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Black Men: Beware Of Police Officers

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Black Men: Beware Of Police Officers

A police line keeps the public out of the scene of a fatal car crash in Minneapolis.

It’s one of the best-known lines of any English-language poet — Robert Burns’ reflection on the upper-class church lady who doesn’t realize there’s a louse crawling around on her bonnet. “O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us, To see oursels as ithers see us!”

I had an opportunity to see how others see us while vacationing in Italy when news broke of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing teenager Michael Brown. Across Europe, the news coverage was nonstop. And it wasn’t pretty.

For most Europeans, the failure of the grand jury to indict, and resulting riots in Ferguson and other cities, was just further proof that a country that brags of its human rights record has itself a serious, continuing problem with racism. On German television, a special program on racism in America opened with the chilling observation: “For half a century, the land of the free has been trying to overcome racism and discrimination — with doubtful results.” French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira summed up her impressions on Twitter: “Racial profiling, social exclusion, territorial segregation, cultural marginalization, firearms, fear, fatal cocktail.”

Of course, nobody enjoyed rubbing our nose in it more than Russia. After years of our condemning the Russian government for its denial of basic human rights, this was their chance to get even. Russia’s foreign ministry, which dubbed the unrest a “color revolution,” cited the riots as evidence of “systematic shortcomings of American democracy.”

It’s uncomfortable to hear such criticism, especially from nations that are hardly paragons of virtue. Yet, they are right! We do have a lingering problem with racism in this country. We might as well admit it, and we’d better start dealing with it. We saw it in Los Angeles with Rodney King. We saw it in Sanford, Florida, with Trayvon Martin. We saw it in Ferguson with Michael Brown. And now we see it, once again, on Staten Island, with Eric Garner. Add to these cases that no doubt go unreported every day nationwide.

As shocking as the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson might be, the Staten Island grand jury’s decision not to indict is even worse — because they were presented with so much more evidence. Starting with a video of the entire incident, on which Garner can be heard repeatedly warning “I can’t breathe,” as Officer Daniel Pantaleo locks him in a chokehold while four or five other police officers hold him down, face pressed into the sidewalk. They then leave him lying there for more than five minutes — handcuffed, not breathing, without administering any aid — until an ambulance arrives. And there’s no doubt how he died. The medical examiner ruled that Garner’s death was a homicide caused by the chokehold — the use of which is banned under New York Police Department rules.

Yet, despite such clear evidence of police abuse, the grand jury refused to indict Pantaleo, who thereby joined Darren Wilson as the latest white police officers to kill an unarmed black man and get away with it. Garner, meanwhile, joined Michael Brown as two of their latest victims, neither of whom deserved to die. Michael Brown’s crime? Walking down the street in Ferguson. Eric Garner’s crime? Allegedly selling loose cigarettes on the streets of Staten Island without a license. Would a young white man have been killed by police for such minor offenses?

Hopefully, the back-to-back deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner will serve as the two-by-four between the eyes necessary to wake all of us up to the need to confront the issue of race head-on — and not forget about it until the next headline-grabbing event. Yes, we’ve made a lot of progress since the days of Jim Crow. But the evidence of continuing racial discrimination is overwhelming: in racial profiling of young blacks by law enforcement, in the disproportionate number of blacks in prison, in a lack of representation in elective office and executive suites and in court decisions upholding restrictions on voting rights.

President Obama should take the lead by appointing a National Commission on Racism to hold hearings around the country, study the problem and make recommendations for action at the federal, state and local level. We can no longer accept a reality where an African-American occupies the Oval Office, yet a young black man can’t walk down the street without being stopped and questioned — merely because he’s black. It sounds harsh to say it, but it’s true. More than anyone else today, black men have much to fear when confronted by white cops.

Bill Press is host of a nationally syndicated radio show, the host of Full Court Press, and the author of a new book, The Obama Hate Machine, which is available in bookstores now. You can hear “The Bill Press Show” at his website: billpressshow.com. His email address is: bill@billpress.com.

Photo: Tony Webster via Flickr


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  1. Billie Erin Walsh January 5, 2015

    Having watched with some interest the case of Michael Brown I have no doubt in my mind that he was acting an a threatening manner. There was no reason to indict.

    The question keeps coming up, what if it was a white boy. White boys are taught to respect. Told to get out of the street they would have moved to the sidewalk. They know your not supposed to walk down the middle of the street.

    1. Melvin Miller January 5, 2015

      This is the kind of mindset that perpetuates the divide. Do you honestly think that young black men are not taught to respect authority? It just seems that no matter how we teach our young men, the result is the same. The racism has been institutionalized and police forces around the nation are the enforcement arm of that institution. I am here to tell anyone that a white citizen’s encounter with the police is much different than a minority citizen’s encounter. The stereotypes are in place; you just proved that when you assumed that young black men are not taught about the ills of American society. NYPD just proved that by opposing the Mayor because he spoke a reality concerning his African-American son. By their actions they also highlighted the fact that they want the citizens (mostly minority) to blindly observe their authority, yet they turned their backs on the one in authority over them. That is setting a dangerous precedent in policing; today it’s our children tomorrow it could very well be yours. Can you say Police State? If you believe that we don’t teach our young men, then you don’t have a true grasp on the situation in this country. How can you continue to ignore the blatant racism prevalent in this nation? To the other writer, it does matter how the rest of the world views the US. We live in a global community, and the rest of the world is watching. How can we police human atrocities around the world when we don’t have our house in order?

      1. charleo1 January 5, 2015

        My point was, I don’t believe we can be shamed into cleaning up our own house. We’ll continue on as we have. Preaching do as we say, not as we do. That’s the idea behind American Exceptionalism. Yes, we invaded, imprisoned without formal charge, or trial, tortured, set up dictatorships, violated human Rights, but that was us. We hold the World to a different standard.

        1. mike January 5, 2015

          Now don’t forget we kill with drones American citizens without due process.

        2. kenndeb January 5, 2015

          When did you decide to become a communist supporter and traitor to America? Are you even a citizen? I doubt it.

          1. charleo1 January 5, 2015

            Remind me why I care what you think. Or if you think. After your ignorant rants? Come on!! You think Patriots support Fascists like Bush, and Cheney.

          2. idamag January 5, 2015

            You shouldn’t. You aren’t going to hear anything of value from Pw’d Ken

          3. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Why are you so deathly afraid of communists? When is the last time you actually saw a communist, never mind a communist who was coming to get you? 1967?

            You really should go learn some personal self-defense so that you aren’t so fearful. Even young girls these days learn martial arts, and they walk around without being so afraid. Maybe even go to the gym once in a while. Aren’t you tired of cowering in your house, peering out of the curtains every time you hear a noise?

          4. kenndeb January 6, 2015

            The last time I saw or talked to a communist was just a few moments ago. The democratic party has become the new communist party, under the rule of the liberals and their Emperor.
            I am more than capable of taking care of myself and family, and I fear little. Unlike you, I know how to defend myself from thugs and traitors.

          5. James Bagley January 6, 2015

            Wow, it’s just as I thought but even worse. You are so frozen with fear that the stress is causing hallucinations. How often do you have to change your panties because a car drove by and backfired?

            Mister, there are treatments these days for low testosterone. Have you talked with your doctor? You do have a doctor, I hope, or are you so terrified of needles that you hide under the bed quivering whenever Trauma: Life in the E.R. comes on TV?

      2. KDJ54 January 5, 2015

        Thank you so much for your comment. Walsh’s ideas are exactly the problem that we have in this country. If young black men would just be like young white men then there wouldn’t be any problems. How ridiculous it is to think this way. So what if Michael Brown was walking down the street. Does it really make any difference in our society and are we any less respectful if we’re walking down the street or down the sidewalk. It is so trivial that it seems like it is something that shouldn’t even warrant a police officer’s second look. Yet, for such a nonsensical event one man is dead.

        1. pm1 January 6, 2015

          Hey, apologist tool! Did you miss the fact that brown had just robbed a store and didn’t run away? Did you not know that most worthless criminals have the good sense to flee the scene of their crime? Instead of walking in the middle of the road with their stolen goods in hand? brown was a thug. Thankfully he lost that fight for the cop’s gun. Cry me a river.

      3. pm1 January 6, 2015

        Did Garner respect the police? Did Brown respect the police? I just can’t imagine who all these disrespecting people are, that throw bricks and bottles at police cars, and the police themselves, in the hood? Asians perhaps?

        Maybe you should start also teaching respect for other black people’s lives? Or are all those black on black murders the fault of some other disrespecting race too?

    2. charleo1 January 5, 2015

      You’re the problem, Billie Erin Walsh. And you don’t see it, is the tragic thing. You watch with some passing interest the police action over in, ‘the hood.’ And are just sure the shootings are nothing to be concerned about. After all, White parents teach there kids respect for the law. And Black parents don’t. And therefore, where’s the problem? With the threatening Black kid, produced by parents who also have no respect for authority from a White cop, or White society, for that matter. We used to mob up, and hang Black people who forgot, or stubbornly refused, to cross to the other side of the street when a White person was coming the other way. A Black man could be summarily hung for just being accused of disrespecting a White woman. No formal indictment, no trial. Just some goober that said he heard the, “Boy,” whistle at Ms. Abernathy. And some Mother’s Son failed to return home. And the townsfolk’s reaction? Well, much like your own. Now I don’t agree with lynchin no Black Boy. But, I have no doubts about him whistling. He shoulda known better. Shoulda been taught better.

      1. idamag January 5, 2015

        Actually, the Black people, I know, in my community teach their children to keep their eyes down. When they are approached by the police, they are taught to say “yes, sir” or “no sir.” They are told not to make any sudden moves and never reach for anything inside their clothing.

        1. kenndeb January 5, 2015

          Anyone with half a brain (this excludes most liberals) KNOW that when interacting with any police agency that you remain calm, polite, and NEVER make any quick movements, especially reaching into an area the officers can not see. The police have a very dangerous, stressful job, and they must be on alert all the time. Not doing so is the difference between going home at night to his family, or having his family bury him. We now live in a society that the liberals have created over the last few decades. No one takes responsibility for their own actions. It is always someone else’s fault, because that is what is taught in our schools by our communist indoctrination programs. You liberals have created this mess, and now you are, as usual, trying to put the blame on someone other than yourselves.

          1. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Wow, fella — you sure seem fearful of communists for some reason. Why are you so fearful? I hope you don’t own any guns — I’d hate to see the gun battle that ensued if a stray kitty-cat wandered into your yard at night.

        2. 1standlastword January 5, 2015


          I would do everything in my power to leave that place and on the way over the border I shake the dust from my shoes

          Why let children sacrifice their human dignity like that!

          They most likely will be emotionally scared…so sorry!

          1. idamag January 5, 2015

            It’s a better place than some of these cretins come from. You might find, that no matter where you live, that is what parents feel they must teach their children.

      2. mike January 5, 2015

        No, Billie is not wrong!!
        Brown grand jury got it right. Did Brown or Did he not, hit Wilson, have his hand inside the car trying to take Wilson’s weapon when he was shot in the hand??
        As to Garner, it is much more questionable. What few talk about is the Black female Sgt at the scene. What people don’t talk about is that there was a history of complaints from store owners of Garner, watch the video and listen to Garner’s remarks. It shows Garner’s history with police for his illegal actions and why they just won’t leave him alone. What is not talked about is the medical history of Garner, that helped contributed to his death. If Garner had followed the Lawful order of the police he would be alive today and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

        1. Paul Bass January 5, 2015

          If a white man was selling loose cigarettes would he be dead now?
          An illegal choke hold is NOT a lawful order. Would the police even bother a white man selling cigarettes?

          1. Hgeyer January 5, 2015

            The fact that you think it was an “illegal choke hold” displays an extreme lack of knowledge about the case….

          2. idamag January 5, 2015

            Our newspaper reported that the choke hold was illegal in the New York Police Department.

          3. Hgeyer January 6, 2015

            There is a big difference between “illegal” and “against NYPD policy”. “Illegal” means you get indicted for a crime. Violating NYPD policy get you reprimanded at work……

          4. James Bagley January 6, 2015

            Illegal is illegal. Violating police policy can get you much more than a simple reprimand. It can get you fired, sued and even charged with a crime. Using prohibited forms of violence is a perfectly reasonable basis for charging the officer with assault, reckless endangerment, manslaughter, or even murder.

          5. mike January 5, 2015

            What I know, and what people that aren’t totally biased like you, understand that there had been complaints before to police from store owners and if he had not resisted a lawful order he would be alive today.
            I never said the choke hold was legal, nor can you say that it was a lawful order. It was a result of resisting a lawful order of arrest. It is just that simple.
            If it was a white man, absolutely he would have been confronted by police for breaking the law.

            Don’t forget his daughter said it was not a racist act by police. Excessive force??? Should it have gone to trial? We will never know since this grand jury testimony is sealed. What did the black cop say when she testified? Did you hear any racist remarks by police during incident?

        2. charleo1 January 5, 2015

          What you both are missing, is this isn’t just about these two cases, or any particular case. It’s about a pattern, a trend, and the perception that the Police are not being held accountable for their actions. That when there is a shooting of a Black person, be it justified, questionable, or Police misconduct. That in the end, it doesn’t matter. That it is dismissed by Prosecutors, and other authorities within the system that are supposed to use diligence, investigate according to protocol, and protect the public. Is that
          being done, is the question. Not whether Michael
          Brown was fighting the Police when shot. But has a thorough investigation been conducted? Or is this another white wash? Where for example is the audio
          of the events happening inside the squad car that day? If it exists, (as it almost certainly does,) then
          release it, and let the perceptions be contradicted. Let the witnesses’ versions of the event, that day between the officer, and Michael Brown be shown to be mistaken. And finally, the Black Community doesn’t want any more excuses, presumptions,
          fact less conjectures or exonerations of the Police, from people that have zero respect for them in the best of circumstances. They have been asking for the truth, and now they are demanding the truth. It’s not so complicated.

          1. mike January 5, 2015

            That’s right “THE PERCEPTION” used by the race mongers, Sharpton, Jackson.
            The autopsy was done by the Fed also and they found the original coroner was correct. I guess you missed the report showing some witness reversing their original statements once the autopsy findings were available.
            Do really think the State is going to make false claims with the Feds. standing over them? Really?
            You seem to forget the local police and Feds interview many witnesses together. Have the Feds made their findings as to civil rights violations, No!!

            So you can prove your point, produce not just one but several, since you said this wide spread, with documentation of Prosecutors not doing their diligence, dismissing cases of misconduct by police.


    3. pisces63 January 5, 2015

      In Cleveland,
      our plain Dealer ran an undercover investigation on the law and racial prejudice. They did not believe black people when told
      of the deliberate racism in the court system.
      We exaggerated and we just broke the law. WELL, they found out very differently. One case of many they used as an example, two
      16 year olds brought up on drug charges.
      One had 3 crack cocaine rocks, no other record, first offense and received 16 years in prison, he was
      black. The other 16 year old, white, was on his third arrest holding kilos of cocaine for street sale and still has no record or felony. Never went to jail. He got drug counseling. As for not teaching our sons? Get real, your kids act worse than any of
      ours in public. IF our kids acted as yours a fraction of the time, more would be dead or in jail unlike yours
      running free to do whatever they want. Recently
      a white man and woman had a shootout with police and neither of them were shot but they killed two cops. White supremacists
      in Las Vegas. A superintendent of a high
      end outer ring school system, white, was found to have kiddie porn on his computer and when authorities went to arrest him, he ran home and fired at the police. Nothing happened to him. My son, now 41, married with a 3 year old child, a college degree and is a computer graphics engineer lived in a
      predominantly white neighborhood. Thiswhite cop would ID him leaving his home. HIS home they owned and had lived in over 10 years and the whole neighborhood knew and respected them. I even helped barbecue one year and we had a wonderful time with his neighbors but this cop stops him for no reason other than his race and you cannot tell me differently. He even stopped him when driving on the street to and from home. We teach our children, especially our sons what not to do in their presence. Do you have any idea how nerve wracking it is to raise your son to protect him from cops and criminals? I do not hold with criminals and my parents did not raise us to be criminals and we did not raise our children, including the two males to be criminals. Both have college degrees. Both are married, own homes and have children. I now have a 12 year old grandson. 8th grade computer genius, math whiz, science lover and has been reading, Harry Potter, since 3 years old. Now we have to raise him to
      protect his life from cops and criminals and bigots who hate we have a black president. It is’t an anti cop rant. We have them in the family.

      1. charleo1 January 5, 2015

        Well said! And so inscrutable to many of the White posters here on a rather liberal site. Where they mostly come to rant, and spew their hateful garbage. Thanks for the perspective, I was trying to describe.

    4. Paul Bass January 5, 2015

      Yes, walking down the middle of the street is certainly punishable by death, if you are black.

      1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

        No, attacking an armed person will get you killed regardless of your skin color. Based on your thinking, when a black cop kills a white person all of us crackers should be screaming racism.

        1. James Bagley January 5, 2015

          But then that would completely ignore the fact that a white man getting shot by a black officer, especially an unarmed white man, is much rarer than the opposite. Do you have any evidence that there is a spate of unarmed white men getting killed by black officers recently? Maybe I just didn’t see them, so please feel free to post them here.

          1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            I can do that. I do not believe there was any racism in any of these events:



            This was a quick search and I still there is no evidence of racism. I haven’t looked into the percentage of white cops versus black cops, but the stats on crime are fairly well documented.
            I many ways, I think we have a cop problem that can be fixed with some better training. It seems that cops are a bit trigger happy and shoot first and ask questions later. It is well known that many departments have become militarized. I can only say that as a USAF vet that trained in weapons safety and marksmanship, as well as other tactics, military police should not be on the streets in the civilian world. It is a much different system of training and tactics to defend and protect military installations.
            I’m sorry James, but I can’t see racism as a major issue today. It is nothing but an illusion made up with lies to continue to divide the people.

          2. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Now I’m really confused. In an earlier post, you claimed that George Zimmerman wasn’t white because he was Hispanic, even though he had white skin. But now you use the shooting of a Latino as evidence of an epidemic of black police officers killing white men? Why is the Latino man not white in one example but white in the other? As far as I can tell their skin tone was about the same.

            I agree about the cop problem with respect to training, but how do you explain the fact that black people using a firearm in the state of Florida are getting convicted and sentenced to long prison terms when they didn’t even kill anyone, yet white people seem to all be getting acquitted or not even prosecuted even when they do kill somebody? Can you explain that?

          3. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            But now you use the shooting of a Latino as evidence of an epidemic of black police officers killing white men? Why is the Latino man not white in one example but white in the other?

            That’s easy I’m using the same wording as the liberal media. It works both ways.

            how do you explain the fact that black people using a firearm in the state of Florida are getting convicted and sentenced to long prison terms when they didn’t even kill anyone, yet white people seem to all be getting acquitted or not even prosecuted even when they do kill somebody? Can you explain that?

            Yes, I can. It is called applying common sense in knowing that every incident is completely different. Beyond that, your question can’t be answered without specific details and all the case information including trial transcripts and/or Grand Jury transcripts. Without adequate evidence, the only answer I would be able to guess is that our government is completely corrupt and it has infected the judicial system, which is quite likely.
            Your turn, why is it so OK for 50% of black pregnancies to end at abortion clinics yet we have protests with signs that “black live matter”. All the while left wing environmentalists are fighting to protect the eggs of Pacific sea turtles? (For the record, I hold no position on abortion as it’s not my business to tell women what to do with their bodies.)

          4. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            I can’t tell you why black women have a high abortion rate, although it’s not quite 50% but more like 33% of pregnancies. The one thing I can tell you, though, is that it’s rather unlikely that the women have racist hate for their unborn fetuses.

            For the record, white non-Hispanic women account for more abortions than any other single ethnic group. It’s true that their rate of abortions is less than that of black women, but then their overall fertility rate is lower too.

            I too don’t believe that it’s any of my business what women of any color do with their bodies and their health, so I can say that I’m in complete agreement with you there. And I can’t tell you why people sometimes seem to worry more about the welfare of animals than people, but perhaps it’s because people can defend themselves against other people much more than animals can. Maybe some people just believe that people have a responsibility to worry about their own welfare, and I tend to believe this too. At any rate, I’m not going to think lowly of people who care about animals, because I think it’s a good cause within reason. I do not believe that people should necessarily care more about animals than people, especially in the case of those people who can’t really defend themselves, such as children, disabled people and the elderly.

            For the record, in the case of the differences between black and white people and their very different treatment in the Florida courts, I believe that it is probably due to lingering racism. I may be wrong, but there is really no other reasonable (read: common sense) explanation for it, and it cannot be attributed wholly to government corruption because they were jury decisions. It’s OK for you to admit that you aren’t sure whether it’s racism or not too.

          5. plc97477 January 6, 2015

            I would say something is rotten in the state of florida.

  2. charleo1 January 5, 2015

    Bill Press makes some good points. But I don’t believe it is as important how Europe sees us, as the way in which we see ourselves. And I don’t believe, unfortunately, the dual deaths of Michael Brown, and Eric Garner, will act as a two by four, or a wake up call to our collective consciences, at all. And allow us to see the failure of these two Grand Juries to indict, when Prosecutors in both cases declined to ask them to. As indicative of a much larger problem in the way we have come to police in this Country. Especially when it comes to the obviously poor, obviously, Black, or Brown, Obviously, young, and male, in this Country. Or the perception in the communities where these young men live, that there is an ongoing, and growing unaccountably of police, for the actions in their neighborhoods. That has it’s roots in the same institutionalized racism practiced in this Country for four hundred years. Those same attitudes of a White majority, that just can’t be bothered. That’s never really given up on the righteousness of the idea, that their proper place in a larger White society, is at the back of the bus. And that the police are only acting as an extension of all that. That yes, they are still arresting Rosa Parks. Only now they are shooting her, and getting away with it. Yes, that’s the fear many of these communities are dealing with. And they are asking for investigation. But more than that, they are asking for a conversation from the rest of us. And too often being told to sit down. To take care of their own problems within their communities. That their accusations of racism are exaggerated, if they exist at all. That they are either in their heads, or are purposefully manufactured lies. Put out there to divide the Nation, or as an excuse for demanding more preference, more welfare, more, “free stuff,” to which they are not entitled. And I seen those attitudes harden with the tragic deaths of the two officers in NY. In the decision by some of those officers to turn their back to a Mayor who’s great insult to them was the acknowledgement that there is work to be done between police and these communities. That some, not all, but some of what the protesters were saying was valid. That talk is always preferable to the alternative. But that time in which discussion between reasonable people of good will is possible, is never a permanent thing. We should realize this. But our record, and our history, doesn’t bode well for such an outcome. What the record shows, is we usually do the right thing. Only after all the other wrong things have been tried. I expect no better in this case.

    1. idamag January 5, 2015

      Don’t forget fhe Crawford boy. Those store surveillance tapes were clear and show him walking around the store, carrying a toy gun, the barrel toward the floor and he is causally swinging it. He is talking on a cell phone. He was turned away from the police, when without warning, they shot him. After the tapes became public, the racist who called the police admitted he lied. When the lynchings and other acts of murder,in the deep South before civil rights, came to light, those southern murder machines blamed the press.

      1. jointerjohn January 5, 2015

        Blaming others is a behavior consistent with racism anyway. Aren’t they both about the same thing?

        1. idamag January 5, 2015

          I would say so.

    2. mike January 5, 2015

      Another one of your post full of horse manure.

      Did Brown or Did he not punch Wilson, have his hand inside the squad car trying to take Wilson’s weapon when he was shot in the hand, Yes or No???
      Grand jury was correct in Browns death.

      Garner another story, it probably should have gone to trial. What we don’t know is what was said and how vote went. We also don’t know what the Black female Sgt testified to who was present during the confrontation.

      What we know is if he had obeyed a lawful order he would be alive today. The cops were there because of complaints from the store owners for his continued illegal sale of cigarettes. Listen to Garner video, also listen if any racist remarks were made by the police. This had nothing to do with race.

      1. charleo1 January 5, 2015

        If you’re not Black, Pal, and don’t live in these communities, you can’t tell horse manure from ice cream. You can obviously run your mouth, Now the trick is to attach some kind of transmission between your pie hole and brain.

        1. mike January 5, 2015

          I noticed you didn’t answer the question! Soooo typical! Didn’t meet your agenda, Right?
          Thanks for the good chuckle, mental midget or should I call you Wus???

  3. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

    The biggest problem with race relations in this country comes from Left Wing journalists that continue to spew this moronic propaganda that feeds the minds of otherwise intelligent people with BS. Example:

    We saw it in Los Angeles with Rodney King. We saw it in Sanford, Florida, with Trayvon Martin. We saw it in Ferguson with Michael Brown. And now we see it, once again, on Staten Island, with Eric Garner.

    Read this closely. The author wrongly puts the Rodney King issue in the same context as the others where NOT ONE WIT of racism can be proven. Let’s review the facts instead of the normal Left Wing faux journalism that is a much bigger part of the problem than the actual issue of racism.

    Tayvon Martin ATTACKED and a man who WASN’T WHITE, he was of Latino decent. Mr. Zimmerman then found himself under a larger MAN having his head bashed in and he RIGHTLY shot Martin. The race pimps made a non-racial issue into something it wasn’t, as NBC, altered the 911 recording to make it appear so, feeding the fire. The JURY of his peers found that he acted in self defense and PROVED that it was not a racial incident.

    Mike Brown ATTACKED and armed man in his car. The fact that Wilson was a cop and white has nothing to do with this issue. No racism can be shown, where in fact it CAN BE PROVEN that Brown was a huge thief and violent. BROWN’s actions caused his death. NOT RACISM!

    Garner’s case cannot be proven to be racism either, as there was a BLACK police Sergeant on the scene. Garner resisted arrest and his physical condition was poor. He was NOT in a chokehold, that is a LIE. He was not bothered because he was black, he was bothered because he was well known by the cops because of his 30 other arrest’s. WHY did this happen if not racism then? Because there is a market (a black one) for loosie’s (single cigarettes). WHY you ask? Because people like Garner can go out of State and buy cigarettes far cheaper, sell them individually and make great profit’s. WHY you ask? Because NYC has some of, if not the HIGHEST, rate of taxation on cigarettes (which are still legal in this country). The real problem that led to Garner’s death ultimately is over taxation, not racism.

    It’s articles like this that have turned race relations BACK decades. Black men should be afraid, not of the police though, of the Left Wing who have them herded into these violent cesspools littered with crime and poverty, trapped in a system of slavery called government handouts, and constantly reminded that if they don’t vote Democrat, the other guy will take their welfare.

    The only racist’s left in this country are the one’s who cry racism the loudest and have to make up LIES to support their agenda. That would be those we call LIBERAL’s

    1. kenndeb January 5, 2015

      Lying is the tool most used by these communist supporters.

    2. James Bagley January 5, 2015

      You still never provided any evidence that any tax authority was pushing for Mr. Garners arrest to prevent the supposed loss from selling loose cigarettes. And you still never answered the question about just how a person would publicly oppose racism and not be a ‘race pimp’ in your eyes. Does this mean that everyone who publicly opposes racism is a ‘race pimp’ to you?

      George Zimmerman wasn’t black, rather, he was of Latino descent but a Caucasian skin color. You and I know that this makes all the difference in the world. Why did George Zimmerman get acquitted, but Michael Giles who was in the USAF and with a much more clean-cut record get sentenced to 25 years to life? Giles did even kill anyone, and this isn’t the only such example.

      1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

        Mr. Garner clearly stated he wasn’t selling anything at the beginning of the video, once again, stop being lazy and go look at what is put out there. His 30 some arrests are pretty well known and selling loosies has a lot to do with it. If you can’t comprehend h black market exists, you should take your old tired eyes and just watch MSNBC. They repeat all of their lies so often people not only believe them, they can repeat them perfectly. Much like your old typical liberal tactics in debating. Sad, Oh so very sad!

        1. James Bagley January 6, 2015

          Well, that would be just horrible if it weren’t for the fact that there probably isn’t a human alive who hasn’t lied in a similar situation. As I said before, I’m not certain that it was racism, and perhaps it was just police misconduct. One thing that it was not was legal police procedure, so I believe that the correct grand jury decision would have been an indictment. That’s my opinion, of course, and perhaps they had some reason to return a no true bill that I don’t know about. But it’s equally possible that racism was involved in the grand jury decision even if it wasn’t present behind the officer’s actions. I don’t know for sure and you don’t either — that’s why we have trials: to make those determinations.

          The liberal comment did nothing to strengthen any of your arguments, and probably just made them seem less believable to other posters. It makes you appear flustered.

  4. Billie Erin Walsh January 5, 2015

    The video of Michael Brown strong arming that old guy for a few cigarillos tells me he has no respect for anyone. And don’t give me that BS about you can’t tell it is him. It’s obvious. THEN, add in his mothers and step fathers comments………………

    THEN, you have Sharpton and Obama stirring the racism pot. Instigating more violence.

    There is racism in this country. Most of what I see is black against white. It’s that chip on the shoulder about Ol Massa mistreaten his poor ol slaves. Well, slavery has been over for 150+ years. It’s time to get over it and move on. If a black person wants to put in the effort they can be anything they want.

    1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

      Without faux racism for Sharpton to himself seem significant in a “civil Rights ” movement that has long past it’s prime and reason, Al Sharpton would have to get a real job for once in his life. The fact that he helps Obama and Holder feed the flames is more proof of where the real racism problem lies…..with them.

    2. pisces63 January 5, 2015

      dear, the ole massa thing is real. The fact
      a black man is president proves that with liars like you saying this president play s the race card and is stirring the pot.
      The pot was stirred the day after the 2008 election when McConnell and his idiots stood in front of a camera with their racist rants against working with this president for anything.
      Showing white women moaning and groaning they want their country back. The deliberate way the right is
      trying to take away our voting rights under the lying guise of voter fraud when most of the fraud has been done by right wingers like the white republican who voted 13 times in two years for the governor under his name, his son’s , girlfriend’s son’s name and under various addresses including his parents. The racism is there and blatantly. I do not play the race card, I play the hand
      I am dealt. Even my 8 year old granddaughter understood it at 3. It never ceases to amaze me how the world sees you as the racist idiots you are and you still deny it. You’re pathetic and tired and I am from a family never on welfare. We have college degrees, my sisters and I and our 7 children, also. My mother’s first cousin was on Johnson’s legal staff and the family is on it’s third generation of litigators and our children are third generation college graduates. Share croppers kids from Louisiana. I know racism when I see it, smell and hear it. The world is on my side and I am so
      glad someone sees it. As for slavery, sorry, did not end until the ‘60’s. Read Slavery by Another name. The funny thing
      is Holder’s wife a doctor, had a uncle who was one of those slaves, worked to death and basically buried where he died.
      The slave holders? US Steel. Coal Mines. Over 1 million black men, women and children were forced into this type of slavery from the emancipation through the civil rights movement.

      1. idamag January 5, 2015

        They keep babbling about a video showing Michael Brown strong-arming a clerk. I watched the actual video and someone is lying a lot. Even the man, at the store, said 1. he did not call the police and 2. the people, in his store, dumped a display of smokes on the floor and one was missing when they picked them up. This a whole lot different than the supposed video.

  5. TZToronto January 5, 2015

    While I don’t doubt that there is a level of “institutionalized” racism practiced by some police officers, I’m just as sure that the majority of police officers deal with black people the same way they deal with white people. I’d like to see an accounting of the instances in which black men are NOT dealt harshly with (or killed) by white police officers. And I’d like to see an accounting of how many white miscreants are shot by police officers. Recently we’ve seen cases where white men with guns have been “talked down” from their threatening behavior by police while apparently similar behaviors by black men (and at least one black child) have resulted in their deaths at the hands of police officers. Is this stand operating procedure for police, or are the killings isolated cases? I do understand, though, that young black men often receive more “attention” from white police officers than do young white men.

  6. idamag January 5, 2015

    The racists will come on here full force and blame the victims. I saw the entire store video. There was no incident of strong-arming as the rabid racists claim. It shows two men in the store. Their faces are not clear. It shows them picking up a few boxes of smokes and putting them down. According to the store owner, there was a box missing. He never called the police and their identity was not proven, although it might have been or might not have been. Now, if WAR or the KKK dummied up a video, I haven’t seen that one as I don’t belong to those disgusting organizations.

    1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

      The robbery is insignificant. The cause of Brown’s death was his violent attack on an armed man. I am a white man who lives in a rural area where the nearest Wal-Mart is 20 miles away. It’s also the poorest County in the State of Pa. We have a lot of people, mostly white, who are struggling and receive some form of public aid. Most work in low paying jobs, which is mostly because of their skill set. We have jobs, if one is qualified.
      What we also have is a high population of conceal carriers, as I am. Based on the evidence released by the Grand Jury, this very incident could have been avoided. Mr. Brown should not have attacked an armed man. Had Mr. Brown attacked an armed man where I live, he would be just as dead. His skin color would not have been a cause for action (a white Mr. Brown would be just as dead). If I am attacked in such a matter, I will likely be asked why I shot him so many times. My answer would be that my gun clip was empty.
      By focusing on an irrelevant issue, you are doing yourself a disservice. The issue is a violent attack that was reacted upon correctly. Skin colors do not matter and were not an issue. You, nor anyone else can prove otherwise. People, regardless of political views really need to quit believing the BS LIES that feed the political division that keeps the corrupt Federal government legitimate.

      1. Paul Bass January 5, 2015

        So, you are saying Mr. Brown violently attached a police officer for no reason out of the clear blue sky day?

        Right, the likelihood of that is next to zero.

        There was no “strong arming” and the clerk NEVER called the police.
        The officer accosted than murdered Mr. Brown.

        1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

          Paul, I would suggest you do a search and read the Grand Jury testimony. The forensic evidence clearly supports the officer’s testimony. I saw the video of the clerk, that WAS strong arming under the law (it is also cause for an assault charge). Why he attacked a cop is unknown, thugs that get killed because they are violent can’t tell us why. I would like to know as much as anybody. But what we do know is that “hands up, don’t shoot” is an absolute LIE.

          1. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Whatever happened with the clerk has no bearing on the shooting as far as I can tell. Do you really believe that an unarmed man, already shot at least once, would really run away and then for some reason decide to come back and attack an armed police officer who already shot him at least once? It’s possible, I guess, but highly, highly unlikely,

          2. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            I believe in the forensic evidence that supports the testimony. I took the time to read the release of the Grand Jury testimony, you apparently haven’t. When you get your facts straight by educating yourself to all the information available, I’ll answer your posts. Until then, you are a factual illiterate who doesn’t deserve the time it takes to answer your ignorant posts.

          3. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            I don’t think that you’ve ever really answered most of my posts, and I believe it’s because you don’t have any good answers. I provided you with plenty of evidence to back up my observations, but it seems to me you have one goal: To oppose anyone who publicly opposes racism — period. You have never cited an example of a white person committing racism as far as I can tell, nor ever complained about it. Why is that, since you claim to oppose racism?

            And you never explained how somebody can publicly oppose racism without being a ‘race pimp’. Is your qualification that they have to be white and you just don’t want to say so? If not, how would somebody publicly oppose racism and not be a ‘race pimp’? Is there one example of such a person that comes to your mind in a country of over 300 million people?

          4. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            I have answered quite clearly. You are either an illiterate or just aren’t getting the answer you want, my guess is both.

          5. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Perhaps my tired old eyes missed it. Please copy a post where you answered with even one example of somebody who publicly opposes racism yet isn’t a ‘race pimp’ in your opinion. Or even copy a post where you stated what it would take for a person to publicly oppose racism and not be a ‘race pimp.

          6. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Maybe you can just go back and look and read yourself! Lazy is no excuse for ignorance.

          7. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            As I said before I’m not exactly lazy, but your point is well taken. I will look for an example of white people committing racism that you have publicly opposed, or some evidence of a post where you approved of the way somebody else publicly opposed racism. If I find that I am wrong I’m not too proud to admit it.

            But I do have to say that usually the easiest way to find out if somebody has an answer to a question is to ask directly. Most people will tell you straightaway the answer if they have one, and not expect you to scour their previous posts for the answers.

        2. kenndeb January 5, 2015

          Brown had a reason. He had just committed a crime.

        3. mike January 6, 2015

          The owner said a customer in the store called the police.
          I am not sure what you call “strong arming” but the video shows him pushing the clerk away and taking steps toward the clerk to intimidate.
          Strong arming: use or threatened use of physical force, coercion, violence.


      2. pisces63 January 5, 2015

        Then explain why a black man who picked up a bby to buy in a conceal and carry state, was shot by police? A lying white person called 9-11 and told of a black man brandishing a gun pointing it at people. Complete video shows he did not, was talking on his cell phone all the while he held the gun walking in the store. A family walked into the aisle where he was and nothing happened. They never
        noticed each other and the caller said he threatened them and they ran from him. The video does not show this. The 12 year old kid sitting at a table in Cleveland at a rec center, shot while having a bb gun in his waist band, still
        in a conceal and carry state, Ohio. Shot buy a cop not qualified for his job, as stated by his former boss the police
        chief of independence Ohio who called the shooter unhinged. When this 12 year olds’ sister came out to
        see her brother lying on the ground with no help given to him, they threw her
        in the back of a cruiser, handcuffed.

        1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

          While I’m not up to date on this incident, the fact that Ohio is a conceal and carry State has no bearing on the matter. One must have a license and 12 year olds are not eligible. My comments are on the incidents mentioned in them and are not about the incident you mention. If you can post a link about it so I can research and provide an educated response, I would be great full. Until then I shall wait with baited breath on your reply.

          1. pisces63 January 5, 2015

            Keep waiting. It is in just about every news
            story out there including the one where they chased two unarmed black people, male and female, and emptied over 20 bullets into them and over 100 shots taken on an I thought I heard a gunshot which was more likely a back fire of an older car. Look it up, Cleveland, Ohio. Reading is so very fundamental.

          2. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            In short, you cannot provide a link to support your agenda, so send me on a wild goose chase. Sorry, I’ll let you prove your position and will not waste my time on what is probably another left Wing racist LIE, as is the this article as I have stated above

          3. pisces63 January 5, 2015

            dear, it’s called you can’t handle the truth, thus you won’t look up Cleveland,
            Ohio and police shootings starting with 2010 and Beavercreek, Ohio Walmart who
            no longer sells the BB guns because of the shooting and AG Mike DeWine’s no
            bill grand jury on that case. You’re the
            race baiter, not I. I am telling proven
            truths, yours are racist rants because you cannot handle the truth. STILL not linking you up. Anything I read here I looked up, not
            hard. I didn’t ask for proof. I sought it out.

          4. kenndeb January 5, 2015

            Here you go, Gary. This article is a bit bias, but it will give you a starting point.

            Seeing urban areas are breeding grounds for gangs, and many members are very young. Add that to the fact that the gun the kid had was altered to look real, and the dispatcher did not relay enough info, and the boy was reaching for thhe gun after being told to put his hands up, most officers would have rreactefd the same.

          5. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            I agree, this is an avoidable tragedy. It isn’t the first child killed while holding a toy gun and it likely won’t be the last. It isn’t racism, it’s cops who maybe need some better training. It’s facts that the Left will ignore, like the over 220 young blacks killed in Chicago since Mike brown was killed. Where are the “Black Lives Matter” there? When are they going to protest blacks killing blacks at a 10000 times the rate of cops killing them? When are they going to protest the inner city abortion clinics where half of black pregnancy ends (all the while demanding protection for the eggs of sea turtles). What the Left fails to understand is that facts will always destroy lies. Hypocrisy will always be exposed and I have just given only a few points, there are still many more. Progressivism is a cancer on freedom and they must rely on lies to further their agenda. There is nothing good that comes from lies (see Obamacare)

          6. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            In your mind, what does one have to do with another? If I tell you that Ismaaiyl Brinsley was black and shot 2 white police officers, are you going to so “so what, where is all the concern for white-on-white violence that happens all day every day?”. Where is your righteous concern for same-race violence then?

          7. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Strawman arguments are a waste of time. All violence, except self defense is deplorable by anybody. CLAIMS of racism where none exists is the acts of those following the old well known Rules for Radical’s. Progressivism is just another name for communism and is based on lies. Wake up slick!

          8. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            So that’s it, eh? You are really one of those WND posters that believes that liberals are communists? I guess somehow you forgot that America was founded by liberals, and has always had a relatively liberal form of government.

            Claims of no racism where it does exit is worse than claiming racism where it doesn’t exist. One implies a verbal opinion, the other one implies a despicable act. You have no more proven that racism didn’t exist in most of these incidents than anyone has proven that it did exist, but the numbers are telling, and so are your excuses.

          9. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Your nonsense is that of a moron. Please continue to post, it is amusing. I do feel sorry for the mentally ill. You should seek help

          10. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Because you don’t have any good answers, yes? Young fella, you don’t appear that mentally stable yourself, if you think you can come out here presenting one-sided rants against liberals and claim to be apolitical. It seems pretty clear to me that you are indeed against racism — when it is committed by black people. Name a couple of racist acts committed by white people recently that you deplore. I’ll bet there aren’t any, am I right?

          11. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            You are wrong. I find the racist acts of those who support the bullshit “hands up, don’t shoot” lies deplorable because they are not smart enough to base their actions on facts. I find all those who cry racism because white people don’t support Obama’s radical socialist ideas. The last thing I want is a piss poor President, regardless of political affiliation. He sucks, period and his poor approval ratings support that. I find all people, black green or purple who hate others because they are different. It is a fact of life though. So the world keeps spinning and the haters keep hating. Old dinosaurs like you may be amazed at the utter hatred of the younger generations, since you dislike the same stuff I do. White racists are no better than black racists, The problem that I have is that only claims of white racism is being news worthy.
            Oh, thanks for the Young remark, nicest thing a Liberal has said all day LMAO!

          12. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt for quite a few posts, but you still appear to be short on sensible explanations for the hard questions.

            But I think that you are wrong about the younger generations. My personal observation is that while there are quite a few noisy people you’d call ‘haters’, most young people don’t much care about race. I’ve been around long enough to see a real difference, and although you might be young to me I think you have too.

            I don’t think that President Obama is anywhere as unpopular as you seem to believe, and he still has two more years to go. He was elected twice, you know, and that included a lot of white supporters too. With the economy revving up and things like gas prices dropping so low, 2015 may see a surge in popular opinion. Only time will tell, but I don’t think you’ve ever really made a good case for him being a terrible President. You are entitle to you opinion, of course, but his performance so far stacks up pretty well against any US President in this stage of his second term.

          13. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            My curiosity led me to read up on your story. It is my opinion that the police seriously over reacted. So in that, I would agree. Where I do not agree is the claim of racism. Once again, conjecture that can only be proven if the cop admits to it. With all the media BS about “assault” weapons and idiot cops who shouldn’t be wearing a badge, these things are going to happen. I’m fully against the militarizing of the police and police who abuse their power and authority.
            I’m in full agreement that, knowing that Ohio is an open carry State, the cop was in the wrong and should be held accountable. However, I cannot agree on the racism claim, it has no basis of fact and is based on hyperbole and emotional hysteria. Every time a white guy shoots a black guy, even if it’s a clear example of rightful self defense (see the George Zimmerman case and the Mike Brown), the race pimps and Left Wing will scream racism. Bullshit! That’s all it is. Show me a loser white supremacist who does it and I’ll be right there with you an demanding justice. The rest is just BS media propaganda and LIES!

          14. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Once again, how does a person publicly oppose racism and not be a ‘race pimp’ in your eyes? Surely there must be one person in a country of over 300 million who does it right according to you.

            You previously said that you know racism still exists. So what examples do you have of what you consider ‘real’ racism?

          15. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            This is pure racism and for the second time today I’m speaking out against it. This should answer your question because the Left Wing media will IGNORE this.

          16. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Why, because it was committed by a black person? How about some examples of racism committed by white people too? Surely you don’t ignore those, that would be, well, racist, and you said that you aren’t a racist.

            While this was indeed a racist post and act, spitting hardly compares with killing somebody. Wouldn’t you agree?

          17. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Why don’t you post some links to what you claim. Nothing being discussed today involves killing due to racism. Please prove that any of the cases of death are racist based.

          18. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            Please prove that they aren’t.

          19. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            NO, you prove they are ! You can’t

          20. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            I never claimed that they were, which is the difference. You appear to claim that you can prove that they aren’t. So prove it.

            If you can’t prove it, then what is left is your opinion and nothing more. Which is worth just as much as the next opinion.

          21. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            In this country it’s the accuser’s duty to prove guilt, not the other way around. Maybe your fantasy’s about living in North Korea have you confused.

          22. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            In a court of law you would be absolutely correct, but this isn’t a court of law — it’s an online blog. In this environment opinions either way require proof equally.

            The comment about North Korea is just a cheap shot that displays your frustration and nothing more. It does nothing to help your point but only detracts from it.

      3. Billie Erin Walsh January 5, 2015

        The significance of the video is that it shows the mentality of Michael. Whether he had, or not, the cigarillos he was not about to be civil. He had the mindset to be combative in a confrontational situation.

        When confronted by a police officer he was confrontational. If your told to stop approaching, for whatever reason, you do it. To continue to advance is seen as an attack. An attack will get you shot every time, regardless of color. If your lucky it might be with a tazer. If not, well………………..

    2. kenndeb January 5, 2015

      You tend to see everything through those liberal glasses that only allow you to see what you wish to see. Martin and Brown were both THUGS.

    3. joe schmo January 5, 2015

      Wow, your media has lied to you……… Darren Wilson saw the stolen cigarette in Browns hand…..

      Problem with you people is, because you never venture outside your box, you have become extremely narrow minded ‘boxtrolls’ . How would you clearly have any comprehension of the world outside and how would you know what is actually true and untrue. Through the good and bad, it is much better to have a well rounded knowledge with which to debate. Otherwise you are left without a pot to pee in. Basically, you are left standing ignorant by your own device.

      1. James Bagley January 6, 2015

        Really now — Darren Wilson spotted a stolen cigarette in Brown’s hand, eh? He must have been one finely trained police officer to be able to spot a ‘stolen’ cigarette at that distance. Either that or the description of the ‘stolen’ cigarette that went out over the police radio must have been very detailed and accurate. LOL.

  7. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

    A recent post on another blog. The poster works for the State of Texas with the Immigration problem:

    A black assistant DA in Dallas was arrested for DUI the other day…..became combative…..threatening officers with their jobs…..calling them crackers and when a black lieutenant showed up he started calling him Uncle Tom and a “token nigger”…..

    Al Sharpton, who says he will not come to Texas for any reason, said that the assistant DA was not racist in his comments nor is he guilty of hate speech…..he said that the Dallas Police are the guilty ones for stopping him for DUI.

    Like I said, the real racist’s are the one’s screaming racism the loudest.

    1. Grannysmovin January 5, 2015

      It was a Dallas Assistant District Justin Moore stopped and arrested for drunk driving. A drunk Justin Moore ranted at police made the idiotic slurs “including calling one officer an ‘Uncle Tom’ and accusing other officers of being members of the Ku Klux Klan.” No bigger fool than a drunk fool and thank God he didn’t kill anyone. http://www.wfaa.com/story/news/crime/2015/01/04/dallas-prosecutor-arrested-on-dwi-charge/21259347/ However no where have I found any comments made by Al Sharpton, so please provide the link where he said that.

      1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

        I will try and get a link on Sharpton’s comments. Got this info on another blog. The poster is well respected and has no reason to make up anything. But I will ask him as he is online and posting.

        1. Grannysmovin January 5, 2015

          I am not accusing anyone of lying, I am justed reminded that recently a ‘Baltimore Fox station had to apologize to Black Lives Matter protester, Tawanda Jones, after they were busted for deceptively editing a protest chant to say “Kill a cop.” ‘The chant went “we won’t stop, we can’t stop, ’til killer cops, are in cell blocks,” according to C-SPAN footage.” http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/12/23/1353803/-Fox-affiliate-apologizes-to-editing-protesters-chants-to-say-Kill-a-cop?detail=email

          1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            I understand fully. It is not really uncommon for the media to do such things. NBC did it with Zimmerman’s 911 call during that whole fiasco. I have little faith in the media, that especially includes known Left Wing rags like the Daily Kos

          2. Grannysmovin January 5, 2015

            Okay, I respect that but it was also reported bywww.huffingtonpost.com/…/baltimore-news-kill-a-c.. talkingpointsmemo.com/…/fox-affiliate-apologizes-…

          3. kenndeb January 5, 2015

            HuffPo is another ultraliberal rag.

          4. Grannysmovin January 5, 2015

            Not a conservative don’t read your rags.

          5. kenndeb January 5, 2015

            If you want some truth instead of the lies from the regime, you might want to broaden your reading sources.

          6. Grannysmovin January 5, 2015

            It is a new year, please come up with some NEW BS other than last years comments. By the way unlike yourself I do research and use vaious sources.

          7. kenndeb January 5, 2015

            That’s funny. Then why do you still repeat the same lies?

          8. Grannysmovin January 5, 2015

            I have told you before kenndeb – unlike you I do not lie, cheat or steal..

          9. kenndeb January 5, 2015

            Then you just blindly repeat what you are told? I know what I state I believe to be true, so you must be misled or knowingly lie.

          10. Grannysmovin January 5, 2015

            I state what I read or watch and if I am proven wrong by a bi-partisan source I take the correction and apologize to the posters. Sonny I have never followed anyone or anything blindly and the only person who could ever tell me what to do without my questioning, was my father and that was up to my 18th birthday. Again – you have a memory probelm – I do not lie – cheat or steal. Get over yourself, Have a good day and accept the fact people can have a different opinion than you and don’t have to drink the Faux News water.

          11. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            I have yet to see u apologize……..or debate diplomatically.

          12. Grannysmovin January 5, 2015

            Perhaps you should reread posts and I am respectfull as long as the person I am in discussions with become rude, belligerent and make failed attempts to insult. Perhaps the reason you have not seen an apology is because I have nothing to apologize to you for. Read you posts and please show me where you debated with diplomacy….

          13. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            I don’t because most of your statements begin with rants at the right. Did you ever stop to think that just maybe……both sides are to blame:) Just because I believe one way and not the other does not mean I don’t think both sides are wrong.

            Liberals are quick to point out they are liberals. Conservatives are much more discreet. Here in California, ‘conservative’ is a bad word. I’m always very diplomatic when I talk to people face to face because I have to see them again or they are friends. Liberals are not quite so discreet, they just blurt it out loud and clear. I find this rather primitive and offensive because when you break it all down, we are all still Americans aren’t we?

          14. Grannysmovin January 5, 2015

            Yes we are. Perhaps people point out if they are Liberals or Conservatives because it is part of who they are. I am a wife, mother, granddmother-soon to be great grandmother- old, white and female and I don’t hide from any of that. I don’t hide that I was raised a Catholic, but I don’t believe in organized religion, however do believe in God and I don’t hide my political or social point of view. It is all a part of who I am. You see that as primitive and offensive and I see it as being proud of the person I have become. Perhaps you should first see what a person is responding to before you critize them. Further people could be having a discussion that is passionate on both sides, but they end the discussion respectfully. I believe we have taken this conversation as far as it needs to go. Again I have nothing to apologize to you for.

          15. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            I beg your pardon…..

          16. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            Yah, only Liberal rags…..

          17. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            That’s why you are so uninformed…..

  8. iamhe January 5, 2015

    Actually we have a much more serious problem in America that exacerbates the race problem in America. We have a sociopaths in government problem. Our government shows no interest nor do they have the means to keep sociopaths out of government jobs. The legislatures, The executive Offices, The SCOTUS, the Military, and Law Enforcement. Thus we have a culture where sociopaths are taking over. They regularly use unconscionable tactics to accomplish unconscionable agenda and they don’t mind hurting people in the process.. They argue and “reason” they must….

    we need laws that keep sociopaths out of government jobs.

    America. The Land of The Free, where sociopaths are free and at liberty to disrupt every social relation, system and network.

  9. Theodora30 January 5, 2015

    Cliven Bundy cheats U.S. taxpayers out of a million dollars in grazing fees for land owned and managed by “We the People” then threatens law enforcement with guns and the law and order folks cheer him. I cannot imagine that happening if he and his allies were black.

    1. kenndeb January 5, 2015

      A group of Americans standing up for their rights against a corrupt and out of control government would be supported by patriots. Color only seems to matter to you communist supporters.

      1. James Bagley January 5, 2015

        Armed insurrection generally results in one of two things. Can you tell me what those are?

        1. kenndeb January 6, 2015

          ” There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” Thomas Jefferson.
          Americans ARE the government. It is up to patriots to see that we do not live under the thumb of a TYRANT.

          1. James Bagley January 6, 2015

            So are you trying to say that you are the ‘natural manure’ in this fantasy of yours? Low-T can cause this type of fearful and hysterical thinking. You really should try talking to your doctor. Take you sister with you so that she can protect you — visiting the doctor in soiled panties could be very embarrassing and worsen your condition.

          2. kenndeb January 7, 2015

            Yet another liberal that can do no more than just be rude. You really should try to think for yourself, just occasionally. You might not look like such an idiot.

          3. James Bagley January 8, 2015

            Rude? No sir, I’m not trying to be rude. I hate to see somebody spending their life cowering in fear of something that doesn’t really even exist anymore. These days they have things like testosterone gels than can help you with that low-T problem, that’s all I’m saying.

          4. kenndeb January 8, 2015

            I would guess you know a lot about low T as you apparently have no balls.

          5. James Bagley January 10, 2015

            But then I’m not the one peering out from behind my curtains crying about communists, either. Why are you so fearful? Why are you afraid of communists when there are so few of them in this world anymore?

            I think it’s the low-T. Get yourself some gel and stop being afraid all the time.

          6. kenndeb January 10, 2015

            The democrats are communist. I always love how brave little twerps are when hiding in their mothers basement.

          7. James Bagley January 10, 2015

            Yes sir, it’s low-T for sure. Get the doc to take a look at it. He’ll have you feeling like a man again in no time.

          8. kenndeb January 10, 2015

            Been reading about what it feels like to be a man have you? Too bad you will never know.

          9. James Bagley January 10, 2015

            Listen, young fella – I was a man before you learned to stop crapping in your pants. Come to speak of it, you are crapping in your pants again, this time out of fear. It’s low-T, I’m telling you, and doctors can fix that these days.

          10. kenndeb January 11, 2015

            I have a pair of US issued boots that are older than you are. Give it up, you young punk. You’re going to be in big trouble when your mother finds out you were on her computer. Better get back to your barbies.

          11. James Bagley January 11, 2015

            I rather doubt it, but if you are a Civil War soldier and can prove it then I will apologize. Either way, unless you do something about that low-T problem of yours you will probably find high heels fitting you better every day. If you like being so fearful and delicate, then perhaps gender reassignment would help relieve your anxiety and confusion. Otherwise you should see your doc and get yourself some of that gel they have for low-T.

  10. toncuz January 5, 2015

    The vast majority of Americans now side with the police according to polls. At first people were getting sick and tired of hearing about the police becoming more and more militarized…a real threat to democracy both progressives and conservatives agree on. Instead, we saw politicians trying to motivate the black vote by hyping race regardless that 250 white people are killed EACH year by police with nary an investigation let alone an indictment.

    Race is not the issue. Bigotry…the mother of racism is everywhere. There’s just as much misogyny and homophobia in the black community as there is racism in southern white communities. A Hispanic acquaintance from South America told me to never confuse him with a Puerto Rican. My Russian girlfriend hated Ukrainians. My Ukrainian girlfriend hated Polish people.

    The real problem in America is not racism, it’s bigotry. And the absolute WORSE problem of all, is not just bigotry. It’s CLASS-ism. And it’s been that way for centuries.

    Ask OJ Simpson if his race got him convicted or did his money get him clever legal representation. Ask Bill Cosby if his race got him put in jail for rape or did his money protect him from justice. Ask any number of millionaire sports celebrities how their money gave them a pass as they shot people, beat up their wives or even raped people.

    Ask GW Bush how he got into Yale or avoided combat during Vietnam like TENS OF THOUSANDS of other rich kids. The anti-war movement only took off AFTER the draft and rich kids began to come home in body bags.

    There is no such thing as white privilege. There is only WEALTH PRIVILEGE. And as soon as we stop allowing certain politicians on the right AND left to continue to divide us on race…the wealth privilege will continue forever.

    Martin Luther King would never have alienated 80% of white people with propaganda like “Black Lives Matter” slogans implying white lives don’t matter. He would be talking about police brutality against everyone. This is the way King got half his marchers to be white people…the majority…to effect change. Without those progressive white people, there would be no civil rights movement.

    We don’t even hear about the heroism of white progressives who had much to lose in the apartheid America of 1960, since the “civil rights” movement has been hijacked by the worst of leadership. Either way…the only people that got motivated to vote last election…were Republicans. The “angry mob” strategy was a dumb strategy from day one.

    1. hicusdicus January 5, 2015

      You should get a Nobel prize for your comment. I am an old white man who never judged people until knowing them , I now look at all black people as the enemy and avoid them at all costs. This is not so called racism it is a survival mode one acquires through fear. I fear having my life ruined and disrupted by black thugs. How do I tell the difference from the way they dress and act. I have never caused a black person a problem but it seems they want to hurt me because I am white. The Indians looked upon white people as sheep and acted accordingly. The whites finally became so afraid of the Indians they obliterated them. This is what I see starting to happen. The black population needs to reign in the riot makers and find a place in society.

    2. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

      Interesting view of history, despite it being a bit incorrect. MLK was a great and wise person. his speech’s were a thing of beauty. However, if not for the Southern Democrats, who were serious Left Wingers, the Civil Rights act would have passed much sooner. You can research and see who voted for and against it. The term Progressives did not exist in the 60’s. I don’t even recall Left/Right Wing being used in the news or in conversation. I grew up in Democratically run Youngstown Ohio. There is no truth whatsoever that it was what we now call Progressives that got the Civil Rights Act passed, it was the complete opposite.
      The black population I Youngstown during the 60’s, 70’s and about midway through the 80’s represented the overall population of the US. The area has always been under Democratic political rule. After the mob was destroyed by the Feds, Youngstown turned into one of the most dangerous cities in America, being top 10 for years. The problems black people endure today has one very common denominator, they vote Democrat where they live. All of the most crime infested cities are run by Democrats. Shocking that no one can see the correlation between black sufferage and Democratic rule. LBJ was right!

      1. toncuz January 5, 2015

        No…the Southern Democrats were right-wingers to the core. They all moved into the Republican Party when the progressive Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act. That’s how Nixon got elected in 1968.

        Also…Democrats run cities but the worst STATES in America are all run by Republicans…worst in education, wages, environment, work safety, healthcare etc…

        1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

          Your complete lack of historical knowledge is based on propaganda that holds not truth. You can NO WAY prove your points. Try harder because Progressive lies will not work with me.

          1. toncuz January 5, 2015

            Actually, I’ve been studying history and political science for thirty years. It sounds like you haven’t read one book outside of some Klan leaflets.

            You probably don’t even know that the Republicans, who took Congress in 1994 and a handful of conservative Democrats that vote with Republicans have given the GOP a conservative majority for TWENTY YEARS STRAIGHT. That’s twenty years of GOP control of Congress and ALL MONEY bills.

            I bet you think Mussolini was a leftist. Funny how he wrote the Fascist Manifesto and was installed by Italy’s top corporate heads as Hitler was by Farben and Krupp Inc. And you probably don’t know that the GOP is emulating that same corporate state created by Mussolini, right?

          2. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            I am amused that you think you understand my political beliefs. I would suggest reading my reply’s to pisce63 above this post. But to help out quickly, I see no difference in the Democrats or the Republicans as they both keep doing the same thing. It’s like watching pro wrestling, at each other throats in front of the camera’s and sitting back eating lobster and having a cocktail together in a fancy restaurant laughing at all the useful idiots who fall for their crap. So if it helps, I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I’m just an American Vet who believes in exposing the lies of both sides of the corrupt bums.
            As for history, perception is always ones reality! The perception of the writers of history vary as much as those who will write today’s history. You and I are perfect examples of this fact. If you were to write the history for the next generation of student’s, it will most assuredly be quite different than what I would write. That explains why there are quite different versions of every historical event known to man. With that said, is it really worth the effort to debate it?

          3. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            That’s funny, just a few moments ago I responded to a post where you equated liberals to communists. What is your equivalent mis-characterization for conservatives — fascists? So what conservative ‘lies’ from conservative ‘bums’ have you exposed today?

          4. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Yes, Modern day Liberals have perverted the term. Progressivism is a cancer to anyone who desires freedom. Cancer is a disease that can be cured in many cases. In other cases, the disease just kills them. Sadly, those with the cancer, like Stalin and Mao kill tens of millions of innocent people. You do not impress me James. Your banter is comical and lacks anything worthy of further discussion. If you feel th more from me, go rad my other posts/replies from those who appear to be slightly more mentally stable than you appear.
            Your old tired eyes should educate yourself on the person you chose to play your silly Progressive games with, then you would likely know I’m not young by any stretch. Laziness is unimpressive, now go read and educate yourself. It is the only cure for the disease you clearly have. ROFLMAO

          5. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            You know full well that I’m neither illiterate, idiotic, nor mentally unstable. What bothers you is that you have no good answers to the questions that I’ve asked you, and it embarrasses you. It should.

            I’m not interested in researching the personal details of people who post out here. That would be stalking, and it’s usually against the law.

            Once again you’ve presented a one-sided rant against liberalism, which proves my point about you. You claim to be apolitical, but you can’t maintain the pretense over any period of time. The truth will out, as they say, and you young fella make too many mistakes to be believable. You really should make more of an effort, because I’d hate to call anyone a liar, but from your telling inability to answer very simple questions, you sure are making it look that way.

          6. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Nothing actually bothers me. I do however answer questions and feel sad when people simply cannot understand simple English or choose to not accept the answer. It is however possible that you may have not read all of my replies to in the past. It happens, and it has happened to me as well.
            As far as my political beliefs, please feel free to read my other posts on this very site, on this very day. They are public and would not be considered stalking in the least. Lazy however isn’t going to cause me to waste my time repeating myself, again.

          7. James Bagley January 5, 2015

            I’m not exactly lazy, but I do have limited time and energy some days. I think you know full well that I’m neither illiterate nor stupid, and directing insults like this toward me only proves that you were indeed ‘bothered’ about something.

            But as to your point about missing some of your posts, I admit that’s entirely possible and I will take the time to read more of them. Deal?

          8. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            You did not ask a respectable question. It was stated more like and attack. However, I will answer your question.

            Most definitely we deduce the fact that Liberal Progressives are heading down the path towards Marxism and I will tell you why. My father lived under several regimes. He escaped Communism. All my life, that is until the Wall came down, I have heard all about life beyond the iron curtain from family members. I even spent time there when I was twelve visiting family. Can’t say I was not afraid because, even as a child, I was.

            “Besides adopting the Leninist strategy of seeking greater control over the commanding heights of the economy, if one reviews Marx’s 10-point
            platform for how to socialize a country’s economy in stages (“The Communist Manifesto,” chapter two), one finds that Team Obama and his congressional progressive allies have taken actions to further the goals laid out in all 10 of the planks in the Marx platform. Here are some examples, with Marx’s wording being revised for simplicity’s

            1) State control of real property. Team Obama repeatedly has thwarted the development of domestic energy supplies by asserting government ownership and asserting arbitrary regulatory control over massive acreage.
            2) Progressive income taxes. Obama has an Ahab-like obsession with raising taxes on “the rich” even though the top 1 percent of earners already pay 39 percent of the total income tax
            3) Abolition of inheritance. Obama favors re-institution of estate taxes.
            4) Confiscation of the property of emigrants and rebels. Team Obama has declared war on offshore tax havens; has sought legal jurisdiction to
            tax the offshore income of multi-national corporations as well as foreign citizens and banks that have any investments in America (causing
            Switzerland’s oldest bank to recommend that its clients avoid all American investments);
            5) Centralization of the country’s financial system in the hands of the state. Dodd-Frank was a huge step in this direction.
            6) State control of means of communication and transportation. Team Obama has attempted to cow conservative media outlets like Fox News into
            submission through denunciation and has suggested reviving the so-called “fairness doctrine” and imposing heavier licensing fees on station
            7) Increase state control over means of production. Through his green energy subsidies, his failed cap-and-trade scheme, now via EPA regulation, Obama has sought state control over the industry on which most other industries depend—energy.
            8) Establishment of workers’ armies. Obama has ramped up the number of Americans working for Uncle Sam by securing a large expansion of
            Americorps and winning passage of his Serve America Act. He also has done everything he could to strengthen labor unions.
            9) Control over where people live. Team Obama doesn’t go quite this far, but one of the clear implications of cap-and-trade is that government
            could start to limit human mobility by controlling how far they can travel by capping energy consumption.10) Free education. Obama has sought a federal government monopoly on
            student loans for higher education, and in his 2012 State of the Union Address, he called for additional funds for new federal education programs.

            There is another vital point to understand about Marxist-Leninist economics: The greatest damage is done to the middle class. With his customary bloodthirsty malevolence, Lenin said, “The way to crush the bourgeoisie [middle class] is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

            You may suppose that Obama isn’t implementing that aspect of Marxist-Leninist economics, but you would be mistaken. It’s true that income tax rates haven’t risen under Obama and inflation has only surfaced in a few areas (e.g., food and energy) but what you need to understand is that government borrowing is a tax hike on future taxpayers. Obama’s unprecedented deficit spending has been subsidized by the Federal Reserve,whose balance sheet has swelled as they have bought more and more federal debt (more than 60 percent of the total last year). Whenever the Fed’s zero interest rate policy ends, some combination of massive tax hikes and/or raging inflation will ensue, devastating the middle class. Already, Obama’s economic policies have hurt the middle class.”


            Lordy, lordy…..did we ever try didn’t we, but…..America wants no part of this crap. Creativity and ingenuity is still hard at work. Not so easy to preach your Marxist agenda to Americans, but by gum we had to try didn’t we…..LOL

            Oh and by the way, all that success that we have had recently with regards to technology and oil, Obama would like to take credit (what a laugh) but he had NOTHING to do with it:)

          9. James Bagley January 6, 2015

            I’m not a Marxist, and your attempt to hurl such an accusation at me only weakens any legitimate point you may have.

            If Obama truly was a Marxist, then he would have to be the most incompetent one in history because the capitalist economy is doing historically well.

            During the Obama Presidency so far, the federal deficit has been reduced faster than under any US President in history. I believe that the federal deficit left by the Bush Administration has been cut by 2/3 or very close to it. So you are wrong on that point.

            During the Obama Presidency so far, the US has become the largest energy producer in the entire world. And this energy isn’t produced by the government, but by private businesses. So you are wrong on that point.

            I don’t think that offshore tax havens are exactly good deeds by responsible businesses (or individuals) that deserve protection. If you are using American resources and opportunities to build great wealth, then you should be able to pay your share of taxes like anyone else. This isn’t a Marxist philosophy.

            The Obama Administration has seen the lowest level of federal employees in quite some time. In fact, private employment growth has had to compensate for the decline in the number of federal workers in order to prevent the decline from further damaging the economy. The Bush Administration had a much higher level of public sector employment. So you are wrong on this point.

            Control over where people live? That’s a hysterical and nonsensical argument that you should be embarrassed to make if you consider yourself a serious person. Do you?

            I believe that Ronald Reagan raised taxes far more than President Obama. At least you seem to admit this point, although it’s clear that you dislike doing so. Why does the truth upset you?

            Presidents always get the credit (or blame) for what happens to the country during their tenure, That the US has become the world’s largest energy producer for the first time in history is just another fact that you appear to dislike. Why is that?

          10. toncuz January 5, 2015

            You’re not a Republican or Democrat?…then whom do you vote for? Let me guess, straight Republican.

            The problem with history is true as you say…the winner writes most of the history and since very few people read history let alone dig deeper, history can be confusing and a challenge. BUT…to say that the left and the right have an equal hand in creating their own version of history is simply wrong.

            I studied history for decades and always tried to read several versions, from two sides and even three sides if possible. The truth is in there somewhere in the middle. IT IS THE REASON I am on the left and will never support the right-wing. I know the history of the right-wing. I became a left-winger BECAUSE I know the right-wing agenda throughout its history.

            This is why I wrote the post above admonishing right AND left for using race to motivate their electorate.

            At the end of Eisenhower’s term as President…he gave a speech warning America about a growing danger. A danger he knew too well as he just defeated the worst right-wing corporate military industrial monster in history.

            He didn’t talk about the Soviets or socialism or welfare for poor people. He talked about the American military industrial complex that was using our fear of Communism to line their pockets and that every penny they took was a penny not going into schools, roads, bridges and hospitals.

            He hated them because he saw the same kind of people install Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany. They were the face of CORPORATE -fascism. He also knew that they were doing business with Hitler before, DURING and after the war.

            Long story short..the GOP is still under complete control of American neo-fascists called “neo-cons” (as well as almost one third of Democrats).

            Every one of the architects of the false Iraqi war for example, made fortunes from that war…Cheney, Wolfowitz, Pearl, Faith etc…also known as PNAC…who was funded by arms and oil before they took over the state dept.

            The GOP has always been under control of big business.

            Fact: After every eight to twelve years of Republicans in the White House…the banking system AND economy collapses. Taxpayers ALWAYS pay the billion dollar bailouts.

            They did it THREE times in recent history…and there is no debate about this…

            1929 Harding, Coolidge, Hoover = Great Depression

            1989 Reagan, Bush = Recession, SavingsLoan collapse, 300 billion bailout

            2008 Bush-Cheney = Great Recession, 800 billion bailout

            And Democrats eventually clean up the mess.

            No true capitalist would ever vote Republican. As the GOP is truly the political arm of socialism for the rich.

          11. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            First of all, you never hate. You may not like but never hate:) A very wise Uncle once told me that.

            I also have had my hands in studying history. I have a minor in it. What you are saying is your opinion. Ahhhh, hope you realize Eisenhower was a Republican:)

            Look every President before Reagan made money off of war. Johnson (a democrat) made tons of money off of Vietnam because his wifes family owned Huey. It was actually, Nixon, a Republican who got us out of that God forsaken war. War unfortunately, was a part of the American way. That is no longer the case. That type of behavior no longer works and costs us way too much. Many scientific developments came out of the military. For example….the computer. It was different when we manufactured because this brought money to the United States.

            Your notion of Reagan causing a recession is not at all true. He turned our economy around in 27 months. Clinton reaped from the benefits of the surge in business and the .coms. It has actually been downhill since even with psuedo conservative Bush in office. Obama has really taken us to the brink and he is only helping to annihilate the middle class. His recent upsurge is not due to his great efforts it is because of American ingenuity in oil and technology.

            Now that is what I call American Capitalism hard at work.

          12. toncuz January 5, 2015

            Of course I know Eisenhower was a Republican…the last liberal Republican. That’s why I mentioned him and his stance against corporate fascism that is the current agenda of the Republican Party.

            The USA went into deep recession just after Reagan left office and it helped cost Bush re-election. Reagan’s so-called recovery was nothing more than Paul Volcker lowering interest rates from 22% to 11% and spurring a real estate boom because Americans actually had savings accounts to put money down no thanks to trickle down scammery.

            The American people as usual bought their way out of recession while Reagan slept.
            Reagan refused to reign in and regulate Savings and Loans leading to the greatest economic debacle since the Great Depression, also caused by three Republican presidents in succession.

            Somehow, the anti-socialists on this board don’t have a clue that what Eisenhower meant was that RIGHT-WING CENTRAL PLANNING is no different than left-wing central planning that the Soviets did to their economy. Everything the right-wing screamed about the left was given to us by them and the corporate statists who fund them.

            When six banks control 65% of all American assets and six media conglomerates own 95% of all media outlets,…that’s central planning by corporate heads that Mussolini would be proud of.

            Again, no real capitalist would ever vote for an organization like the GOP that pushes CORPORATE STATISM. It didn’t work in Italy and it won’t work in America.

          13. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            Dude, how old are you?
            Liberal Conservative…..I rather doubt it because Liberal then and Conservative then were completely different animals.

            I attest to the fact that Eisenhower was peace loving and anti-war, however; he was definitely not liberal by any means:

            world of ours… must avoid becoming a community of dreadful fear and
            hate, and be, instead, a proud confederation of mutual trust and

            Dwight D. Eisenhower

            Haven’t we become a community of fear and hate? Are we respected internationally as well as at home?

            A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

            Dwight D. Eisenhower

            is now the Liberal way. You see fit to value the privileges bestowed
            upon you by the government and along the way you certainly have
            lost your principles:

            You don’t lead by hitting people over the head – that’s assault, not leadership.

            Dwight D. Eisenhower

            ….and that is just what Obama has done…..

            Kennedy was considered more Conservative in the 60’s even though he was a Liberal. Just like Reagan, everyone liked him. In the last 6 years this has not been the case. There is a divide in this country that I have not seen in my lifetime.
            Were you even alive during the time Reagan was in office? I was, and I never felt better about this country because everything was moving. Business grew, taxes were low, pride and principles were intact.

            The Soviets are mere fledglings when it comes to freedom and capitalism.

            Yes I agree with you in regard to banks and yes the Corporations have gotten bigger, but you also have to remember Obama is putting a burden on the middle class and the wealthy have become wealthier under HIM. He has allowed their capital to accrue.

            Conservatives encourage private enterprise and because of high taxes ( the highest in the world for companies) and huge regulations how can anyone do business in this Country? Media conglomerates? Why not tell me how many are Conservative?

          14. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Excellent post. Now I have some understanding of who you are. First, You missed Reagan cleaning up the mess during the Carter administration.

            But that is not important as you are halfway to becoming free of the political lies we all have been given.. The military industrial complex speech was pure genius, and totally unexpected by those around him. We also have the prison industrial complex which is a multi billion dollar industry as well.

            You and I are closer in belief than you think, the difference is that I refuse to vote either party. The NEOCONS are no different that the Democrats. They let just enough people in who convince people they represent the people, yet soon become very wealthy. None of those affiliated with either party will ever get a vote from me, ever again. They are on the same team, and play the people through the media that they basically own. The major media outlets are owned by very rich people who donate to both political parties to keep the game going. I laugh at all the Koch Bros crap, when they rank #59 on the political donations list. Nobody in the Liberal lying media ever mention that the top ten political donors are labor unions and they donate primarily to Democrat campaigns. Complete hypocrisy.

            The wealthy and the bankers run this country and the world. Remember the bail out at the end of the Bush and beginning of the Obama regime? 90% of the people were against it, but that meant nothing. I didn’t care Obama got elected, because after the bailout issue I figured out who runs things……and it ain’t us. Big banks run things and now, because of the newest cromnibus spending bill, every bank account in America is subject to complete confiscation. Retirement accounts will soon be a thing of the past when the seriously overpriced stock market crashes. It will, it’s inevitable. The bond bubble, the derivative bubble, all based on nothing. It’s just gambling and we are going to lose. The problem is they are worried they may not fair so well, as the people will be literally hanging bankers from lamp posts when this happens.

            Good luck with supporting any side of the faux political spectrum, I’m just trying to expose the lies, and they come from both sides. PEACE and best wishes of good health for you and your family!

          15. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            Gary, they do and they will find a way to work us no matter what side we are on. However, my viewpoint leads me to lean more towards the Conservative because the other direction is getting to uncomfortably socialist for my liking. You see Lenin tried extremely hard to be completely socialist and it did not work, so he began to lean more to the ideology of Marx. I have no use for anything remotely communist because my father escaped communism and I had family living in Communist Europe until the wall came down. My father sees signs of this resurgence of Marxist values brewing here in the US. So, like I stated before, I have no use for Progressivism and Liberlism.

            When my father came to this Country legally, he experienced the most wonderful life anyone from Europe could ever have experienced. He has seen many changes in his 89 years. I admire his insight and respect his views because he has lived through various regimes and he has lived the American dream having come here with $7.00 in his pocket. This is no longer the America he came to and fell in love with. It’s a semblence of it’s former grandeur that’s for sure. But I will never have the views of the Left because they remind me too much of what I saw in Europe as a child before the wall came down and it scared me half to death.

          16. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Do not fear Joe. I’m nothing near Left Wing, The cold war has never really ended, it just became part of the indoctrination centers we call education centers. I didn’t fall for the lies then, won’t fall for them now. The Progressives are just being used, as Stalin once said “as Useful idiots”. Then he starved 25 million people to death. Idiots will always be…..idiots! I can’t even type LOL because it isn’t at all funny.

          17. James Bagley January 6, 2015

            Are you really trying to compare any American leader (Democrat, Republican or other) with Joseph Stalin? That would be pretty silly, and not worth even posting for a person who is serious. If your really believe this, perhaps you can point out the American leader who is anything like Stalin and what action(s) make them so.

          18. charleo1 January 5, 2015

            It doesn’t matter if it works with you. You’re ignorant.
            It’s like explaining a nuclear submarine to a chimp. He’s not interested, unless it’s yellow, and looks like a banana.

          19. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            I’m amused at your personal attack. Your inability to attack the message shows typical Progressive ignorance. You must be a PROUD PROGRESSIVE!

          20. charleo1 January 5, 2015

            Sure you’re amused. You’re too ignorant to be anything else.

          21. joe schmo January 5, 2015

            Charleo? Are you now the lone ranger? What happened to all your buddies? They seem to all be hiding. Could it be Independent and you are the last of the Mohicans……

            …or will the National Memo soon be like MSNBC and screen everyone who responds…LOL

          22. charleo1 January 6, 2015

            And the world will be better for this
            That one man, scorned and covered with scars
            Still strove with his last ounce of courage
            To reach the unreachable star!!!!!

      2. pisces63 January 5, 2015

        Iwas born and raised in Cleveland and we had Danny Greene and others. The bombing of Greene was legendary but they were killing each other until the feds broke them up and the same for Youngstown. You make it seem as if they
        did no killing, murders, etc. Get real, revisionist history never works. Even had Mormons murdering a family, they weren’t black, either. Murders happen and I have no intentions of taking up for them at any time. They deserve
        whatever they get. I do not hold with whiners
        and I do not tolerate those on their knees all the time like a Sharpton(Never liked him from Brawley debacle and has no credibility with me or this president so put that lie to rest) and Jackson(Never liked him from time of King, either. I was young and saw that.) That is the one thing people like you don’t seem to get, neither likes the president.
        They are angry because he does not play the woe is me mantra. They are angry because he does not speak at
        their stupid functions, also. Yet, no matter what and I am a Voinovich democrat and loved the man if not all his
        policies and I normally would have voted for Kasich over FitzGerald because hewas worthless to begin with. I have NO intentions of voting for another republican for dog catcher. You do not denigrate me, take away my vote,
        or try to and before you come up with the you need an ID for everything, I didn’t when I registered in 1970 and I don’t, now!! Only 2 states required ID’s to vote in 2008, until a black man ran for president and won, twice. I didn’t need
        an Id to get into the Justice Center where my sister and daughter works and where I will serve jury duty in a couple of weeks. I do now. I did not need it to walk into City Hall to go to vital statistics, I do now.

        1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

          For the record, I won’t vote for an member of either political party. I consider both as nothing more than criminal cartels who have hijacked and have a monopoly on the elections. Basically, they decide which choices people have when they vote. That is nothing more than an illusion of choice that I refuse to legitimize by voting for them. No, I’m not an Anarchist or a Sovereign Citizen. There are necessary things where government is important. Ours is out of control and do not represent any of the people.
          One of the many reason’s I left Youngstown in 2010 was that it’s a crime ridden shithole. The government corruption has been rampant since I left, from what I hear from relatives that still live there. The mob in the past was violent, when you were on the wrong side of them. My cousin, Jack Tobin found himself in that position and was gunned down in the 70’s. I have no illusion of revisionist history, nor do those progressive terms impress me, the opposite in fact. I’m an educated, decorated war veteran, I see things as they are, not what the propaganda machines want me to see. This article is progressive BS that has no basis of fact and relies on lies and hypocrisy. That Sir, I will call out everytime I see it.
          I’m not a fan of having to show an ID much myself. That reminds me of the Nazi’s (show your papers). I don’t want to do anything to diminish another person’s freedom and will not demand government do it by threat of force. At the same time, I will not tolerate when a person or a group want to interfere with my rights either. I’m a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and exercise my rights daily. I think police brutality is BS and should be dealt with as seriously as armed robbery.
          I have no problem helping those in need, when my abilities allow for it. Being forced to fund entire generations of families through forced taxation is theft, period. I’m not against helping the poor who are elderly or trying to support themselves. We all can’t be rocket scientist’s. I’m against politicians who are elected and THEN become millionaires (which is almost all of them). I think we have way too many laws and far too many government regulations.
          People whine about the oil companies. Prove it by losing the vehicle and get a horse, because not doing so is hypoctritical. Don’t tell me how I should live, eat or drink. It’s nobodies damn business and I’m fed up with Progressives who think they know how I should live. F them. I can’t stand liars and will embarrass them if needed to set them straight and I don’t care if people like me or not. I don’t litter and utilize all the natural resources the earth provides to the best of my ability. I’m an avid hunter and gardener, I raise my own chickens and my red meat is venison.. My veggies are all locally grown, pork and beef locally raised.. When you go buy eggs in the future and realize the price is higher, thank Liberal’s in California, because they think they know how chickens want to live too!

      3. pisces63 January 5, 2015

        One other thing. Tell the whole story of
        southern democrats who became Dixie-crats in the 1940’s and then republicans after the passage of the civil rights, voting rights bills by Johnson and he was right, they lost the south. Jessie Helms, Strom Thurman and others. They ,
        southerners have the poorest states and more people on government help and they are run by who? Republicans. Rick Perry gutted every known help for poor women using the lie they were stopping abortion. He with a $150,000.00 year job, living in a mansion and drawing a $92,000.00 a year public pension at the same time. Texas, once one of the riches with her refineries and big oil, is now one of the poorest states.

        1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

          What is sad is that we could both produce literature that would support our respective historical positions. That however, would a huge waste of time and energy that I would rather spend on dealing to today’s problems, which as you mentioned above is pervasive through out politics. I’m not even going to ask you to prove your claims on Texas, as I don’t live there and don’t care. It would be rather silly to sit here and go back and forth over corrupt politicians on each side of the political spectrum when we should save time and just agree they are all corrupt. Let’s work past the propaganda and discuss the facts.

          1. pisces63 January 5, 2015

            I still cannot comprehend this almost manic 2nd amendment mantra and never will. My dad served in the Navy during WWII. My uncles in the army. My father-in-law, the army. My younger uncles served in Korea. My cousins, I have no brothers, served in Vietnam in the army, navy, marines and air force. My brother-in-law retired from the Navy and naval reserve. He is a cop and he has a problem with conceal and carry. I pay attention to everything going on. I listen to everything but don’t
            really pay attention to blogs, too much.
            I don’t like being told what to eat, either. I hate the war on sugar, the purest food on the planet. Nothing in it but calories. It’s what your brains thrives on. Too much is too bad and too little
            is bad, both extremes can kill you. I have a really big problem with giving artificial sweeteners to children. My children and now my grandchildren get real sugar. Now, it turns out one of the
            artificial sweeteners causes cancer, diabetic comas, etc. they are taking it off the shelves but how much damage has been done. How do they
            know the lack of pure sugar isn’t contributing to the rise in autism. OB/GYNS tell women to not use them during pregnancy but they do to watch their figure. Are you kidding me? Yes, there
            are many things I rant about that I do not like in this world and I do it. A number of columnists know me well.

          2. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            “Yes, there are many things I rant about that I do not like in this world and I do it.”
            As you should do it. Even if I don’t agree with people, I respect their right to speak their mind. My number one reason for joining the USAF was to protect the rights of my fellow Americans. Back then, politics was not a part of my life interests. Even with this insane political divide we have today, I would do it all over again for the very same reason. When one takes the oath of service, which is defend the Constitution, it is very meaningful. I’m also an Oathkeeper, as I believe very strongly in our rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.
            As far as the 2nd Amendment, maybe I can help with your understanding by explaining my views on the subject. I have always been around guns, whether target shooting or hunting. Got my first .22 single shot for my 5th birthday and was taught to shoot and most importantly, taught about safety. So my exposure is immense. My job in the USAF was a Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Technician. My job was to teach gun safety first, ten marksmanship and maintenance, in that order. We were very safety conscience and never allowed for violations to go unnoticed.
            After my honorable discharge in ’95, I worked in several different jobs until I got ended up in healthcare working at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown. From 2001 to 2010 I worked in procurement for the service departments and served as a Teamster rep for the members.. In 2010, I decided to move to the country and began my new career as an elderly caretaker, which I do full time in my home. This allows me to REALLY hunt deer to my fullest dreams. So I’m an avid hunter, bow, muzzleloader, rifle, shotgun and Flintlock.
            That explains me, but not really what use 2nd Amendment folks really stand for. It’s in the history of the 20th Century and well documented that gun control always has led to mass murders of over 50 million innocent people by their own tyrannical governments. It is undeniable that these murders always followed disarming the citizens. These governments usually began slowly with registration, then some event would trigger new laws and less guns until all guns were outlawed. . Because the people followed the law, the government knew who had guns, what they had and how many.
            This will explain our fight against registration, which today is called Universal Background Checks. Our current background check system is even questionable, but there are some good points to it. Background checks don’t work in keeping guns from the criminals anyway. But I will always be against Universal Background Checks as that can only work with registration. The fact that many of our government folks are even considering this should scare the hell out of anyone with this knowledge I have covered. If you would like, I can produce links to back up those murder stats.
            Those who wrote the bill of Rights knew the history of Governments. Governments will always und up tyrannical and oppress their citizens, therefore, the only defense of this is to have an armed society. Our weapons should be equal to that of the Government (not the military mind you, that is not our belief). Defense of self and property is also a reason. Sadly, it’s clear that not all people are honest and law abiding, they will have the same weapons as the government, so it only makes sense to be equal. There is very little crime where I live near Tionesta. Most people carry and criminals are mostly cowards. If they don’t have the overall advantage, they will go elsewhere. Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in America. Need I say more?

          3. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Forgot the most important point. Are these recent demonstrations about police abuse of authority and such? there has been plenty of examples of bad policing and not bad policing. But if the cops are the only ones with guns and they decide they can be bad, everyone id screwed.

          4. Dave January 5, 2015

            This Is a good video on why good people should be Armed, and why the second Amendment is so important in preserving our rights and freedoms in America.


          5. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            Damn good video that says it better than I. My hope is that folks here will watch it, regardless of political belief.

      4. Allan Richardson January 6, 2015

        In those days, the Southern Democrats were NOT what we would call “left wingers” today, except in the sense of wanting federal help for their macro-economic failures which dated back to antebellum policies of depending on slave labor instead of developing industry. They were the same kind of racists (and during the “transition generation” many of the same INDIVIDUALS) as many of today’s Southern (and not so Southern) Republicans. They even had a special name, “Dixiecrats.” Starting in the 1920s they supported the GOP on all social issues (such as Prohibition and closing down the immigration system, imposing quotas per Klan ideology), but voted with the national Democrats, who had rebuilt by recruiting immigrant workers and helping them create labor unions, on Presidential ballots and the New Deal (which helped more WHITE people than black people, and STILL does, what is left of it).

        And why would you expect poor minority voters to vote for the party that calls them “thugs” and “lazy?”

    3. 1standlastword January 5, 2015

      Well put! We live in an age when money, power and influence culminate racism and all other social ills, as you so sagaciously note our world has always excused those who can buy their way out.

      If the murdered black men in reference had prodigious wealth they would be reading and blogging about this very issue: instead they were –“first”–ALL made victims of institutionalized poverty which is a set up compelling the most vulnerable to a life of crime with frequent encounter with the politically (un) justice system.

      I was watching an expose on Afghanistan and the soldiers were saying “politics drive this conflict not the military intervention”

      FAILED POLITICS lead to human sacrifice:

      The NYC C.O.P. said the same thing mentioning how the conditions of inner cities are the results of failed politics.

      Then you hear the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and conservative lawmakers, including the Republican Speaker of the House, deny poor people a living wage.

      The best antidote for “felt” racism is an open avenue to the ever illusive “good life” But in America “bad/ biased” laws have become obstacles to the average citizens economic sense of security:

      Consider all the people burdened with unmanageable student loans!

      1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

        It amazes me how many on the left simply do not understand economics at all. I’m not trying to be rude or start any name calling (because that isn’t productive). You made this statement: Then you hear the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and conservative lawmakers, including the Republican Speaker of the House, deny poor people a living wage.
        The best antidote for “felt” racism is an open avenue to the ever illusive “good life” But in America “bad/ biased” laws have become obstacles to the average citizens economic sense of security: Consider all the people burdened with unmanageable student loans!

        I’ll agree with student loans. But this problem as far as the future can be eliminated.. Get government out of the student loan business. Once the loans are NOT guaranteed, higher education will be force to reduce what they charge because students will have a harder time getting loans, and those loans will not likely be guaranteed to the schools. In short, colleges know they can charge a fortune for their services because the government has guaranteed they will get paid. Remove the guarantee, prices will be forced to fall.. The education will be the same because economic reality will cause competition. Competition keeps quality high and prices low.

        On the second, living wage, or in short minimum wage. First, the Constitution does not provide the Feds the authority to regulate wages, that is why they really don’t want to push things too much because it will likely end up in the Supreme Court. The don’t want that for obvious reasons. Honestly, I have a hard time articulating economics so I go find help in getting the point across. Here are some links to help explain the bad parts that raising the minimum raise will result in.


        The Minimum Wage and the Great Recession: Evidence of Effects on the Employment and Income Trajectories of Low-Skilled Workers


        1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

          For the record, I believe in a fair wage for services rendered.. Labor is an asset that has price limitations depending on what the labor is. I was also a Teamster Rep for 9 years and did not really like across the board raises (even though that’s what happened). Wages and raises should be earned. A good productive worker who shows up daily should be paid more than a less productive worker who calls in sick often.

        2. 1standlastword January 5, 2015

          “It amazes me how many on the left simply do not understand economics at all.”

          Here is where you lost me!

          After the opening insult I find you add nothing useful to my interest or understanding.

          In fact the links are equivalent and consistent with doubling down on the opening insult

          I’m not in the mood today…so long and …lastwords!!!

          1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

            My apologies, it was not meant as a personal insult. Unfortunately, economic knowledge is very important in trying to get the best understanding of the subjects you mentioned. I’m learning everyday so I can discuss these issues in a way that brings out the facts , rather than emotional desires. I would like everyone to be wealthy too, but it’s a pipedream that can never happen.
            Now, I have apologized and would appreciate some educated debate on your talking points. I’m not in the best of moods either, it’s 13 degrees outside, windy and snowing with periodic whiteouts.

  11. Billie Erin Walsh January 5, 2015

    Now your just being silly.

  12. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

    Cops shoot white guy, because he didn’t want to show an ID to turn a stray cat in. Not one cop hit or claimed they feared for their life. Media mostly silent because it don’t fit the agenda of racism. http://politicaloutcast.com/2015/01/man-brings-cat-animal-shelter-gets-killed-cops/

    1. Dave January 5, 2015

      Gary: did you see the story of the good old Al Sharpton getting paid to not cry “racism” at corporations. The New Post has covered that story.


      1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

        Yes I have. It tells a lot about the man and the BS claims of racism. Without invented racism, Sharpton would have to buy work boots and work for the American dream. That will never happen because it his name and picture next t the definition of RACIST. He is nothing more than a fraud and a race PIMP.

  13. Elliot J. Stamler January 5, 2015

    Left-wing bullshit from a leftist who is exactly what the Democratic Party of which I am a member does not need. Right now a legal attempt is being made in NYC to open up the Grand Jury transcript in the Garner case. I hope it is. Living as I do here in NYC I know that Garner, on probation and with a long criminal record, was resisting his LAWFUL DUTY to submit to arrest and further it appears it was his own ill health that caused his death. As for Brown, he got just what he deserved..a hulking, violent criminal who just had robbed a store and tried to murder the police officer. Black men should fear the police…when they commit crimes. If they don’t commit crimes they need have no fear. It is an absolute libel that leftwing boobs like Press write that at least here the NYPD is out to intentionally harm blacks because of racism. When male blacks get it through their heads that if they are arrested they MUST SUBMIT TO ARREST and thereafter present their defense in court and thru the many other avenues they have for redress, then and only then will these events cease. I am not going to let the racist defenders of black criminals like Al Sharpton define the parameters of this issue,…or simpering leftwing fools like Press. As for the Europeans the day hasn’t come any of them are fit to lecture Americans on human rights..not with their record.

    1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

      Well said!

    2. James Bagley January 5, 2015

      Hmm. So what do you have to say about the case of Michael Giles, a clean-cut USAF serviceman who was attacked by somebody in a violent mob, pulled out his legal firearm, shot his attacker in the leg, didn’t kill anyone, and was sentenced to 25 years to life in the state known for the ‘stand your ground’ law?

      Everything was legal as far as I can tell (look it up), and Giles didn’t resist arrest. The only difference between him and George Zimmerman was that he had a better reason to stand his ground, and he didn’t kill anyone. Oh yes, he also had black skin. This isn’t the only example of this, so what have you to say about that?

      1. Hgeyer January 6, 2015

        Giles had left the scene of the violent mob got a firearm and came back into that mob. That was his mistake….. He was convicted of aggravated assault with a firearm which unfortunately carries a mandatory 25 years.

        1. James Bagley January 6, 2015

          Mr. Giles retrieved his legal firearm from his vehicle and went to retrieve his friends who were still lost in the midst of a violent crowd, thus he had good reason to both arm himself (he had a concealed carry permit), and to enter the crowd to try to help his friends get to safety. He wasn’t brandishing the firearm, rather, it was in his pocket. He didn’t attack anyone, rather, they attacked him. He was legally entitled to be where he was, and once attacked legally entitled to defend himself. The ‘stand your ground’ law is named ‘stand your ground’ because there is absolutely no requirement to leave your location is you are legally there (he was), and you are allowed to defend yourself with your firearm is it is legally carried (it was) and you are attacked and fear for you safety (he was and he did). And he didn’t kill anyone.

          Contrast this with George Zimmerman, who pursued an unarmed teenager who was legally entitled to be where he was even after being instructed by the police to stop following the boy. He ignored the police and continued to pursue the boy, leaving his vehicle to pursue him on foot. Pursuing a person with a firearm even after being instructed not to do so by police is very aggressive and very much different from simply trying to extricate your friends from a violent mob. And as we all know, he ended up killing the boy who unsurprisingly was not happy about being followed.

          Giles had a clean record and was an honorable member of the USAF. Zimmerman, in contrast, had a history of violent confrontations, including one with a police officer and domestic violence. He has also been accused of sexual molestation. He lied to the court about being indigent when in reality he and his wife had received over $250,000 in online donations. The real difference here was the color of skin.

          This isn’t the only such example in Florida where a black person was treated wildly different from white people in the same situation. Marissa Alexander was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband after a violent confrontation. She didn’t even injure him, much less kill him. She was in her own home, and used her legal firearm to attempt to stop her husband from committing more violence against her.

          The wildly different treatment by the Florida judicial system appears to be related to two things: Black skin and the locations of the incidents and subsequent legal proceedings in what is commonly known as Southern Georgia, which is to say Northern Florida near the Florida-Georgia border. People call it Southern Georgia because of the fact that the politics and local biases are closer to the Deep South than that of the rest of Florida.

          1. Hgeyer January 6, 2015

            Get your facts straight BEFORE you spread bullshit online! In the Zimmerman case the police dispatcher kept asking Zimmerman what the guy was doing and where he was going….. Zimmerman WAS out of his car and on foot WHEN the dispatcher told him not to do that. He was walking back to his car when he was approached and attacked by Martin! He had lost sight of Martin when he cut between the buildings and Martin would have been home burning a his blunt if he hadn’t turn around and gone back to confront Zimmerman and attack him violently for “looking” at him!
            The problem in Florida is the mandatory sentencing laws for using a gun! Anyone with a weapons permit should have learned that getting your gun and heading BACK into a danger zone is a big NO NO! Marissa Alexander had the same problem, she had left the danger zone, retrieved a firearm and went back in….. in both cases returning with a gun shows intent! You are also taught that firing a warning shot is another big NO NO! It is an indicator that you are not in the type of danger that allows you to use deadly force. Just SOME of the legal bullshit a permit holder faces when they decide to carry and use a legal gun. In both cases if they had their guns on them when originally confronted they both would have walked. If it wasn’t for the mandatory sentencing laws they both probably would have walked with a slap on the wrist even with the minor violations of the laws…
            By the way, I don’t support the racial injustices that ARE prominent in southern law (not just limited to the south) I’m just trying to explain the mistakes that people CAN and DO make when they carry a gun…..

          2. Allan Richardson January 6, 2015

            It does seem, based on the recent cases in the news, that a “mistake” made by a citizen in dealing with a cop are ALMOST ALWAYS handled non-violently by the cops when the citizens are white, but FREQUENTLY handled by a shoot-first procedure when the citizens are black. What about the man browsing through a toy store for a gun for his son, shot without warning in the store (around OTHER innocent civilians); the 12 year old boy shot dead without warning or challenge while playing in the park with a pellet gun (NOT aimed at anyone)? There was ZERO evidence that Trayvon Martin was aggressive toward Zimmerman FIRST, only that he EVENTUALLY tried to get Zimmerman from following him by going at him with fists (and who knows what racial slurs Mr. Zimmerman made towards him? the only person other than the speaker who heard them is dead). In fact, the ONLY evidence the jury seemed to consider was Zimmerman’s OWN testimony.

          3. Hgeyer January 6, 2015

            Read the transcripts…. They also listened to the eye witness and the forensics…… And listen to the audio from the 911 call. All the EVIDENCE supported Zimmerman’s story! Get over it!

          4. James Bagley January 6, 2015

            You need to get your facts straight. There is no law in Florida that prohibits people from retrieving their legal firearm when they feel the need to do so. Nobody carries a firearm on their person at all times, and arming yourself when you feel you may be in danger is the whole idea behind owning a defensive firearm.

            Arming yourself with your legal firearm does show intent: the intent to legally arm yourself with your legal firearm. Being in a place you are legally entitled to be with a legal weapon you are entitled to carry isn’t proof of any wrongdoing — it’s supposed to be your right under Florida’s stand your ground law. There is no duty to retreat at any time.

            The real difference was the color of skin. Both you and I know it, and one of us admits it.

          5. Hgeyer January 7, 2015

            I’m licensed to carry in 33 states… I’m just stating what we are taught will get you in trouble and what will keep you OUT of trouble…. You don’t have to listen to or believe me. Good luck with your uninformed opinion of the law….

          6. James Bagley January 7, 2015

            Sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and in this case very little. A firearm concealed carry permit doesn’t magically transform you into a legal expert even on firearm-related laws.

            Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law is named as it is exactly because there is no requirement for a legally armed citizen to ‘retreat’ or ‘leave the scene’. In both cases that I cited, the individual had good reasons not to leave the scene. One had friends they were trying to find and help extricate from a dangerous situation, and the other was in her own home.

          7. Hgeyer January 7, 2015

            I don’t profess to be a legal expert on anything! If my “little knowledge” is dangerous your “no knowledge” is even more so! If they had followed the opinion of my gun instructors they would be home now with their families. Instead they did what your uneducated, no knowledge opinion says and are serving prison time. I think I’ll stick with my “dangerous” yet “educated” opinion!

          8. James Bagley January 8, 2015

            The reality is that you don’t know what would have happened. I can agree that leaving is a good idea, but the point is that George Zimmerman could have left the scene as well, but instead he did the exact opposite and actually pursued Martin, yet the results were very different in that case.

            You haven’t proven yourself to have an ‘educated’ view at all. Instead you seem to suggest that as long as a person is black, there is always some other reason why they are treated differently in the justice system, that is to say some reason that is all their fault. Perhaps you and your gun instructors can, in time, educate all of those clueless attorneys, judges, and legal scholars who disagree with you.

          9. Hgeyer January 8, 2015

            You are comparing apples to oranges there…… If Zimmerman had been confronted by Martin and had gone home and got his gun and came back and shot Martin he would be sharing a cell with Giles. He is hispanic and they tend to get treated differently in the courts too.
            Didn’t “suggest” anything. I’m judging these cases by their actions and NOT the color of their skin. You seem to be “suggesting” that since they are black we should overlook their critical mistakes when handling their firearms. Do you have ANY case examples where a white person made these same mistakes and was NOT convicted? THAT would give your argument some credibility.
            I know that minorities are not treated equally in the legal system but, In my humble OPINION, a lot of that is because of their socioeconomic status and not necessarily their skin color. Poor people always get the shaft from the legal system.
            Years ago my wife had a black co-worker that insisted whenever ANYTHING bad happened to her it was because she was black. If her car got a parking ticket it was because she was black. If her power got shut off for non-payment it was because she was black…. I personally think she got a parking ticket because her car was not legally parked and her power got shut off because she didn’t pay the bill, not because she was black but that’s just me….. I have gotten parking tickets and the power shut off too and I don’t think it’s because I’m white.

      2. Elliot J. Stamler January 6, 2015

        Mr. Bagley, I know nothing about this case and have not heard of it. If it came down precisely as you’ve written I find it difficult to understand how Mr. Giles could have been convicted and so sentenced. As I say I do not have any knowledge of this matter and I did not write that there is never an instance where a black person is wrongly charged. What I did write, clearly, is that this general campaign to malign and defame the police (including black officers) is a disgrace and an example of defending black criminals which includes, sir, unlawfully resisting arrest. And the specific facts in the Brown and Garner cases, especially the former, justify the outcomes. If subsequently in these 2 cases it emerges I am factually wrong I will gladly acknowledge that.

        1. James Bagley January 6, 2015

          That’s reasonable enough, but talking about a ‘general campaign’ to malign and defame police is a bit off the mark in my opinion. People didn’t get themselves killed to ‘malign’ police officers. The killing came first, and the rest is a reaction to an understandably alarming number of similar events.

          It is a well-known fact in America that black people are routinely treated much harsher than other people when it comes to the justice system, so much so that parents of black children speak about having ‘the talk’ with their children about the unique dangers they face from police officers because of their skin color. Nevertheless, resisting arrest is not a capital crime. And self-defense against an attacker using a legal firearm is supposed to be a right protected by Florida law, yet the application of that law appears to be quite different depending on the color of the person’s skin, as with the case of Marissa Alexander, who was sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot at her abusive husband while he was attacking her. She had a legal firearm, was in her own home, and was being attacked. And she didn’t even injure her attacker.

          How do you explain this very different treatment?

          1. Elliot J. Stamler January 6, 2015

            Well, again Mr. Bagley, I live about 900 miles north of Florida and have never been there so I know nothing of this case either. Assuming Ms. Alexander appealed I would like to read the decision of the appellate court in upholding the conviction before expressing any opinion. After all I just do not know the facts-only your brief exposition of them.. I don’t like to be regionally chauvinistic but what the hell, to us up here Florida and all the rest of the Confederate states have systems of justice that are pretty bad. That is a reflection of the prevailing political, social and cultural ethos of the south.

          2. James Bagley January 6, 2015

            The facts can be easily found by using Google if you are interested in the details. And if I’m not mistaken, the conviction was vacated on appeal due to improper jury instructions, and I believe the woman is being retried. But the whole case is pretty absurd and and an obvious injustice, and it’s a more common occurrence than you might think for people with black skin.

            Whether or not a black man (or woman) has committed a crime, there is a very real reason why they fear police. Be thankful that you don’t understand this reality through experience and probably never will. It makes for easy and tidy judgements about people who have to face a reality that you don’t.

  14. Louis Allen January 5, 2015

    Shhhh !!
    After Elliot J. (a Dem) and Gary Miles, …. not a peep from the Libtard IDIOTS…. LOL !!
    I am here waiting for them to come out from under their rocks.

  15. Don Nemerov January 5, 2015

    “Black Men: Beware Of Police Officers” ius very irresponsible
    headline to use on a website, actually appalling given what happened in NYC
    just a couple of weeks back. Freedom of speech is wonderful, so are
    responsibility and common sense.

    1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

      Agreed! It is also irresponsible to claim racism where none exists to push an agenda based on lies. AS I have said, Progressivism (aka Communism) is a cancer. It needs to be eliminated from society.

  16. Dave January 5, 2015

    Black Men Beware of the Police Officers. After reading the headline of this story, and then the story itself, it tells me two things.
    1.Black Men beware of the police, it sounds to me like Bill Press and the leftwing media are only adding fuel to the fire of the race issue we have in America today.
    2. Our European friend’s across the pond are only getting half of the story.

    1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

      Considering how often slavery and the civil rights movement are used constantly by the Left to support their agenda, using this this opinion in the article is as hypocritical as I have ever read:

      On German television, a special program on racism in America opened with the chilling observation: “For half a century, the land of the free has been trying to overcome racism and discrimination — with doubtful results.”

      I don’t think the Germans opinion upon civil rights and racism (or bigotry in their case) concerning the last 3/4 of a century means anything. It is telling that the Left Wing media will completely destroy their own position by using such an opinion after what the Germans did to the Jews (after they disarmed them).

      1. joe schmo January 5, 2015

        There is a saying about the Germans. They do everything 110%. In the case of the Jews, which was disgusting to say the least, they were 110% in the wrong direction. Again, they have hit the 110% mark only it is in the uber Liberal direction. There seems to be no middle ground.

        1. Gary Miles January 5, 2015

          I think those in Europe have enough of their own issues to be worried about than the BS Left Wing garbage spouted about on the MSM here.

        2. Budjob January 7, 2015

          Joe Schmuck,Is Uber the same as Goober?Because it appears you are close to it!

        3. Budjob January 8, 2015

          Schmuck,I have the answer to the problem of white people hating black people,black people hating white people,hispanics hating everyone in between and the native Americans despising everyone for stealing their land.We should all just keep fucking until we are all the same color.That surely would be an enjoyable way to promote racial harmony!!

    2. joe schmo January 5, 2015

      Our Eurpoean friends across the pond have their own issues. Namely, the Muslims…… This coming from family in Europe.

      1. Budjob January 7, 2015

        Schmuckface,You are %50 of the problem.the other %50 are Republicans!

    3. kenndeb January 6, 2015

      Even Canada only gets part of the story. The regime wants a race war.

    4. joe schmo January 6, 2015

      I believe they want to incite civil unrest on purpose. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen…….

      1. Budjob January 7, 2015

        Joe schmucki,I hope it does and,I hope they come after individuals such as yourself!

  17. Whatmeworry January 5, 2015

    I was in Asia when all the stories broke. Folks there were amazed that blacks would be allowed to act like that with out being arrested, let alone that they are allowed to resist arrest after breaking the law.
    They were shocked that so many blacks at like savages

    1. Daniel Max Ketter January 5, 2015

      Heck, I was in Williamsburg, and got another citation by a black officer for speeding 45/20 in a school zone. The little runts hadn’t even started school yet

    2. joe schmo January 6, 2015

      🙂 There seems to be a character flaw involved somehow….. These morons just don’t get that it has nothing to do with race.

      1. Whatmeworry January 7, 2015

        I’ve lost many promotions to blacks, and ended up being an overqualified data entry clerk instead of a senior superviser

    3. manny January 7, 2015

      Great. It’s only in America. The blacks in other countries are proud of themselves.

      1. Whatmeworry January 7, 2015

        I agree blacks in Africa know that it will be centuries before they will be able to compete with whites on any level

        1. Daniel Max Ketter January 8, 2015

          Huh?? Go On!

      2. Whatmeworry January 7, 2015

        I agree blacks in Africa know that it will be centuries before they will be able to compete fairly with whites on any level

        1. Daniel Max Ketter January 8, 2015

          You are correct. Blacks can’t compete fairly with whites, but make up your mind.

  18. Whatmeworry January 5, 2015

    I was in Buffalo when all the stories broke. Folks there were amazed that whites would be allowed to act like that with out being arrested, let
    alone that they are allowed to resist arrest after breaking the law.
    They were shocked that so many whites at like savages

    1. Allan Richardson January 6, 2015

      If you were in euthanasia, how can you still be alive? Resurrection?

      1. plc97477 January 6, 2015

        It’s a miracle!!

  19. joe schmo January 5, 2015

    Crime no matter how you frame it is still crime. It doesn’t matter what race you are. You all have made it a point to be a race issue. I truly believe that African Americans are shooting themselves in the foot.

    1) Police will be less likely to go into black neighborhoods which will result in more innocent lives being lost to fruitless killing.
    2) Police will go into neighborhoods that want them there like White neighborhoods.
    3) Crime will become more rampant because no one will come to protect innocent lives.
    4) Looting, stealing and shooting up businesses will result in less businesses being in Black areas.

    Your point?

  20. pm1 January 5, 2015

    What a crock! How about the fact that it’s not safe for White people to walk or even drive through the crime-ridden Black sections of America? Vast sections in virtually every in every city, in every State across America! For decade now!

    Take a walk, Bill. Preferably at night. Take your naive Lilly-White protesting tools with you. It wont take long for you to learn the truth about racism in America.

  21. pm1 January 5, 2015

    What a crock! How about the fact that it’s not safe for White people
    to walk or even drive through the vast crime-ridden Black sections of
    America? Vast sections in virtually every city, in every State
    across America! For decade now!

    Take a walk, Bill. Preferably at night. Take your naive Lilly-White protesting tools with you. It wont take long for you to learn the truth about racism in America.

    1. Peoples425 January 6, 2015

      It’s easier just to say that you don’t know what you’re talking about and leave it at that.
      You’re complaining about a decade when, last I checked, this article is referring not only to the past half century, but also the origins of this country and yet you would like to talk about a crock?
      Nevermind… I’ll leave it alone.

      1. joe schmo January 6, 2015

        You best not leave it alone because NOW it is in your face, our face and the American face. I lived through the riots in the 70’s. Who were the victims?

        The mentality of today, as such, is anarchic. You have to ask yourself is that what you really want because what you are eluding to is more than what ‘pm1’ is suggesting.

        I would agree, try walking down the streets of Compton, CA at night by yourself. Then ask yourself if you feel safe?
        I know a woman who grew up in Europe before WWII. She said, criminals large and small were severely punished for their crimes. Race was not an issue at the time because there were few ethnics in any European country. As a result of this swift punishment, women could walk the streets, by themselves, at night, unharmed.

        Your side is tying the hands of authority. More crime will result. It is not race it has to do with lax liberal laws and the criminal element getting away with anything.

        What do you suppose will happen if there is no longer the law to take care of innocent people? What do you suppose will happen if there is civil unrest? Your thinking is not logical. This has nothing to do with race. Your media and your president are lying to you…….

        Don’t you even realize the sacrifices law enforcement and the military make to keep us FREE. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise.

        1. Budjob January 7, 2015

          Joe Schmuck,You sir are a certified bonafide,dyed in the wool,card carrying FUCKING RACIST!!!

          1. kenndeb January 8, 2015

            The racists would seem to be those that continuously call others racists.

      2. pm1 January 6, 2015

        I hope for your sake that you were only playing dumb. I said “For decade now”. Clearly, anyone that isn’t a bleeding-heart apologist tool for lawless criminals understands that there is a typo within that quote. Clearly, anyone that is smarter than a fence-post would know that the above was intended as plural. I.e., the [s] was dropped.

        In case you weren’t just playing stupid and lazy let me retype it for ya; ready? “For decades now”! There! “Decades”. Got it? Was that able to penetrate?

  22. pm1 January 6, 2015

    Simply unreal that we have so many ignorant and lazy people in America today. People like bill press who still cling to the asinine claim that mike brown was just a poor victim. People that still hold onto the media invented lies where brown was shot with his hands up. Some are even so dence and clueless as to claim the brown didn’t steal the cigars! Wow! And this, despite his cohort, dorian johnson confessing to that fact months ago! Simply ignorant!

    Where trayvon martin was just a good little boy running home with his Skittles. Where eric garner was ‘choked to death just for selling loosies’! And all done in by purely evil white racists! That is the biggest problem within the black community today! It’s all the bad white peoples fault! But of course!

    I got news for you clueless and lazy apologist tools; many black people are laughing at your naive Lilly-White ignorance. Your willing ignorance of facts and reality due to your own pathetic laziness is a huge problem facing America. Stupid, lazy, ignorant and naive, is not a winning formula for America going forward. Shame on you!

    Enough with the naive feel-good excuses. Stop blaming white people and take responsibility for the decades long abject cultural failures. Your lazy ignorance of reality is the real problem. As long as you keep on making excuses and blaming ‘bad racist white people’, you can expect the out of control daily murders and obscene crime rates by black people to continue.

  23. Peoples425 January 6, 2015

    The simple fact that one would compare the ability of whites being able to walk or drive down a certain street while Blacks can’t do either on ANY street without some fear of negative attention or consequence… for centuries and they want to complain about certain areas which are minor and, quite honestly, minuscule in comparison to vast amount of land and streets that they can and Black people can’t without discrimination or prejudice that even other countries that aren’t even that great at their own civil right’s issues notice it.

    1. joe schmo January 6, 2015

      LOL, seriously! Then who are the perpetrators? Law enforcement? If Blacks were not notorius in character would we even be having this conversation right now. It is a known fact that even though there are fewer of them African Americans commit way more crime than any other ethnic group.

      “Nearly 50% of all black males will be arrested by the age of 23.These statistics, compiled by four college professors between the years 1997-2008, were published in the January 6 edition of the journal Crime & Delinquency.

      A 2012 study by the Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention revealed that in 2010 black youths committed six times more murders, three times more rapes, 10 times more robberies and three times more assaults than did their white counterparts.

      Similar statistics were released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the “Uniform Crime Reports.”They determined, “In the year 2008, black youths, who make up 16% of
      the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime
      arrests, including 58% for homicide and 67% for robbery.” By contrast, the only categories where white youths surpassed blacks were in liquor law violations and driving under the influence.

      Even black civil rights advocates such as Van Jones, President Barack Obama’s former green jobs czar, confirmed these findings. In his October 5, 2005 article, “Are Blacks a Criminal Race?” Jones wrote, “African American youth represent 32% of all weapons arrests [and] were arrested for aggravated assault at a rate nearly three times that of whites.”

      Although few publications other than AFP have the courage to buck political correctness and address the actualities of this social cancer in a forthright manner, in a 2011 speech Philadelphia’s black Mayor Michael Nutter offered the following admonishment to black youths:

      “You have damaged your own race,” he said. “Take those damned hoodies down. Pull your pants up and buy a belt because no one wants to see your underwear
      or the crack of your butt.”

      Summarizing this entire matter was former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy who, on September 30, 2005 declared:

      “Some identifiable groups . . . commit crime at a rate that is higher than thenational rate. Blacks are such a group. That is simply a fact.”

      Unfortunately, you fail to see the truth for what it is…..

      Why not encourage a stringent education system for poor Blacks. Why not set up tough programs to help them succeed. Why not have positive role models like Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain or David Webb or any other successful African American role model become a Black child’s hero. This delusional notion of thinking that everyone should fix the Ghetto problem is a misnomer. It starts with the Black community and not with the likes of someone like Al Sharpton who seems to transcend us back to a time before Civil Rights. It’s time to rethink the wheel.

    2. pm1 January 6, 2015

      Yes, let’s compare the obscene numbers of rapes, robberies and murders of whites by blacks to some imagined perceived mental state of white people – wherein they ‘discriminate’. Lol! What a pathetic defense of the indefensible!

  24. Allan Richardson January 6, 2015

    It is sad to accept this, but it seems that a young black man is LESS safe from police brutality than a decade ago BECAUSE a black President is in the Oval Office, and his presence there as stimulated a backlash in which racists are doubling down on their racism, while blaming it on “reverse racism” on the part of blacks seeking “special treatment” and “playing the race card” to avoid prosecution! The new ultra-conservative GOP majority in the Senate, and the existing ultra-conservative GOP majority in the house, got there in part because of the racist backlash against our President. And because, in November, the ONLY Congressional Republican not professing Christianity (Eric Cantor) was ousted in the primary for not being ultra-conservative ENOUGH, the position of Majority Whip has gone to a Representative from Louisiana who originally campaigned as “David Duke [the neo-Nazi] without the baggage,” and who made a major speech to Duke’s group, and now claims he did not know what Duke stood for.

    Back in the 60s, at least in TV shows like Dragnet, the Internal Affairs department of major police departments were portrayed as so tough on suspected bad cops, or even the heroes of the drama who got caught in accidental trouble with IA, that they were almost anti-cop! Even today, the IA group is portrayed as a “necessary evil” in police dramas. In real life, having an IA group within the department did not always cut it, so the regular prosecutor, who must work with the police on “normal” cases, has no incentive to prosecute police crimes with vigor, even when provided with plenty of physical evidence.

    The ultra-right wing has seized on these events to double down on their racist assertions that ALL BLACK MEN AND BOYS are “thugs” and deserve whatever happens to them at the hands of police, like Judean peasants encountering Roman centurions. Meanwhile, when wacko white supremacists wave guns in police officers’ faces, they are respectfully and patiently talked down, arrested, and often let go on probation.

    1. joe schmo January 6, 2015

      No….the police and the community are less safe from young Black men. You thinking is way off. The Black community needs to fix the problem before they can succeed and gain respect from law enforcement and the rest of the Country.

      Read this:

      The stats are there…. Just how bad do you want it to get?

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