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Revealed: Did Trump Leak His Own 2005 Tax Return To David Cay Johnston?

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Revealed: Did Trump Leak His Own 2005 Tax Return To David Cay Johnston?

tax cut

Donald Trump paid only a small percentage of income tax on earnings of over $150 million in the year 2005, according to documents obtained by reporter David Cay Johnston, a contributor to The National Memo. Johnston received what appear to be the first two pages of Trump’s federal income tax return from that  year, and published a report on his new website, DCReport.org. Instantly and massively picked up by the media, including television appearances by Johnston, the story crashed his website hours later.

According to the documents, Trump and his wife Melania paid $5.3 million in regular federal income tax or under four percent — but were required to pay $31 million more in “alternative minimum tax,” or AMT. The same documents also shows that Trump benefited from a loss of over $900 million he first claimed in his 1995 return,

Johnston has written extensively on Trump’s tax avoidance, refusal to disclose his returns, and other financial chicanery, including a marvelous 2015 column published here that previewed those controversies and many more: “21 Questions For Donald Trump.” In that column, addressed to Trump, he noted:

Public records (cited in my book Temples of Chance) show that as your career took off, you legally reported a negative income and paid no income taxes as summarized below:

Income: $76,210
Tax Paid: $18,714

Income: $24,594
Tax Paid: $10,832

Income: $118,530
Tax Paid: $42,386

Income: ($406,379)
Tax Paid: $0

Income: ($3,443,560)
Tax Paid: $0

Will you release your tax returns? And if not, why not?

Evidently Trump still has no intention of releasing his complete tax returns for the past decade or so, as Hillary Clinton and most presidential candidates and presidents traditionally have done. On the Rachel Maddow Show yesterday evening, Johnston speculated that Trump himself might have sent him the 2005 tax documents anonymously via mail — since that year’s return at least shows the former casino mogul paying some taxes, following his final big score as an actual real estate developer. It wouldn’t be the first time that Trump attempted to manipulate the media from behind a false front.


Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  3. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

    Flagged the spam. Note the .ru addresses?

    Trump leaked his own taxes but then is attacking MSNBC as violating the law?

    1. FireBaron March 15, 2017

      Well, we could say he is of two minds, but actually he is mindless.

      1. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

        More how easily I’m falling into conspiracy theories I previously would have thought absurd.

        Jan, above, states it as a fact that Trump himself is the source. Maybe. But with absolutely no evidence, isn’t this claim as unfounded as President Obama’s tapping of Trump Tower?

        1. dpaano March 17, 2017

          Maybe, but how can we be sure? 45 lies so much, it’s got to the point where we can’t believe him OR his cronies about anything that they come up with! So, it IS a possibility that he leaked these himself….we don’t know for sure and are mainly speculating based on his past performances.

    2. Dapper Dan March 15, 2017

      It’s quite apparent we’re dealing with someone who’s got bats in his belfry. It is strange we get only 2 pages from his 2005 1040 form and nothing more. By playing this twisted game he’s now opened the door for further scrutinizing and demand for him to release his tax returns

      1. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

        Indeed, leaving aside any political bias, the sheet incompetence of the trump Administration is staggering.

        1. dpaano March 17, 2017

          I agree….it brings tears to my eyes every morning when I read the newspaper (the REAL news) and see what else 45 is doing to our nation. This morning, it was the budget……as well as our Secretary of State telling North Korea that we’re going to handle them “militarily” if they don’t stop with the missile testings. It scares me that he’ll actually take us to war with North Korea, which will also take us into war with China, since they are allies. Additionally, North Korea has a bigger military and a bigger defense budget than the U.S. and are very adept at fighting in their own country! As I said before when 45 was elected, he’s going to end up getting us into a war and we’re going to end up losing more of our young men and women because, like President Obama, this administration is full of warmongers! All it would take is one nuclear bomb aimed at Los Angeles (where I live) and that war would be over! I also cry when I see all the programs that 45’s so-called budget is cutting….programs that are needed to maintain the health and development of this nation. His cuts will cause problems for everyone, but moreso for his followers in the Rust Belt states. If any of them bothered to actually READ the budget, they would be amazed at all the promises he made that he’s now backing out of! This budget does nothing but give him more money to build a senseless wall that he expects Mexico to pay for sometime in the future, and which is NOT going to happen! Most of the nation have already said that they do not think this wall is important…..but he doesn’t listen. Out of ALL the promises he made to his followers, it’s amazing that this is pretty much the ONLY one that he is working so hard to keep! The others have just fallen by the wayside with all the budget cuts that he’s making!

  4. Godzilla March 15, 2017

    Ya’ll got played for ratings, handed a crow burger that your trying to choke down trying to figure out that all the Lying media’s idiocy over Trump not paying taxes was a LIE. First, his taxes are none of your business and he should NEVER release them. Secondly, maybe you should try and act like Americans and help him clean up the mess he inherited from Obama. Your Communist idiocy has gotten boring.

    1. FireBaron March 15, 2017

      ‘Zilla, if it wasn’t for the AMT he would have paid less than you. And he still claimed 900 Million in a loss that he had been claiming for ten years!

      1. itsfun March 15, 2017

        He paid a higher percentage than Obama and Sanders and a higher percentage than the average for his income.

        1. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

          For the one year on the two pages released.

          1. itsfun March 15, 2017

            There may be more pages that MSNBC didn’t release. The way they got burned with just 2 pages maybe they don’t want to or won’t release any more they may have gotten (probably illegally).

          2. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            MSNBC didn’t release these…Trump did. When do you ever learn to stop your lying? How many times do we have to make a fool of you?

            First of all no billionaire EVER has only a 3 page 1040 form. That would be next to impossible for a billionaire whom the IRS has claiimed owns 500 businesses.

          3. dpaano March 15, 2017

            Shoot, I’m not even a scintilla as rich as Trump, and my tax returns are over 20 pages!!! This includes a Schedule C and a bunch of other schedules that I have NO idea about (I leave it all to my CPA). So, 2 pages is certainly NOT a full tax return, especially not for a so-called “billionaire.”

          4. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

            Burned? How?

            We’ve got the first two pages, marked client’s copy.

            Everything else is supposition.

          5. itsfun March 15, 2017

            They got burned by the tax returns. The two pages shows how President Trump paid a higher percentage than President Obama and Bernie Sanders and Comcast which is the parent company of MSNBC. Remember Hillary during the campaign saying maybe he didn’t pay any taxes, or didn’t make the money he said he did, or how he many not be as wealthy as he said.

          6. dbtheonly March 15, 2017


            Assuming the returns are accurate, and Trump’s acknowledgement is not dispositive, merely show a small bit of one year.

            Everything is rumors. Some may pan out, others prove wrong. No one’s got any stake in the rumors. I’ve heard no wailing nor gnashing of teeth.

            Fill out a bracket. It’ll give you more substantial wins than Trump rumors.

          7. itsfun March 15, 2017

            I have heard for over a year from the left about how President Trump must releases his tax returns. Something comes out that is in the Presidents favor and all of a sudden his tax return means nothing but rumors. The tolerant left demands his returns, gets them illegally, then doesn’t want to talk about them, because he paid a higher percentage than Obama and Bernie.

          8. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

            Really? Is this style of argument successful among your colleagues?

            There have been many calls for Trump to release his taxes. Not just from the left.
            Two pages come out.
            The rumors refer to who might have leaked Trump’s copies of Trump’s taxes, what is contained in the unreleased majority of the return, the agenda of the leaker, and the contents of the taxes Trump treats more securely than operational plans of the US Military.
            Left doesn’t want to talk of the taxes? 106 comments on this thread as I write.
            Trump’s one time release says nothing about his other years and comparing him with President Obama or Sen. Sanders as some sort of standard is fallacious.

            Really, I find it hard to believe you passes logic in school. You make such a hash of it.

          9. itsfun March 16, 2017

            You get what you whined for and then when you get it, you try to make it nothing. Isn’t there a saying something like “watch out for what you wish for”?

          10. dbtheonly March 16, 2017

            Do you need cites to Trump’s showing the three feet of his tax return? He released two pages.

            You do see the difference, don’t you?

          11. itsfun March 16, 2017

            You like to talk about rumors, where is any shred of proof the President released these pages of his tax returns? Do you really believe these just “showed up” in someone’s mailbox? These are just made up rumors or fake news.

          12. dbtheonly March 16, 2017

            Not answering the question.

            For “he” read “they”. Without evidence there is nothing to do about the source beyond the “Client Copy”.

          13. itsfun March 16, 2017

            There is no question, the left got burned by the truth again. President Trump even paid a higher percentage then President Obama and the Socialist Bernie. Isn’t Bernie that campaigned on raising taxes on the wealthy. Guess he didn’t practice what he preached.

          14. dpaano March 17, 2017

            Personally, I think most of these trolls barely made it out of high school, much less college!

        2. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

          No he didn’t. He only paid his 2005 taxes. Where are there rest? If Hillary can provide 33 YEARS of tax reports, why can’t Trump. You better answer this question or stop posting your BS.

      2. mike March 15, 2017

        EXTRA! EXTRA!
        Trump paid his Taxes. How terrible for the country. How Un-American All legal! How dare him!
        AMT is still a tax designed to prevent taxpayers from escaping their fair share. Nothing illegal. What American doesn’t look for ways to pay less taxes? Duh!
        Hillary and Bernie were convinced he paid no taxes. Wrong again.
        More left wing hysteria.
        Bottom line Trump paid more taxes at higher rate.
        Get a life you dumb a$$ people.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

          BS…Trump only paid taxes in 2005. Why the hell do you think that is the ONLY tax record he allowed to be released? Remember? The man who was handed those records made sure he got them “approved” by Trump.

          Where the hell are the records of the 6 NJ bankruptcies he filed in 2013?

          1. mike March 15, 2017

            “He allowed to be released” how funny. More of your conspiracy crap.
            More of your insanity towards Trump much like the Russian Connection. All smoke no fire. If there was even scintilla of evidence of collusion it would have been released either legally or illegally long ago.
            Stupidity lives in your brain.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            BS….Where the hell were YOU when TRUMP was asked by Hillary in the 2nd debate when he planned to release his taxes and he said and I quote, “I can’t release them because they are being audited.” More of your conspiracy attempts to debunk what we ALL heard Trump say.

            Tell you what Comrade Mikeeeee, how about you start helping NJ taxpayers pay off those 6 Corporate bankruptcies Trump dumped on our state? Better yet, how about you show ass in NJ and tell all 4400 employees and contractors who sued for back wages? What’s the matter lard ass? You been spending too much time licking Trump’s wounds from all those lies?

            And you better make sure your boy has PROOF that Obama wiretapped his phones in that Sunday 6 AM tweet.

            The only conspiracy here is right wingers who think you will become World CLASS Enforcers. Sorry not on MY tax dollars. They are already paying Trump debts.

          3. mike March 15, 2017

            Keep trying to act relevant to the real world.
            Nothing you have said means squat to the rest of the world.
            Your hate has consumed you to the point that very little you try to express fits in the real world.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            Okay…Let’s look at “your” real world. You hate government. Hate paying taxes, hate a president who plays fair and doesn’t show partiality toward the 1% only, hate people who are not ARYANS, KKK or white supremacists and most of all, hate women who are smarter than you can EVER be. You hate admitting you are ever wrong and absolutely believe in your “entitlement” to tell others what to do and when to do it.

            My world “fake” world means I pay property taxes of $6,000 a year, auto insurance of $1200 a year, I pay $107 a month to the goverment for Medicare ALREADY deducted from my paycheck for 44 years, pay another $135 for the Medicare supplement to that $107 that covers only 20% not covered by the $107, pay another $40 a month to cover prescriptions and then on a NJ state basis pay state Medicaid taxes so others who are indigent can exist.

            You are a selfish bastard who wants nothing more than for ALL of MY tax dollars to feed your lard ass so you never have to get off that lard ass and work. I am semi retired, still produce online articles in technical areas you would sink under and I also pay taxes on those articles as a 1099. $3,000 last year in 1099 taxes to be exact.

            Sorry but your world is about to crash around your lard ass. All you do all day long is bitch and complain about those of us who are working long past retirement age and who have paid into SS, Medicare and Medicaid for 44 years. But now you think you are entitled to get your dirty mitts on that? Think again asshat.

            You may stack the cards against those of us in the “fake” world but in the end all we ever have to do is cut off every dime of state taxes that feed you and the yall all lards asses in your state. Then, let’s see how “real” your world will be.

          5. mike March 15, 2017

            I see you are still acting stupid. Only in your warped mind I don’t/ haven’t paid my fair share of taxes.
            You are the stupid one to stay in an over taxed state. So quit bitching.
            PS, Trump paid taxes at a higher rate than even Bernie! End of story.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            Nice Try moron. But, NJ state taxes end up in your state. That’s WHY they are so high. We have to pay to keep your lard asses cushy comfy and unemployed. According to the GAO, NJ is 6th in contributions to the federal government. We pay 153,917,572. Now …compare that to your hick states who pay an average of $60 million by comparison. So in fact, your state OWES NJ almost $100 million in federal tax contributions to your states. Eat it buster.

          7. mike March 15, 2017

            Has Trump been paying taxes? Yes! Did he pay at a higher effective tax rate than Obama, Bernie even Romney? Yes!
            Was Hillary wrong again? Yes!
            Only person eating it is you. Russian collusion a nonstarter! Trump not paying taxes! Wrong again dragon breath.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            Bankruptcy No. 1: The Trump Taj Mahal, 1991; Bankruptcy No. 2: Trump Castle, 1992; Bankruptcy No. 3: Trump Plaza; Bankruptcy ; Bankruptcy No. 4: Plaza Hotel, 1992; No. 5: Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts, 2004; Bankruptcy No. 6: Trump Entertainment Resorts, 2009 (According to the U.S Bankruptcy filing court.)

            The six more in NJ came in 2013 when he closed both the Trump Taj Majal and the Hotel and Casino on the Marina. All of these were filed under Chapter 11. (This chapter of the Bankruptcy Code generally provides for reorganization, usually involving a corporation or partnership. A chapter 11 debtor usually proposes a plan of reorganization to keep its business alive and pay creditors over time. People in business or individuals can also seek relief in chapter 11.)

            Now you know why Trump doesn’t want to disclose the more recent tax records. It would show he didn’t pay off all of his creditors and they sued his ass. Too much truth for you moron?

            So no. He didn’t pay taxes because he claimed he was bankrupt. What the hell does that mean to a bimbo like you?

          9. mike March 15, 2017

            When are you going to wake up and realize Americans don’t care about his past business dealings.
            It’s the economy, Stupid! Look at direction of country. In November it was in the mid to high twenties. Now, 45% believe country headed in right direction. It is all about perception and at this moment he is winning.
            Trump is president and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            Mikkee says we don’t are about how Crooked or Corrupt Trump is in his businesses? Good. Now bring your lard ass to NJ and tell those he stiffed here that.

            You are such a liar that you need a bath to wipe off the BS. According to the popular vote of 2016, YOU YOU YOU are the 40%. Now the last time I used math, that leaves a majority remainder of 60% of Americans who DID NOT VOTE FOR your Pissbag in Chief.

            So asshat, tell us. When Reaganomics took over, did you get as rich as Trump? You bet your lard ass you didn’t. In fact, the GAO has proven that every time the 1% or corporations got another Republican tax cut, they got an 11% increase in their wealth. You? You got to flush another load down that toilet of yours.

          11. mike March 15, 2017

            You dipsh**! The direction of country has increased in right direction since Trump won.
            PS, I did quite well under Reagon. Added more stores, employees and a much bigger portfolio.
            Only thing that needs flushing is your pathetic brain.

          12. Eleanore Whitaker March 16, 2017

            No the country is NOT going in the right direction. First of all, the CBO has already proven in numbers how much the cost of the Repeal and Replace of the ACA will cost. The CBO also stated this week that the savings of that $835 million will ONLY benefit HMO CEOs.

            How about go pass your bowel movement dipshit and serve them on toast to your Mommy?

            And if you are hoping the SC will save the HUMPbuster’s ass on that travel ban, think again. All you asshat in chief is doing is inciting the KKK, the hicks with the AK47 bought with our welfare tax revenues they eat up like grits and gravy and jerks like you who are hot to see American citizens like the Sikk American in Kansas some asshat shot to death in public because the hick asshat doesn’t know the difference between Asian Indians who are citizens and Trump’s rage at Muslims.

            The SC will not pass his travel ban even if Trump sleeper in the SC Koochie Coo is appointed. So while Trump is rah rah rah Scalia, Trump is on his way out.

            He hands out a 2005 1040 form knowing ALL along that it was his own Client Copy and you fall for his BS? How numb are your nuts anyway?

          13. mike March 16, 2017

            No, the polls have shown direction of country has improved and headed in right direction. Just because it doesn’t fit your delusional opinion doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.
            We will see what happens with repeal and replace. This is the beginning and you ignore that how wrong CBO was on Obamacare. Time will tell.
            Bottom line is trump paid taxes and at a higher rate than even Obama.
            What is for sure Trump is President and is dismantling Obama’s failed agenda.

          14. Eleanore Whitaker March 16, 2017

            Once again, you post your lying BS. Did you miss the million women’s march? Or the massive protests against Trump?

            Face facts. Your boy is going down because like you he believes he is an “Enforcer.” You are just a piece of flotsam in the sea of life. Get over it.

            Furthermore, according to the AP, Quinnipiac and Heritage polls, Trump has ONLY 40% support and ALL of that 40% is in Republican states.

            Trump is not my president and never will be. I know and have seen Trump up close for decades. He is a lying, cheating, thieving thug who belongs in prison, not the White House. But since you have such an equally criminal mentality, no surprise you lack the mental fortitude to admit you love bossy, obnoxious Hitler types.

          15. mike March 16, 2017

            I see you are still spewing more of your delusional thoughts.
            Trump is not going down.
            Direction of the country has improved. In November right direction of country was in the mid to high twenties but after the election right direction is going up and wrong direction is declining.
            Wrong again you old witch. Trump is President and will be for at least the next four years or more.
            Trump is playing you silly little people like a fine Stradivarius violin. I love watching you falling all over yourselves each time he makes a remark.

          16. Eleanore Whitaker March 16, 2017

            No president of the last 3 decades has outright REFUSED to show his tax records. President Clinton and Hillary have provided 33 YEARS of tax records. What is YOUR boy hiding? What is so proprietary about Trump tax records that only insider CPAs and the IRS (assuming he has filed 1040s for the past 12 years that is,) can see them?

            First of all, his travel ban is not going to be approved by the SC. Why? Because he wrongfully claims that the countries he banned are people who “might become” terrorists. Sorry but in the US, our laws state we are “innocent until proven guilty.” Not guilty by nationality or country of origin.

            As for direction, you are too stupid to live if you think Trump has ANY direction but enriching himself and the Trump Organization which is nothing more than a cover for his Grifter thieving.

            Who puts 5 billionaires in charge of the state department, the dept. of education, the department of energy and others.

            What you can’t admit is that Trump is out for Trump and no one else. He loves to vacation every weekend at Mar-a-Lago, something your lard ass would bitch till the cows come home if Obama did that. So why does he high tail it down there every weekend? Because he knows that Mar-a-Lago is his private property and as such he can do any amount of deals with a Russian Oligarch who bought a mansion in FL from Trump that is uninhabitable for $60 million when it is no longer worth more than $2 million. Get over it sicko. You hate it that I know more about Trump than you ever will.

            Your existence is as valid as a cock roach. Crawl back to your roach nest.

          17. mike March 16, 2017

            When are you going to wake up and understand Americans don’t give a damn about his taxes returns. His election proved that.
            Trump is not the typical politician and doesn’t have to release anything he doesn’t want to. He doesn’t have to show his returns. Much like Obama never releasing his Columbia or Harvard transcripts. The only thing Presidential Candidates have to do is file a financial disclosure report to the Office Government Ethics.
            As to the rest of your post, just more of your diarrhea of the brain.
            Ta Ta you mindless turd.

          18. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2017

            Oh Mikeeeeee? Your boy lied didn’t he when he accused Obama of wiretapping. Your boy lied lied lied lied lied lied. So why would we believe one frigging word you say?

            First of all Trump is going down for the best reason of all, he is isolating himself from the Republican Party and they are already getting pissed off about that.

            Obama released ALL of his taxes. Why won’t Trump? I will tell you why. As an accounting manager for nearly 25 years, a 1040 for any billionaire would NEVER be only 3 pages long. A corporate 1040 for a business owner of 500 businesses which is the number your moron in chief owns, would be in multiple forms. DUH. Try again.

            But back to your Liar in Chief who is going down. His own party refuses to support his lies about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. It was NEVER wire tapped. Do you have the balls to admit it? Or do you want to continue to have us dig up the REAL dirt Trump is hiding? The millions he made from his “deal” with Russia, which by the way are against US laws when a business owner makes ANY deal with a foreign government who has had sanctions, past or present placed on it by the US. oooooooooh…balls itch yet? Dick shrinkage hurting yet?

          19. mike March 17, 2017

            Hey mental midget Trump doesn’t have to release his tax returns if he doesn’t want to. He won without releasing them. What the hell is wrong with you? It is a non-issue much like your dead end “Russian collusion.”
            How do you know there weren’t multiple forms. Whoever said this was the complete tax filing? Even you know form 1040 is the basic Internal Revenue Service tax form used to help a taxpayer discover how he much owes in taxes or how much his refund will be.
            As to the rest of your post same old broken record you have been saying for 4 months. Nothing true or verifiable.
            Trump will continue to reverse every bit of Obama’s failed policies.
            PS, Obama never releases his Columbia or Harvard transcripts. What’s he hiding?
            You continue your hypocrisy!

          20. Eleanore Whitaker March 17, 2017

            Wrong Moron. Tell that to Rep. Elijah Cummings and Nancy Pelosi who are now asking that Trump’s tax records of the last 10 years be disclosed.

            What the “F” is wrong with YOU? You can’t stand that there are videos of your asshat in chief admitting he has “many businesses in Russia.” Now you want him to be allowed NOT to divest those?

            What the “F” is wrong with a numbnuts like you when you support Trump who admitted on David Letterman on October 17, 2013, that and I quote, “I have MANY businesses in Russia?”

            Russia had sanctioned placed against it back when it invaded Afghanistan. What the “F” is wrong with you? You want to allow Trump to violate federal laws that PROHIBIT ANY AMERICAN BUSINESS OWNER FROM DOING BUSINESS WITH A FOREIGN COUNTRY that has been sanctioned past or present by the U.S Government.

            Obama isn’t a liar. Trump is. Obama was a Constitutional law professor. Trump is a Russian brothel hunter who can only marry women who are golddiggers, all while he and Ivanka Skanka do the nasty under Jared’s nose. Get over it.

            Trump is going down. Trump lied and now even his own party is pissed off at him. Only dicklicker like you sucks up to him.

          21. mike March 17, 2017

            No, Trump is not going down. What is going down is the Obama legacy of failed policies.
            Pelosi and Cummings can’t do squat but talk more nonsense. Elections have consequences as Obama once said. The democratic party has no power and at its weakest spot since the late 1920’s.
            The more your Trump Derangement Syndrome raises its ugly head by you the more your relevance dissipates.
            Thanks for another of your big laughable moments.

          22. dpaano March 17, 2017

            It’s really sad to see how uninformed these trolls and 45 followers are because of the BS they are fed by FAUX News and Breitbart! I don’t think they actually read a VALID newspaper, but that’s only because FAUX News and Breitbart have lied to them and said that these are the purveyors of false news….unfortunately, THEY are actually the “bad dudes,” not the regular media! Maybe they need to go out and buy a REAL newspaper and read the REAL news about all that 45 and his billionaire cronies (you know, the ones who are ALL unqualified for the positions that they were nominated to fill) are doing to the nation!

          23. A_Real_Einstein March 15, 2017

            Everything will be fine until it isn’t. Remember the Bush Recession. I gave Trump less than 2 years before the crap hits the fan. Obama will go down as the greatest President since Lincoln. Have a nice day, loser.

          24. Thoughtopsy March 15, 2017

            Your ad hominem game is weak, tiny tiny tiny “mike”.

            Try using your adult words.

          25. Thoughtopsy March 15, 2017


            Trump literally said:
            “No-one in my campaign has EVER talked to the Russians.”

            So far:
            Nearly EVERYONE in his campaign has talked to the Russians.
            So many of his campaign managers and staff have talked to the Russians you need a f**king wall chart to keep track of it all.

            On top of that, Flynn was a paid foreign agent of the Turkish Government while campaigning for the Angry Orange Retard… which he deliberately LIED about… and Trump and Pence knew this when they nominated him and they LIED about it too.

            Yeah… “no fire” there, dumbf**k…
            OBVIOUSLY people always lie publicly to the Press and the American people under oath because they just feel like risking their careers, public image, potential jail time, and credibility…
            OBVIOUSLY there’s nothing to hide… it’s just for the LOLs…

            Your resistance to basic facts and logic and your arrant hypocrisy continues to amuse. 😀

          26. A_Real_Einstein March 15, 2017

            Trump will never finish his term. He is singlehandedly bringing on the Progressive Revolution. I have never seen such incompetency. ENjoy your Obamacare and a terrific economy that Obama gave you until….Thanks. See you in 2018, loser. Have a nice day.

        2. Thoughtopsy March 15, 2017

          Hey look it’s tiny “mike”!!

          I thought the excessive levels of stupid in your bloodstream had killed you some time ago…


    2. dbtheonly March 15, 2017


      Does that mean you will no more be casting your pearls of wisdom before us?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

        Itzy has no pearls of wisdom. Every day Itzy wakes up and bows before his statue of Putin and does the Ruskie dance.

        1. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

          Ah Ms. E, where would we be without him?

          As for me, I’m looking at shoveling yet undone and thinking that Trump has, yet again, distracted the Lamestream Media, and my friends, from one invented story, President Obama’s tapping, with another, his taxes.

          It’s so “National Enquirer” I wonder when Trump will tweet about an Elvis sighting or Jennifer Anniston’s latest heartbreak.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            My particular favorite is the dimwit Conway. She claims Obama might have wiretapped a microwave oven. As any engineer would tell you, opening the back of any microwave is risky business. The reason is that there is a small amount of radiation that is located in the electronic spectrum that causes food to be “cooked.”

            And, if Conway was the least knowledgeable in camera equipment she’d know that trying to install a camera in any microwave is not going to happen. The minute anyone turned the micro on, Boom!

          2. dpaano March 15, 2017

            Itsy does provide a modicum of comic relief in today’s messed-up world!

      2. dpaano March 15, 2017

        We could ONLY wish!!!

    3. itsfun March 15, 2017

      Amazing, the left bitches and bitches about seeing the tax returns, then when they see them, they bitch and whine even more.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

        Amazing, your convenient memory bitched on these thread for 8 years about everything Obama did and now you allow a prickhead in chief to violate the office of the president by lying about being wiretapped?

        Oh gee..guess YALL ALLS better have that proof…So far ALL YALL ALLS have is Twatzilla Conway’s version of a microwave oven being used like a camera. Which by the way, any engineer would tell is impossible. Grow the hell up old boy. Your Depends are overloaded Comrade.

    4. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

      Yall? What in the hell is a YALL? Is that like Yall alls Trumpie is a liar? Or is it more like Yall ALL are not going to see another 6 months with your Yall ALLs liar in chief?

      Yall ALLS need to get a Yall ALLs education. By the way, it isn’t OUR COMMUNIST idiocy. It is YALL ALLS…Remember? It was Trump who in his campaign asked Russia to release 33,000 of HIllary’s emails? It was YALL ALLS Trump who said in public that he thought Putin “is smart.” Yall ALLs Need to shove YALL ALLS foot up YALL ALLS butts.

    5. Phil Christensen March 15, 2017

      A cry in the wilderness, I’m afraid. Still, the apoplexy on this thread is amusing to read.

  5. FireBaron March 15, 2017

    What? Our President, Teflon Donnie, engage in subterfuge? I am shocked, shocked I say!

  6. Jan March 15, 2017

    He absolutely, without a doubt, supplied those documents himself. What an asshat.

    1. FT66 March 15, 2017

      Agreed. That stamp on copies “CLIENT COPY”, raises more questions than answers. The client is Trump, therefore, the copy was sent to him back to 2005 and he is the one who has released it now.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

        That simply means that they came from his lawyers or his CPA. When I was working in engineering as an accounting manager and tech writer, our CPA always stamped the final financials with “Client Copy.”

        1. sigrid28 March 15, 2017

          Excellent point. How many CPAs have a stamp like that? Whenever was this page stamped? Since when do the top two pages of a tax return of this magnitude tell us anything–except possibly its origin? The layering of lies associated with this supposed “disclosure” surely has the stamp of pathological-liar-in-chief Trump, as does the temerity of Trump’s goon to threaten David Cay Johnston and his family.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            Actually, All accountants and CPAs have another reason for keeping “Client Copies.” Their own IRS filings on how many financials they have processed.

            Should there be an error in any 1040 filing attributable to an accountant’s mistake, the IRS contacts the CPA or accountant for verification or further information. So, they have to keep a “Client Copy” in hard copy form to resubmit to the IRS with substantiating information.

            Engineers also use a “Client Copy” stamp for schematic and PID drawings drawn for Clients. It’s the only way to make engineering design changes. Even now with all of the computer files online, there still has to be a hard copy.

          2. sigrid28 March 15, 2017

            Such good information. Thanks. Imagine: Trump toppled by two pieces of paper!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            Our engineering company had an “independent” auditor, a licensed CPA whose niche was only auditing. Auditing was done at the end of every fiscal quarter.

            That’s why something smells all too fishy about Trump’s claim his most recent tax records are still under audit from 2009. Very rarely will any licensed CPA auditor tackle the job of a decade of auditing. Generally, this is only done when the IRS requests it due to some “other” legal issue related to filing of financial records. For example: Let’s say Trump claimed a loss for more than 7 years. The general IRS rule is that if you have not turned a profit in at least three of the prior five years, the IRS will categorize your business as a hobby. This may be extended to a profit in two of the prior seven years in the specific case of horse training, breeding or racing.”

            So unless Trump is a horse trainer, breeder or racer, he is once again lying. I know that my former employer tried to claim a loss for 7 years when he tried again the following year, that was an IRS red flag that our CPA warned him not to try.

          4. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

            Ms. E, I thought audits could only go back 5 years. Unless you’re suggesting that the Trump ’09 audit was begun timely, and has taken 5 years already.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            Audits should be done every year by an independent source. Your keen insight shows exactly why Trump showing only the 2005 1040 is a joke.

          6. dpaano March 15, 2017

            Personally, I’d like to “topple” him off the top of the White House!!!

          7. neeceoooo March 16, 2017

            But wouldn’t someone be able to go to any office supply store and purchase a stamp that says “client copy”. I don’t trust him or his cronies one bit.

          8. sigrid28 March 16, 2017

            You can afford to pay for it, you may buy any stamp your heart desires. Some stamps are associated only with one “office,” such as post office stamping machines and state seals, etc. However, you go to a notary public, and he or she has a stamp that goes with his or her signature. Also vague is the provenance of two pages themselves, that could have been attached (along with the 1,000+ pages that follow) to documents Trump or his reps appended to a loan application, etc. The most unlikely source of the leak, according to Johnston, is the IRS, that holds the president’s tax forms under special lock and key.

          9. neeceoooo March 17, 2017

            You are correct, the part that is not disclosed is the fact that someone with his “money” would probably have more than 2 pages in tax returns.

          10. dpaano March 17, 2017

            But, the forms wouldn’t say “Client’s Copy” if they actually came from the IRS.

        2. FT66 March 15, 2017

          No one in their right mind will take the trouble to go and steal Trump’s tax returns and leak them in a positive way. That never happened and doesn’t make any sense. Anyone who has done any investigation knows this.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            A friend of mine who works in NJ state media told me some time ago that NO legitimate journalist would risk using documentation they have not verified from the originating source. The reason is simple. If a journalist “leaked” Trump financials and they were in any way redacted, Trump could sue which is how he gets rich in the first place.

          2. sigrid28 March 15, 2017

            As you have noted elsewhere in this comment thread, Johnston had the two pages he received “over the transom” (therefore legally) verified by the White House before he (Johnston) went public with them.

      2. dpaano March 15, 2017

        I wonder who he’s going to blame since he certainly isn’t going to admit that he did it himself! He’s got to put the blame on someone, and you can guarantee that it’ll be someone that he’s looking to get rid of anyway! If we’re lucky, it’ll be Spicer or Conway who will end up being the scapegoats! They’re both expendable!

        1. neeceoooo March 16, 2017

          I am surprised that Spicer and Conway haven’t said to donnie, “take this job and shove it”.

          1. sigrid28 March 16, 2017

            The level of desperation these two exhibit in still shilling for this fraud is constantly a source of amazement to me.

          2. neeceoooo March 17, 2017

            It does make you wonder at the level they continue to accept and repeat.

          3. dpaano March 17, 2017

            As far as I’m concerned, Conway is just another Sarah Palin…..both of them are ditsy and not very intelligent! They are “hangers on” only!

          4. dpaano March 17, 2017

            They’re too stupid and they are his “patsies.” He lies and they swear to it! It’s amazing to see two people in our government so stupid! If I were either one of them, I would have quit a long time ago! They apparently have NO shame!

          5. plc97477 March 18, 2017

            They are both being made fools of on a daily basis and yet they still put themselves out there for more.

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 15, 2017

    OF course DONNY DUMP released his own taxes the addicted junky needed some more of his attention fix for his addiction

  8. RichFromShowMe March 15, 2017

    President Trump has already demonstrated that a single Tweet can set the Left’s hair on fire, so why take not another step, though I seriously doubt it? Got Matches? 🙂

    1. timmfr30 March 15, 2017

      isn’t about time to govern or get the hell out?

      1. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

        Enjoy the +1 but you’re assuming Trump’s goal is governing.

        1. timmfr30 March 15, 2017

          as governing isn’t going to happen…my point was..”get the hell out” the house of card will collapse from the “blowhard” in charge….it’s only a matter of time…

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            I think you just nailed why sensible, rational people hate Trump. He struts around like Mussolini and mouths off like Putin. Who wouldn’t hate a dictator trying to BE the ONLY government?

          2. timmfr30 March 15, 2017

            The republicans are responsible for this nightmare..they are his enablers…traitors all

          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

            The Republican Party doesn’t realize they are now heading closer and closer to massive lawsuits against their Party…not their government. It is far easier to sue a political party than it is to sue the government.

          4. timmfr30 March 15, 2017

            Lock Em’ Up!….. Waterboard Em’!…. Just kidding..had a “cheney moment”

          5. Thoughtopsy March 15, 2017

            A true “Cheney Moment” would also have made you a billion dollars in war profiteering….
            Any sign of any cash mysteriously turning up?

          6. sigrid28 March 15, 2017

            Oh please, let these lawsuits happen.

          7. dpaano March 15, 2017

            I agree…..45 is SO paranoid about everything, he’s gotten rid of all of the old Obama appointees in many of the important departments; i.e., Justice, State, EPA, etc., and he has NO plans to fill the empty positions. The smaller he makes the government, the less he has to worry about some one finding out what an unqualified idiot he is (although most of already know that).

      2. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

        What makes anyone think Trump can “govern?” Trump “dictates.” He doesn’t govern.

        The right will allow him to get away with stealing money from the U.S. Treasury if necessary. They know exactly what they are doing. All spoiled little boys love to show how they and ONLY they can do what no one else can. So they bitched for 8 years about everything Obama did and now to “GET EVEN” they are going to allow Trump to break every law he can.

      3. Thoughtopsy March 15, 2017

        Trump understands nothing about legislation, or government.
        Literally nothing.

        There will be no governing.

        1. timmfr30 March 15, 2017

          agreed as later post confirms

    2. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

      President Trump is being allowed to get away with conflict of interest asshats of the right would have long ago impeached Obama and Hillary for. If you are two faced, just admit it. Most two faced peckerheads are also cowards who don’t dare mouth off in public like they do online.

      1. RichFromShowMe March 15, 2017

        Sorry to confuse you with FACTS, however it’s quite humorous to see the Left Melt-Down 🙂

        By the way, there’s no “conflict of interest” for appointing COMPETENT people to Federal Posts, it may be unusual to those on the Left, but definitely not a conflict of interest.

        Have a nice life!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

          I am now going to call “yall alls” bluff. Do you deny that Trump made an accusation against Obama?

          As to your claims of conflict of interest. Either you are too stupid to live or you pretend to be what you are not: boy genius on steroids.

          As someone who worked for a CEO who became a Senator, I know better than you ever will what conflict of interest is. And your boy Trump is doing business in Mar-a-Lago on all those VACATIONS he takes virtually EVERY weekend. Do you deny that?

          I have a nice life and it will be even nicer when I see your mouth stuffed with radioactive material and sealed up with lead..oh sorry…that’s your Comrade Putin’s tactic isn’t it?

          All of your phony ass attempts to prove you are Boy Genius prove you are as much a criminal liar as Trump.

          1. RichFromShowMe March 16, 2017

            Yes, he did Tweet his accusation. But the humorous part is obamba chose not to tweet, but to use the bully pulpit and he knew any return fire would be labeled Racism.

            Trump can’t use the Racism issue to diffuse anything, but he can set the Left’s hair on fire with a single tweet 🙂


          2. dpaano March 16, 2017

            Funny…..Fact Checker is saying that 45’s “tweet” about President Obama “wiretapping” the Trump Tower is a bunch of BS and is a “hair on fire” label. It doesn’t say that this tweet did anything for the left, so not sure why you’re even commenting about that.

          3. RichFromShowMe March 16, 2017

            I may be mistaken, but the next 2 or 3 weeks will be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting 🙂

          4. dpaano March 17, 2017

            Yes, it will. Maybe by that time, the RW followers of 45 will see the light when they realize that all the promises he made are in the trash with his so-called budget! And, when they suddenly see that the proposed health care plan will NOT give them more benefits for less money, but will actually cut most of them out completely or give them LESS benefits for a whole bunch of money while giving the wealthy a major tax break!!! I’ll be watching for all this, you can be sure! You should be ready to sit down because you are NOT going to be happy when you finally realize the truth!

          5. Thoughtopsy March 17, 2017

            Trust me… there’s a very very long list of things you’re mistaken about, troll.

        2. Thoughtopsy March 15, 2017


          So far the things you write are poorly thought out, emotionally driven rationalizations for things you don’t like to look at too hard.

          For example:
          “By the way, there’s no “conflict of interest” for appointing COMPETENT people to Federal Posts.”

          So what if you appoint your competent brother?
          Or what if you appoint the competent CEO of a Wall Street company to the Head of a Regulatory Agency overseeing Wall Street?
          Or what if you appoint a competent guy to run the IRS who personally owes you a lot of money?
          Or what if you appoint the competent CEO of an Oil Company to run the Office of the Interior while they are still employed by the Oil Company?
          Or what if appoint a competent Mafia boss to be Attorney General?
          Or what if you appoint a competent Trump Organisation VP to a Federal position where they get to decide on disbursement or property or contracts that the Trump organisation is interested in?
          Or what if you appoint a competent Boeing Executive to oversee the Air Force?
          Or what if you appoint a competent Russian Intelligence operative to head up the CIA?

          Your point is so dumb that it indicates a severe lack of critical thought.
          Alas, this is not unusual in d**kheads acting as Trump apologists.

          Have a nice stupid!

          1. Thoughtopsy March 17, 2017

            Yep… crickets… as expected.

            Poor troll. Can’t back up his points.

        3. Eleanore Whitaker March 16, 2017

          Wrong. When Jared Kushner became a member of the Trump Cabinet, Trump was supposed to divest his business to his sons. FACT: he hasn’t.

          There is conflict of interest when ANY President especially Obama right you hypocritical Confederate Trash, dares to make profits from being president. That’s known in the U.S. Constitution as high crimes and misdemeanors and is a direct violation of the oath of office. Get over it low life.

        4. dpaano March 17, 2017

          Rich….the left isn’t melting down. But, I can certainly see the right melting when they see all the programs that are being cut from many of the very states that need them just so 45 can build his stupid wall! You should take a minute and read a REAL newspaper that explains all the cuts to the states, as well as the cuts in the health care plan! Those states in the Rust Belt will be the hardest hit by the cuts he’s making in his budget! So, when you finally figure out that it’s true, we can all sit back and watch the right go batshit!

      2. RichFromShowMe March 16, 2017


        For a female you sure have a foul mouth . . . but do understand the disability of many on the Left 🙂

        1. Thoughtopsy March 17, 2017

          I call lie on that.
          I would need proof that you’re capable of understanding anything first.

          The casual misogyny you just displayed is just a bonus, I guess.

          Next you’ll be telling me how many “black friends” you have.

    3. Thoughtopsy March 15, 2017

      Yeah isn’t it fun how he can demean America and office of the President just by being a lying delusional moron in public?

      OF COURSE he should use the Office of the President and position of “Leader of the Free World” to piss people off, generate outrage, make statements that call his sanity into question, display almost no knowledge of governing, government or legislation, and act like a petulant 5 year old who didn’t get enough nap time…

      You must really be enjoying your new worldwide laughingstock status…
      Because, trust me… while you may think it’s really funny how President F**kface Von Clownstick can get a rise out of people by abusing his power, those of us outside the USA are looking at the narcissistic, arrogant, willfully ignorant sexual predator you elected and are deeply embarrassed for what you have let yourself become.

      1. RichFromShowMe March 16, 2017

        Ah ha . . . . you have exposed yourself!

        Any time a person has to lower themselves to abusive language is the signal they reached “hair on fire” and/or “foaming at the mouth” egress levels.

        I was simply amazed at the abusive language on this “Liberal” blog and had to see for myself that it is TRUE and “it is”. 🙂

        1. dpaano March 16, 2017

          IF you don’t like the discussions, then go back to your conservative alt. right blogs! The only people who start with the abusive language are the trolls on this site!

          1. RichFromShowMe March 16, 2017

            I appreciate your insights and the few others who have made intelligent comments as that certainly gets me thinking.

            We have trolls on the Right, but the great majority of them are from the Left.

          2. dpaano March 17, 2017


          3. Thoughtopsy March 17, 2017

            You are a troll.
            You easily fit the definition.

            Trying to be existential (and failing) does not make you any less of a troll.

          4. RichFromShowMe March 18, 2017

            Best check your dictionary first.

            “Trying to be existential (and failing) does not make you any less of a troll.”

            You seem to be the one who is existential as you are living proof of someone who only looks at one side of the issue, often leaving out the important parts of the issue that could solve it. Plus, like too many on this blog you have a filthy mouth 🙂

            FACT one: obambacare is a failure and will bankrupt America if permitted to continue.

            FACT two: it must be replaced, ideally with “R’s”, “D’s” and “I’s’ developing the corrections after obambacare has a stake driven through its heart.

            FACT three: “D’s” will not participate as they simply obstruct the most efficient way to correct obambacare, probably because they lost the election with a horrible candidate . . . Bernie would have been much better even if he is a Socialist.

          5. Thoughtopsy March 19, 2017


            I encourage you to keep replying… I”m really enjoying watching you flail around whilst attempting rational thought.

            Shall we break down your last efforts? Oh YES… lets!

            My Point: Accused of being a troll… and a bad troll.
            Reply: Nothing.

            My Point: RichDumbAss acts trolly… here’s an example…
            Reply: Get a dictionary!

            Then there’s your … shall we call it a “Post”?
            “You seem to be the one who is existential as you are living proof of someone who only looks at one side of the issue, often leaving out the important parts of the issue that could solve it. Plus, like too many on this blog you have a filthy mouth :)”

            Hahahaha. F**k you moron.
            You’ve been presented with clear, evidenced, and accurate criticisms of Trumpcare throughout this thread and so far all you have shown here is that You can only see the Trumpcare plan as good… and can’t directly answer any criticism.
            …I assume because you are paid to see it as good.

            Whenever you are pressed for evidence or a counter point to each criticism about Trumpcare… you restate that OBAMACARE leaves 20 million people uninsured… so it’s BAD. Note: This is not a rebuttal… it’s a distraction because you can’t answer the point.

            When asked why Obamacare being BAD makes Trumpcare’s 54 million uninsured “Good” you divert, ignore, attack, and promise that it’s the other 2 phases of Trumpcare that will fix everything… despite the facts that:
            – The CBO can’t score pie-in-the-sky legislation.
            – The Republicans lack the balls to put all three phases in a single bill that the CBO could score, because it would fail pathetically.
            – Due to the 60 vote Threshold there is a zero chance that Phase 2 and 3 will become law.

            You also keep insisting I have a “filthy mouth” as if I’m going to care what a Trumptard knuckle-dragger’s opinion of me, as they prove over and over that they can’t think their way out of a paper bag.
            The grand irony here… that you keep avoiding so carefully… is that your President Fat Orange Human Caps-Lock Key, and paymaster is the foulest-mouth reprobate that American politics has had the poor intellect to vote in.
            Every time you gleefully point out that I have a “filthy mouth”, as if that somehow demeans me, you simply dig your hypocisy in deeper.
            The fact that you, personally, can’t think clearly enough to avoid obvious own-goals in your own arguments just makes it even funnier.

            As for your “Facts”:

            Fact 1: This is patently untrue, even the CBO agrees, and quoting a 3-4 TRILLION increase in National Debt due entirely to Obamacare just shows you have a child’s grasp of both government debt and reality.

            Fact 2: Since 2 relies on 1 being true… and it’s false… then this is also wrong. Could it be improved? Sure. Should it be killed…? Only if you want to spend almost a billion dollars killing it, then adopt something that kicks 27 million people off Health Insurance, pays ~700 Billion to the wealthy, and strips 860 billion out of Medicaid.
            Now the ideologically put Ryan-esque types do indeed want that. But your base absolutely does not.
            I WANT YOU TO DO IT.
            Because (a) I don’t live in the USA. and (b) You will own all the results of Trumpcare… and, man, they are going to be bad.
            As noted above, Phase 2 and 3 are vaporware. The Dems now hate you for killing their bill using railroading and shoving things through committee… and you don’t have the votes.

            Fact 3: This is just stupidity personified.
            The “D”‘s (who you erroneously included in “fact 2” because you’re an idiot) were ready to do further fixes to ACA. They agreed it needed some changes… and this would have been the most efficient way to fix it. They stated as much.

            But NO! The GOP has promised their moronic base that they will kill the “bad” thing. So the efficient way of “fixing” has been thrown out.
            On top of their promises to “kill the ACA”, I’m sure that the ideologues in the GOP are more than aware that the “D”s would never have agreed to the most important and expensive part of the GOP “Fix”… giving a massive tax break to the 1% by throwing 27 million of America’s poorest people back under the bus…. because that’s retarded, cruel and political suicide. If that’s your priority, then bipartisan legislative “fixes” are just not going to happen.

            Bernie would have advocated for Single Payer. Like every other civilised Western Democracy who prefers not to kill their own citizens.

            As I said… please keep posting here.
            Your attempt at argument is hilarious.

            Also I’m still waiting on your opinion of President Snowflake’s filthy mouth. Am I likely to get an answer any time soon?

          6. RichFromShowMe March 20, 2017


            Sorry to confuse you with a lot of FACTS . . . . just one FACT at a time surely fits you better 🙂

          7. Thoughtopsy March 21, 2017

            Watch the sad troll avoid answering anything… at all.
            I’m afraid failing to answer any point, and posting a random link won’t save you, pinhead.

            Awww… little Richie… can’t you actually respond intelligently?
            Are your arguments so weak you can’t counter any point I made?
            Have you just realized that Trump having a filthy mouth breaks your own worldview in half?

            So…. finally…. it’s you who are exposed.
            As a sad empty failed troll, who is great at pretending to have an argument, but when pressed, over and over, avoids answering anything at all… because all you have is anger, Fox talking points, willful ignorance, and an empty hole where most people would keep their critical thinking skills.

            Congratulations… you are honestly the most flimsy and vapid person I’ve yet met on here. And I’ve met “itsfun” who’s an outright moron.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker March 16, 2017

          Get off it Religious boy. You are about as holier than thou as that pig wife of Trump’s. Sorry no forgiveness for any woman who sells nude photos of herself to Hustler Magazine and French porn media.

          Try again hot shot and stop overdosing on Viagra. Your 5 hour erection is not impressing any woman.

        3. Thoughtopsy March 17, 2017

          Well that’s one belief system.
          I guess if you make the obvious reasoning flaw that everyone believes the things you do, then you could assume that.

          I believe abusive language is useful as both a tool and a punishment, and also to deliberately manipulate and shame. I use it quite consciously and it has a purposeful end goal.

          I find it amusing you consider this “lowering” yourself, and that you seem to be only able to conceptualize someone using this language as “foaming at the mouth”. Hilarious.

          I reserve abusive language for when the intended recipient (that’s you) has shown clearly that they are unable to think rationally, argue logically, or are deliberately using a variety of fallacious tools to divert, create straw men, obscure and/or ignore key points in replying.

          Just like you have.

          Let’s recap this conversation shall we?
          RichTheDumbAss: Isn’t it funny when Trump abuses Liberals and they get all mad?
          Me: Using the office of the presidency as your personal trolling vehicle is sad, disgusting and has caused America’s reputation to cater internationally. You’re also a moron.
          RichTheDumbAss: Hee hee you used BAD LANGUAGE. You must be angry!

          You suuuuck at this.

          Here’s a bonus question for you, based on your own professed belief system:

          So if using abusive language “lowers” someone and shows they are foaming at the mouth… then please explain Trump calling people all sorts of abusive names??
          Obama recently: sad, sick…
          O’Donnell: fat, pig…
          Hillary: crooked, nasty….
          Mexicans: criminals, rapists….

          Do tell us what that “exposes” about Cheeto Jesus…
          I’ll hold my breath.

          1. RichFromShowMe March 18, 2017

            And, I assume you have a reference to the bad words President Trump has used . . . . are they similar to the ones you use when you are foaming-at-the-mouth?

          2. Thoughtopsy March 19, 2017

            Hahaha… Watch the sad little troll avoid answering. Again.

            RichDumbAss: “Oh no! How do I possibly avoid answering this question?
            I know! I’ll demand references to Trump’s publicly stated bad language and then restate the old “foaming at the mouth” ad hominem attack that he’s already destroyed…
            What a great idea! No-one will suspect me of distracting from answering if I pretend I haven’t watched a single news show for the last 3 years, demand links on obviously public statements, and personally attack the other person as foamingly mad!
            I’m a geni-ass!”


            Answer the question, moron…
            Or admit your Orange God is a frothing low life by your own logic and beliefs….

            Like I said… you suuuuuck at this.
            How embarrassing.

  9. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 15, 2017

    so stupid the DOJ gives the DUMPSTER clown another week on his BULL CRAP wire tap investigation all knows it just that BULL CRAP . his smoke screening to cover up his other BULL and of course this helps his with being a addicted junky seeking his ATTENTION FIX . as for the Dracula look alike RYAN Ditch O’Connell has him brain washed to hate Obama as much as the racist piece of crap he is . Ditch O’Connell sets back he planted the racist seed in RYANS head and he can just set back and watch Dracula look-a-like do his hatting deeds for Ditch .

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 15, 2017

    OF course DONNY DUMP released his own taxes the addicted junky needed some more of his attention fix for his addiction also so stupid the DOJ gives the DUMPSTER clown another week on his BULL CRAP wire tap investigation all knows it just that BULL CRAP . his smoke screening to cover up his other BULL and of course this helps his with being a addicted junky seeking his ATTENTION FIX . as for the Dracula look alike RYAN Ditch O’Connell has him brain washed to hate Obama as much as the racist piece of crap he is . Ditch O’Connell sets back he planted the racist seed in RYANS head and he can just set back and watch Dracula look-a-like do his hatting deeds for Ditch .neither RYAN or DONNY DUMP wants their name on this JUNK PLAN because thy both know its all BULL PILED SO HIGH

  11. itsfun March 15, 2017

    The left has whined since the beginning of the Presidential campaign, Hillary accused him of not paying taxes, or making as money as he said, or not having as money as he said. Now she has been proven to be completely wrong or just plain lying. The left gets what they whined for, then some writer tries to make us believe Trump released his returns to a reporter that hates him. The release of that return is a felony and a grand jury should investigate how it got leaked and the leaker prosecuted. The President paid a higher percentage of his income than President Obama and Bernie Sanders. The parent company of NBC paid a lower percentage also. Present Trump also paid a higher percentage then the average wealthy person. Bernie is a Socialist and telling us we should all pay more in taxes while he pays less. President Obama hates “rich” people and still he pays less percent then most middle class people.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

      WE don’t whine Comrade. We get EVEN. You had sooooo much fun for 8 years, digging, digging, digging and now you put in office a pig whoremaster with a whore wife you want us to accept?

      How does it feel to get back what you and your Ruskie Comrades dished out for 8 years to Obama?

      You asshat in chief BETTER come up with proof of his accusation that Obama wiretapped his phones or you and your right wingers will be hunted down and made asses of for the rest of your lives.

      1. marriea March 15, 2017

        Thank you Eleanore.
        I think that Trump is very possibly that Trump had his people bring up this really REALLY old tax return to get folks from talking about his big lie about Obama..
        In other circles, such talk would be classified as slander.
        In this case felony slander.
        This man is so jealous of Obama it’s unbelievable.
        He will never be the man Obama is.
        Obama has more smarts and class in his little fingernail trimmings than Trump has in his whole body.
        You can have all the money in the world, but you can’t buy class and nor for that matter, respect.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

          Actually, in a strange way, it proves that Trump is what Muhammed Ali would say is “on the rope a dope.” Trump knows he can’t avoid forever not producing his tax returns. So he figures as he always does that if he sneaks in a 2005 return he knows shows nothing but Trump being as innocent as a lamb being led to slaughter, it will stop McCain and Graham from demanding to see his tax returns.

          Yesterday, to my shock and awe, Graham (R-SC) said if Trump doesn’t come up with proof of the Trump accusation against Obama, Graham has a trick up his sleeve.

          With Trump, you can NEVER EVER reveal your hand of cards. Do that and he does what Roy Cohn taught him: “punch back harder.” Too back he is about to get punched back harder than his “harder.”

          1. dpaano March 17, 2017

            I read an article in the TIME Magazine that said that the ONLY option we have as a nation to stop 45 and his cronies is to gather all the Attorneys general from each state run by Democrats and have them file suits against him for anything that he tries to do. You can guarantee that many of the states are going to find they will be in a big hurt with his current budget plans…..he cuts off MUCH of the housing programs, the heating programs for the elderly and disabled, the development programs to help rebuild blighted areas (all of these were promises that he made that he was going to fix)! States have to get on the ball and sue him for this! We certainly can’t expect the Congress to do anything!

        2. EMS March 15, 2017

          Of course Trump had a couple of pages of an old tax return released. And yes, release of the tax return diverted attention away from the tweet about Obama, and the tweet about Obama, diverted attention away from his ties to Russia, etc., etc.

          The man is totally unqualified to be President, but then I don’t believe, and never did believe, that he ever planned to “govern”. He wants Corporations to control the US and every move he’s made proves that. Meanwhile Sec of State Tillerson is soliciting the world to do the same. And the rest of his appointees are destroying their respective departments from within. But let’s not forget WHO approved them. Let’s not forget WHO let the whole bunch of them “slide” through unqualified, with sloppy vetting, with conflicts of interest like none other, some with ties to Russia, etc.

          Maybe Hillary was right when she referred to them as a bunch of deplorables.. The “deplorables” are in the Oval Office and most in Congress.

          more “crimes” against the Constitution and the people will it take to drain THIS SWAMP of alligators and snakes.

          1. dpaano March 15, 2017

            Maybe we all need to get together and file a civil suit against 45 and his cronies!! After all, we own them since we basically pay their salaries. What’s to stop us from firing them! We certainly can’t expect Ryan and the Congress to do their jobs….but if enough of us got together, I bet we could do something! After all, 3M voted against him…..

          2. Jmz Nesky March 15, 2017

            Well that was just another misconception.. His ‘Drain the Swamp’ referred only to Democrats. Now he’s filling it up with right wing conservatives .. Draining. the swamp, replacing with cesspool.

          3. dpaano March 16, 2017

            Actually, he’s not planning on replacing MANY of the positions because he thinks that it will “save money” and he and Bannon are also against what they call the “administrative government.” He doesn’t realize that many of these people are necessary…..you can’t just fire all the attorneys in the Justice Department…they are needed. The same goes for the State Department, the EPA, HUD, etc. Most of his nominees to run these departments are totally unqualified, and with no one left in these departments to do the jobs and with the head of the department in the dark….nothing will get done. This would include the investigation into the Russian/Trump fiasco, the “wiretapping Trump Tower” fiasco, etc. Why do you think he and Bannon want to decimate these departments? They want to be able to run amok in the Oval Office and have no one to question their actions!
            My question is WHY isn’t the Supreme Court doing something about these two…..most of what they are doing is totally against the Constitution. I thought the Supreme Court’s job was to uphold the Constitution…..if so, they’re doing a pretty pitiful job of it. I wouldn’t put it past 45 and Bannon to totally disband the Supreme Court!!

          4. Jmz Nesky March 17, 2017

            Yes, and the pitiful part is those in charge don’t seem to care what those two do.. I’m sure it isn’t fear induced seeing as how they bullied Obama for eight years, no it’s something illogical, possibly what these frogs wanna happen anyway.. SCOTUS should hide their faces in shame.

          5. plc97477 March 18, 2017

            It might be the fact that trump has known ties with the mafia. Both here and in russia.

          6. Jmz Nesky March 18, 2017

            Naw, we have our own mafia that these frogs can use to protect their wide asses.. CIA would be more than willing to start another covert war.. I think it has to do with usage, let the Trumpkinstein do his thing while they destroy programs in the background then when they’ve completed their task, crucify the orange Trumpkin.. Meanwhile if it all blows up in their faces they can point fingers at Trump and over half the nation will fall for it.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker March 16, 2017

            Actually, they aren’t even conservatives as we understand the meaning of the word. Who spends over $35 billion to build a wall when the money isn’t even there? Who spends all his time Tweeting and lavishing himself with a Golden Penthouse with his name is 6 ft. high letters in the poshest area of Manhattan? Not a conservative…a mental defective.

          8. dpaano March 17, 2017

            But, but, Eleanore, he’s going to cut all the major programs in the budget in order to pay for that wall….haven’t you heard? Apparently, his followers haven’t or they’d be as pissed as I am!

          9. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

            Hell dpaano, they voted for the orange pumpkin.. In their pea brains they believe their liar-in-chief will exempt them from the program onslaught and they’ll continue to receive their welfare checks and food stamps until it hits them between their beedy ‘lil eyes then along with utter disappointment that they too were somehow scammed, a certain tweeter bird using an alias will spew alt news that it was all Obama and the Clinton’s fault and that’s where the rest of the herd will focus their hatred while the trumpinstein gets yet another free ride on their shoulders.

        3. plc97477 March 18, 2017

          That is why I never capitalize trump. I show respect he doesn’t deserve.

          1. dpaano March 20, 2017

            I don’t even like to use his name….I go with “45.”

          2. plc97477 March 20, 2017

            45 still acknowledges his legitimacy. I usually say putin’s puppet.

    2. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

      … Remember… YOU gave us the choice. And it’s not whining.. Whining was in vogue for the eight years prior. You can call it ‘pay back’ but in reality it’s simply discussing the facts..

  12. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

    When Trump turns lying into an art form as in his “ART” of the Deal, you bet his boys leaked only a 2005 tax return. He lies over and over that he cannot release any returns from 2009 until the present. He thinks he is BSing the entire country. The IRS has stated twice now that there is NO reason he cannot release ALL of his tax returns even if they are under an audit, which by the way, they are NOT.

    So you know the sly, crafty skank in chief is playing his corporate games. It so happens that the real facts of his financial status would be obvious in any of his tax returns from 2009 to the present for one reason: Anyone in NJ who is paying 6 of his corporate bankruptcies would SEE his having to file for bankruptcy the minute he got that 2013 FinCEN fine at the Taj Mahal for money laundering to terrorists.

    It is a well known fact that Trump owns 500 businesses, not all of which are actually functioning businesses by merely his prostituting the TRUMP name through leasing it to various other businesses he does NOT own.

  13. FT66 March 15, 2017

    Unfortunately, this time our dear Rachel Maddow fell in the trap of crooked Trump. There was no need of Rachel reporting on only two pages of Tax Returns, for only one year (2005), while showing only huge taxes being paid. I know Rachel was hungry to report on Trump’s taxes but it shouldn’t have been this one while: healthcare reforms and wiretapping were holding Trump’s throat very tightly. It was all about Trump’s tricks of changing subjects. We all learn through mistakes we make, and I hope next time, Rachel Maddow will take time to think first before making any reporting. Nevertheless, this doesn’t offset her good reporting she has been making.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

      The point is that Trump is not playing with an honest hand. The right wing doesn’t either. Right now Breitbart is axing Paul Ryan. You know why. It is because in order to reinvent this government in Trump Control, Bannon and Trump need to get rid of the Speaker of the House.

      This only proves HOW stupid Nazi Boy Bannon is and his Asshat in Chief Trump also is when they believe that if they get rid of Ryan, the Koch Brothers won’t find another replacement.

      But, you have to expect a Billionaire War among the Big Money boys who compete for Numero Uno on a daily basis.

      When it comes down to it? We are now the sole support of billionaires. The profits they live on come from their employees offshore in foreign countries that pay the world’s lowest wages. Their profits come from OUR taxes that help them pay the least amount of taxes and hand them billions every year in tax dollars. Their profits also come from the consumers who are price gouged on foreign crap products they import and then jack the prices to the world’s highest rates.

      How do you like being the sole support of billionaires and a grifter like the Trump family?

      1. dpaano March 15, 2017

        Don’t make me sick…..I have to send a BIGGGG check to the IRS for my taxes this year, and it really pisses me off bigly that my hard-earned tax money will go to pay not only 45’s salary, but also Bannon’s and the stupid alt. right Congress! There’s a lot I could personally do with that money to help my community, but I have to send it to a bunch of crooks! It’s like sending money to ISIS!

    2. dpaano March 15, 2017

      Yep, this might just be another of Trump’s deflections to keep people’s minds off the stupid health plan that he and Ryan have thrown together and hope to get passed! Anything to get people to concentrate on something else! I certainly wouldn’t put it past him and his crooked cronies!

      1. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

        We are seriously discussing if the President of the United States would release two pages of his taxes to deflect interest from the other issues of the day.

        Think about that for a minute.

        1. dpaano March 16, 2017

          I DID think about it, and that’s why I think that this is something that he would most definitely do. He’s great at deflecting to keep people’s minds on something other than what’s really going on. He’s got the new travel ban going into effect (not likely) and there’s the health care plan that he’s trying to push through. He’d do ANYTHING to keep people from thinking too much about those. And, releasing just the first two pages of a return from 2005 is not going to do much….we want to see the current ones, including ALL the schedules, etc.

          1. dbtheonly March 16, 2017

            I wasn’t clear.

            We seriously believe that the guy with the right to launch nuclear Armageddon is possibly playing such games with his taxes.

            This is the successor to Washington, Lincoln, and both Roosevelts.

            And we think him capable of this?

          2. dpaano March 17, 2017

            Definitely…..45 is capable of anything that he and Bannon want to do to this government and this nation! For example, look at his budget and his health care plan…..both of which are jokes and will help NO ONE but his billionaire cronies! It’s pretty sad that his followers can’t see the damage that he’s going to do to them and the promises he made that are going to be broken!

          3. neeceoooo March 16, 2017

            I believe the smoke screen us to cover the Russia concern we all have.

          4. Fur Hunter March 17, 2017

            I do not know if you are a great lover of a favorite TV show of mine. Saturday Night Live. I can’t get it down here in Mexico, but I do get to see the clips from it that get to YouTube. The ones I have seen so far have had me on the floor laughing my @$$ off. Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy have taken the ball and run with it. And there are still 3 more years and 10 months left. I heard that SNL is on a 20 year high due to the lampooning of the present administration. Don’t ya just love it?!

        2. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

          Actually it’s a no brainer..

          1. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

            You’re missing the point. The reality of who released the taxes is not the issue since we have only speculation and conflicting claims of “fake news”.

            The real fact that we’re even considering the issue shows that we consider the guy who sits where Washington, Lincoln, and both Roosevelts sat, would do such a thing.

            That, by itself, leaving aside all else, says a lot.

          2. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

            I don’t believe I was missing the point at all.. I was totally agreeing with you’re statement… And I didn’t even have to think about it for a minute. I guess I should have also voted you up.. My bad.

          3. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

            I need to beg your pardon then.

      2. plc97477 March 18, 2017

        I see the don as a clown who says “look at the monkey every time” the repugs find things getting a little difficult for them. I think every time the don says look at the monkey we should look at what the repugs are doing. If they are not doing something stupid then look to putin.

  14. Dr. Samuel Taddesse March 15, 2017

    I still don’t understand. Did he pay $5 million or $31 million?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

      Good question. I was an accounting manager for nearly 25 years. That 1040 sounds as if if was “managed” by Trump’s lawyers before it ever went to any CPA.

    2. itsfun March 16, 2017


  15. bojimbo26 March 15, 2017

    This is the IRS copy , the proper copy is locked in Trumps safe .

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

      It’s a copy his lawyers or CPA kept. Whenever our engineering company filed the 1040, a copy was returned to us stamped, “Client Copy” at the top.

    2. dpaano March 15, 2017

      I don’t even believe it’s the IRS’ copy!!!

      1. bojimbo26 March 16, 2017

        `Liberal` thinking . 😉

        1. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

          … Conservative idiocy. 🙁

    3. dpaano March 16, 2017

      Actually, it’s NOT the IRS’ copy…..it’s marked “Client’s Copy” and the IRS would not have that on their copy.

  16. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

    Those 3 pages of a 1040 form are absolutely bogus. For one reason. Trump owns 500 businesses. The 1040 he used doesn’t “itemize” all of the bankruptcies he’s claimed over the years. No mention at all of that.

    Furthermore, when itemization is part of the necessity of filing taxes, that means you cannot own 500 businesses and not have to itemize the P&L explanations for each of 500.

    1. Jmz Nesky March 15, 2017

      Exactly! I wanna ses the copies that his cpa has been doing since he hired others to do such things for him, not a partial form that most of us fill out because we don’t have the fortune or the b’nesses that he holds. Anyone with any sense would conclude this is a prop.

  17. Eleanore Whitaker March 15, 2017

    Isn’t it two faced of the right to now try to pull the wool over the eyes of the people they harassed since Clinton became president? Remember Whitewater? $22 million wasted and no one went to prison. Fast forward to Bush ’43 and Scooter Libby falling on his sword for Rove and Cheney for outing CIA agent Valerie Plame.

    These are the same power mad nuts who demanded to know every detail about the Clintons and Obamas finances but now that they know Trump is a thief and a liar, they are all soooo ready to hide from the public what we in the Metro Area have known for years: Trump lost more money to filing bankruptcies, federal fines and lawsuits and now not a single one of those things show on his 2005 tax report. Strange Conspiracy of the Right, don’t you think?

    They demanded 33 years of Clinton financials and now all they vomit up is one year of Trump’s?

    1. dpaano March 15, 2017

      And it isn’t even the WHOLE return….just the first two pages! I’m very curious as to what is on the pages that we DIDN’T get!

      1. dbtheonly March 15, 2017

        Remember the 3 feet of returns Trump used as a prop?

        The first two pages would likely be the form 1040, front and back. What it lacks are his schedules and other forms. I’d guess that he’s have Schedule C, Profit or Loss from a Business, Schedule E, Rents and Royalties, and Schedule K, Profit or Loss from a Partnership, among many others. Each of those forms can get involved.

        But I’ve been excoriating its for building a house of a foundation of rumor, so I won’t speculate further.

        1. dpaano March 16, 2017

          I, personally, would like to see his CURRENT tax return, along with ALL the schedules and bells and whistles! He should have a Schedule C for each and every business, and the same for other schedules. I know that I have a home-based business, and I have to file a Schedule C for just that ONE business, but if I had more than just that one business, I would have to provide the IRS with a Schedule C for EACH of those businesses separately.

    2. Theodora30 March 20, 2017

      Somehow I missed this article when it came out but I need to correct your figure of $22 million. The final costs of the investigations of the Clintons that arose from the Whitewater investigation was a whopping $79 million.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 20, 2017

        Thank you for that correction. I think I was using the $22 million stated at the end of the Whitewater investigation. But, when I read several books on Whitewater, what shocked me most was “who” was behind it all: Karl Rove, Erik Prince of Blackwater, Reverend Ralph (Got nailed for bedding an underage girl) Reed, Ken Starr who prosecuted the case and Grover Norquist.

        All 5 of these men hated William Jefferson Clinton since their college days. When President Clinton won the Rhodes Scholar award, these 5 went on the attack. How dare the son of a single Mom get something these 5 boys Daddies could have paid for ten times over?

        It never got any better from there. These five literally used women to try and nail President Clinton. Even Monica was a put up job because of her alliances with her “friend” Linda Tripp. It was Tripp who scripted the entire MonicaGate as a wink wink nod nod to Rove and Norquist.

        Smear, smear, smear, smear…this is all the hick politicians and their prostitutes of the cause celebre know.

        1. Theodora30 March 20, 2017

          You left out David Hale, Justice Jim Johnson of Arkansas and Richard Mellon Scaife who financed the initial promotion of the scandals. To me the worst was FBI Director Louie Freeh who paid Clinton back for appointing him by doing everything he could – especially leaking to the media – to help Ken Star smear Clinton. From what I have read he was still giving anti-Clinton speeches last fall and he is in tight with the right wing cabal of (mostly Catholic) FBI agents in the New York office. Then there is James Comey. He also worked with Ken Starr on the Whitewater investigation.
          The fact the FBI agents and directors feel they have the right to interefere with our elections is terrifying. The fact that our mainstream “liberal” media shrugs this off is even worse. The damage Putin is doing to our democracy, while significant, is not as bad as our own FBI helping to get legitimately elected presidents impeached and actively trying to take down a candidate they don’t like. That the candidate they do favor is a nut job like Trump makes this all the more frightening.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 21, 2017

            The reality is that so long as this remains a MAN’S World, in government, churches and business, these men will keep up their corruption. They will always be there when it’s time to collect credit for what’s “good.” They disappear the minute it is time to take accountability for what’s “bad.”

            The reality today is that right wing males are overdosing on Viagra and they are now a brain damaged bunch of men with too much testosterone to make any rational sense.

  18. opinioned1 March 15, 2017

    All you need is a printer and a fertile imagination!! Anyone can take a tax form and fill in the numbers, any numbers you like, and offer it as evidence. Only a damn fool with a track record of telling massive numbers of lies would believe people would be gullible enough to believe this crap with out seeing every page of the return. Trumps the clown for another massive lie that only his deplorable might believe. I sure as hell don`t after all the lies he`s told in less than 60 days.

    1. itsfun March 16, 2017

      MSNBC believed it

      1. opinioned1 March 16, 2017

        Guess you missed the part where they told you trump likely send the tax returns out himself trying to do what he has in the past. Defend himself and deflect from all his bullsh/t lies and investigations. Keep that tin foil hat on, who know your microwave might have a camera.

        1. itsfun March 16, 2017

          WOW; you believe everything MSNBC tells you to believe. I guess you missed the part where President Trump said he did not authorize anyone to release his tax return and he did not release them. Its just more fake news that you bought into. As you also missed, there is not even one shred of evidence of the Russians dealing with Trump. However a Russian official did say on CNN the Russians did meet with Hillary campaign officials. You are just another of the whiners that can’t believe crooked Hillary got her butt kicked.

          1. opinioned1 March 16, 2017

            Trump has lied so many times I don`t believe a damn word the clown say and neither do most American`s. The idiot has an approval of 38%–that should tell you where the liar stands in the public’s eye.

          2. itsfun March 16, 2017

            I would bet you believe every lie from Hillary and Obama. The President is not lying and you know it. MSNBC has been after the President since the Presidential campaign began. Now they are trying to destroy his Presidency and while they are it, they will try to our nation and make us a third world country.

          3. opinioned1 March 16, 2017

            News flash fool–President Obama and S.O.S. Clinton are not the POTUS. That title belongs to Twitter Dumb who in less than 100 days time has lied to all of America so many times that it`s become standard—If trumps lips are moving he`s lying. You clowns just love to play the deflection game of passing off the blame for this morons lies to others–NOBODY is buying the lies.. Trump lied to you about so many things from day one I can`t even list all of them. His latest lie about wiretapping has been called just that by everyone who knows about wiretapping as well as several leading republicans. You sir are either a fool or really really gullible.

          4. itsfun March 16, 2017

            You are a real jerk. You have no idea of anything you are talking about. You can’t deal with a President that is transparent and tells everyone what he really thinks, not what the fake news tells you he thinks. President Trump has done more in 50 days than Obama did in 8 years. Now Obama is trying to destroy him. It won’t work, President Trump is here to stay for a long long time. How many people have come forward with proof they were wiretapped. How about the AP reporter for one? The establishment is so afraid of President Trump they will make up anything they can to hurt him. Americans voted to destroy the corruption in Washington. President Trump is getting good start on that. He needs no ones money and won’t bow to lobbyists or political party leaders. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

          5. opinioned1 March 16, 2017

            You should apply to SNL for a spot as a trumpie. You are delusional. Here`s what your clown man said about his latest comeuppance.

            Trump last night slammed a court ruling blocking his revised travel ban as “an unprecedented judicial overreach.” “We’re going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the Supreme Court,” Trump said. “We’re going to win,” he continued. “The danger is clear. The law is clear. The need for my executive order is clear.”

            Recall–we heard all this same bullsh/t before and like the little gd wimp he is, he did nothing then, and he will do nothing now other than post another stupid gd tweet, make another outrageous LIE up, or hold another pep rally down south as justification for another $4 million trip to Florida for his 11th golf outing in 8 weeks. Trump is about the most worthless POS this nations WH has ever played host too. Stick that you know where…
            Drain the swamp~~~ROTFLMAO~~~!!!
            Trump is the gd swamp.

          6. itsfun March 16, 2017

            The wimp that was in the White House is the person that drew red lines and then cowered away. How many rounds of golf did Obama play and how much did they cost the taxpayer. It has been reported Obama spent over 90 million American tax payer dollars on family vacations. President has gotten more done in 50 days then Obama did in 8 years. President Trump will win in court and will make our country safe from terrorist. You sound like a pissed off member of ISIS.

          7. opinioned1 March 16, 2017

            President Obama played a grand total off 333 rounds of golf in 8 years. Trump has already played 10 rounds in 8 weeks all at our expense on his private gold course`s. His trips to Florida to date coming up on his 5th trip this week end total a cost to you and me –taxpayers– of $15 million for the five vacations plus golfing. In case you are to stupid to look for the truth trump so far has cost us more in vacation travel in 60 days in office than Obama did in any full years time he was president. I have no idea what world of lies those like you live in but I offer my sympathies for being so gd stupid. Trump has never won a damn thing in court. He didn`t take the first muslim ban to the S.C. as he claimed, and he will not take the latest muslim ban loss to the S.C. It`s a loser and he knows it. He`s a damn liar who thinks his job is 9-5 four days a week with three day weekends of golf, at taxpayers expense while he makes a profit from food and lodging for his security detail and all his hanger on`s. How you can defend this moron is beyond any reason.. Yes I`m a pissed off American and a voter who will never call this clown my president. His sorry azz belongs in jail for collusion with the Russians..

          8. itsfun March 16, 2017

            Not one word you said here is true. You are a liar and have proven it with the lies you just posted. President Trump is your President whether you like it or not. You can always denounce your citizenship and move to a terrorist nation. Then you can officially join ISIS.

          9. opinioned1 March 16, 2017

            Suggest you put down your happy pipe and face the facts. Just because you don`t like truth don`t make any of my post a lie. Every word I types is 100% fact and if you bother to get off your trump train of lies you would be able to verify every word I posted as fact. Just because this clown has the support of 24% of this nation, don`t mean for a second that I have to call this lair my president. No I`m not leaving now or any other time. I`ll continue to question and expose this lair for what he is. Now why don`t you go have another toke.

          10. itsfun March 16, 2017

            Like I said you proved you are liar with your last post.

          11. Independent1 March 16, 2017

            Prove one thing opinioned1 posted is a lie – go ahead prove it!!!!!!!!

            Post some links to a non-right wing propaganda site that disputes one fact of what opinoned1 posted!!!!!

            You are nothing but a pathological lying weasel lowlife!!!!!!!

          12. opinioned1 March 17, 2017

            President Obama played a grand total off 333 rounds of golf in 8 years. ~~~ fact ~~ verified in Golf digest as true!
            Trump has already played 10 rounds in 8 weeks all at our expense on his private gold course`s. ~~~ fact ~~ read his government travel schedule

            $15 million for the five vacations ~~ fact ~~ CBO pegs the cost for each trump trip to Florida at $3 million per- 5 trips = $15 million

            trump didn`t take the first muslim ban to the S.C. as he claimed ~~~ fact and easy to prove.

            trump`s a damn liar who thinks his job is 9-5 four days a week with three day weekends of golf. ~~~ fact ~~ do I need to walk you through he weekly schedule since JAN .20,2017

            trump makes a profit from food and lodging for his security detail and all his hanger on`s ~~ fact ~~ taxpayers pick up the cost of the security details food and lodging.

            Yes I`m a pissed off American and a voter who will never call this clown my president.~~~ Fact ~~~ I can verify my own beliefs.

            Now ~~~ “itsfun” ~~~ either put up or shut up with your proof, or just admit you are just like Twitter Dumb and full of bullsh/t lies all designed to change the narrative..

            I stand by what I post~~DO YOU???

          13. dpaano March 17, 2017

            It’s also a proven fact that most of 45’s uninformed followers ONLY get their news from FAUX News and Breitbart News….both of which have been shown to be the major purveyors of all the false news that 45 talks about! Maybe they need to get out of their houses and read REAL newspapers with REAL news rather than keep believing all the lies that are being told to them by the RWMO! It’s pretty sad that they are being led down the garden path by this administration…..but, they will find out once they lose their healthcare and they find out what his budget is going to do for them! Granted, they wanted that wall to be built, but I don’t think they realized that he would strip them of many of the very programs that help them just to pay for it! They probably still believe that Mexico will pay for it, but that’s not going to happen!

          14. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 17, 2017

            You’re the perfect stooge Trump dreamed would appear from the crevice, like a roach waiting for the lights in the kitchen to go out.

          15. plc97477 March 18, 2017

            trump would insult them to their face and they would cheer him. It doesn’t get any stupider than that.

          16. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

            And YOU!… You need to re-take junior high English class.. You’re presentation is as atrocious as you’re laziness.. It’s not called a ‘spell checker’ for nothing.

          17. itsfun March 20, 2017

            Who reads these posts to you? I am sure reading is something you can’t do.

          18. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

            You are possibly the dumbest chicken in the hen house.. Just listen to yourself, “Trump is your President whether you like it or not.”.. You said it.. It’s on the record.. You implied that we have a choice ‘like it or not’ and we’ve decided NOT to like it so what’s your gripe? You offered, we chose.. Case closed. And if you think that smart ass option of denouncing our citizenship was appropriate AFTER you gave us the choice then you’re selective stupidity is overwhelming..

          19. itsfun March 20, 2017

            President Trump is your President whether you like it or not. There I said it again. You and the rest of America did have a choice and President Trump won. It is called the Presidential election. I don’t have any gripes about who the President is. President Trump – GET USE TO IT.

          20. dpaano March 17, 2017

            And his so-called “budget” is a joke, and if his followers had any intelligence and actually read what it contains (or does away with), they might be a little concerned because much of what he’s cutting in order to build his “wall” are things that are very much needed by his followers in the Rust Belt and elsewhere! With the big cuts they’re going to see in his health care plan, which will affect many of them seriously, and the cuts in his budget……they will be the ones most affected! It’s sad to see this, but apparently, they only listen to what FAUX News tells them or Breitbart News! Both of which are the main media outlets that spew out false news (after all, where do you think 45 got the false news about President Obama “wiretapping” Trump Tower!! Seriously, are they ALL that oblivious to the truth?

          21. Independent1 March 16, 2017

            At least he played most of his golf around Washington. Although Bush 2 didn’t play as much golf, Bush 2 was away from Washington, inaccessible for many things for over 800 days of his 8 years – that’s almost 1/3 of his time in the presidency he was either in Texas or Maine – away from Washington. Compare that to Obama’s less than 250 days vacation in 8 years compared to Bush 1 with over 300 days, Reagan with over 400 days and Bush with over 800 days.

            Talk about goofing off – Reagan spent more time in California at his ranch away from Washington than Obama took vacation time.

          22. Independent1 March 16, 2017

            And here’s just another little tidbit for you lowlife – Bush 2 flew 78 times round trip from Washington to his Texas ranch and back. If you factor in the hourly cost of flying Air Force One (50,000 an hour), Bush 2 cost our government 7 million dollars more just in Air Force one costs for those 78 round trips to Texas, than all of Obama’s vacation costs combined. And that doesn’t include 4 trips to Africa Bush and/or his family took (Laura and the girls took 2), or the trips to Europe they took, or all the other vacation related costs his family racked up during his 8 years – 10s of millions upon 10s of millions.

          23. dpaano March 17, 2017

            IT’s already a fact that 45 has spent MORE money going to and from Mar-a-Lago for his little “golf trips” than President Obama spent in his first 4 years in office! Isn’t it amazing that you don’t hear the Republicans bitch about all the golfing that 45 is doing…..they couldn’t shut up about President Obama playing a round of golf occasionally! Hypocrisy at its best! What do we expect from the GOP? It’s just sad that 45’s followers don’t seem to realize that it’s their hard-earned tax money that’s paying for 45’s many, many trips to Mar-a-Lago to play golf!!

          24. Jmz Nesky March 19, 2017

            … And you’re the poster child of delusion and alt-facts..

          25. itsfun March 20, 2017

            You are such a clever person with your childish responses

          26. dpaano March 17, 2017

            I find it truly hard to believe that these trolls, like Itsy, still think 45 is the greatest president ever! Apparently, they haven’t actually read his health plan….you know, the one that will cut about 20M people from healthcare after he promised them “better benefits for less money.” Nor do I think they’ve looked at his ridiculous budget plan that cuts funds to underdeveloped cities, many public health programs that protect low-income and poor people, etc. He’s cut the budget for much needed programs just so he can build his stupid wall that a majority of the nation does NOT want! It’s amazing how his followers still have not seen the light! It’s all pretty clear if you actually read a newspaper or listen to REAL media outlets other than FOX News and Breitbart News! Both of these outlets are the major purveyors of all the false news that 45 keeps talking about!

          27. Jmz Nesky March 19, 2017

            YEAH! Drain the swamp!!…. and replace it with a cesspool.. You really like that word ‘jerk’ don’t you bunky.. I bet you make it one of your most favorite habits that you crawl into the closet and do whenever a woman rejects you’re child like sexual advances. Or maybe you go the other way.. Are you a dick grabber, cupcake?

          28. itsfun March 20, 2017

            Yep drain the swamp. I would bet you love to draw red lines then run like a little girl and cry and whine about people picking on you.

          29. dpaano March 20, 2017

            IT amazes me when someone calls me a jerk because of the truth that I wrote…..it just shows that Itsy has NOT read the latest news….you know the news that shows that the proposed healthcare program is going to mostly hurt his followers; and maybe he hasn’t read about all the important departments that he’s decimating so that he can have more money to build a wall that about 80% of this country have already said is totally unnecessary! Apparently, Itsy is still listening to FAUX News!

          30. dpaano March 17, 2017

            Now we can see his budget, which gets rid of many of the very programs that would help his followers….cuts in HUD, the medical departments, the State Department, the Justice Department….just to name a few. I doubt if any of his followers have even read the budget or understand that they are going to get screwed….much like they are with his health care plan! Very interesting that everything he promised them is going down the tubes and he’s doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he promised!

          31. Jmz Nesky March 19, 2017

            You’ve got the wrong party when it comes to dragging us down to a third world country squeezebox. I would suggest you open your eyes but I’m doubting you can do that AND chew gum at the same time.

          32. itsfun March 20, 2017

            You are so clever

          33. dpaano March 16, 2017

            I agree….he’s like the boy who cried wolf….he’s lied SO much that people don’t know WHAT is true and what is not when it comes to 45! He’s already been caught lying about the so-called “wire tapping” of Trump Tower, so anything to deflect from that would do the trick! It’s getting to the point where very few American citizens, even his followers, are finding it difficult to believe him and his cronies about ANYTHING that he puts out there!

          34. Jmz Nesky March 19, 2017

            Like HRC said, ”That’s deplorable” and 38% of this nation is scattered with deplorables which makes it even more deplorable.Here’s to all the deplorables..


          35. opinioned1 March 16, 2017

            First off–Trumpis a lair who can NOT be trusted to be truthful. MSNBC has nothing to do with what the recipient of the tax returns had to say.. “Johnston speculated that Trump himself might have sent him the 2005 tax documents anonymously via mail — since that year’s return at least shows the former casino mogul paying some taxes, following his final big score as an actual real estate developer.”
            Nothing trump claims at this point can be taken serious–He`s a friggin LIAR!!

          36. itsfun March 16, 2017

            President Trump is trusted and truthful. The political establishment is so afraid of him, they will make up any story to hurt him. You are just buying into the lies of the media. Johnston is just trying to keep his ass out of prison for committing a felony by lying about just finding the return in his mailbox. That return also shows how the President paid a higher tax percentage then Obama and Bernie. In fact he paid a higher percentage than most wealthy people.

          37. opinioned1 March 16, 2017

            ROTFLMAO!!!!! Trump wiretapping tweet–Every intelligence agency in our government along with most GOP leaders all say one thing–Trump LIED.. There was no wiretapping of his phones, not by Obama or anyone else.
            Mexico is going to pay for my wall–LIE–Today the clown asked congress to approve $1.5 billion to pay for his LIE!!

            Do I need to go on~~? Trump is a flat out liar..Get your head out of your sphincter.

          38. dpaano March 17, 2017

            Itsy has his head up 45’s sphincter!

          39. Independent1 March 16, 2017

            You are a blithering, pathological lying idiot!!!

            Fact Checkers Prove That 91% of the Things Donald Trump Says Are False

            Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, is at the bottom of the list with a sad 9% of true or mostly true statements. Just 9% of the things Donald Trump says are mostly related to the truth.


          40. Jmz Nesky March 19, 2017

            Wow 2.0… You must really lead a dull existence with all those fantasy’s you keep churning up concerning your liar-in-chief.. Not to fret though, I’m sure the mama ship is on it’s way to take you back to your anus.

          41. itsfun March 20, 2017

            You love to call President Trump the liar-in-chief. He is not, instead he Is a honest and straight forward talker.
            How about:
            1: Donna Brazil lying about giving debate questions to Hillary Clinton.
            2: How about Democrat Senator Warren lying about her heritage to get preference to get into college.
            3: How about Democrat Senator Blumenthal lying about serving our nation in Vietnam.
            4: How about Bill Clinton lying about having sexual relations with that woman.
            5: How about Obama lying about being able to keep your doctor and your insurance policy.
            6: The lies of Hillary are too numerous to list here.

          42. Jmz Nesky March 18, 2017

            Yeah, by 306 out of 538 electral college votes while HRC drew in over three million more LEGITIMATE popular votes than the Trumpkin.. Yeah, a bigly win indeed.. Number one.. Trump lied once and even the cops refuse to believe what someone says after that first lie and your messiah has lied, on camera.. In interviews and on twitter countless times. He’s even confessed that his promises to his fans for their votes are now to not be forth coming so, you squeal and grunt that we aren’t giving the wanker the benefit of a doubt while totally ignoring the proven evidence of his treachery.. Second, more than many never wanted HRC and that’s the reason your liar-in-chief slithered in.. so even in this sense you’re full of bovine waste. My advice, get over yourself.. think back the last eight years and decide when you and you’re bobble-head minions stopped being vindictive assholes and are now whining because we can tell a liar a mile off. We may not be able to call him a Muslim with a straight face but we can determine that he’s a 1%er, excuse addict, Putin shill owned by the mob..Now just like your messiah’s accusation about Obama’s wire tapping that he doesn’t have to prove but rather someone else has to prove is false, I’ve charged him with several accusations.. It’s YOUR job to prove ME wrong.

          43. itsfun March 18, 2017

            First I don’t have anything at all to prove to you. In case you didn’t know, the United States has been electing the President by the electoral college vote for over 200 years. Crooked Hillary is the treacherous one, not President Trump. How many that were connected with her have died in mysterious ways. Hillary and Obama are proven liars. Thinking back 8 years reminds one of the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States. You are the one whining here because fools like you think crooked Hillary won the election. You talk about Putin, when there is absolutely not one shred of evidence. However there is evidence that team Hillary met with the Russians. Now even Donna Brazil has admitted she gave debate questions to Hillary before the debate. If Hillary had any character or honor she would have brought that to light before the debate. Instead she used the questions to help her in the debate. She couldn’t even win knowing the questions before hand. Take a second to investigate a reporter being wiretapped by Obama and a ex congressman (Cotton) being wiretapped by Obama. You are just another whining liberal that can’t stand the fact that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. He was elected to do exactly what he trying to do now. He will drain the swamp and protect our nation from terrorists and illegal immigrants.

      2. Jmz Nesky March 18, 2017

        Actually they didn’t.. That was just viewer fodder for them to keep their advertisers on board.

        1. itsfun March 19, 2017

          Yea right, and I have some ocean front property in Iowa to sell you.

          1. Jmz Nesky March 19, 2017

            Well it depends on you’re asking price… Or is that just more fake news?

  19. dpaano March 15, 2017

    I certainly wouldn’t put it past him in the least! He has said time and time again that he would release them, but he hasn’t. So, maybe now, to save face somewhat, he releases a couple of pages and then blames it on someone other than himself (which is his usual thing). And, if so, how do we know what is on there is actually the truth?

    1. Independent1 March 16, 2017

      And how to we know those two pages aren’t fabrications?

      1. dpaano March 17, 2017

        Agreed…..we don’t. We can’t believe ANYTHING that he says or puts out there!

  20. Jmz Nesky March 15, 2017

    He’s definitely underhanded, using an alias on twitter.. Denying proof.. Why not leak possibly the better of any of his forms to give people the idea that he does pay taxes but that’s not what we’re concerned with as he has said many times that he does this legally.. What we want to know is the when where and how he’s getting this wealth.

  21. carolyn.murawski@mail.ru March 16, 2017

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  22. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 17, 2017

    Trump’s budget cuts hit his base – rural voters Some of the biggest losers in President Trump’s budget are the rural communities that fueled his stunning White House victory.
    // as DONNY DUMP SAYS TO HIS BRAIN DEAD FOLLOWERS THANKS SUCKERS simple to label all of you pathetic idiot’s so easy to fool WHOS THE CLOWN NOW ? YOU’RE ALL THE CLOWNS

  23. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 17, 2017

    Trump’s budget cuts hit his base – rural voters Some of the biggest losers in President Trump’s budget are the rural communities that fueled his stunning White House victory.

    // as DONNY DUMP SAYS TO HIS BRAIN DEAD FOLLOWERS THANKS SUCKERS simple to label all of you pathetic idiot’s so easy to fool WHOS THE CLOWN NOW ? YOU’RE ALL THE CLOWNS //SEAN SPICELESS clown should be asked if he has a faith and what it might be he believes in ? then ask him dose your faith say one can lie and its ok ? if not what happens to the lair’s ? and then tell him hell is the place you want to go forever for DONNY DUMP the lying DUMPSTER full of BULL CRAP and lies just to get the attention he seeks and needs for his junky fix that is attention

    1. Jmz Nesky March 18, 2017

      hell is too good for this cretin.. There he would convince himself he could rule, after all hell is filled with dolts and idiots who valued themselves above all others and that would finally give him the belief that he WOULD be the smartest in the room. what he really needs is to be totally obliterated, leaving no essence of the agent of orange in the immortal book of creation.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 18, 2017

        hell would be a closer place to his wacked out lying personality . knowing that he the king POS

  24. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 18, 2017

    as for DONNY DUMP’s brain dead followers that voted for the clown he says to them THANKS BRAIN DEAD SUCKER’S

  25. Ron Swanson Says March 18, 2017

    Sorry leftist national media, your latest attempt to delegitimize the 45th US President failed. The spin that Pres Trump leaked his own tax return is a pure leftist media lie to mitigate their embarrassment

    1. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 19, 2017

      OK thanks for telling us what Putin thinks, traitor.

      1. Ron Swanson Says March 20, 2017

        Hillary didnt lose from Russia.
        Hillary lost on the issues:

        Weak on borders
        Weak on terror
        More big government
        More taxes
        Pant Suits
        Anti police
        Email scandal
        Gun control
        The Supreme Court
        Ran on a 3rd Obama Term
        Health concerns
        Shrill voice
        Failed Record as Secretary of State
        Supported late term abortions
        Weak record as US NY Senator
        War on American Energy workers
        No new ideas

        1. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 20, 2017

          Yes, thanks for the Revised History, KKKomrade.

          1. Ron Swanson Says March 20, 2017

            Those are the issues, plain as day, not revised.

          2. ⚡️ I Am Helpy ⚡️ March 20, 2017

            Yes, those are the issues you were instructed to pretend existed, KKKomrade. Your masters are very pleased.

          3. Thoughtopsy March 21, 2017

            Wow you suuuuuuuck at Astroturfing.

            Why didn’t your handlers train you better?
            No skills?
            Poor english?

    2. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

      I don’t believe it failed.. The media’s opinion of something that can’t be proven either way was their choice and unlike you who had spoken affirmatively, they were speculating.. But thanks for focusing you’re wrath on an entity rather than insulting those who disagree with you.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 20, 2017

        Swanson is a Ruskie Goosifer Putin fake news prostitute. He doesn’t live in this country. He may not even be flesh and blood but more of the “coding” Trump allowed to throw the election.

        The proof that Trump is a sneaky, underhanded liar bastard is known to everyone here in NJ. That he has expertise in money laundering is proven by the $25 million FinCEN fine he got for doing just that at the Taj Mahal. That he is a Grifter is proven by how many people he has stiffed, employees, contractors, banks and even some of his foolish business associates who fell for his line of Trumpshit.

        1. dpaano March 20, 2017

          Did you notice how much Ron looked like Hitler? Hmmmm.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 20, 2017

            Yes…rofl. Put a mustache on him and “he” if he isn’t a Putin robot troll, and he is Hitler’s twin.

            My mission now is to warn all Americans to be on the lookout for the hackers who hacked into the 2016 election. Now of course, the Republican allies of Putin will say it “had no effect on the outcome of the election” or “that the Dems were losing anyway.” Really? When Hillary HAD the White House by popular vote and ALL the Republican EVER had was the slimmest chance and ONLY if they rigged the electoral college?

            I have two friends who are deep into IT. I don’t always understand the techno speak they spout. But, they have confirmed my worst fear: That because the Russians were able to access computer codes to hack into DNC emails, they now have access to every political party’s “ping” codes.

        2. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

          Thanks for the update EW..

      2. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

        Leftist media embarrassment over what?

        I both love and am frustrated by the trolls speaking in vague buzz words and assuming we’ll put their interpretation on it.

        1. Jmz Nesky March 20, 2017

          I never committed over embarrassment that I totally ignored.. I said that NM has the right to express their beliefs. I also acknowledged RS for not being a personal liberal spewer, not his affirmative opinion on something the orange lizard tweets isn’t true.

          1. dbtheonly March 21, 2017

            No, I was asking if you understood the reference. How is the “leftist media” embarrassed that Trump got caught by the AMT in 2005?

            Rachel Maddow ought to be embarrassed by the over-hyping of a relatively minor story. Rightly has she suffered at the hands of the late night comedians.

            Beyond that RS’ posts are bald face, unsupported, assertions, and buzzwords.

          2. Jmz Nesky March 21, 2017

            Oh yeah,of course.. RM should have investigated deeply before reporting on a document that any one of us could have produced with an extra copy from the P.O. (or what used to be provided by the PO).. It above all other tweeterbird’s diversions is indeed.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5e4ef8d69da7a32ad78bc6ebc750a779ff33d6d5253565a35510d0f1a9f730d4.jpg

          3. dbtheonly March 21, 2017

            It’s not the investigation, which, rightly, established the authenticity of the documents. It’s the over hyping of a relatively minor story. Colbert mockery is on point,

            I’ve been dragged, kicking and screaming, into 20th Century technology. Every computer printer has the ability to be a copier now.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker March 20, 2017

      Sorry Ruskie paid Troll…Can’t you Ruskies come up with better IDs? Really? Ron Swanson? As in Swanson “chicken” pot pies? as in Ron the Don Reagan?

      We have NO US president. Just Goosifer Ruskies like you trying to infiltrate out government. Not falling for your Astrovna BS are we?

      1. Ron Swanson Says March 20, 2017

        I know you’re still trying to cope w Hillary’s loss. Hillary didn’t lose because Russia, she lost on the issues:

        Weak on borders
        Weak on terror
        More big government
        More taxes
        Pant Suits
        Anti police
        Email scandal
        Gun control
        The Supreme Court
        Ran on a 3rd Obama Term
        Health concerns
        Shrill voice
        Failed Record as Secretary of State
        Supported late term abortions
        Weak record as US NY Senator
        War on American Energy workers
        No new ideas

        1. Thoughtopsy March 21, 2017

          Obvious paid astroturfer.

          “Shrill Voice”?


          1. Ron Swanson Says March 21, 2017

            No my comment was deleted earlier.
            I RE posted because i dont tolerate censorship

    4. dpaano March 20, 2017

      And, Ron, you know this for sure HOW?

  26. mazie.sanchez March 22, 2017

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