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Endorse This: Samantha Bee On The $20: Jackson Was ‘Trump With Better Hair’

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Endorse This: Samantha Bee On The $20: Jackson Was ‘Trump With Better Hair’

Samantha Bee

The conservative backlash against Harriet Tubman’s new spot on the twenty has been amazing to watch. For starters, the right seems to fundamentally misunderstand how frequently throughout history our currency has changed in small and large ways (all the time). Instead of seeing Tubman for who she is (the first of many black women throughout American history who ought to have their actions officially acknowledged in this way), the right has gone bonkers implying this is the start of some cultural insurrection.

Against whom? Andrew Jackson? Good riddance.

This argument sounds less like a legitimate debate about the future of currency and more like a great national panic attack over change.

Samantha Bee knows more about change than most people on TV: she’s the only woman on late night TV. And last night, she broke down why protesting the Tubman twenty is such a useless waste of time.

Photo: Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.



  1. Daniel Jones April 26, 2016

    The “right” wingnuts have been trying to adjust the narrative and entrench themselves for decades. Any positive change implies their bullshit was bullshit, so they’ll actually try to sink the damned country to avoid that!

  2. Otto T. Goat April 26, 2016

    Only woman on late night TV, what an accomplishment! She should be put on the $1 bill instead of George Washington! He owned slaves, he never overcame sexism, plus he never had a light night show!

    1. jmprint April 26, 2016

      nor late night.

  3. yabbed April 26, 2016

    Good riddance to Andrew Jackson. Right wing freaks can’t take power in a woman or in an African American. Tubman gives them a double whammy. 🙂

    1. GraceAdams830 April 26, 2016

      Wasn’t Andrew Jackson a war hero from the war of 1812? And Harriet Tubman a runaway slave who came back to led other slaves to freedom on the underground railroad? Of the two I would rather have the runaway slave than the war hero. Why celebrate war?

      1. yabbed April 26, 2016

        Jackson slaughtered a huge number of Native Americans. I’m with you. Tubman is far superior in character and accomplishment.

        1. Theresarcash4 April 27, 2016

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        2. GraceAdams830 April 27, 2016

          Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

      2. idamag April 26, 2016

        Your last sentence bears repeating, “Why celebrate war?” Why have the person responsible for The Trail of Tears on any currency?

        1. GraceAdams830 April 27, 2016

          What can be done to promote peace INSTEAD of war? Can we buy peaceful stuff like renewable energy equipment instead of weapons of war? Declare war on ce due to too much blimate chang

  4. idamag April 26, 2016

    Naturally, today’s Republican Party would revere the racist Jackson who starved almost an entire Tribe of Native Americans. He moved them from their productive lands to desolation to allow the nice white Christians to steal their land.

  5. ridemybroom April 27, 2016

    I think (imop) that Aunt Jemima on the 20 and Uncle Ben on the 10 bills would have been better choices…why…they represented slavery in more ways than one…

  6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth April 27, 2016

    Although many of the so-called founding fathers of America had slaves, the decision of Jackson to forcibly remove so many women, children, the elderly, and the men to take a tortuous trip on foot from the eastern region of America out to Oklahoma and environs shows a callous disregard that betrays the very spirit and essence of being Christian. That decision alone puts him well beyond the pale of decency and being human.

    Any decent human being at the time who had an inkling of what Jackson’s proposal entailed would have been repulsed at the very notion of putting Jackson on any currency.

    The current furor coming from the Wing Nut sector of America shows that the same disregard for human values is very much alive and well, and thriving.

    “Uncle Ben” and “Lord Fauntleroy” seem quite happy to be in the vanguard of naysayers against the choice of putting Ms. Tubman on the $20 bill. (The churlish suggestion of putting her on a $2.00 bill further highlights the mental impairment and loss of common-sense currently suffered by the good doctor).

    “Old Hickory has a stain on his record in this earthly realm that will be on the Books for all time—What a legacy to leave behind.


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