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#EndorseThis: Say ‘Gohmert’ When You Mean Stupid

Endorse This Entertainment Impeachment

#EndorseThis: Say ‘Gohmert’ When You Mean Stupid


Jimmy Kimmel is puzzled: While Congressional Republicans complain that the Democrats are moving too briskly toward impeachment of Donald Trump, the president himself wants them to move even faster, as he tweeted on Thursday. Nancy Pelosi seems ready to oblige him.

Meanwhile as Kimmel notes, Trump has come up with a new alibi for his extortion demand to the Ukraine president. And both Kellyanne Conway and Louie Gohmert are fed up with all that book learning on display at the House Judiciary Committee hearing. That’s the problem with America – too many law professors who know what they’re talking about.

“Maybe we should start calling stupid people ‘Gohmerts,’” muses Kimmel. “See that guy who put his foot in a wood chipper? What a Gohmert.”

Yeah. Just click.


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