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5 Trump Cabinet Members Who’ve Made False Statements To Congress

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5 Trump Cabinet Members Who’ve Made False Statements To Congress

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Reprinted with permission from ProPublica.

As most of the world knows by now, Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not tell the truth when he was asked during his confirmation hearings about contacts with Russian officials.

But Sessions isn’t the only one. At least four other cabinet members made statements during their nomination hearings that are contradicted by actual facts: EPA Chief Scott Pruitt, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

The statements were all made under oath, except those of DeVos. It is a crime to “knowingly” lie in testimony to Congress, but it’s rarely prosecuted.

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt

The falsehood: Pruitt stated in testimony that he had never used a private email account to conduct business while he was Oklahoma’s attorney general.

The truth: Fox News 25 asked the state Attorney General’s office whether Pruitt had used a personal email. The answer was yes.

The Associated Press also received emails in response to a public records request showing Pruitt using a private account to conduct state business.

Pruitt’s response: None.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

The falsehood: DeVos said during her confirmation hearings that she has not been involved in her family’s foundation, which has given millions of dollars to group that oppose LGBT rights.

“You sit on the board,” Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) noted. DeVos responded, “I do not.”

The truth: As The Intercept has detailed, tax filings have listed DeVos as vice president of the foundation’s board for 17 years.

DeVos’ response: She said the foundation’s nearly two decades of filings were the result of a “clerical error.”

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

The falsehood: In written testimony, Mnuchin denied that his former bank had used so-called “robo-signing” to improperly foreclose on homeowners. “OneWest Bank did not ‘robo-sign’ documents,” Mnuchin wrote.

The truth: As the Columbus Dispatch detailed, OneWest Bank employees frequently signed documents in bulk without proper review, which is what robo-signing is. One employee testified that she typically signed about 750 foreclosure documents per week. The Dispatch noted that a judge stopped three OneWest Bank foreclosures “specifically based on inaccurate robo-signings.” Reuters also detailed the bank’s robo-signing back in 2011.

Mnuchin’s response: A spokesman offered the following statement after the Dispatch’s story: “The media is picking on a hard-working bank employee whose reputation has been maligned but whose work has been upheld by numerous courts all around the country in the face of scurrilous and false allegations.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price

The falsehood: During his confirmation hearings, Price insisted that the discount he got on a biotech stock was “available to every single individual that was an investor at the time.”

The truth: As The Wall Street Journal reported, fewer than 20 investors in the U.S. were offered the discount, including Price.

Price’s response: Price did not respond to the Journal’s story.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The falsehood: Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) asked Sessions whether “anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign.”

Session responded: Sen. Franken, I’m not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I did not have communications with the Russians.”

The truth: Yes, he did.

Sessions’ response: His office’s first statement: “I never met with any Russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign. I have no idea what this allegation is about. It is false.”

An anonymous White House official gave a New York Times reporter a different take, saying Sessions and the ambassador did talk and “had superficial comments about election-related news.”

Sessions’ spokeswoman later said Sessions often spoke with “foreign ambassadors as a senior member of the Armed Services Committee.Washington Post reporters asked all 26 members of the committee if they spoke to the Russian ambassador in 2016. Sessions was the only one.

IMAGE: Betsy DeVos, secretary of education, Jeff Sessions, attorney general, and Steven Mnuchin, treasury secretary, listen as President Donald Trump speaks. Jim Lo Scalzo / Bloomberg



  1. bojimbo26 March 4, 2017

    Just the normal for his cabinet .

  2. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

    Why is it that lying to Congress is perjury….except for these people? I want an answer.

    1. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

      Because they’re Republicans.

      Just imagine the furor in the RWMO were these to be Democrats.

      1. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

        That still does not answer my question. “because they’re Republicans” does that mean the party in power has the immunity to lie at will?

        1. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

          Only if they’re Republicans.

          The RWMO will stifle any attempts to prolong the story.
          Republican Legislators will ignore the lies.
          Trump will tweet something outrageous to distract attention.

          1. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

            he just did – see my link. I get it now. I was being too naive to think they would rise above themselves and do the right thing.

          2. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

            Silly girl. Republicans rise above themselves? Hah! Hypocrite is too mild a word.

            I claim no prophetic power. One might as easily prophesy that night follows day. Trump will tweet something outrageous every time the real news gets too discomfiting.

          3. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

            I told you I was having a moment of naivety…..:)

          4. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

            That’s part of why we love you. You think well of everyone. Even us when we don’t deserve it.

        2. Wrily March 4, 2017

          Maybe, because the president has the power to pardon them if convicted, everyone sees it as a waste of time to prosecute.

          1. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

            good point.

          2. Dominick Vila March 4, 2017

            Who is going to pardon him?

        3. idamag March 4, 2017

          It means the present party, in power, will and will get away with it.

  3. Wrily March 4, 2017

    I hear that Sessions will be allowed to amend his testimony to congress. I wonder if congress will use the opportunity to amend his confirmation?

  4. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

    Lest we forget the lie that cost us multi-trillion-dollars; i.e., the obamba Regime and his most famous lie . . . . “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor . . . . . “, repeated dozens of time . . . only one among the hundreds of other lies he and his Lemming spewed for 8+ years.

    The articles “lies” are so innocuous when compared to obamba’s LIES makes the article a simple JOKE!

    1. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

      Change the subject?

      Though I will give you that, even at the time, my friends and I thought President Obama’s phraseology unfortunate. What the President meant was that people would not be forced into medical plans. What came out was a promise that depended on others for fulfillment.

      But while we’re at it, “Repealed on day one.”, can be added to the Trump lies.

      1. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

        Ah ha . . . I knew I would find a Rational Poster on this site.

        I agree, but obamba knew the “fine print” would change the whole concept of AHA for folks with Common Sense . . . so he left it out . . . repeatedly!

        This was a repeated LIE, on purpose. The Republicans cited in this blog lied/stretched the truth/forgot, or whatever excuse, one or possibly two times.

        It’s a lesson in the Kings English; i.e., when asked a question, as Senator Session initially answered, specific to talking with a Russian about “the campaign”, he answered correctly, but “when the question was EXPANDED, later, by Democrats to include even talking with a Russian Diplomat, it became questionable.

        This tactic can be played on anyone at any time, anywhere, and it will work most every time, but that still doesn’t make it correct.

        1. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

          Thank you for the compliment.

          Obamacare, the ACA, had two segments.

          The first, to establish minima for health insurance so that policies would actually cover people, rather than be a sham. Thus we have the preexisting conditions, abolishing life time limits, covered services, etc.

          The second established State structures where policies could be compared for price and deductibles.

          Obamacare was greeted by cries that everyone would be shoved into HMOs, President Obama had set up Death Panels to decide who got healthcare, and other equally absurd statements.

          Into this President Obama made his statement. You can keep your Doctor, assumed that the Doctor would continue to practice. A fair assumption but one President Obama wasn’t in the position to fulfill. You can keep your insurance assumed that the insurance would be brought to Code minimum. Again that relies on the actions of others.

          My own joke was that I’d establish the Christian Science Insurance. $2 per year. You get sick, we pray for you.

          So no, no lies.

          With Sessions the old Watergate question applies. What did he know and when did he stop knowing it? Trump and his cronies contacts with Russia are at least troubling. Their attempts to explain, confuse, or deny are even more troubling.

          1. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

            I agree with what you’ve stated, but, that doesn’t clear obmaba from continuing to mislead America, multiple times and in multiple circumstances over several years, even after it was patently obvious to everyone it was a failure, but, I guess, that was his job as Chief Promoter of AHA?

            What the AHA did accomplish was to neuter growth in the Economy, cause corporations to follow, quite closely the 50 employee “trip wire”, added to unemployment, created many more part-time jobs with lower pay, added millions of folks to Welfare and “Food Stamps” and generally speaking, was a disaster that cost America directly and indirectly several of his trillions added to the national debt.

            Jokes aside, there is a Christian based health insurance “company” offering real insurance, though I’ve not checked it out, at reasonable costs . . . . more akin to a coop, where all members share healthcare/hospital costs of other members rather than pay an insurance company, which, to often, mismanages the cash and overpays hospitals who seem to have no shame when pricing their services.

            I think this is one of them . . . there seems to be others out there.


          2. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

            All insurance is something of a co-op. I’d like to think that your Christian Insurance is legitimate. Mine was a joke based on the fact that Christian Scientists believe illness is sin.

            I agree that companies started to game the ACA even before it was enacted. No surprise to me. People game any system.

            I agree wholeheartedly that insurance companies exist to make profit as are for-profit hospitals.

            I disagree with your assertions about crashing the economy. Romney care didn’t crash the Massachusetts economy.

            Still, I’d like to hear your idea for a national health care system.

          3. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

            Romney inherited a failing (financially) state, primarily due to the dotcom bust and he had to raise taxes and fees a lot, but did get MA back on stable footing, RomneyCare, and all.

            But, after Romney left office MA had several rounds of quite large tax increases, even with their economy growing, but slowly, after the dotcom bust.

            A quick and dirty explanation for a national health care system is to turn it back to the States as much as possible, if not 100%.

            States can best handle their unique issues, much as Romney did for MA.

            Ideally, reset the health insurance industry to pre-obamba days, emphasize national competition for all health insurers rather than setting up fiefdoms in states for health insurers, get state-wide control of health care costs, hospital costs and doctors costs . . . . not regulate them, but induce more efficient actions by creating/not controlling fair competition, making costs/charges available before the patient goes in for healthcare so the patient has the choice of what they get for what it costs and make the patient more responsive to the costs with health savings accounts and even rebates from their insurers when they save the insurers money.

            This can best be done by neutering Federal Control of most all of healthcare, including the reporting morass.

            Each state will have to set up and manage their high-risk pool, which includes folks who already suffer from existing health issues, and in doing they will provide data to other states on how best to manage this, which is the toughest part of solving the health care costs. This, in a nutshell is one reason obambacare failed, but a larger reason, I think, was the old maxim of anything the Feds do always fails.

            Most all Federal activities, other than waging war can best be accomplished by reducing the Federal Government and actually reading/following the Constitution. States should be the laboratories to prove/disprove what works and doesn’t work . . . . with little to zero Federal intervention. This same model should be applied to all Federal Agencies that are being duplicated by States (EPA, EDUCATION; i.e., most all agencies, other than the Military).

            This is what President Trump will do if given a chance.

            Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” will solve a whole lot of the current agony. 🙂

          4. dbtheonly March 5, 2017

            Lets start at the beginning.

            You believe in Adam Smith’s invisible hand. I submit that there has never been an economy based upon that invisible hand that has been even remotely successful.

            As evidence I submit:

            The hunting of the American Bison to near extinction in the 1870s.
            The pollution of rivers and air in Pittsburgh and Cleveland. in the 1900s.
            The over fishing of the Atlantic Cod in the 1970s., though there are plenty more examples of over-fishing.
            The destruction of British common grazing land in the early 1800s.

            Instead I assert with a famous American Politician, that all men are greedy for money and it is the goal of Government to turn those thoughts to the good of the community. I’ll give you extra credit if you can name the politician.

            If we get to some sort of agreement here we can discuss the next question: are we one country or 51?

          5. RichFromShowMe March 6, 2017

            Your references have absolutely nothing to do with competition which is the basis of Smith’s “Invisible Hand” which essentially says that the demand and supply of goods will reach equilibrium automatically due to market forces.

            Greed is what poisons souls . . . . not competition. Your quote could be by any number of folks, ranging from Russian Oligarchs to any number of American Economists and Presidents . . . . of course I’m speaking of the “intent”, not the specific words . . . evidently you did not quote the person?

            Smith’s Invisible Hand is functioning everywhere, in every market, but it works best in a Free Economy; i.e., free from Draconian Regulations . . . other than the obvious; i.e. Regulate those who do damage to others.

            I really have no need for extra credit 🙂

            I live in one country but it sound like you live in 51 🙂

          6. dbtheonly March 6, 2017

            Exactly wrong.

            Market forces drove the bison toward extinction.
            Market forces have driven several species toward extinction.

            You mentioned that you’d leave regulation “to the States”. That guarantees you up to 51 different policies. It’s been tried and didn’t work in 1783.

            The exact words weren’t recorded. It’s from a speech Daniel Webster gave in 1806. But it’s always struck me as a good starting point. Humans are greedy and governments exist to reign in that greed.

          7. RichFromShowMe March 6, 2017

            NO . . . Greed drove the bison to near extinction as you noted in your quote, over fishing and grazing grounds . . . not the market; i.e., supply and demand forces.

            The “Invisible Hand” works every day; i.e., the buggy whip manufacturer went out of business because folks moved on up to cars; i.e., there has to be a legit demand for a product before anyone will produce it . . . . that is, except the government 🙂

            Socialism (like obambacare) and most other “government programs” are destined for failure as they remove the freedom of “supply and demand” and substitute rules and regulations favoring one class over another.

            It looks like we disagree over the fundamental thing that has propelled America into the (pre-obamba) leadership position in the world, so it looks like both you and I are wasting our time attempting to change either ones lookout on life.

          8. dbtheonly March 7, 2017

            The demand for bison meat encouraged hunters to supply that meat regardless of the impact on the bison.

            But that’s greed, not market forces.

            But it looks like you define your terms in relation to the outcome.

            Yes, you’re right, this is a waste of time.

    2. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

      so if you don’t like the writing on this site go back to Breitbart. We will not miss you.

      1. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

        He’s a Breitbarter?

        1. idamag March 4, 2017

          Of course. Those people are so steeped in hate that they drop to seek their own levels and Breitbart reinforces their hatred.

        2. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

          most of the haters are. it gives them lots of new things to hate.

          1. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

            But the question then becomes how he found himself here, a middle-of-the-road, site.

          2. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

            troll assignment – find places you can blame Obama or Hillary…or Bill.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2017

            MB ..What I don’t get is why all of them are nearly all the same age. If you watch them in TV panels and interviews most of them are clones of Stephen Miller, the Trump Talking Head.

            But the question becomes, why don’t any of these lunatics of this age group realize nothing they post makes any sense?

            In my opinion? They spend so much time texting and playing disgusting video games that they have become cyber bots whose mentality is equal to pressing your “delete” key on your computer. rofl.

          4. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

            Ms. E,

            They live in their own bubble so their comments are cheered by their compatriots. They think of those comments as erudite.

            As for being of a similar age, I think that needs to be established. But I will point out that Libertarian philosophy tends to wear off over time. Perhaps there are studies on the Libertarian/White Nationalist connection.

            As for the White House hiring young people, every White House has done so. The commitment, the hours, the lack of pay, and the stress make it tough on anyone to work there. Impossible if you’re trying to raise a family.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2017

            I am curious if I am nothing. My curiosity led me to attend an open Libertarian Meeting obviously intended to recruit. This was at a time when I was so thoroughly disgusted with the Republican Party after being a member for 33 years.

            Here is what I saw at that Libertarian Meeting: 3 women out of a crowd of about 50 men. For some odd reason, the women were “allowed” to sit at the back of the room. Obviously, in order to ask any questions women from that vantage point would have to shout to be heard in a conference room that large. Hence, the male opinions that women “screech” and “are shrill.” rofl.

            These guys went on and on and on ad infinitum ad nauseum about how American Citizens should pay NO taxes. Since this was 2004 and already one Bush tax cut enriched the 1% by 11% according to the Government Accountability Office, I asked what I thought was a sensible question: “If Americans pay zero taxes, who pays for infrastructure repairs?”

            You’d think I asked for the Second Coming of Hitler. The “host” of the meeting started talking in circles and avoiding answering the question by supporting his anti tax BS with how much better off financially we would all be if Americans were not “saddled with taxation.” DUH.

            I left the meeting a few minutes later, realizing that intelligent female voices cause convenient deafness in men with the mental age of 3 years old.

          6. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

            My own contacts go back to the 70s before the White Supremacists got involved. It was unclear if it was a radical left or radical right movement. Didn’t much matter. The absurdities and inconsistentcies were clear.

            We laughingly called it “Anarcho-Selfishism”. As I’ve told Aaron, it is the most Anti-Christ philosophy around. I do not recall the Survivalist/White Supremacist aspect at the time. But it’s easy to see how they’d link up.

            Sounds like you’d found yourself in one of those White Supremacist meetings. Glad you got out safely.

      2. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

        Unfortunately, for you guys, I’m not a Breitbart Reader as I stick to ACTUAL PROVEN FACTS!

        1. Zengo March 4, 2017

          If you are so fair, why do you keep referring to Obama as “obamba”?

          1. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

            Because, for me, at least, obamba is the “American Version” of Patrice Lumumba, and has flailed away to his defeat as our nations leader.

    3. Wrily March 4, 2017

      I doubt the issue cost us multi-trillion dollars. I’m sure Obama believed it to be true when he said it. The same can’t be said about any of Trump’s cabinet; everyone of them lied, after the fact. Huge difference.

      1. idamag March 4, 2017

        These racist backwoods, in their minds, if a Democrat makes an error, the Democrat is the biggest liar ever. There is no “ifs” about Republicans. All of them lie and call it “Alternative facts.”

        1. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

          Funny . . . . I’ve heard the same reverse reasoning from those on the Right . . . .

          America desperately needs to have, I do apologize for forcing you to read my “backwoods english” . . . a national PowWow and get together to straighten out the mess we’re in.

          As for Racist, I’ve read more Racist and hateful statements on this one blog than on dozens of other blogs put together.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2017

        It was true. How on earth does a liar like Bitchy Richie say such BS when I know for a fact that we were covered by Aetna from 2007 until the company closed in 2013? I live in NJ. The big loss for the ACA here came when Governor Fat Mouth refused to set up a state agency for the ACA. So when NY’s Governor did and NY now pays 11% less for healthcare than NJ, the reason is totally attributable to our Republican Governor Fat Mouth who is about to be tossed on a landfill for his skankola.

        1. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

          “we were covered by Aetna from 2007 until the company closed in 2013? I live in NJ”.

          Methinks you answered your own query 🙂

      3. dbtheonly March 4, 2017

        As I stated, President Obama meant it to apply to being forced into health plans, a complaint at the time. The participation of any individual Doctor was that Doctor’s choice, as is their willingness to accept any particular insurance plan or not.

        We called the phrasing unfortunate at the time. I suggested a “talk real fast” disclaimer as done for car loans or pharmaceuticals in TV ads.

    4. FF March 4, 2017

      RichFromShowMe, that actually wasn’t a lie. As long as the insurance plan you had with your doctor offered the minimum requirement of services the ACA mandated, you could keep your doctor. Obama should have specified that in clearer terms. Many people were able to keep their same doctors and insurance plans because the plans met the requirements. But yes, some plans did not and people ended up having to switch to insurance plans that provided the new requirements. These were actually better plans offering no cost preventative services like mammogram and colonoscopy screenings that have already saved many lives. Not sure where you’re getting your multi-trillion dollars claim. The ACA certainly has its flaws, but I believe they are fixable. I suspect whatever the Repubs come up with, it will still have many features of the current plan, already being referred to as ‘Obamacare Lite’.

      1. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

        thanks for the reality:)

      2. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2017

        You are right. It NEVER was a lie. I should know. I was an accounting manager and our healthcare provider was Aetna at our company before the ACA in 2007 and until 2013. Richie Bitchy needs his mouth stuffed withy radioactive material and sealed with lead cement.

        Men like him are the ones who go around flipping houses and then stiffing the homeowners or they get money up front to make repairs they don’t ever make. But let them have to pay for their own healthcare and Bitchy Richie can’t manage that kind of responsibility.

        1. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017


          As an ex-Accounting Manager you should understand profit and loss when faced with a dead-end; why Aetna pulled out of various areas across the nation.

          1. bobnstuff March 4, 2017

            This is why Aetna pulled out, it had nothing to do with profits. It’s all about a blocked merger.

          2. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            I assume you’ve chosen to ignore the $300 million in pre-tax loss they experienced.

            As insurers who’ve pulled out of obambacare have found, “balancing” the earnings between those who pay the full price of (50-100%+) increases, with those who are subsidized, just doesn’t “compute” in the real world where most of us live.

          3. bobnstuff March 5, 2017

            Sorry to tell you this but Aetna did not loose money and in fact they pay a pretty good dividend
            . http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/stockdetails/financials/fi-126.1.AET.NYS?ocid=HPCDHP

          4. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            Correct . . . . until now!

            They have much larger operations in profitable vertical markets so their healthcare was not that significant . . . they learned about obambacare the hard way, like so many other insurers.

            Regulators, changing the rules, on a near daily basis, makes planning, pricing and balancing Paid vs. Subsidized arenas an impossible task.


          5. bobnstuff March 5, 2017

            A company needs a profit to do a stock buy back which is what Aetna is doing right now. If you go read the data sheet you will see that they are doing very nicely and isn’t a bad stock to buy. Did you read the Newsweek piece?

          6. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            Aetna has a profit due to its other vertical markets and to save the downside (as referenced in the ‘marketwatch’ article) of their foray into obambacare they are buying back their stock to try and keep the overall stock price up.

            Companies do this every day, preserving their stock value from going down, when a mistake is made; i.e., to cover their experience with obambacare.

      3. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

        “Obama should have specified that in clearer terms.”

        Which he did over and over with the same LIE; i.e., you can keep your ….. but forgot to add the “fine print” that screwed around 12 million previous health insurance holders who liked their doctor and his/her services.

        Now, if that was a slip of the tongue that screwed millions of Americans who were paying their way . . . . what’s the big deal about a Senator talking to the Russian Ambassador?

        Everyone, who has COMMAND OF COMMON SENSE (which seems to leave out many posters on this blog 🙂 knows that obamba, hillary and john k. (as failed SOS’s) promoted Vlad, the Impaler, into the International Cat-Bird Seat which he greatly appreciated.

        CLEAR HEADED FOLKS, with synapses that fire, also know that Vlad wanted hillary to be elected, which would automatically keep him in the International Cat-Bird Seat.

        Vlad knew that Trump would build up our military, re-start our economy and put America back into its International Leadership position which we were in, before obamba.

        It’s just simple COMMON SENSE!

        1. FF March 4, 2017

          What planet are you on???? All 17 intelligence agencies concluded that Russia wanted to help Trump win because he would loosen sanctions. Hillary would not. Why did the RNC change its agenda regarding Russia’s annexation of Crimea? To help Russia. Why did they hack and then release emails from the DNC if they wanted to help Hillary? Following your logic, they should have done everything to ensure she got elected, instead of Trump. Your post makes no sense.

          1. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

            This actually makes zero sense since the Sanctions you refer to were only put on as an afterthought/tripwire by obamba in his waning tenure.

            The story that was ignored by the Left, at least for clear thinking folks, was obmaba’s open influence, spending taxpayer money, to keep Netanyahu from being re-elected.

            The story, thought factually 100% accurate, died a sudden death as the Lame Stream Media chose to ignore it under the guise that, ” because the State Department never put any conditions on the money”, which is factually a joke on all American Citizens.

            I notice the racial and radical statement made on this blog rarely cite any evidence of their basis – is this Standard- Operating-Procedure, or just acceptable practice when the FACTS don’t back up your assumptions?


          2. FF March 4, 2017

            Sanctions have been on Russia since they annexed Crimea in 2014.

          3. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

            The beginning of the end was when obamba pulled out the missile defense shield and gave Russia the go-ahead signal.

            The other complicating factor was the constantly failed actions of hillary, followed by an even more inept and incompetent kerry. Everything they touched turned to crap right before their eyes.


          4. bobnstuff March 4, 2017

            The Russians had 500 billion reasons to want Trump for president, that’s the Price tag on the oil deal that is being held up by the sanctions. $500 billion is big money even to Putin and the Democrats were standing in his way.

          5. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            That plays nicely, but, when America becomes energy self-sufficient and stops buying foreign oil and probably starts exporting oil, the Russian oil deal will shrink in size.

            As for the Democrats standing in the way . . . . do you actually think that hillary, if selected, after her authorizing the deal to sell our uranium to Russia, would not go with the oil deal?

            For a “clear-eyed-unbiased-view” of what is really going on:


          6. bobnstuff March 5, 2017

            We don’t buy Russian oil. Never have.The ban on exporting US oil was lifted. Russian sells their oil to Europe and China. If anything the deal is growing. We can become energy independent any time we want but as long as the price is low we will import it. As far as the sale of or uranium to Russia you have once again bought the Tabloids story. A Russian company bought a Canadian company who mines uranium in the US. They can mine all they want but none of it can leave the country. There are rules on exporting uranium Clinton was one of nine different people who gave approval. .

          7. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            Precisely correct on Russian Oil, but oil is also a fungible product and the world is the marketplace.

            If the USA were energy independent and increased its export market the overall price of oil would drop, all things being equal and Vlad’s plans of making a killing of his oil deal could fade.

            Presently oil producing countries are flooding the market with oil in order to keep the price down (though we don’t see it at the pump 🙂 and to discourage American Oil production, but with the Pipeline the costs of production (shipping) will drop markedly and add to the international market for our oil.

            The Uranium deal was a ripoff from day one and greatly enhanced to coffers of the clinton-crime-family-foundation and its various benefactors; i.e., their friends and her campaign.


            As uranium ships to Canada and then through various veiled avenues, uranium will end up in “enemy” hands.


          8. bobnstuff March 5, 2017

            If any Uranium ends up in the wrong hands you now will have Rick Perry to blame. His department controls the uranium. If the Clinton fund made out on the deal then it was a big ripoff since Clinton had no real control and wasn’t the person to bribe.

            OPEC is keeping the price low to hurt Russia and Putin. They have done a real job on the Russian economy. As far as the pipelines go the Keystone doesn’t help us in the least, it’s not our oil, it’s not for the US market and 98% of the jobs created are in Canada.The part that helps us was finished a while back and has been in service. The Dakota pipeline will even out prices some but not that much. Where most of the idle oil wells are the pipelines have been there for many years. No cost savings.

    5. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2017

      Hey moron…GEt over it. I am not going to pay for hicks who are able to afford AK47s and those bull nosed bully boy pick up trucks flying the Stars and Bars and not the Stars and Stripes. Pay for your own goddamn healthcare.

      Now..as for your lie about keeping your insurance, only the Republican states refused to set up state agencies and got fines when they refused to enroll in healthcare insurance. What is it about not being insured and then using an ER for sniffles that end up on MY healthcare premiums, you Middle aged jackasses don’t get?

      1. FF March 4, 2017

        Eleanore, the individual mandate was actually the best thing about the ACA!! Making everyone buy insurance was the way to go — why should we have to pay for our neighbors when they go to the ER? We all have to have car insurance (if we drive) to offset the costs of the lowlifes who drive without insurance. So this is just an extension of that theory. I’m surprised the R’s didn’t love this because they always want people to take personal responsibility. Of course, their excuse is the government shouldn’t interfere and come between you and your doctor. Except, of course, when they want to take away a woman’s choice for planning her family. Then, by all means, some old, white haired guy in Congress knows better.

        1. Richard L Knoch March 4, 2017

          ” why should we have to pay for our neighbors when they go to the ER?”

          You’re actually still paying it for the increased health insurance cost, plus another 10%+, unless you’re a freeloader who get subsidized insurance which we all pay for in increased health insurance cost.

          Someone pointed out that Aetna, and other insurers have gone out of business . . . this is 100% directly a result of obambacare.

          Wow . . . did I ever make a mistake to post on National Memo . . . . evidently this blog is full of Liberal Freeloaders the rest of us support 🙂

        2. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

          Actually, most “R’s” don’t want to get involved in “planning families” or “destroying pre-infantile infanticide” . . . . they believe in the freedom of folks to make a choice and, to abort, should mean “actually having to pay for it”, rather than passing the cost on to Taxpayers who don’t support that action.

          The primary reason some “R’s’ are against “pre-infantile infanticide” is they don’t think, nor believe, that everyone should have to pay for it . . . it should be paid for by those who support “pre-infantile infanticide” . . . the myth of all “R’s” are against abortion has been forwarded by the “D’s” for decades.

          1. bobnstuff March 4, 2017

            You do know that Federal funds can’t be used to pay for an abortion. Also Abortions are at the lowest point since 1970 but that will change under the Trump Presidency.

          2. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017


            But the Black community has paid the price in unmarried folks having babies (around 70% of all Black births) and the fact that welfare compensation grows with number of children in a fatherless home.

            As for Federal Funds paying for Abortions . . . the awful fact is that money is fungible and Federal Funds supposedly paying for health services are quite easily shifted to the abortion business and the “baby-body-parts-business” makes up the rest to keep the abortion mills running.


          3. bobnstuff March 5, 2017

            40% of all births are to single mothers. Welfare goes up about $150 per child which doesn’t cover the additional costs of a child. I see you choose to believe the greatest propaganda master of our age. Mr. O’Keefe did a wonderful job selling you a lie. Did you notice that every group that investigated found out that his film was a lie. Did you also notice that we are at the lowest level of abortions since 1970 and that areas with good women’s health services like PP have a lower rate the places that don’t.

          4. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            In the Black Community single mothers giving birth is closer to 70%.

            Welfare per child is dependent of the State and ranges from a low of sub $100 to over $200 is some states (CA, HI, NY). Not factored into your actual cash amount are the added benefits available (HUD, Medical, etc.). When these are factored in the amounts is often multiples greater.

            Who is Mr. O’Keefe?

            Actually PP clinics are designed to be “in” areas where women’t healthcare and abortions are needed the most, ergo PP clinics are located in the higher abortion areas with the higher revenue on “baby body parts”.

            If you can prove your assertion, please inform me of the FACTS and I will change my mind.

          5. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            PP sells about $20 million of baby-body-parts annually and they say the parts go for around $30 to $100 per part. A simple division means they sell from 200,000 to 600,000 baby-body-parts annually.

            PP admits to around 325 thousand abortions annually which means someone may be stretching the FACTS as a fetus will produce anywhere from none to a dozen, or so, baby-body-parts . . . . which doesn’t compute with the facts, as reported.




          6. bobnstuff March 5, 2017

            Thank you for coming up with articles that prove what I have said. PP is not making a profit from distributing tissues and only 3% of the practice is abortions. You seen to think that every fetus goes out to labs. There is a limited demand for tissues and not everyone ok the use. The experts say they are not making a profit from this action. Thank you for the proof.

          7. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            Glad to be of service . . . . though the article is bogus as more than the $20 million is generated; i.e., the political “under the table money” which rarely can be counted nor attributed.

          8. Independent1 March 5, 2017

            Why would you post a link to a propaganda webite? CNS is big time propaganda even worse than Faux News which has been proven to lie more than 60% of the time.

            And when are right-wingers like you going to wake up to the fact that banning abortions ends up creating more abortions?

            Study after study has shown that where abortions are banned, more abortions occur, and not only that, but more women die in a botched abortion.

            When are you nonsensical right-wingers going to wake up to the fact that the government banning abortions has no affect on a woman’s decision to have an abortion??

            That’s right, women don’t decide whether or not to abort a fetus based on what the government says, they do it based on their situation in life. So if the government bans abortions and closes down safe abortion clinics, a woman who decides she’s not in a position to carry a baby to term, for whatever reason which may be even for her life, if she can afford it, she’ll travel to where an abortion is legal; or in the worst case, try to get an abortion on the black market or perform the abortion herself. Which sadly, very often ends up with the woman dying in the process.

            You mindless right-wingers need to wake up to the fact that only 3% of what Planned Parenthood does is perform abortions, and that they only perform an abortion after trying to dissuade the woman from having one. PP actually dissuades thousands of women from having an abortion every year. And by performing ‘safe abortions’ they also save thousands of womens’ live each year who may have died getting an illegal abortion or trying to do the abortion themselves.

            Sorry, but you right-winters are not pro-life – you are pro-fetus and you need to wake up to the fact that you’re mindlessly ignorant efforts at banning abortions while fighting to disallow woman to get contraceptives and other family planning information that even prevents the need for abortion – you’re actually anti-life!!!!!!

          9. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            I readily admit I don’t know what media folks on this blog rely on, but I thought that CNS was one of the ones used, since there are so few validations for the questionable things written here.

            I have never heard of “study after study” saying where abortions are banned, there are more abortions. I do agree that like Dr. Gosnell abortions are sometimes fatal . . . even by state approved abortion clinics that were out of control for decades. Better “policing” of state approved clinics would be the correct way to insure “legitimate abortions”.

            I, personally, am not wholly against abortions, as are the majority on the, as you say, “Right Wing”. There are circumstances that require abortion, just like there are too many circumstances where abortions are used for late term birth control.

            As for your claim that us “Right Wingers” are “anti-life”, only such a radical statement could come from an individual who is unaware the FACTS of abortion!

            You use the pseudonym of “Independent1”, but you sound more like a “Radical Left Winger” instead of a person that has “Independent” decision-making on their mind.

          10. Independent1 March 5, 2017

            Really?? You’re not aware of studies, or not necessarily studies but also actual results, that show where abortion is made illegal and safe abortion clinics are banned, there are more women dying and abortions happening because without safe abortion clinics women have little or no access to a means of reducing pregnancies?? Well just do a web search on ‘more abortions happen where they’re illegal or banned’

            Here’s just a couple samples for you to read (the 1st one shows where they’ve been made illegal abortions have skyrocketed:

            What happens when abortion is banned?http://blog.amnestyusa.org/americas/what-happens-when-abortion-is-banned/

            This Is What Happens When Abortion Is Outlawed

            True or false? Banning abortion does not decrease abortion rates

            Sample excerpt:

            The first thing I learned from that New York Times article shocked me: it turns out that banning abortion does not actually affect the abortion rate. … I was shocked to find that the countries with the lowest abortion rates are the ones where abortion is most legal and available, and the countries with the highest abortion rates are generally the ones where the practice is illegal.


            And when you’re done finding out that I’m not wrong, produce some evidence that some of Dr. Gosnel’s abortions were fatal? And why they were fatal – was it because of the already terrible health of a woman whose life he’s trying to save because idiot abortion banners had forced her to go too long into a life threatening pregnancy???

            And right-wingers are also anti-life not just because of their idiot stand on banning abortions, but also because once they’ve forced a woman to carry a fetus to term, all bets are off. They will deny her the healthcare she needs to keep herself and her new baby healthy (which is one reason red states lead the nation BY FAR in babies dying before their 1st birthday) and red states lead the nation in women dying during childbirth because they even deny pregnant women of the healthcare they need while pregnant even when they’re forcing her to not abort a fetus!!

            Sorry but I’m not buying your fake cluelessness about all this!!

          11. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            I don’t necessarily disagree with your arguments, but, the basis for your argument is “international in scope” and, I thought we were talking about the USA.

            Have you redefined the argument to fit your discovered documentation?

      2. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

        You sure sound vile and upset over the obvious failure, from day one, of obambacare.

        Are you one of the “few” who didn’t have their rates go up or are you one of the many who experienced 50-100%+ increases in their rates and 50-100%+ increases in their deductibles? Or, did you lose your job due to corporations staying below the 50 employee “trip wire”?

        The reason for the 50-100% rate increase is directly attributable to obambacare . . . . . simple competition across state lines would have been the logical first step in correcting the health insurance industry rather than the “Draconian obambcare”.

        1. bobnstuff March 4, 2017

          If all it would take to make health care work is opening up the market across state lines why didn’t the republicans do it over the last six years. Also there is no proof that jobs were lost because of the ACA, in fact jobs will be lost by repealing it. 180,000 in Pa. alone.

          1. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            As I stated “simple competition across state lines” would go a long ways towards correcting the spiraling health insurance costs.

            Do you recall who was the President and how he operated, plus the Republicans were spineless when faced with the “R” word that would be flung about by the Lame Stream Media.

            The “R” word is Racist unless you’ve forgotten his tactics 🙂

            Fact Check and the CBO did a great job of “befuddling” the situation of lost jobs by simply redefining what a lost job actually is; i.e., a loss of income for that person and that family and a quick way to start drawing 2 years+ worth of unemployment as well as welfare and other freebies . . . . rather than work for a living.


          2. bobnstuff March 5, 2017

            Your factcheck is from 2014. Part time employment is at the same percentage it was before the ACA, job growth has been steady. Unemployment benefits only last 6 months and the welfare rate has been dropping for the last two years.

          3. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            During the bulk of the “depression” unemployment was a max of two years, since then is has been decreased.



            Part-time employment is at the max since Jimmie Carter days.

            The prime reason job growth has increased is because industry sees the “light at the end of the tunnel” with President Trump. Corporations have, when possible, sat on their cash during the obamba years as they knew thing weren’t going to get markedly better with his $1 Trillion spending deficit every year.

            The primary reason Welfare Rates have been dropping is because benefits have been curtailed for many who used up their benefits and are now attempting to make a living “off the books”.

            Have you also, as many Democrats seem to be doing (?), written off the 20 to 90+ million Americans that are unemployed (depending on what metrics you use), or the 40+ million on some sort of welfare?

    6. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

      They are being lied to by the FAKE MSM. Sessions didn’t lie. Here is proof that they are falling for FAKE stories once more. I just love shredding their lies with facts. It drives the lefties nuts.

      1. bobnstuff March 4, 2017

        Gee, I watched the interview and it sure look like he said he had no contact with the Russians during the campaign.

        1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

          Sorry Bob, but Sessions answered the question they asked truthfully. At least he’s not doing a Billy Clinton “depends upon what your definition of the word is is”. As a senator, he had every right to be in contact with the Russians,.
          This is nothing but smokescreen from the left. Had he said he had contact, would it have changed the outcome of the vote? Still would have been 52-48!

          1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

            Sorry bob, but under the circumstances and time-frame the question covered, Sessions answered truthfully.

          2. bobnstuff March 5, 2017

            Well I guess most people don’t agree with you on that . Have you asked yourself why was he meeting in the first place. Nothing was happening in congress at the time, he was the only one from his committee to have a meeting with the Russians. What was he working on that would have him meeting with the Russians? They didn’t meet in Washington, they used the back door so its wasn’t a public meeting. What was he up to. We will never know.

          3. PrecipitousDrop March 5, 2017

            Members of the Trump team initially denied it, but everyone else at the Republican Convention in Cleveland said the Trump team was instrumental in changing the Republican Platform’s position on Ukraine, removing the platform’s appeal for arms aid to its citizens. Russian Amb. Sergey Kislyak also attended the convention, and met with Sen. Sessions, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn and others while there.
            Sessions was probably played an essential role in the Platform Committee’s decision due to his prominence on the Senate Armed Services Committee.
            The Trump administration no longer denies contact with Amb. Kislyak in Cleveland. They haven’t been asked about changes to the party platform since August, but it’s starting to smell like a pay-to-play from Trump for the Russian’s earlier DNC hacks and Wikileaks.

          4. bobnstuff March 5, 2017

            We have been watching a courtship between Putin and Trump.

          5. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Nice try Bob, but no cigar. Sessions met with the Russians at the request of the Obozo administration because of his being a member of the committee.
            So when Al asked his questions, he was talking about one time frame and Sessions was responding about a different time frame. The time frame Sessions was talking about makes it perfectly legal for him to have meetings with Russia.

    7. PrecipitousDrop March 4, 2017

      People are never guaranteed they can “keep their doctor.” Ever.
      No one could do it before ACA, and no one will be able to do it if a new national health plan is issued by the GOP government.
      Insurance companies are allowed to accept or reject doctors and hospitals. Doctors are allowed to accept or reject insurance carriers, Medicare, and Medicaid.
      The overwhelming majority of ACA policyholders did “keep their doctors”. Millions more were finally able to have a family doctor for the first time.

      1. RichFromShowMe March 4, 2017

        I agree with your statement, but . . . . . obamba told the nation more than 30 times, citizens could keep their doctor and their health care plan. 🙂


        1. Independent1 March 5, 2017

          And Obama told the nation that for two reasons:

          1) The ACA legislation was specifically written to grandfather in existing health insurance plans; which means: health insurance insureds with policies issued after 1//1/2014 should have been able to keep their plan and doctor. There was no reason health insurers should have had to replace there insureds’ policies because of ACA.

          2) When Obama met a number of times with representatives of the health insurance industry to get their input on the ACA legislation, more than 1/2 a dozen CEOs of the health insurers, and the CEO of a major health insurance company’s association, assured Obama that the health insurance industry would abide by the ACA legislation.

          So given that the ACA legislation grandfathered in existing policies and the health insurance sector companies promised Obama they would honor the ACA legislation, Obama thought it was safe to tell people that when ACA went into effect that they would be able to keep their plan and doctor.

          Well, the health insurance association and CEOS from a number of the major health insurance companies, didn’t exactly lie, but they used the ACA rollout to actually try and defraud their insureds. Obama probably wasn’t aware that the general practice of the private health insurance industry was to quite often replace policies each year if their assessment of a policies benefit structure, or the specific insured’s health history, was not making them money.

          But the insurers went beyond that, in their efforts to try and make more profits, they chose to essentially replace all their insureds’ policies for 2014, hoping to use the rollout of ACA as a means to shift their insureds to higher premium policies. So not only did they willy nilly cancel and replace policies – pushing their insureds into higher premium policies, in addition they took it upon themselves to do that in a way that would nudge people into paying higher premiums than they needed to and never telling them they had the option of going on an ACA exchange in an effort to find cheaper/better policies.

          And because of their devious actions, many health insurers were assessed millions of dollars in fines for actually trying to dupe or defraud their insureds.

          So Obama did not lie. What he said was what was in the ACA legislation. If he was guilty of anything, it was in trusting the word of a bunch of CEOs and not being aware of the standard industry practice of replacing a large percentage of private sector health insurance policies every year by the insurance industry in their efforts to make more profits.

          1. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            1) A glaring inconsistency which caused health insurers a major problem was requiring males to pay for female-specific healthcare. Prior to obambacare Females paid for their female-specific insurance. This may not seem like a big deal but it blew away all their previous insurance factoring basis.

            2) The CEO’s were not aware of the gravity of obambacare, primarily, as Nancy “Wackosi” said . . . . you have to pass the ACA to know what’s in it. America is, to this day finding out what is in it as new regulations flow from Washington, deCeit on a daily basis that affects medical service delivery, patients and insurance companies . . . . it’s still a moving target!

            The CEO’s that bought in thought it would be a cash cow and a reason to raise rates on folks who actually paid for their health insurance . . . . not figuring the large amount of folks who would come in under various subsidies. It didn’t balance, as America has seen.

            Obamba was snookered by the Insurance CEO’s and the CEO’s were snookered by obambacare, but the losers, as usual, were the American People. Nothing new here, please move on . . . .

            The daily addition of new rules, regulations, reporting requirements and subsidy basis that flow from Washington, deCeit healthcare bureaucracy essentially makes it impossible for insurance companies to set and stay with a fixed cost for those they insure.

            Hospital and medical service delivery, free of “pesky anti-trust controls” so their costs range from reasonable to totally unreasonable for the same service in different hospitals, even in the same city.

          2. Independent1 March 5, 2017

            I’m starting to see you’re nothing but a paid troll. Everything you posted is nothing but right-wing pure hogwash!!! Goodbye!!!

          3. RichFromShowMe March 5, 2017

            I see you have that common problem of “the Left”; i.e., inability to read and assimilate FACTS? 🙂

  5. arthursc March 4, 2017

    I appreciate this update, but when you say “Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) asked Sessions whether “anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign,” you are wrong. Franken said “Now, again, I’m telling you this as it’s coming out, so you know. But if it’s true, it’s obviously extremely serious and if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign, what will
    you do?” That’s very different. Sessions, as we all know, didn’t answer that question, and Sessions is a dirtbag of the highest order, dishonest to the core, a world class bigot, and ignorant as hell (his comments about marijuana are just stupid). But you do our side no favors with sloppy reporting, and as a result your credibility on the rest of the story may be challenged. C’mon, be more careful. We need you to be more careful.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2017

      A NY Times journalist was covering the Russian ambassador on the very day he and Jared Kushner had a meeting at Trump Tower. You want to tell us why they entered Trump Tower from a back entrance and not the front door? You want to tell how Trump himself had no idea Kushner met in November with the Russia ambassador?

      There is no sloppy reporting. There are YouTube videos of Trump as a guest on David Letterman’s show bragging about how he “has many businesses in Russia.”

      We in NJ know he claimed bankruptcy in 2015 when he had to close the Taj Mahal. How did he magically latch onto that $100 million he claimed he donated to his campaign in the 2nd debate? http://blogs.wsj.com/riskandcompliance/2015/02/11/fincen-hits-trump-taj-mahal-casino-with-record-aml-penalty/

      1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

        Poor Elle, once more you prove that you have been duped by the FAKE MSM.

        1. Thoughtopsy March 4, 2017

          See hilarious investigation of this Astroturfer’s website above.

          1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

            How many times do I have to tell you that you have proven NOTHING! You have not refuted the statement that Sessions was truthful in his responses and that the left is twisting and cherry picking his answers to make it appear that he was not honest. More proof of your gullibility is all you showed.

          2. Independent1 March 5, 2017

            How many times does Thoughtopsy have to show you that the idiot website you’re linking to IS WORTHLESS PROPAGANDA??

            As far as any of us know IT MAY BE YOU IDIOT who has put all that stuff on that worthless website!!

            So wake up nincompoop!! No one in their right mind is going to believe one thing from that worthless website!! Only people who are candidates for an insane asylum such as yourself is gullible enough to believe the pathological lies of a right-wing propaganda website and the pathological liar posting its idiocy!!!

            InformedVoter=PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!!!!!

          3. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            You can’t be that low information, or can you. So because a website is run by a conservative, it’s worthless. What a joke!
            The fact remains, regardless of what you say about the website, that the site’s claim that Session DIDN’T lie remains true. No matter how much other garbage you wish to bring up, the fact remains that Sessions DIDN’T lie.
            What will it take for you to accept that?
            You had the same problem with obozocare. Only now, with double digit rate increases, insurance companies opting out, etc will you accept that it needs to be repealed.
            I just love how you call me a liar when all I did was post the truth. It would appear that MSNBC was successful in brainwashing you.

      2. arthursc March 4, 2017

        First , Eleanore, ignore the troll “informed voter” who is in fact just the opposite. But RE my post, the sloppy reporting I referred to was not in disputing Sessions’s meetings, but that this site misrepresented what Franken did–he did not directly ask Sessions if anyone met. That’s all. Of course, Sessions and Kushner and others certainly did meet with Kaslyov. Read my post again. We are not in disagreement.

    2. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

      Sorry art, but you are being duped by the FAKE MSM.

      1. Thoughtopsy March 4, 2017

        See hilarious investigation of this idiots website above…..

        1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

          Too bad, but you have proven NOTHING! You have not refuted the statement that Sessions was truthful in his responses and that the left is twisting and cherry picking his answers to make it appear that he was not honest. More proof of your gullibility is all you showed.

          1. Independent1 March 5, 2017

            InformedVoter=Pathological LIAR!!

          2. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Over the course of many forums, you have not proven that even one of my post are a lie. You, on the other hand, have been bested and outed many times for posting lies. Ironic that you would state yet another lie by calling me the liar. But that’s how you low information lefties think.

      2. bobnstuff March 4, 2017

        Funny thing about your link, they have almost no facts about them anywhere. Hardly a respected news source.

  6. idamag March 4, 2017

    When a Democrat skews a statement, it is lying. When Republicans out and out lie, it is alternative facts. Don’t buy a used car from a Republican.

    1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

      Sorry ida, but you are being duped by the FAKE MSM.

      1. Thoughtopsy March 4, 2017

        See hilarious investigation of this idiots website above…

        1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

          Sorry but you have proven NOTHING! You have not refuted the statement that Sessions was truthful in his responses and that the left is twisting and cherry picking his answers to make it appear that he was not honest. More proof of your gullibility is all you showed.

      2. ralphkr March 4, 2017

        I have bad news for you, ignorantunInformedVoter. It does not matter how often you repeat your lies they never magically turn into the truth (except in the RWNJ alternate fictional universe).

        1. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

          Your problem stems from the fact that I have not been posting lies. Hence, it’s not magical when you finally are forced to accept the truth.

          1. ralphkr March 5, 2017

            Yuk, yuk, yuk! IgnoramusVoter, your “facts” are only facts in the RWNJ fictional alternate universe and, since I am not about to cross over into your illogical non-existent universe, no matter how many unicorns you promise me, I shall never be forced to accept your asinine nonsense as truth.

          2. InformedVoter March 7, 2017

            Sorry ralf, but Sessions didn’t lie or perjure himself
            It’s OK for you to accept FAKE MSM lies as “fact” but you just can’t seem to accept conservative sources as facts. How low information, brainwashed, close-minded, and above all else DUMB.
            Now that President Trump has opened wire-tap-gate up, even the FAKE MSM will abandon the investigation and move on to the bigger fish to fry. This time, it looks like obozo himself is in the cross hairs.

          3. ralphkr March 8, 2017

            Really, ignoramusVoter, now you have proven how gullible you are. Must I remind you that Sessions is a Republican which means that the only time he lies is when he talks or writes.

          4. InformedVoter March 9, 2017

            As my link PROVED, Sessions did NOT lie nor did he perjure himself.
            Based upon the lies from HiLIARy had Billy Boy, plus obozo himself, it would appear that lying is second nature to lefties, while telling the truth is natural for the conservatives.
            If you wish to upset a conservative, tell the lies, like you have done. If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth, as I’ve been doing.
            All this banter about the supposed lying will just fade away, almost as quickly as obozo’s legacy is fading away.

  7. Dr. Samuel Taddesse March 4, 2017

    Now that we have an administration loaded with liars and scammers, what should we expect? What is their agenda? Do remember when Ronald Reagan gutted HUD and eliminated housing subsidy to lower income families? About $18 billion disappeared in the form of consulting fees to members of his cabinet. The hourly consulting fee, according to court documents, was $6,000 to $10,000. Is that what they are going to do with some of the social service which the GOP wants to eliminate under the guise of fiscal conservatism?

    1. Dominick Vila March 4, 2017

      They are draining the swamp…and replacing it with a sewer.

      1. Mama Bear March 4, 2017

        or more likely with Russian vodka

      2. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

        Sorry Dom, but you are being duped by the FAKE MSM.

        1. Thoughtopsy March 4, 2017

          See hilarious investigation of this idiots website above.

          1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

            You have proven NOTHING! You have not refuted the statement that Sessions was truthful in his responses and that the left is twisting and cherry picking his answers to make it appear that he was not honest. More proof of your gullibility is all you showed.

          2. Thoughtopsy March 5, 2017

            You’re a sad shill… and sorta dumb.
            Your rants are generally boring and laughably inconsistent… even internally.
            It’s probably time to block you… sad astroturfer.

          3. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Yup, you lost this exchange big time and you know it! I just keep posting the facts and they drives you crazy.
            Still no refute, to quote our President “sad”.

        2. Dominick Vila March 5, 2017

          The worst part of this incident is that Al Franken did not even ask Sessions if he had had any contacts with the Russians. Franken asked him whether or not he was aware of any contacts between Trump
          surrogates and the Russian government during the campaign.
          acknowledged that he was a surrogate of the Trump campaign, but that he had no contacts with Russia. “I did not have
          communications with the Russians,” he told Sen. Al Franken (D-MN). He made that false statement under oath, which constitutes perjury. I did not hear that on MSM, I was listening to the hearings when Sessions made that statement. At the time, I did not think much of it, since I was unaware that Sessions had met with the Russian Ambassador. Now, I believe the only honorable option for Sessions, if he understands the meaning of honor, is to resign.

          1. Independent1 March 5, 2017

            A Republican today reverting to some form of ‘honor’? And honoring ‘honor’ enough to consider resigning to preserve it?

            If it happens, I’ll be amazed. As at the moment there’s only one Republican that I can think of whose been in office in the past 4 plus decades, that has shown to me he or she has any degree of ‘honor’ whatsoever; and that’s my state’s senator Susan Collins. And there have even been times with her, that I’ve questioned whether her honor is actually a consideration 100% of the time; as there have been a number of times when she’s clearly put party above the welfare of our state and country.

          2. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Oh my Dom, how confused you seem to be. Al was seeking information from a different time frame than Sessions was talking about. That much is perfectly clear in the dialog.
            At the request of the Obozo government and being a committee member, Sessions had every right to meet with the Russians. Hence, this whole thing is nothing but saber rattling by the Dems.
            Sessions, having done nothing wrong, didn’t need to recuse himself, but being an honorable man, he did. There certainly is nothing that should force him to resign. After all, HilLiARy lied, under oath, on many occasions and never resigned – but then again if we’re talking about honor, HilLIARy wouldn’t know the meaning of the word.

    2. InformedVoter March 4, 2017
      1. Thoughtopsy March 4, 2017

        You know what is SO legit about your wingnut site?
        No Contact Details.
        No owner’s name.
        No owning company details.
        No writers names.
        In fact it has nothing at all that could trace this back to a real person or company…….. except…..

        A little DNS and WHOIS digging gives us this Domain record at GoDaddy:
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        Registry Registrant ID:
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        Registrant Email: domain@dedicatedemails.com

        A bit of digging around Mike L and Dedicated Emails LLC shows us that this company makes it’s money from sending out emails to groups of people on behalf of clients…
        What group you may ask?
        I wonder….

        A bit more digging shows us this list of 9 Domains owned by “Mike L” (there are many more) and the Key Words you can use to find these domains…
        It turns out Mike L is “Mike Litman”… I won’t include his publicly available contact details or email address in this post (of course), but you can find them rather easily yourself if you’d like to contact him and ask him to stop being an obvious fake news website runner and creator… purely to help drive his Dedicated Email business.

        I wonder if this is actually “InformedVoter” or tiny “mike”… and whether they are the same person?… Interesting.

        Anyway check out the key words for each site and bask in exactly how honest, rigorous, factual and unbiased this explosive diarrhea of a site and all it’s sister sites are… all for money… while hiding behind internet anonymity.
        You’re welcome.

        (Note: This information was compiled purely from Publicly available sources and tools. As such this is in the public domain and not subject to privacy rules or laws so don’t bother complaining.)

        Nine Top Sites owned by “Mike Litman”:
        Link: You can find this on website.informer.com if you put in some effort.

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        patriotvideos.net – Patriot Videos
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        Keyword “michelle obama dick”? Really?
        Hahahaha SO legit.

        Ooooh… InformedVoter…. you SOOOOOO Informed.
        Imagine all the correct information you’re informing yourself with from these sites!!!!

        I’d give better than even odds that you’re also Mike L… and just trying to drum up more business for your email company.
        It’s a reasonable motivation for you to be on this site and posting links to such an obvious con.

        And how does tiny “mike” fit into all this?
        Just coincidence?
        Do tell….

        1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

          Oh how ill informed you are. You can quote all the “keywords” you wish, but it will not alter the fact that my post source is correct! Sessions answered his questions truthfully, as did all the others. Anything you implied is JUST YOUR OPINION backed by ZERO facts.
          You are making false connections and IGNORING the plane truth! How low can you go?
          Once more you have been exposed as a naive, low information, brainwashed dummy of the FAKE MSM.
          Better luck next time.

          1. Sand_Cat March 4, 2017

            The “plane” truth? :>) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dd6ec0bb124a500b99b45448f0b40f401038782c9289e92c17ccb2724c8952bc.jpg
            Getting flustered with the facts?
            But I’m sure you’ll never give up!

          2. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            OK you got me for using the wrong word. Still, it does not make my comments incorrect does it? My link still has correct information and Sessions told the truth. He would still have been confirmed 52-48 anyway. So go ahead and laugh, you laughed when I provided links that showed that President Trump was ahead in the polls. Somehow, I don’t hear you laughing now.

          3. Sand_Cat March 5, 2017

            I “got” you for a LOT more than that! Or maybe it’s fairer to say you stuck your own foot in it with your ridiculous assertions, and keep grinding yourself down deeper.
            In one (rare) moment of truth Trump said he could publicly murder someone, and you chumps would still vote for him! What an endorsement of your intelligence and integrity! The fact that 52 sycophants confirmed a GOP nominee REALLY PROVES something, doesn’t it? The fact that knowing he lied wouldn’t have changed their minds says a lot more about the kind of people YOU put into office and admire, i.e., it says far more about YOU than about anyone else except your fellow idiots!

          4. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Oh Sandy, it appears you are having a hissy fit. Is it that time of the month?
            No, you’re the one digging a deeper hole. I never said that Sessions lied, In fact, he did tell the truth. My statement was that even if he had answered that he met with the Russians the way Al was referring to, he still would have been confirmed, because such a meeting would have had zero influence on the election.
            When are you going to accept that Russia DIDN’T affect the outcome of the election. No intel agency has announced they can prove it. Guess what, they never will because the proof doesn’t exist.

          5. Thoughtopsy March 5, 2017

            Saying “he would have been confirmed anyway” is very revealing. You are correct.
            He could have said “F**k black people, I want to stop them voting and put them all in jail”… and still been confirmed.

            BUT not lying… and saying he talked to Russia… or saying anything racist…. would have made the obviously rigged vote more painful for both Fat Orange Human Caps Lock Key and all the Republicans.
            So he lied. Of course.

            Even if you don’t believe he lied then in the hearings, he’s said 4 different things about the Russian meetings that are mutually contradictory over the last 3 days.
            All of them can’t be true simultaneously.
            Ergo… Sessions is a liar.

            He also lied about his civil liberty cases in his submission. Mainly because he’s a long-standing racist.
            But Republicans love racists, and white people, and KKK members, and the alt-right, and white supremacists… so yes… of course he was still confirmed.

          6. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            You low information lefties keep saying that conservatives are racist, etc, BUT YOU’VE NEVER produced even one once of proof! Keep shouting your lies all you wish, but they are LIES none the less.
            No Sessions did not lie or say contradictory things and it can’t be proven either! My statement was that even if he admitted he met with the Russians, it still would not have made him not fit for being the AG. Hence, he would have been confirmed anyway. Your nonsense comment about black people is pure hatred on your behalf and shows what you really think about blacks. Shame on YOU – RACIST!

          7. 788eddie March 4, 2017

            (Mis)informed voter, you are beginning to look pretty lame in the face of the imformation presented.

            Everybody is reading these comments and laughing at you.

            So sad.

          8. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

            Sorry eddie, but go aheah and laugh (I see not one post that would suggest what you say is true). What matters is that you folks “laughed” at me when I posted links that said President Trump was leading in the polls. Folks like thoughts mocked my sources, but in the end, it turned out that my links were correct and your FAKE MSM links betrayed you. So how did the FAKE MSM polls that showed that HilLIARy would win in a landslide work out for you? Is that laughter I hear or tears?

          9. Thoughtopsy March 5, 2017

            The funny thing is that he wasn’t leading in the polls or the poll of polls, dumbass… Hence all the new stories after the election about Trump’s “surprise” win.

            Even when rationalizing you’re a liar and a moron… and now obviously a paid marketer for an email company.

            To quote President Snowflake… “SAD.”

          10. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            You are so poorly informed, Your long winded “attempt” at trying to destroy my accurate post produced nothing of the sort. So the link was done by a conservative. Duh, what matters is that it still contained the truth. Something you dummies have not learned!
            Yes, I did provide posts that said President Trump was leading, but you dummies never believed me. Yes, it was called a surprise win by folks like you who believed the FAKE MSM polls. Hell, HilLIARy even paid one of the polls to publish a FAKE poll that showed she was leading in states like MI by double digits to discourage GOP voters from turning out.
            That created major problems in MI. The Detroit Free Press, as liberal a rag can get, reported the FAKE poll numbers the weekend before the election and the day before showed her lead was still 9 points. On election day, using the HilLIARy FAKE poll information, the Detroit Free Press reported at 11 AM, that HilLIARy had carried MI and would win the national election. Thus, HilLIARy’s own FAKE poll helped do her in.
            SO you claim President Trump was NOT leading in the polls I posted? How lame can you get. I suppose that you’ll say that my links on that come from a conservative site. Oh, what a surprise!

          11. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            As I stated, no one is laughing at me. Thoughts tried to refute my post, but he failed. You seemed to be impressed that he found out my post was from a conservative source. Big deal and should have been no surprise. BUT his “revelation” didn’t alter the fact that my post information is correct.
            more and more sites are supporting my position. So, just like when you guys believed the FAKE MSM polls, you are running in circles.

          12. Thoughtopsy March 5, 2017

            Astroturfing shill.
            Just here for the marketing.
            How embarrassment. 😀

          13. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            You continue to demonstrate you are low information and a follower of the FAKE MSM.
            As my original post stated, Sessions did not lie. You tried to deflect the truth by saying that my source was a conservative source. Big deal. It didn’t alter the fact that Sessions did not lie.
            More proof he did not lie. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for proof that he did lie. It’s obvious that the FAKE MSM story proves nothing.

          14. Eleanore Whitaker March 6, 2017

            You are repeating the same BS over and over. Can you please forthwith show proof of your certification that you are an “informed voter?” Or, is this just you and your ego on steroids again?

          15. InformedVoter March 6, 2017

            Oh poor Elle, you’ve made this too easy. OK, prove I’m informed …
            You believed the FAKE polls that said HilLIARy would win and even taunted me that your gals would be head hunting for me. Meanwhile, because I am INFORMED, I posted links that showed that the MSM polls were FAKE and that President Trump was actually leading in the polls and predicted to win. Who was INFORMED in that one?

            You further claimed that Christie, of NJ, would be indicted because of “bridgegate”. I, being INFORMED, said he would not be even charged with any criminal acts. So what happened? Duh, no charges then or now. Who was INFORMED in that one?

            You claimed that President Trump would withdraw from the primaries because of ALL the lawsuits against him. I, being INFORMED, claimed that those so-called lawsuits were more fantasy than fact. So how did that work out for you? Who was INFORMED in that one?

            Thus, all along, over many months, it turns out that I was the one INFORMED and that you were the low information lefty who was left holding nothing but tears of sorrow because you believed the FAKE MSM as your information source.

            Time for you to seek out one of the collegiate safe rooms and have a good cry with the rest of your gals sewing circle.

            Anyone reading this part of the forum can easily see that I have “certification” as an INFORMED voter! Shall I pass you some tissues?

          16. Eleanore Whitaker March 6, 2017

            You are about as informed as the toilet paper I wipe my butt with. First of all, as an American Citizen, I want and demand an open, clean election. Not one you all too right wing informants of Putin call “winning” an election by rigging the Electoral College.

            This is not about Hillary any longer. Get over it. It is about taking down an illegitimately elected numbnuts like Trump.

            Poor Putin Informant. You actually thought you fooled all of us ALL of the time. Time for you to be outed.

            If you are so desperate to allow a thug like Trump to run this country into the ground by handing it over to Putin, come to NJ and I’ll make sure your being a Putin Informant is well known.

            Again. No proof of your posts and no proof you are in any way “informed” about anything. Too bad your family knows what a slime ball you are.

          17. InformedVoter March 6, 2017

            Poor Elle, it’s obvious that you’re still suffering from penis envy!
            Yup, I respond with PROOF that, via my sources, I was truly informed. You, on the other hand, respond with more unsubstantiated rumors about Russia influencing our election. Listen to this, NO USA intel agency says they can prove that Russia interfered with our election. The only ones saying so are the same FAKE MSM who are trying to undermine our legally elected president.
            Time for you to get over how you guys got duped by the FAKE MSM.
            The fact that you deny my PROVEN statements showing that I am informed, and your rantings about fictional election tampering, show you are still in melt down mode, in self-denial, are brainwashed, intolerant and bigoted.
            You are the epitome of what’s wrong with the left. You are so used to getting participation trophies instead actually earning a trophy that you can’t handle or cope with being rejected by the working class Americans who handed President Trump a MANDATE.
            FYI, I personally signed an actual, snail mail package that we sent to HilLIARy after the election. Know what was in the package? It was a nice certificate for HilLIARy that said
            I’m sure you can appreciate how thankful she was.
            What you lefties reap is what you get.
            Time for another good cry. You are such a loser!

        2. 788eddie March 4, 2017

          Thoughtopsy, thank you for the excellent research and posting.

          You did an amazing job!

          1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

            Poor eddie, the problem is that it what thoughts posted does not alter anything. The information in the post is still correct and true. And it’s also still true and correct that the FAKE MSM is lying to you low information folks.

          2. 788eddie March 5, 2017

            Poor response (and lame, to boot).

            The real problem is that conservatives, in their greed, are tearing our democracy apart, and you are one of their duped followers.

          3. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            It’s ironic that you call the conservatives the one with greed. Under obozo’s 8 years, the rich got way richer, and the poor got even more poor! And during the election, it was the common, average, working man who voted President Trump in. How can you explain that? Because it’s the poor economy that obozo created.

          4. 788eddie March 6, 2017

            (mis)informedvoter, you can’t even seem to be able to spell the name of our former president correctly, let alone get anything else right. Our poor and lop-sided economy was created and fostered by the Republican congress, and by policies pushed by former President George W. Bush, and I think you know that.

            As for the “common, average working man” who you say voted for Trump, much of that was due to the Trump campaign of deceit.

            So far, from the Trump administration, all we’ve seen is a big bag of nothing!

            It’s time for conservatism to die for good.

          5. InformedVoter March 6, 2017

            Poor naivie eddie; so when would the economy be obozo’s and not GWs? Most credible economists give 12-18 months for the new president to become responsible for the economy. So, let’s see, that means that the past 6 1/2 years were obozo’s economy, not GWs.
            No President Trump did not run a “campaign of deceit”. He promised to build a wall, deport harmful illegals, make America great again, and many others.
            Unlike obozo, who delivered zero campaign promises, President Trump is deliverlng.
            That is why they voted for him. Are you so naive to think that people didn’t vote for HilLILARy because of her campaign LIES!
            So far from President Trump we’ve seen the market ascend to record levels. He PERSONALLY saved 800 jobs, and looks to have PERSONALLY help create 60000 new jobs. He has started to deport criminal illegal immigrants. Shall I continue?
            All obozo did in his first two years was to pass obozocare, one of the worst pieces of legislation ever past, and soon to be repealed! The obozo spent the next 6 years concerned with what bathrooms people use and ignored the economy.
            Even HilLIARy, after her choke election failure said “we concentrated on who was using what bathroom and forgot about the working class”. Her OWN words. So if the economy was doing so good, why did she say that?
            Low information is what you are and you keep proving it.
            And your praise of “thoughts” showed even more low information. He NEVER proved that the original post statement that Sessions didn’t lie, was not correct. Yet you jumped into his lap and sang happy songs, not realizing that I was still the correct poster and had proven my point.

          6. 788eddie March 6, 2017

            (Mis)informed, you are so so lame. For starters the longest consecutive run of positive job growth in our nation’ history was during President Obama’s administration.
            Also, do not compare the inaccuracies from Hillary Clinton’s campaign to the outright lies of Trump, who has earned (and is still adding to) his record of earned Four-Pinocchios.
            So far, tRump has done nothing; a big bag of nothing! And we’re now into the third month of his administration. Nothing!
            As for the stock market, I will grant tRump credit for increasing the DOW average by the few hundred points, if you are willing to acknowledge The DOW increase of over ten thousand points under President Obama. (Didn’t think you would.)

            So, you speak Russian, too?

          7. InformedVoter March 7, 2017

            Yup, just like the 2000 new business regulations that obozo put in really helped the economy grow.
            You just can’t seem to understand that after 2010, it was obozo’s economy and no longer GWs. Thus the failures for the past 6 years are obozo’s.
            HilLIARY like much more than President Trump. In fact, it’s only the FAKE MSM that has called President Trump’s statements lies.
            Time for you to seek out one of those collegiate safe rooms and joint AofP, et al and have a good. cry.

          8. 788eddie March 7, 2017

            Our economy under President Obama was solid, as I mentioned, a record run of positive job growth (the best EVER). And this, in spite of a GOP-led congress that tried, in every turn, to sabotage the economy.

            Let’s see what happens under Trump; so far, not much, even after three months.

          9. InformedVoter March 9, 2017

            Wrong, the reason President Trump got a MANDATE from the voters was because of the economy!
            Look at these 9 elements of the “solid” economy:
            Student Loans way up;
            Food Stamps way up;
            Money Printing way up;
            Health Care Costs way up;
            Federal Debt way up;
            Workers’ Share of Economy way down;
            Median Income way down;
            Labor Force Participation way down;
            Home Ownership way down.

            And obozo had his way for 8 years!

            In three months stock market at record highs!
            New jobs double the predictions

            Illegal immigration down 40% too.

            Making America Great Again!

          10. 788eddie March 9, 2017

            Thank you for proving my point; all of the things you pointed out

            (RE: student loans way up, as are those who qualify for Food stamps, Federal Debt going up, Workers’ share of the economy lowered, Median Income being lower, Home Ownership down, etc. were ALL a result of REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL POLICIES, and NOT President Obama.

            You keep bringing up record stock market highs as if they were solely a result of tRump’s election. Hey Idiot! Look at where the DOW was when President Obama took office; in the 7000s. And when he left office; in the 19,000s. And you want to say Donny is GREAT because his election boosted it a few hundred points?
            What a maroon!

            So far, with Donny Dump, we’ve got three months of nothing! You and your ilk are ruining our democracy.

          11. InformedVoter March 11, 2017

            I just love it when you lefties try to twist the truth but end up shooting yourself in the foot.
            Obozo was president and his crappy economic policies caused the jumps in the poor indicators I listed. You try to deflect the blame to the GOP, but that dog doesn’t hunt. It’s part of obozo’s economic failure legacy.
            It was during obozo’s 8 years that our great country went down the drain. We are no longer the leader of the free world, we are not longer respected by our allies, and we became the laughing stock of the foreign press during obozo’s 8 years.
            Business confidence and consumer confidence are way up. Something that never happened in obozo’s 8 years. The foreign press is full of optimism that the USA will return to the top of world.
            We are starting to Make America Great Again and you lefties are left crying in your own poop.

          12. 788eddie March 11, 2017

            Your comment shows to everyone how misinformed you were these past eight years regarding the economy.

            We recovered from a major recession under President Obama. The DOW climbed from under 7,000 to over 19,000 in his eight years in office.

            Let’s see what happens under the Mango Mussolini (I use that epithet because you must be one of those right-wing fascists who think that anyone less authoritarian is a “leftie”).

            I have already told you that I am a registered Republican (but NOT a right-wing nut-job, as you appear to be.

          13. InformedVoter March 11, 2017

            That’s probably why, during the primaries, that HilLIARY, while trying to distance herself from being labelled obozo’s third term, preached and shouted “this recovery, if you can call it that, has been the slowest, weakest, worst, and longest in history”. Yup, a real good endorsement of the obozo horrible economic plans.
            TARP lost billions, the auto bailout lost billions, record number of Americans not working.
            As lest you forget, yesterday’s Fascists are today’s anti-Fascists. Not my quote, but it certainly describes low information, brainwashed, close-minded lefties like you. You claim to be a registered Rep, but you only use that label so as to try and mess up the primaries, etc for the GOP.
            Everyone who knows anything about the workings of the government knows it was obozo’s plans that drove up all those economic problems.
            You are low information and just keep proving it with each post.

          14. 788eddie March 11, 2017

            (NotSo)informed voter, you are exactly wrong about the auto bailout losing billions (another example of your “fake news”). All of the loans were repaid ahead of schedule and our government (that’s us) made money on the interest, plus we saved more money by not having to pay out unemployment on all of the workers who would have been out of work.

            I guess you’re looking in the mirror when you’re talking about “low information.”

            You are just so sad.

          15. InformedVoter March 12, 2017

            Poor Eddie, so full of FAKE information that you reek. The auto bailout LOST $9.2 BILLION – just look it up dummy.
            Even TARP lost BILLIONS, even though obozo claims it didn’t. He neatly doesn’t count the initial billions paid out.
            And NO the GM and FCA did NOT repay ALL that they borrowed. You are so low information it’s disgusting.

            And another thing, you kept saying the market was at 7000 when obozo took office. Try looking it up, it was north of 10,000. the lowest it’s been in 10 years is 9200. So how the hell was it 7000 obozo took office? IT WASN’T!!
            And you have other low information stooges like precipitous giving you a thumbs up for FAKE MSM propaganda.
            You have been BUSTED and big time!

            Another FAKE statement about jobs lost or unemployment being paid out if the bailout didn’t happen: where do you think all the cars that folks were buying would have come from? You know the cars that GM and FCA would not have been making because they folded. Well, the remaining car manufacturers would have picked up their production to produce those vehicles. To pick up their production, they would have had to increase the manufacturing capabilities, namely they would have taken over the production facilities (rather than build new) to produce the millions of cars that folks wanted to buy.
            Most economist estimate that had both GM and FCA folded, that only a few thousand jobs would have actually been lost, with the majority being upper management positions.

            You spout FAKE stuff like you really know something, but in the end, facts are your downfall.
            If you wish to upset a conservative, tell them lies (like you have been posting). If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth (like I have been doing).
            You have proven to be one of the worst posters of accurate information since HELLpy the liar.

          16. Thoughtopsy March 5, 2017

            You miss the obvious point, shill.
            Real bloggers and real news sites don’t hide their Company name, contact details, writer’s names, writer’s contact details, location and press contact from everyone.

            Fake news sites do that.
            Because they are full of bull***t, and they copy that bull***t to multiple other sites owned by the same person to game search engines and Facebook and generate clicks…

            Exactly like Mike L hiding behind this faceplate of a bull***t website…. and having a large stable (more than I showed) of EXACTLY THAT. Multiple websites that anonymous raw meat gullible conservative bull***t content can be ceaselessly copied to, and relinked to… for money.

            No matter what a site like this posts, its credibility is zero.
            No sane person would believe a single thing said there… especially since all this is linked back to a Dedicated Email company… so is highly likely to be a for-profit fake news operation.

            So… You’re either Mike L, an Astroturfer for Mike L, or a moron.

            Either way…. it’s time to block you, Shill.
            It’s been fun.
            But I don’t keep arguing with people paid to be idiots. There are enough real ones out there.

          17. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Sorry, but it’s you who missed the point. The information in my link is correct. Hence what does it matter if Putin was the author? It matters not. Since the information presented is correct and proves my case, why even bother to talk about what is not relevant. But that’s what folks do when they can’t produce facts to support their position – they try to change the subject or put the correct party on the defensive. Unfortunately for you, I can see through your inferior logic and plan.
            Sessions did not lie, but the FAKE MSM is pushing its FAKE news and you low information dummies just lap it up.

        3. dbtheonly March 5, 2017

          Yes, very well done.

      2. Sand_Cat March 4, 2017

        You are really a hoot! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0f798874230be281e20a4844bfee9ce091960479765bc91edf4e3886bbc7fda6.jpg

        1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

          I’m a hoot? During the election, I kept telling you hooters that you were being duped by the FAKE MSM. But no, you said I was a hoot. Even when I provided links that showed that President Trump was leading in the polls, you continued to call me a hoot. Even that fat dummy Michael Moore saw the true polls and predicted that President Trump would defeat HilLIARy. WELL, the voters gave President Trump a MANDATE, and control of both houses. So how did you calling me a hoot work out for you?
          As far as taking the stupid challenge, your party lost more than 1000 seats under Obozo, yet your party reelected Pelosi. How stupid does that make your party look? Pretty damn stupid! No matter, I have no problem with Pelosi leading you guys and I look forward to your continued election successes!

          1. Sand_Cat March 5, 2017

            Got desperation?
            Just like Trump, you just can’t give it up, and like him, you’re too dense to realize that every desperate lie you venerate and repeat, you make yourself look more comically stupid!
            Yes, a mandate by an minority really is impressive; your last two presidents would never have made it without that, but HE HAS A MANDATE.
            A mandate by morons is worse than rejection!

          2. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            I can feel your sense of frustration at not being able to properly refute any of my posts. Well, it’s your own damn fault for watching sources like MSNBC.
            I have not posted one lie, meanwhile, you just keep making that same stupid claim. How dumb does that make you look!
            You need to ask yourself why, whenever we exchange posts, that you end up on the dirty end of the stick? Lack of information pal.
            If you net out all the over-counted voted HilLIARy got, and the illegal votes she received, President Trump would have won the popular vote too!
            You are part of the crowd that says “Atlanta won the popular vote for the Super Bowl and so the Patriots’ win is illegitimate” and “Patriots are not my Super Bowl champion”.



          3. Sand_Cat March 5, 2017

            Why would I bother? Why would anyone with any brains even attempt to unravel the mix of arrogance stupidity, gullibility, and malice in them all.
            Go ahead and sink in your own shit-pile! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c976b102c90c4e3c8392ae800e7bdff7eabe463348b1104042e7976c3ca6a580.jpg

          4. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Yup, you just admitted that you lost this exchange. Thank you.
            So what can you do to prevent from getting clobbered so badly in the next exchange – why don’t you try and look for sites that state the truth instead of believing the FAKE MSM links.
            And you wonder why you lose so often. My,my

    3. Independent1 March 5, 2017

      Maybe that’s one big reason why Reagan is the only president in modern times at least, to have increased his net worth by over $10,000,000 dollars while president. Ronnie’s whole presidency was one devious action after another.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker March 4, 2017

    Lying in corporations is considered the rule, not the exception. Why do you think so many CEOs end up in court? The few CEOs who play by the rules are anathema to those who don’t.

    So a little corruption here, a little there and who’s the wiser? Right now, Wall Street is in such euphoria over the fact that Trump is undoing all banking, insurance and investment reforms. Back to Sept. 2008 and another Financial Meltdown thanks to the billionaire foxes in the hen house.

    As for Trump and his lies. This guy has not told the truth to anyone since Mommy Mary Ann gave him carte blanche entitlement to believe he can lie his way out of anything. And, isn’t that true? Didn’t he settle out of court for Trump University for only $35 million? Didn’t he settle out of court for that Florida rape of that 12 year old? Didn’t he settle out of court in NJ when he was sued for allowing Middle Eastern High Rollers to launder money to terrorists? But let’s pretend he doesn’t know how to launder money or cover his butt.

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 4, 2017

    What a despicable line-up of liars. And Betsy’s lame excuse of a “clerical error”, and the other lies told by these knaves, clearly and unmistakably shows the depths of depravity this subset of aberrations of American society would sink to in order to further their greedy ambitions–this from an avowed collection of so-called Christians who are more than eager to dictate to others morality while simultaneously ignoring norms of morality.
    And Trump being the arch-breaker of norms of morality would naturally be inclined to pick those of a similar lack of standards of decency.

    But it doesn’t stop with these misfits—The vast number of the electorate who saw fit to discount this group’s indiscretions while thirsting for the blood of others such as Hillary and animal-like chants of “LOCK HER UP” and foaming at the mouth re: emails when the jury is still out on Pence’s email transgressions, point out the stark contrast between what the GOP professes to believe in and what they do in practice—openly and under cover of secrecy. Hopefully, the only locking up will be of these malefactors and the big boy, Trump himself.

    1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

      Oh poor AofP. If you didn’t believe that the FAKE MSM is lying and making up false news before, you can easily check and find out they’re making this stuff up!
      But knowing lefties like you are lazy and don’t do research, you are becoming their pawn and stooge. So time for you to admit you’ve been duped.

      1. Thoughtopsy March 4, 2017

        Hey d**bf**k… here is an example of how stupid you are:

        Which statement is the MSM Fake news?
        – Sessions saying under oath that he had no contact with the Russians?
        – Sessions saying he may have met with the Russians but did not remember it?
        – Sessions saying he did meet with the Russians, but didn’t remember what they spoke about?
        – Sessions saying he did meet with the Russians, but he definitely did not speak about the campaign?

        Because Chief Racism Officer Sessions actually and officially and publicly said ALL of those things. They are all public statements by Sessions.

        You see, we don’t need to make anything up… Sessions is screwed by his own statements and actions. He contradicts himself.

        Also, as your wingnut site suggests, to pretend that you met with the Russian guy “as a Senator” not as a campaign member… twice… in the middle of news cycles frothing with extreme concerns about Russia, Trump and the Election… and either forgot about it, or didn’t see how the information would be pertinent to a testimony under oath on his links to Russia… is just ridiculous on it’s face.
        You forget he also lied about the 10 key cases he was involved in.
        Lying was the entire point.
        Of course he said he never had any contact with the Russians. The point of all of these hearings is to block, lie, confuse and hide enough stuff that the GOP senators can still reasonably force your nomination through on a party line vote without looking like traitors. Saying you did meet with Russia would have just made things harder. So he lied. And got confirmed.

        1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

          Oh my, how unbalanced you’ve become! You guys like to twist words to fit your own agenda. You sound like Billy boy Clinton saying “it depends on what your definition of the word is is”.
          Admit it, you lefties and your FAKE news sources twisted, altered and lied to try and make a news story that is not there. You can try to convince the public that there’s something to investigate, but nothing will come of it.
          So, if it makes you feel good, go ahead and waste your time.

          1. Independent1 March 5, 2017

            I have no clue why anyone is wasting their time responding to you – you are a certified pathological liar not worth bothering with or even reading of your posts!! Name recognition is enough!

            Informed Voter=Pathological Liar! Goodbye!!

          2. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            That’s been part of your problem for years. You enter these forums, post faulty information and get hammered for it.
            Please prove that Sessions lied. If you can, then you should contact the authorities because they can’t seem to be able to prove Sessions or any of the others lied. The story that they lied is nothing but opinion. No intel agency says they can prove that the Russians did the hacking or influenced the election. With ALL their resources, they have not been able to prove any of what you low information dummies are claiming is true.
            How sad for you.

          3. Thoughtopsy March 5, 2017

            Note: You failed to answer my points.

          4. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            There is no need to address your verbose post. So the link is a conservative site – duh. What matters is the validity of the information. My post still stands – that Sessions DIDN’T lie when he answered the questions. Hence he is still qualified to be AG.

      2. Sand_Cat March 4, 2017

        What a complete moron and willing dupe you are!
        I must say, you are one of the most amusing of the idiots who come here trying to pretend (convincing yourself?) that they chose Trump after intelligent consideration and based on facts. Your pathetic attempt to simply deny every fact that highlights your own ignorance and stupidity is the best self-parody for which one could ask! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/83aa7a09c41ffb90588c7c282f2c4f9a5d5980de7e83d2a6d2dc53427880a6fa.jpg

        1. InformedVoter March 4, 2017

          I’m the one being duped? You were the dope who believed the FAKE polls from the MSM! Sessions answered ALL questions truthfully. At least he didn’t dance around like Billy Clinton when he replied “it depends on what your definition of the word is is”. Even if he had volunteered that he had contact, he still would have been confirmed 52-48. Time to suck it up and admit that you lost when the voters gave President Trump a MANDATE.

          1. ralphkr March 4, 2017

            “The voters gave President Trump a MANDATE.” OMG, unInformedVoter, you are hilarious and should have your own talk show studded with ignorant fallacious statements (a huge supply of said statements are available nearly hourly from Trump, his lackeys, and FUBAR News (FOX).

          2. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Yup, 304>227 no matter what type of math you use. And when you factor in that the FAKE MSM polls had HilLIARy leading by such a large margin and would win in a landslide, President Trump’s MANDATE is even greater!

          3. ralphkr March 5, 2017

            Yep, unInformedVoter. 31.5% of eligible American voters voted for Trump. That is really some MANDATE. Hey, ignorantVoter, a MANDATE is when the majority of the citizens are for something and DEFINITELY not when less than one third are for something. In the real world one third is less than two thirds.

          4. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            If I recall you also stated that I was wrong when I said that President Trump was leading in the polls. So how did that work out for you?
            If you remove the illegal votes, plus the rigging from the Dems, President Trump would have won the popular vote too.
            I bet you’re one of those who are saying that Atlanta won the Super Bowl because the won the popular vote, or that the Patriots are not your Super Bowl champions.
            Here are some links that reveal how naive you lefties are at how the FAKE MSM is manipulating you.



          5. ralphkr March 5, 2017

            OK!, ignorantunInformedVoter, you have just proved that you have no conception of numbers. Evidently the concept that “one third is less than two thirds” is beyond your limited comprehension. I repeat, Less than one third of eligible American voters voted for Herr Trump.

          6. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            You are using voter population vs voter turnout, which has always been much lower.
            Bill Clinton won with less than 50%, in fact. many presidential elections were decided with the victor having less than 50%.
            The fact that you would even think that someone needs more than 50% shows how ignorant you are of our election process.
            The EC was put in to prevent what might have happened in this election, thus the founding fathers showed enormous foresight in their plans.
            No matter, President Trump received a MANDATE from the voters.

          7. ralphkr March 5, 2017

            You talk about a MANDATE and then digress to the Electoral College which was created to give the slave owning states more power and lure them into joining the US. Your asinine reasoning would justify claiming a MANDATE if someone got 4 votes and only 5 people had voted. The only way to logically claim a MANDATE is if well over 50% supported it. Oh, sorry, now I have introduced something with which you are completely unfamiliar, ignoramusVoter, namely— logic. Any logical person recognizes that the support of 31.5% of registered voters reflects an overwhelming rejection.

          8. FireBaron March 6, 2017

            Looking at InformedVoter’s comments, I would say we have a new winner of the “Special Snowflake of the Week” award. His circuitous arguments make Teflon Donnie’s exercises in logic look normal!

          9. InformedVoter March 6, 2017

            As usual FireBaron, you show your ignorance. My points were still proven and your’s were not. Once more I retain my moniker as “informed voter”.

          10. InformedVoter March 6, 2017

            You must be a product of common core education because you certainly don’t understand statistics or math. Out of the 3141 counties in the USA, President Trump won 98+%. Now if 98% is not a MANDATE what would it take? 100%
            Just look at this. If you are dumb enough to still think President Trump didn’t receive a MANDATE, then you are probably too dumb to be allow to vote.

          11. ralphkr March 7, 2017

            My, my, my, ignoramusVoter, do you have an attendant to remind you to breath? I only ask because your posts have proven that you are too dumb to do anything on your own. I have no idea where you got the idea that property votes…probably from a Fascist Republican’s wet dream BUT in the USA votes are cast by PEOPLE and only 31.5% of the voters registered in the USA voted for Trump. That is NOT a MANDATE but an EMBARRASSMENT.

          12. InformedVoter March 7, 2017

            So President Trump carrying 98+% of the counties is not a MANDATE! Or that President Trump carrying 90% of the land in the USA is not a MANDATE!
            Yup, you certainly are a product of common core education. So did your precious HilLIARy get >50%?
            You lefties are so used to getting participation trophies that winning seems to mean nothing.
            OK, the Patriots NEVER led in the Super Bowl, so that means that Atlanta won? Atlanta won the popular vote, so does that mean the Patriots are not YOUR Super Bowl champs?
            I personally was part of a group the sent HilLIARy a package that contained a certificate that said
            I’m sure she appreciated it.


          13. ralphkr March 8, 2017

            Well, ignoramusVoter, your unassailable logic explains why Trump has to obey Putin since Russia is nearly twice as big as the USA. Why, even Canada can tell the US what to do since Canada is larger than the USA. Now do you see where your stupid theory that land mass determines a mandate when it is actually people. Unfortunately, two thirds of American voters did NOT vote for Trump.

          14. InformedVoter March 9, 2017

            As typical for you low information lefties, you make a stupid argument and think you have made a point, other than demonstrating your ignorance.
            And two thirds of voters didn’t vote for HilLIARy either! So your point is that no one won the election? How dumb is that! According to the rules of the US elections, President Trump received a “near landslide” victory. HilLIARy had 260 EC votes in the bag and President Trump reversed them to his side. Political analysts are calling his victory phenomenal!
            The majority of legal voters have spoken their minds.

          15. 788eddie March 8, 2017

            Land does not vote; people vote.

            Donald J. tRump is a minority president. End of story!

          16. InformedVoter March 9, 2017

            I just love your low information lefties who can’t comprehend the magnitude of President Trump’s MANDATE. Damn, it was practically a landslide victory for him.
            HiLIARy had 260 EC votes “locked up” the weekend before the election. On the morning of the election, she had 238 guaranteed EC votes!
            So consider that fact that President Trump received a majority of the votes and ended up with 304 and HilLIARy ended up with 227! How could that happen? Well, it’s because President Trump swamped old HilLIARy and thus, political analyst are finally classifying his enormous victory as a “near landslide”.
            Just look at this little ditty about how President Trump managed to pull off his MANDATE.
            After watching this one, only a truly brainwashed fool would say that President Trump didn’t receive a MANDATE from the voters, especially the “swing” states Rachael Madcow loves to talk about.

          17. Sand_Cat March 5, 2017

            Unbelievable: a moron who believes Trump’s lies accusing anyone of being credulous! Your every post is more comical! It’s incredible what a pathetic little sucker you really are!
            Keep going: I can’t write stuff that promotes my point of view any better than you! I salute you, sir!

          18. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            You are living proof of the statement: If you wish to upset a conservative, you tell them a lie (like you have been doing); if you wish to upset a liberal, you tell them the truth (like my posts have been).
            What does it take for you to understand that Al’s questions were about a different time frame than Sessions was responding to. The Obozo folks asked Sessions to meet with the Russians during the time frame Sessions was talking about.
            Thus, NO LIES were spoken!
            Sessions, being an honorable person, unlike HilIARy, who lied multiple times, recused himself. No matter, this “investigation” will go nowhere.
            Sessions is the new AG and so you’re just have to deal with it. Like we had to deal with Holder and Lynch, two of worst AGs to ever hold that office.

          19. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 5, 2017

            “The polls were bad, which somehow excuses treason and perjury from Trump and his team!!1!! I have had seven concussions and I think I got an award for Good Posting!!!”
            – you

          20. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”: and you wonder how you amass so many inaccurate posts points!
            Now you’re claiming that the MSM published bad polls? Oh my, how could that happen? They would never make up stories or polls results. HilLIARy would never pay a poll to publish a FAKE poll. BUT these things happened!
            Sorry, but nothing you or anyone else has posted has proven that ANY of President Trump’s folks lied. My post clearly states that Sessions DID NOT lie in his responses. And ‘thoughts” verbose attempt did not prove, nor did it attempt to say, that the information in my posts was not true. All he said is that the link was from a conservative – duh!

          21. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 5, 2017

            So still no quote, huh. Another gold star for me!

          22. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

            Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”: all you are doing is racking up more inaccurate post points.

          23. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 5, 2017

            So still no quote, huh. Another gold star for me!

      3. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 5, 2017

        ^ reminder: this guy got fooled by the MOST OBVIOUSLY PHOTOSHOPPED POLITICAL HOAX IN HISTORY.

        1. InformedVoter March 5, 2017

          Hey HELLpy, the Pathetic poster of lies and earner of the title “usually inaccurate”: every time you post your lie about me falling for a “photoshopped” hoax, your inaccuracy counter goes up! How silly does that make you look?

          1. ⭐️ I Am Helpy ⭐️ March 5, 2017

            So still no quote, huh. Another gold star for me!

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  11. FireBaron March 5, 2017

    And until the GOP gets thrown out of Congressional leadership, nothing will be done. Why? Because they have established it is not a crime for a Republican to lie to a Republican controlled committee while under oath.

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 7, 2017

    from the start its been the whole DONNY DUMP’s campaign has been all of false statements which only the DUMPSTERS brain dead followers can and do believe them and him the clown car driver


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