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Donald Trump Jr. Loves Far Right Internet Trolls — And They Love Him Back

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Donald Trump Jr. Loves Far Right Internet Trolls — And They Love Him Back


Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.

Donald Trump Jr., son of President Donald Trump, frequently uses his prominence on Twitter and proximity to the White House to promote right-wing media trolls who defend his father and smear mainstream media.

Key voices in the incestuous right-wing alternative media ecosystem have found an ally in the younger Trump, who often retweets and favorites tweets from the echo chamber’s loudest voices, and who is rumored to serve as a White House source to at least one far-right personality. Like the far-right trolls he expresses admiration for, Trump spends his time on Twitter spreading debunked conspiracy theories, smearing mainstream media outlets, promoting bogus “alt-right” videos, and amplifying messages with white nationalist undertones. Trump’s behavior, in effect, validates the larger alternative media ecosystem and attempts to bring the fringe worldview into the mainstream.

Mike Cernovich

Trump has repeatedly indicated an affinity for right-wing troll and Infowars contributor Mike Cernovich. Cernovich gained notoriety during the 2016 election for promoting fake conspiracy theories such as the “Pizzagate” narrative, accusing Democratic officials of operating a child sex trafficking ring in the basement of a Washington, D.C., pizzeria. Infowars’ Alex Jones told his audience that the president’s “sons, especially Donald Jr.,” are Cernovich’s sources on White House affairs. And earlier this year, Trump claimed that “in a long gone time of unbiased journalism” Cernovich would “win the Pulitzer” prize for his faux scandal story that alleged Susan Rice, who served as national security adviser to then-President Barack Obama, was responsible for improper unmasking of Trump associates caught in surveillance of foreign officials.

Stefan Molyneux

The younger Trump also frequently retweets Stefan Molyneaux, a prominent far-right blogger who promotesright-wing trolls and conspiracy theories about “globalism.” Trump closely follows Molyneaux, boosting many of his tweets and favoriting one that featured a depiction of CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski in a Nazi uniform.

Infowars’ Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson

Infowars’ top conspiracy peddlers, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones, also have Trump’s attention. During the 2016 election, Trump shared an Infowars article that falsely accused Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of wearing an earpiece during the first presidential debate. Trump has also liked tweets from Watson and recently attacked CNN while Infowars was pushing a “meme war” against the network.


While he was sharing anti-CNN memes, Trump also favorited a tweet from a Twitter account connected to the internet cesspool known as 4chan’s “politically incorrect” message board (/pol/). The tweet contained a list of companies that advertise on CNN and encouraged people to tweet at the companies and ask them to stop advertising on the network. Alongside far-right ideologies, the board often features anti-Semitic, racist, sexist, homophobic, and white nationalist content.

Jack Posobiec

Trump also promotes right-wing troll Jack Posobiec on Twitter. Posobiec’s publicity stunts and bogus talking points have duped mainstream media sources and public officials. On July 8, Trump shared a video Posobiec posted that depicted protesters setting fires in Germany in response to the G-20 summit. Posobiec is a media troll who got “temporary White House credentials” to attend the press briefings. He is responsible for peddling hacked emails that were likely sourced from Russia, spreading the “Pizzagate” conspiracy, and orchestrating smear campaigns against people who opposed the senior Trump.

Trump’s affinity for these far-right media personalities and his active promotion of their half-baked theories about the day’s news validates the alternative media ecosystem to its audience and furthers the far-right’s attempt to delegitimize longstanding journalistic institutions. By emulating and affirming these fringe figures, Trump furthers his father’s disdain for the press and stokes public distrust of legitimate news outlets.

Header image by Sarah Wasko / Media Matters




  1. Eleanore Whitaker July 11, 2017

    Nothing will please me more than when Pretty Boy Donny Jr. becomes Bubba’s pet in an orange jumpsuit. The Trumps think they are the Russian Romanov family….Keep government in the hands of family? Really righties? When you morons would never allow any Dem the same nepotism on such a grand scale?

    And just why did Daddy Dearest allow his daughter Iskanka to be his sub. No other leaders allowed it. Guess when you bed your own daughter she needs to come up for air long enough to get “face time.”

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2017

      OUCH!! But Donald’s fascination for his daughter is creepy to say the least.

      1. Dapper Dan July 11, 2017

        After all the filth we’ve heard regarding this family I suppose incest itself isn’t that far of a stretch. We already know Trump propositioned an adult film actress several years ago $10,000 to spend the night with him. She of course declined showing that even they have their standards on who they’re going to bed with. Then the rumor from a few years back that he gave a golden shower to hired prostitutes in Russia and there’s supposedly a recording of this incident. Nothing like getting blackmailed by Putin who’s now pulling Donnies strings. And to think this disgusting individual is being propped up by several evangelicals makes me very ill ????

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2017

          Ah yes—Trump’s famous “Golden Showers”, the kind with the ammonia smell.

        2. Sand_Cat July 11, 2017

          “Several” doesn’t begin to describe the number of “Christians” so eager to condemn their political opponents for the most trivial of missteps, but willing to die rather than admit they were wrong to vote Trump into office.

        3. dpaano July 13, 2017

          These so-called evangelicals are children of the devil and Trump is the devil incarnate himself! If they were REALLY Christians, they would turn their backs on this idiot!

    2. Sand_Cat July 11, 2017

      Wishful thinking. Even in the near-impossible event the little creep is indicted, he probably won’t serve a day, and certainly not anywhere near Bubba. There’s also the matter of presidential pardons: so long as the idiot remains in office, none of his family is likely to get what they deserve. He might well throw aides under the bus if he thinks that will do him good.
      Think the GOP will impeach for abuse of pardons? Not likely.

  2. dpaano July 11, 2017

    Apparently, like father; like son! First of all, he needs to tend to his own business and keep his nose out of his father’s business as president…..we certainly didn’t see Malia or Sasha getting involved with their father’s business, and we don’t need the Trump Bros. to get involved. Secondly, he’s just another typical alt-right, false news believer, which is of serious concern! It’s sad that he’s been so brainwashed by his father and his father’s minions…..he’s just like his dad, and that’s unfortunately for him!

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2017

    Trump Jr. hasn’t learned a thing after seeing all the gaffes his dad has made over the past few years alone. It is obvious that having wealth, however ill-gained, doesn’t translate to being thoughtful, intelligent, and well-mannered. And junior’s attraction to trolls, just like dad’s, is a stark reminder of how ignorant, crass, and careless the Trump clan is when it comes to what groups to be attracted to and which ones to avoid like the plague.

  4. Sand_Cat July 11, 2017

    Thank the idiots who voted this family into office, and hope they are evicted in 2020, but I wouldn’t count on it!

    1. dpaano July 13, 2017

      Try to be optimistic SandCat!!! We HAVE to hope that they all get thrown out on their ears in 2018 and 2020! If not, there will be a mass exodus to Canada or even Mexico because this country will turn into a third world country under the current administration!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 14, 2017

        the DUMPSTER is going to bury the USA then move to Russia

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 14, 2017

      thy are not as much idiots then just plain brain dead thy would have to take an elevator up to being IDIOTS

  5. The lucky one July 12, 2017

    As they say, the turd doesn’t fall far the anus.

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    from the Washington post blog my post >>Jared Kushner has many claims to fame. one being that he was remolding apartments that he owned and it was said that he should give the ones that rent his apartments a break of rent . for he was and wanted to remolding while thy was still living in the apartments . I believe it came up with a price for the ones living in them a $ 1800. price was fair at the end Jared said he would give the people that was living in the apartments being remolded only $ 100 bucks . now a little more of the not so charming history of the (Jared Kushner KLAN fitting & close to the same for the DUMPSTER cult KLAN ) Jared’s dad was a shady , shaky ,crime doing clown himself . he screwed a lot of people out of money (pretty much the same way DONNY DUMP dose ) his dad even got his sisters husband in the middle of it all . so his sister’s husband said im not going to jail for this clown and turned state’s evidence . so Jared’s dad was mad that his brother INLAW wouldn’t take the heat for him and go to jail . so Jared’s dad paid a hooker to set up his sisters husband and taped recorded the whole hooker scene and then sent the tape to his sister to watch it . SO ALL IN ALL JARED AND THE DONNY DUMP KLAN REALLY FIT IN WELL TOGETHER

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    its said that the whole DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW cult & KLAN knows nothing about and has no political experience politics not knowing any thing about this dose this mean if one isn’t a lawyer and commits a crime (say like murder ) and not knowing what a lawyer knows that when thy co to court for the and or any crime the judge should let them off because thy knew nothing about what thy did ? accessory and accomplice to a crime one can be guilty its said in the law that the left hand dose not have to fully know what the right hand is doing to be an accessory and accomplice to a crime . so being so the CUMPSTER CLOWN is just as guilty as the rest of his cult and KLAN on every thing all the BULLSHIfTING that’s going on . so all should have to answer to any and all crimes no matter the level of knowledge of experience . so by right and the LAW THE WHOLE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW being cult of KLAN should all be serving time in the same jail ! as the DUMPSTER would say (SAD) < that's describing his whole wacked out brain washed and brain dead team (and may I add that all the DUMPSTER followers are truly all brain dead ! ( EVEN BIGGER TIME SAD )

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    It wasn’t naivete,” said Michael McFaul, the U.S. ambassador to Russia in the Obama administration. “It was, ‘Oh, they have some dirt on our opponent and I’m eager to receive it.’ Nobody thought to think, ‘Well, how did they obtain that? Is this coming from the Russian government, Russian intelligence?’ Those are the kinds of obvious questions that should have been asked, in my opinion.” no the questions that should been asked from the start and by the LAW should been WHATS THE FBI ‘s number WE HAVE TO CALL THEM AND GIVE THIS ALL INFO TO THEM

  9. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    Eric Trump, another son of the president, defended his older brother Tuesday night by retweeting a message from British politician Nigel Farage, who said Trump Jr. was under attack because he is “the best public supporter” of the president. Eric Trump tweeted: “This is the ­EXACT reason they viciously attack our family! They can’t stand that we are extremely close and will ALWAYS support each other.” yes close sure daddy DONNY has an interview telling the world how he wants to bang his daughter that’s way to close for a normal family . as for sticking together one can say through thick and thicker to the THICKEREST OF IT ALL that the end thick in chit neck high waist boots wont help

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    The kid is an honest kid,” said one friend of Trump Jr. “The White House should’ve never let that story go out on the president’s son … What he’s upset about was that it was a minor meeting and the media glare — anything that’s Russia-related, gets picked up the way roaches get caught in a roach motel.” HONEST ??????/ well he has the wrong pathological lying DUMPSTER DAD to have anything to do with being honest . so now he is in the DONNY DUMP RUNNED roach motel . have pizza delivered get u to it pick a room with bars

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    Trump and his advisers are deeply frustrated that the disclosure by Trump Jr. has overshadowed the positive coverage they expected to receive from the president’s trip abroad LMAO POSITIVE trip are you kidding me ? yes it was POSITIVE the world leader tried to stay away from THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW as much as thy could . and POSITIVE the world leaders were all laughing at the DUMPSTER CLOWN saying im sure this guy is in orbit around the moon //// Their plan, as one member of the team described it, is to research the reporters’ previous work, in some cases going back years, and to exploit any mistakes or perceived biases. They intend to demand corrections, trumpet errors on social media and feed them to conservative outlets, such as Fox News. yes their plan is to find any thing that dose not have all the I’s dotted or T’s crossed . and thy feel that will fix every thing for JR FREDO DONNY

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    The makeup of Trump’s inner circle is the subject of internal debate, as ever. Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior adviser; Jared Kushner, her husband and another senior adviser; and first lady Melania Trump have been privately pressing the president to shake up his team — most specifically by replacing Reince Priebus as the White House chief of staff, according to two senior White House officials and one ally close to the White House ( Reince Priebus ) should just get out and quit before he ends up dead and then the scape goat . im sure the DUMPSTER has many of them

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    On Wednesday, in his first Twitter posts since the email disclosures, Trump defended his son as “open, transparent and innocent” and repeated past claims that his administration is the subject of a “witch hunt” fueled by leakers. the same leaks and witch hunt as your 5 or 6 bankrupts DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . ?

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    The disclosure that Trump Jr. met with a Russian attorney, believing he would receive incriminating information about Hillary Clinton as part of the Kremlin’s effort to boost his father’s candidacy, has set back the administration’s faltering agenda and rattled the senior leadership team the .KING of the DUMPSTER’S team DONNY knew all about this don’t let the pathological liar lies to all again and say anything different . he knows about every thing ALWAYS . now its time to put FRADO JR under the bus or put one in the back of his head and when he JR. DONNY is dead and gone then the DUMPSTER will blame every thing on him . DONNY will more then likely put a couple more bankrupts on and under JR’s name when he is dead

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    as far as all the BULLSHIfTING that’s going on here now with the whole DUMPSTER cult KLAN gang of idiots in the law one dose not have to be or know as much as every one else that is pull the BULL to be just as guilty there are things in the law that the right hand dose not have to know just what the left hand is doing to be guilty of the same crime . in other words for letting things go and doing nothing means all have the same guilt . don’t be surprised if next news head line’s read one of THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW cult ,KLAN or one tied into the whole pile of BULLSHIfT ends up dead and or murdered and when this breaging news head line comes out wiuth it thy will say the DEAD one was the one that did all the BULLSHIfT them self and was solely responsible for all the RUSSIA crap . would I be surprised to find out the DUMPSTER did that or gave the do it hand ? nope not at all for the DUMPSTER CLOWN EGO im sure he has it the biggest thing in his evil Satan world ! the DUMPSTERS EGO the GOD FATHER and now JR. IS FREDO and daddy OKED one in the back of his head

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    truly there’s more here then meets the eye between THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW & his Russian B/F PUTTHEAD it has to be really big . for the DUMPSTER is scared to death with what Russia holds over him BIG TIME SCARED TO DEATH . im thinking and wouldn’t be surprised to find out while the DUMPSTER was over there in Russia doing the miss universe pageant ill bet PUTTHEAD has something like video taps and pics of Donny dump molesting children having sex with kids . now that I feel is something that DONNY is scared to death about coming out . can anyone come up with anything else that would scare him so much ? for the DUMPSTER to be standing up for the PUTTHEAD all the time and for every thing one knows it has to be something this big he holds over the DUMPSTER CLOWN !

  17. ivory69690@yahoo.com July 13, 2017

    ok that’s from yesterday lol

  18. dpaano July 13, 2017

    Talk about “false news,” these individuals are the ones that are putting out ALL of the so-called “false news” that’s out there! It’s amazing that many people actually believe these guys in lieu of NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc.


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