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On Daily Show, Obama Warns Trump Against ‘Flying Blind’ Without Briefings

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On Daily Show, Obama Warns Trump Against ‘Flying Blind’ Without Briefings

Obama discussed Trump's rejection of intelligence briefings in Daily Show interview

On Monday night, The Daily Show devoted its full broadcast to a wide-ranging, three-part interview of President Barack Obama, granted to host Trevor Noah in the White House. Not surprisingly, their discussion began with the Central Intelligence Agency’s finding that Russia intervened in the U.S. presidential election on behalf of Obama’s nemesis Donald Trump.

Aside from his concern over the Russian hacking, the president criticized mainstream American media outlets for their focus on the Clinton emails and Wikileaks dumps rather than the foreign intelligence manipulation behind them — a decision that looks ironic in retrospect.

“These emails got a lot more attention than any policy,” Obama said of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails, which he described as “routine.” Meanwhile, the question of the Kremlin’s role had come up much earlier, when Trump publicly invited Russian intelligence to hack Clinton’s own emails during a June press conference.

“Going forward, I worry that we won’t spend enough time on self-reflection on how our democracy’s working,” Obama said.

When Noah asked the president about his successor’s assertion that he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings, Obama avoided direct criticism. “I think the president-elect may say one thing and do another once he’s here,” he said. But he warned Trump, “It doesn’t matter how smart you are.” In the absence of regular intelligence updates, “you are flying blind.”

Prodded by Noah, the president considered what might become of the Affordable Care Act under Republican rule and how that might affect his public legacy. Obama urged Americans to continue to register for the coming year of coverage, highlighting the aspects of Obamacare that have become increasingly popular. Indeed, recent polls show that most Americans no longer want the program repealed entirely, but improved and extended. He acknowledged that universal health care remains a work in progress that he always assumed would need changes going forward.

Explaining why Trump and Congressional Republicans wouldn’t be able to erase all the progress his administration has enacted since 2009, Obama said, “The federal government is an aircraft carrier. It’s not a speedboat.” On global warming, another sharp area of disagreement, he said wryly, “They may change policy, but climate change is still climate change. The ocean is still going up.”

As for his own future, he said, “I think it is important for me to recharge. I think it’s important for me to reflect. It’s important for me to get back in my wife’s good graces.” He will give the incoming administration “some space,” he added, but “I don’t anticipate that I suddenly just vanish.” Should the Trump administration pursue the president-elect’s campaign threats against Muslims and immigrants — and violates the Constitution while making America “less safe” — then the country will hear from him.

The interview concluded with Noah — like Obama, a man of mixed racial heritage — talking about race and the assumptions and prejudices that a president or a comedian with that background must confront.

“If Chris Rock’s doing standup then there’s a benefit to him doing something that is different from the President of the United States doing something. For one thing, he doesn’t have to edit his language,” said Obama with a smile. “I try to comport myself in a way that my mother would approve of.”

The entire interview is well worth viewing:


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  1. Dominick December 13, 2016

    I can’t wait to see the critics of President Obama’s foreign policy, who blame him for Russian expansionism in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, do a kabuki dance to explain the wisdom of nominating Rex Tillerson, a man with close ties with Vladimir and the Kremlin for Secretary of State. Then again, consider the benefits of cutting a deal with the bear from the East. How about: “Vladimir, you can have the Middle East if you sell Russian caviar to my hotels at discount prices”. Can you imagine what that would do to the bottom line? Who needs national security briefings with former and current wives whispering Russian “facts” in The Donald’s ears?

  2. plc97477 December 13, 2016

    We will miss him greatly.

    1. idamag December 13, 2016

      Those of us, who realize the value of intelligence and class, will miss him greatly.

      1. kep December 13, 2016

        That’s an oxymoron when referring to liberal commies. They have neither class or intelligence.

        1. Dominick Vila December 13, 2016

          Your obsession with communism sounds like something out of the McCarthy era. Try something a little more mature and debatable, if you want to be taken seriously.

          1. dpaano December 14, 2016

            Much like Kep seems to think that he’s being serious, he’s a lot like the guy that Trump describes when he talks about Russian hackers. You know, the 600 lb. guy sitting on his bed and cranking out false news stories or hacking into the U.S. websites! I wouldn’t be surprised if that describes Kep to a tee!!!

          2. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            Unsubstantiated allegation of Russian hackers show you to be a folk like your imbecilic leader, BHO

            You have hipocracy oozes out of every pore of you putrid body.

          3. dpaano December 16, 2016

            Apparently, 1984, you haven’t been reading the news…..the claims ARE substantiated and there IS proof of Russian hacking into our election. You need to keep up with the REAL news and stop reading the BS that Breitbart and/or FAUX News keeps putting out there, along with the blatant lies that your leader keeps telling. But, according to today’s news, he actually is NOW saying that perhaps there WAS hacking. His biggest lie, however, is that he wasn’t advised of this prior to the election, which he was and which is recorded. And, please don’t forget, his little comment about the Russians hacking into Hillary’s e-mails….so he MUST have known about the Russian hacking DURING the election despite his lies that he wasn’t told!

          4. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            I just googled Russian hacking found absolutely NOTHING to substantiate the alledged hacking, Wikileaks denies it, the Russians deny it and the CIA refuses to provide evidence even to congress, because there is none. Your reasoning suggest the intelligence of a 6 year old.

          5. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            The first comments about Russian “hacking” were in the early summer. If true why was nothing done? incommpitent CIC?

            So start citing facts or continue being the non crdible mouth piece for the losers.

      2. dpaano December 13, 2016

        Unfortunately, there are too many that don’t realize the value of intelligence and class! Those are the ones that stand behind a lying, conman!

        1. idamag December 14, 2016

          Civilization, in this country is devolving rapidly.

    2. Dominick Vila December 13, 2016

      History is likely to be very kind to him, when they review his domestic policy accomplishments, his ability to stimulate and save the economy, in spite of all the obstructionism he encountered, his relentless fight for gender equality, the fact that he reduced American casualties in the Persian Gulf by several orders of magnitude, and the civility and calm demeanor he demonstrated, even when attacked personally.

  3. skisok December 13, 2016

    Intelligent thought before speaking. A practice that Trump should practice.

    1. 1984isnow December 13, 2016

      obama skipped most of his briefings and didn’t bothering listening when he did attend, hence the worsening mess in the middle east. He should just keep his mouth shut and fade away into his self delusional world.

      1. dpaano December 13, 2016

        And you know this how??? Were you in the room? Do you know for sure that President Obama missed “most” of his briefings. Apparently, you haven’t fact-checked that at all…..President Obama attended most of the security briefings and only missed them when he was out of the country. As for the “worsening” of the mess in the Middle East….if your wonderful Republican president, GWB, and his cronies hadn’t started the war in Iraq, we wouldn’t be in the place that we’re at now….so use your brains, check the facts, and stop listening to the crap that the GOP is putting out there! President Obama is one of the very best presidents we’ve had, and I’m sure his legacy will prove that. I’m afraid of the legacy Trump will leave behind……he’s the one that is delusional! He’s the one that NEEDS to sit in on these security briefings instead of thinking he’s just too “smart” to have to attend them! These briefings are important, and he should realize that…..now that he’s the president, there are going to be MANY things he’s going to have to do that he may think he’s too smart to do! He needs to learn quickly that being president is NOT the same as being the CEO….you can’t always just “delegate” your duties to your underlings! Especially, by the way, since most of his underlings only got the jobs they have been nominated for because of the millions of dollars they spent on Trump’s campaign! Talk about “pay to play,” he’s gone for it on steroids!

        1. 1984isnow December 13, 2016

          The Wahington Post among other news outlets reported he attended less than half his briefings. Also look at his total intelligence failures with regards to Iraq (where he ignored) and the JV ISIS, and the failure in Syria. As to president Obama being the best, your are truly a dillusional fool. He has accomplished nothing positive, foreign relations are bad, the Middle east is worse than ever, the debt is greater than ever, the number of people on assistance is greater than ever, the number of people out of work is higher than ever, the military is weaker than ever, the trade deficit is greater than ever.

          You need to find a safe place and have a good cry. SO, SO stupid.

          1. dpaano December 13, 2016

            Figures that you’d mention the Washington Post. You may want to actually check REAL facts and not BS put out by a RW media source! As for the positive things that President Obama has accomplished….the list is too long to put on this post, but I’m sure you can find it if you take the time to do your homework instead of reiterating the BS that comes out on FAUX News, Breibart, false news articles, etc.
            Oh, by the way, the number of people out of work is the lowest it’s every been in over 20 years; the trade deficit has been lowered by at least 2/3’s from what it was when President Obama inherited it from your buddy, GWB, and the military is just fine (I should know, I’m a very active military veteran). Again, take a few minutes and get off your barcalounger and check your facts….you may be surprised at the BS that you’ve been reading lately! You might want to find a safe place and cry!

          2. 1984isnow December 13, 2016

            I stopped at the Washington Post being RW media, only a complete idiot would say such a thing, so no sense reading anything you scribbled. Find a safe place and cry. You lost America won.

          3. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            You refer to the Wa Po as RW media. This shows you to be an ignorant person not worthy of further reading or response. Only a complete idiot would refer to the Washington Post as RW.

        2. idamag December 14, 2016

          1984 is just another racist. If he or she is a republican it is a given that they are also liars. I don’t belong to a party and refuse to do so, but one party has the liars and that is the party of the KKK, the Republican Party.

          1. dpaano December 16, 2016

            Yeah, I just blocked this individual….I don’t have the time or energy to continually TRY to convince him that he’s wrong and that he needs to do some factchecking rather than just willy nilly believing all the BS that comes out of the RW media and the false news stories, plus Trump’s lies!

      2. Dominick Vila December 13, 2016

        The record shows that President Obama did participate in the daily national security briefings, not only to listen, but to inquiry into the information being relayed to him.
        Maybe that’s part of the reason OBL was found and killed during his tenure, instead of letting Musharraff play cat and mouse with us while harboring that monster.
        Turmoil in the Middle East, and the entire world is not new. Don’t forget WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and all the wars, revolutions, and tragedies that have taken place during our lifetimes.
        The obvious question, when people criticize President Obama’s Middle East-Persian Gulf policies is: what do you think we should have done? Should we have continued to sacrifice American lives to save religious fanatics from themselves?

        1. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

          Your statement is contrary to the reality. Typical of his pathetic minions.

          1. dpaano December 16, 2016

            You’re typical of many of Trump’s pathetic minions!

        2. dpaano December 19, 2016

          In fact, he was adamant about attending and made it a point to have all the necessary individuals there each day and not allowing substitutes if they were out of the country for some reason. His people actually did NOT enjoy having to be there on a daily basis, but that’s the way President Obama wanted it. He was very cognizant of foreign affairs and the daily changes and Trump should ALSO be aware!

    2. dpaano December 13, 2016

      HE doesn’t know the meaning of the word “intelligent speaking!” He is so thin skinned that he just pops off with whatever comes in to that empty brain of his….most of which is inappropriate and often dangerous!

      1. skisok December 13, 2016

        Stop spreading fake news. Obama attended the weekly security briefings. You must be related to Don the Con.

        1. dpaano December 13, 2016

          I assume you aren’t talking to me because I KNOW that President Obama attended briefings. There were some he didn’t get to and that’s already been proven, but he attended them as often as possible. No fake news whatsoever!

          1. skisok December 13, 2016

            Prove it from a nonpartisan source.

          2. dpaano December 13, 2016

            Try the front page of today’s L.A. Times. Or, you might want to check factcheck.com. I’m not going to do your homework for you. Maybe you can prove to ME where you got YOUR information.

          3. skisok December 13, 2016

            I think we are on the same side. I certainly don’t like Trump.

          4. idamag December 14, 2016

            I just traced the Washington Post article and guess what? Their token right wing commentator actually cited American Crossroads as his source. Are there no decent Republicans?

          5. dpaano December 14, 2016

            Exactly, but for some reason, the Republicans and their uninformed voters seem to think that the Washington Post is a valid source of nonpartisan information! The LA Times had an article on the very front page about President Obama being very concerned that Trump was not attending the daily security briefings and the article stated that President Obama rarely missed these unless there were mitigating circumstances.

          6. idamag December 14, 2016

            This is another example of so-called fake news. It comes from anti-Obama sources (AKA white supremacists) and is not credible. This one about the lack of attendance at security briefings and golfing started with Bannon and Breitbart. Here is another example:

            “A president who skips half of his intelligence briefings but finds time to play more than 100 rounds of golf…Mr. President, it is time to show up for work.”

            — anti-Obama ad by American Crossroads

            These are the people who want to destroy American Democracy and they enlist the support of the ill-informed and semi illiterates.

          7. dpaano December 14, 2016

            What’s truly interesting is that we NEVER heard anything from Republicans (or Democrats, for that matter) when GWB played golf or flew to Texas frequently. In fact, in his first 4 years, he was away from the White House in Texas over 300 days! So, if President Obama wants to occasionally play a game of golf, they have nothing to bitch about!!! He’s entitled to time off just like every other worker in this country!

  4. FT66 December 13, 2016

    It was a good interview, but Trevor Noah, you need to learn how to sit when you are invited in the White House. It wasn’t Pres. Obama interviewing you, it was you interviewing him. Morever, it was in the house he occupies up to now (the White House), you needed to show respect by sitting in an acceptable manner. To be frank, never I have seen anyone that interviewed him in the past, sat that way. Sorry Noah, it was wrong.

    1. crosstown December 13, 2016

      You must certainly be a female. You need to understand that young males naturally cross their legs in that manner (when seated). As they age, this position becomes stressful to the knees and thus the change occurs, whereas the leg is placed entirely upon the other leg. Keep in mind that unlike females, young males don’t usually cross their legs at the ankles. Also, Noah is not a soldier in uniform, which would require him to sit in a manner reflective of military regulations. To his credit, he is dressed properly and is making eye contact with the president. In conclusion, he is fine.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2016

        Do tell how your balls and penis in any way grant your superior knowledge? Young males don’t all cross their legs when seated. Women do it all the time. So much for what you know. Lose the male superiority act. It’s as boring as hell to older women who spank your butts when you little boys do not follow rules.

        1. Mama Bear December 13, 2016

          I really really admire you El…..you are the best:)

          1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2016

            I earned the right to tell it like it is. If not now, when? Too many men in this country today want to keep women on the back burner. You know all that BS that white males are a poor, deprived minority? Oh really? The DOL just put out its annual report. Women in 2016 earn 80 cents for every dollar a white male earns. And Mr. POOR WHITE Deprived Male still earns more than minority males and worse minority females earn 49 cents to every $1 Mr. Hotcha White Male Deprived earns. The next time a snot nose punk cries deprivation, he might have to remove my size 6 shoe from his oversized butt.

          2. kep December 13, 2016

            SEEK HELP

      2. Mama Bear December 13, 2016

        sorry crosstown, but FT is talking about protocol, not what young men or young women do with their knees. And Noah blew it. He should have known better or been advised better.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2016

          MB…If you are wondering why these middle aged white males are so screwed up in the head and think they are oh so superior, it’s having lived their early childhood in Daycare so McMommy and McDaddy could pretend they are rich rich rich and own McMansions they couldn’t afford without both parents working when these Daycare Twerpies belonged in their homes.

          Guys like crosstown didn’t get much attention as a child. So his contrarian Know it all BS is his way of getting the attention he didn’t get in Daycare when he was one of 20 kids to one daycare worker. Now, these monsters are taking out their phony superiority on people who long ago paid their dues in life.

          These are the same 35 to 55 year olds who thought they had a better way. Work 5 years, take your parents hard earned 40 years of SS and Medicare payroll deductions and slap it into their Daycare Generation 401K and Wall Street. Then, retire by age 50. Not to mention working 15 minutes trying to earn a month’s salary with a CEO title all the way. PHONY is what Crossmouth is.

          1. crosstown December 13, 2016

            You must be one hateful, misandrist hag. I can imagine that your vagina is dried up, scratchy, and hanging a foot down your legs. Good lord! I’m done, and getting out of your gutter!

          2. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2016

            No punk nose…I am one of those women you men of middle aged DayCare breeding hate. I imagine your dick is always limp and your balls are the size of peanuts. Keep trying dickhead. You’ve met your match when you try to keep pace with a woman like me.

            You are done alright. On both sides and with limp balls dragging on the ground.

          3. kep December 13, 2016

            She is the most vile, nasty troll on the Internet.

          4. dpaano December 13, 2016

            Seriously, this is the best comment you can come up with when someone doesn’t agree with you? You need to get a life!! Your comments are unwelcome on this site and I’ve flagged them as inappropriate! This is NOT the way intelligent people have a discussion!

          5. mike December 13, 2016

            You really are an idiot.

          6. kep December 13, 2016


        2. FT66 December 13, 2016

          It seems Crosstown is not aware at all of protocol, and not only that, how to behave in different places while meeting different people with different caliber. Morever, not aware about signs we show and the meaning of it.

        3. dpaano December 13, 2016

          Mama Bear…I have to disagree. You guys need to get a life!

          1. Mama Bear December 13, 2016

            You can certainly disagree with anything I say, d. Your choice and I always try to listen to what people say to me whether they agree or not. However…there has always been a protocol when in the presence of the President of the United States. As a former member of the press I attended many WH Press Corp dinners and we were “briefed” prior to being in the room with a President. And by the way, thank you very much for your concern about my life.

          2. dpaano December 16, 2016

            I always listen, but sometimes I don’t always agree. You probably know more about protocol than I do and I respect that. Let’s just agree to disagree…..I didn’t see anything disrespectful about the interview with the president and Noah Trevor; in fact, I found it to be very interesting and informative.

          3. Mama Bear December 17, 2016

            I was not commenting on the interview itself, d, I too thought it was a very good interview. My conversation with FT66 was about Noah’s lack of respecting the physical protocol when in the presence of the President of the United States. There was nothing to disagree about. The protocol exists.

          4. Mama Bear December 17, 2016

            Apparently my comments to FT66 were not clear. We were discussing the protocol that is expected to be followed when in the presence of POTUS. That protocol has nothing to do with content but rather the “physical” aspects of proper respect, such as standing in his presence until he tells you to sit, then how to sit, keeping jackets buttoned in his presence, etc. – there is a list of things that show respect (or conversely disrespect) according to the Office of Protocol – the comment was regarding his open jacket and crossing his legs. Not anything to do with the content of the interview – which I liked very much, by the way.

          5. dpaano December 19, 2016

            Thank you, Mama Bear, I wasn’t aware of the exact protocol. I appreciate your taking the time to explain.

      3. FT66 December 13, 2016

        Am not a female am a male. I have watched males who interviewed Pres. Obama since he occupied the office. They respected him a lot. Leave alone Trevor Noah wearing in a way he was supposed to look like, but he forgot how to present himself. I don’t know your age, but someone being invited in a high Office like that one, must understand not only how to wear, but also how to sit, talk and behave. Am sorry, Trevor Noah failed that test completely.

        1. dpaano December 13, 2016

          Funny….it looks like President Obama and Trevor Noah are wearing pretty much the same thing…..sports coats, ties, etc. So, what is your problem? As I said before, I’m more interested in the conversation rather than how someone sat or how they dressed! President Obama seems to be having a good time with Trevor and the interview seems to be going well!

          1. FT66 December 13, 2016

            I think you are missing the point. It is not only what they talked. It is all bout where they were, how they looked and what message they were sending to people. You cant tell me a person looking like crazy (how he was wearing), will be allowed to enter into the WH and talk to the President. You must remember as well, we are human beings. We always care how we look /thats why Trevor Noah was on suit with a tie), what we talk and how we conduct ourselve in an all deal.

          2. dpaano December 13, 2016

            Apparently, President Obama was not having any problems, so why are you being so nit-picky? The real gist of the interview was what was said and not how someone acted or what they wore….seriously? Have you had the opportunity to enter the White House and talk to the president? Do you know the protocol for this? I seriously doubt it. If Trevor Noah was not following the protocol, someone would have surely advised him before the interview and would have made sure he was dressed properly, etc. I’m not missing any point…you’re just being a jerk!

    2. dpaano December 13, 2016

      So, you’re going to condemn the way a person “sits” when he’s interviewing the president…..seriously? Is there actually an “acceptable” manner? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything anywhere that expresses this. Let’s not get picayune, okay? I’m more concerned with what was said than how someone sat! I doubt if President Obama cared about it either!

  5. Wolfesgang December 13, 2016

    My impression, in short and nothing really new: President Obama is an intelligent, articulate, and decent man — more so than most other presidents. He will be missed even by people who are not even aware now that they will miss him. Bill Clinton would have gotten a third term, President Obama would have gotten & deserved it.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2016

      These are times when it feels as if we are through the looking glass. Trump is using Trump Tower in Manhattan for his own personal White House. This past week, he held his “Transition Team” meeting in Trump Tower at a cost to New Yorkers of over $4 million for security. Not that Trump will EVER pay for that.

      The problem for Trump right now? The more he calls the election rigging and his schmoozy schmoozy with Putin “ridiculous” the more he riles the Republicans who will NEVER fall on their sword for him. He is as guilty as it gets. You can tell that by his constant need to DENY DENY DENY

      1. mike December 13, 2016

        The more you try and express yourself the funny you get.
        Now what happened to that “Monolithic block of women” voting for Hillary? Trump Guilty? LOL! You supported a liar and a pathetic candidate get over it. She blew it.

        1. FireBaron December 13, 2016

          Oh, you mean she supported the person who won the popular vote by 2.5 million? Just checkin’.

          1. mike December 13, 2016

            Isn’t interesting how direction of country has jumped since he won. Right direction was in mid to high twenties before election and is now 35%. Hmmmm
            Keep trying that popular vote argument but it isn’t worth a hill of beans. Presidential elections are decided by EC. Clinton blew it! She spent 1.2 billion but had no message.

          2. idamag December 14, 2016

            I supported the person who won the popular vote by 2.5 million. I am not a white supremacist, backwoods yeoman, or member of the KKK. I think grabbing women’s pussies is sexual assault. I think taking out six bankruptcies to avoid paying people who have supplied labor and materials, that they have to pay for out of their pocket, is sleezy. I resent people, who pay no taxes, using that, which I pay for. I think a man who walks into women’s dressing rooms is a sexual predator. Of the thirteen women, who claimed trump assaulted them, I have to believe the reporter for People Magazine and Miss Finland. The first lady elect has photos, from Hustler, circulating the internet. Lying on her back bare naked, with her legs spread apart is very first lady dignified, is it not? The whole world is looking at us. I asked my friend, who is teaching in England, what they thought there. They think we do not have a democracy and our votes are rigged and the common people have no voice. I’m happy they do not think all of us are like trump. I would not buy a used car from a trump supporter.

      2. dpaano December 13, 2016

        Again, if he didn’t think that there WAS political hacking done by the Russians that made him president, he wouldn’t so vehemently deny what the CIA, the NSA, etc. want to investigate. He’s got something he’s hiding….along with his income tax returns….and we need to know what it is! He’s apparently afraid that we’re going to find out what that is and call him out on it!

        1. mike December 13, 2016

          Still speaking stupidly aren’t you? Can’t accept the fact she was a pathetic female Candidate. Keep twisting yourself into a pretzel over his win, it fits you.

        2. 1984isnow December 18, 2016

          Only fool like your cult leader believe that. Your cult leader has been in charge for almost 8 years so if the hacking did occur it all on his incompetence. After all you dlimeballs will blame Bush for 911 after 8 mos in office. Further the only thing released was what your cult actually said. Write it, regret it. So much stupidity. Complete losers.

      3. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

        Only a fool would talk about the public costs of Trump while ignoring the hospital ndreds of millions spent on BHO’ s and his families vacation. You are all delusional beyond hope. As to the recent election it pleases me so much that you losers are now relegated to making noise and not policy.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 16, 2016

          Only a hick who is “ignernt” like you would dare to whine about hundreds of millions spent by BHO. Do you hicks ever stop your lying. You really need to stop hanging onto every word out of O’Reilly, Hannity and Fox News mouths. You repeat sound bites you know you have NO Proof of.

          How much do you think it cost Bush to bring that Saudi Prince to his barbecue in 2007? And when President Obama spends $4 trillion on a war in Iraq like Bush did, then and only then do you get to play the blowhard hick.

          Do yourself a big favor trailer trash. You are going to need a job. All of your bitching at liberals is now going to force you back to work you lazy bum.

          Why? Because you asked for what you are about to get. You cannot force any DEM state to hand over tax dollars to your state. All we have to do is prevail upon our states rights and you morons are in the toilet. That’s when WE get to flush.

          1. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            Ha, ha, ha. You are very funny. So many words saying so little. BTW it is you’al liberals doing all the bitching.
            I’m happy. Oh and by the way I’ll never have to work again. You see I worked, had a business, invested well and retired and in my early fifties.
            Now as to sound bites, is that kinda like Obama an his press secretary and Pelosi and Reid produce all the time, you know those lies they say about Russians and boggy men. Ha ha ha, you’re so funny. Do you get a tinkle Dow you leg when Obama speaks? Oh well you keep crying, we’ll save you in spite of yourself. You are a truly funny person.

        2. dpaano December 16, 2016

          Gee, do you realize that your buddy, GWB, took over 300 days vacation the first 4 years of his administration? How much did the taxpayers spend on his many trips to and from his ranch in Texas and the add’l security that had to be covered while he was there? You may want to factcheck that, but I’m sure you won’t bother. You’d rather believe the lies and BS that you’ve been fed by the GOP.
          President Obama, by the way, pays for his own family vacations….the only thing the taxpayers pay for is the ride on Air Force One and security, both of which are a constitutional requirement for the president of the United States. So, you need to get your facts straight on who pays for what!

          1. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            Do you realize that you have assumed that Bush is my “buddy” and you ASSume as to where I get my news from. This is why the first 3 letter of assume describe you, at least its a small part of the reason.

    2. kep December 13, 2016

      I’m still hoping to see him and his cronies tried for treason and publicly executed.

      1. mike December 13, 2016

        That will never happen. What will happen is his legacy will take a big hit when all start writing their books on how bad he was.
        The truth will finally come out. 8 years wasted!

        1. kep December 13, 2016

          We can all hope, cant we?

          1. mike December 13, 2016

            Absolutely! I just don’t see him doing it. Remember after the election he said “Clinton’s are good people” and he didn’t want to hurt them.

          2. kep December 13, 2016

            Politics. I’m hoping Trump doesn’t fall into the swamp. He was elected because he was NOT a politician. I would love to see what the Emperor has been hiding from Americans, considering his records are sealed, and most of his life seems fabricated. Hillary should be convicted of all her crimes. We aren’t supposed to have a dual set of laws.

          3. mike December 13, 2016

            Let Session’s loose. If evidence there prosecute her on emails and foundation.

          4. kep December 13, 2016

            Lol. The most transparent regime ever. Ha.

        2. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

          How was he “bad”? He was, objectively, the best or second-best President of the last half-century by every relevant metric.

          1. mike December 13, 2016

            Really? Under obama the Democratic Party has lost the House, Senate, Presidency, governorships, state legislatures and now has less power going back to the late twenties.
            And you ask “How was he bad”? It was his policies, stupid!

          2. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

            So he was bad because Republicans gamed the system?

          3. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            You just can’t help saying stupid thing, can you?

          4. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            Sorry you couldn’t come up with any kind of counterpoint.

          5. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            There has to be a point for there to be a counter point. Lets start with your pointles comment about Obama being a great president. Make some points and I will counter point. Please share with us your insights as to how this moron was a great president: a stagnant economy, violating US immigration laws, Benghazi, flaming racial tensions, freeing drug dealer from prison, bombing Libya and send ing the country into chaos, not recognizing that ISIL was a threat and calling them the JV team, ingnoring his advisors and pulling out of Iraq plumitting that country into chaos, making a deal with Iran that will excelerate their ability to make nuclear weapons, Giving Iran billions of dollars in cash and gold to further their promotion of terrorism, Drawing a line, in the sand and then let it blow away in the breeze, failing to successfuly interact with Russia, despite his open mic comment about having more flexibility after the election, having the greatist budget deficit in US history, Having more people out of the job market than ever in history, siccing the IRS on political opponents, appointing an attorney general who says only white people can commit hate crimes, having the Supreme Court rule (almost always unanimously) 13 times that Obama exceded his authority or supported positions and laws that were ruled unconstitutional. Well I’ve already written more than you are likely to be able to comprehend so I’ll take a break

          6. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            “BENGHAZI!!!!!1 It’s Obama’s fault I’m racist!!!”
            – you

            PS: The economy is doing pretty well; unemployment is incredibly low and take-home wages are the highest they’ve ever been. Obama also managed to shave a trillion dollars off the deficit. Who told you it was “stagnant”?

          7. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            Yes Benghazi was Obam’s fault, he and his secretary of state failed to listen to intelligence and blew it. The buck stops at his desk. (or course he lied and said it was all about a movie on You tub, Same as he is now lying about it being the Russians.

            According tho the Huffinton Post (the Right wing Rag) income fell every year for the first 5 years of the Obama administration. According to the Federal reserve bank, real median income for US household peaked in 1999, came close in 2007 and continued downward for 5 years and have increased the last 1 1/2 years, still well below 2007.

            The national deficit has increased by just under 8 TRILLION dollars under Obama.

            As too the unemployment rate (according to the Bureau of Labor statistics) The real unemployment rate (U-6) is 9.9 % for 2016 starting in 2009 when he took office it was 14.2, 16.7, 16.2, 15.2, 14.5, 12.7, 11.3.

            Since 1996 (20 years) the unemployment rate has only been higher than obamas best year in 2003.

            Even Yeltsin commentented only the extemely slow growing economy when she announce the raise in interest rates this week.

            Things have just begun to improve, probably because of the optomism associated with knowing Obama’s term is near conclusion.

            Businesses have also suffered, excluding the gun industry which has grown in leaps and bounds during his administration. The weathy have also done very well under Obama.

            The economy did improve in many ways in the post Democratic bust and recession. This crash was fueled in large part by the housing bubble. The democrats in congress, especially Dodd and Frank (Community Reinvestment Act) were pushing for morgages for all and when Repulicans tried to talk sense they were shouted down as being racist or anti women. So $400,000 loans were being made to people with $35,000 annual income (for example), this was tied to the bundling of high risk loans being sold as low risk loans. The bundling of these high risk. Bill Clinto signed the law that repealed Glass Steagall. Clintons Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin and his boss are fully responsible for the recession.

            This is not to say the Bush’s Wars and Hurricane Katrina had no part, but relatively small.

          8. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            Hi! There’s a lot of incredibly stupid things in that wall of text, so I’ll probably get bored after a point or two.
            1. Benghazi was caused by the Republican Congress stripping the State security budget. Hillary Clinton repeatedly warned them that something like that was going to happen, and they did it anyway. The cover for the terrorist attack was riots triggered by a racist video created by a Republican.

            2. None of those statements are true.

            3. Pretty sure you don’t understand economics or what the word “deficit” means.

            Note that the initial spike was due to bailing out the economy after Bush wrecked it – and that bailout made a $16 billion dollar profit.

            4. You DEFINITELY don’t understand economics.

            5. How did the Democrats convince Bush to crash the economy, exactly? Oh, right, the time machine.

            5a. The Republicans ARE both racist and anti-women.

            I hope that helps!

          9. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            Just expanding on point 2:


            Obama has been entirely successful at creating jobs; there’s no point in the last six years when the US economy lost jobs.

            I hope that helps! Please stop repeating stupid things that you read on Stormfront or wherever.

          10. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            Slowest economic growth, job creation has not matched number of new workers, more people on government assistantance then ever, Face it a pompous, arrogant, nasty billionaire who spent half as much as his opponent kicked you collective asses. Hillary cries, Obama lies and I laugh at people like you. Deal with it loser.

          11. I Am Helpy December 17, 2016

            Sheer nonsense. You know nothing about anything.

          12. dpaano December 19, 2016

            Again, he only believes what he’s been brainwashed to believe by FAUX News, the Trump campaign idiots, and the GOP. They’ve been very good with false news stories, conspiracy theories, and use fear and scare tactics to motivate their totally uninformed base!

          13. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            Here’s a link for point 1, showing Clinton trying desperately to stop Republicans stripping the State security budget prior to Benghazi!!1!:


            Note that every single member of the original Benghazi boondoggle committee voted to cut the security budget for the State Dept. Why, it is almost like Republicans are incompetent hypocrites or something.

          14. dpaano December 19, 2016

            The GOP conspiracy theory group and the Trumpsters told him that it was “stagnant,” which it is anything BUT!! As I’ve said so many times before, these trolls are all brainwashed into believing all the theories and false news stories that the GOP puts out there, even when you prove them as being untrue.

      2. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

        Of course you’re hoping for that. You’re a neo-Nazi traitor, after all.

        1. idamag December 14, 2016

          His rhetoric shows all the signs of Nazi. Yes, he or she is.

      3. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

        It’s also hilarious that you’re calling other people traitors while supporting an actual Russian puppet. You might want to look up the definition of that word, KKKomrade.

        1. kep December 13, 2016

          Liberal commies and traitors are synonymous. You can find a dictionary?

          1. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

            Sorry that that’s the best you can do. Better luck next feeble justification for your support of an enemy nation!

          2. kep December 13, 2016

            Not even close, Comrade. American born, served America during Nam, and will always support and defend the Constitution. What have you ever served but yourself? Certainty you’ve never served America.

          3. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

            Uh huh. “I pretend to be ex-military, so it’s OK for me to sell out to Putin!”

          4. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

            And, again, since you’re the one busy championing the ex-KGB guy seeking revenge for the failure of the USSR, it’s REALLY WEIRD that you keep calling other people communist. I guess all that racism and hate rots your brain.

          5. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

            It’s also weird that you call people commies, given that you’re spreading your cheeks for the last son of the USSR.

          6. idamag December 14, 2016

            One way to spot a (Neo) Nazi is their hatred for communists. When WWII ended, Russia was p.O.d and rightfully so. The Nazis had come into their country and forced entire villages to dig huge pits and then shot the citizens of those villages. They sent 70,000 Russians to the gas chamber. So, yes, East Germany was being punished and they deserved it. Their punishments: They could not leave East Germany. They were under communist rule. They were not being gassed in gas chambers or starved to death. Then we got communist paranoia and started helping East German Nazis escape and took them into this country. They have been active against communism ever since. We had 30,000 registered Nazis, in this country. When Germany declared war on us, they went underground and reemerged as communist fighters, aka John Birch Society.

          7. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            More stupidity from stupid people. Just make it up as you go along.

          8. dpaano December 14, 2016

            I don’t think Kep knows the difference between a liberal AND a “commie.” Again, he’s been severely brainwashed by FAUX News, Breitbart, and other RW websites that put out false news and invalid conspiracy theories on a daily basis!

          9. I Am Helpy December 14, 2016

            Kep is an actual birther. Like, he STILL believes that idiocy, long after the most prominent birthers gave up on it.

          10. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            Yeah he’s not a free thinker like you! (sarcasm)

        2. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

          Another stupid statement with absolutely no evidence presented. But that has never stopped you lefties from running at the mouth.

          1. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            Sure, 17 different intelligence agencies have stated this is the facts. But what do they know compared to a guy who doesn’t understand his own Orwell reference?

          2. 1984isnow December 18, 2016

            Actually that is a lie, but that doesn’t stop you and your cult from repeating it. Your whole life is one big lie.

          3. I Am Helpy December 18, 2016

            Yeah sorry you couldn’t – you know – back that up with anything other than ineffectual insults.

          4. 1984isnow December 18, 2016

            on December 13, 2016 in World News

            16 Intelligence Agencies Refuse to Endorse CIA’s Russia Hacking Claim

            On the flip side, all major television networks are on board

            It’s a well-established fact that Hillary Clinton falsely claims that 17 intelligence agencies unanimously agree that Putin hacked her e-mail account.

            But what about this new dumb claim, that alleged “Russian cyber attacks were aimed at helping Republican President-elect Donald Trump win the 2016 election”? This allegation has also been dismissed by every important American intelligence agency, minus the CIA, because they are cancer.

            Via Reuters:

            The overseers of the U.S. intelligence community have not embraced a CIA assessment that Russian cyber attacks were aimed at helping Republican President-elect Donald Trump win the 2016 election, three American officials said on Monday.

            While the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) does not dispute the CIA’s analysis of Russian hacking operations, it has not endorsed their assessment because of a lack of conclusive evidence that Moscow intended to boost Trump over Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, said the officials, who declined to be named.

            The position of the ODNI, which oversees the 17 agency-strong U.S. intelligence community, could give Trump fresh ammunition to dispute the CIA assessment, which he rejected as “ridiculous” in weekend remarks, and press his assertion that no evidence implicates Russia in the cyber attacks.

          5. I Am Helpy December 18, 2016

            Sorry, nothing you just wrote is true. Your defence of a Russian puppet is treason.

    3. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

      Thank The Law that we are protected from lunacy such as yours and pathetic creatures like BHO.

      1. dpaano December 16, 2016

        It’s truly unfortunate that you don’t see all the good things that President Obama has done during his 7+ years in office…..many of them for your OWN good! But, then again, you just keep reading the RW BS that is put out and never anything of any truth. You may want to take a few minutes and fact check all the GOOD things that President Obama has done, especially for the middle class, and maybe reflect on all the things he TRIED to do but which were blocked by your Republican congress! Much of which is the SAME thing that Trump is suggesting; i.e., infrastructure, tax reform, etc…..all things that President Obama tried to do something about but was basically ignored! So, if things aren’t good for you, you need to put the blame where it lies….you reticent Republican Congressmen and women who decided, from Day 1, to allow President Obama to do ANYTHING that would be good for this country!!!
        Go crawl back into your hole, troll, and let me know how wonderful Trump has been for you after his 4 years in office!

        1. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

          First, please supply a list of these wonderful accomplishments. The only one I can think of that benefitted me was that his stagnant economy has allowed me to live the past eight years of my retirement without losing any spending power. Of course this is at the expense of the unemployed, those given up looking for work, those employed in part time jobs but seeking work, those graduating from college, etc.
          The middle class has lost the most in terms of jobs and real income. Republican obstructionism, is that like obama pretty much saying my way or the highway or like Harry Reid keeping thousand of bills from coming to the floor for a vote. And the Republican congress sadly led by some left leaning losers like MM and PR gave the Piece of Sheet also know as Obama everything he ever asked for.

          Yes I am a troll I don’t want you self delusional people to go unchallenged. I’ll keep trolling and pointing out the error of your ways, including like true democrats, never provide a scintilla of evidence to support their perverted world and national views.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2016

    Look, the more Trump keeps saying he is not going to do what 44 other presidents have felt the need to do, the more Trump endangers all Americans. His plan is to “delegate” the same way CEOs delegate…at the point of his finger. He assumes that because the billionaires he hired were so successful earning “money” that makes them as intelligent as Einstein. Trump’s idea that money is the ONLY barometer of success only serves to prove how limited his intelligence really is. If money is the only barometer of “success” what does that make Einstein? A dope?

    Trump’s idea that “they will handle it ALL for him” while he trots off to increase his billions on presidential time, poses the greatest risk for all of us and worst, our kids. Why? What really does his military choice know about diplomacy? All Mad Dog knows is bombs and bullets. How does his choice of EPA in any way “protect” as the name states “Environmental PROTECTION” Agency protect neighboring states from a massive oil explosion when all his EPA chief knows is how to cut costs and drill baby drill? You can see why Donald Trump has to be removed from office. He plans not to do his job. But then, that IS the legacy since his early childhood isn’t it?

    1. kep December 13, 2016

      Funny how the Emperor spent a good share of his time either on lavish vacations, costing taxpayers billions of dollars, or playing golf, also costing America billions. Obama only cares for himself, and, of course, the “fundamental transformation ” of America into a soviet style communist regime.

      1. Wolfesgang December 13, 2016

        Playing golf “also costing America billions”??? How wild can it all get?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2016

          Kep stands for Kept Eternally Pussified.

          1. kep December 13, 2016

            Vile nasty liberal

        2. dpaano December 13, 2016

          Gee, I guess the president doesn’t get any time off to play a game of golf occasionally. Unfortunately, I’m sure we’ll see Trump on the golf course quite frequently, and he’ll probably charge the game to the taxpayers especially if it’s on his own course! Even GWB played golf more often than President Obama, but you never hear anyone bitching about that one!

          1. idamag December 14, 2016

            The difference is: the right wingnuts will not be watching trump with their giant magnifying glasses looking for something.

          2. dpaano December 16, 2016

            Agreed, but we need to let our Democrat senators and congressmen/women know when we see these things and complain about them so they can see for themselves!

        3. kep December 13, 2016

          Let’s see. How much does it cost to close a high end golf course? How much does it cost to secure an entire golf course? Motorcade and police doinng extra duty clearing traffic? And how many hundreds of golf days did your Emperor use? A few hundred maybe? Yeah, all on the taxpayers tab.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2016

        kep…I realize you get paid to lie. There is a nice hot place for fat butts like you after you die. But in the here and now, you don’t get to make up lies and the expect someone not to call you what you are LIAR.

        It’s awfully funny how your Emperor kissed the hand of a Saudi Oil Prince when he invited him to his Crawford Ranch. It’s awfully funny how you Dead Eye from Wyoming Cheney took his aim at his own friend.

        Now grow the hell up before someone super glues your stupid mouth.

      3. Jinmichigan December 13, 2016

        trump is the Emperor, with the hots for Russia. You’re not too sharp, are you.

      4. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

        Bush took roughly three times as many vacation days as Obama.

        I hope that helps! Sorry you believe nonsense!

        1. dpaano December 14, 2016

          In Bush’s FIRST YEAR in office, he took over 300 days and spent them in Texas on his ranch! That’s a big extreme, but we never heard a word of recrimination from Republicans (or Democrats, for that matter)!!

          1. I Am Helpy December 14, 2016

            Yep (although I do recall Democrats complaining – genteelly – about what a lazy SOB he was).

          2. dpaano December 16, 2016

            Apparently, they didn’t complain loud enough…..the GOP seems to be MUCH louder in their complaints albeit very wrong!

      5. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

        You are talking to idiots who think Trump is arrogant and BHO is humble. There is no talking to fools

    2. dpaano December 13, 2016

      Apparently, Trump thinks he’s “smarter” than all the presidents before him….what a narcissistic idiot he is! If he WERE smart, he would realize that being president means that you have to deal with a lot of things that you may not think you need! You can’t “delegate” your presidential duties to others, especially when those others have NO idea how to run the departments that he’s nominated them for! I don’t look forward to smog coming back, to see oil drilling on national park land, etc. because the people he’s nominated for those departments have only money in mind and NOT the good of the American people or this country! If the trolls on this site don’t see that, then they have a real problem!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 13, 2016

        He and that twit Kelly Conway, both think they can run government just like he runs his businesses. There is a BIG reason every US president begins his term of office with a full head of hair and not a single grey strand and ends it with a head of thinned white hair. Trump thinks government won’t have massive fires, flood and other disasters to deal with. He thinks that he can say and do anything please just like Mommy allowed him and the allies and our hostile enemies will say, “That’s okay Donny.” The guy is off his nutter.

      2. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

        Smart enough to get elected in spite of the fact that Hillary was guarentied victory, that hillary out spent him 2 to 1, and in spite of the fact that every major media outlet attacked him. Oh, right, the Russians did it, ha ha ha.

    3. George December 13, 2016

      W didnt know we could have planes used as missiles attack us on 911. Because of that oversight, he was able to talk us into two long lasting money making (for some) wars.. I believe they said who could have imagined this? It was in the brief they say.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker December 14, 2016

        In reality, it was never Bush who wanted that war. It was always Cheney. Bush was nothing more than a front man for the back room GOP presidency.

        The old saying, “Expect the unexpected,” is one I learn to live by. Too often predictability is the weapon used to control others. By forcing predictability on the entire country, we are always lulled into a false sense of security, believing the worst can’t ever happen…until it does.

        At this very moment in time, you have right wingers so sure that nothing CAN stop Trump. Again. Expect the unexpected. While they may loll about in the joys of having gotten the president they wanted, they are going to get the blame for what Trump does…every single thing he does.

        Donald Trump is this country’s worst nightmare. The righties love to pretend that he has gotten rid of the establishment in Washington. Really? Does that establishment include Washington? Lincoln? Jefferson? Adams…establishment ALL?

        When Trump uses that word “BEST” he does so through his own misguided definition. It is only BEST for him. And best, as we all know is not always what is right.

      2. dpaano December 14, 2016

        Well, we DID know that something was in the works because the FBI told Condi Rice and Cheney when GWB took office, but they chose to ignore the warnings. The FBI also noted that there were some Middle East types taking flying lessons….seems suspicious to me, and it should have been equally suspicious to Bush’s gang!
        As for the war that Bush and his cronies got us into….you NEVER go to war without raising taxes to pay for it….it’s NEVER been done, but GWB did it, and President Obama got the brunt of it when he took office and had to pay for Bush’s failing to add the cost to the budget. But, of course, Republicans refuse to put the blame where the blame actually lies! If we had NOT have gone to war with Iraq, we would NOT have had to deal with the Taliban, Al Quada, OR ISIS! These were organized because of the United States’ illegally going to war with a country that had NOTHING to do with 9/11.

  7. earlwatters December 13, 2016

    what the hell good did it do to brief obama a dam trader muslim.like trump said if anything changes let him know he didn’t need it every day makes sense to any normal guy but obama is not normal he needs to go back to his rat hole and take his dam family with him

    1. Andor Trayven December 13, 2016

      Crawl back into YOUR rathole, moron. And take your inbred hillbilly cousins with you.

      1. kep December 13, 2016

        I thought you liberals commie trolls lived in ratholes? Just dark basements then?

    2. dpaano December 13, 2016

      Sure, and if the terrorists bomb New York and Trump has no previous knowledge of this because he failed to go to a security briefing, I guess that’s okay, right? After all, “if anything changes, let him know.” Obviously, things happen quickly, and our president SHOULD be aware of anything coming down the pipeline that he needs to deal with ahead of time! To not go to a briefing is tantamount to not doing the job he was hired to do! Unlike his comment, he is NOT that smart….if he were, he would understand the necessity of these briefings!
      As for President Obama not being normal…..he’s one of the best presidents we have had, and I’m sure his legacy in the future will point that out. Trump’s legacy, on the other hand, will be one of contempt, cronyism, deceit, lies, etc.

      1. idamag December 14, 2016

        I think you are using words earl cannot understand. They have more than one syllable and you are using whole sentences.

      2. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

        You really are stupid. I you need to stop repeating the talking heads and start think for yourself. Sad that the officer corps of whatever branch you served in didn’t teach you that, you were probably a result of affirmative action, were what wasn’t between your legs was more important than what was between your ears.

    3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 13, 2016

      Earl, you’re a philistine in the truest sense and spirit of the term. All of that time spent in going to church was wasted, like casting pearls before swine. You need to stop and think for a change, learn to inquire into matters more deeply—then, you might be able to have something useful to tell us.

      1. dpaano December 13, 2016

        Just another idiot Trump follower with no manners and nothing important to say!

        1. kep December 13, 2016

          Lol Lessons in manners? What does a liberal know of manners? About the same as they know about truth, honesty, and honor. NOTHING.

          1. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            You are so right. I read their ramblings and sometime don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Today I think I will laugh at them, they are all pathetic losers.

    4. Jinmichigan December 13, 2016

      trump anywhere near intelligence is an oxymoron.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 14, 2016

        very high OCCTAN oxymoron with extra MORON ADDED

    5. I Am Helpy December 13, 2016

      can anyone translate this into English?

      1. idamag December 14, 2016

        That was what I was wondering, what did that case of arrested development say?

      2. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

        I’ll try. Obama was briefed regularly but ignored the advice given. Starting with pulling out of Iraq and letting the region fall into total chaos. Then he drew a line in the sand that was wiped out in the first breeze, strengthening the Russians and Assad by showing himself to be a paper tiger. Then he armed what turned out to be ISIl, also known by Obama to be the JV team, that now dominates huge swaths of the Middle East. He bombed Libyia sending it into chaos and ignored intelligence concerning Benghazi. In short, he gained nothing from the briefing and when good advice was given he ignored it. He also accused Obama of being a Muslum, there is some evidence to support it, but far more to show that he was a racist Black nationalist who spent decades in Wright’s racist cult. He suggests that Obama return to his rat hole, by this I think he means Chicago, home to the SDS terrorist who got BHS involved in politics, the Racist Reverend Wright, and The Godfather who has administered the city with the greatest number of murders in the nation. Earl, please excuse me if I got any of this wrong. You really have to state things clearly for this ignorant group. They needs crayons and drawings to understand. You see they all suffer from emotional and intellectual arrested development. Oh and as to Trump, he simply said he doesn’t need redundant briefings, come to him at any time with new developments. These silly children somehow turn that into a character flaw.

        1. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

          Right, that is the dumbest possible interpretation of fact, where it isn’t outright false. Well done! You are a convincing moron.

          1. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            You are a loser, just deal with it.

          2. I Am Helpy December 16, 2016

            Very lifelike! I could almost believe you were an inarticulate unemployable!

          3. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            You would like to think that, sorry to disappoint you. I retired 11 years ago at the age of 56. Have a BS, MA and MS and advanced certificates. I have an income in retirement of just under $200,000 a year, not counting the rental income from 5 houses owned outright. When I want go the the Bahamas or other Islands to relax or SCUBA I usually fly my own plane. I guess you are right, I’m unemployable. In your dreams you might get to live a live like mine. By the way I grew up one of 8 kids in the Bronx NY in a 2 bedroom apartment, I also served in the USMC and was retired due to wounds recieved in combat, Vietnam. Back then we were not a whining bunch of pussies, we worked hard and if you had what it takes you could make it. Didn’t need handoutsor loser one world presidents. We didn’t have occupy wall st. where we whined and cried and demanded the government take care of us. I will enjoy watching your kind whine cry and demonstrate for the next 8 years.

          4. I Am Helpy December 17, 2016

            Gosh! I can’t imagine why you think I care, elderly racist guy?

  8. Todd Nelson December 13, 2016

    What happened to Obama lowering the seas as he promised in 2008 when he was elected??? The contention that Trump urged Russia to hack Mrs. Clinton’s emails is beyond stupid. He jokingly said that Russia, since they probably already hacked her emails, should provide the world with the 33,000 emails she ordered deleted after congress subpoenaed them. At the time Trump made this joke, her unsecure server was already in the possession of the FBI, and no longer even active on the internet. Anyone with even half a brain knows the president and Josh Earnest are lying when they say Trump encouraged Russia to hack Hillary’s unsecured emails. This is becoming more pathetic by the day.

    1. Andor Trayven December 13, 2016

      Your stupidity is no excuse for spewing such moronic lies.

      1. Wolfesgang December 13, 2016

        He must be one of those with “even half a brain”.

      2. idamag December 14, 2016

        He is just another ideologue who will never acknowledge his choices use the toilet and stink it up like the rest of us. If trump stood on the street and grabbed women, it would be okay with him. Melania, the first lady elect, has never been a lady. I wonder if todd has ever googled “Melania Trump’s photos. Oh, I forget, it is okay she is a Republican, former porn model, illegal alien, but Republican okays that.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 14, 2016

          id like to see in the news that DONNY DUMP took a meeting with some one that he thought was important and the guy was just one of the guys that banged the DUMPSTERS wife and asked DONNY how thy tasted lol

      3. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

        Here’s a challenge, point out the lie. Can’t do it can you. The words moronic and Stupid are much more closely associated with you and your ilk. Ha ha ha.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 18, 2016

          you knowing those words so well seem must be in you name the middle names OR just ones that you can never forget for thy been calling you them since you was hatched

    2. Jinmichigan December 13, 2016

      I do agree with you that trump is a joke. No where near funny though.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 14, 2016

        the true joke the DUMPSTER’s plan in on is the country and the world

        1. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

          The true joke is there are idiots out there who like that obummer was good for this coun try, but can’t name a single way.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 16, 2016

            as compaired to who the DIRTY BUSH and where he left the country in the grave . how about the stoke market when Obama came in it was at what 6800 ? today its at 1,9800 never mind all the other things that was done . do you hat Obama that much that you your self are blind to the things he did for the country ?

          2. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            let’s hear about those other things. By the way the stock market makes the well off better off, happy to be one of them:)

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 17, 2016

            you being one of them as you say makes it only a waste of time telling you anything . try a brain transplant with a monkey or donkey anything has to be an improvement from what you have now

          4. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 16, 2016

            or are you talking about DONNY DUMP brain dead followers ? that don’t know nothing Obama did for the country ? thy are too hateful and stupid to know their ass from their elbow . ill bet thy are so brain dead as the DUMPSTER dose his screwing of the country those clowns will still be cheering the LYING POS

          5. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

            so tell us, i’ve been waiting.

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 18, 2016

            nope still the true idiots are you and ones like you that are so brain dead morons and filled to your dumpster heads with the DONNY DUMP B/S . but you clowns will see as the KING COLWN played all you stupid people . you’re and the rest of you brain dead morons will see how much DONNY DUMP knew your all were so easy to fool . he can and will fool you all m any times (as such as he has already ) and many more . and the kicker is you all are just too stupid to see . id say good luck BUT NOTHING CAN HELP YOU AND ONES LIKE YOU

    3. 1984isnow December 16, 2016

      You can’t talk rationally to these folks. They are all drugged and yes they are pathetic, esp their leader BHO and his propaganda minister. In context, the liar in chief and his minions accused Russia of a hack (if true it speaks volumes on the incompitance of the current admin. ), Trump sarcastically said well then maybe they can find Hillaries missing 30,000 emails. These weirdos turn that into Trump collaborating with Russian. They are so funny. Love making them upset.

      1. Mama Bear December 17, 2016

        wonder where the 3 million emails during the Bush administration went when Congress subpoenaed them. Wonder where T-rumps emails went when several judges subpoenaed them. Your “context” is blind.

    4. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 16, 2016

      and your that brain dead you believe every thing DONNY DUMP says heck you haven’t seen nothing yes as the dumpster back steps on every thing he said and promised he has already back stepped of a few things give a little time and it will be every thing he step back on . his plan from the start was and is , to con , fraud and scam as much money he can . but the clown has a lot more eyes on his then in the DUMP TOWER and I see him messing up big time because he is a big time greedy bastard and once more his inflated EGO will get the government to see his taxes and ALL OF HUIS BUSINNESS DEALINGS

  9. dpaano December 13, 2016

    I really enjoy Noah Trevor….he’s both funny AND insightful. I taped the Obama interview, and I’m looking forward to watching it tonight!

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth December 13, 2016

    Any warnings to Trump are a waste on a man too full of himself to take advice from anyone else. Trump is his own god, and only from himself will he take advice—Cabinet members are just window dressing for Trump.
    Putin being a crafty and careful observer of the weaknesses of vain and weak-minded people like Trump, readily noted that Donald would be the perfect foil in a position of the Presidency to mold and manipulate to his advantage.

  11. Otto T. Goat December 13, 2016

    They’re a cute couple.

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com December 14, 2016

    as DONNY DUMP see’s every thing he has nothing to lose its all the people and the country that will lose . come time when he messes up big time (and he will ) he will just push the blame on all the brain dead people that put the clown in office . he will say you asll knew I was a lying big mouth POS that never ran for any kind of office in my life and it was all you morons that gave me the house . and another thing even sadder is how many women in the country now wont say anything when the either get raped sexual assaulted ? it puts it to those women that you want me to say something and theirs sexual assaulters out there that say just how thy do their sexual assaults on tape (just how he dose it ) and thy don’t believe the women .. and tell me is it a sexual assault when one walks in a dressing room with children getting dressed and thy are naked . would that fall under child sexual assault ? (if not it should be ) and how can that not be the some type of form of a pedophilia and child molester ????????/ and the thing is he was so proud of it he even bragged about it on the tape .

  13. Eleanore Whitaker December 16, 2016

    Trump is now refusing to divest himself of his 200 international businesses. This is not going to sit well with the Koch boys who thought they would have first dibs on the presidency. They paid $995 billion to the RNC and ended up with Trump when they really wanted Cruz. boooooo hoooooo.

    The problem with Trump is going to be endless court appearances as president who figured out his swan song sweetheart business deal using his presidency to boost his and his family’s wealth.

    The more he plays his childish refusal tantrums, the closer we get to disqualifying his sorry butt.

    1. idamag December 16, 2016

      Gee, Eleanor, you still believe we have a democracy? We have watched Congress violate the Constitution of the United States of America over and over in order to thwart anything Obama tries. We have three types of Republicans: Fascists who support racism and celebrate Hitler’s birthday, backwoods people and those whose families have always voted Republican no matter what. What the latter does not know is that the Republican Party of their fathers no longer exists.

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