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Monday, November 20, 2017

No, Roy Moore, God Won’t Solve Our Problems

Reprinted with permission from Creators.


Roy Moore’s die-hard supporters have shown a vast capacity to accept his denials as a procession of women accuse him of sexual assault, fondling a 14-year-old and creeping out girls in malls. His evangelical followers are ready to believe him on that matter because they agree when he says that to be saved, we Americans must “turn from our wicked ways” and “come back to God.”

Moore is a good approximation of a theocrat. A former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, he was removed for defying a court order to take down the Ten Commandments monument he had installed in the state judicial building.…

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Roy Moore, From The Gadsden Mall To The Ten Commandments Monument

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The spectacle of 30-something Deputy District Attorney Roy Moore cruising the Gadsden, Alabama, mall hunting for high school girls to chat up, grope and “date” rivets our attention, and deservedly so. Not everyone’s attention, of course.

As CNN’s Brian Stelter points out, Alabama’s own media have long overlooked his depredations. Even now, a local paper persists in claiming that the ex-judge has “refuted” his accusers. (They meant “rebutted,” but even that isn’t true.) Still, for all the back-and-forth, most commentators stop short of noting that the defrocked Alabama chief justice belongs to a tradition and a culture.…

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