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#EndorseThis: Scaramucci Tells Colbert He Would’ve Fired Bannon

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#EndorseThis: Scaramucci Tells Colbert He Would’ve Fired Bannon


Anthony Scaramucci appeared on the Late Show on Monday, giving host Stephen Colbert the opportunity to grill the departed White House communications director on Oval Office backstabbing. Asked if he thought Chief Strategist Steve Bannon ought to be fired, Scaramucci said, unequivocally, “If it was up to me, he’d be gone.”

And the Bannon hate didn’t end there.



  1. Ah, if only he himself hadn’t been so comically bad at his job that he got fired nearly immediately.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 15, 2017

    The Mooch shouldn’t be given the time of day, let alone be given exposure on any TV show after his abysmal and briefest of stints in the WH. Who would ever take him seriously after the humiliation he heaped on himself and others.

    1. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? August 15, 2017

      Aaron my man, you got to admit that he lucked out a little, in as much as “worst WH press secretary ever” is not a category that anybody will ever care much about.

      In ten years or so he can go back to whatever it is he normally does – I assume selling aluminum siding, or extracting nutrients from sleeping hobos, or something in between – and nobody will recall who he even is.

      On the other hand, almost every co-worker he met in those giddy few hours of employment will – if there is any sort of cosmic justice (& that’s your area) – still be in a prison cell.

  3. idamag August 16, 2017

    Bannon owns trump. Bannon is a neo nazi and has made all kinds of racist statements.


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