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Cheney Daughter Weds Girlfriend

Jeff Danziger

Jeff Danziger lives in New York City. He is represented by CWS Syndicate and the Washington Post Writers Group. He is the recipient of the Herblock Prize and the Thomas Nast (Landau) Prize. He served in the US Army in Vietnam and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Air Medal. He has published eleven books of cartoons and one novel. Visit him at DanzigerCartoons.com.

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  1. EdC June 25, 2012

    Yet she’s a staunch republican, which is against gay marriage, double standard with in double standard

    1. jellis June 25, 2012

      EdC is it a ‘party requirement’ to march in lock step on every issue?
      The GOP is stronger when its members have differing views on some ideas, yet come together on the important issues facing the nation.

      1. CPANY June 25, 2012

        Nice try, Jellis, but I think that their daughter’s lesbianism is tearing away at the Cheneys’s guts, because it is an embarrassment.

        1. jellis June 25, 2012

          Making unfounded assumptions again cpany. What do you base your speculation?
          Would it be that the Cheney’s have supported their daughter for the many years? Or maybe that the former VP has stated he feels gay marriage should be left up to the states, but the Federal gov’t should not stand in the way.
          Or is it because your own narrow minded bias against Cheney won’t let you accept he may actually love his daughter and support her?
          If “their daughter’s lesianism is [really] tearing away at the Cheneys’s guts” why would they even comment on the situation. HE isn’t running for president and has nothing to gain by making a public statement – for… or against.

      2. pattijo2 June 25, 2012

        Actually, according to the GOP, it is a requirement to march lock step on every issue. Just look at how Congress votes. Chaney gets a bye on this because he is no longer a member of the Senate and does not appear to be actively campaigning for Romney.

        It is always easy for someone to say they are against an issue like gay marriage and homosexuality, until it part of someone you love.

  2. jellis June 25, 2012

    The absolute ‘personal’ hatred of the left always amazes me.
    The Cheneys support their daughter, they support gay marriage, what more do you want!?
    Does everyone have to agree with every liberal/progressive ideal to get your approval.

    It is refreshing that the Cheneys can disagree with their party on some issues while staunchly supporting others. That seems a more liberal viewpoint than the so-called liberal left.

    1. CPANY June 25, 2012


      The Cheneys are a pair of elitist SOBs who are embarassed by their daughter’s lesbianism and are trying a put a brave face on it.

      1. jellis June 25, 2012

        Yep … there’s that liberal HATE raising its ugly head.
        It is interesting you have such indepth knowledge of the Cheney family. You must be very close to them?

        1. pattijo2 June 25, 2012

          jellis, you are the only one talking about “hate”.

          1. jellis June 25, 2012

            just calling it what it is pattijo2. some liberals (many who post here regularly) spew hate at Bush, Cheney, Palin, Romney, just about anyone who dares to disagree with the left’s point of view.
            Why can’t they disagree without sinking to these personal attacks? “The Cheney’s are a pair of elitist SOBs who are embarassed…” If that isn’t hate speech, what is it?

  3. 2Gospel_Sngr2 June 25, 2012

    So much for the conservative “family values.”

  4. Bunny June 25, 2012

    I feel the Cheneys love their daughter . They are probably not happy that she is gay, but are trying to deal with it the best they can. Being gay is not something a person choses to be anymore then being heterosexual is. For me , what is more important is that we all are good people and do no harm to others.

    1. DurdyDawg June 26, 2012

      Welcome to earth Bunny.. You’ll learn pronto just what humans are capable of and it doesn’t include “no harm to others”. (good naive philosophy though).

  5. Bigspender June 26, 2012

    But for his daughter, Dick Cheney would be as close minded on this topic as all his friends. Too bad all republicans can’t be confronted with a reality check like Dick.


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