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#EndorseThis: ‘Respectful’ Colbert Suggests A Very Short Reading List For Trump

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#EndorseThis: ‘Respectful’ Colbert Suggests A Very Short Reading List For Trump

Colbert suggests reading list for Trump

On Christmas Day, Face The Nation broadcast John Dickerson’s annual interview with Stephen Colbert — an amusing and very thoughtful look backward at a troubled year and forward into a new era of uncertainty.

The Late Show host tries to find a brighter side as the nation approaches inauguration 2017. He explains the simple secret of writing jokes about Donald Trump. And he offers a reading list for the president-elect  — including the U.S. Constitution and Trump’s own book The Art of the Deal, implying that Trump has read neither — while confessing that he strains to remain respectful of the man as well as the office.

As a realist, Colbert keeps that reading list short — indeed, his final recommendation is very short: only four words.


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  1. Chuckl8 December 26, 2016

    No comments yet?! I hope that’s not an indication of how many people watched this amazing interview.

    I’ve always enjoyed Colbert’s work, but this interview multiplied that enjoyment by a whole bunch. It was painful to lose the Letterman show, but I can’t think of anyone who could step into Dave’s shoes better than Colbert.

    Yes, I realize that they are/were on two different networks, but to me they both filled very similar roles, with Colbert actually now taking-over for two comic geniuses; David Letterman and Craig Ferguson.

    Of course, there are those who don’t like, or understand, any of those three men, which is fine, since it makes choosing who I respect much, much simpler. If you don’t get what those three are and were saying, you are, in my opinion, wasting oxygen.

    1. InformedVoter December 26, 2016

      Colbert is seldom funny and if you think this was some of his good stuff … well, that speaks volumes of how easily you are entertained.

      1. Chuckl8 December 27, 2016

        … and your comment shows how easy it is to prove the accuracy of the last paragraph in my original comment.

        (Give it some time. You’ll figure it out.)

        1. InformedVoter December 27, 2016

          So, if I don’t find the faux comedian funny, then I’m not entitled to my opinion? Typical for lefties. They are just bullies and close-minded folks.

          Not everyone thinks certain routines are funny, for a variety of reasons. Many find the Three Stooges boorish and many enjoy their slapstick.

          So, I repeat, you’re such a brain that you can say that if someone doesn’t think Colbert is funny (most of the time he’s not!), then we should be eliminated. Yup, pure brain power of the tolerant left!

          1. Floridatexan December 27, 2016

            Tighty righties have no sense of humor.

          2. InformedVoter December 28, 2016

            Of course righties have a sense of humor. We laugh when we see pictures of HilLIARy and Chelsea dodging bullets on the tarmac.

          3. FireBaron December 27, 2016

            And I find faux politicians not funny either. Unfortunately, they have ways of convincing ignorant voters that they are real.

          4. InformedVoter December 28, 2016

            So who is a faux politician? Obama, yup, he certainly convinced you low information lefties into voting for him. And it was you, yourself, that called yourselves “ignorant voters”.

          5. Chuckl8 January 1, 2017

            I’ll waste some time showing you how hypocritical you really are.

            Here’s your original comment: “Colbert is seldom funny and if you think this was some of his good stuff … well, that speaks volumes of how easily you are entertained.”

            Your opinion that you don’t find Colbert funny is certainly valid. But you didn’t stop there. The rest of your comment insults those who do find him funny, and that’s way beyond a simple opinion.

            In short, if you don’t understand a joke, it’s always better to ask someone to explain it to you rather than say that the joke, or the comedian telling it, are stupid. All that does is make you look stupid, rather than simply ignorant. Ignorance is not a bad thing, as long as you at least attempt to remedy it instead of trying to deflect it.

          6. InformedVoter January 1, 2017

            Like your comment about wasting oxygen if you don’t find his moronic humor funny was not an insult?
            No, I don’t need to have some stupid comment that only small children and dogs would think is funny, explained to me.
            Once more you help prove my point!
            Yup, you’re certainly from the tolerant left. If I take offense or find your mediocre comedian boorish, then I’m not worthy of breathing air, and it’s OK for you to insult, but it’s not OK for someone to insult you.
            Low information person is what you are and you prove it over and over.

            It’s for certain that you lefties are in disarray. All you can muster is some weak entertainer to TRY and ridicule President Trump. For the past 8 years, we were able to ridicule, with ease, the charlatan in chief because he was so easy pickings.

            You made yourself look foolish and stupid with your original post and verified your position with your worthless reply.

          7. Chuckl8 January 1, 2017

            Of course my comment about wasting oxygen was insulting. But notice that I never said that it wasn’t an insult by claiming that my opinion was something scared that shouldn’t be attacked.

            And also notice that my joking about some people “wasting oxygen” was interpreted by you as wanting them “eliminated.” You sure jump to weird conclusions in a hurry.

            But my favorite comment from you is the admission that you ridiculed Obama for eight years, and yet you can’t take ridicule of Trump, who, by the way, is not president yet. Talk about hypocrisy.

          8. InformedVoter January 2, 2017

            So, I repeat, it’s OK for you to insult folks, but you, being above the crowd, are permitted to insult freely. (Scared is correct, lefties fear the truth more than anything).
            So now you’re backtracking on wasting oxygen? Typical lefty.
            No, I have no problem with humor or sarcasm. I stated that I didn’t find Colbert’s routine funny. And since you opened the door to insult those who didn’t find him funny with an insult, I merely responded in kind. You even insulted my original post with an insult. Yet you felt compelled to protest about my comments being insulting.
            You are the epitome of low information and prove it with each subsequent post.
            Yes, we mocked Obama and why wouldn’t we. After all, he campaigned in 57 or 58 states to get elected.

          9. Chuckl8 January 2, 2017

            More hypocrisy?

            “Yes, we mocked Obama and why wouldn’t we. After all, he campaigned in 57 or 58 states to get elected.”

            One incident? When Trump had dozens? Even hundreds? And even the error you cite had a reasonable explanation, since there were “57 or 58” primary events.

            But hey, I respected Trump too, long ago, for about a week, until I realized how crazy he really is. Since you seem to be intelligent, I’ll give you a pass for a few months until you come to the same realization.

          10. InformedVoter January 3, 2017

            One incident? OK how about: if you like your doctor, you can keep him. Or if you like your present insurance, you can keep it. Or, and I love this whopper, every family will see their insurance premiums drop $2500 per year!

            And these are just on the, soon to be extinct, ACA.

            Reality check, politicians lie. Being that he’s a successful businessman, the voters flocked to President Trump to get away from the campaign promises.

            Reasonable explanation? You’re stretching to save face for the greatest divider ever elected into office.

  2. FireBaron December 27, 2016

    Wow. Trump actually having to read the book he had ghost written for him? Inconceivable! Besides, that assumes he has a reading level that the book was written to.


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