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Cruz Advisor Claims Minneapolis Has Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’, Mayor Responds

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Cruz Advisor Claims Minneapolis Has Muslim ‘No-Go Zones’, Mayor Responds

Minneapolis Skyline Minnesota

Every so often, Ted Cruz or one of his surrogates reminds us that he’s no better option for the Republican nomination than Donald Trump. Like on Tuesday, when Cruz national security advisor Clare Lopez appeared on a Wisconsin radio show to claim that Muslims were establishing “no-go zones” (i.e., apparently, neighborhoods with high percentages of Muslims) in Minneapolis.

“No-go zones, well we’ve got them in America, in the beginning stages,” said Lopez during her appearance on “Ox in the Afternoon,” a radio program. “In Minneapolis, for example. Places where the police don’t go because they know they’ll be attacked, have been attacked in the past already, and places where the police know that Sharia is being practiced.”

Minneapolis begs to differ.

“This is Islamophobia, pure and simple. Of course, our police serve every part of the city. There is no part of our Minneapolis that the police, residents, and visitors should avoid,” said Mayor Betsy Hodges to The National Memo in response to the claims.

“The Ted Cruz campaign needs to get its facts straight – our Muslim community is one of our most important assets. Minneapolis would not be the city we are today without it.”

This wasn’t the first time a Cruz devotee has made claims that so-called “no-go zones” have been imported stateside. Last year, Toni Perkins, who has since become a Cruz supporter, said that Dearborn, Michigan had fallen to Sharia law.

“We have the same problem here, by not assimilating these people, we are creating the same kind of situation that France and Britain and much of Europe has,” he said in January 2015.

The term “no-go zones,” increasingly brought into the mainstream after the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, appears to have been coined by Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, who used the term in the title of a 2005 blog post called “The 751 No-Go Zones of France.” Pipes later visited these alleged no-go zones in person in 2013, and eventually retracted his characterization of the neighborhoods.

“For a visiting American, these areas are very mild, even dull,” he wrote in a subsequent update to his No-Go Zones post. “We who know the Bronx and Detroit expect urban hell in Europe too, but there things look fine. The immigrant areas are hardly beautiful, but buildings are intact, greenery abounds, and order prevails.”

Photo: Minneapolis Skyline from Tower Hill Park, Flickr user Tony Webster.



  1. Daniel Jones April 8, 2016

    I’m sure that Cruz would go out of his way to promote Muslim ghettos, of course.
    About fifteen years or so back, I lived in the Minneapolis/St. Paul urban cluster, and I can tell you that there are not “no-go” zones there just because Ted Cruz is too scared to travel into ethnic neighborhoods unless there’s guns to the heads of all residents.

    1. roccolore April 8, 2016

      This was BEFORE Somalis flooded Minnesota.

      1. Cher April 8, 2016

        I lived in Minnesota in the 1990’s and that’s when the Somali refugees came so Daniel sounds like he was there then.

      2. dpaano April 12, 2016

        And what have the Somalis done? We don’t hear about them blowing up buildings, suicide bombings, etc. Just like we don’t hear much about our Muslim Americans doing these things!!! But, as I’ve said many times before, the GOP uses lies and scare tactics….and this is just one of their so-called “scary” tactics!!! Too bad so many tend to believe their BS!

        1. roccolore April 12, 2016

          Liberals are the liars who make excuses for radical Islam.

  2. FireBaron April 8, 2016

    Maybe we should hogtie Cruz and drop him into the middle of one of these neighborhoods. I would be willing to bet the residents would see his peril, and assist him by untying him, cleaning him up, offering him lunch and walking calmly with him to wherever he needed to go.
    Afterwards, Cruz would claim to have been tortured, force fed, and in distress the entire time he was being held hostage until he escaped.

    1. roccolore April 8, 2016

      Maybe you liberals should move to one of your Muslim hellholes that you like so much.

      1. bobnstuff April 8, 2016

        I’m not moving to the middle east, sorry. Since we have no Muslim hell holes here. I think it sad that on one hand people say an area is under Muslim law and the next it’s lawless. To bad people speak without knowledge of facts or truth. I guess it just like Southern Justice. To bad people don’t bother learning about the third largest religion and what it stands for, all though most people don’t even know what the religion they claim to follow stands for.

        1. dpaano April 12, 2016

          “Southern Justice…..” isn’t that an oxymoron?

      2. Eden Keel April 8, 2016

        ROclore so an addlepated rectal bettlehead like you can make idiotic posts and show your I Q of 2

        1. roccolore April 8, 2016

          You Democrats are the idiots who defend Al-Shabaab.

  3. yabbed April 8, 2016

    Cruz is busy limiting his voter pool again, I see. So far he has eliminated the possibility of getting the votes of minorities of color or religion, of women, of young people and of old people, of educated people, of the poor, the middle class and the wealthy. That leaves him with the uneducated fundamentalist religious freaks who believe him when he says he was “anointed by God to be President”.

  4. Dominick Vila April 8, 2016

    I wish Cruz, and most of the other candidates would engage in substantive issues – and offer proposals on how to solve our socio-economic problems – instead of engaging in inquisitorial claims designed to promote hate and discord.
    Irresponsible rhetoric, such as the one we hear from Trump and Cruz, may gain them a few votes, but in the long run it will do irreparable damage to their candidacies, and to what is left of the old Republican party.

    1. bobnstuff April 8, 2016

      Republicans don’t solve problem any more they just like to talk and blame others for not fixing them. They hold hearings but don’t listen to what is said in them and don’t act on facts. They have become the great do nothing party.

    2. Independent1 April 8, 2016

      But you can only engage in discussing substantive issues if you actually have workable ideas on how to address what are the substantive issues. Which has made it very hard for the 2016 GOP clown show of candidates because they don’t even know what the real substantive issues are that are facing America today (they only know the issues the Republican party has fabricated to put fear in the hearts of their voting base); which has resulted in a total disconnect between the GOP candidate’s discussing fake issues from their fantasy world, rather than discussing what most of us posting here would consider the true substantive issues facing our country.

      1. Dominick Vila April 9, 2016

        It is always easier to highlight problems, and accuse someone else for those problems. What most politicians try to avoid is to offer solutions that may have an adverse effect on their political careers. Especially, if those solutions involve paying for what we need and benefit from.
        I suspect that the reason many fellow Americans don’t support social services and a high standard of living similar to what exists in Scandinavian countries is not because they oppose evil socialism, but because they don’t want to pay for those services the way people in other countries are willing to do.
        In the end, we must pay for what we need. We either pay higher taxes to pursue the solutions we are interested in, or we pay out of pocket when we need them.
        Unfortunately, the latter does not work very well when the problem involves an antiquated and inefficient infrastructure, including not only roads, bridges, and tunnels, but dilapidated dams, a potable water system that is dangerous to our health, antiquated ports and airports, an inefficient and vulnerable power grid, the total absence of preparedness for rising sea levels, and other similar endeavors.
        The result of our irresponsibility is that our children and grandchildren will get stuck with a hefty price tag to pay for the things that were affordable before reaching a crises situation.
        One of the biggest concerns, when it comes to most of the candidates running for POTUS is that most lack the courage and sense of responsibility that ought to be the most important part of the personal attributes required for the job they are seeking.

        1. dpaano April 12, 2016

          Shades of Grover Norquist – NO NEW TAXES!!!! Another idiot that has helped to cause the economic problems we now have in this country. Without raising taxes to pay for services (which keep inflating naturally), things go downhill quickly; i.e., infrastructure, etc. But, I guess that’s just a little beyond the intelligence level of most of the GOP leaders in our country!!!

  5. Mohammad Izzaterd April 8, 2016

    Who left out the garbage? Sorry, that’s your wife! I always get a laugh when I drive through Li’l Mogadishu, and the women wear garbage bags. Fashion! Exciting!

    1. yabbed April 8, 2016

      Your posting name and your comment are offensive.

      1. bobnstuff April 8, 2016

        He wondered over from Breitbart so he doesn’t understand the he is offensive. Thinking isn’t big over there.

    2. Issam Qasem April 8, 2016

      Yet, another one of those Zionists carrying a Muslim name for the sake of misleading the readers! You guys are everywhere … Israel must be paying you very well!

    3. Champ April 11, 2016

      Why you hating on Muslims man? I am a Muslim from Pakistan and I am married to 4 beautiful Caucasian women.. all Americans and they love me. Of course, the law only permit one legal marriage, but you know, we get around that so we can collect government and state aid to help us financially. We have 16 children so far and they are all Muslims and yes AMERICANS! We love this country. In fact, my 3 brothers and 7 cousins are all in America now and they too are seeking to marry American Caucasian women. Despite people like you, most Americans love us and welcome us, so shame on you. We just successfully got the school board in our district to give us holiday for Muslim festivals. In my kids school, 35% are Muslims and by end of 2018, it will probably be over 50% Muslim. God Bless America and the good people.

    4. Issam Qasem November 7, 2016

      Ha Ha … Never met a funny Zionist, Champ!

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