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Endorse This: The Benghazi Show Must Go On!

Endorse This

Endorse This: The Benghazi Show Must Go On!



Newt Gingrich doesn’t trust the latest House committee report on Benghazi, which has actually exonerated the Obama administration — but there’s always the next one.

Click above to watch Newt this Monday on CNN, slamming the CIA for having allegedly “co-opted” the report — then share this video!

Video via Wolf/CNN.

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  1. Westviking November 25, 2014

    ginrich will say anything, always with the same intense and cocksure delivery. remember when one week after he demanded that Obama intervene in Libya, he declared, “I would not have intervened.” just as forcefully.

    1. DurdyDawg November 26, 2014

      You can’t spout a truth to gasbags like Gingrich and simmss.. To them no president is capable enough to run this country except for the few they reminisce about who already has.. Just look at who they keep trying to push on us and you’ll see how right I am. They don’t even have the trust of those who COULD run a good race (like Huntsman) but instead rally around losers like them. They continue to throw dirt at Obama in order to try and hide the mire that they themselves wallow in. They’re like the unproductive a-holes who continually goof off watching and nagging about others not of their ilk who goof off then use the excuse that it’s everyone elses fault (like Obama’s) that THEY’RE forced to goof off. Wankers like the Newt was never drawn into politics to help the nation but for the perks they receive from it and the responsibilities they can wave off.

  2. simmss November 25, 2014

    Is it ever refreshing to listen to the truth unlike the lies coming out of the obama camp daily. Literally daily. All one has to do is look about you and see how this once great country is looked upon by us and the rest of the world. We are a joke and the manchurian candidate is loving every minute of it.

    1. Sand_Cat November 25, 2014

      You obviously have seriously defective hearing. Get it checked.

      1. simmss November 25, 2014

        The voters spoke. seems 2 me I heard that when the false one was voted in.

        1. JPHALL November 25, 2014

          What false one? Your momma?

          1. simmss November 26, 2014

            typical Saul Alynski retorts. call names. grow up dippy.

          2. JPHALL November 26, 2014

            The same retort applies to you. You made unsubstantiated statements to allow yourself an excuse to put someone else down.. Subject: Re: New comment posted on Endorse This: The Benghazi Show Must Go On!

    2. JPHALL November 25, 2014

      That remark is so funny. You right wingers always complain about Obama taking trips. But you never see anti Obama anything out of the countries he visits. While your buddies Bush and Cheney are afraid to leave this country even to Canada. Your fantasy of hatred is only shared by America’s enemies.

      1. simmss November 26, 2014

        go to a site called1,000 newspapers and click any country of your choice. or all of them, whatever u want and read the articles about obama. most wonder why the best country in the world at one time is spiraling down to a 3rd world order. Read.

        1. Justin Napolitano November 26, 2014


        2. JPHALL November 26, 2014

          T went to your site. Where are the put downs on Obama versus the political situation in the US? Just your opinion. Subject: Re: New comment posted on Endorse This: The Benghazi Show Must Go On!

    3. Justin Napolitano November 26, 2014

      Please take your medication, your insanity is showing.

  3. cpbis November 25, 2014

    When will we ever learn. The Benghazi nightmare has to end. We spend more time and money disagreeing on an issue that has been talked about, investigated and reviewed time and again. It’s over. Should we go back and investigate previous administrations and their many diplomats and their staffs being killed. We need to stop all of these claims and do the business Congress is supposed to do for us all.

  4. a80a November 25, 2014

    the Republicans on the committee plus the Democrats have decided the Obama administration did not try to hide any facts about the Benghazi attack so why want NEWT the puke shut up about Benghazi?

  5. Brian Harvill November 25, 2014

    Time that republicans let it go unstead of wasting more time and money finding out what is already known. The Obama administration is not to blame here.

  6. Justin Napolitano November 26, 2014

    The Republicans are so full of hate that they even hate themselves.
    They talk, talk, talk but never accomplish anything. And even when they finish an investigation they can’t wait to start another because they don’t believe the very information they themselves complied.
    The next two years are going to be fun to watch while Obama makes the Republicans more crazy that they already are.


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