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Endorse This: Louisiana Says ‘Adieu’ To Bobby Jindal

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Endorse This: Louisiana Says ‘Adieu’ To Bobby Jindal



The new Democratic governor-elect of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, recounted to reporters Sunday the gracious call he received from the outgoing GOP governor (and ex-presidential candidate) Bobby Jindal, who offered warm wishes to him and family.

And then Edwards proceeded to throw some serious shade at his soon-to-be predecessor — by outlining his agenda to reverse just about all of Jindal’s major policies in Louisiana.

“The last thing that I want to do is compound the problems that Gov. Jindal has created,” Edwards said, notably from Jindal’s opposition to Medicaid expansion and his many socially divisive state executive orders.

And now thanks to a Democratic governor in this deeply Republican state, a lot more people will be getting access to health care — all because Edwards’s GOP opponent in the election, U.S. Sen. David Vitter, was a hypocritical social conservative champion best known for his own prostitution scandal. Laissez les bon temps rouler! — or, “Let the good times roll!”

Video via NBC News.

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  1. TZToronto November 23, 2015

    Here in Canada many of the policies of the previous Conservative government of Stephen Harper are being dismantled by the new Liberal government under Justin Trudeau. For example, denial of climate change (or at least doing nothing about it) is out the window, and Canada will be participating in the climate change conference in Paris. Government scientists who, under Harper, were forbidden to talk to the press are now free to discuss their work and their findings. The traditional First Ministers Conference between the Prime Minister and the provincial Premiers which Harper had not attended since 2009 will now have Prime Minster Trudeau in attendance. Canada’s participation in the air war against ISIS is also ending under Trudeau, and Canada will be accepting 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of this year. Changes under liberals can be quick and dramatic, especially when the changes undo reactionary policies designed to help those who need no help or to enforce a backward ideology of stagnation. Of course, Edwards isn’t exactly what we’d like to see at the head of Louisiana, but he’s way better than the alternative.

    1. dtgraham November 23, 2015

      The Conservatives always talked a good game publicly about mad-made climate change because you sort of have to, to have credibility in Canada but everybody knew they weren’t serious. They used to take credit for whatever the provinces did on limiting greenhouse gas emissions, simply because it happened on their watch.

      Did you hear that Rachel Notley just announced an economy wide carbon tax in Alberta? She seems very serious about reducing emissions by putting a price on it. I think California has carbon pricing too.

      I’m really liking Trudeau so far. This guy is very, very progressive on climate change, gender equality and a host of other things. So far he seems to be the most left wing Liberal that I’ve ever seen federally. I know it’s early but…… Now, if he can just get rid of first past the post when the time comes. I’d love mixed member proportional representation but I’ll take whatever I can get.

      1. TZToronto November 23, 2015

        The various jurisdictions in North America will be working together on their carbon tax policies. Too bad there are only a few at the moment. As for Trudeau, so far he’s walked the talk, as they say. . . . Was anyone surprised to see that the Conservatives were actually running a deficit when they claimed to have a surplus? Doesn’t seem to have helped them in the election.

        1. dtgraham November 23, 2015

          I certainly wasn’t. They only announced a balanced budget after pulling every fiscal trick in the book, some of which governments should never do. Taking 2/3 of the emergency contingency fund, selling government assets at a loss (GM), dipping into the EI fund, putting off certain non-discretionary spending to the next fiscal period, etc… All to show a phony, smoke and mirrors balanced budget in an election year. Turns out it STILL wasn’t balanced! Harper was the biggest fiscal fraud in history.

          1. TZToronto November 23, 2015

            Funny, isn’t it, how conservatives are always touting their ability to balance budgets while lowering taxes and cutting government spending. When the dust settles and things can be seen clearly, it’s usually bigger government, wealthier wealthy people, and increased budget deficits. In the U.S. it’s also a bigger military with goodies the military didn’t even ask for, all to get the pork to local economies that can’t survive with military spending.

          2. yabbed November 23, 2015

            The American economy has been proven to be better under Democratic administrations than Republican. It’s fact.

          3. TZToronto November 23, 2015

            If all you ever listened to was Fox News, you’d never know that the economy thrives under Democrats and is trashed by Republicans.

          4. Independent1 November 24, 2015

            Actually, FoxBusiness does admit that the economy and stock market perform better under Democrats but they most likely do it in a quick news release at a time when their polling shows few people are watching.

            See this from FoxBusiness:

            History Shows Stocks, GDP Outperform Under Democrats

            Thanks to their pro-business approach and the anemic recovery, Republicans would seem to have a clear path to grab the economic mantle heading into the 2012 race for the White House.

            However, history actually shows that the U.S. economy, stock prices and corporate profits have generated stronger growth under Democratic administrations than Republican ones.

            According to McGraw-Hill’s (MHP) S&P Capital IQ, the S&P 500 has rallied an average of 12.1% per year since 1901 when Democrats occupy the White House, compared with
            just 5.1% for the GOP.

            Likewise, gross domestic product has increased 4.2% each year since 1949 when Democrats run the executive branch, versus 2.6% under Republicans.

            Even corporate profits show a disparity: S&P 500 GAAP earnings per share climbed a median of 10.5% per year since 1936 during Democratic administrations, besting an 8.9% median advance under Republicans, S&P said.

            More on this…


            Of course what they don’t admit is that you can’t run a government like a business which is why virtually every really business oriented Republican that has ever been in office has been a disaster. And that essentially Republicans know nothing about how to EFFECTIVELY run a government.

          5. TZToronto November 24, 2015

            Excellent points, of course. Business is business, but on Fox, news is often fiction. It’s one thing to talk about business to people who understand business, but it’s another thing to talk to people who hear only what they want to hear and who believe that making a lot of money qualifies you for everything.

  2. yabbed November 23, 2015

    Any Democrat is always a million times better than any Republican. At least LA has a chance in life now.

    1. Mark Caponigro November 24, 2015

      OK, we’ll see. John Bel Edwards looks kind of DINO-ish.

  3. Otto Greif November 23, 2015

    He claims he’s pro-gun and anti-abortion.

    1. dtgraham November 23, 2015

      You know how to ruin a party Otto. Well, all politics are local as they say. A Democrat in Louisiana won’t be exactly the same as a Democrat in Vermont. The health care is the main thing.

      1. Otto Greif November 23, 2015

        Actually Vermont Democrats are usually pro-gun. Vermont has less gun control can than Texas does.

        1. dtgraham November 23, 2015

          On guns, that’s right. I forgot about that. Should have used a different example.

        2. yabbed November 23, 2015

          Bernie Sanders has voted against all Democratic attempts to pass gun control legislation, including the Brady Bill. Following the slaughter of 5 and 6 year old schoolchildren in Sandy Hook, Sanders’ comment when he voted against stronger background checks was “well, hammers kill people, too”.

          1. dtgraham November 24, 2015

            Not exactly true. Bernie voted against the Brady bill because it would have prevented non-violent felons from ever owning a gun, long after their sentence is up.

            He may have thought that gun laws alone wouldn’t stop massacres like Sandy Hook without improved mental health services as well, but he said that after voting for increased background checks on gun sales in 2013. He also voted for an assault weapons ban in 2013.

            I don’t share his views on guns but his gun voting record isn’t quite as bad as it’s painted out to be, and he has come around on some gun issues. Now if Hillary would just come around on Glass-Steagall.

  4. dtgraham November 23, 2015

    This is wonderful news out of Louisiana. Just reading the results now because of the National Memo. Edwards is really going to clean house from what Jindal left behind. Great. A whole lot of people there will now have health insurance that the “deeply devout” Jindal denied them. Terrific.

  5. Phil Johnson November 23, 2015

    I would like to see some voting stats. As a prior N’Awlins resident, I know that GOTV efforts are always needed there. I applaud the changing of the guard, but suspect that it was a serendipitous event, not likely to duplicate itself in 2016 — unless something happens that will give the electorate reason to bother. And that means some progressive leaders have to come to the fore.

    aures lupi

  6. Jinmichigan November 23, 2015

    Jindal is going to have to lie on his resume after this fiasco.

    1. 1standlastword November 23, 2015

      I heard the turd was on his way to a conservative stink tank…oops…I mean think tank..LOL!!!

      1. @HawaiianTater November 24, 2015

        Conservative think tank is an oxymoron.

        1. 1standlastword November 25, 2015

          LOL!!! Then stink tank it is!!!!

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