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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

House Challengers Raising More Money Than GOP Incumbents

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Republicans know they have a fight on their hands to keep control of the House with a narrow majority. And it’s not looking good that to date 14 Democratic challengers have outraised their GOP incumbents while not a single Democratic incumbent faces the same problem, according to cycle-to-date campaign finance data. In fact, nine Democrats have six-figure advantages over their opponents.

Take North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District where a competitive race is seen as leaning Republican. Democratic challenger Marine veteran Dan McCready has a six-figure fundraising lead over Republican incumbent Robert Pittenger. McCready has raised $1.8 million, spent $514,000 and has $1.3 million cash on hand.…

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Danziger: Cherchez La Femme

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#EndorseThis: Reporter Shares Audio Of Trump Cheating His Way Into Forbes 400

Pro wrestling has been lampooned for “mystery men” who were obviously famous grapplers in disguise. For instance, Andre The Giant performed as “Giant Machine” in the 1980s, though anyone with a brain knew exactly who was under the mask.

And then there’s Donald Trump, whose fakes and forgeries make the WWE look like Masterpiece Theatre.

In today’s clip, WaPo reporter Jonathan Greenberg shares audio of Trump pretending to be financial VP “John Barron” in 1984, as part of a ploy to be included on the Forbes 400 list of tycoons. So shameless is The Donald about being a robber baron that he would later name his own son Barron.…

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