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Endorse This: Ted Cruz Heckled Out Of The Bronx

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Endorse This: Ted Cruz Heckled Out Of The Bronx

Ted Cruz protestors

Months ago, Ted Cruz decried “New York Values” in a Republican debate, either forgetting that it was televised or assuming he wouldn’t need to care about New York’s Republican primary. That was then, in January, before the Iowa caucuses and before Ted Cruz got a chance to see just how unpopular his own values are in New York.

Yesterday, Cruz couldn’t walk two blocks in the Bronx — one of the most diverse county in the nation — without hearing from real New Yorkers about their real beliefs; namely, that Ted Cruz is a bigot.

Obviously: His foreign policy advisors include Frank Gaffney, an Islamophobic McCarthyite. Cruz wanted to “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods after the Brussels bombings (New York City police chief Bill Bratton had something to say about that), and he threatened to shut down the government last December to protest President Obama’s efforts to shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation.

The Bronx knows all this.

The day started when rap duo and Telesur journalists Rebel Diaz confronted Cruz about his climate denialism and bigotry at a campaign stop at Sabrosura 2 Restaurant.



Then Cruz was heckled by passersby as he spoke to journalists on the street. One asked Cruz “Where’s your Bronx visa?”

And those are just the events Cruz was able to attend: he had planned on speaking at a Bronx charter school, Lighthouse College Preparatory, but the appearance was cancelled when students at the school threatened a walk out. In a letter to their principal, they outlined their objections to Cruz:


Photo: Screen shot from AP video
Video: TeleSUR English, AP.



  1. ray April 7, 2016

    Way to go Bronx give him hell.

  2. dpaano April 7, 2016

    Fantastic!!! Makes me proud to see some of our young people are becoming more political….hopefully, they feel the same about Trump!!!

  3. terry b April 7, 2016

    If you are a fan of Adolph Hitler then Cruz is definitely your man. Trump apparently admires him too not not quite as much as Cruz seems to.

  4. Joseph Leslie April 7, 2016

    Cruz is getting the same reception that “Vice President” Richard Nixon did on his Latin American “friendship tour” when Eisenhour was President! Cruz is weirder than Nixon ever was!

    1. Dominick Vila April 10, 2016

      I was living in Venezuela when people threw rotten eggs at Nixon’s motorcade.

      1. CPAinNewYork April 10, 2016

        How do you know the eggs were rotten? Were you one of hte egg throwers?

        1. Dominick Vila April 10, 2016

          Because they stunk like hell.

      2. Joseph Leslie April 11, 2016

        People threw more more than rotten eggs.

  5. Charles H. Green April 7, 2016

    A real Bronx cheer for Mr Cruz!

  6. CrankyToo April 7, 2016

    Yeah Bronx! Way to take that POS to the hoop!

    PS – Go Sox!

  7. marks April 7, 2016

    Great to see students expressing the New York Values that Cruz hates

  8. aboonaj April 7, 2016

    Good for THEM! Well-spoken, articulate, learned, intelligent in 2 languages!!! GREAT!

  9. SEAN PAN April 7, 2016

    It’s Donald Trump’s home turf.

  10. FT66 April 7, 2016

    Welcome to NY, Cruz. I think all the joy you had after winning in Wisconsin has now dumped into a very cold feeling.

  11. DeignsToRespond April 7, 2016

    I’m sure this will only embolden Cruz’s supporters and reinforce their opinion that they are “under attack”. Which is perfectly fine – their values are unamerican and unpatritotic, unlike these protesters, who understand what the USA is really about – diversity, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech.

    1. Jim April 7, 2016

      Diversity is good unless we’re letting in far far to many immigrants and we are, 2. Freedom is good until some are trying to push out other religions which maybe the case here, 3. freedom of speech is good until some claim your discriminating, liberal’s are, I’m voting republican for the first time because liberal’s have to much of a bleeding heart and it’s hurting our country.

      1. Independent1 April 7, 2016

        Is that why it’s Republican run states that lead the nation in everything you can think of that’s bad?? Republican-run states BY Far lead America in:

        Every form of dying prematurely, be it at birth, be it giving birth, be it by murder, be it by suicide, be it by some disease, you name it.

        being the most miserable states to live in with the worst quality of life.

        having the largest percentages of their residents living in poverty and on the verge of bankruptcy.

        their residents making the smallest incomes and therefore having the least to spend on everyday necessities.

        being the states with the highest rates of violence & murder.

        being the states that need the most federal aid to keep the state functioning.

        having the lowest percentages of their residents with college degrees.

        And on and on and on.

        1. Jim April 8, 2016

          I still don’t like republicans but this time I’m voting for trump or Cruz because I don’t like gay marriage, another restroom for the gender confused, democrats letting in so many immigrants even from the middle east at a bad time, Christianity being persecuted so I have to reluctantly vote for republicans now. The democrats have to much of a bleeding heart.

          1. I of John April 8, 2016

            Better a heart bleeds too much than one that is made of stone.

          2. Jim April 8, 2016

            My heart bleeds just enough.

          3. Independent1 April 8, 2016

            I guess bigots will do what they’ll do.

          4. Jim April 8, 2016

            Well excuse me for wanting traditional families and values in America, I think homosexuality is a medical problem that needs a cure, not changing to suit homosexual’s, excuse me for not wanting gays in my tv shows everything was fine before gays and there advocate’s started pushing to normalize there life style.

          5. Independent1 April 8, 2016

            Being gay is not a medical condition. It has long ago been proven by scientists that being gay is not a choice; it’s a genetic condition. Scientists have even proven that there are gay animals.

          6. Jim April 9, 2016

            Didn’t say it was a choice I agree, but a genetic condition can be cured someday, maybe with gene therapy the sooner the better, but I will have to look into this because I heard they said it was not gene.

          7. Dominick Vila April 10, 2016

            Your profile picture suggest that you are not Native American. Why do you oppose the entry of immigrants in a country where the overwhelming majority of its population are descendants of immigrants? Is it because of the skin pigmentation of a large percentage of the newcomers?

          8. Jim April 10, 2016

            1. There are to many people here already 2. There are far to many illegal people coming in every year 3. According to a census report Mexican & Hispanics are the fastest growing group in the u.s. and more Asian baby’s were born here then Hispanics at that rate whites and blacks will be a minority, w. & b. Population isn’t growing that fast & neither should there’s.

          9. Dominick Vila April 10, 2016

            According to the latest census and Border Patrol records, there are more Mexican and Central Americans leaving the USA, than those who are coming in. The ethnic group with the largest growth rate are Asians, mostly from China and India. A large number of Asian immigrants are professionals (medical doctors, engineers, computer scientists, physicists, chemists, etc). They are satisfying domestic demand for highly skilled labor in their respective specialties. The only option left, for high tech companies, if the inflow of qualified professionals stops would be to off shore their work to countries where there are enough skilled workers to meet their requirements.

          10. Jim April 10, 2016

            It’s good there leaving but that’s probably because they mite have to anyway, better to leave on there own terms then forced out, Chinese & Indian you know we have a serious problem with those two stealing our intellectual property, that’s what we need more of them in places were they can steal more, and with out overly bleeding heart liberal’s naturalized Americans there will be Some , If our young people stopped trying to be rock stars and actors and that would help, I saw a list of actors with above 140 IQ’s who dropped out of school to peruse acting all were white and famous, most people can become actor’s why do the smart one’s quite school, U.S.is going to be over run by foreigners & governed by there children or grandchildren, previous American generations made this country great now we’re looking at perhaps foreign Americans rebuilding our greatness.

          11. CPAinNewYork April 10, 2016

            Skin pigmentation is part of the problem. Another is the way twelve million illegals got here: they sneaked in. Yet another is their propensity to work off the books and to not pay property taxes, which means that they are a financial burden to us.

            A similar situation existed in the 1850s, when the “famine Irish” invaded America. The Civil War enhanced their reputation because they were good soldiers.

      2. DeignsToRespond April 8, 2016

        Liberal’s what?

      3. Gilbert West April 8, 2016

        You must have forgotten how many millions of European immigrants came to this country, and how much killing, rape, and pillage they committed. You people sick. Go bleed your own damn heart… Go back to where you came from and take your damn family with you.

  12. Kris Weibel April 7, 2016

    Bravo. Thank You to all that participated.

  13. _Steve_ April 7, 2016

    Ha ha ha ha!

  14. edwardw69 April 7, 2016

    Cruz literally interprets the Bible. He believes the entire Universe is only 6000 years old; he believes that an all-mighty god was so tired creating everything, that he had to rest for a day; he believes that the dinosaurs were around when people were, and that evolution is false; that Adam and Eve had two sons–one of which killed the other–and apparently, since they had no other children–apparently, Cain copulated with his own mother. We are their progeny.
    He is a Seven Mountain Dominionist.. Look it up.

    1. Gary Graves April 12, 2016

      Every thing you wrote is true and the facts prove it.

  15. mamaline47 April 7, 2016

    Bravo. Great. I love it. Stand up everybody to these Bigots, and give them what they deserve. He had balls going to that neighborhood anyway. He’s an arrogant ass.

  16. yabbed April 7, 2016

    Cruz is a total misfit in NYC and most especially in the Bronx. NYers are teaching him a lesson in NY values: harmony in diversity.

    1. FireBaron April 8, 2016

      You could have left off everything after the first instance of the work “in”, and the statement would have been perfect.

  17. Jmz Nesky April 7, 2016

    GOP eventually has to admit it.. They cater to losers on their side, believing that most Americans gladly desire to offer tax breaks and welfare to the elite for that age old promise of ‘trickle down’ and don’t mind obliterating help and support to the poor, needy, aged and veterans of America. In essence they found the right ding bats to do exactly what they want.. Their failure is, no one with intelligence and morals agree with them.

  18. Dominick Vila April 10, 2016

    I wish the young students at BLCPA had included Trump in their letter. We need more people willing to step up and voice their opposition to hate, prejudice, bigotry, and irresponsibility. One of the most perplexing facets of the 2016 campaign is the number of people who are deliberately endorsing some candidates because of their lack of qualifications and relevant experience. When did ignorance, irresponsibility, and bigotry become personal attributes worthy of support?

    1. CPAinNewYork April 10, 2016

      Lately, since Jimmy Carter was elected.

      1. JPHALL April 10, 2016

        You must mean the last three Republican presidents!


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