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#EndorseThis: Kellyanne Conway Struggles Bigly To Sidestep Evidence Of Collusion

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#EndorseThis: Kellyanne Conway Struggles Bigly To Sidestep Evidence Of Collusion


“Everybody’s trying to convert wishful thinking into hard evidence,” the administration’s loyal spin doctor, Kellyanne Conway, told Good Morning America‘s George Stephanopoulos on Monday, shortly after hard evidence emerged of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Conway to admit her screw-up.



  1. dpaano July 11, 2017

    It’s a little more than “wishful thinking,” KellyAnne. Get your head out of Trump’s a$$$ please and get a brain!

    1. ceekee July 11, 2017

      She won’t. She’s in up to her ears. The entire WH is corrupt.

      1. dpaano July 12, 2017

        Unfortunately, only those of us who did NOT vote for this idiot realize that….the Trumpsters that DID vote for him and his minions have been kept in the dark by FAUX News, etc, and ravings about “false news.”

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2017

      There seems to be a new fetish going around in DC. Sniffing Trump’s behind has an irresistible attraction for Trump loyalists.

    3. Sand_Cat July 11, 2017

      Don’t hold your breath.

  2. apzzyk July 11, 2017

    It has become obvious to me that all of the White House staff including the great leader have a lot of loose screws and seem to have even lost many of these, so as a contributio I am going to my wood shop and bag up a variety of screws to send to the White House so that there might be a possiblity that at least one will be able to get their head and their ass connected again. I have heard talk about raising the height of the White House fence, and while they are at that they might think about putting razor wire on the top to keep them in.

    1. ceekee July 11, 2017


      1. apzzyk July 11, 2017

        Thanks,and more donations will be appreciated.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2017

      Excellent recommendations.

  3. yabbed July 11, 2017

    None so blind as she who will not see. But, then, of course she knows.

    1. ceekee July 11, 2017


    2. Sand_Cat July 11, 2017

      She’s nowhere near so stupid and ignorant as the people who brought this administration and its supporters in Congress to power.

  4. oldlion July 11, 2017

    Kellyanne, Spicey, and Sarah keep trying to polish the Trump Turds, to no avail. Really looking forward to the findings of the Mueller probe.

    1. Sand_Cat July 11, 2017

      Trump will probably fire him if he starts to get somewhere. Think the “Freedom Caucus” in the House is going to permit even a debate on impeachment if he does?

      1. oldlion July 11, 2017

        Can Trump be that stupid? To fire Mueller at this point would be suicidal. Let’s not forget what happened to Nixon when he fired Archibald Cox. Now that I think about it, I hope the dope does fire Mueller.

        1. FireBaron July 12, 2017

          Actually, he really is that stupid. That has been demonstrated time and again to those of us who live in the Northeast. Remember. We have been putting up with his bull since the 70s. The rest of you only started putting up with him when he got a national forum to say “You’re Fired!”

        2. Sand_Cat July 12, 2017

          When Nixon fired Cox, Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, and many of the Republicans (and Democrats) were – hard as it may be to believe – men of integrity. I find it extremely difficult to even fantasize about an impeachment when both houses are controlled by intellectually bankrupt moral midgets like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, and both of them are downright moderate compared to many of their colleagues, and “liberal” traitors to the “Freedom Caucus.” Maybe at mid-terms the Dems will gain the Senate, but if they do, it’s likely to be by only a one- or two- seat margin, and with all the gerrymandering the GOP has done, they may NEVER regain the house. And all-too-many of the Dems seem spineless and bewildered to me. They talk about their “friends across the aisle,” even at this point not yet grasping that to the GOP, this is a WAR.

  5. Thoughtopsy July 11, 2017

    So hilarious.
    I have spent the last couple of days musing on all the bullsh!t spouted by the trolls, or troll-like morons we see on here over the last few months….
    – Denying collusion
    – Repeating there was no evidence of collusion
    – Stating it’s a “nothing-burger”
    – Telling us how honest President Orange Snowflake is
    – Telling us that Comey was lying but the Trump campaign was being honest…
    – Telling us after every new revelation of yet another “forgotten” meeting, or outright lie, that President F**kface Von Clownstick’s campaign never colluded…

    Half of this musing is enjoying the delicious schadenfreude of considering how stupid, misled, and/or paid off they all look now…
    i.e. Despite most of the people here continually pointing out the contradictions, obvious hypocrisy, and outright lies made by almost everyone in President Angry Toddler’s campaign… they still stuck to the scripted Trump narrative for Stupid Watergate.

    The other half of this musing is forecasting how much enjoyment I am going to get watching them all try to spin this new development…
    i.e. Against the backdrop of their previous angry keyboard-based bowel movements… Watching them try to explain why Dirty Donnie Jr. actually admitted, himself, holding a meeting with a Kremlin connected lawyer when he knew it was for the express purpose of Russia helping his father win the election through offering dirt on his opponent… and how that isn’t damaging or collusion with Russia….
    I bet it’s going to be H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

    1. Sand_Cat July 11, 2017

      I understand, but it really isn’t funny: the odds are, they’re going to get away with all or most of it, and certainly enough that we can look forward to at least four years of their lies, ignorance, stupidity, and malice, and the devastating impact they are likely to have on the nation. We of course can also look forward to all the idiots you mentioned saying “I told you so,” over and over again, as the GOP refuses to take action against Trump himself or oppose most the the criminal legislation he or Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell propose.

      1. Thoughtopsy July 16, 2017

        I agree in a sense… They are pissing on the USA with the help of 30-35% of American citizens. They are trashing it for money and power. They are lying every day. Perhaps the one bright point is almost the entire Republican party has gone along with it… even though it RUINS their image, and destroys any sense they have principles or morals or any “conservative values” at all…

        Frankly, it’s laughter or tears.
        I’m rolling with laughter. :-/

  6. Sand_Cat July 11, 2017

    Almost as obnoxious as Conway herself is the “new” word du jour: “bigly.”
    One more sign among all the others that our culture has lost its way.

  7. dtgraham July 12, 2017

    The Declaration of Independence according to Kelly Anne Conway:

    “We hold these alternative facts to be self-evident…”

    Deal with it, patriotic non-Trumpers. Do you want to take over from Kelly Anne as the curator of the Bowling Green Massacre Memorial Museum?

    I thought not.

  8. PrecipitousDrop July 12, 2017

    The slo-mo Wreck of the Crazy Train continues apace…

  9. FireBaron July 12, 2017

    The true irony is she doesn’t even realize how much of a lampoon of herself she has become. From her earliest mention of “Alternative Facts” (January 22) until today, every word out of her mouth (or keyboard) has been refuted and proven false. Yet she still continues to blather on, even when what she says is contradicted by her boss.

  10. danielzevetchin July 15, 2017

    Sorry, that lady is an IDIOT and a disgusting liar.

    1. polly July 18, 2017

      Look who is talking and you vote for liars.You are as n ostrich.I hope you see the light because t he darkness in you is so dark

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