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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

#EndorseThis: The Grifters, Trump Midterm Election Edition

Finally someone on television penetrates to the core problem in the Trump White House — which, as Seth Meyers cogently explains, is that the president, his adult children, and many of his appointees, notably his new acting attorney general, are all grifters.

Just the other day, a new lawsuit filed in federal court accused Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric of swindling investors in a pattern of fraud and racketeering. And Matt Whitaker, appointed to replace Jeff Sessions as the nation’s top law enforcement official, promoted a firm — World Patent Marketing — that the federal government shut down as a “scam.”

That might be a reason to treat with skepticism this veteran fraudster’s accusations of “fraud” in the Florida election recount.…

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Federal Courts Rebuke Kemp, Bolster Abrams In Georgia Recount

Reprinted with permission from Independent Media Institute.


Two just-issued federal court rulings will mean potentially thousands of additional votes will be counted in Georgia’s hotly contested elections, possibly affecting the outcomes of races ranging from the high-profile governor’s race to seats for state legislature.

Late Monday, a U.S. District Court ordered the state to count provisional ballots that were previously rejected—because the voters’ names weren’t in precinct pollbooks due to shoddy state record keeping—and to extend the vote counting period through this Friday afternoon. On Tuesday, another federal district court judge ordered the state to count absentee ballots that had been rejected because voters didn’t fill in their date of birth when signing their mail-in ballot envelopes.…

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Why Today Is D-Day For Florida Election Results

Reprinted with permission from Independent Media Institute.


Florida’s 2018 U.S. Senate race will head into federal court for a Wednesday hearing that will put Florida elections under national scrutiny not seen since the U.S. Supreme Court stopped 2000’s presidential recount, as lawyers for the Democratic incumbent, Sen. Bill Nelson, will challenge the state vote-counting rules.

Meanwhile, Florida’s 67 counties are continuing to conduct three simultaneous statewide recounts—in addition to local recounts in a complex process that’s drawn national scorn because of delays in processing ballots in the most populous counties. As this political and procedural landscape unfolds, a remarkable irony is emerging: Florida election officials were on the verge of replacing the very process that’s now failing some of them—and then 2018 struck.…

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