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Endorse This: Peter King On Ted Cruz: ‘I’ll Take Cyanide If He Wins The Nomination’

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Endorse This: Peter King On Ted Cruz: ‘I’ll Take Cyanide If He Wins The Nomination’


In an interview yesterday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Congressman Peter King made his opinions known on Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who later failed to pick up a single delegate in King’s state of New York:

“Well, first of all, in case anybody gets confused, I’m not endorsing Ted Cruz. I hate Ted Cruz. And I think I’ll take cyanide if he got the nomination,” King said.

King had previously said of a potential Cruz nomination, “I will jump off that bridge when we come to it.”

Nassau and Suffolk counties, whose voters elected King to his 12th term representing New York’s second congressional district in 2014, both voted for Donald Trump by wide margins.

King said he’d voted for John Kasich, “to send a message,” but recalled how his constituents on Long Island couldn’t stop talking about Donald Trump. In early March he joked that “Maybe I’ll become a reporter for the Daily News,” if Trump were the Republican nominee in an interview with that paper.

King said later in the same Morning Joe interview that he wasn’t endorsing John Kasich because he wanted “to keep my powder dry” for a convention endorsement.

Given Kasich’s — or anyone else’s — slim chances at wrestling this nomination away from either Trump or Cruz in Cleveland, Congressman King may have an unenviable choice to make in a few months.

Video and photo: MSNBC/ Washington Free Beacon.



  1. Elliott Hankin April 20, 2016

    Cruz is a hatred biggot!!!!! Die bitch

  2. groversyck April 20, 2016

    I will give King a big spoon, to make sure he gits enough to do the job.

  3. yabbed April 20, 2016

    No one likes Cruz, not even his wife and children.

    1. Marlenesvance1 April 21, 2016

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  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 20, 2016

    Peter, relax. There’s no need for anyone to go to such drastic measures as you suggest.
    All you and others need do is quite simple:

    1) Don’t submit to being submissive to any partisan group—that way, you don’t have to get stressed and damage your internal organs over the rancid choices. Just vote in a sane and rational way without hypnotic suggestions, or overt demands, on whom to vote for.
    Such demands on how to vote are the antithesis of “Democracy”

    2) Begin an earnest consultation with all Americans, not just a partisan few, in order to
    come up with a more vibrant, objective, and less contentious electoral process.

    3) As a corollary to the first two items above, remove completely the necessity for the infusion of big money from any source in order to elect any official. This will require
    a painful yet necessary readjustment of our nation’s overall thought process, and a complete retooling on the very mechanics involved with the current form of governance.

    All of the above will require the assistance of an External Force/Agency that transcends petty human infatuations, habits and limitations.

    The source and nature of that “Agency” has been alluded to on numerous occasions
    in previous posts.

    Utopian? Many considered the downfall of the Roman Empire as utopian, or that the former Kings, Caliphates, and other Rulers of the 19th Century and their Empires would fail and become footnotes in history books.

  5. Bren Frowick April 20, 2016

    Don’t worry, Peter; you’re quite safe from facing that particular problem. Now, what sort of poison will you partake of if TRUMP gets the nomination?

  6. Ginger April 20, 2016

    I agree with him about Cruz being a phony. But, he should be careful making those kinds of statements because someone may just help Cruz become the nominee just to see Peter King take cyanide. I think if the GOP tries to block Trump from getting the nomination, all the RINOs should take cyanide. Go Trump!

  7. Jmz Nesky April 28, 2016

    We know this knucklehead won’t actually take cyanide just as we knew Nugent wouldn’t die or be tossed in prison if Obama won a second term.. Just as we knew Limbaugh wouldn’t find a home on another planet, uh.. I mean country.. What their really saying is their a bunch of phony blowhards with self-centered interests that amounts to squat. We all know what will happen if someone other than their main stream puppet doesn’t get the nod or presidency.. at least two more years of ‘NO!’ from highly paid congressional slackers and (no) representation house pets.


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