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#EndorseThis: Corey Lewandowski Says Trump’s Arizona Speech Clearly Meant For White Men

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#EndorseThis: Corey Lewandowski Says Trump’s Arizona Speech Clearly Meant For White Men


The charge against Donald Trump’s immigration so-called proposals is that they’re nonsensical word salad meant to appeal to white people.

Deport 2 million people, in the first hour of your presidency? Yes, Donald Trump did promise that last night, along with an ideological test on immigrants and a plan to begin forcing the rest of the 11 million undocumented people out of the country… after the inaugural ball, I suppose.

Word salad. Nonsense. Impossible. These are not real proposals, or if they are, then Donald Trump also plans on bankrupting the Department of Homeland Security, creating another recession by taking millions of people out of the work force, and deporting the citizen children of undocumented immigrants, because, as Trump has said: We won’t split up the families (that would be cruel) they are all leaving.

So it may have been a bit shocking to hear Corey Lewandowski say that Trump’s red meat speech last night was aimed at white men specifically, but it wasn’t a surprise at all. That has been the aim of Trump’s whole campaign, and watching him gaslight his supporters last week with an alleged “softening,” on immigration, by briefly proposing that “the good ones” be allowed to stay, turned out to be one of the media’s vague, Trumpian fever dreams: It happened, but not really.

Thankfully, Lewandowski, who is at once a paid commentator for CNN and an informal advisor to the Trump campaign, from whom he is also receiving severance pay, set the record straight last night. The “America First” theme, and Trump’s rabid immigration speech, he said, were meant for a specific demographic.

Then again, given Trump’s shocking change in tone over the few hours it took for him to cross the border, perhaps this whole campaign is built to please whomever he happens to be speaking to at the time.

Video: CNN, The Guardian



  1. greenlantern1 September 1, 2016

    Was Elian Gonzales an illegal alien or not?
    Where were YOU when Attorney-General Janet Reno UPHELD our immigration laws?
    Ever read the autobiography, NEVER AGAIN, by Attorney-General John Ashcroft?
    He ordered the RESCUE of illegals!
    Did he overstep his authority?

    1. johninPCFL September 1, 2016

      Elian Gonzales was NOT an illegal. He was Cuban, and they get special treatment.

      1. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

        Including unconditional asylum, and a path to citizenship.

        1. Joan September 2, 2016

          It is apparent that neither Trump, nor his supporters know our immigration laws or much about our history. They don’t know that President Obama has deported more people than any other President. They don’t know that there are fewer undocumented people crossing our southern boarder now, than in the past. They do not know that our current President has beefed up boarder security with more fencing, more agents and more technology. They do not know that our President has been prioritizing deportations along the very same lines that Trump suggested, dangerous criminals first. They heard the hate, the blaming, and the lies – which is what they wanted.

          1. Dominick Vila September 2, 2016

            Unfortunately, many among us are either more interested in promoting hate and division, or are too prejudiced to think rationally, than consider facts such as the ones you cited.
            I have been repeating the same thing in this forum for years, and it has made no difference whatsoever to those who seem obsessed with an issue that could be solved easily, and that has diminished in recent year. The obvious question is where were all these zealots when the largest number of illegal immigrants entered the USA illegally when President Reagan was in Office, and when The Gipper granted them unconditional and irrevocable amnesty?
            The answer is obvious. Most of the critics could care less about illegal immigrants. The goal is to project President Obama and Hillary as being weak on immigration, foreign policy, and even blame them for the economic chaos, record job losses, deficit spending, and accumulation of debt that President Obama inherited!
            It also takes nerve for members of the party that controlled the White House on 9/11, and when eleven U.S. embassies and consulates were attacked by terrorists, to accuse Hillary of wrongdoing because of what happened in Benghazi. Can you imagine what would have happened if a 9/11 or a large number of U.S. missions had been attacked during President Obama’s tenure? Impeachment would have been the least of his problems.

  2. Jon September 1, 2016

    I can’t wait until tomorrow. I am excited to find out what Trump’s immigration policy will be.

    1. johninnv September 1, 2016

      I predict it will be Softening…and then Hardening!! OOOPs – hope the moderators don’t censor that!

    2. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

      There are still a few more TV viewing hours today…

  3. InformedVoter September 1, 2016

    31% of the prison population are illegals. It would seem that it would be fairly easy to deport these felons. We know who they are, where they are and they’ve committed a crime that deserves being in prison. Once Trump gets elected, the government should be able to prepare an orderly deportation of these convicted felons in January 2017. Oh, I forgot, Obama’s team will still be in office until January 2017, so we can expect the government to grant each and everyone of these convicted felons a presidential pardon and release them into society.

    1. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

      The last thing we should do is turn inmates who have committed serious crimes lose. Deporting them to Mexico, or Central America, does not guarantee they will be imprisoned there, and it does not guarantee they will not come back to the USA. Wall or no wall.

      1. InformedVoter September 1, 2016

        Yes, there is no guarantee they would be sent to prison or try to return to the USA. If our border protection worked as efficiently as it did BEFORE Obama destroyed it, most would not get back in. And since these convicted felons were to be stopped, they would suffer even greater consequences like being deported to countries opposed to their native lands. Thus, they would be imprisoned in a hostile, foreign land.

        1. bobnstuff September 2, 2016

          How did Obama destroy our border protection? Look at the Republican passed immigration laws before you start complaining about the our President.

          1. InformedVoter September 2, 2016

            Must you continually display your ignorance? Obama’s orders to stop patrolling the southern border certainly helped destroy our border protection. Obama’s orders to law enforcement officers to ignore obviously illegals wandering the streets certainly helped destroy our border protection. The list is endless.
            As convicted felons, they only get a cursory hearing about getting deported. No other rights exits. Just as the lefty MSM pleads for these to not be deported, the righty shock jocks have revealed that these convicted felons CAN be deported with as little as 48 hours notice. They have no protections as they are not citizens.

          2. bobnstuff September 2, 2016

            Well once again you proved just how misinformed a voter you are. Obama took border agents from the northern border to the Mexican border when congress wouldn’t give him money to hire more people. He also took a stand on racial profiling, no more stopping everyone who looks Mexican to see their papers. The law says that anyone other then those from Mexico must have a hearing before a immigration judge, that court is backed up 60 weeks and can only handle about 425,000 cases per year. Obama asked for more judges but was told no by the Congress. Once you have served your time for a crime you are released. At that time ICE can pick you up if they want. Most violent felons are picked up and if they are Mexican are sent straight home. If you look at Obama’s record you will see that he is deporting at a higher rate then any other president in the recent past.
            As far as non citizens having protection under the law you are once again misinformed.


          3. InformedVoter September 4, 2016

            What a bunch of meaningless drivel. But that’s typical for low information lefties.
            We’ll stick to your obvious left lie about deportations at a higher rate. Please note the sources are both liberal – the LA Times and USA Today, I suspect that after you read these, that you’ll put your tail between you legs and just go away. (If you’re smart that’s exactly what you’ll do) Any other attempt by you will just make you look even more low information and foolish. Read ’em and weep. I’ve sent these links to many lefties and none of them has had the courage to respond. Good bye – low information dummy.

          4. bobnstuff September 5, 2016

            Here’s an idea, double the number of agents, pick up as many as you can coming, close the borders as much as you can and instead of just putting them on a bus and sending them home charge them with a crime and keep records of who they are so if they return again you can throw them in jail. It sounds like something Bush would do. Next you focus on getting rid of those that have committed crimes instead of those not causing a problem. We could also find a way to get the illegals to register their names and addresses so we know who they are and where they live. Also protect the families of our servicemen. You could make a big deal about the fact that if you show up on our border you will be sent back. How does this sound. That is what these articles are saying Obama has done.

          5. InformedVoter September 6, 2016

            Of course the two articles are praising Obama because they’re liberal. The point is that they destroyed the false impression that he’s actually deporting more than those before him. I challenge you, I suspect your entire crowd have posted that Obama HAD deported more than those before him. Admit it, you have! The same is true for the jobless rate. And don’t forget the global warming issue.
            So instead of saying to yourself “I wonder what else the Obama team has lied to us about?”, you take the attitude that he’s doing a good job. You are being misled and led to the slaughter and you just blindly say “bah”. Incredible! And you question why I refer to your crowd as being low information.

        2. Dominick Vila September 2, 2016

          I hate to tell you this, but the largest influx of illegal immigrants took place when Presidents Reagan and Clinton were in office. It is now at one of its lowest levels in many decades. Admittedly, some of that is due to the 2007 great recession, but the increase in border patrol officers, and the record level of deportations since President Obama was inaugurated also contributed to the reduction.
          Most of the, alleged, 11 million illegal immigrants have been in the USA for over 10 years, not 7.5. Some of them are neither from Mexico nor from Central America. Many are Europeans and Asians, that enter the USA with student or tourist visas, and never leave.
          The Wall is not going to make too much difference. There are other ways to sneak into the USA without having to jump fences or crawl through tunnels.

          1. InformedVoter September 3, 2016

            Why you low information folks like to keep using the tainted stats that Obama’s team spews out is baffling. The stats on deportations, like the jobless numbers, have been altered under Obama’s years. But we’ll stick to the deportation portion.
            Under Obama, deportations have rapidly DECREASED. Try these links provided by the liberal LA Times and liberal USA Today. Read ’em and weep. You low information folks just believe the lies from Obama and blindly accept them!


    2. bobnstuff September 1, 2016

      Even if the have been convicted of a crime if they are from any country other then Mexico they must get a hearing, that’s the law. It’s 60 week wait right now for that hearing so each one if kept in jail till their hearing it will cost $120,000 per illegal.If my math is right to deport one million illegals it will cost $120 billion.

      1. InformedVoter September 1, 2016

        Once more you prove yourself to be low information. A convicted felon has practically zero rights under US laws. The only reason these low lives are still here is because of the Obama policies on illegals. If we wished, these convicted felons would be sent back to their country of origin in less than 30 days each, with just a cursory hearing. Cost, less than the cost of keeping them in prison.

        1. bobnstuff September 2, 2016

          The one right they have is to a trial, that one never goes away. Under our immigration laws they must be given a hearing before they are sent back. Amazingly enough Obama tried to get the law changed but the Republicans blocked it. There are also rules on how long they can keep them in jail without a hearing. You have to remember that being in the country illegally is only a misdemeanor not a felony.

    3. RightThinkingOne September 2, 2016

      Yes. Obama’s “pardoning” of thousands and thousands is unconscionable. Based on your statistics, we can probably assume that 1/3 of those “pardoned” were illegals. Maybe they can be “pardoned,” but then put on a bus or plane out of the country.

      1. Daniel Jones September 2, 2016

        You do realize that Ronald Reagan would have kicked you in the jimmy by this point?

    4. Joan September 5, 2016

      Your forgetting the Constitution – every undocumented is entitled to a hearing before being deported. The process will take much longer than the 24 hours in Trump’s day one. Might have gone faster if the GOP had held hearings on and confirmed judges during President Obama’s term.

      1. InformedVoter September 6, 2016

        While in prison, illegals have a deportation hearing so that upon their release they can be immediately handed over to the ICE. Under Obama, the ICE has stopped taking these felons into custody for deportation. Thus it would be quite simple to take them released felon into custody, have a cursory hearing (all that is necessary) so they understand what is about to occur and then ship ’em out. Legal experts agree that all this could happen in less than 48 hours from when they were released.
        So Trump is correct when he says they would be deported so fast that heads will spin.

        1. Joan September 6, 2016

          Three problems 1) President Obama’s executive actions only sheild criminal undocumented immigrates if they have deep family or community ties and obtain a waiver, very few are given according to CBS. 2) we cannot deport criminal aliens if their country of origin will not except them and the Supreme Court says that we cannot hold them indefinitely while we wait. 3) Sanctuary Cities do not cooperate with ICE.
          President Obama’s executive actions were design to sheild only undocumented immigrants who have lived in the US since childhood or who are parents of a nationalize citizen. President Obama has prioritized the deportation of the dangerous criminals and the more recent arrivals.

  4. Dominick Vila September 1, 2016

    I guess this means that a President Trump would change policies dependent on where he is at in the country, and who he is speaking to at the moment. The sad part of this, is that what Lewandowski said is true.
    Honestly, what he said in Arizona is not new. It is almost a carbon copy of David Duke’s proposal to send all African Americans back to Africa, and all Hispanics-Latinos to Mexico! Looks like Melania is not the only one that engages in plagiarism!

    1. RightThinkingOne September 2, 2016

      People who are here illegally should feel the extent of the law. I lived abroad and would never NOT expect to stay in a nation by breaking its laws.

      1. bobnstuff September 2, 2016

        The full extent of the law is a misdemeanor, the same level of crime as a speeding ticket. Jumping the fence is a $250 fine and six months.

        1. RightThinkingOne September 5, 2016

          Thanks. I did not know that the penalty is virtually nothing.

      2. Dominick Vila September 2, 2016

        I spent 30 years overseas, and could not agree more with your statement.
        However, let’s not forget that the reasons for illegal immigration, besides abject misery in the homeland the immigrants come from, is caused by the fact that our immigration laws have no provisions to grant entry visas for semi-skilled and unskilled workers, and that thousands of American entrepreneurs, and even individuals, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of undocumented immigrants to offer them a job…and exploit them. Want to end illegal immigration without spending a dime? Fine those who hire illegal immigrants, and shut down repeat offenders. No jobs = no illegal immigration.

        1. RightThinkingOne September 5, 2016

          Yes. And go back to the pre-1964 immigration laws that had quotas from each nation.

          1. Dominick Vila September 5, 2016

            Or to the 1950s and Operation Wet Back.

          2. RightThinkingOne September 5, 2016

            Eisenhower’s program had some success, but that might not be necessary. Just go back to the pre-1964 quota system.

    2. Javier Santana September 2, 2016

      Dominick please don’t call him President

  5. Irishgrammy September 1, 2016

    My husband is as white a white man as they come, second generation Irish. He is repulsed by Trump and agrees with absolutely NOTHING this creature screams at his loathsome audience of cheering xenophobic lunatics, on full display last night. We are also in that demographic of the “elderly” over 65…. and frankly I get a little ticked off when I hear about that demographic of the over 65 and white being a majority supporting Trump…..I find it intolerable that having lived for 65 or more years one can be so narrow minded and ridiculously ignorant to hate people simply for what their ancestry is or if they speak another language as well as English with or without an accent. I have never and will never understand racism, ever. Such a disgustingly ugly human failing! It makes one wonder what the Hell have you NOT learned in life or life’s experience that hate and vengeance is your choice for dealing with the immigration issue. The fact that Trump mentioned ending DACA AND DAPA putting these two issues aside to then hunt down these young people and/or their parents/grandparents to deport is beyond sickening!!! No thought, no reason just blind hatred and cruelty. Listening to Trumps diatribe that he/his “group” will be the judge if people “allowed to immigrate” into our “precious” country are “assimilating” well enough for these fascists idiots………just how does one determine THAT????!!!!! SO much to dissect and be thoroughly disgusted by in Trump/Bannon scream fest last night…….

    1. RightThinkingOne September 2, 2016

      It is an arbitrary interpretation that is false: The speech was designed to get rid of illegals and to protect us from terrorism.

      1. Irishgrammy September 2, 2016

        That is unmitigated BS!. Trump speech was to solidify his xenophobic hating base that began to get nervous with his constantly changing softening/hardening absurdity the past week on immigration. It is an age old tactic of immigrant blaming, no matter where the immigrant is from or what religion they are, for all the ills this country has dealt with for well over a hundred and fifty years that has nothing to do with immigrants! This is clearly a result of a weak, confused and split political party, the Republican Party that has condescended to a minority base of bigots and racists for voter share and now has given birth to a Donald J. Trump! Put your ideological bias aside for a few minutes and listen to this. It makes it clear that we are repeating history AGAIN…………!!!


        1. RightThinkingOne September 5, 2016

          Maddow is a master of deceit, and that makes her an egregious liar. I remember one classic from her from years ago that is typical of her dishonesty, and it went like this, in typical Maddow-style:

          First, she mentioned how many retirees depend on investments to supplement their retirement. She creates an image of the elderly who need at least some returns. (That is generally true.)

          Next, she showed an about 4-month period in the stock market, via the DOW. In round figures, it was about 14,000.

          Next, the lying, deceiving Maddow showed the drop to below 7,000. (True also)

          Finally, she said that their savings in the market was cut in half! (Yes, under 7,000 is less than half of 14,000; the math is correct.)

          But that was a LIE. Can you spot her LYING? This is typical of what she does.

      2. Joan September 5, 2016

        How many undocumented people have committed terrorist acts in America? Even the 9-11 conspirators were here legally, ditto Pulse nightclub shooter, ditto San Bernadino couple. Rated mostly false – but thanks for playing.

        1. RightThinkingOne September 5, 2016

          They should have been vetted. Donald J. Trump’s idea about finding out their affiliations and their attitudes toward our great nation – the greatest nation in the history of the world – and our basic principles is excellent. If they cannot abide by, and respect, our system of laws, justice and culture, they should never be allowed to set foot in our land.

          1. Joan September 5, 2016

            Got it. Never let it be said that you were even delayed by pesky details like the truth in your mission to spread the gospel of Trump given to you by the apostle Bannon. Bless your heart.

          2. RightThinkingOne September 5, 2016

            It is important for immigrants to assimilate. Some cultures have more difficulty than others. And if there are large numbers from a culture, they are more likely to adhere to their own culture instead of adopting our great American one.

          3. Joan September 5, 2016

            If there is a ” great American culture” it is the amalgamation of the immigrants who came to our shores. We are a melting pot, and if we want to continue to be great then we must continue this tradition. Wave, after wave of immigrants came, most without papers. They came to a free country. As a staunch supporter of the Constitution and a student of history – I abhor and reject your ” purity” test.

          4. RightThinkingOne September 6, 2016

            If we are going to survive as a nation, we need a national identity to which all generally adhere. We have inherited a culture. Immigrants should strive to “fit in” to this national identity, and we should encourage this assimilation.

          5. Joan September 6, 2016

            You are sounding like a Borg and I for one refuse to be assimilated in your “right thinking America”. I was and am willing to die for my country ( 12 years in the Army) I am pretty sure I would’nt even break a nail for your America. Thank goodness it is a construct of your imagination. I am eagerly awaiting the Taco Truck for my corner.

            We must agree to disagree about pretty much everything.

          6. RightThinkingOne September 6, 2016

            Unity is needed. A sense of identity with a common culture is needed.

            Otherwise, goodbye America.

            And don’t put that “veteran” crapola on me. I am a disabled veteran.

          7. Joan September 6, 2016

            Supprised that you would label anyone’s service as ” carpola” then.
            I say good day to you sir and thank you for your service. I feel that service entitles you to an opinion however misguided I may think it is; just as I feel my service entitles me.

          8. RightThinkingOne September 6, 2016

            No, you deliberately distorted what I wrote: It is crapola to throw out one’s service in the military to “gain points” in any kind of reasoned debate. Truthfully, as a disabled veteran I find it highly offensive. Look at my posts: You will not see me USING my “veteran status” to try to diminish the writing of another. In the future, I hope that you refrain from telling people you are a veteran. The way you use it appears to be a form of trying to intimidate and bully.

          9. Joan September 7, 2016

            Whatever, as I say you are entitled to your opinion. You are even entitled to misrepresent yourself as The “right thinking one”. Advice read and rejected. “I am only resolved to act in that manner, which will, in my own opinion, constitute my happiness, without reference to you, or to any person so wholly unconnected with me.” ( from Pride and Prejudice)
            ” I said good day to you sir, good day!”

          10. RightThinkingOne September 7, 2016

            One should not try to use one’s military service as a way of “getting points” in a discussion. What one is doing is as follows: “Hey, I am a veteran, so if you disagree with me, you are disrespecting veterans.”

            Again, as a disabled veteran, I find that offensive.

    2. Beethoven September 5, 2016

      I am a white male over 65 who grew up in a small city in Alabama. I can remember when I was very young (before starting to school) going to a department store with my mother, where they had separate drinking fountains labeled “White” and “Colored.” I can remember starting to drink from the “Colored” fountain and my mother telling me I wasn’t supposed to use that one. She never said anything like “Black people are nasty, you need to use the clean one,” she simply explained that the rules said I was supposed to use the “White” one, without trying to give any reason why. My parents never taught me that blacks were inferior, they simply didn’t try to fight the prejudice that existed all around them.

  6. Joan September 2, 2016

    We were told to give Trump credit for “softening on immigration” – except he did’ nt. We were told to give Trump credit because he was going to take his minority outreach into a community of color, except that he isn’t. The visit to the black church will happen – but there will be only one person of color there at the time – the pastor. Are there really that many people so angry that they will vote for a serial liar and apparent bigot? What has our country come to?

  7. Javier Santana September 2, 2016

    After the meeting in Mexico with Pena Nieto, and after hard negotiations, Trump is taking all his abroad investments into Mexico, he will pay no taxes(just like he does here), he will pay $0% tariff, he will have no restrictions in the import/export process. Pena Nieto will donate all the land needed, an will build a big and tall wall, to protect and secure Trump’s investment and facilities, this is the wall that Trump has been talking about all this time, it seems is the only wall that Mexico is paying for. But wait a minute, what about the AMERICAN WORKFROCE, we need to make America great again!!!. Well for this issue you will have to talk to Nabisco.


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