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Donnie Is A Trumpist, Not A Populist

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Donnie Is A Trumpist, Not A Populist


To many hard-working people, this is a time of economic uncertainty. Thus, it is important to point out that America’s superrich are intentionally and brazenly knocking down the middle class and poor to further enrich themselves. They are aided by clueless, corrupt politicians who don’t care about the future of ordinary Americans or of America itself. In these hard times, along comes Donald J. Trump, a swaggering billionaire braggart promising greatness by goading working-class white people into mollifying their pain and anxiety by despising those “other people” situated near them on the social-economic ladder.

The media establishment has erroneously put the “populist” crown on Trump, endorsing his absurd assertion that he might be a billionaire, but he’s “our” billionaire, fighting for us commoners!

I’m not telling anyone how to vote, and I certainly understand the inclination to grab the biggest stick you can find to whack the bejeezus out of those holding you and your family down. Trump has sold himself as the biggest, baddest stick around, the “outsider” who pummeled Jeb!, Marco, Ted, and the entire Republican establishment.

But I am here to say, don’t be a sucker. There’s not a single populist muscle in Donnie’s whole plutocratic body. He will sell out wage earners, small business people, and anyone else to serve his own needs or whims, as his lifelong record (as opposed to his recent rhetoric) reveals.

Donnie learned from Daddy Fred, who built his son’s inherited fortune by milking federal housing programs in the 1940s and ’50s, and then — as the landlord of these New York City apartments — flagrantly discriminated against black applicants. One of Fred’s tenants was Woody Guthrie, who was so appalled, he wrote about Trump’s greed and racism. Donnie has enhanced his fortune by emulating his father’s business ethics, including engaging in wage theft, outsourcing his clothing line and other brand-name products to such low-wage countries as China and Vietnam, and underpaying undocumented immigrants engaged in dangerous construction work on his luxury projects. Also, as of this summer, Trump or his companies were defendants in 1,300 lawsuits — many of which were over stiffing cabinet makers, plumbers and other small business suppliers.

Candidate Trump grandiosely says he’ll lift up the middle class, but his proposed economic policies would do the opposite by expanding the GOP’s old anti-labor agenda: giving massive new tax cuts to corporations and the rich, slashing public spending on programs that working families rely on, and embracing the laissez-faire ideological claptrap that Tea Party Republicans mindlessly repeat in their ceaseless efforts to drive down wages. On the minimum wage, he’s taken more positions than you’ll find in the “Kama Sutra.” First, he said $7.25 an hour was already too much; then he called for abolishing the wage floor entirely; then he mused that he might be open to an increase (but certainly not the $15-an-hour living wage that worker activists are fighting for). Even Trump’s “rock-solid” opposition to NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and other trade scams now looks to be a political bait-and-switch fraud, as indicated by his choice of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be his VP and top policy “partner.” Pence is a notorious free-trade fanatic who pushed zealously to pass all eight trade deals that came before him while in Congress, and he’s been lobbying hard this year for passage of the TPP.

Now, consider whom he’s vilifying, mocking and bullying at his rallies and in his tweets. Overwhelmingly, they are terrorized migrants, Mexican immigrants he labels “rapists,” black protestors experiencing police brutality, disabled individuals, and so on. This pampered son of privilege wants America’s hard-hit, angry working people to elect him because he demonstrates the “courage” to be politically incorrect by kicking the poor, the powerless, and the marginalized. Since he’s willing to do that, how long will it take him to throw those workers into the ditch, too?

Some might see Trump as a brilliant, can-do corporate chieftain (though his multiple bankruptcies among other business disasters make that assessment doubtful). Or they might be tempted to cast a protest vote to throw the political class into disarray. But people should consider the consequences and not fool themselves into thinking Trump’s a populist who’ll be on our side. In his heart, mind, and whole being, the central political truth about Trump is that he’s foremost a Trumpist — of, by and for himself.

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Jim Hightower

Jim Hightower is a nationally syndicated columnist and one of America's most prominent progressive voices. His column carried by more than 75 publications across the country. Prior to becoming a writer, Hightower served as Texas Agricultural Commission from 1982 to 1991.

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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 22, 2016

    Trump is a bizarre and grotesque addition to the American Partisan Political scene and has no resemblance to previous populists except in blowing hot air and knowing how to get attention. The old adage by P.T. Barnum “A Sucker Is Born Every Minute” is being utilized by Donald to lure in countless minions and deplorable individuals who’re suckers enough to fall for the snake-oil treatment being peddled by Donald.
    Andrew Jackson and Huey Long at least had a bit more morality and decency than Donald.
    Recently, we had a taste in this forum of a sucker who has been reeled in who uttered this retort to a response made elsewhere in this forum:

    A Trump supporter in this forum offered this retort to another person regarding Trump’s inability to attract members of the Black Community which I saved, as shown below:

    “In case you haven’t been paying attention the percentage is up to around 20. By the second term it will be up to 80 with the trailing 20% still sucking d^ck for crack hits you idiot of which you are probably one.”

    ( NOTE: The percentage ‘Samaras’ refers to is of blacks who purportedly support Trump.
    Jim refers to an 80% increase in black supporters and the rest of those blacks not supporting Trump will be sucking “d^ck”, to use Jim Samaras’ foul reference.)

    This is but a sample of the deleterious effects Trump has on “Suckers” who are attracted to Donald’s toxic messages. It also highlights the depravity, and generally deplorable nature and decadent tendencies, of many of Trump’s followers.

    1. Paul Bass September 22, 2016

      Yes, but Aaron, we know you are “moral”, (from you many well written comments). I’m afraid Trump and his supporters have very little morals.

      Being depraved, deplorable, and decadent ARE their outstanding attributes, this is not a negative to them.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 22, 2016

        Thanks, Paul. I hesitate to say that I’m moral, but that I know it’s the right way to be and I try to attain that condition. Even someone who presently might be immoral but is striving to be better is meritorious in the sight of God, from my reading of the Qur’an, the Bible, and the Baha’i Writings.
        Unfortunately with Trump and many others, we see no attempts to strive, or see no signs of being engaged in striving.

        But who knows—maybe someday, some of them may exceed me—I hope.

    2. Jon September 22, 2016

      You are right about the nature of many Trump supporters. Those who make regular appearances here on this forum resort to name-calling, profanity, lies, and illogical arguments in an effort to legitimize the illegitimate. You should read some of the comments they leave on right wing forums. They truly are deplorables. It seems they were deprived of both a scholastic education and a firm moral foundation.

      1. dpaano September 23, 2016

        I agree…..I went on The Hill website a few days ago…..the comments were disgusting! Unfortunately, free speech doesn’t curb profanities, lies, etc., and it seems the RW has NEVER learned how to professionally discuss subjects without resorting to this type of language. I could respect them more if they were able to be professional in their arguments, but that doesn’t seem to happen!

        1. Jon September 23, 2016

          I have tried a few times to have a legitimate debate with Trump supporters but have found it a complete waste of time. They resort to name-calling, outright lies, profanity, and threats. I also make my feelings known on twitter and retweet a lot of good tweets that others post. I have been called just about every profanity you can imagine by Trumpies. They also regularly threaten me but I know they are all cowards just like Trump.

          1. dpaano September 26, 2016

            I find it hard to believe where all this sudden hate comes from. We used to have very professional campaigns, but lately, it’s turned into a hate-fest. When did people start hating the opposite candidate? All they need to do is vote for their choice….no reason to denigrate the other candidate? This is why the Congress has done NOTHING in the past 7+ years! It’s sad that our government has turned into this for NO reason. These are adults….but they act like 10-year old schoolyard bullies and it’s totally unnecessary!!! By the way, this goes for BOTH sides as I’ve seen unsavory comments from both the Clinton AND the Trump voters.

          2. Jon September 26, 2016

            I agree. I have felt ashamed of some of the things I have heard Clinton supporters say and seen them write. In a campaign rally for Clinton, Michelle Obama, talking about all of the verbal assaults on Barack, said when they took the low road, we took the high road. I realize that at times it is easier said than done but we should aspire to do it.
            I have debated with those who supported the candidate running against the candidate I supported in past presidential elections and the debates were rational and respectful even though we disagreed. I have never seen anything like this before. I believe it is because Trump has normalized hate, name-calling, lying, disrespect for anyone who disagrees with you or his different from you and given the hate groups the largest national stage they have ever had. Hiring Stephen Bannon from Breitbart News was unbelievable.
            I hope we Make America Great Again meaning the way it was before Trump launched his campaign.

          3. dpaano September 26, 2016

            Definitely…..he would take this country in a much different direction, and it wouldn’t be a good one for us! We need to remember, WE OWN THE GOVERNMENT….the politicians are only elected to do OUR bidding. Unfortunately, they’ve seemed to have forgotten that somewhere down the line! They now tend to vote the party line and NOT what their constituents want! We need to take back our government and vote out those politicians who don’t listen to our wants and needs!!!

  2. Dominick Vila September 22, 2016

    Trump’s crusade has never been about what is best for the American people, for our security, or making America great again. His goal, his only goal, is to satisfy the ego of the greatest narcissist egomaniac to ever run for President.
    Neither his economic plan, nor his foreign policy proposals, will improve our economy or our national security. In fact, it would take us straight back to the economic mess, and the crusades, we finally left behind. As for making America great again, somebody should remind Donald Narcissus Trump that America has been, is, and will continue to be a great country with or without him. Our future does not depend on what Donald says or does, it depends on what we – the people – are willing to do to strive for a better world, financial equality, a safe environment, a better education and healthcare system, an infrastructure consistent with our wealth and our commitment to remain the dominant nation in the world, sufficient investment in national security, with special focus on the use of technology to maximize effectiveness and control cost, and other such endeavors. Relying on magic, mass deportations, banning members of religions and cultures we dislike from entering the USA, ending same sex marriage, overturning Roe V Wade, and undermining the effectiveness to social programs to offset the irresponsibility of huge tax breaks to allow Junior to buy the latest cell phone or video game is not the solution, it is a recipe for disaster…without the magic of bankruptcies or Russian oligarchs to bail us out.

    1. dbtheonly September 22, 2016

      Disagree slightly.

      Trump’s goals include lining his own pockets.

      Overcharging rent to his campaign.
      Using campaign events as commercials for his properties.
      Overcharging his campaign for travel services.

      There’s a lot more than just ego involved.

      1. Dominick Vila September 22, 2016

        Good point!

  3. FireBaron September 22, 2016

    Consider the definitions of “Trumpery”

    1a : worthless nonsense; b : trivial or useless articles : junk

    2 archaic : tawdry finery

    That pretty much sums him up.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2016

    The only people in the US today who feel “uncertain” are the same morons who voted twice for Bush. Is it a coincidence that more than half a dozen Republican states are crying poverty? And just how did they manage that when 65% of every tax dollar ends up in their states?

    As for Trump, what these “uncertain” morons want is another 8 more years of the Republican Regime playing interrogators, investigators and infamous crooks.

    Anyone who doubts who and what Trump represents needs only to recall what the Bloomberg News journalist Tim O’Brien wrote in his book about Trump. When Trump was asked how he felt about unemploying thousands of casino workers after he was forced to close them for money laundering, his response was: “I didn’t care what was happening to other people.

    As Mark Fisher of the Washington Post stated in a discussion about Trump, “He is best at self-promotion and he is not an entrepreneur” as he imagines himself to be.

    So when you look at Trump what you see is a delusion of grandeur supported by years of not paying people who have provided labor or services that made him wealth.

    But, every grey cloud has a silver lining. Trump will be remember in US History most for outing all of the CEO crooks just like him.

    Senator Warren just this week took on Wells Fargo’s CEO who paid himself $200 million in salary while using fraudulent tactics. Two years ago, she took on Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan Stanley.

    Hell hath no fury like women screwed over by crooks. Do the crime, the glut of women in government will make sure you do the time.

    1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

      It just happens that many of those Republican states have democratically controlled cities whose policies have broken the system. Some of those uncertain morons also voted for Obama when he promised change. We’re going to see REAL change in January when Donald J Trump is inaugurated.

      1. dbtheonly September 22, 2016

        Agree entirely we’ll see real change if Trump is inaugurated.

        I’ve got some bad news for you though. Cities, no matter how Democratic, can’t break the system for their State. Their State controls taxes, regulations, services, and such. Cities only get what the State provides.

        1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

          I’m glad we agree on the change coming!

          Cities get what they cry for with little regard for HOW the money is spent. This is what needs to change

          1. dbtheonly September 22, 2016

            Indeed, Trump is the most “outsider” candidate for President ever.

            I have a problem with your logic. Either “cities” have the votes to dominate their

          2. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            I think it’s your first assertion cities have the votes however the poster asserted that because it’s governor is Republican therefore blaming it.

      2. charleo1 September 22, 2016

        You need to consider how the tax system works, and for whom it works, before simplistically casting blame about. How that State’s educational system is funded. How what is not funded at the State level affects, and increases local taxes, property, and businesses, and local economies. And how that leads to the lack infrastructure, police, and increases the need for public services in those cities struggling with bare bone budgets. Or how that State’s laws, its criminal justice, courts, prison, and incarnation systems, are run, funded, and governed by that State’s legislative body, that directly effects what goes on at the local level. Or you could just vacuously blame a Democratic Mayor for not fixing all of it.

        1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

          The same could be said for the above poster who is simplistically casting blame on the Republican states for poverty. No easy answer I know but I believe it starts at the lower levels.

          1. charleo1 September 22, 2016

            Part of the money to run a State comes from Washington according to guideline standards on poverty, indigent healthcare, crime, resident wages, etc. The rest is from other State funding streams. State taxes, business taxes, real estate, and licensing fees, and taxes. And all monies, go to the State Government for allocation. Save for Federal Medicaid payments to the State which are earmarked for that. So, here’s where the pie gets divided up. At the State Capitol. The way it has worked in Red States is the bigger, better connected firms get the bigger tax cuts. Which have over the last 20/30 years consistently failed to produce the necessary offsetting increases in jobs, and investment to make up for the shortfalls created in the budget by the cuts. Then, Local Govts. are forced to take a hit, which then trickles down in the form of lots of nasty quality of life, and college fund for the kids sabotages. Like homeowner’s property taxes go thru the roof! Higher city licensing, and inspection fees, and higher water bills, and school taxes become necessary. Which serves to take monies out of local economies, hammer down sales tax money for country maintenance, and hurt local businesses. Especially smaller family types, who’s margins are much tighter than say their big box competitors. Who’ve most likely already gotten their tax break from the State Legislature where the lobbyists they can afford, have been hard at work promising campaign favors, and lots of support. So like my plumber friend always reminds me. Crap, it doesn’t run up hill.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2016

        You are soooo full of it. It’s coming out your ears. Republican states are run by your bully Republican politicians who broke the US economy in September 2008 with that Financial Meltdown. Now you want to do the weenie routine and blame Democrats you know have NO voice in any Republican state?

        You want to explain WI’s Walker? Maine’s LePaige? LA’s Jindal? None of these governors have secure economies and the last time I looked it was because of the Democratic minority in your bully boy states.

        Trump will never see day one in the presidency. If the contractors who built his 2 casinos get him, he’ll end up like Jimmy Hoffa.. You don’t stiff union workers or building contractors unless you want your next coat to be a cement one supporting a bridge. Try again dipwad.

      4. Dominick Vila September 22, 2016

        I live in Florida, and in addition to having had several consecutive Republican Governors, our legislature is 2/3 Republican, and most of our local governments are controlled by the GOP. The size of the Democratic ballot this year was about 1/4 of the Republican ballot, not because our county government ran out of paper or ink, but because most Democrats know that having a “D” after their names spells defeat. For better better or worse, the GOP owns the policies, and the consequences, of the policies they propose, write, and sign.

        1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

          Kudos to Florida then Dom! Compare Miami, Jacksonville or Orlando to Baltimore, Detroit or Chicago and weather aside, they compare quite favorably don’t you agree?

          1. Dominick Vila September 22, 2016

            Jacksonville is ruby red, Miami is blue, Orlando is a mix or light red and light blue. Rural Florida (God’s country) is as red as you can get.
            Yes, the socio-economic conditions, influenced by corporate decisions to move industry from old industrial cities to parts of the country with right to work for less laws have decimated what were once prosperous cities, have turned areas where middle class people lived and dreamed of a better life into slums, and contributed to the violence that we see today in so many inner cities. The effects of corporate greed could not be more evident.
            The topic, however, is dependence on Federal government handouts, and Eleanore is spot on when she said that most red states depend more on government help than blue states do. Interestingly, some of those red states, where government help prevails, are also the same right to work for less states where many of our factories were moved to. Could it be that the profits those companies realize go mostly to the top echelon and shareholders, instead of the blue collar workers that do the dirty work…and hope Trump will magically, and dictatorially, change the status quo?

          2. charleo1 September 22, 2016

            Florida: The further North you go, the further South you get. Politically speaking. The I-4 corridor, Tampa thru Orlando to Daytona, perhaps being the exception to the rule.

    2. dpaano September 23, 2016

      Probably a good reason why he wants to fire Elizabeth Warren and do away with the Consumer Protection Bureau……the ones that caught on to Wells Fargo’s unsavory selling tactics and has taken them to account! Without this group and other groups like the EPA, this country will end up like China……polluted, crowded, full of hungry, poor people, and working for pitiful slave wages for the rich!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 23, 2016

        I thought I was seeing things but on Wednesday this week I watched the CNN session where the Republican plan to impeach the head of the IRS and FBI.

        So let’s play guessing games…Trump doesn’t want the President, who is the ONLY one who can disclose Trump’s tax records, to do that so the Republicans figure they will just shut down the IRS and start by impeaching the chief decision maker.

        This is all the GOP has to do these days? As for impeaching Comey, they are hot to do that because they know they stepped on Comey’s toes during the email investigation and deliberately misstated what he said.

        I guess if you are a Republican, don’t want Trump’s taxes outed, you get rid of the IRS chief. If you know you are in hot water with the FBI, you get rid of the chief decision maker there too.

  5. Leftout September 22, 2016

    Trump and Bernie came into being because as you , author , agree with him in that Trump also agrees that the Congress is “clueless and corrupt ” . The policies of the past 30 years have resulted in mediocrity on the backs of the working class . The millennials think that this is normal and have no point of reference. Corruption has taken the wages and moved monies to the corporate / congressional cesspool , a similar metaphorical warning by Pres. Eisenhower in the 50’s.

    1. charleo1 September 22, 2016

      Trump may claim to agree that Congress is a sold out cesspool. So will he also agree he’s been one those happily peeing in that cesspool, right along with the rest of the big money corporate crowd for the past 30 years? To, just like the rest, buy from these cash hungry politicians the preferential treatment that has been more than a little responsible for the fortune he claims to have amassed? The one he now so proudly points to as proof of his superior business acumen? Is the entire Trump charade anything, if not a case of the hypocritical black pot calling the integrity deficient Kettle that is Congress, black?

      1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

        “When in Rome” charleo! As a businessman you’d do the same thing. As a president you know the game and have actually SEEN how it hurts the American people. Most politicians have never seen that part of the game. Trump has seen the injustice and as a true American he is willing to put down his toys and do something to help the nation.

        1. charleo1 September 22, 2016

          Never have I seen so many cynics with so much unfounded faith.
          Does it ever give you pause to wonder why Trump? After so many business scandals, lawsuits, workers he’s shafted, tales he’s told?
          Altruistic endeavors he’s never showed any interest in? His charity he uses as his own personal slush fund? His proclivity to stray into conspiracy? His unrealistic promises with only a “trust me, only I can fix things,” to back them up? His wall that Mexico won’t pay for, and Congress that won’t fund it? And on and on with this Trump guy.
          Have you ever taken a real serious look at him? Or are you just mad at everything and everyone, and he for you is the best representation of that? Not being sarcastic with you at all. I’m just trying to figure this out here. And, by the way. Since a Conservative Supreme Court’s ruling on Citizens United, a Right Wing political pac. all of the politicians are now in Rome. And the big money special interests run the show. So you’re voting for more Right Wingers on the Court.
          Like i said, I’m just trying to figure this out…..

          1. dpaano September 23, 2016

            I know, charleo….it’s a quandary to me also! I just don’t understand how people cannot see him for what he truly is. Why do most of us see this and others do not? It’s been very clearly shown that he can’t be trusted, that he lies every time he opens his mouth, that his business ethics are non-existent, and I could go on and on. But, for some reason, people just don’t see that…..they think he’s going to fix everything for them…..the only thing he’s going to fix is for himself and his wealthy buddies! He doesn’t care about the poor or the middle class, despite what they think. He has NO concept of how the poor or middle class survive or what problems they have…..he’s never been in our position! I just don’t understand why people don’t see that! Rich people have a very different mindset than the rest of the population….they can’t “fix” things that they have never experienced! At least Hillary, despite all her “alleged” failings, has lived a middle class life and knows from whence she comes and how the middle class lives and survives!

      2. Leftout September 22, 2016

        I am sure Trump knew where to pee and surely, admittedly ,
        may have peed into the congress filled cesspool , that is what politicians are and it is their expectation. Septic systems still have to be cleaned out periodically.
        Trump parlayed these business tactics into some accomplishments with a few fails , I am sure . Trump at least created some multi level jobs in the process. He even hired intelligent women because they were competent VPs and good looking as well.
        It is time to flush out the septic systems of Washington.

        1. charleo1 September 22, 2016

          Try flushing out that terrible double standard while you’re at it.
          Al Capone didn’t receive any accolades for buying off the police chiefs, and judges. The corrupter, and corrupted both eat from the same rotten fruit.

          1. Leftout September 22, 2016

            Al Capone was a mobster but not a Trump style business man. Ever wonder why the chamber of commerce and other groups attend and donate at political dinners , it is quid pro quo. I was quite shocked at this when o first saw it , and was disappointed at our system of bribery . I personally always got things done without this nonsense., these people just love to have photo ops with rotten politicians . Some of these baatards actually fall like lucifer fell in flames as they all must eventually pay the price …..les miserable!!! Evidently you have not played in the construction industry . Trump is honest in that he admits greasing the wheels of these POS , politicians .

          2. dpaano September 23, 2016

            I don’t call that “honesty.” I call that “bragging” about something that he apparently thinks is “ok” in the business world…..well, guess what, it’s NOT okay! Most businesses do not operate the way his has operated…..probably why he’s had to file bankruptcy so many times and has several hundreds of lawsuits pending against him. All he’s ever been good at is conning people; then “stiffing” them for what he owes them!

          3. Leftout September 23, 2016

            Dealing w permits in the construction business is not pretty, there is much under the table cash transferred through bidding and many many complex hidden systems . I’ve said this before and I was naive that some businesses think that they have to do this. I personnally hate it. But it goes on , would you believe in government bidding ????. Shocking I know . You have led a sheltered life. But I am here for you.

          4. dpaano September 26, 2016

            Thanks, but I have not lived a sheltered life……I understand that these things go on in many big cities like New York. It doesn’t make it right, does it? Same goes for government bidding….again, it happens but it doesn’t make it right. We, the people, need to do something about this since it’s OUR taxpayer money (at least in government bidding) that is being used! I refuse to think that a toilet seat should cost more than a used car! I briefly worked for Northrop Aircraft back in the early 80’s, and I saw it happen many times where the company over-billed the government…..but the government never did anything about it! It as pretty sad, and I left the company because I didn’t want to work for a company that dishonest! As I said, it was MY taxpayer money paying for all these overbillings!

          5. Leftout September 26, 2016

            We do agree 100% Ms.D Paano.
            I have always been frustrated at this going on , often , one can hear congress persons saying we know there is fraud going on, but they never fix it because the fix is in . I have worked for the GoV., private enterprise and Health systems and there can be corruption but I really hate the corruption in Congress, at our expense , especially PACs and Lobyists/lawyers writing the rules against the tax payers . The tax payers have lost 30 % of buying powers over 30 years this is significant. The ten trillion dollars in past debt represents – my calculation- approx 60k for each couple in the US , could we not have used that money , better in our own individual pockets? Where is the ROI on this wasted ten trillion ….. anyone???

          6. dpaano September 26, 2016

            We need to get rid of Citizen’s United, which was the WORSE law EVER enacted by our Supreme Court (wonder who got paid off for that one)!!! And, we need to get the lobbyists out of our politicians pockets!!! We, the taxpayers, own our government….we should have politicians elected that will do OUR bidding and not the bidding of big corporations and their lobbyists! There is so much that needs to be done in this country…..this is a waste of our taxpayer money!!! We need better schools, better infrastructure, better police forces, etc., but it takes money to pay for them…..money that is going in the pockets of scrupulous lobbyists, etc.!!!

          7. Leftout September 26, 2016

            That law … Again submitted by the congress for thier own needs and the media who get most of the benefits. The republican candidates , Jeb Bush was not helped by the money except their handlers. , who snookered the candidate with their fees. Bernie sanders received small donations for supporters only and mounted a great campaign against all odds . This election was paid for by the voters and big money was spent but not to any popular candidate except …. The Hillary !!!!

          8. dpaano September 26, 2016

            Trump doesn’t have an “honest” bone in his body!!! And, why is it that you Trumpsters seem to blame Hillary for having meetings with foreign dignitaries (before she was Secretary of State, I might add), but it is apparently OK for Trump to do the same. There seems to be some bias on your side with the “pay to play” BS! The only thing you can say is that Trump actually owned up to it…..Hillary didn’t have to because she didn’t do anything wrong despite the conspiracy theories that the GOP throws out there!

          9. Leftout September 26, 2016

            Pay to play is a crime no matter how it is disguised , and lawyers and foundations and PACs can easily manipulate the language to thier needs. Trump admits this goes on and has benefited as most of congress and the Clintons. Trump at least built something , where are the buildings in Haiti from the Clinton Bush relief Foundation.
            The system stinks .

          10. dpaano September 26, 2016

            There are many things that the Clinton Foundation has built or dealt with in other third world countries. It may not be totally visible, but they have been behind the scenes in many countries fighting poverty, starvation, health problems, etc. They have done MUCH more than the Trump Foundation, which seems only to be a personal bank account for Trump to take other people’s money and use it for his own good! It’s great that this is now being investigated!

          11. Leftout September 26, 2016

            Trump also uses foundations as anyone else on this income level to hire thier own families , friends , administrative help ? And donate as they wish. Again these loopholes and gimmicks are promulgated by the congress, smaller working classes have no such alternatives to hide their income from the IRS claws. The system is corrupt and has to be scraped clean by some one who has used it and willing to take the hit to clean it up . We should pay someone a few million and support them, protect them from getting killed and have this – dictator in a sense – clean up the system for the people .

        2. dpaano September 23, 2016

          Are you kidding? What “multi-level” jobs did he create? What “accomplishments” did he parlay without fails (he has had MANY fails; i.e., bankruptcies, lawsuits abounding). And, he did hire some female VP’s (and as you said, good-looking ones), but that doesn’t make him a good businessman! On the contrary!

          1. Leftout September 23, 2016

            On the contrary he had many successes with successes come failures and law suits by a uncontented subcontractors . He mega construction projects create many jobs from clerical to job construction safety personnel, accountants for all parties , lawyers – God forbid – both sides to draw up exclusionary rules that every one follows ? He employed maintenance , architects . Engineers etc . Running a project in the military engages many staff at many levels , even you must have had that experience. What am I missing here?!

          2. dpaano September 26, 2016

            You’re kidding, right? Apparently, you haven’t read the papers or listened to any news (other than FAUX News). “Stiffing” his contractors is NOT a success; bringing in Polish construction workers on HB1 visas in lieu of using local construction people is NOT a success; filing multiple bankruptcies and putting small companies out of business is NOT a success; and I could go on! Yes, he “created” jobs, but if the individuals didn’t get paid….what good was it? You seem to be “missing” quite a bit!

          3. Leftout September 26, 2016

            I know the hazards of construction contracts and his mega projects are covered by lawyers on both sides to assure deadlines are being met. I do not know the particulars of any lawsuits , and can not comment, but I know of the hazards of construction projects . There is some Caveat Emptor here and lawyers make the deals for both sides.

          4. dpaano September 26, 2016

            Maybe so, but that doesn’t make it right.

          5. Leftout September 26, 2016

            Here again we agree????????????????????????

  6. rednekokie September 22, 2016

    He’s not a politician – or anywhere close to being qualified for the office to which he portends.
    He is a liar, a thief, a scoundrel in every sense of the word, a bigot, a greedy toad who will do or say anything to get the office and power, and then use it to his own benefit.
    Anyone who falls for his garbage deserves what they will get.

    1. plc97477 September 22, 2016

      The problem with that is that those of us who loath the ground he walks on will not deserve what we get.

      1. rednekokie September 22, 2016

        You are absolutely right, if those who loath him do not work to defeat him.

        1. dpaano September 23, 2016

          We HAVE to defeat him if we want this country to keep moving ahead……the GOP will only continue their usual pattern of bringing this country down, much like GWB and Reagan! Without their help, the U.S. would be in a MUCH better spot than it already is (thanks to President Obama for his actions)!!

      2. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

        I agree! What you will get is a well run and transparent administration that will end politicians pocket stuffing and bring back jobs to American soil that will help the cities out of some of the poverty they are now embroiled in. Being a Hillary backer you deserve more of the same thing that’s been going on for over 40 years

        1. Joel H September 22, 2016

          A fantasy. No one has yet to explain how that wonderful transformation is expected to happen.

          1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            No more so than expecting change if Hillary is elected. But I forget, most of you think that the crap going on in Washington is just fine and no change is needed

          2. Joel H September 22, 2016

            First of all, don’t tell me what I think. What I think is that most of the problems in Washington are caused by Republican domination of the legislative process. They are, for the most part, dominated by the special interests that got them elected in the first place. Nothing gets done. Look at the record.

          3. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            I didn’t say “you” I said most and it’s refreshing to think there are folks on this site that don’t think that way. Congrats! While I disagree that the right is totally responsible I do agree that lobbyists and special interests determine what comes out of BOTH sides mouths and Donald Trump is the only candidate in years that will lead the charge against such shenanigans.

          4. jmprint September 22, 2016

            What makes you think that, are you taking his word for it. Every other word that he spews is lie. Listen Bannon, just because you and he says it, doesn’t make it true.

          5. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            I’d believe him over her and you should too!

          6. jmprint September 22, 2016

            Why wouldn’t you, your only interest is on behalf of your affiliation as a white nationalist.

          7. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            Now where does THAT come from? White nationalist? That term is above your pay grade Jr where did you hear that term?

          8. jmprint September 22, 2016

            From your spew to my eyes.

          9. Joel H September 22, 2016

            Nice thought but I see no evidence of that. Trump brags about buying favors. It’s in the record. He is a corrupter, part of the problem, not the solution.

          10. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            The evidence is the fact that he admits that it’s being done and that he’s been a part of it. Do you really not think the scrutiny will be great enough that even if he were to try to corrupt the system that it would be gotten away with? I’ve said before, you either trust him or you don’t. Hillary has lied to the Ameircan public while in office more times than we can count. Who do you trust more? I for one, trust him

          11. Joel H September 22, 2016

            He has hurt many who have trusted him in the past. It’s in the record. He takes advantage of the most vulnerable. He will say and/or do anything to win. That is not always a virtue. As a fellow New Yorker I know a street punk when I see one. He fights dirty. A street punk with money is still a street punk. He will never change. Your trust is misplaced. If you ever deal with him he will hurt you. Sad.

          12. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            Be that as it may Joel, he will be Americas dirty fighter and many of us believe that is exactly what we need! A punk he is not

          13. Jmz Nesky September 22, 2016

            Not sad Joel, deserving as is all who puts their trust in a shill toad because of the hatred of Hillary Clinton for dirty deeds that the RNC has consistently rumored and that the judicial system has consistently rebutted.

          14. dpaano September 23, 2016

            Exactly!!! He hasn’t put out ANYTHING to explain how he plans on doing any of the things he says he’s going to do….Hillary, on the other hand, has put out a 13+ page booklet explaining her plans and HOW she intends to institute them. It’s going to be interesting at the debate when Trump is asked HOW he plans on instituting his “alleged” plans? He has NO idea…..all he does is spout off a bunch of BS with nothing to back it up. And, for your information, Jim Samaras, he plans on adding several trillions of dollars to the deficit with his economic plan. With as much crap as you’ve given President Obama about adding to the deficit, you’d think that you’d be up in arms about Trump’s plans!!!

          15. Joel H September 23, 2016

            You make a good point. Trump’s plans, such as he has, do not add up to anything except disaster. As for the deficit, who would lend us money when the president is talking about repayment of only a portion? His economic plan and his ignorance would destroy the world order. Can not take that chance.

          16. dpaano September 26, 2016

            He can probably always get a loan from Russia…..he’s already deeply in their pockets from what I’ve heard (although I can’t say it’s true or not). No, we cannot take the chance of him getting his grimy little hands in the Oval Office!!! It scares the bejeezus out of me to think of what this country will become with him at the helm…..as I’ve said before, he’ll turn us into another Russia or China…..starving people, smog and pollution, bans on news, etc.

          17. Joel H September 26, 2016

            Right on. The sad part is how many people he has fooled. Some of them that I know and admire personally, who are well educated and successful in many ways, allow their dislike for Hillary to forgive Trump his shortcomings and give their support. People who are not deplorable in any way. Can not understand. Can anyone?

        2. jmprint September 22, 2016

          Transparency! Where are those tax forms?

          1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            That all ya got? We know more about Trump than we do about our president of the last 8 years

          2. jmprint September 22, 2016

            You may wipe his A$$ and know more about that, but that’s it.

          3. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            My my jm…hostile this morning? New polls got ya down Bunky?

          4. jmprint September 22, 2016

            I’m ok with the polls, Hillary is winning, otherwise you wouldn’t be “Pimping for Trump.”

          5. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            You’ll see jm…..57% Trump 43% Clinton. Biggest landslide since Reagan in 84.You saw it here first!

          6. jmprint September 22, 2016

            Only in your little itty bitty racist mind! We’ll see Jim, we’ll see. Please come back on Nov. 9th

          7. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            Sorry, I must have used one of those “code” words you real racists seem to see to signify my racism. Oh I’ll be around plenty to discuss the new way Washington is running to see how you like it

          8. Anna Maria Yoakum September 22, 2016

            jmprint – Jim Samaras is a troll ( perhaps even a Russian troll, as there is evidence that Russia is trying to influence the outcome of our presidential elections – and of course Putin would like to have his buddy Trump in the White House). It is easier to just ignore the trolls as all they’re really good at is trying to spread lies and making insults.

          9. Jmz Nesky September 22, 2016

            You mean the non-American Muslim that you were fed with and which only last week the feeder admitted he was just kidding? That one?? You know nothing about Trump other than what the Trumpster and Bretbart wants you to know and it’s nothing less than the trash periodicals it’s put out since it’s beginnings. You wanna know all about Trump? Ask any one of a large number of his victims.

        3. stsintl September 22, 2016

          The forty years misery comes from Republican administrations of Ronald Reagan’s and GWB’s tax cuts, and deregulations. Once Republicans discarded “Social Responsibility” and adopted: Little or no regulations, Little or no taxes, carry the gun, survival of the fittest, Mafia seeped in and turn GOP in to a swamp where scum has risen to the top.

          1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            I can’t argue with your assessment st! The Bushes have been the most corrupt politicians in Washington for years right along with the Clintons. Trump will clean the pool so it’s safe to swim again.

          2. stsintl September 22, 2016

            Scums can’t clean the swamps. You are on the wrong side of history.

        4. zorro037 September 22, 2016

          You better open your eyes before is too late. It might be that you think Trump is right because he insult people you detest but be careful with help from individuals like Trump. He is like influenza in January.

      3. Anna Maria Yoakum September 22, 2016

        True – but only if Tump gets to be president. Let’s pray that never happens.

  7. stsintl September 22, 2016

    When I asked for difference between the Democrats and Republicans, I was told ” Democrats are Robin Hoods, they steal from the middle class to take care of the poor. Republicans are Hoods robbing the middle class to take care of the rich.”

    1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

      Both sides rob from anyone they can to take care of themselves

      1. jmprint September 22, 2016

        But Trump steals from the needy. Foundations are to help the charity, I wouldn’t call Trump’s empire a charity.

        1. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

          Trump steals from nobody. You’ll see the difference in a few short months. Not to worry jm

          1. jmprint September 22, 2016

            1) Doesn’t pay employees (called stealing)
            2) Doesn’t pay vendors ( called stealing)
            3) Spends money on himself donated by others to the Trump Foundation. ( called stealing)

          2. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            Listening to all the msm smearing program again huh? Be that as it may, even if what you spew is true it pales in comparison to your girls record of bs has been for 30 years

          3. jmprint September 22, 2016

            No, looking at facts. Looking at law suits. Clinton has not been charged with nada! Trump is up for fraud racketeering and rape.

          4. Jim Samaras September 22, 2016

            My boy shows up to face his accusers your girl makes sure her accusers don’t show up. Big difference!

          5. jmprint September 22, 2016

            YOUR BOY, Yes Bannon he is YOUR BOY! Looking forward to seeing him in court.

          6. Mama Bear September 22, 2016

            here is the research, JM –
            Hillary – Six times investigated for “crooked” acts.
            Zero times evidence warranted going to trial for “crooked” acts
            Zero times found guilty of “crooked” acts.
            Trump –
            1597 times evidence of “crooked” acts warranted going to trial
            236 times settled or found guilty of “crooked” acts.

          7. JPHALL September 22, 2016

            Why not? You have been listening to the lies on Faux None news for years. Scandals anyone?

          8. Anna Maria Yoakum September 26, 2016

            JPHALL –
            That is so true, and they cherry-pick only the news and facts that suit their own beliefs and discard any information that states otherwise. They want to believe that Trump is their Knight-in-Shining-Armor, when in fact Trump is simply a con-artist who is out to get every penny he can get.

            Trump sort-of reminds me of that Disney cartoon character Scrooge McDuck who loves money more than anything on earth.
            Only Scrooge is not a narcissist, nor a racist, nor a misogynist, nor . . . oh my the list is just too long to go through.

          9. Joseph Parker September 22, 2016

            Okay then Jim.., kindly explain Drumpf using money from his Foundation.., to pay of Fines he was incurred, which he swindled into giving money to Charities? We won’t have to wait Months Jim.., he’ll, (Drumpf this is), be before a Federal Judge trying to lie his way out of this one too! http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/21/us/politics/donald-trump-foundation-charity.html?_r=0

        2. Jmz Nesky September 22, 2016

          That’s only because you’re not an idiot.

          1. dpaano September 23, 2016

            No, it’s because it’s true……Trump’s donors to the Trump Foundation expect their money to go to charities; however, most of what he’s spent has been on himself and his family. Currently, his “foundation” is being investigated because he illegally used monies from it to pay his legal expenses!!!

          2. Jmz Nesky September 23, 2016

            Oh, I agree with both you and jmprint.. I was just playing on words that he’s not wrong like the fools who drink the Trumpit’s water.

          3. dpaano September 26, 2016

            My apologies for misunderstanding you….have changed my vote to a positive. Thanks for clarification.

    2. dpaano September 23, 2016

      So very true!!! Unfortunately, some people just don’t understand or see that!! As I said above, Trump will NOT help the poor and middle class……he’s all for himself and the rest of the 1%! Anyone that thinks differently has bought into his con game!

      1. stsintl September 23, 2016

        Donald Trump is a “Snake OIl” salesman and like the good old days of wild-west, the idiots and “Deplorables” are buying what he is selling because they think his snake oil will cure all their diseases.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 24, 2016

        and trying to make money off even the 1% while and if he can the greedy POS

  8. 1Zoe55 September 22, 2016

    This election period has shown just how non-professional and ratings-above-all-else our media has become. There are few journalists in television, most seem to be cookie-cutter robots who follow whatever their masters want. Notably, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, and Laurence O’Donnell actually ask hard questions and present facts. Who in the hell chose Matt Lauer to moderate a phony forum, one in which he lobbed soft-ball questions at Trump while grilling Clinton. We need to demand that Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw moderate some of the debates. The media is complicit in the rise of the orange, but thin-skinned Trump. Clinton said it best at the convention “Trump is a man who can be baited by a tweet!” I watch the three above-mentioned programs and get real news from BBC and NPR (at times). How sad is this for America?

    1. Mama Bear September 22, 2016

      media has become just like any other American corporation – lives and dies on quarterly reports. Shoddy products? you bet. Take a look at what Wells Fargo just got caught for and substitute any media brand name for Wells Fargo and that is why there is no journalism in this country.

  9. Three Dollar Bill September 22, 2016

    When it comes to blowing his own horn, Donald is “the loudest” Trumpet. (It’s all that hot air.)

  10. Anna Maria Yoakum September 22, 2016

    Ah, I see the tide of Trumpty Dumpty trolls have come in. I’m not sure if they are true Trumpsters or perhaps just a mob of those Russian shills that I’ve read about, that are trying to influence the presidential elections. Six of one, half-dozen of the other, pretty much the same thing.

  11. dpaano September 23, 2016

    He’s neither a “populist” or a “Trumpist”……he’s a jackass!!! Just my opinion. But, it’s pretty sad that people voting for him don’t see him for what he really is. Why would they possibly think that someone in the 1% would actually care about the little people? He’s managed to screw them out of quite a bit in his business world….it isn’t going to change if he gets into the White House! And, the fact that he wants to do away with Social Security and Medicare; as well as get rid of the EPA (that protects us from pollution, etc.), drill and frack for oil in our beautiful, unspoiled national parks; and do away with the ONE group that has protected us from scrupulous lenders (as well as Wells Fargo)….makes me wonder why his followers are still planning on voting for him. It’s just pretty sad!

    1. Jon September 23, 2016

      Just as a leopard doesn’t change its spots, Trump will not change who he has proven himself to be for 70 years. Anyone who thinks he will suddenly become presidential if he is elected, is naive.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 24, 2016

      as for the people that will vote for him thy know no difference for thy them self’s are brain dead . as for DONNY DUMP the bad easy to read book he is , the reason why he try’s not to pay money on his election is because the greedy bastard will and wants at the end of it all any money he saved for spending he WILL TRY TO PUT IN IN HIS POCKET if even be it the way he would put in his B/S foundation and skim the money out of there .(like he always has been doing ) the news the other day is he is charging the protection he has from the SS to fly them around $ millions of bucks . the money comes from the brain dead people that give money to his election go in his account (pretty much just straight to his pocket ) lasts news also has him lying under oath (then again what else is new ) I say when Hillary becomes Pres. it is her job for the country and the people that she starts many investigation on all the DUMPESTERS dealings the DONNY DUMP CLOWN wanted the attention let him reek all the rewards of it . and she dosent have to do it for spite like he said he would do if he wins . she can and would do the investigations because it would be right (and pretty much her job )

  12. dpaano September 26, 2016

    I know this isn’t about the article, but I read an interesting article (actual several articles in several newspapers, etc.) about Trump and what will happen if he does away with Obamacare. Millions of people who are now insured will be back to being uninsured; millions more will die from lack of money to pay for medical care, and he doesn’t actually have a valid plan of what to do to replace Obamacare. His basic idea will end up costing the taxpayer even MORE money that it’s costing now, and the costs to people who will need insurance will go up significantly…..more than it ‘s gone up with Obamacare. In conclusion, Obamacare is still the best healthcare program that we have now……granted, it needs to be tweeked here and there, but it has helped millions. Hillary wants to make sure it gets tweeked, and she wants to do what she can to get states that have refused it to change their minds for their citizen’s wellbeing! Doing away with it is NOT the answer no matter WHAT the GOP seems to think! Their plan will NOT work and will only be a disaster! Anyway…..just wanted to get that out!!!

    1. Leftout September 26, 2016

      I work in Healthcare and the cost of Medicaid and indigent care , pre- existing conditions is already factored into our premiums of 10 years ago. So the current Obamas care has been spent on redundant EMR technology and regulatory nonsense in addition to administrative waste and waste and payoffs to insurance industry . We could have provided free health , your choice , voucher to anyone and tagged it in on to be administered by existing Medicare system. No insurance company middle man needed .

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