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#EndorseThis: Trevor Noah And Michelle Wolf Solve ‘The Weinstein Problem’

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#EndorseThis: Trevor Noah And Michelle Wolf Solve ‘The Weinstein Problem’

Trevor Noah

“I’m glad Harvey Weinstein likes people watching him shower. Because there’s a lot of that in prison.”

Yes, Trevor Noah is righteously outraged over the Hollywood producer’s misogynist aggressions, which now include at least two allegations of felonious assault under investigation by New York police detectives. But as the Daily Show host points out, that trending hashtag #MeToo indicates that the scourge of sexual harassment extends beyond the entertainment industry.

“This isn’t a Hollywood problem,” he tells a live audience in Chicago. “This is a men problem.” That line cues the hilarious Michelle Wolf — who tries to explain to the male gender what life is like every day for the sisterhood. And Wolf has a bold proposal to “solve the Harvey Weinstein problem,” which you probably shouldn’t watch at work.


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  1. Dapper Dan October 19, 2017

    I get it. There are a lot more men than I ever thought possible channeling their inner trump. In all fairness though while not as common is women sexually harassing not only men but women as well. And of course men have been sexually harassed as well by men. These individuals in a position of authority should be fired and yes even sent to prison. As a deterrent let them know that most of the other inmates they shower with will look a lot like Harvey Weinstein and Steve Bannon ???? We should use it as a scared straight solution to stop sexually harassing anyone regardless of gender


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