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Carrie Fisher Wasn’t Shy About Letting The World Know She Really Hated Trump

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Carrie Fisher Wasn’t Shy About Letting The World Know She Really Hated Trump

Carrie Fisher, Trump

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

Among the many reasons to love Carrie Fisher, who died Tuesday, was the fact that she never minced a single word. In recent months, if you wondered how Fisher felt about Donald Trump, you only needed to check out her tweets. She was very much not a fan of Trump, and she made sure to mention it as often as possible.

For example, remember that time Fisher—who never downplayed her history of engagement with cocaine—suggested Trump was high during a presidential debate?

She also hinted that no sober person would choose to vote for Trump:

And she took a drug-related dig at the man who has spent his life reducing women to their looks:

But Fisher had many other thoughts on Trump worth revisiting. For example, when she said he’d lower the office:

When she called him out for bragging about criminal sex acts:

Or when she made fun of all that “straight shooter” nonsense.

And in summation:

R.I.P. Carrie Fisher. Your humor and candor will be sorely missed.

Kali Holloway is a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet.

IMAGE: FILE PHOTO: Carrie Fisher poses for cameras as she arrives at the European Premiere of “Star Wars, The Force Awakens” in Leicester Square, London, December 16, 2015. REUTERS/Paul Hackett/File Photo



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 29, 2016

    Not a fan of Trump? How on Tatooine could anyone dislike Emperor Trump, the subordinate to Darth Palpatine of Russia?

    Got to love that tweet with the hand dryer.

    1. Sylviacroberts December 30, 2016

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      1. David MacDougall January 6, 2017


    2. InformedVoter December 31, 2016

      You lefties are so far out of touch that you truly believe that anyone would give a rats ass about what a Hollywood actor thinks? HilLIARy surrounded herself with mediocre entertainers and thought it would lead to her victory. Informed voters know what’s make believe and what’s Hollywood hype.

      All those low information has-been actors, who said they would leave the country, were naive enough to think that informed voters would care if they left our country! And these actors turned out to be bigots anyway. They all claimed they would move to Canada. So they slammed Mexico and showed they’re bigots.

      And to demonstrate how low information these script readers are, they never looked to see that Canada has an immigration wall in place to manage immigration numbers. Yup, these bigots, if they applied to move to Canada, would have discovered that it would take them 18 months to get admitted.

      The Dems are in such disarray because of their slam-dunking in the election (BTW, slam-dunk is NOT a wrestling term, but a basketball term – more proof of your low information status), that all they have left is Hollywood no bodies trying to pick fun at the party that informed voters flocked to. States like WI, PA and MI, who had not voted GOP in decades, realized that President Trump was the better choice.

      And have you heard the latest defeat excuse from HilLIARy? Now she’s claiming she never wanted to run in the first place! Boy did you guys get blindsided. I gave you more sports words to try and misrepresent in your reply post.

      1. The lucky one December 31, 2016

        “You lefties are so far out of touch that you truly believe that anyone would give a rats ass about what a Hollywood actor thinks?”

        Hahaha. says the guy who read the article and posted a long rant in response. Do you guys ever listen to yourself?

        “these actors turned out to be bigots anyway. They all claimed they would move to Canada. So they slammed Mexico and showed they’re bigots.”

        So choosing to move to Canada is a slam on Mexico? Too funny but it does explain your vote for Trump.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 31, 2016

          The (un)informed voter is quite amusing. I suspect he never has left his state, let alone gone to Canada or any other country.

          1. The lucky one January 1, 2017

            Whenever a post starts with “You lefties” you know what follows will be nonsensical and often hate-filled.
            Happy New Year

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

            Happy New Year to you as well my friend. Yes, you’re right—it’s a dead giveaway when someone opens with “You lefties”. I only see that used in relation to baseball pitchers and tennis players. As Bugs Bunny would say—“What a maroon”.

          3. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

            Yup, you lefties just keep on believing the lies the MSM media put out, like that HIlLIARy is leading in the polls. How did that work out for you? Yet you continue to defend those who published the fake polls instead of taking them to task. Typical low information personality.

          4. The lucky one January 2, 2017

            Thanks for once again proving my point.

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

            Is this the level of superficiality we’re to expect from you for the remainder of the short time remaining to you on earth?

            “Lefties” are terms best used for pitchers and tennis players. Outside of those realms, your terminology is just the product of a puerile mind which delights in juvenile responses.

            In case you didn’t know, Trump lies as well. Remove the wax from your ears and the cobwebs from your mind and you’ll finally notice.

          6. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

            As I’ve posted in the past, on several occasions, I live outside the US for almost 6 months each year. And yes, Canada is among the countries outside the US. But you recognizing that would be expecting way too much from a limited and close-minded person like you.

          7. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

            Being out of the country poses a hazard for your mental abilities. Your posts of the past have proven to be utterly barren of religious sentiments, irrational thinking, a level of belligerence rarely found any other place in the world I’ve visited(and I’ve been to several countries in the eastern hemisphere and western, in Muslim and non-Muslim countries, to Israel on 2 separate occasions to meet with members of the International Baha’i Center in Haifa—not once have I come close to meeting anyone as stubbornly rigid in thought as you.
            Your mind reflects the same degree of flexibility as a 90+ year old man or woman.

            My advice is to stay home to prevent further rigidity.

        2. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

          Saying they would move to Canada (good luck with getting in since Canada does have an immigration wall in place) instead of moving to Mexico IS an insult to Mexico. The Hollywood types condemn President Trump for making public that illegals from Mexico have committed a larger percentage of violent crimes than stats would project. They claim that Mexico is a safe place, so why didn’t they say they would move to Mexico? Because they know President Trump is right!

          1. The lucky one January 2, 2017

            Not much on logic are you? By your reasoning those that said they would move to Canada have insulted every other country, not just Mexico.

            So if a group has “committed a larger percentage of violent crimes than stats would project.” Just how would Trump know that if the stats don’t support his lie? Trump just pulls shite out of thin air and uninformed people incapable of critical thought accept it.

          2. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            During the primary process, President Trump made the correct statement about illegals committing more crimes of violence. The MSM attacked him, BUT the stats eventually proved he was correct. Actually, it took less than 48 hours to have his statement proven to be accurate.

            I mentioned this and you still are now claiming that President Trump was not correct in his statement? YES illegals DO commit more violent crimes than the rest of the population.

            So, you saying President Trump made that up demonstrates how low information you are.
            If you wish to upset a conservative, tell them a lie (like you do). If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth (like President Trump and I do).

          3. The lucky one January 3, 2017

            I am aware of Trump’s assertion and your seconding of it but have yet to see any evidence to support it. In fact the opposite is the case. See below.

            “If you wish to upset a liberal, tell them the truth (like President Trump and I do).” I don’t know you well enough to say whether you are lying or just misinformed but Trump has a list of documented lies that would take a few thousand words to list.

            “The crime rate among first-generation immigrants — those who came to this country from somewhere else — is significantly lower than the overall crime rate and that of the second generation,”

            Since undocumented immigrants are more than a quarter of the immigrant population, it’s nearly impossible that the overall-immigrant crime rate could be so much lower if the undocumented-immigrant crime rate were significantly higher.

            — “There’s essentially no correlation between immigrants and violent crime.” (Jörg Spenkuch, Northwestern University, 2014. Published by the university.) He did find a small correlation between immigration and property crime, but only a slight one.

            — “[I]mmigrants are underrepresented in California prisons compared to their representation in the overall population. In fact, U.S.-born adult men are incarcerated at a rate over two-and-a-half times greater than that of foreign-born men.” (Public Policy Institute of California, 2008.)

            — “[D]ata from the census and a wide range of other empirical studies show that for every ethnic group without exception, incarceration rates among young men are lowest for immigrants, even those who are the least educated. This holds true especially for the Mexicans, Salvadorans and Guatemalans, who make up the bulk of the undocumented population.” (Ruben Rumbaut, University of California, 2008. Published by the Police Foundation.)

            — “Analyses of data collected from four Southwest states and the U.S. Census show that the perceived size of the undocumented immigrant population, more so than the actual size of the immigrant population and economic conditions, is positively associated with perceptions of undocumented immigrants as a criminal threat.” (Xia Wang, Arizona State University, 2014. Published in Criminology.)


          4. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            It has been well documented that illegals commit violent crimes at a rate higher than their percentage of the population would predict. You can talk all you wish about first generation immigrants, but we are talking about those who entered the country illegally. And for that segment of the population, their crime rate is higher than projected.
            President Trump was correct when he made his statement and two days later, he played up that his statement had been proven to be correct.

          5. The lucky one January 4, 2017

            Ah yes the old “It has been well documented” tactic. Funny how seldom it’s ever followed up by any of the documentation.

          6. InformedVoter January 5, 2017

            Let’s start by shredding the left’s favorite claim that illegals don’t commit many crimes because they wish to fly under the radar. To support that claim, they say that sanctuary cities have a higher concentration of illegals (by definition) so you would expect those cities to have higher crime rates. Well guess what? They DO!

            So if the crime rates for areas that have high numbers of illegals have high crime rates, that means that Trump is wrong! OK, ignore actual facts.

            There are many other easily found links that show that the number of illegals in prison far exceed their percentage of the population. And what does the left say about that? Well, they have to rob, steal, rape and murder because the running from the law. Some justification.

          7. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            Still no proof, just opinion and innuendo. If it’s so well proven as you contend providing the evidence should be easy but as of yet NADA from you. Just talk.

          8. InformedVoter January 5, 2017

            No proof? So showing that the crime rates in sanctuary cities is abnormally high doesn’t prove anything? And you wonder why you guys got trounced so badly in the election.

            I’ll let you do a little work on your own. It’s so easy to find, but you are so used to getting a participation trophy that you don’t know what work is.
            BTW, I signed the certificate that was presented to HilLIARy, thanking her for participating in the 2016 presidential election. We also sent these to the others who “participated”. I’m sure HilLIARy mounted hers.

          9. The lucky one January 5, 2017

            Yes no proof, none at all, just your extremely weak logic with no evidence to support it as is typical for right wing ranters who visit this site.

            Your statement that I am lazy is funny given that you have shown yourself repeatedly to be a liar or a fool, possibly both, who couldn’t be bothered to back up his slanders.

            BTW I didn’t get ” trounced so badly in the election”. I’m not a Democrat. Anyone can see that Trump is unqualified and a conman. Clinton’s faults don’t change that obvious fact. I do see why you congratulated her though since any other Dem, Sanders, Biden etc. would have sent Trump back to his cave to tweet about how he was robbed, his standard reaction when he doesn’t get his way. Yes I know the electoral college determines the winner but when a candidate gets 3 million less in the popular vote any talk of “trouncing” is nonsense.

            It’s the person who makes outrageous false statements that has the burden of proof but since I know you will just blather on I did your homework for you.

            “121, The number of people released from immigration custody who were later charged with murder between 2010 and 2014, according to figures from the Department of Homeland Security cited in a recent letter from two U.S. senators. That’s about a thousandth of a percent of the total estimated number of unauthorized immigrants in the United States.”

            “Sanctuary policies adopted by dozens of cities since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks have essentially no impact on crime, according to researchers at the University of California, Riverside and Highline College in Des Moines, Washington.”

            “Researchers analyzed changes in the rates of violent crime, property crime, and rape in sanctuary cities immediately after those communities passed those policies. Some cities did see increases in crime, some saw a reduction, and others experienced no change.”
            “Taken together, the average change in crime is not statistically significant,” they wrote.

            “The researchers then matched each sanctuary city to comparable non-sanctuary cities in the same states and compared crime rates from 2000 through 2012. They found that rates of violent crime, property crime, and rape were slightly higher in sanctuary cities in some years after the policies were adopted, but within the margin of error, making the relationship statistically insignificant.”


            “Despite popular accounts, decades of research actually shows that immigrants – whether legal or illegal – tend to have lower crime rates.”

            “New research shows that designating a city as a sanctuary has no statistically significant effect on crime.”

            “Some cities – such as San Francisco and St. Louis — did see increases in crime immediately following passage. Other cities, such as San Jose, saw no change in crime. Still others — such as Baltimore and Washington — saw a reduction in crime. Taken together, the average change in crime is not statistically significant. The same results hold for property crime and rape crime.”


          10. InformedVoter January 5, 2017

            And Obama, who was a community organizer was qualified? He was not qualified and look how that worked out for the country. Record number on food stamps, race relations the worst in 40-50 years! The list of his failures is endless.
            President Trump has a proven record as a successful business person and he’s filled his cabinet with many other successful business people.

            So you think sending her a “thanks for participating certificate” was a complement? How dumb can you be? And no, the Dems had no other person who would have won.

            OK, you asked for it. Read ’em an weep. Dozens more of these that prove that illegals commit more violent crimes than their percentage of the population would predict.



          11. I Am Helpy January 5, 2017

            Nice racist lies there, guy who thinks he got an award for being a Special Poster.

          12. InformedVoter January 6, 2017

            Hey “usually incorrect”, so telling the truth gets me labeled “racist lies”. Typical for a low information person like yourself. You’re in self-denial and meltdown mode. News Flash: TRUMP WON A MANDATE from the voters! He’s been proven correct on the illegal crime rate issue and you just stick your head up the left’s butt and say all I can see is crap. Duh!

          13. I Am Helpy January 6, 2017

            Sorry you’re nuts! You never got an award, you gullible lunatic.

          14. InformedVoter January 6, 2017

            Hey usually inaccurate, I can’t help it if you don’t like your moniker. but you have to be honest and says you earned it.
            Your fellow posters were contributors to your downfall.

            Still waiting for the proof of Deb’s resignation and the profit from the auto bailout out to appear. But, since you are the usually inaccurate poster, I suspect nothing will be forthcoming.
            Go have that good cry.

          15. I Am Helpy January 6, 2017

            Sorry you’re nuts!

          16. InformedVoter January 6, 2017

            Hey usually inaccurate, I know how destroyed you have to be filling now. Old Joe Biden had to count and verify the MANDATE the voters handed to Trump.
            Go ahead, since you can’t post anything of value, just go to a university and find one of those safe rooms they put in and then have yourself a good cry.

          17. I Am Helpy January 6, 2017

            Sorry you’re loopy!

          18. The lucky one January 7, 2017

            News Flash: Losing the popular vote by 3 million votes does not equal a mandate. Even an obviously low IQ person like you should be able to fathom that. I’ll save you some time, “fathom”means understand.

          19. InformedVoter January 7, 2017

            When the 3 million comes from just one state, and the rest of the nation is red, then, YES, it’s a MANDATE. 304>227 even your new math should work on determining that. Besides, the 3 million from CA is meaningless. 30 sates = 60%; of the top 10 most populous states, Trump got 7! It’s numbers like that that prove he won a MANDATE.

          20. The lucky one January 8, 2017

            Maybe you can find a 10 year old to help you understand math but I think it will take more than that for you to understand our political system. Even Trump doesn’t get to pick which state’s voters will be counted.

            As long as we’re excluding states let’s toss out Texas, Tenn, Kentucky and Alabama. Now we’re back to a 3 million popular vote margin in favor of Clinton.

          21. InformedVoter January 8, 2017

            Nope! One of the main reasons the EC was put into place was to prevent one concentrated area, like CA from having undo influence over the rest of the country’s will. Trying to equate CA to all the other states that Trump carried is a false equivalency and shows you lack understanding of the EC concept.

          22. The lucky one January 8, 2017

            You demonstrate a lack of historical knowledge. The EC was created to prevent majority rule, the opposite of what you think. The goal was to keep power within the hands of the moneyed elite and it has served that purpose quite well. That’s one of the main reasons this country is nearly always at war. The citizens pay the cost in lives and taxes and Halliburton and their ilk reap he profits.

            I understand the EC, I just have no respect for it. What you don’t understand is that the total of the popular vote is determined by adding all the citizen’s votes, not just those from the states you deem worthy. That total left Clinton with nearly a 3 million vote lead. You can try to spin it anyway you want or parrot Trump’s whining BS about illegal votes but that is a FACT that is indisputable. Is there anything more pathetic than a winner who whines about being cheated or treated unfairly? Maybe yes, that would be a moron that believes it.

          23. InformedVoter January 8, 2017

            You seem to have a false understanding of our country’s history and how it was founded.
            Part of the reason for the EC was to prevent exactly what happened. CA should NOT have undo influence over the rest of the country.
            As stated earlier President Trump received a MANDATE from the voters.

          24. The lucky one January 9, 2017

            You seem to have an uninformed and slanted view of our country’s history.

            Maybe this is just a failure of definition. In your definition it seems that nearly every EC victory represents a mandate. Do you think that 21 of the last 25 elected presidents also had “mandates”? If so then at least you’re consistent because they all had larger margins of victory than Trump. But even if you think that, it’s clear that the “mandate” came from the EC. A 3 million vote deficit does not represent a mandate “from the voters”.

            The only way the EC makes any sense is to apportion electors by % of votes in the state. If there are 10 votes at stake and a candidate gets 40% of the votes in that state he gets 4 votes. It’s absurd that whether 100% or 51% of the voters in a state choose a given candidate he/she gets the whole state.

          25. InformedVoter January 9, 2017

            The 3 million votes all came from CA. If you discount the illegal CA votes, Trump won the popular vote by 1.5 million.
            The EC was put into place to address exactly this type situation. You can do you crazy math, but the EC is insurance that the fruits and nuts of CA would not have undo influence over the rest of the country.
            OK, I’ll play your game on popular vote: MI passes a law that makes it illegal to purchase anything other than a GM or Ford auto product. EVERYONE in MI votes for the candidate that supports that measure. The election results have the popular vote going to CandA by 6 million votes, but ALL 8-9 million votes from MI go to CandB. Hence, CandB becomes president and now all 49 other states will be forced to purchase only GM or Ford vehicles. Duh.

          26. The lucky one January 9, 2017

            Your hypothetical is absurd. No one state can control the election even if it was straight up popular vote and the whole state went for one candidate. Geez, are you really that stupid? That’s rhetorical.

            There were no illegal votes in CA. No, like nearly everyone knows, even most Trump supporters, Clinton lead in the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. It didn’t matter for the outcome but it is a fact undisputed by any serious commentator on either side.

            Duh indeed.

          27. InformedVoter January 9, 2017

            You are claiming that the 4.5 million vote win in CA should count. Thus, an 8 million swing in just one state would be even larger. Duh.
            So, using the 2016 election as proof, if ALL 8-9 million voters in one state voted for Trump, and that state wanted to force EVERYONE to buy GM or Ford products, then that’s what the outcome would have been.
            You would be screaming foul and how can one state exert their policies over all the other states? That’s why the EC was established, to keep one region from having undo influence. I guess you’re just too low information or lazy to understand that.

            And YES, it was ONLY paid protesters at Trump rallies that committed acts of violence. Just look at the post election riots in support of HilLIARy. Most of these so called protesters didn’t even vote (they weren’t registered!). Or have you forgotten the peaceful protests that burned police cars, burned businesses, shut down freeways, etc. ALL were paid for and bused in by the DNC.
            You got conned by HilLIARy, (she never wanted to run in the first place) and you’re acting out your frustration.

          28. The lucky one January 9, 2017

            I could run down and destroy every one of your points as I’ve done in every post so far. I’m not bragging anyone who can read could do the same. But I’m done wasting time so I’ll just sum it up by stating the obvious. You are a fool. You’re on your own now a$$hole. You’ll have to learn in the school of hard knocks.

          29. InformedVoter February 5, 2017

            Must ylu prove your low information status over and over? You “destroyed” my posts? Not even once and not even in your dreams. My accuracy rate is 95.2% in these forums. A quick look at yours and it would seem that you’re average for lefties – viz, 23.4% accurate. Let’s see, that makes you accurate less than 1 our 4 posts. What a record to be proud of. But then again, you lefties thrive on FAKE news and facts.

          30. The lucky one January 6, 2017

            Too funny. Your think your comment about Obama being unqualified and having an unsuccessful presidency is a good argument for why an even more unqualified person like Trump will be successful. No wonder you seem so confused.

            I glanced at your sources and I’m sorry but Fox “News” making the same assertions as you do and backing them up by quoting other right wing sources is not proof of anything other than that they subscribe to Goebbels’ theory that if you repeat a lie often enough eventually it will be accepted as truth.

          31. InformedVoter January 6, 2017

            Yup, Obama was and proved he still is unqualified. He never really worked in the private sector, never ran a business or office, never had to lead a group. And boy did it show in his 8 years of incompetence.
            President Trump is a proven businessman who actually knows how to run a company and motivate employees. And he’s surrounded himself with proven winners as he drained the swamp. The voters wanted this when the presented him with his MANDATE victory.

            Regarding lies, it is your sources that are lying to you. Sources like the NYT and WP, who make up stories (long ago proven) and then the liberal MSM like MSNBC and CNN pick up the stories and don’t bother to check them out and blast them around like they were the truth. Hence, it’s the left that thinks that saying a lie a 1000 times will make it true.

            That is the strategy they employed in the last election. All those fake stories about HilLIARy leading in the polls. Damn, she paid for those fake polls hoping the MSM would repeat the stories and it would discourage Trump supporters from voting. How did that work out for her?

            Believe my sources or not. At least I am on record as saying the polls were fake and that Trump was actually ahead. So that worked out just swell for me because I quoted the sources you’re now saying are not to be trusted.

            And you wonder why you’re called low information.

          32. The lucky one January 7, 2017

            Trump has never “really worked” a day in his life. Any
            leading” he has done was of those being paid to follow him, you know, like the actors that were paid to act as his supporters during the rally where he announced his candidacy. Any loudmouth willing to pander to emotions can lead a mob, for a while. It will be funny to watch how they respond to his “leadership” when they realize he’s been conning them all along. I’m sure you will one of the last to grasp it.

            How many businesses has Obama driven into bankruptcy? What is Trump’s score, 4 or 5 maybe more. How many times has Obama been sued for fraud, and settled despite claiming he never settles. Oh yah, that was Trump not Obama. Yes he’s quite the businessman.

            For all of your grossly inaccurate assertions the most obvious are that Trump won a mandate, losing by 3 million votes and that he “drain the swamp”. If you drain the sludge out of a pool and then refill it with new sludge you still end up with a pool full of sludge. That’s why I always burst out laughing when a dunce like you calls me low information. You can’t even process the information that is public. Hell even Sarah Palin can see the cronyism in Trump’s appointments.

          33. InformedVoter January 7, 2017

            Talk about posting inaccurate information, did you learn how to post from Helpy?
            President Trump’s rallies regularly had thousands of attendees. The only ones paid were the ones the DNC paid to attend and try to disrupt the rallies. They failed! On the other side, HilLIARy paid celebrities to headline her rallies and yet barely a hundred showed up!

            President Trump inherited something like $100 million and parlayed it into several billion! So he was involved in 4 business ventures that needed bankruptcy, like GM and FCA went through. So he’s still been proven to be a highly successful businessman. Obama never had any experience running a business and now he can add running a country.

            Let’s see 304-227 = MANDATE in anyone’s mind. And President Trump won the popular vote if you discount the CA margin, were they stuffed the ballot boxes.

            It wouldn’t matter who President Trump selected, you would claim they’re not right for the job. Sort of what Obama did when he got elected. So it was OK for Obama to appoint folks like HilLIARy and Kerry to SOS, when they both destroyed any credibility we had on foreign policy.

            You’re in self-denial and in meltdown mode. Go have a good cry.

          34. The lucky one January 8, 2017

            True, Trump’s performances did attract significant crowds (people like clowns and circuses) but the one where he announced his candidacy was populated by paid actors. I don’t know about the attendance at Clinton’s rallies but given your demonstrated record for lies and misinformation I’m guessing they were comparable to Trump’s. After all she did beat him by 3 million citizen votes.

            “304-227 = MANDATE in anyone’s mind” No, only in an addled mind like yours. “when looking at all of the 25 elections that have taken place in the past 100 years, in 21 of them, the winner won by a wider margin than Donald Trump did in 2016.” So by your reckoning 84% of them were mandates with Obama’s being a super mandate.

            “Trump did not come close to scoring a bigger Electoral College victory than Barack Obama did; in 2008, Obama won 365 electors, and in 2012, he won 332. Trump did, however, win more electors than George W. Bush did in either of his elections. Just looking at the Republican candidates, every other Republican president since 1916 – Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan and George H.W. Bush, won with more electors than Trump did.”

            “So he’s still been proven to be a highly successful businessman.” that is your opinion, not a proven fact. As The Duck himself said in his 1987 book “The Art of the Deal.” “I play to people’s fantasies,” A rare moment of truth from your hero.

            Business Week estimated Trump’s net worth at $100 million in 1978. If Trump had merely put that money in an index fund based on the Standard & Poor’s 500 index — the kind many Americans use to save for retirement — he would be worth $6 billion today. Trump claims to be worth 10 billion but objective observers peg it at around 4 bil and some say as little as 400-700 mil so even going with the higher estimates he is far less successful than he claims.

            It’s pretty clear who is in denial mode here.

          35. InformedVoter January 8, 2017

            Sorry Lucky, but the only paid attendees at Trump rallies were the paid disrupters from HilLIARy’s camp. HilLIARy had to pay “celebrities” to try and attract people to attend her rallies. She is the one who employed actors, not President Trump. That fact alone should have told you the polls stating she was leading were fake.
            Trump won every category. It is appropriate to discount the margin of victory from the fruits and nuts in CA. Thus Trump won the popular vote by 1.5 million. And lest you forget, those 3 million more votes HilLIARy got in CA were mostly illegal votes.
            Yup, Trump carried 30 states = 60%; he carried 7 of the top 10 most populous states, and if you view a map of the USA all you see is Red and few blue splotches. Most political analysts are calling it a MANDATE. Why don’t you do what Biden suggested and “grow up”. You are in self-denial and meltdown mode.
            You need to seek professional help.

          36. The lucky one January 8, 2017

            “paid disrupters from HilLIARy’s camp” again accusations without evidence. To be fair I don’t have evidence that Trump paid actors for his initial rally but a casting call was put out seeking people at $50/head to attend the rally and wear his silly t-shirts and carry signs. Maybe it wasn’t Trump but it surely was someone in his employ.

            I don’t pay attention to polls but it’s interesting that Trump comes in with the lowest approval rating of any in-coming president in modern history, not surprising for someone who lost the popular vote by so many.

            You make many foolish statements but this takes the cake. “It is appropriate to discount the margin of victory from the fruits and nuts in CA.”

            “Most political analysts are calling it a MANDATE.” Actually none outside of the far right are doing so and even most of them realize there is no mandate in Trump’s election.

            I should grow up and stop trying to reason with an obvious fool so i will do that. B’bye moron.

          37. InformedVoter January 8, 2017

            Most of the disrupters who were ejected from the Trump rallies admitted they were paid to try and disrupt the rallies. They were hoping they would get beaten up and it would make for great headlines saying Trump supporters are violent. In the end, it turned around on them when voters were informed that the disrupters were paid by the Dems.
            The casting calls you mentioned were for HILLIARy supporters. She wasn’t getting many to show up because she just isn’t popular. Hence, you are either lower information than I thought or are out and out lying.
            So, in less than two weeks, President Trump will take office with a MANDATE from the voters, whether you believe it or not!

          38. The lucky one January 9, 2017

            C’mon now you’re just being silly. “hoping they would get beaten up” Really, are you that deluded? Where did you see protesters claiming to be paid to disrupt Trump’s rallies? Wait, let me guess Breitbart, Trump’s propaganda site?

            You are right about one thing. Clinton isn’t popular but neither is Trump. They were the most unpopular pair of candidates in history.

            Oh, I believe Trump will take office but only a committed dupe could call it a mandate.

          39. InformedVoter January 9, 2017

            YES, they were hoping they’d get beaten and have the video to support the false claim that Trump supporters were violent. The only violence was when the paid supports got roughed up by the paid supporters who were paid to be there and do the roughing up!
            YES, it was on the news that HilLIARy placed ads stating they were paying for protesters to disrupt Trump rallies. Do a little research!

          40. The lucky one January 9, 2017

            “The only violence was when the paid supports got roughed up by the paid supporters who were paid to be there and do the roughing up!” Man you outdid yourself on that one. I don’t think even Trump himself has said anything that foolish.

            “Do a little research!” Yes, please do before posting such inanities. You’re making the other trolls who post here look like geniuses by comparison.

            It was created by Paul Horner, who posts fake news on a variety of websites. Some of his posts go viral, presumably boosting his standing with Google’s news algorithm. The fake news posts typically earn Horner — according to an interview with the Washington Post — $10,000 a month in ad sales.

            In the Post interview, Horner took credit for the fake news item about the protester being paid $3,500.

            “His followers don’t fact-check anything — they’ll post everything, believe anything,” Horner said. Referring to then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Horner said, “His campaign manager posted my story about a protester getting paid $3,500 as fact. Like, I made that up.

            Asked by the Post’s Caitlin Dewey why he posted the fake story, Horner responded, “Just ’cause his supporters were under the belief that people were getting paid to protest at their rallies, and that’s just insane. I’ve gone to Trump protests — trust me, no one needs to get paid to protest Trump. I just wanted to make fun of that insane belief, but it took off. They actually believed it.”


          41. InformedVoter January 9, 2017

            Typical lefty tactic. Claim that the only creditable news sources are NYT, WP MSNBC, CNN etc. and ignore the vast number of other sources.
            European news sources exposed the truth that it was the DNC who had paid protesters to disrupt Trump rallies. I’ll believe them over ANY source you claim that states otherwise.

            The tactic backfired when it was exposed. Even few went to HilLIARY’s rallies and Trump’s crowds grew larger!
            So the MSM tries to play up the violence when Trump said, “get them out”, but those free ads just made Trump more popular.

            You are suffering from the birds of a feather syndrome, your fellow, low information, lefty posters remain in self-denial and meltdown mode over the MANDATE victory Trump received from the voters.

          42. The lucky one January 9, 2017

            Okay, post your source. Since I ignored “the vast number of other sources.” It should be easy. I doubt that NYT, WP MSNBC, CNN etc. or even Fox touched that story except maybe to laugh at how gullible some people are, people like you. Typical right wing tactic. Lie, and then claim any source disputing the lie is disreputable.

            You’re right that publicizing Trump’s boorish and crude behavior just seemed to build his base. A sad commentary on the American public but proof that we get the government we deserve and apparently we deserve a narcissistic, self-aggrandizing spoiled rich brat who is responsible for a string of failures and possesses no leadership ability other than stirring up a mob.

            My only question here is this: Are you a troll who is just enjoying pulling my chain or are you really as stupid as you appear. Either way I’m wasting my time so f**k off.

          43. mac January 7, 2017


      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 31, 2016

        Dear uninformed one, I’m right-handed just like you. But my main designation is human and Baha’i; following that, I’m African-America with some European admixture from my dad’s side(some Irish from my DNA profile). My political designation is irrelevant to me, although that seems to be your primary penultimate designation.
        Here’s a nover idea and one you’ve never considered—Try starting out the New Year thinking first and foremost as being a human being created by the same Creator as all the rest of humanity on the planet.
        Being “human” is something you carry forward for eternity—NOT YOUR POLITICAL LEANINGS!
        You’ve become a pathetic broken record muttering “I’m a Righty—I’m a Righty–I’m a Righty”. Do you get the picture now?

        1. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

          With each subsequent post, you’re becoming more and more desperate and unglued. You profess that your (fake) religion has made you a member of the human race, but your words give you away.
          You profess to believe the lies the MSM have written about Obama, GW and now President Trump. This proves your status as a low information person is accurate.

  2. itsfun December 30, 2016

    What a terrible story. The National Memo should be ashamed of itself for allowing this kind of trash on their site. Let the lady rest in peace, don’t make her some kind of political statement.

    1. PatrickHenry December 30, 2016

      Exactly, but too bad Princess Leia a hater, but hey, Hollywood you know. National Memo uses anything for politics.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

        No, Trump is the hater. You would have noticed that if you turned on your brain and paid attention to his attitude and body language. As for National Memo, you complain about its contents yet you’re drawn to stalk the forum to get rejuvenated. I’m sure you’ll keep coming back so that you can have a venue to work off your anxieties.

        1. PatrickHenry January 2, 2017

          Actually I reluctantly get to these discussions to see the utter crazy-ness of the Democrat-Socialist Party and to show opposing views to hopefully some normal, average Americans that may be gullible, like you.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 3, 2017

            Reluctantly? Patrick, you should think about what reluctance means, then ask yourself why you feel compelled to visit a site repeatedly if you’re reluctant. Because whenever you post you’re pretty much already have in mind to set someone straight, as though you’re on some Crusade to straighten the rest of us out so that we see things your “reluctant” way.
            For someone to “reluctantly” visit a forum just to witness crazy-ness[sic], shows a morbid sense of curiosity when you would be better off reading some interesting books, taking walks in the woods, or taking trips to distant cities and countries.
            I visited the “Angry White Male” site run by Wayne Allyn Root just to get a sense of the ambiance there, and it was quite depressing. I made a few comments several months ago and have no intention of going to the site again. I have too many books to read, too many friends and associates to collaborate and plan things with, and have too many new people to meet in America and elsewhere in the world. Next stop is Cork, Ireland and again to Salalah, Oman.


          2. PatrickHenry January 3, 2017

            Good, hope you don’t come back. Then Millions of us Whites will be happy. THEN we will have more money by removing our burdens.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 3, 2017

            What a childish and immature thing to say. Are you still a juvenile delinquent living with mom? Did you ever achieve adulthood? And keep that racist attitude to yourself—it won’t do you any good.

            And don’t worry—I’ll be back.

    2. The lucky one December 31, 2016

      She made the statements and put them in the public domain. She must have wanted them to be seen.

  3. Dan S December 30, 2016

    Sure now she leaves this world & we’re stuck with the orange haired funny mad man. I’d sooner have cast my vote for Darth Vader. ????

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth January 2, 2017

    Darth Vader at least took his time to think, even though his conclusions were tragically flawed


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