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#EndorseThis: ‘We Got Played, Again’ — Media Furious After Trump’s Birther Press Conference

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#EndorseThis: ‘We Got Played, Again’ — Media Furious After Trump’s Birther Press Conference


The immediate media reaction to Donald Trump’s advertised press conference on birtherism today can be described in three words: “We got played.”

After Trump and his surrogates repeatedly dodged questions all week about whether or not the Republican candidate for president was still a birther, building up to this very event, the media was instead tricked into broadcasting a different scene: For 20 minutes, from Trump’s own recently renovated hotel in Washington, D.C., a series of military veterans including multiple medal of honor recipients endorsed and praised Trump.

After that, for about 30 seconds, Trump turned his attention to his birther history, blaming Hillary Clinton for “starting” it (not true), and then congratulating himself for forcing the president to release his birth certificate.

Of course, such a release would not have been news at all if Trump had not hammered the question into the news cycle for years and years — he, more than anyone, used his public prominence to indulge what would otherwise have been one of many ramblings of the internet’s fringe.

Then, he left. Members of the media, who had been promised a press conference — time to ask the candidate questions about his years and years of bogus “investigation,” which he has avoided this whole election — yelled angrily at Trump as they realized they had been tricked.

Jake Tapper called it “A political Rick Roll” — Trump promised a speech on birtherism, but instead we got 20 minutes of endorsements.

John King said it plainly: “We got played, again, by the Trump campaign, which is what they do.”

What do military endorsements have to do with Trump’s 5-year advocacy of the birther conspiracy theory? Nothing. But the Trump campaign had been building up to this press conference all week, with no mention of anything except a statement on the president’s birth.

In an interview with the Washington Post the day before his birther press conference, Trump said of his support of the conspiracy theory, “I’ll answer that question at the right time… I just don’t want to answer it yet.”

That same day, Megyn Kelly accused Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson of dodging the question of Obama’s birth after she said “he has said that he does not talk about that anymore.”

So it goes. The media continues, for some reason, to believe that Trump will eventually tell the truth. Today, he used them to bury the political story of the year (his birtherism and subsequent racial dog-whistling) after 20 minutes of a campaign advertisement that would otherwise have not been aired on live TV.

At least one person did the right thing (or was told to): After the press conference, and after producers and journalists were physically stopped from joining him, the pool videographer for the event stopped his tour of Trump’s new hotel and deleted the tape, in protest.



  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 16, 2016

    Well, the media got what it deserved—egg on its face for doling so much attention on an abnormality of humanity. It would have been better to leave him in a room by himself with his adoring superficial fans and let FOX broadcast his endless sparrow twittering and bombast and have writers on hand to write the circus shows he so masterfully produces.

    1. BOC September 16, 2016

      Baptist Church? Really!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 16, 2016

        Would you settle for just “Church”? Don’t sweat minutiae.

        1. BOC September 17, 2016

          Because they all are not the same.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 17, 2016

            Well, you have just reaffirmed what is amiss with Christendom and why Christianity has dissolved into disparate sects, each thinking it is different than the other when God and his Messenger, Jesus, stand for Oneness. Differences of sects is a man-made innovation and bears no resemblance to what the Essence of Christianity stood for. I wish you would take the time to reflect on this. Then get back to me.

            That’s why I posed the question to you to see if you discerned this conundrum or not.

          2. Earnest Comment September 18, 2016

            The reason why Christendom was always a mass of silly sects is that like all.oagan religions it lowers G*d to the level of a human being that can be perceived to act as a human being.

            You guys changed an unknowable omniscient omnipotent eternal being into a human and made everything relating to G*d subject to revision and interpretation by humans.

            You guys became your own gods and you guys don’t like each other anymore than anyone else does.

            Now your gods are involved in your petty political squabbling between a jerk and a liar. That’s an article of faith for you.

            Well there are people who consider themselves good Christians on both sides if this like almost every other issue in the history of mankind and here you are calling people who think differently than you bad Christians.

            That’s why there has never been one Christian Church absent violent suppression.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 18, 2016

            The same breakdown has afflicted every Religion prior to the advent of Baha’u’llah and the Baha’i Faith.
            The inevitability of the previous Religions to dissolve after having revitatalized the fortunes of humanity was due to lack of what Baha’u’llah refers to as a “Lesser Covenant”.
            Previous Messengers always alluded to whom the faithful should turn to after They “ascended” to a realm beyond earthly existence. With Jesus, there was the indirect reference to Peter(“..the rock on which the Church should be established”) but this wasn’t in Writing so it left the door open for Paul, and later others, to contest Peter’s authority; in Judaism, since no authoritative guide was provided, it splintered into a variety of interpretations re: how to apply the Laws, the role of the clergy, etc.; in Islam, Muhammad made indirect gestures and statements pointing to Ali, His cousin and son-in-law, but Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman asserted themselves as leaders after Muhammad’s ascension, and which caused a split—Sunni(going by popular consensus as to leadership), and Shi`ah(The “party”—a reference to following Ali and his male descendants[the Imams]).
            There have been early Bahai’s who attempted to introduce dissension within the Baha’i Faith, but Baha’u’llah anticipated this by writing in His own handwriting a Tablet(Kitab-i-Ahd) that specifically outlines the process of how the Baha’i Faith was to maintain its Unity. He left no possibility for dissension among the Baha’is and those who chose because of ego have been expelled according to Baha’u’llah’s instructions. Those expelled have tried to make new sects and each has failed miserably—none of them show any signs of life or a healthy disposition and are rendered irrelevant in the affairs of world society.

            This is the first instance in the history of humankind that the Creator has vouchsafed in a clearly stated manner how authority and cohesion in a religious community is to be transmitted and ensured. Perhaps the reason why is that the imperative now for society on earth is the achievement of the unity of the entire human race, something that humanity previously wasn’t ready to bring about. If the Baha’i Faith were to be allowed to become fractured as in the past, then it would not be able to be a credible source for advocating for the unity of the entire populace on earth.

            “The earth is but one country, and humankind its citizens”.(—Baha’u’llah)

    2. Jon September 16, 2016

      I watched his speech at the Value Voters conference last week. After hearing them chant “lock her up” after he said Hillary’s name with as much enthusiasm as his supporters at his rallies and the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, and their adoration of him, I was left asking just what kind of values do these people have.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 17, 2016

        The short answer is that Trump and friends no longer have values and are just empty shells. I’m afraid that a terrible fate is in store for them on some level or another.

  2. Joseph Parker September 16, 2016

    How ironic that a Scum like Drumpf, who used money and fake doctors information, to avoid the Draft no less than SEVEN, (7) times in order to NOT serve his country, uses obvious Bigoted Military members, (who.., had they been ‘active” duty, would have been called before the C.O. for talking politics), to make himself look like a War Hero. Hell.., at least Hillary tried to enlist in the Marine Corps out of college!

  3. patrick g van meter September 16, 2016

    The point here is that Trump can’t back up anything he says. Even when he speaks about himself. Income and Tax. Americans make it easy for him. He knows they are stupid.

    1. jmprint September 16, 2016

      Sorry vets, but patrick has a point.

      1. dpaano September 16, 2016

        As a vet myself, I have to agree, but not ALL of us are stupid (thank GOD for that). Unfortunately, he’s managed to bamboozle most of them into thinking he’s going to do things for the military that he will NEVER be able to do! He wants to spend “thousands of billions of dollars” in beefing up our military, which is already one of the most expensive in the world, when all it really needs is some updating; i.e., a couple of new ships, some fighter jets that actually are useful, and equipment for the troops rather than the crap they’re forced to use. Once the military is brought up to date, they won’t have any problems getting more people to enlist….until then, not sure how many of our young men and women are going to be willing to tromp off to war for Trump! I personally don’t think out young people are as patriotic as we were during the Vietnam era when they enlisted in droves! Nowadays, they aren’t anxious to put in that much effort. Just my opinion and not lumping ALL young people in this comment.

        1. jmprint September 16, 2016

          Trump wouldn’t hesitate for a moment on using our children to bid his personal wars, with other countries, for not doing what he wants.

          I’m not a veteran, I served in the Army Reserves, and saw more then I liked to have seen. Thanks for your service, only those that cannot see Trump for the con that he is, wear the stupid title around there neck.

        2. Jon September 16, 2016

          I think your general statement about young people is true. As you said, it does not apply to all young people but there certainly is a significant number who do not seem to have a deep sense of patriotism or much of a work ethic.

          1. dpaano September 19, 2016

            I kind of don’t blame them….they’ve seen their fellow brothers and sisters come home with terrible injuries, PTSD, etc., and it scares them to death! We didn’t seem to have that much coming back from Vietnam, although Agent Orange, etc., did pop its head up. If I were a young person, I don’t think I’d enlist as I did back in 1964!

        3. Jmz Nesky September 16, 2016

          And why would they after it being revealed that Viet Nam and all the so-called wars afterward we’re mainly selective money chests to the war hawks and their puppets. I was in V.N. and had it not been for the Vietnamese that we actually helped, I would have seen it as yet another farce like N. Korea.

    2. Dan S September 16, 2016

      I have to agree with that assessment. Let us all nor forget during the primaries how Trump said he loves the uneducated. Now that in itself is a deplorable comment. Please people when you vote Trump he’s played you into voting for a huckster. America is better than he is.

      1. plc97477 September 17, 2016

        He has insulted his followers from day one but they seem to enjoy it.

      2. idamag September 17, 2016

        In return, the uneducated love him.

    3. BOC September 16, 2016

      Thank goodness, there’s only a few of them who dropped out of mainstream society because they couldn’t function or fit in.

  4. zorro037 September 16, 2016

    The problem is that people in the media are easy prey of everything that sound colorful because most journalist scorn those who are not in the same position. One example of that behavior is the case of the guy Williams who embellished an story situating himself in the role of hero. Reporters go around asking the very same questions as if were a uniforms competency. Trump knew it and played in his favor: the guy has had 5 years of free tv and newspapers and in the last years that exposure for free had continued. Now the guys from the press realized they were dupe, it is a little late. it’s done, no remedy.

    1. dpaano September 16, 2016

      If they’d ONLY learn and quit doing his bidding, we’d be in better shape. They need to follow Hillary more closely and let Trump do his thing! Let the RW conspiracy theorists cover his BS speeches!

    2. BOC September 16, 2016

      Ratings and readership has no ‘bedfellows’.

  5. jmprint September 16, 2016

    Trump is the most despicable man on earth, and our vets are truly being conned.

    1. dpaano September 16, 2016

      Yeah, I noticed most of him standing with him are old geezers (not that there’s anything wrong with old geezers…I’m one myself), and they don’t particularly look thrilled to be there.

      1. Dan S September 16, 2016

        Kind of like that Chris Christie moment standing next to Trump. His eyes ???? were begging to let him go, I’m a hostage ????

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        2. jmprint September 17, 2016

          Monday starts Bridgegate court, Christie is already a has been, he is done.

          1. jmprint September 17, 2016

            Since I don’t get to see AG comments life is pleasant, but since he had to reply, I’m thinking AG is Crispy Cream Christi.

      2. Blueberry Hill September 16, 2016

        He probably paid them to be there. He always hires actors, so do we know that they were even all vets?


      3. BOC September 16, 2016

        Zombies, the whole lot.

    2. BOC September 16, 2016

      I don’t understand these vet’s, it’s got to be a bad case of PTSD for them to latch onto an unstable ticking time bomb that Putin will ignite. He’s already tampered with the necessary access routes to make sure he can effect change.

      1. jmprint September 16, 2016

        It starts with the elderly Vets., they believe the conspiracy video, and since there opinion is very respected & strong they must be right. There children do as their parents preach and that is a large portion of the veterans. I know because I have some in the family, they play poker at VFW and talk about Hillary killing, I thinks it’s up to 8 and they believe the crap. They finally changed their mind about Trump they are voting for anyone except Hillary, I would rather they stay home.

        1. july860 September 16, 2016

          I especially don’t understand it when the orange idiot has hardly ever followed through with promised charitable donations to veterans groups (except that one time he was forced to follow through).

          1. jmprint September 17, 2016

            It’s because they don’t read, they don’t watch other news media except FOX and they are a close knit fellowship and only converse among themselves. They don’t like to listen to reason, after all those video about Hillary must be the truth.

          2. dpaano September 19, 2016

            And most of them are retired white males!!! They have NO concept of what’s going on in this country, but they’re sure going to be surprised when their social security and Medicare gets cut off if he’s elected! I bet they’d really raise the roof on that one!

          3. jmprint September 19, 2016

            I have a client who has a sister that has special needs and my client has a lot of health issues. But she is a republican and voting for Trump. I also don’t understand, why when it’s against her self interest and needs. other then ignorance about what cuts in government the republican or going after. The republicans will make those cuts to accommodate their rich tax cuts to their supporters, after all they are buying favors, just ask Trump.

          4. dpaano September 20, 2016

            That’s pretty sad…..apparently she’s not aware that he’s going to cut out Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, etc. and will leave her in the lurch with no medical care unless she’s independently wealthy!!! That’s the problem….so many people are voting against their best interests and that’s what got us to this point in the first place!! Especially some of the poorer southern states, etc.

        2. BOC September 17, 2016

          WOW! Very sad. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

          1. jmprint September 17, 2016

            So have you made an appointment with your doctor to get some help on the sad mind of yours?

          2. jmprint September 17, 2016

            Sorry I think I misunderstood your post

          3. dpaano September 19, 2016

            The really sad part is that most of the veterans that want to vote for him don’t realize that he’s using them…..they stand in the background behind him like robots while he spouts his BS!!! As a veteran myself, it appalls me that they are being used as pawns and don’t see it! As for voting for anyone but Clinton is just a vote for Trump…..after all, look what happened when Perot ran…he divided the votes and we got stuck with another GOP idiot!

      2. dpaano September 19, 2016

        Trust me, as a vet myself, not ALL vets are voting for Trump. Most of my friends, and I have many who are vets, are NOT voting for him and feel very sad when they see him on stage with some veterans who apparently are only being used! Trump has sacrificed NOTHING for this country despite his comment to the Khan’s after the Democratic Convention! He owes this country more than this country owes him!

  6. kingartie1 September 16, 2016

    OK. And the takeaway will be what? A few hours or a couple days of “we been played” snarking, a few more negative pieces on Mr. T, some cynicism and skepticism added to the mix, then he or his handlers will wag their come-hither fingers and it’ll be right back to the game. Big Media follows this ambulatory turd on high alert for some heartfelt wisdom, are ready for any sensible statement that emits from his fish lips, but hope for an open mic slip of the tongue that will create shockwaves. Chances are they’ll get none of them. Mr. T is a control freak exploiter, he wins (and Bannon, Ailes, and Kelly what’s her name) by having the competitive butthole news sheeple simply show up with cameras. If the media should decide to turn the screw and call him out for these risk free shenanigans, and that we the people need much more critical coverage and far fewer stunts, they can start by understanding this: the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. Don’t be his pawns, or simply don’t show up, and force him to stop gaming everyone. The wheels of his campaign might fall off.

    1. BOC September 16, 2016

      “……… it’ll be right back to the game………?”
      Them getting played again, because of convenient short-memories. How can a mind be so weak?

      “The wheels of his campaign might fall off?”
      Who cares about wheels falling off. My focus is to make sure he doesn’t get motor oil, but bogus gasoline for his lawnmower engine, he thinks uses high octane.

  7. A. D. Reed September 16, 2016

    When the hell will the broadcast media STOP live-broadcasting anything the Trump campaign does? If they simply went and shot the footage and ran it on the news shows they way they used to, they could cut out all his bullcrap and stop being played. But they all want to be the first on the air so they let him go live with nothing, over and over and over, and meanwhile Hillary’s out there campaigning and they don’t even show up because Drumpf “might” do something.”

    That’s why I have refused to watch any network news–including MSNBC–for the past four years. I wouldn’t even watch Rachel Maddow now, she’s become such a mainstream tool. The only one whose show I ever consider watching is, once in a blue moon, Joy Reid.

    At least one or two of the idiots is finally realizing “we got played … again … and again and again and again.” but will they change? Not a chance.

    1. Siegfried Heydrich September 16, 2016

      Because people will tune in the see the latest Drumpfification, and both he and the networks know it. You can bet that the bobbleheads were breathlessly leading everyone up to this, counting down the minutes to his press conference.

      Seriously, the media is sad, just sad. What a bunch of saps who let themselves get played over and over. Ya know, even stupid doggies figure it out after a while . . .

      1. BOC September 16, 2016

        “……figure it out?”

        Intelligent people, see it coming.

    2. BOC September 16, 2016

      “we got played … again … and again and again and again?”

      I repeatedly told everyone on these blogs how absurd and convoluted this claim happened to be. To be so gullible and naive to believe something so preposterous is unfathomable.

      Hasn’t anyone figured out this was part of the Trump ‘Socio-Psycho test’; to determine what tune to play on his flute to lead the clueless into the deep swamp. Correction, into the pits of hell.

    3. Jon September 16, 2016

      I have continued to watch the news(?) channels but I know I should stop as I get very frustrated and outraged at the drivel they call news. Watching Trump get all of the fee air time over the past 16+ months as they considered every hateful, disgusting word he spoke and thing he did worthy of being broadcast was beyond belief. Many viewers knew what the news programs never understood. It was clear that his campaign was nothing more than a perverse reality show that they encouraged with nonstop coverage. If some of them just learned today that they were being played, what took them so long? While I detest everything about Trump, it did bring me some satisfaction to see him turn and walk away from the media refusing to hold a press conference as he had promised to do. Thursday night he ditched them before his rally in NH and mocked them at the rally. What does it take before tv news gets a clue about how they allow themselves to be manipulated by Trump?

    4. plc97477 September 17, 2016

      They are a lot like an alcoholic Who knows they have a problem but can’t give it up.

  8. Dan S September 16, 2016

    So who’s the bigger sap ? The media or Trumps deplorables er I mean supporters ????

    1. BOC September 16, 2016

      It would only be fair, if they shared it.

  9. johninPCFL September 16, 2016

    Takeaway? Dumbass Donnie lies again.

  10. Siegfried Heydrich September 16, 2016

    Drumpf lies again. SS,DD. And the really funny thing about all this? The media is like Charlei Brown trying to kick the footbal, And every time, Don Lucy snatches it away. But do they ever learn . . ? Hell no, ’cause NEXT time, for sure!

  11. Blueberry Hill September 16, 2016

    The media made this frankenstein! How can they now be so surprised at being played again? Will they never learn? They covered him relentlessly and relentlessly shoved him in our faces every time we turned on the TV. We can barely stand to see his ugly face or hear his lying voice and yet the media kept pumping him onto us. Finally, we got so that whenever the media goes to anything Trump, we change the channel. Let the Media lose their viewers if they’d rather cover this POS. They should know by now what a snake oil salesman he is and always will be. He is not fit to be our President. He knows nothing about how the government works and always hires out people to do his work, he has never worked a day in his life. He couldn’t even keep up with Obama’s schedule. No matter to him, as he plans to put that job too off onto Pence. Look who he keeps company with and we can see what his cabinet will look like. This is the worst piece of junk the Republicans and the media could ever have stuck us with. We need to NEVER VOTE FOR TRUMP !!! We are smarter than the media. He wants the TITLE, NOT THE WORK THAT COMES WITH IT. DEPRIVE HIM OF EVER BEING CALLED PRESIDENT.


    1. EvenstarMtl September 17, 2016

      Trump doesn’t need this job. He already has fame, fortune and a great life. Trump has put all on the line to serve his country WITHOUT PAY (yes, he won’t be taking a salary). And he can’t be bought or bribed because he already has all the money he needs and more. So, if you want a change vote for Trump, if you want more of what Obama has been doing, then vote for Clinton.

      1. jmprint September 17, 2016

        Trump is in debt to the zazooka, (one of many reasons he doesn’t show all his taxes) Trumpf wants to die a legion, he has been working for this moment for a very long time. Read his book, he tells you how he plays people and how good he is at it. He made a remark over 8 years ago the if he ran for president he would go republican, because they are stupid and easy to manipulate. Have you been TRUMPED. He doesn’t need the measly $400,000. it’s pennies to him of course, that’s why he needs to be president. In order to build himself a monument like Hitlers, he has to be a legion and since he already has over 500 business all over the country including place that are not our allies. His love of himself, his greed, his temperament, his deceitfulness, his conniving, his lack of compassion, his bigotry are ALL reason why he is too dangerous to be OUR president. His decisions will impact our personal lives and the future of our families.

        President Obama has kept us safe, we have not had another 9/11 since.
        President Obama kept us from going into a depression when in 2008 we were spiraling downward.
        President made it possible for many to be insured, hence saved lives.
        President Obama brought our troops home.
        President Obama’s economy is way better then, Bush
        I don’t understand your anger, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want another 4 years of Obama’s positive turn on everything.
        Are you a white nationalist, if so ok ignore me, if not understand that you are part of the hate, and what Trump represents.

        1. dpaano September 19, 2016

          A person (Trump) who says that we should fire upon small boats that come near our big Navy ships and blow them out of the water is NOT the president that I want in the White House!! He’s likely to start WWIII and not even give a care in the world! That’s what truly scares me!

      2. dpaano September 19, 2016

        You’re kidding, right? What planet have you been living on? He’s already bribed many congressmen and other politicians and has even admitted doing so. As for having a fortune….how do we actually know since he refuses to show us his income tax returns? Personally, I don’t think he’s as rich as everyone seems to think he is…..in fact, I heard he was on the brink of bankruptcy AGAIN. And, yes, I DO want more of what President Obama has been doing….he’s done a fantastic job in spite of all the obstruction that has been put in front of him doing much more for this country! If the Congress had gotten off their high horses and worked with him, this country would be in even BETTER shape that it currently is, but the GOP voted according to their party and NOT according to what many of their constituents wanted! But, you just go ahead and vote for Trump….it’ll be interesting to see your face fall when he loses!

    2. dpaano September 19, 2016

      I’ve noticed the past couple of days that the L.A. Times has backed off of putting Trump on the front page each and every day!!! They’re being a little more cognizant that they’ve been played big time!! Granted, they still report his every word in the middle of the first section, but they also have put in some good articles about Hillary and have been a little less demeaning about her. In fact, they’ve even gone to the extreme of being a little questionable about Trump’s latest BS. Seems at least ONE newspaper got the picture!

  12. Rain September 16, 2016

    How was the media played? Or are you saying the media believed that it was possible that Obama was not born in the U.S. You all knew the truth and chose to feed the ‘liar-fire’ anyway. In the interest of getting ratings (i.e. $$$), you kept the ball in the air and now you want to boohoo. You showed as much utter contempt for the average citizen as Trump does by wasting time, airspace and newsprint with this.

    1. A. D. Reed September 16, 2016

      The media has been played constantly by this PT Barnum. For the past three days the only “news” in the campaign–other than that “She’s ALIIIIIIIIVE” delivered in Frankenstein tones about Hillary’s return from “death’s door”–has been that Trump has/has not/might/did/will/should/won’t/hasn’t stated that he is no longer a birther, that he believes the always-obvious-and-proven fact that Obama was born in Hawaii. They covered Giuliani saying it, they covered Conway saying it, they covered Donald saying you couldn’t trust his spokespeople, they covered Miller saying it, they covered Donald denying it … and finally they came to cover him saying it, and what they got was an endorsement by senile veterans and a “tour” of his new hotel. With, at the tail end, a seven-word statement of the truth that everyone in the reality-based universe has always known.

      The fact that the media have allowed him — helped him — to be a legitimate, major-party candidate for president of the United States, for a year, without releasing taxes, without sharing his medical records, without providing a single fact-based policy proposal, without even a shred of the knowledge a sixth-grader would need to show to run for class president — is enough to say the media has been played by this blowhard. And the fact that it took them until today, a year after they dropped their collective pants, bent their collective heads to the ground, and said, “Give it to me, Donald” is revolting. The fact that three of them — two anonymously — have admitted they’ve been screwed, played, and royally f**ked every day for a year, while simultaneously helping him destroy the republic, is equally revolting, and infuriating.

      If you don’t see that the media was played, you’re being played yourself.

      1. Rain September 16, 2016

        Apparently, there has been some misunderstanding here. My point is that anyone with a grain of sense knows the difference between truth and lies and the media has chosen, with full knowledge of what is true and what is not, to enable this charade from the beginning. All they had to do was ignore it and they didn’t. Dealing only in research-based truth and issues that matter doesn’t sell papers or increase media ratings. My definition of ‘being played’ is taking advantage of someone who is not in possession of the information, or the resources needed to get said information, that they need to make an informed decision. So no, I don’t think they were played . . . I think they knowingly and willingly have been walking down the primrose path in search of personal gain.

        1. A. D. Reed September 16, 2016

          My bad, Rain. I misinterpreted your post, and I apologize. We clearly have the same idea and knowledge about the media’s role in this, and you’re right that they are more deliberately responsible than merely gullible.

          Hey, what do you think the trolls will use ourback-and-forth as evidence that lib-rulz are so divided we’re tearing the nation apart? 😉

          1. Wayneo September 16, 2016

            Don’t worry, Comrade Trump will fix everything. Just ask him.

          2. Rain September 17, 2016

            I feel that I speak for connection, not separation so I don’t particularly care what they think. Is it important? Is it truthful? Is it kind? My only rules. I appreciate your clarifying our little kerfuffle.

  13. Daniel Jones September 16, 2016

    Dear Media:

    Forget you.

    You have lied, shown egregious bias, engineered false journalism, and basically created the monster that just snubbed you.

    So, really; go blow yourselves.
    I trust rabid wolverines more than most of you lot.


  14. Bob Eddy September 16, 2016

    It’s like an abusive relationship. You can talk to the abuse, point it out, tell them they need to leave and they say no, it’s different now and continue to suffer the abuse for reasons no one else will understand. Please media, listen to us. If you continue your relationship you will be used again and again until you find the courage to say enough is enough and start covering serious candidates.

  15. chino49p September 16, 2016

    The drump con man-boy-scumbag just did his thing. Use honorable veterans to promote his property and his campaign of evil, and lying like the devil. Who expected anything else.

  16. Deb September 16, 2016

    The media has been totally complicit in Trump’s blatant self-promotion, giving him endless hours of free press all along because it meant higher ratings and it was far easier to just let him pull off his shenanigans than do their jobs & fact-check & challenge him.

    They’re like parents who let their kid do whatever he wants when he’s little, just because it is easier than actually parenting him, and when he’s nearly grown & out of control they act surprised and abused!

    Here’s an idea: you don’t want to be duped by Trump, don’t broadcast his every word and validate his every lie by giving him free coverage!!

  17. OverthecliffRepublicans September 16, 2016

    No media coverage of Trump until he releases his tax returns. Media boycott until he does this.

    1. marriea September 17, 2016

      I REALLY LIKE THIS IDEA!! Yeah, this is a good one.

  18. Godzilla September 16, 2016

    Trump is a marketing genius. Hillary is a lying elitist establishment whore. Who gives a rats behind about the birther issue anyway, Obama is going away, hopefully far away. His legacy is putrid and will always be considered one of the worst Presidents EVER.

    All of you on the Left are being played like fools, not just by Trump, but the whole political elite. Fools.

    1. chino49p September 16, 2016

      Just like a dog, you return to your own vomit. Thats all you do, throw up, eat it, throw up, eat it. You are really disgusting just like your master drump.

      1. Godzilla September 16, 2016

        Hillary barks, want to see….again: You would lick her butt if you were aloud, you sick puppy!


        1. marriea September 17, 2016

          Be careful, you might get whopping cough.
          Had it as a kid. It’s not fun.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 16, 2016

      Still yapping about nothing. Look again—You’ve been had by Lord Fauntleroy.

    3. charleo1 September 16, 2016

      Your candidate’s a con, you poor little chump. So just pipe down. Even if he were to be elected President, after spending months telling you bunch of morons how he’s going to build this big wall, crack down on the illegals or ban the Muslims. Getting you all hot, and riled up. He’ll spend all of 7 seconds as President taking it all back without so much as a fare thee well. And what will you love sick, flimflammed, doodles say in explanations to the Country for being gullible enough to insist on electing this fraud as our President? Nothing I suspect. Same as your lying gutter rat hero Trump did after leading you down the luny nut job path for 7 long embarrassing years with the birther thing. Then dropping you without comment, like a used piece of toilet paper he throws in the crapper.

      1. Godzilla September 16, 2016

        Suck it up Skippy, Trump is gonna be your next President. Funny, most of the smart people in America see Obama and Hitlary as the real frauds. your just blinded by your brainwashing. Bloviate your nonsense, it’s comical.

        1. charleo1 September 16, 2016

          And those smart people I hear aren’t very well educated to be so smart. At any rate, what’s smart about skipping college and working for slave wages. Or voting Republican at all? For that matter, if you’re not worth 10 million minimum, it’s stupid.

          1. Godzilla September 16, 2016

            Oh…and your a dick!

          2. Wayneo September 16, 2016

            Name calling or personal insults means you do not have any facts to counter the argument so instead you attack the person. i.e. you don’t like the message, so you kill the messenger.

          3. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            Charleo1 started it slick, I stated pure facts, nothing less.

          4. idamag September 17, 2016

            His poor English should tell you something. Your is not you’re which means you are. Your means something belongs to you.

        2. charleo1 September 16, 2016

          You’re the Birther supporter, and I’m the brainwashed one? Okay….

          1. Godzilla September 16, 2016

            I have never said I support Trump. There is your falacy, you react on your own asinine assumptions that have no basis of fact. You bloviate Liberal bullcrap, because, like a slave, that is what you are trained to do. So you come here and pretend to be something more important than a slave. You fail consistently because you speak from emotions rather than intelligence. You vote because you need led through life because you can’t handle life without a leader(s). Your a sheep in human skin, trained like a circus animal to act out as you do. You and you ilk are slaves of the State. Long ago known as “USEFUL EATERS”.

          2. Wayneo September 16, 2016

            “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” – Socrates

          3. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            Liberals are the Kings and Queens of such action. They can’t handle it well when someone gives it back. Bunch of sissy’s

          4. disqus_vqY6j2L6rm September 16, 2016

            Hey boy you mind coming to pick up that who’re you call a wife. She’s finish blowing all the guys at my party. Thanks.

          5. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            That was your brother in drag idiot.

          6. marriea September 17, 2016

            You have truly learned from Trump haven’t you.

        3. Wayneo September 16, 2016

          Trump is just a big blowhard and will not be able to do one tenth of his brags. What I fear is the GOP being in control of our nation.

          1. marriea September 17, 2016

            Thank you.
            Sometimes in moments of exasperation. I almost hope that Trump wins so then these idiot supporters of his will get it.
            Then I remember, the Supreme Court and GOP dominance and even more so, after a Trump assassination, we would be stuck with a Mike Pence and say, NOOOOOO!!!

          2. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            The election of Trump will change nothing. The corrupt Federal government has proven they are no longer following the same laws that they hold us accountable for. Trump will be a good mouth piece to quiet some of the more aggressive countries like North Korea. He will be useless beyond that. If he can get some of his economic points accomplished, we will all be better off.

          3. jmprint September 17, 2016

            IF is a big word, considering he has bankrupt six times, what are our chances.

          4. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            This country has DOUBLED it’s national debt since Obozzo took office. It’s not all his fault, mind you, because the idiot Republicrats are just as bad. Almost 20 trillion in debt….we are bankrupt as a nation, that reality will be rearing it’s head soon.

          5. jmprint September 17, 2016

            LIAR, we are not bankrupted, we are a very rich country. Yes we owe money, but we make money as well. It takes money to make money. That is an old line, scared you won’t be leaving your great, great , great children a white only world. get over it, our debt doesn’t affect you in any way. You I sure get your retirement check monthly.

          6. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            You are a lost soul. Find God, you’ll be needing him soon.

          7. jmprint September 17, 2016

            God is not lost. I admit I am not a christian, I don’t follow the word of man at the pulpit, but I do honor the Word of Jesus Christ, through Him, I will meet God.

          8. idamag September 17, 2016

            If lowbrow is an example of a Christian, I would rather not be one. He isn’t. Stack his rhetoric up with Jesus.

          9. jmprint September 17, 2016

            Yep, he is a real Judas.

          10. jmprint September 17, 2016

            What you do is talk to five people, make sure they are registered to vote, and tell them to vote Democrat down ticket, because these republican are useless. And then tell them to tell 5 more, we all need to get out and vote. Hillary the only answer 2016.

          11. idamag September 17, 2016

            The present day Republicans are closer to fascist than patriots.

        4. jmprint September 17, 2016

          No he is not, a lot of those polls are being taken by Russia zealots that want him to win so bad. They want a piece of our rock and Trump is just the one to give it to them on a silver plater along with YOUR freedom.

          1. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            My freedom is just fine as long as you Liberal Progressive Commies don’t get your way. Your a fool, plain and simple.

          2. jmprint September 17, 2016

            And you are a nut in that deplorable basket.

          3. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            I’m the Left’s worst enemy. You a pile of puke.

          4. jmprint September 17, 2016

            We don’t have enemies, but there are people that are idiots, I’m thinking that’s what you have become. I’d rather be a pile of puke, then a pile of $hit, like you.

          5. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            Your such a brave person behind your keyboard, you should pat yourself on the back. I real life, like most annoying Liberal’s your a coward.

          6. jmprint September 17, 2016

            You came on this site specifically to denounce others, who is the coward behind the keyboard, there’s that twist and turn your guys do very well.

          7. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            I began by simply stating facts and was promptly attacked, as usual. Then I turn the tables and play you and others like fools and get under your skin, for my amusement. BWAHAHA!

          8. jmprint September 17, 2016

            ditto fool.

          9. idamag September 17, 2016

            According to the profile, Time Magazine put out. cowards is part of it.

          10. jmprint September 17, 2016

            DId you see the coward Trump when that black pastor put him in his place, gotta love it. Trump is a wimp, we should take all those guards away from him and see what happens to him.

          11. idamag September 18, 2016

            I did, I did. When he was in her presence he backed down, but the next day, thousands of miles away, he dissed her.

          12. dpaano September 19, 2016

            He’ll probably do the same after the presidential debates with Hillary…..

          13. idamag September 17, 2016

            They smell like that, they have had their hands in, up to their elbows, throwing at any Liberal candidate.

          14. idamag September 18, 2016

            Did you note, that instead of provable facts , that did not come from one of the hate websites, he calls names. He played football in high school.

        5. Budjob September 17, 2016

          Hey fuckface,it sounds as if the best part of you ran down yo Momma’s leg!

          1. Budjob September 17, 2016

            In the intelligence department,you probably started out with nothing,and have most of it left!!

          2. idamag September 18, 2016

            I’d say he has all of it left. He makes me believe in abortion.

    4. marriea September 17, 2016

      Clinton is a whore? Have you met her personally? Likewise to those who consider her a bitch.
      I find it interesting the vile terms one attribute to others by folks who have never in one second, actually met the person of their ire except on their T V screen.
      That you disagree with her policies is one thing.
      But to actually go as far as you have, makes me think of persons who can say the words M/F in a sentence more times than the words of substance (I’m going to the store)’.

      1. Godzilla September 17, 2016

        This is termed in a political sense, not a sexual sense. Please attempt to apply common sense…or ask a kid, they can help.

        1. marriea September 18, 2016

          Then I’m sure you can come up with better language to describe her.
          And do you use this type of language around your kids.
          Not a religious type, mind you, but don’t our kids learn enough of our bad habits already.

    5. jmprint September 17, 2016

      Trump is an A-whole like you, Trumpanzee at it finest. President is the best president we have had, he is the most honorable man, and puts all the rest of congressman to shame.

      You are the one that is conned, but you already know and don’t care, unlike you we do. Deplorable nut.

      1. Godzilla September 17, 2016

        Your a laughable ass. Clinton the most corrupt politician in US election history. Protected fully by a lawless administration is the only reason she isn’t rotting in jail. Your a sheep, brainwashed to think you actually have a choice in who you vote for, then pretend that things will change. Pay a little attention, nothing changed after 2014 elections, nothing will change after this election. All of the bums in DC should be arrested and jailed for treason.

        1. jmprint September 17, 2016

          Whatever godzilla, it doesn’t matter, don’t you understand that this is our nation and only one of two people are going to get elected, and Trump is too dangerous to have in the white house.

    6. Budjob September 17, 2016

      Are you going to take courses to learn how to speak Russian?

      1. idamag September 18, 2016

        He cannot speak English, let alone learn to speak Russian. He speaks high school football.

  19. disqus_vqY6j2L6rm September 16, 2016

    Trump and those who continue to support him are the type of people I would love to piss in their face. They are nothing but pure ignorant racist with a sprinkle of sellout blacks. If I was in the same room with trump I’d take a crap right in his mouth. If ever there was a person (s) that needed to be slapped trump and his supporters are them. Funny thing though his supporters have such a racist upbringing they can’t help but ignore the fact that this boy can’t tell the truth to save his life. F’K trump and everyone who support his ignorant zza. ..

    1. marriea September 17, 2016

      Why would you waste good piss and the energy it takes to take a swing at them?
      Some things, like a pile of feces, is best left to the flies and ants.

      1. jmprint September 17, 2016

        Maggots love ’em.

    2. Godzilla September 17, 2016

      F/K you bad!

    3. idamag September 17, 2016


    4. jmprint September 17, 2016

      As Michele Obama says, “they get lower, we get higher” try it.

  20. EvenstarMtl September 17, 2016

    Obama is president now going on 8 years so why bring up the birther issue which was important only to establish whether Obama qualified to be president in the first place. And there was nothing wrong with asking Obama to prove his place of birth under those circumstances. Ted Cruz has also been challenged in similar fashion as to whether he qualifies to run for president. Hillary, in trying to be a smart ass by bringing the birther issue up again (she is simply running out of ways to attack Trump), had it all back fire on her and the media that has been protecting her and backing her for the get go. She tried to play Trump but instead she got played. When is she going to tell us why we should vote for her instead of attacking Trump 24/7??

    1. marriea September 17, 2016


    2. jmprint September 17, 2016

      When it was questioned in 2008 and the President showed his short form birth certificate, that should have been enough, but not for the Trumpanzees (exT-Party movement). No they moved on to more conspiracies and said he was a muslim, even after Obama said he was a Christian. Neither Trump or the republican leaders put a stop, the only one was McCain.

      Trumps WIFE the presumably next first lady came to the United States illegally, but she shows a piece of paper with written information that proves nothing and well all is well why, because she of her skin tone.

      This issue is an issue that Trump himself brought out, and he needs to apologize to all of us, he offended a bunch with this rhetoric that flamed you racist.

      If you don’t know why you should vote for her by now, you are either not paying attention, or only reading head lines. HIllary 2016 the only answer for moving forward.

      1. Godzilla September 17, 2016

        Trumps wife is in fact here legally and was when Trump married her. The bullcrap you people spew is amazing, not to mention fairy tales. Obama, for his part, is half white. That small fact is usually lost in all the Liberal race card throwing nonsense. Jimmy Carter sucked too, but at least he wasn’t nearly as bad as Obama.

        1. jmprint September 17, 2016

          The she needs to prove it, and not on hand written piece of paper. Prove it or shut up. Jimmy Carter is more of a man then Trump could ever attempt to be. So what if he is racial mix, that doesn’t bother us, what bothers us the the white nationalist superiority, that they think in there little bitty pea brain that they are better.

          1. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            The White Nationanlist superiority is a fantasy that the Liberal Progressives have used to brainwash the weakminded “Useful Eaters” like you and most of the commenters that post here or on sites like the Daily Kos. They are playing you like a fiddle.

          2. jmprint September 17, 2016

            So, all those patriots, all those kkk member, all those alt-right members are all a figment of our imagination. Oh I see your are the type of Trumpanzee that see no evil, hears no evil, got it.

          3. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            What KKK? Oh, you mean the Grand Wizard who has stated he is voting for Hitlary? BWAHAHA! The Alt-Right is more Liberal Marxist nonsense that means nothing to an educated man, which you apparently are not. Here take a look for yourself. (Note: Looks like he got his butt kicked, LOL) (Note 2: KKK = Black Lives Matters)


          4. jmprint September 17, 2016

            There is only one ex-kkk person voting for Hillary that I know of, it’s never too late to admit you are wrong about life. It’s never too late to become a good human being. Try it, you might like it.

          5. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            He is current and he said it on the record. Hiltlary’s mentor was Senator Byrd, as she said after his death. He was a known racist and KKK member. That’s your candidate, a trained racist. Your ilk has black Americans enslaved by the Liberal welfare state. The real racists are the ones you support, which makes you a racist yourself, shame on you.

          6. jmprint September 17, 2016

            Twist and shout, Trump’s brand, makes you a colorful person, Putin likes colorful idiots.

          7. idamag September 17, 2016

            I find him stupidly boring.

          8. jmprint September 17, 2016

            I find him nauseating.

          9. idamag September 17, 2016

            The Southern Party Law Center keeps tabs on hate groups. When Obama was elected, the hate groups doubled. It is public knowledge that David Duke endorsed trump. It is public knowledge that the KKK endorsed trump. It is public knowledge that WAR (white Aryan resistance) endorsed trump.

          10. jmprint September 17, 2016

            Hillary is one smart women, that’s why she called them deplorable. The ones that aren’t racist, ought to know, they are guilty by association.

          11. idamag September 18, 2016

            When it comes to intelligence, it often takes intelligence to recognize intelligence. Yes, she is. And they are deplorables.

          12. Budjob September 17, 2016

            You sir,have a PBS mind in an MTV world!

          13. jmprint September 17, 2016

            You got some splaning to do bud.

          14. Budjob September 17, 2016

            jmprint,Sorry buddy,I clicked when I should have clucked.Trump is a fucking NAZI!!

          15. dpaano September 19, 2016

            They do, I hope, realize that we ALL come from Africa….it’s been proven in many ways by archeologists and geneticists. There’s no such thing as a pure white race!!!

    3. Godzilla September 17, 2016

      A long form birth certificate is required to get a drivers license in most States. Asking for one to be President of the US is a MUST. Liberal’s are cry babies. Hillary is done, Trump in a landslide. Wait till more emails are released, that will be the final torpedo in her sinking ship. LMAO!

      1. jmprint September 17, 2016

        Not all, not true. If Hillary had not released her tax papers, you would be crying right about now. Trump is cooked, I can hardly wait to see him lose in his three pending court cases for FRAUD, RACKETEERING and RAPE.

        1. Godzilla September 17, 2016

          I could care less about Hitlary’s taxes. I wholly doubt any of the faux court cases will achieve much, sounds like the very witch hunt you claim has happened to Hitlary. The hypocrisy of the left is astounding and really shows a lack of intellect.

          1. jmprint September 17, 2016

            Oh but your dumbness stand out. Are you getting paid for playing ignorant, or not playing.

          2. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            Your a brainwashed Useful Eater. Do you know what a useful eater is (it’s a historical statement)? That is you.

          3. jmprint September 17, 2016

            Who cares what that means, what I do know is that you are a waste of soul covered by all that epidermis.

          4. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            A Useful eater is what the Communist leaders called the people who stupidly supported them…and millions of them were starved to death or killed in other ways. That is you, a blind , ignorant follower. A sheep, being led to slaughter…just like the useful eaters in Russia many, many years ago.

          5. jmprint September 17, 2016

            That exactly what deplorables are and you admit you are proud of it.

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 17, 2016

            Godzilla—the bipedal flame-throwing dinosaur strikes repeatedly with hostility and malcontent—a satanic virtue and not at all what a real human would do.

          7. idamag September 17, 2016

            Trump is who he is.

          8. Budjob September 17, 2016

            You could probably warm up to a lot of people if,you were cremated with them!!

          9. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            Apparently you rode the short bus and licked the windows as a child, which doesn’t seem long ago. Pretend your a man with some smarts and just stop talking, you have nothing intelligent to say anyway.

        2. Billie September 19, 2016

          Plus pedophilia.

          1. jmprint September 19, 2016

            Wasn’t aware, please do share.

          2. Billie September 20, 2016

            He is being sued out in California by a woman that said he raped her when she was 13 yrs. old. I’m waiting for it to blow up like the Cosby scandel.

  21. marriea September 17, 2016

    If the media feels it got played, then it’s a con job they played on themselves.
    Trump has said more stupid stuff, than even Ted Cruz.
    Yet because of his reported ‘billionaire’ status, every thing, even stuff the media knew was untrue, fake, non-existant, they (it) felt the need to gobble it up and report it as news with substance. WHY? I would love to know the reasoning behind their actions.
    It’s like the media forgot or blatantly refused to do their jobs. It’s like the entire news media felt it necessary to lie in the same flea rifened bed as FAUX NEWS.
    I could hear the same ‘message’ of Trump from a deranged homeless person at the bus stop.
    But yet, (and I supposed it’s because of the status one is given when they have reported money) if that person were shouting to the top of their lungs, Trump’s mantra, that person wouldn’t be given the time of day.
    So why give it to Trump, free of charge, ad time worth a reported 2 billions dollars just by speaking his name.
    I’m no real big fans of the third party candidates Johnson nor Stein, but they make more sense on thier worst day than Trump does on his best.
    And now you feel YOU GOT PLAYED. Hell, think of how the American public feel about how YOU, THE MEDIA? have played them with your tabloid ‘journalism’.

  22. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 17, 2016

    From another angle, anyone with insight can see, or later apprehend, how Trump and his followers are in defiance of spiritual laws and as such are destined for a fall.

    In the physical realm, we have various physical laws such as the law of gravity. On earth, when you approach a cliff and continue to walk forward you will descend and either die or be seriously injured.

    Spiritual Laws exist as well and are just as real, and when they are broken there are consequences which may be longer lasting, by affecting one after stepping through the “door” of death.

    Trump and the so-called “Christians” who support him, show complete disdain for such spiritual laws, and are steadily approaching the edge of a cliff from which they may never recover in this life and the life to come. Much like a child as an embryo in the womb of the mother who ingests harmful substances which hinder the proper development of the unborn child. When the child emerges with some mental/physical impairment, it’s usually impossible to repair the damage during its life outside the womb.

    Earthly existence is as the “womb” compared to the “worlds” beyond, and as such we should be more careful about whether we’re prepared so as not to be spiritually impaired beyond the “womb” of this physical existence.

    1. Godzilla September 17, 2016

      More utter nonsense from another mindless liberal sheep.

      1. jmprint September 17, 2016

        It’s called freedom of expression, do you have a problem with others having an opinion that differs your? deplorable skunk.

        1. Godzilla September 17, 2016

          Intelligent expression is OK, idiocy is….idiocy. I am deplorable and damn proud of it, weasel.

          1. jmprint September 17, 2016

            Well then go back into your basket and feed off maggots. You are so good at it. TRUMPANZEE

          2. Godzilla September 17, 2016

            I see, your a parrot monkey and a racist. Repeat what you have read and throw poop. You probably haven’t had an original thought since you were taught to masterbate and found yourself alone at home.

          3. jmprint September 17, 2016

            Now you are doing the trump shuffle and telling us what you are all about. Keep showing us your colors.

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 17, 2016

            Godzilla, your responses show expressions that are juvenile. The poop thing is pre-adolescent and is what I would expect from a 6 year old and not an adult.
            Reptiles react in a knee-jerk fashion to stimuli, and since Godzilla is your moniker, it suits you quite well.

            You’ve given little indication of being human, so are you truly reptilian or just a little boy with an anal fixation?

          5. idamag September 17, 2016

            Back into his basket of deplorables.

          6. nancy.pendleton September 18, 2016

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        2. idamag September 17, 2016

          Hey, Godzilla gave his credentials as being a football player in high school. You know the ones the teachers don ‘t dare fail when they are dumb, dumber, and dumbest. He used to have his picture as his avatar. You would understand his line of reasoning if you saw it. There is very little space between his eyebrows and his hairline and I am not exaggerating.

          1. dpaano September 19, 2016

            And, you have to consider all the “head banging” he had to go through playing football…..they’ve already proven that this can be detrimental to a person’s mental acuity in later years!!!

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 18, 2016

        Is that all you have to offer? What a pathetic response—the kind I’ve noticed from every single avowed conservative who has had the gall to make a comment on any subject in this forum and anywhere else. Such a deplorable group of witless wonders.

        Not only do you and they show a dearth of adequate vocabulary, but whenever you say anything it is shallow, mean-spirited, offers not a scintilla of intelligence or foresight, and most of all your comments and theirs offer no hope or signs of showing a way towards a resolution of any social problem. As for offering any spiritual insight or showing that you have a spiritual base, you all also strike out miserably. A sure sign of a soul motivated by satanic forces, as Trump is similarly motivated.

        There is no sign that your ship nor his will be righted—your dinghy flounders on dry land, going nowhere.

        Fare thee well, Godzilla, the fire-breathing curmudgeon.

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