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Endorse This: Priebus On Candidates: “No One’s Forcing Them To Wear Our Jersey”

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Endorse This: Priebus On Candidates: “No One’s Forcing Them To Wear Our Jersey”


At a meeting of the Republican National Committee in Hollywood, FL today, party chairman Reince Priebus said that his entire party had a responsibility to “unite behind the nominee.”

“Our candidates are running for the nomination for the Republican Party,” he said to a conference room of party and campaign officials leaders. “They’re trying out for our team, no one is forcing them to wear our jersey. We expect our candidates to support our party, and our eventual nominee.”

Priebus was navigating a minefield: the RNC’s rules committee voted Thursday against a rule change that would have made it harder to nominate candidates on the floor (a vote which enabled so-called “white knight” candidates to challenge Trump for the nomination should Cruz and Kasich fail) and the Republican National Committee has been paddling against Trump’s accusations that the system is “rigged” since he lost all 14 of Wyoming’s delegates to Ted Cruz.

Since then, Trump has accused Republican Party officials and the Cruz campaign of “wining and dining,” orchestrating a conspiracy against his campaign.

Of the three remaining Republican presidential candidates, Trump was the only one not to attend the meeting in Hollywood.

Video/photo: CSPAN



  1. dpaano April 22, 2016

    Rules are rules, and if Trump doesn’t like the rules………he shouldn’t be playing the game!!! He’s just pissed because Cruz got ahead of him and knew the rules, and Trump didn’t. Too bad!

    1. paulyz April 25, 2016

      Same thing the Democrats are doing to Bernie, the Establishment controls “the People”.

  2. Andrew Long April 22, 2016

    poison or shot to the head…take your pick – Cruz or Trump, eenie meenie miney mo.

  3. notafoxfan April 22, 2016

    The rnc has the right as an actually “private” corporation ( and it is just that)to set and reset the rules every election cycle..trump has the right to say whatever he thinks as well,but he seems to feel if the rules are not in his favor, they are cheating him..what a joke!

  4. Cmarston April 22, 2016

    If you are The Donald, you don’t think that the rules apply. After all, you are The Donald!

  5. egalicki April 22, 2016

    I can’t wait until your jersey disappears and a real republican party is established – one that doesn’t give the liberals everything they wanted for the last 12 years.

    1. Deb Brouhard April 22, 2016

      Yeah all those liberal things you live your life with everyday. Oh the horrors, you’ve got healthcare, you kids get education that people with NO kids have to pay for, you have community parks, dog parks, public transportation, arts centers, mountain preserves all paid for by people who never ever used them. You have job benefits because other people fought for them. You or your wife get family medical leave, so if you get sick or have a baby and you actually can keep your job. How awful is that, so unfair to the business owners, right? So are you willing to give up your middle class lifestyle brought to you by liberals? What part of the liberal agenda do you object to? Women not being submissive, blacks claiming their lives matter, people being able to eat or have healthcare, people not believing in your God, exactly what?

      1. egalicki April 22, 2016

        All this sounds good – but who exactly is going to pay for all this?

        1. bobnstuff April 22, 2016

          Everyone. Since everyone pays some kind of tax or another.

          1. egalicki April 22, 2016

            Oh – I guess no problem then – and the taxpayers will never run out of money. So we’re OK forever. I guess it’s nothing like those cities going bankrupt because they have benefits they can’t pay for – like public employee retirement.

          2. bobnstuff April 22, 2016

            Funny thing is other countries can afford these things but not us. Maybe if we stopped wasting so much money on military spending we could have what the other developed nations of the world have.

          3. egalicki April 22, 2016

            You must mean like Greece and Italy.

          4. bobnstuff April 22, 2016

            No like Sweden, Finland, Denmark, even Canada has free health care. Most developed countries have better social services then the US. We do have more of one thing these countries don’t have. Murders.

          5. ralphkr April 23, 2016

            Actually, egalicki, the reason those cities are going bankrupt is usually because benefits they can no longer afford such as maintenance of streets, public buildings, lighting, fire & police departments after their population drops when everyone with money moves to the suburbs. It is very hard to maintain an infrastructure designed to serve well over a million well to do people when your tax base has been reduced to a couple hundred thousand impoverished citizens.

        2. Andrew Long April 23, 2016

          You need to get on your knees everyday and pray that you or someone you love never needs anything from the collective taxpayers like millions of Americans do from time to time. You are nothing but an arrogant ignorant idiot.

          1. egalicki April 23, 2016

            OK now I get it – if you ask a question you are a idiot?

          2. Andrew Long April 23, 2016

            sarcasm is easily picked up in all of your posts. Don’t insult me with your innocent act. EOS

          3. egalicki April 23, 2016

            So I also am not allowed to keep things light-hearted?

  6. greenlantern1 April 22, 2016

    President Abraham Lincoln did not!
    He bolted!
    He formed the Union party!
    He chose Andrew Johnson to be his VP!
    The RADICAL REPUBLICANS, their designation, impeached Lincoln’s VP!
    President Teddy Roosevelt did not!
    He was shot, when he bolted, to form the BULL MOOSE PARTY!
    Did IKE get fair play?
    Would he have tolerated this nonsense?

  7. OverthecliffRepublicans April 22, 2016

    They need to wear a jersey with a big picture of Chernobyl on it because the Republican Party is melting down.

    1. Vernelljbucher April 23, 2016

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    2. 788eddie April 24, 2016

      The person posting after this (Racheal Coleman), is a spammer.

      Do not click to reply to her, as she then gets credit for a posting.

      She has no legitimate reason for being on this site.

  8. paulyz April 22, 2016

    More Establishment “sound reasonable” BS, that they keep working on the People while they screw us! OUR Constitution didn’t start out with Partys, it started out as a Government of, by, & for the People, not sleazy, backroom deals!

    1. JPHALL April 22, 2016

      Yet parties had developed before 1800 with Jefferson.

      1. paulyz April 24, 2016

        Yup, political factions jockeying for power, age old problem.

    2. CrankyToo April 23, 2016

      That was 240 years ago, Patrick Henry. Wake the phuck up!

      1. paulyz April 24, 2016

        Yes, & it created our great Country, why change it to what is is becoming now?

        1. CrankyToo April 24, 2016

          I mistook you for Patrick Henry. Sorry about that Peter Pan.

          1. paulyz April 25, 2016

            Ok Cranked, hope you are enjoying your strolls through our streets.

          2. CrankyToo April 25, 2016

            Sorry, Squire, but you’re going to have to translate that last little gem into English. I don’t speak Wingding.

  9. yabbed April 22, 2016

    Trump is their best option and I say that as a liberal Democrat. Hillary will beat him for certain, but it won’t be the humiliation that Cruz or Ryan would bring to the GOP.


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