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#EndorseThis: Kimmel Jeers Bill Barr’s Phony Rebuke Of Trump

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#EndorseThis: Kimmel Jeers Bill Barr’s Phony Rebuke Of Trump


Like everyone else in this country, Jimmy Kimmel is trying to figure out what Bill Barr is up to. Speaking to ABC News on Thursday, the attorney general complained very publicly that Trump’s tweeting about the Justice Department – specifically, prosecutors’ sentencing recommendation for Trump crony Roger Stone – is “making my job impossible.”  

Rather than barking and snarling at Barr, Trump hardly responded at all.

Kimmel remains skeptical that Barr’s statement was a candid critique rather than a publicity stunt. Knowing how enraged Trump becomes whenever a subordinate dares to disagree with him, the comic observes that if Barr had really unloaded on ABC without Trump’s collusion,  “he’d be covered in tweet vomit right now, he’d be covered in little orange fist marks all over his face.”

We agree with Kimmel on the message that Barr actually meant to send. How can he do Trump’s dirty work if the president exposes their scam on Twitter?

Click and chortle.


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