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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Wussification Of Baseball Is A Good Thing

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

When the first cave dwellers began using fire, the elders in the tribe sneered and scoffed. “Who needs artificial sources of heat?” they demanded. “Who needs to cook food? What a pathetic bunch of wimps.”

I wasn’t there, but I say this with confidence, simply because every generation regards the next one as soft and weak. It’s almost a requirement of being an adult.

Those cave people had a point. Didn’t animal skins and sunshine suffice for keeping warm? If raw meat was good enough for Granddad, why wasn’t it good enough for Junior? Of course, their ancestors had gotten similar criticisms when they moved into caves, offending those who thought covered shelter was for sissies.…

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‘Bro Culture’ Companies May Do Poorly By Being Bad

What exactly does Uber have to offer that other companies do not? The ride-hailing service doesn’t own its cars or employ drivers. It’s basically a smartphone app that connects passengers to drivers using their own vehicles. Rival apps now do much the same thing.

Uber rightly sees the future as driverless cars that one can summon to one’s doorstep for a ride to work or a coffee. But so do General Motors, Ford, Hyundai, Tesla and other auto giants currently snapping up their own ride-hailing services.

Uber does have a uniquely unpleasant CEO, in the person of Travis Kalanick. Also a co-founder, Kalanick had shown himself to be a serial breaker of social and business norms, not to mention laws.…

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