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#EndorseThis: ‘Taco Trucks On Every Corner’: Latino Trump Supporter Warns Of Apocalyptic Future

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#EndorseThis: ‘Taco Trucks On Every Corner’: Latino Trump Supporter Warns Of Apocalyptic Future

Taco trucks on every corner

Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez appeared on MSNBC Thursday afternoon to discuss the GOP nominee’s latest immigration speech and while on-air, warned of a future with “taco trucks on every corner” due to the “dominant” and “imposing” Mexican culture, should the U.S. immigration system not change.

“We need to understand that this is different times. We have problems here. We need reform,” Gutierrez said to host Joy Reid.

When Reid asked him to clarify which “problems” he was referring to, the interview took a strange turn: “My culture is a dominant culture, and it’s imposing and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re gonna have taco trucks [on] every corner.”

Reid appeared stunned and the Twitter account for “All In With Chris Hayes” later tweeted a clip:

Twitter users jumped on the statement and began expressing their feelings about the idea of taco trucks on every corner. Most were pro-taco truck:

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  1. Paul Bass September 2, 2016

    So, I got mine, and the rest of you can bite it.

    Sounds about right, for today’s xenophobic GOP!

    1. Daniel Jones September 2, 2016

      Not “about” right, *dead right*…
      I have felt for over two decades that the neocons take “conservative” to mean, “Keep it all for ourselves”, and this just proves me tragically right.

      1. dpaano September 2, 2016

        I always tell everyone that the “con” in conservative means that you get nothing, but the “pro” in progressive means that you get it all!!! I even had one of our city government officials as me if he could use that in his campaign!!!

        1. Daniel Jones September 3, 2016

          Now if only Congress didn’t feel their name demands the opposite or counter to Progress.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 2, 2016

    What a strange development. First we had a renowned neuro-surgeon become mentally imbalanced after drinking a mug of Conservative ale, followed by Pastor Mark Burns drinking from the same tap and becoming a stooge for Trump, and now Marco part 2 warning us to prepare for taco trucks on every corner if Lord Fauntleroy(aka His Majesty Donald Trump) isn’t ensconced in the White House.

    The EPA should be summoned to check the water supply used in distilling spirits for GOP events.

    1. Mama Bear September 2, 2016

      well played:) and PERFECT – Lord Fauntleroy!

  3. Jon September 2, 2016

    Just one more reason not to vote for Trump. I find out we will have a Taco Truck on every corner if Trump is not elected. I would vote against him just on that issue. It will be great having tacos so convenient for every American.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 2, 2016

      Ditto that. Tacos are great. I just hope Pastor Mark Burns doesn’t put a “Chitlin’s Wagon” on every corner to take up the slack in Tacos.

      1. dpaano September 2, 2016

        Yeah, chitlins aren’t really good for you, but tacos definitely work!!! After all, they have all the basic food groups….meat, sour cream, lettuce & tomatoes, cheese, corn, etc. What more can you ask for in a meal???

        1. plc97477 September 2, 2016

          To have it as close as the next corner. The only way it gets better.

          1. Daniel Jones September 3, 2016

            And all we have to do to get it is make sure Trump loses.

      2. Caseywschirmer September 3, 2016

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  4. Jon September 2, 2016

    At 1st I thought the scroll under the picture saying “clowns lurking in the woods attempting to lure some …” was a story about Trump and his campaign staff.

    1. jmprint September 2, 2016

      Made me laugh, cute.

  5. jmprint September 2, 2016

    I was totally shocked, some people are just plain brown nosers, regardless! Another Trump penejito, there’s a lot of them.

  6. bobnstuff September 2, 2016

    All this talk about tacos is making me hunger but it’s miles to the nearest real taco shop. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Taco!!!!

  7. Deborah September 2, 2016

    The crazy things folks say! I thought he was making his point about immigration, then he start taking about food trucks. What is the heck was his point?

    1. dpaano September 2, 2016

      The only point he had was at the top of his head!!! Pointed head, get it?

      1. Deborah September 2, 2016

        Oh yea! I get it the dumb hat when they sit you in the corner, proclaiming all of his dumbness on national television. The expression on Ms. Reid’s face is priceless, she is embarrassed for him.

  8. Mama Bear September 2, 2016

    pure unadulterated nonsense. Period.

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 2, 2016

    I forgot to mention that a note was handed to me that the right Reverend Mark Burns will make up for lack of Taco distribution on every corner if Lord Fauntleroy is crowned, by seeing to it that “Chitlins” carts will be available for those inclined to eat pickled pig’s intestines(The proper terminology is ‘Chitterlings ” to you connoisseurs in the audience).

    I’ll take the Tacos instead, thank you.

  10. Bren Frowick September 2, 2016

    It’s the Tacopocalypse!

  11. dpaano September 2, 2016

    I could use a couple of taco trucks on my corner…..it would save me a trip to Chipotle or Taco Bell!!!

  12. OverthecliffRepublicans September 2, 2016

    He must own stock in a taco truck and doesn’t want more competition for consumers. Or he is ashamed of his culture and heritage.
    Mexico is an ally and friend of the United States of America. They are not our enemy.

  13. OverthecliffRepublicans September 2, 2016

    Marco Gutierrez is part of the meager all-time low 20% Hispanic vote Donald Trump will be getting on November 8th.
    Adios, scammin’ yam and Marco.

  14. j_verria September 2, 2016

    oh my gaw! is tis da one Mexican pendejo that hangs out with strumps one African-American that shows up at his rallies??

  15. greenlantern1 September 2, 2016

    A cad swindled American taxpayers by promising to build condos in Baja, Mexico.
    Same old Trump!!

  16. Karen September 2, 2016

    Who doesn’t love tacos!!

  17. Daniel Jones September 3, 2016

    “Bring ’em on!”–Winifred Burkle.

  18. Katstiles September 3, 2016

    What do you call a Mexican “Uncle Tom”? Why is Marco Gutierrez so ashamed of his heritage? Does he give T rump a BJ every night in penance for the large numbers of Latinos here in the US? And frankly, I crave tacos every single day and there are no Taco trucks within 50 miles of where I live. That is so wrong and unfair! I say Issue a Taco Truck to every migrant who is presently illegal and they will have worked their way to legal in a year!

    1. Beethoven September 5, 2016

      I would get tired of tacos if I ate them every single day, but I don’t mind eating them two or three days a week. I’m more fortunate than you in that there are several decent Mexican restaurants within convenient driving distance that serve good tacos as well as enchiladas, chalupas, etc. And if I want drive-through fast food, I’d much rather go to Taco Bell than MacDonald’s.

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