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Book Excerpt: 'The Fox Effect'


Book Excerpt: 'The Fox Effect'


The following is an excerpt from David Brock, Ari Rabin-Havt, and Media Matters’ new book, “The Fox Effect,” published by Random House.

Barack Obama was inaugurated amid the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and had a similar mandate for change. Many in the media alluded to Roosevelt’s first hundred days, suggesting that the beginning of the Obama presidency might bring a similar period of reform, or, at the very least, the customary “honeymoon period” that usually immediately followed an election. But Obama’s ?rst hundred days would be different. Rush Limbaugh made headlines when he declared, days before Obama’s inauguration, “I hope he fails,” and Fox News was determined to make the radio host’s desire a reality.


  1. freethinker February 23, 2012

    This article is obviously in response to Fox pointing out that many major news outlets, particularly NBC, use Media Matter’s slanted articles verbatim. And how about supposedly unbiased news source like AP using phrases like, “to make matters worse” in news stories. Until the whole journalist/news industry cleans up its act regarding slanting, pointing at a bad behavior to justify your own won’t cut it.

  2. DavidSims February 23, 2012

    FOXfact: an oxymoron! The real word is FOXfantasy. Fox raises “yellow journalism” to new heights, but this is nothing new and not particularily dangerous except when is goes unchallenged. “All the news you ever wanted to hear just the way you wanted to hear it.”

  3. JanFix February 23, 2012

    From the beginning I have watches and it is apparrent the Republican’s only agenda was to get rid of Obama ignoring pressing issues for our National wellbeing. ‘what has shocked me the most wass the wide spread slurring of our Presisent by media, reppuboicans and facebook fans. We cannot fix the proboem unless it is addessed andconfronted by national unity. Reppublicans can’t even seem to agree with each other.

  4. tutidiez February 23, 2012

    Fox Lying News doesn’t have anything to do with News, this is just Republican and Right Wing Conservatives Campaign institution, it has been proven that they use all kind of malicious and dirty ways to mislead the viewers, Fox Lying News are experts in Manipulating the information adversely with the main purpose to divide and create hate toward anyone who thinks different than what they preach, it has been said by other institutions that “who ever watch Fox News has less knowledge than those who doesn’t watach any news at all”, they don’t waste the least opportunity to attack President Obama on everything He says and do, unfortunately there are to many that are so misinformed and so far from the truth from watching this shameless people, they don’t even consider how bad the impact of this twist can hurt so many,it should be some kind of legislation in Congress to that force this type to pay harshly for their actions,this unconscious even hire many of this corrupted politicians and have them in their payroll, it is so incredible that in the United States we can allow this kind of people to even exist.

  5. Frank3 February 23, 2012

    When I listen to Fox and hear some of the comments by their staff I feel like expectorating. I am left to wonder how these people live with themselves. I ask myself how low can some people go to get a paycheck. I am sure they don’t believe the garbage they spew.

  6. stsintl February 23, 2012

    1. When government controls the businesses we have SOCIALISM.
    2. When businesses control the government we have CORPORATISM.
    3. Ask not what Rupert Murdoch [FOX news & his other criminal enterprises] does for the Republican Party, ask what Republican Party does Rupert Murdoch.
    4. Republican party comprises three types of members. Paliniots- their IQs are less than or equal to Sarah Palins’. Newt-wits- their IQs range between Sarah Palins’ and Newt Gingrich’s. Murdochites- they directly or indirectly work for Rupert Murdoch.

    Let’s all pray- God Save America from Rupert Murdoch and his ilks.

  7. fairellF February 23, 2012

    Caught again. No surprise there. What are we going to do about it? The Rejectican Party is becoming more irrelevant by the day. They are on the wrong side of ALL social issues and will go down in flames in the next election–and the cycle after that will carry congress solidly democratic. I see a THIRD PARTY emerging which will take the the conservative base along with it. The Rejecticans can then REDESIGN a party more middle of the road. Then FOX NEWS will have to split as well into FOXRIGHT and FoxMiddle. Or maybe a new network will emerge which will crown Rush Limbaugh Emperor. I have three dear friends who were once solidly Republican who (still are) but who are also beginning to see how Fox News has betrayed them and realigned their thinking with Atila The Hun. They are actually watching more Mainstream Media these days. Can’t wait to see how that turns out.

  8. Sleipnir February 23, 2012

    People that watch Fox News are completely oblivious to what is really happenening in the world. They’re like lemmings being led blindly off a cliff because they can’t think for themselves. They should watch The Dailey Show with John Stewart and watch him expose the ridiculousness of Fox News reporting by using their own footage to show how they contradict themselves and flat out lie. He said they make it too easy for his researchers to expose them because they can’t even keep track of their lies. He also exposes the other news networks when they try to slant the news but they are not as big of liars as Fox news. If you want unbiased, truthful news watch The Dailey Show, if you want lies and right wing republican dogma watch Fox Lying News.

  9. kingjb4ever February 23, 2012

    I’m so glad to see that there is someone monitoring the lies and propaganda of the FOX News Channel and other media outlets. There is no reason that such lies and fearful words used by the Republican stooges should be used. Lies about the economy, unemployment, past voting records, The President’s birth records, his religion, and his intentions scare some people so much that the Republican Party doesn’t even care if they are found untrue, because the damage is done in the minds of those who have dislike for the present administration and the President. Some don’t care if the country falls apart as long as Mr. Obama doesn’t succeed. As evidenced by the remarks noted in this article. Thank God they don’t have their finger on the nuclear button, because some would rather destroy America than to have prosperity come at the hands of this President! If the people would get behind the president, the middle class would flourish. WAKE UP, people, don’t you see that is what the Republicans DON’T WANT?

  10. MaryLongleyHalperin February 23, 2012

    Just started reading “The Fox Effect” – I find it chilling & frightening that a so-called unbiased media outlet can fabricate lies about our President & deliberately mislead its viewers into thinking that it speaks the truth. Truly we need Jon Stewart to skewer the idiotic Fox “News” reports. Pres Obama is not a socialist or a Muslim or someone who was not born in America…and other lies & fabrications. Hopefully there are enough Republicans left who can think for themselves, who aren’t being force-fed crap on a daily basis. Here’s a quote from an article on another subject: “Believing bullshit doesn’t make it true.

  11. compsol February 23, 2012

    It’s amazing how many people call themself a “conservative” these days. FoxNews is the ONLY TV news they ever want to listen to/watch and therein lies one of the main problems. Fox News seems to be trying to brainwash everyone of Fox News “followers” into a “hate President Obama” state of mind and, also, into being a conservative. Then this makes their “worshippers”, A.K.A., their “cult followers”, seem to have a single mind-set brought on by this “brainwashing by Fox News”. The people begin to actually believe that ONLY “Fox News or another fellow republican” is gonna “think for me”.

    Furthermore, they seem to be becoming a “zombie” because of this kind of thinking. I sure wish when these conservatives write out the word “conservative”, that they would put a “k”, instead of a “c”, for the 1st letter. Then it will be more descriptive for them as they spell it konservative(sic!). Or better yet, replace the letter “c” with triple “k”, or “kkk”, and then call themselves KKKonservative(sic!) … because of their bigotry and hate.

    Furthermore! If they say they are a conservative christian, then, just spell those two word descriptions, together, as KKKonservative(sic!) KKKhristian(sic!).

  12. sleeprn01 February 23, 2012

    I think that the first paragraph pretty well sums up the prevailing feeling of both the GOP and their bullhorn, Fox News, when Rush Limbaugh states that “I hope
    he fails”. And this is spoken before Mr. Obama even takes office. I think that this statement is racist, disrespectful to the office of the presidency, and treasonous language or at least unpatriotic. In essence Mr.Limbaugh is hoping that our country fails. However this falls right inline with GOP rhetoric; when Senator McConnell has repeated multiple times that “my job is to make sure that Obama is a 0ne term president” he is echoing those same sentiments. In my 60 years on this planet I’ve never heard such vile hatred spoken so openly and tolerated by so many. I must, in my mind, consider these individuals to be evil. My definition of evil is someone whom with malice a fore thought seeks, to injure or harm another through subterfuge or nefarious means that are under their control. I think that this ilk, GOP & Fox, are absolutely being driven to these extreme sorts of rhetoric because President Obama is black; it annoys them to brink of insanity that their leader is African-American. I will say again that President Obama is guilty of GWB (governing while black) and this disturbs many Americans. We have not yet reached a post racial America.

  13. Fearfull Ralph February 24, 2012

    Left unstated is the extremely important service that Fox News does in sorting out what is true from all the lies being published and spoken. I get great comfort in the fact that I can rely on Fox News to show the truth. Yes, indeed, I know beyond all doubt that if Fox News states something is true then I know that it is a lie and can act accordingly. Just as the saying goes about lawyers it is doubly true about Fox News: “How can you tell if they are lying? If their lips are moving then they are lying.”

  14. jnabandit February 24, 2012

    Fox News support Republican stooges,and they would not no the truth if it hit them in the face, what a bunch of A H s

  15. GilbertOkoye February 24, 2012

    I am glad you have exposed the hypocricy, deceit and racist mentality at the Fox News. Like now, they want Obama to declare war on Iran. Why? Because they know that war is messy, and the only way to defeat Obama in November is to accuse him when the mess is there. Obama is trying to save the lives of americans, and the Republicans are bent on committing the lives of americans to harm. Give Obama a chance Fox News. Lies, misrepresentations, deceit, bigotry and shameless abuse will destroy america.

  16. GilbertOkoye February 24, 2012

    Every time the GOP candidates debate, they expose their lack of depth in the affairs that affect america. The worst one was when they blamed Obama for not bombing Iran. How can Obama be a failed President because he has failed to bomb a sovereign nation. War is not something you hold in your hand as a big stick to intimidate everyone. Obama’s successes in foreign affairs are so outstanding that they can not be ignored that easily. Please show what you can do for the people of america, not what Obama has failed to do.

  17. cpnoles1 February 24, 2012

    Fox news is the only news not in the bag for liberal prgressives! While other “news outlets” slant or even downright lie (MSNBC), fox gives the most unbiased representation. One of the few channels that has conservative, moderate and liberal commentators and journalist! I watch these other channels also, but without fox, you don’t get the true picture!

  18. cpnoles1 February 24, 2012

    The National Memo is the biggest piece of liberal trash,I have ever seen! If you agree with anything written in this so called “news outlet”, you are not able to think clearly!

  19. Pelksta February 24, 2012

    You want to talk about morons Fox right wing so called conservitives they couldn’t get it straight if there lives depended on it just look at the four fools that your party has running for the most respected leader of the free world . They are making the USA look like a joke but I hope that they relize that it’s not all of us just the Republican party and there leader that call them selfs conservitives. I’ll make it real short so your mind can grasp it . The main thing there running on right now is the mandate in Pres. Obomas Health care plan is the mandate there all against mandates right ? Well what the hell are they MANDATING by law and cost to women to get a altra sound if they and there Dr. say it’s not needed . You what to know what a MORON is ? It’s you and your party because half of the things the President has done and trying to pass in to law came from the Rep. side . The only reason there against it now is because of a black man in the highest office of the world and the Rep. can’t stand it at all and it is so clear a MORON as dumb as yo should be able to see , all you have to do is stop watching Fox news you MORON !!!!! The only people that should be mad is the Demacrats for our President to bend over backwards to try and meet the right (and it should be renamed to wrong) wing party half way just to be spat at . No matter what the Pesident does or whitch way he goes if it right or wrong the Republicans will smash him no matter what he does so the President should and from what I’ve been seeing is going to walk right over you and the rest of you MORONS !!!!!!

  20. Jackie Allen February 25, 2012

    It seems that I’ve waited ages for people to catch on to the kinds of destruction that has come from FOX, this propaganda media outlet. All the loud
    mouthed trash coming from the mouths of people who have little, very little education, no sense of moral standards at all. How long has it taken us to realize that there’s lots of money in lying to people who don’t have sense enough to check
    for the facts?


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