Scissors July 27, 2016

      You must be stupid if you do not understand it. Bernie Sanders supporters are aggrieved? Bernie didn’t seem to be aggrieved last night. He made sure the delegate count is recorded, a departure from the past, and no one seems to have objected. What exactly is your point?

      1. Rightazz July 27, 2016

        Perhaps the DNC is to arrogant and show some sincerity that they truly are sorry and not just pacifying people until next time they due the same thing until its just how it is and your grandchildren have NO CHOICE

        1. Vocalic Scissors July 27, 2016

          Punish the DNC and elect Trump!

          1. Rightazz July 28, 2016

            If the DNC can not come clean and guarantee this sort of action will cease then yes Crazy Trump for president better that then to let this happen again better to build a stronger organization than to win one battle and lose the war. The DNC has time before the election to set it right if they do not the future for all democrat’s in all races and political issues will be at stake for many years to come

          2. Vocalic Scissors July 28, 2016

            The Bucks stop with Debbie. Debbie is fired and the DNC is running a flawless convention. Why do we need to punish the Democrats? Declare Bernie the winner?

          3. JPHALL July 29, 2016

            Are you really this naive or merely stupid? All parties operate this way. Morality has nothing to do with politics. Sanders did not become a Democrat until he decided to run as one. Those on the committee were Dems and did not know him or his positions. To them he was an invader.

          4. Rightazz July 29, 2016

            First I am not a Bernie supporter second you many others can try and justify the DNC action how ever you wish that will not change my position and yes morality has everything to do with politics without it you only serve your political ideology and become self serving. You speak as if becoming a democrat joining the DNC is only for the good old boys. Those on the committee had a choice not to except him but they did. They did never believing he would be a contender and did not him running as a independent. So much for your lame ass excuse so try again Fair warning to you I spent 33 years a lobbyist state and federal level sat in more DCCC meetings than I wish to remember. Next time do not start your comment by insulting people Go back to school earn a education so you can express yourself with dignity not like some adelesent uneducated child

          5. JPHALL July 29, 2016

            What a pile of BS. If you have all this experience with things political, why the surprise? None of this is news nor just at the DNC. Get real! Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

          6. Rightazz July 29, 2016

            Not a surprise The fact of matter both parties have been in a ethical race to the bottom for years. Today most everyone excepts this DNC scandal as acceptable. I am retired I have mine the future of the Democratic party does not affect me personally at all, I would like to see it grow stronger and not be weakened, destroyed to meet the means of one election. You can compare the DNC to the RNC all you want I would rather compare it to a much more ethical organization that is not possible if poor ethics and corruption are excused as normal business One last point they did try this game with Obama and the superdelegate game but backed off after he threatened to run as a independent

          7. JPHALL July 31, 2016

            Talk about dreaming. Reality is more to my tastes! All human organizations have that ethics problem. Also Super delegates have been around since the 1968 convention. It didn’t work against Obama because he held his own on acquiring them. Try again. Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

          8. Rightazz July 31, 2016

            As I said most accept this lack of ethics as Ok yes it is reality Thank You for agreeing. As far as Obama yes the fact the DNC tried the same thing with the press happened he was just smart enough to stop them.

          9. JPHALL July 31, 2016

            They did not stop them. The actual votes stopped them like it did to McClain, Romney and now Sanders. Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

      2. dtgraham July 28, 2016

        No my friend, you must be stupid if you don’t see the bigger picture here. I’m starting to change my mind on Trump’s chances in November. Nate Silver himself has now said that this election is much closer than some are saying.

        The 538 website today had Trump with a 55% chance of winning compared to 45% for Hillary. That changed later in the day to a slight edge for Hillary. It can change hourly depending on new data that Nate has received.

        The point is that this election is closer than you think, and the Democratic Party cannot afford to be doing things like this. They need all the votes they can get.

        1. Rightazz July 28, 2016

          Remember Carter VS Reagan the polls favored Carter this is the same up and down race with Carter taking the lead in the polls Carter lost. Same problem arrogance on the part of the DNC. American Voters are not sheep we have morals

        2. JPHALL July 29, 2016

          That was only for this week before the Democrats convention,

    3. King of America July 28, 2016

      Super delegates are not pledged delegates. Terribly surprising news, I know!

      1. dtgraham July 29, 2016

        Bernie was planning on contesting the “unpledged” super delegates right up to the convention if he had done a little better at the end. He had reasons for doing so. There were Hillary supporters here who were livid about that. It was a voter/democracy thing as I remember. You were among them to the best of my recollection. I also would have had to agree with you, not knowing anything about these e-mails at the time. You would have freaked out had that happened, and I couldn’t have strongly argued against you.

        Now here you are saying that you’re just fine with state super delegates voting for Hillary, in states where they have no basis for doing so according to the voters of those states.

        I’d point out what a liar and hypocrite you are, but I know you’re fully aware of it and you couldn’t care less. It’s just part of your game.

        1. King of America July 29, 2016

          See previous post. Super delegates are not pledged delegates; this isn’t hard.

          1. dtgraham July 29, 2016

            You’re a deep, fair minded, insightful, and thoughtful person with integrity King……not!!!

            You’re one of the last human beings on planet earth that I would ever assign the above characteristics to.

          2. King of America July 29, 2016

            OK. “We’re totally inept and didn’t bother to look at the rules (that one of us wrote), give us more power” is certainly a unique argument – I’m not entirely sure it will prove effective.

          3. dtgraham July 29, 2016


          4. King of America July 29, 2016

            I’m sorry you don’t understand words. Maybe that’s why you cannot grasp really obvious things.

          5. JPHALL July 29, 2016

            It is fairly simple. If you knew the rules you would not be talking so foolishly. Next time learn the rules! For example: If you have actual people holding political positions, they too can be super delegates and not pledged ones.

          6. dtgraham July 30, 2016


          7. King of America July 29, 2016

            PS: I don’t know why you think personal insults will change the fact that you are entirely wrong about everything. Maybe look into that?

          8. dtgraham July 29, 2016

            More irrelevant nonsense. Why shouldn’t I enjoy insulting you? After all, any thoughtful reasoned post to you is almost always responded to with glib one liners that are just gibberish babble which make no sense. Childish irritation is the game right? At least you’ve cleaned up your Tourette boy routine lately. Well done.

            I hope that helps.

          9. King of America July 29, 2016

            Ah, you’re back to insulting people who are born with a disorder. Classy. Would you like to know my skin colour or gender? I’m sure you could get a lot of mileage out of that information.

      2. Rightazz July 29, 2016

        You are correct and why should we use moral principals when we can justify everything with political ideology so much easier .

        1. King of America July 29, 2016

          I’m not at all sure what you’re saying, nor what it has to do with my post. Clarify please?

          1. Rightazz July 29, 2016

            If super delegates applied the voter results to their votes that would be moral To vote anyway they want just because they can is wrong is void of integrity and only serves personal political ideology . You are correct about Super delegates are not pledged that is how it is my comment relates to how its used to do the will of a organization and not the people

          2. King of America July 29, 2016

            Super delegates aren’t pledged delegates; why should they act the same? If you truly cared about the will of the people, you’d be calling for an end to caucuses, which are far greater offenders – but of course, Sanders would have lost almost instantly under that system.

          3. Rightazz July 31, 2016


          4. johninPCFL July 31, 2016

            News flash: if the super delegates were allocated by the voting totals, Clinton still wins.

          5. Rightazz July 31, 2016

            Everyone just stick your head in the sand until the democrats can not even win dog catcher I am not a Sanders supporter so cut the bullshit

          6. johninPCFL August 1, 2016

            Ignorant or troll? Again: if the super delegates were allocated by the voting totals, Clinton still would win. Check the numbers.

          7. Rightazz August 1, 2016

            Never said she would not have. Super delegates are allocated before end game .Super delegates vote at their pleasure. Just a way to tilt the scale before the game begins. Ignorant No very well educated, we can compare degrees, real life experience, professions and financial portfolios. Troll not. You may as you wish blindly defend everything.

    4. JPHALL July 29, 2016

      I see that you do not understand that none of the states were winner take all and that each state had super delegates. Clinton took the vast majority of super delegates. It is that simple!

  3. AgLander July 27, 2016

    BLM is a terror group. And BLM has officially become a de facto subsidiary of the Democrat party and under their control both through funding and direction, similar to the ACORN voting fraud enterprise.

    1. King of America July 28, 2016

      I guess technically they ARE a terror group, in that you’re terrified of black people.

    2. johninPCFL July 28, 2016

      You’re an idiot. There was no voting fraud from Acorn. Every improper application was rejected by the state registrar.

      1. KansasGirl July 31, 2016

        Seventy ACORN employees in 12 states convicted of voter fraud.
        I’d need proof that EVERY improper application was rejected by all states.

        1. johninPCFL July 31, 2016

          More idiotic nonsense puked up for the uninformed Fox viewer. This quote is from the REPUBLICAN prosecutor:”Satterberg: [A] joint federal and state investigation has determined that this scheme was not intended to permit illegal voting.
          Instead, the defendants cheated their employer, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (or ACORN), to get paid for work they did not actually perform. ACORN’s lax oversight of their own voter registration drive permitted this to happen. … It was hardly a sophisticated plan: The defendants simply realized that making up names was easier than actually canvassing the streets looking for unregistered voters. … [It] appears that the employees of ACORN were not performing the work that they were being paid for, and to some extent, ACORN is a victim of employee theft”

          1. KansasGirl August 2, 2016

            There are citizens serving prison time for RECENT voter fraud…and that ain’t nonsense.

          2. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

            Sure. Less than 100 PER DECADE:

            “Over the past decade Texas has convicted 51 people of voter fraud, according the state’s Attorney General Greg Abbott. Only four of those cases were for voter impersonation, the only type of voter fraud that voter ID laws prevent.
            Nationwide that rate of voter impersonation is even lower.”

            “Minnite said there is little to no motivation for voters to attempt to impersonate someone else at the polls or for non-citizens to try and cast a ballot, a right reserved only for citizens. The price for that one vote is up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 for citizens and could mean deportation for immigrants.”

            “This would prevent you from going to the polls and claiming that you’re Mary Smith so you vote as Mary Smith then you come back later and vote as Mary Joan,” Campbell said. “Repeating was a problem a century ago and these laws would have been good for that, but it’s a non-event now.”

            30,000 Americans per YEAR killed with guns, and you’re going nuts over 10 people per year doing voter fraud, not enough to change a single election.

            Truly amazing.

          3. KansasGirl August 5, 2016

            I couldn’t care less about the statistics of voter fraud…I only care that it happens.
            Of course photo ID would take care of the problem…but leftists are vehemently opposed to proving ones right to vote.
            And I haven’t even brought up absentee ballots.
            What I find “truly amazing” is you trying to go off topic with your snarky gun comment. smh

          4. johninPCFL August 5, 2016

            Oh bullshit. Typical conservative – facts don’t matter.

            So a few other facts:
            “UFO sightings are more common than voter fraud.
            Florida’s aggressive efforts to root out voter fraud before the 2000 election erroneously purged 12,000 names from the voter rolls—of the 12,000, 44 percent, more than 4,700 voters—were African American. That was more than enough votes to change the outcome of that year’s presidential election.”
            Seems like Jeb! targeted blacks and latinos for his purge effort. How do they normally vote?

            Here’s where voter fraud occurs:”Someone walks in the room with an envelopes STUFFED full of “absentee” ballots – some envelopes having 2-5+ ballots. I raised a question and said, ‘isn’t there an absentee process already in place? Didn’t people have to register for that last week?’ and was told “Oh no, this is completely normal”. ”

            Now just take a guess how minorities DON’T vote. Yeah, that’s right – absentee ballots. Now guess how they DO vote. Yeah, that’s right they show up at the polls on Sunday. What else did the “photo ID laws” include? Fewer ballot locations (yeah – longer lines) and no Sunday voting.

            So, why were these laws put in place again? Bigot much?

          5. KansasGirl August 6, 2016

            Whew, there for a minute I thought you were going to call me a RACIST. lol

          6. johninPCFL August 5, 2016

            More facts:
            “In Maricopa County alone, election officials infuriatingly reduced the number of polling places by 70 percent.”
            “Voter ID laws and punitive voter purges have been the centerpieces of a Republican strategy to rig modern elections. Republicans in nearly half of all states have managed to pass laws that make it more difficult for lower-income Democratic voters to cast ballots”
            “If you don’t have one of the required forms of identification in the Lone Star State, you’ll have to apply for an Election Identification Certificate (EIC). But in order to get an EIC, you have to present your proof of citizenship and a second form of identification. Yes, that’s right, you’ll need to get an ID in order to get an ID”
            “Elsewhere, in Ohio, the Republican Secretary of State uncovered a possible 20 cases of voter fraud during the 2012 election out of 5.6 million votes cast. That’s 0.00035 percent of the vote. In Iowa, the Republican Secretary of State found a possible eight cases out of 1.5 million votes cast. That’s 0.00053 percent of the vote. In Wisconsin, possible fraud amounted to 0.00023 percent of the vote. But up to nine percent of voters will be disenfranchised by voter ID laws. That’s like using a nuclear missile to kill a gnat — and then entirely missing the gnat because, it turns out, voter IDs wouldn’t have prevented the possible fraud cases in the first place.”
            “How do we know this is all about electing Republicans? They’ve admitted it. Just ask Ken Emanuelson, Mike Turzai, Jim Greer and Paul Weyrich.”
            “Speaking to a local TV station on Tuesday night, Wisconsin Republican Rep. Glenn Grothman boasted that the state’s voter ID law will help whoever the Republican presidential nominee is to win Wisconsin in the general election.”

            So just quit the bullshit that’s it’s about “honesty”. It’s the GOP rigging the elections in their favor, and nothing more.

          7. KansasGirl August 7, 2016

            As far as Rep. Glenn Grothman statement on the voter ID law, what is bs about that statement?
            Voter ID laws help squash illegal votes…as it should.
            That is honesty.

          8. johninPCFL August 7, 2016

            Once again, complete crap. The kind of fraud the IDs would prevent occurs once per million votes cast. The kind it has no hope of catching is the kind that does occur – by the establishment.
            The only reason for these new laws is to limit as much as possible the minority vote. The GOP has totally lost them, and so the GOP direction has changed from opening the tent to rigging the election.

          9. KansasGirl August 7, 2016

            So, the minority vote is incapable of getting a voter ID?

            Also, who do you think the “establishment” is using for voter fraud?
            I know it ain’t me…so who could they possibly get to go along with rigging an election?

            I’m done with you, your excuses and just that – excuses. smh

          10. johninPCFL August 7, 2016

            Nope. Most minorities can get voter ID. An old black woman born in Alabama may have a problem getting an ID in Indiana, since it now takes at least two trips. Why should it cost an old person who’s voted in every election since 1960 a few $thousand this year?

            I included two reports of the GOP controllers using voter fraud. Can’t you read?

            Who could they get? Start with anybody affiliated with the GOP.

  4. KansasGirl July 28, 2016

    I’m still amazed at the difference between these leftist activists and the TeaParty.
    Yet, we’re the ones that are vilified by the press. smh

    1. kep July 30, 2016

      Most of the media are nothing more than the propaganda machines for the liberals. So unfortunate that most liberals only believe the regime’s propaganda. If only they could think for themselves.

  5. leah.lieberman July 28, 2016

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  6. TiredOfTheHaters August 1, 2016

    The Bernie or Bust group could care less about supporting the issues of the BLM.

    1. dtgraham August 3, 2016

      That must be why they oppose the Clinton mass incarceration policies of the 1990’s.

      1. JPHALL August 6, 2016

        No you are again wrong, most people today are against that policy. However, in the 90″s, most supported it.

        1. dtgraham August 6, 2016

          If they were against that policy today, most would be opposing it today and admitting the mistake. Only African-Americans and Bernie Sanders supporters still say today that it was a mistake, and always was a mistake. The Bernie people don’t make excuses for what happened, unlike the Clintons. They just say it was wrong.

          JP, sometimes I think you’re anti-black.

          1. JPHALL August 15, 2016

            Just got back and you are still delusional. As a Black man i find your assertion queer and deranged. Most intelligent people are speaking out about that old bill. Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

          2. dtgraham August 17, 2016

            Except you and the Clintons.

            The Clintons (and National Memo white Hillary supporters) still make excuses for the mass incarceration policies, which is at least better than the Fox News and conservative talk radio House Blacks, who glorify that 90’s policy. Check out Bill’s finger wagging put-down of that BLM protester on the internet.

            That and welfare reform are the only Clinton social policies from the 90’s that the Fox News and Rush Limbaugh Blacks agree with. Well, they give the credit from that, and bank deregulation, to Newt Gingrich in all honesty.

            Fortunately, 95-99% of African-Americans have far more sense than to agree with the Clintons’ mass incarceration and welfare reform policies.

          3. JPHALL August 17, 2016

            Please give some examples of White NM posters still giving excuses for mass incarceration. I have not seen any. I have seen right wingers doing that though.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

          4. dtgraham August 17, 2016

            TiredOfTheHaters dtgraham • 9 days ago

            Those were Bill’s policy, nor Hill’s. And those policies tried to help stop crime! Read the true history and not Repub smear articles!

          5. JPHALL August 17, 2016

            Tell me something I don’t know! You stated that there were Dems still supporting that 90’s policy. Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

          6. dtgraham August 17, 2016

            I read it all the time here whenever it’s brought up. It was a crime issue you know! That’s what the Hillary supporters say. As my previous copy and pasted post from another poster, points out.

            As Bill still says, it dealt with crime at the time. Yeah, sure it did. It gave him the inner-city crime gravitas among whites to get re-elected in 1996. You know, lock up all of those Black pot smokers for twenty years.

            Amazingly, white pot smokers seemed to get off scott free.

            Bernie Sanders and his supporters never talked like that.

          7. JPHALL August 17, 2016

            You are getting more delusional as you go on. Just post one actual example. “I read it here all the time “does not cut it. By the way, most of the penalties in those bills were written and passed by Republicans. Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

          8. dtgraham August 17, 2016

            I did post one actual example, just two or three posts up.

            I’m not going to try and look up all of the similar posts made by Hillary supporters here over the last year, even if I could. I remember them though. If you’d been paying attention, you would too.

            “most of the penalties in those bills were written and passed by Republicans.”

            Bill could have vetoed all of it. He just chose not to, because he came to an agreement with Gingrich to accept it.

          9. JPHALL August 18, 2016


          10. dtgraham August 18, 2016

            Nope. I’m just going to copy and paste again, for the second time, what some Hillary supporter said on this same story.

            “TiredOfTheHaters dtgraham • 9 days ago”

            “Those were Bill’s policy, nor Hill’s. And those policies tried to help stop crime! Read the true history and not Repub smear articles!”

            After all, JP, the Clintons “tried to help stop crime!” as TiredOfTheHaters said. I’m sure that we all agree on how much we feared those Black marijuana possessors in the 90’s. The white marijuana possessors, not so much.

            You know JP, the way that Bill lectured and finger pointed that BLM protester at a Hillary rally during the primaries. He said that, “it was a crime bill.” A crime bill I say.

            That’s how the financially comfortable white establishment Hillary “liberals” like to put it. Bernie and his people looked at it a little differently.

          11. JPHALL August 19, 2016

            It was not marijuana. It was crack cocaine. Get your lies straight. Why shouldn’t he finger point? It was what was wanted at the time, written by a Republican Congress, to ease the fears of a frightened public. Sound familiar? Hind sight is 20/20. Step up and get it straight instead of repeating the usual lies. Subject: Re: Comment on Black Lives Matter and ‘ Bernie or Bust’ Clash Outside The DNC

      2. TiredOfTheHaters August 7, 2016

        Those were Bill’s policy, nor Hill’s. And those policies tried to help stop crime! Read the true history and not Repub smear articles!

        1. dtgraham August 7, 2016

          Republicans love mass incarceration. They loved Clinton’s welfare “reform” too. Mass incarceration is progressive smear, not Republican smear.

          1. TiredOfTheHaters August 9, 2016

            You contradicted yourself. If Republican’s love mass incarceration, they also started the smears by not taking responsibility for why the reform didn’t work like it should of.

          2. dtgraham August 9, 2016

            I’ve never noticed anybody on the right taking the Clintons to task for that. That, they ignore. The criticism of that policy has always come from the left as far as I can see.

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