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#EndorseThis: How (Not) To Cope With North Korea’s H-Bomb

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#EndorseThis: How (Not) To Cope With North Korea’s H-Bomb


With Kim Jong Un brandishing a thermonuclear weapon — specifically his very own “peanut-shaped” H-bomb  — the world faces fresh peril. So what is Donald Trump’s strategy for dealing with this threat?

Let’s just say Trevor Noah is not impressed. In fact as summer ends, he’s just glad he isn’t wearing white pants.



  1. Dapper Dan September 6, 2017

    Are we all going to die over Trumps incompetence ? We’ll see ????

  2. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 6, 2017

    DUMP 45 is threatening China now with trade as far as the fat dough boy of North Korea go’s . he threatens every one the clueless clown thinks that’s how things get done . as far as China go’s I think thy could and should be doing more on North Korea but thy don’t . but it DUMP 45 attacks North Korea first then thy will side with the fat dough boy . I say just do all the blocking on them and let him act the blow hard (just like DUMP 45 IS ) and yes its hard to just wait . but it can be all BULLSHIfT talk .fat boy known if he dose something first it could be the end of North Korea . for the world will know what thy did and as it is the world dose not like that fat boy child anyways . ( but all in all theres a pair that swing from the back of a bull DUMP 45 & THE FAT DOUGHBOY FROM N. KOREA 2 peas in a pod bot hero’s in their own minds thy feel thy are the best thing that ever happen to them self’s


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