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Fear May Win Elections, But It Makes Governing Hard

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Fear May Win Elections, But It Makes Governing Hard


“Keep calm and carry on.” — British government poster, 1939

According to Hollywood, most disasters feature government or institutional figures who try to downplay the scale of catastrophe, at least publicly, in order to prevent mass panic. Rightly or wrongly, these fictional leaders want to shield the public from the facts because they believe disseminating the truth would only provoke hysteria.

Right now, though, life is hardly imitating art. As the midterm elections approach, some leading political figures — most of them Republicans — are actively spreading half-truths, distortions and just plain lies in order to increase voter anxiety. They believe exploiting public fears will boost their chances.

It is a sinister and shameful use of the political soapbox, a detrimental exercise that misleads people about the risks they face from threats as different as Islamic jihadists and an exotic virus. It also damages the reputations of institutions that are indispensable in a crisis.

Shouldn’t our political leaders be the responsible ones who distribute facts, dampen panic and model rational decision making? Isn’t it part of their job to coach the rest of us to keep cool? Apparently not, if exaggerating threats is the better campaign strategy.

The use of fear as a political weapon isn’t new, of course. It is as old as the earliest political gatherings and has been used by feudal lords, despots and democratically elected premiers and presidents. There’s a reason for that: Fear is among the most powerful of human emotions, more likely to motivate people to react than sorrow, joy or even anger.

For some Republican candidates, Ebola arrived in the United States just in time. While the murderous jihadists of the Islamic State group had helped to push President Obama’s approval ratings to new lows, they were still a faraway threat. But the tragic death of Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian national who died in a Dallas hospital, lent itself to hyperbole and fearmongering.

Several Republicans have found a way to work the Ebola virus into criticisms of their Democratic opponents, usually linking an alleged weakness on border security to an enhanced threat from infected persons. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has suggested that the Obama administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are hiding the truth about the transmission of Ebola.

But the prize may go to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), who suggested in an interview with the right-wing media organization Newsmax that Islamic State fighters might use Ebola as a biological weapon.

While the GOP has taken the lead on the fear bandwagon, a few Democrats have also jumped aboard, scared to be left behind. Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Kay Hagan (D-NC) are among the Dems who have joined the call for travel bans from some West African countries, although health officials have repeatedly said such restrictions would be counterproductive.

Perhaps our elected leaders would be more responsible if the nation were facing an existential threat, as it did in World War II. Perhaps they’d put aside partisanship if Ebola were really poised to create a worldwide pandemic, spiraling through affluent countries as well as poor ones.

History shows us examples of bipartisan cooperation to fight not only Nazi Germany but also the communist threat that lingered for a half-century after that. Unfortunately, that same history shows us many examples of politicians only too willing to inflame passions, incite fear and create panic for personal gain. Sen. Joe McCarthy’s crazed commie-hunt went on for years, destroying not just livelihoods but also lives.

In my lifetime, politicians have used the fear of racial integration to incite white voters and scare them to the polls. For decades, the worst stereotypes about black students were used to agitate white parents; the most pernicious lies about black homeowners used to panic white neighborhoods. While those segregationist pols didn’t invent racism, they primed it and pandered to it. And we are still trying to recover from the havoc they wrought.

Yes, you can win elections by inspiring fear and panic, unfortunately. But you will have created another breach in the social fabric — another ruinous tear that will make it more difficult to govern from the post you’ve won.

(Cynthia Tucker won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007. She can be reached at cynthia@cynthiatucker.com.)

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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Cynthia Tucker Haynes

Cynthia Tucker Haynes, a veteran newspaper journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, is a Visiting Professor of Journalism and Charlayne Hunter-Gault Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at the University of Georgia. She is also a highly-regarded commentator on TV and radio news shows.

Haynes was editorial page editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper for 17 years, where she led the development of opinion policy. More recently, she was that newspaper’s Washington-based political columnist. She maintains a syndicated column through Universal Press Syndicate, which is published in dozens of newspapers around the country. Besides winning the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007, Haynes has also received numerous other awards, including Journalist of the Year from the National Association of Black Journalists.

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  1. ps0rjl October 25, 2014

    I have repeatedly said that the GOP is continually trying to win votes by using the tactic of fear. But isn’t ironic that when it comes to using troops somewhere to fight ISIS or some other perceived threat they are all for it. Of course they are all for it because they know it wont be their sons or daughters doing the fighting. Ever since President Obama was elected they have been the party of fear. They’ve just been ramping it up lately for the midterms.

    1. itsfun October 25, 2014

      Terrorism is a real threat to our country, but our administration is down playing it. People with hatchets, ISIS converts shooting people must be stopped. I personally know 2 people that are actually afraid to go into a mall or public place like a theater because of fear of being shot. Calling these people “JV” and ignoring the threat they pose is going to be a issue in the coming election. The administration must confront these issues or face a disaster in the election.

      1. mah101 October 25, 2014

        You have a far greater chance of being killed by a bee sting than you do of dying from an ISIS attack. Put things in perspective. If you’re afraid of ISIS, I would assume you never drive since your odds of dying in a traffic accident are thousands of times greater.

        1. itsfun October 25, 2014

          If terrorists are no threat as you seem to believe, why have our military guys been told not to wear their uniforms out in public because of ISIS converts? Why have so many police officers been attacked in the last couple of weeks by ISIS converts?

          If you don’t think voters are aware of these things, then you are mistaken. Our country is not as safe a place as it was 6 years ago.

          1. mah101 October 25, 2014

            Did I say that terrorists were no threat? No I did not. What I said was put things in perspective. They are not nearly as big a threat as bumble bees, let alone driving on the highway.

            Stop being so afraid of everything and using fear to drive policy.

            And remember, by being afraid you grant the terrorists victories that they can achieve through no other means. Stiff upper lip, and all that…

          2. itsfun October 25, 2014

            My original post was saying the administration is not taking terrorist seriously, and that could cost them votes in the upcoming election. Perception is everything and many feel Obama is not doing enough to stop the terrorists. Did bumble bees kill as many people as the 9/11 terrorists attack? Did we learn nothing from that attack?

          3. mah101 October 25, 2014

            Well, I guess we’ll have to disagree. Frankly, I think committing the forces of the US to Iraq and Syria due to a couple of beheadings is a bit extreme, but don’t disagree that the rise of ISIS is of concern.

            Now for some facts:
            2 Americans killed in the past year by ISIS

            50 Americans on average die every year from bee stings (note that is 25 times greater than death by ISIS)

            90 Americans on average die every year from lightening strikes

            20,000 Americans die on average from the flu every year (10,000 times greater than die from ISIS, but then the GOP wants to cut more funding from the CDC…)

            35,000 Americans die on average from traffic related accidents, yet the GOP still refuses to increase funding for infrastructure and opposes regulations on auto manufacturers designed to increase safety.

            So, putting things in perspective, I respectfully disagree with you.

            Now, about the final comment in my previous post. By giving in to fear, you accomplish the terrorists goals. I will not help them – how about you?

          4. itsfun October 25, 2014

            I just have a hard time comparing the murder of innocent citizens to cases of the flu or bee stings. I absolutely hate war. I want them ended before they reach my country. We will probably just have to disagree on this and thats ok. How 3 men could ever marry Kim Kardashian shows how stupid men can be. That is a scary thought.

          5. mah101 October 25, 2014

            We’re in agreement about marrying Kim Kardashian, see there is common ground!

          6. itsfun October 25, 2014

            Yep; I think there is always common ground We all love this county and want what is best for it and our fellow citizens. We just have different ideas on how to achieve that goal. I guess that is why there is a liberal party and an conservative one.

          7. mah101 October 25, 2014

            Oh, and one thing I did learn from the 9/11 attack is don’t overreact, don’t give the terrorists what they want, and above all don’t base rational policy decisions on populist fear.

        2. highpckts October 25, 2014

          Well you and I know that but to someone with absolutely no common sense, that is not the case and they also vote!

      2. awakenaustin October 25, 2014

        Maybe their fear is rational if they are afraid of some crazed American citizen shooting them in a mall or other public place, like a school for instance. If they are seriously worried about an international terrorist then their fear is more than a little irrational.
        They are considerably more likely to be killed by someone they know personally, than be killed by an international terrorist.
        Do they drive a car? If they have that fear level of being shot by a terrorist so high they won’t go to a mall, how do they ever get into a car?
        Do they get a flu shot every year? If they don’t, then any fear they might have of international terrorists is a bit overblown. They are much more likely to die of the flu this year.

        Now why would they have irrational fears instead of rational fears? Could it be that someone has been stoking those fears for political gain?

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2014

          The guy in NY who axed those 4 cops was a convert to Islam. Or so he claimed. He was also a guy who lived off his father. In other words, a lazy loser who admittedly took great pleasure in watching ISIS beheadings and the rapes and torture of women and children.

          What I see are a bunch of guys all the same age who have a (bad choice of words here but…) and axe to grind because they have too much free time on their hands. Idle time is the devil’s workshop. Always has been, always will be.

          What the NY Ax man wanted was to start an internal civil war as he claimed on U-Tube. He proposed creating a need for the US military to defend the rest of us from “them.”

          And who are “them?” A bunch of lazy loafers who sit around all day and concoct more blood, guts and gore they hope and pray they’ll get away with.

          1. kenndeb October 26, 2014

            He was most likely a liberal too.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2014

        Actually, terrorism may be a real threat to every country of the world. And, check out the age group of terrorists. ISIS is only powerful because enemies of the US are providing them with arms.

        Terrorism in the US isn’t an election issue at all. Getting people back to work is. Getting affordable healthcare is. What good is making terrorism an issue if people can’t afford to eat? Can’t afford to take their kids to the doctor? Repair roads and bridges?

        A starved, nation with no jobs and no resources to be self-reliant is exactly what the GOP and ISIS wants. Try again.

        1. kenndeb October 26, 2014

          Sounds more like what the Emperor and the liberals want. Complete rule over the American people.

          1. ericlipps October 26, 2014

            Kenny boy, you should be a Democrat. The party’s symbol is a donkey, after all, and you’re a total jackass.
            Which party was it which declared, “We’re an empire now”? Not the Democrats, Kenny.

          2. BillP October 27, 2014

            That was a very precise way to identify this low information troll. Made me laugh, thanks.

          3. WhutHeSaid October 27, 2014

            When Democrats want your opinion they’ll come to your trailer and slap it out of you.

      4. charleo1 October 25, 2014

        Terrorism is what it is. Whether it’s played up, to start a poorly thought out, ill fated war. Or played down, as a strategy in order to compel an Army we equipped, and trained to fight radical Islamists will do so. So we don’t find our own troops once again in the middle of their sectarian civil war. ISSL, is a J.V. outfit. At this moment, they are a big fish in a sparsely populated, civil war weaken, largely Sunni Arab area. With a foothold on either side of the Syrian-Iraqi border. Malaki, our idiot in Bagdad, instead of building a coalition of Shia/Sunni Iraqis. He disrespected the Sunni. Mistreated them, relegated them to the lowest paying jobs. Used the Iraqi Army, as his own personal goon squad. And, when ISSL gave the disgruntled Sunni the chance, they, along with the best trained officers of Saddam’s elite Republican Guard, our other idiot in Bagdad, Paul Bremer, saw fit to dismiss, and send home. Without an income, or a government that represented them. So they took their guns, and their military expertise, and now are helping one of the most brutal bloodthirsty groups since Al Qaeda. But, terrorism remains what it is. Not a thing, but a tactic. A guerrilla operation. Mostly unaffected by a U.S. President’s public description of it. Unless you would have the President of the U.S. The most powerful person in the World, describe them as a magnificent and terrifying fighting force, of which every American should be very concerned? Their requiters would love that!

        1. itsfun October 26, 2014

          Are you saying if we completely ignore terrorism, then it will go away?

          1. charleo1 October 26, 2014

            Absolutely not. We can’t afford to ignore it. Nor can we afford the kind of over-reaction, we experienced after 9/11. Where individuals like Dick Cheney, who wanted to overthrow Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War. Then used the, 9/11 attacks to piggyback the Iraq War on the fear, anger, and confusion of the public. By cherry picking intel, and asking for intel, that seemed to support the allegations that Saddam somehow was complicit, or in league with Al Qaeda. That’s the kind of over reaction, that compounds the effects of a successful attack. And worse, promotes those like Bin Laden, to a God-like status among those who would kill millions of us if they could. So terrorism is very real. However, we need to be sure our own reaction is proportional to the threat. And, also keep in mind, the motivation for these groups, is publicity. If we spend months on National T.V. litigating one of their successes, such as killing an American Ambassador. It elevates that group of rag tag, nobodies, to rock star status. Not that we shouldn’t investigate. But that investigation should be of no longer duration than is necessary to be thorough. And should not be politicized. Terror should not be made a political tool. But guarded against, and when necessary, fought vigorously, and intelligently, on many fronts. And, we must keep in mind, it is not the action of attack that is intended to do the most damage. But our own reaction to it, is where the terrorists, where Bin Laden caused the most damage.

    2. Dominick Vila October 25, 2014

      The next phase of the strategy they have used since the day after President Obama was elected, will be aimed at Hillary Clinton, and that is likely to start in the not too distant future.

      1. mah101 October 25, 2014

        November 5, to be exact.

        1. kenndeb October 26, 2014

          Right after the republicans win the elections. NEVER AGAIN VOTE A DEMOCRAT TO ANY OFFICE.

  2. charleo1 October 25, 2014

    Unfortunately for the Country, the radicalized, win at all costs Republican Party, is no longer a political institution that leads. But one that takes their orders from corporate lobby packs, and billionaires, who buy politicians, and influence public policy, almost as a hobby. One in which they participate, for fun, and profit. So it only matters what they say on the campaign trail, in so much as it drives, or scares, or enrages their base to come out to the polls. But to vote for today’s GOP, one may as well cast their vote for ALEC, one of a number of corporate lobby groups, that funds the campaigns of GOP hopefuls, and incumbents. That must sign pledges to the wealthy elite, to never allow taxes to be raised on top incomes, or corporate profits. And to never allow a subsidy, once installed, to be repealed, or cut. In Republican Land, Grover Norquist is always the President behind the President, that lives in the White House. Truth be told, they themselves are the scarier than any of their faux fear mongering on Ebola. They, and their Super-Pacs, and their constant genuflecting to the rich, and the multi national conglomerates, are the contagion that’s killing democracy in America. A contagion for which we have a cure. It’s called the vote! Have you voted yet?

  3. itsfun October 25, 2014

    This is a political strategy used by both sides of the aisle. Republicans are accused of wanting to throw granny over a cliff, giving tax breaks to rich, giving breaks to business, etc. Democrats say if you don’t elect them, it will mean war on the poor, blacks, education, etc.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2014

      Please explain then why it is Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie are jumping through hoops to win win win win and why all of these men are supported by some of the US’s wealthiest ultra conservatives. Democrats don’t have to tell anyone to elect them. Theirs is not a fear based campaign.

      Thus far in nearly 6 years all we’ve heard out of the GOP is fearmongering BS. First, it was how terrible, awful, costly ANY healthcare reform would be. Then, it was BenghaziGate, followed by ImpeachmentGate…so..do tell us..how much of this came from the Democrats?

      Any professional gambler would tell you that the GOP is playing too close to the hoop to get the ball in to score points. You can only play fearmongering games until it becomes too long in the tooth and no longer credible.

      The reality is that the red states cannot support themselves on their relic industries. Conservatives cannot bleed the middle class because the middle class is bone dry. Now what?

      The stupidity is that while corporations pat themselves on the back for their obscene profits, those are all ill gotten gains that will come back to haunt in a way they will loathe. Nothing lasts forever and money is one of those.

      1. itsfun October 25, 2014

        Like I said, both sides are guilty of doing this. One side is not full of saints and the other devils. How about the tv ad showing black kids showing signs of no more Fergusons by a Democratic candidate. She is saying if you elect a Republican it means open season on blacks. You don’t call that fear. Both sides are doing this kinds of fear campaigning.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2014

          The problem with the distortions in your post is that NO…both sides don’t do this. All we’ve all heard from the GOP for the past nearly 6 years is constant bashing of this president. Not a peep out of them when Herr Cheney ruled the land with an iron hand though.

          She is telling the truth. Those good ole good ole TX Big Oil bois just got their politicians to pass a law they know is a veiled poll tax using voter IDs to get that redistricting Tom DeLay had to resign as Speaker of the House for doing in his state.

          How is it fear if it’s truth that men and women with the White Makes Might mentalities do whatever they can, stoop as low as they can to insure that another black president or woman doesn’t get into the White House?

          Here’s a fear you need to consider…the latest report is that the Koch bois have spent tens of millions in campaign contributions…You can’t afford that…so do tell…who do you think we should fear more? Men with too much money they steal and extort from the rest of us?

          Or minorities who want to do their Constitutional duty and vote?

          Tell us…which party is hot too insure they get votes by demanding IDs that are the stupidest, most vile attempts to reduce minority voting. As if it will.

          Just try not paying your IRS taxes and see how fast your ID is found.

          1. itsfun October 25, 2014

            Are you also saying if Republicans get elected, its open hunting season on black people? Check out how much rich Democrats have contributed to the Democratic Party. They are doing to get liberal plans passed and to make more money for theirselves, just as the rich Republicans are doing to get conservative plans passed and to make money for theirselves. The topic of this post is about making fear campaigns, not what Bush or Cheney did or Tom DeLay did. Nor is about redistricting for votes. That is also something that has been done by both sides for years and years and years.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2014

            Rare back on those extremist exaggerations. Which party was originally Democrat in the rabidly bigoted south? Try erasing that little bit of history and we’ll call you Houdini.

            I’m saying that whites, males in particular, today are supremacists in every sense of the word.

            For most women, it’s a laugh that not a single male can EVER not compete with each other, the by-product of which is mass division. That would be fine and dandy if there was a single gender in this country. Need you be reminded that 52% of the US population is female and that for more than 235+ years, males have ruled supreme in government and the White House?

            The problem today isn’t partisanship…it’s divisionist ideology.

            Which party preaches in pulpits? Democrats or the GOP? Or, have you totally erased the memories of your tax dollars being handed in the 10s of billions by Bush to his favorite churches from whence his pulpit campaigning was preached?

            The GOP is all too linked to Big Businesses who do not hire, do not create jobs and then have the gall to depend on the tax dollars employees and consumers pay that supply 90% of their corporate tax subsidies.

            How isn’t that GOP partisan? I can name several top GOP politicians who are linked to the biggest TX Oil bois…Adelson and the Kochs for Cornyn, Walker and Cruz. The biggest campaign donations to McConnell and Boehner come from HMOS…McConnell freely admits this and then expects us to ignore that he tried desperately to smash ANY and ALL healthcare reform?

            Now..Which party and presidents created SS? The only safeguard against high flying, Wall Street wheeler dealers who have caused one financial crash after another and now with links to the biggest US banks are ready for another round of bailouts? Which party reformed healthcare? Which party is responsible for the Youth Corp, Medicare and Medicaid? Not a single one of these programs, WE PAY for were instituted by a Republican. Why?

            Isn’t it because in the GOP view, our tax dollars belong from whence they come….the Big Businesses they believe hire and create jobs and don’t?

            If I pay half a century for SS, I expect ROI just like the GOP expects ROI from their billionaire mentors the Koch bois for their campaigns. Or, are you suggesting we just, pay and pay and pay and work our butt ends off to no foreseeable ROI?

          3. itsfun October 25, 2014

            Did you see where the Democratic candidate for governor in Carolina call the lady governor there a whore last week? The real war on women is by the Democrats.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2014

            I did see the current GOP governor of NH trying to take down his female candidate by distorting facts. He claimed she voted for a specific bill. She responded by reminding the Master of the Universe that she couldn’t have voted for it, since she wasn’t a Senator at that time.

          5. itsfun October 25, 2014

            Thank You: You just made my whole point in my original post. Both sides engage in name calling, fear, lies and whatever else they think can get them elected. What is really sad about all this, is the elected people will only do what the party leaders tell them to do. That is why the national parties give millions to a candidate. Its all about party control and power. They can say all they want about helping poor people, rich people, skinny people, fat people, etc. but the facts are they only care about their own power and control and money.

          6. highpckts October 25, 2014

            But you are missing the point. Fear is what they use to turn voters in their direction! It doesn’t matter what the big corporations are doing to the little guy! Fear is something they understand! We need guns to protect ourselves. We need someone in office that will protect our borders so we aren’t overrun with Immigrants. We need someone who is like us who thinks gay marriage is wrong. The fear of a changing world scares most uneducated, no time to pay attention people!

          7. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2014

            Thus far, your tax dollars total $80 billion in just the past decades that was for border patrol in TX, AZ, CA and NM. Ask yourself what these states did with that funding? TX passed a bill in 2011, allowing the hiring of illegals for yard work and as maids…Hiring illegals? When TX took your tax dollars for border patrol?

            So, which is it? TX got that funding and used it to fatten their state coffers or they pretend they want border patrol? Check the GAO.gov site on this for proof.

          8. highpckts October 25, 2014

            Those were just examples! I’m not arguing any of those points! I’m pointing out what fears the GOP needs to exploit people!

          9. Eleanore Whitaker October 27, 2014

            I don’t agree. Mostly because I have nothing to fear. And I refuse refuse refuse refuse to allow anyone to turn me into a cowering fool. Yes. It does matter what corporations do. Corporations are on the owing end. They get huge tax incentives just to locate in our states and then get annual tax subsidies for nothing more than remaining in business. That’s your tax dollars being wasted. It isn’t your job or mine to be the only insurance corporations have to stay in business. That’s their job.

            As to border protection, I’m sure you are aware that $90 billion has been spent by the US government in the past 10 years, all while TX and AZ allow illegals to work as maids and yard workers in their states. What do these TX and AZ hot shots do? Allow only enough maids and yard workers, pay them dirt wages no American can or will work for and then expect these illegals these states hire to live out in the woods and eat worms?

            Gay marriage isn’t your business. It would seem that what people do in the privacy of their bedroom is not open to public scrutiny. It’s why they call sex “intimacy.”

            Only paranoid neurotics fear change. I welcome change for the good of all…not for me, but for our children and their children.

          10. highpckts October 27, 2014

            Geez! Those were just examples, not arguing points! I’m not living in fear either, but the people that put their faith in the media such as Fox, etc. are the ones being targeted! To these people, all they can see is the worst case scenario!

          11. Eleanore Whitaker October 27, 2014

            Let’s be honest here. How many people really buy what Rupert Murdoch tries to ram down our throats? None so unpalatable as that which has gone rancid. Of course, you aren’t afraid. Most of us aren’t. Life is wonderfully full of options. Unless we can see those options and act on them, we stagnate into a morass of non-productive human beings.

          12. highpckts October 27, 2014

            How many people buy what Rupert Murdoch rams down their throats???? Judging by the polls, quite a few! Sad!!

          13. Eleanore Whitaker October 28, 2014

            Not true. That’s to assume that every thinking American is hungry for total BS bias. Which polls do you refer to? Those owned by Murdoch? Adelson? Turner? Zuckerberg?

            If a thinking adult is such a fool as to accept the biased garbage these ultra right wing media billionaires spew forth, they obviously need more education to think for themselves and not become media robots.

          14. highpckts October 28, 2014

            I guess we will see when the elections are over! My guess is, the GOP will gain control of the Senate because mid terms are not good for getting voters out! Little do they know the consequences they will suffer if that happens!

          15. WhutHeSaid October 26, 2014

            Oh my, here you are trying to blame all the world’s ills on men again? Don’t forget that women are also involved in all of the problems you speak of, and men are also involved in all of the solutions you speak of. Are you trying to say that women don’t compete? Ridiculous nonsense.

            Bigotry (in this case misandry) is the product of personal character defects. Don’t make me call you out again on yours. After all, your bitter bile over being challenged by a man on a erroneous assertion made you my very best new buddy.

          16. Eleanore Whitaker October 27, 2014

            Yes..I do blame the world’s ills on men. It’s you men who go trotting off to war because you can’t get along with each other. You can’t even run businesses without trying to create contests to see who can be the world’s most powerful corporate titans. Please spare me you poor little men BS..I’ve live my entire life in a man’s world, unfortunately for some men.

            I give men credit for one thing: Teaching me to think like a man. All 4’10” of me. For more than 3 decades, I worked in an all male engineering environment. Any day of any week, I could sit back and watch those guys play mind games with each other in order to show their superiority.

            5 brothers and half brothers taught me to fight like a man…that’s what I do best. 11 nephews taught me that men hate the word “NO” and “WRONG” and the only thing they hate more is a woman in a position of authority.

            So..do spare me your prattle about “blaming” men. Men get their asses into trouble because they don’t know when to shut their mouths and back off when they’ve been bested.

            Instead, they always have an answer…and usually always not the right one or the best one..Take a look at the 235+ years you men have ruled the US government. Now, you want to bitch? Too late.

            When the Senate, House of Reps., Supreme Court and 50% of all corporations are owned and headed by females, then you get to make your petty male gripes.

            But, you can do something….police your own gender and keep your male noses out of women’s business. We neither need your money, your help or your silly male take on what life “should” be. Do all women a favor and stop “shoulding” on us.

          17. WhutHeSaid October 27, 2014

            You know, it’s rather funny that you should “give men credit” for “teaching [you] to think like a man” when you blame all of the world’s ills on men. Sort of nonsensical — don’t you think?

            In reality you don’t think like a man at all. You sound more like a woman who is angry that she wasn’t born a man, or a woman who is angry because she was jilted by a man.

            For your information, women are every bit as responsible for wars as men are. While it’s true that men are more often involved in direct combat, that’s not always the case today, and women are finally achieving the dubious right to fight and die in combat in ever greater numbers. Of course, having the right to volunteer to die isn’t quite the same as being forced to fight and die whether you want to or not — as was long the case with men (usually boys, really).

            I’m not responsible for ‘policing my gender’ any more than you are for policing yours. There are plenty of vile and despicable women in this world who are every bit as responsible for the ills of society as men are. I don’t police them either, and I noticed that neither do you.

            I am responsible for myself. You are responsible for yourself. You need to police yourself out of being a misandrist, which is to say a male-hating bigot. When I see a bigot of any kind, you can be absolutely certain that I’m going to call them on it. You are a bigot.

        2. ericlipps October 26, 2014

          Both sides may do it, but that doesn’t mean both do it to the same degree. In the venom department, Republican right-wingers far outdo Democratic liberals and moderates (or even Republican moderates, for that matter). Grasping desperately at exceptional cases doesn’t make the case for equivalence, far less the overwhelming liberal evil claimed by a certain poster on this site with a gender-bending nickname.

    2. Allan Richardson October 25, 2014

      It is an objective fact that Republicans would, even if unintentionally (by declaring that “Granny’s” life is less important that cutting deficits), throw Granny off the cliff (financially), and that they give so many tax breaks to the rich, and to businesses that DO NOT NEED them to be profitable, and are even super profitable. They believe that the PRIVATE property of a few resulted ONLY from their work and has NOTHING to do with social and public assets, or the existence of customers who can purchase their goods, and thus the rich are not obligated to pay ANY taxes. These policies, even if not enacted with overt malicious intent, do constitute a war on the poor (not making even the most ambitious work ethic profitable enough to escape from poverty), minorities, education (public anyway, but of course anyone who can AFFORD good private schools would be somewhat affluent). This was not always the case; look up the 1956 GOP platform for re-electing Ike and every plank is something today’s Republicans condemn as “socialism.”

      While Democrats JUSTIFIABLY warn voters about these economic results of Republican policies, Republicans spread FALSE fear and panic to distract voters from their actual interests, citing “symbolic” threats such as “godlessness” (no prayer in schools), Islamic law (which only applies in majority Muslim countries, and is EQUALLY forbidden by the First Amendment as the Christian theocratic policies Republicans advocate), “foreign” influence, etc.

  4. Dominick Vila October 25, 2014

    The use of fear, superstitions, and prejudice become an essential element of electioneering when a candidate has nothing constructive to offer. The same goes for political parties with a dismal record and a total lack of vision.

  5. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2014

    Sorry, I can’t agree that fear wins elections. Nor, do I believe for one second that “fear” can and will be the defining element to keep a democracy undiluted from extremism, fanaticism or ideological tyranny.

    Ask yourselves, “What are you afraid of?” Then, follow that question with this one: “What’s the worse that can happen?” See? Most of the fear is in the mind only.

    We’ve lived through decades of ongoing wars, sequestrations, government shut downs, assassinations, political scandals and political assassinations, financial and economic hardship nationally and internationally and guess what? We’re still here. We’re still going through the motions that daily living imposes on all of us. We still spend time with our families, pay our bills and try to meet our obligations to our country, our society as a whole and our families with ultra responsibility.

    Now, ask yourselves who it is that seeks most to degrade, demean and destroy whole lifetimes of freedom, responsibility and common decency?

    Those who for too many decades have sat on the sidelines with their palms always open.

    No American is going to work an entire lifetime with nothing to show for their efforts.

    The real joke today? Corporations are refusing to hire or create jobs.

    Look at the truest impact of that…The unemployed who have been unemployed by profiteering corporations can no longer pay their taxes. How do you pay income taxes when you have NO income?

    All this, while the GOP demonizes the unemployed for not paying taxes, while simultaneously playing cheerleaders to corporations who won’t hire or create jobs. Does that make sense to anyone? You bet it doesn’t.

    Then, the GOP wants to cut deeper into the marrow of Americans bones?

    Blowback is a bitch and it’s coming…sooner than later for the GOP.

    1. highpckts October 25, 2014

      Oh no, it’s fear! I remembering in the roll out of the ACA I had a cousin, perfectly serious, say to me that in CA they were dragging young girls off the street and sterilizing them against their will!! This is the mentality that we are dealing with! Fear moves them like nothing else!!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 25, 2014

        If we look beyond their fear motivations, we see the true agenda: Control. Fear Creators have a deep seated psychological need to control the world around them. In reality, they are the ones who have the least self-control and self-discipline.

        You can so easily control someone if you can create the aura of fear. One problem with that? Doesn’t work on the older generation of seniors. They’ve lived through extremes throughout their lifetimes. They may fear dreaded plagues and illness. But, political control freaks are the least of their concerns.

        Amusing, when you think about the lengths these fearmongers go to just to “create” fear. Seems a huge waste of time. The only ones who fall for their fearmongering games are the naive and most impressionable…namely people their own ages.

        1. highpckts October 25, 2014

          Of course it’s about control! What’s the point otherwise? The fact that they are flat out lying is of no consequence! It’s the end result that matters. They need this control like an addict and will do or say anything to get it!

          1. kenndeb October 26, 2014

            A very good description of liberals. ALL they do is lie, and twist .

          2. highpckts October 26, 2014

            Boy that’s the kettle calling the pot black!!

          3. kenndeb October 26, 2014

            Just stating FACTS. Liberals are liars by nature, it seems. Try taking a good look at liberal logic.


          4. highpckts October 26, 2014

            You wouldn’t kmow a fact if it slammed you in the face! According to Forbes magazine( which I’m sure you will call a Liberal rag)………

            Economically, President Obama’s administration has outperformed President Reagan’s in all commonly watched categories. Simultaneously the current administration has reduced the deficit, which skyrocketed under Reagan. Additionally, Obama has reduced federal employment, which grew under Reagan (especially when including military personnel,) and truly delivered a “smaller government.” Additionally, the current administration has kept inflation low, even during extreme international upheaval, failure of foreign economies (Greece) and a dramatic slowdown in the European economy
            Nature has nothing to do with pure facts!! These facts are written down for everyone to see except the one’s who hate the President simply for what he is!!

      2. ralphkr October 25, 2014

        Sounds to me, highpckts, as though your cousin was reading reports from the early 1900s. Thirty states had laws mandating institutionalizing or sterilizing “undesirable”. (As my father used to tell me, “It is only a matter of time until Democrats are classified as undesirable”). The idea of breeding a master race & culling lesser beings came to blossom in the US. Hitler learned about it from us and put it in force with typical German efficiency and even made profit from his death camps. I recently read that some of the states still had those laws in effect and that sterilizations were still being carried out to purify the human race in the US long after WW2.

        1. highpckts October 25, 2014

          No not reading anything except reports from Faux news that was telling so called horror stories about the ACA to scare people and make it unpopular! As far as the Dems being the “undesirables” She already thinks that. I am considered a looney Liberal in my family!!

          1. kenndeb October 26, 2014

            That seems like a valid description.

          2. highpckts October 26, 2014

            As apposed to a right wing nut job??

    2. kenndeb October 26, 2014

      “Now, ask yourselves who it is that seeks most to degrade, demean and destroy whole lifetimes of freedom, responsibility and common decency?” The answer to this is LIBERALS.

  6. ExRadioGuy15 October 25, 2014

    Unfortunately, Cynthia Tucker is correct: fear CAN win elections.
    Anyone who’s read my posts and comments in regards to National Memo articles knows very well that I’ve been correctly calling the GOP Fascists since July 2011.
    There are 15 defining characteristics of Fascism and the GOP have adhered to at least 10 of them since Ronald Reagan was President and ALL of them since October 2001.
    Notice how, since the Ebola “crisis” has begun, that the GOP have been spreading fear and paranoia via Fascist propaganda? That’s no accident… that’s EXACTLY what Fascist regimes like the GOP do. One of the 15 “DCs” of Fascism is identification of scapegoats/enemies as a unifying cause.
    How do the GOP do this? It’s a fairly simple answer: one of those other “DCs” of Fascism is control of the mass media. And, the GOP have direct or indirect control of nearly all media. Their direct control of the FRWNJ media is fairly obvious: Fox “News”, the Drudge Report, The Daily Caller, Limbaugh, Beck, Michael Savage, etc., can be counted on not to stray from the party line.
    However, their indirect control over the rest of the media is a little more subtle. Most of the so-called “Liberal” media are owned and operated by GOP sympathizers who order their charges to employ the “false equivalency” argument (“both parties are the same”) or, even worse, order their employees to simply ignore the Fascism and corruption of the GOP. This debunks one of the 10 popular myths the Fascist and psychopathic Cons foist on us: “Liberals control the media”.
    Two other reasons the Cons do control the media: 1987, Ronald Reagan signs an executive order abolishing the “Fairness Doctrine”, which required media to give “equal time” to both sides of an issue. Fast forward to 1996 and the Telecommunications Act. Before that Act, there were severe restrictions on how much media a person or corporation could own. But, in the 18 years since that Act became law, media corporations have now condensed ownership so much that SIX BIG CORPORATIONS now own 90% of all media in this country. Those are not Liberals who have all that money; it’s the Cons that have it and have been using it to buy up nearly all that media. Is anyone really surprised when I tell you the fact that Fox “News” is the cable TV propaganda arm of the Fascist Republican Party?
    You might wonder if there’s anything that can be done about this. Wonder no longer. Another Con myth is that America is a Conservative country. It is not. As a matter of fact, that myth is so pathetically untrue that it defies all common sense. Cons don’t even have a majority within the REPUBLICAN PARTY! it’s true…66% of the VOTERS of the GOP are Progressives and Moderates. That 34% left over is split between the three insane wings of the party: Cons, Tea Partiers and Libertarians. The problem, thanks to the GOP’s direct or indirect control of most media, is that the POLITICIANS of the GOP belong to one of the three insane wings. So….
    GOP Progressives and Moderates can show the same courage and intelligence their 1930-1966 forebears did and launch the second Republican Progressive and Moderate Revolution. The first one denied the GOP winning the White House and both Houses of Congress in the same election for forty years (1928-1968). With four notable exceptions, 1938, 1946, “Ike” and 1954, GOP Progressives and Moderates rebelled against their party by voting for Democrats because, quite frankly, Democrats truly represented them. We’ve now come “full circle” on that as the Democrats do truly represent GOP Progressives and Moderates yet again.
    This leaves GOP Progressives and Moderates with a simple choice: vote for Republicans and the insane wings of the party rule the party and politics; vote for Democrats and, eventually, one of two things is going to happen….either, one, the Cons, Tea Partiers and Libertarians will be forced to go to the center to pick up votes or, most likely, the Cons and Tea Partiers will have to break off and start their own parties. The Libertarians would simply go back to their own party.
    The choice is yours, GOP Progressives and Moderates…choose wisely.

  7. highpckts October 25, 2014

    We are not “recovering” from their pandering to racism. It is still alive and very well!!

    1. ExRadioGuy15 October 25, 2014

      You are correct…we’re not “post-racial”, no matter how many times the Fascist lapdog media of the GOP tell us we are…

      1. FireBaron October 26, 2014

        How dare you equate Faux “News” with being media. They are a paid arm of the Republican Party!

        1. kenndeb October 26, 2014

          As the rest of the media( ABC, NBC, CBS) are propaganda outlets for the liberals.

          1. Sand_Cat October 29, 2014

            Obviously you haven’t been paying much attention. ABC ran the “docudrama” blaming Clinton for 9/11, and the other two will trash anyone that makes “news.” The majority of pundits asked to comment on issues on all of the networks are right-wingers.

          2. kenndeb October 30, 2014

            I think that even liberals are starting to wake up to what the regime has been doing to our country. The major media is still operated by liberals.

    2. sigrid28 October 26, 2014

      “Home of the brave,” fear-mongering do-nothing Republicans. Not home of “bravity” or home of “brave-lite.”

  8. howa4x October 25, 2014

    I’m a political independent and have realized a while ago that the two party system has devolved into a fight to preserve the patronage power of both parties. Very littlie gets done anymore because of this rabid partisan bickering. Scoring points is now more important than legislating. Democrats ran away rom their greatest accomplishment getting healthcare reform, and hide as republican attack dogs try to eviscerate it. Republican play the same card of fear they used to start the Iraq war, and thwarted immigration reform. Neither side are really interested in tackling the tough problems we face since each party lives in fear of the extreme sides of it’s base. What we need is a party realignment if we want anything in the future to get done. Conservative democrats are really moderate republicans and they and other moderates need to form a governing center, and forget party labels. That is the only way under this form of government that it can happen. The tea party philosophy is not one that includes governing and is mainly ideological rhetoric, and states they rule are going financially under. Progressives have a toe hold to govern from so the jury is out on how they will do. The center provides the only place to govern from since it lets more divergent view in. Right now if Republicans gain both houses they will touch of an political civil war between those who want to govern and those who want to destroy. Bottom line: don’t expect much.

    1. charleo1 October 26, 2014

      I like the idea of a third party. Lord knows people are fed up with the gridlock, and as you said, the partisan bickering, and just the plain, old, same old, of the, “Duopoly.” That doesn’t seem to accurately represent anyone, anymore. Save the omnipresent, corporate Plutocracy. That always, sooner or later, seems to get everything it desires. And, “the people?” Well, we get half measures, Obamacare, financial reform, that still allows CDO’s, and Credit Default Swaps. That’s if we get anything at all. Example: Gun control. 90% of us wanted the gun show loophole closed. Background checks, and gun registrations, on every sale. The gun makers, and their lobby arm, the NRA, wanted to continue business as usual. And they won against the wishes of 90% of the public! Who’s Country is it, anyway? Well, here’s a hint. Corporate oil wants the XL pipeline build. A deep jagged scar of a project. Dug across the heart of America’s bread basket, atop one of our largest aquifers. To carry some of the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet to Houston Texas. Where it will be refined into diesel fuel to run China’s factories. Yes, China. Where the Communist Government there has pilfered millions of our jobs, through the exploitation, and subsistence wages, of their voiceless people. But, corporate wants it, and they have the upper hand. They have the money, and lobbyists who will get up every morning, and march into the offices of our elected representatives, who seldom represent anyone, anymore, but the monied elite. And offers exactly what they need to stay in their cushy do-nothing for the people jobs. Campaign cash, or a great lobbying job, if things don’t work out, come election time. And. mark my words here. The people will get the news within the next two years, the President has had many of his environmental concerns over the pipeline answered. And the project, that part of it not already being build as we speak, will be given the go ahead. Why? Because there’s a whale of an election coming in 2016. Who’s price tag, will be in the tens of billions. It will be the most expensive election ever held. And frankly, all our, “illustrious leaders,” will be desperate for the cash. So, who’s Country is it? It’s not the D’s, or the Rs. Both are held captive. Unable to actually, “do,” anything. Outside of the most pedestrian of duties. Show up, pretend to support the Party line. Then, get on the phone, and beg the heavy hitters, the ones that run this Country, for money. So I like the idea of an Independent Party. But, it has a branding problem. It has become a repository for malcontents on both ends of the political spectrum. From anti-government, Sovereign Citizens on one end, to those who believe Moveon.org, has been swallowed by the same monster that absorbed the T-Party. Which also has it’s contingent of disaffected, Independents. In closed primaries like the ones in Florida where I live. A registered Independent may not vote for either the Democrat, or Republican. Often the Independent ballot has one name, and it’s candidate is not included in the debates, doesn’t raise much money, and is essentially shut out of the process. And running for office on the issue of opening up our primaries to all voters, is not something that exactly sets many Conservative voters on fire. At least not yet. Right now, they seem intent on reining in access to the voting franchise, not expanding it.

      1. sigrid28 October 26, 2014

        Two things that might help: Overturn Citizen’s United and set federal voting guidelines to get partisan state governments out of the mix.

        1. charleo1 October 26, 2014

          I agree with both sentiments. However, overturning a thing, once decided by the SC, if it’s possible at all, is a very long term proposition. Limiting the money inside campaigns is easier. The addicts must simply self admit themselves for treatment! Against the wishes of their, “dealers,” I might add. However, if the premise is, money donated by individuals, whether bundled from various sources, or donated outright by an individual to hire ad companies to deliver messages in support of a chosen candidate, or against that candidate’s opponent. If all of that is determined to be fundamentally a practice of free speech, it gets very hard, Constitutionally speaking,
          to limit that kind of activity. The best antidote of course, is a savvy, and educated electorate. Where these ads are taken with a grain of salt. Because people realize they are partisan, opinionated, and have no legal obligation to be truthful. And don’t sway enough voters to justify all the money being spent. And, I’m just not much a States Rights guy.
          If a thing is legal in Peoria, I believe it should be
          tolerated in NY. Or vice versa. And all this mucking around with elections by the Parties that happen to be in charge, against the Party that isn’t, ought to
          outlawed, outright! But, as we know, the Party with
          the biggest political problems, the desperate ones,
          who must have power at any cost. Even if their election be illegitimate, and without popular mandate. Are 100% in favor of both these anti-democratic, and anti-majority, election distorters.

  9. nana4gj October 25, 2014

    It also dumbs down the American populace and makes us sound ridiculous across the world. No matter the issue, these pandering politicos talk as if the most “exceptional”, powerful, advanced country in the world is, helpless.

    That, alone, should disqualify them from elected office in which they have the authority and power to make crucial decisions. The fact that they can exploit any and everything for personal ambition and political advantage makes them lacking in character traits that speak to the need for Trust.

    The fact that they may even believe some of the trash they talk, makes them ignorant and unable to make sound decisions. After all, they are not experts on climate science, but, they want us to believe they are experts on Ebola and other medical issues, even those who are physicians and can diagnose via photos the health status of a 5-year POW, or can self-certify their surgical credentials to perform eye surgery, or decide that oral contraceptives are safe enough to dispense over the counter, without medical direction, supervision, clearance, simply because they can get their Viagra over the internet, since they, apparently, are so ignorant that they equate the two medications.

    And, here’s a little castigation for our illustrious Democrat Governor and Mayor of New York City and State: the fact that you can decree mandatory quarantines for healthcare professionals returning from service to Ebola high risk countries based on the ignorance of the population re the disease, a population in the process of receiving information based on medical science, and based on political implications, disgusts me.

    The simple and proven fact is that no one exposed to Ebola can transmit the disease until and unless they become symptomatic with fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and, until and if that happens, a healthcare provider is not contagious and will not “cover up” their symptoms if they value their own lives and they most certainly would not deliberately be the cause of infecting other innocent people. They are not politicians.

    It would be more appropriate to quarantine others who enter the country from those countries since they may not be as truthful on presentation, as reliable with compliance, and as easy to trace. But, that makes too much sense for politicians who do not know their own limits, limits that widen with deliberate pandering instead of that narrow with education and a conviction that they are here to serve the people, not the other way around.

    The only thing I remain upset about re this Ebola craze is the abject negligence in the management of the index patient by that Dallas hospital, who also did not know what they did not and should have known, their limits and their basic principles of healthcare re infectious disease management for Ebola or anything else either because they do not read the newspapers or because, since it is Texas, medical science places too many regulations on them and there is no dynamic public health system in this red state of Perry’s.

  10. ericlipps October 25, 2014

    Of course, if you want government to fail . . . !

    There are two broad classes of people who actually do want the U.S. government to be unable to function effectively: political conservatives, who fear that successful government will discredit their guiding principle that “government is the problem,” leading to more regulation and more taxes, and enemies of the United States. I do right-wingers the courtesy of assuming that at least most of them do not belong to both groups. (They do not extend this courtesy to those on the left, but never mind. Somebody has to be civil.)

    1. FireBaron October 26, 2014

      Yeah, I really get tired of all those draft-dodging, chicken-hawk patriots disparaging people like me – military veterans who are also political liberals. Unlike them, we have at least seen the elephant. Granted, most GOP members have no idea what that last allusion was to. More power. The more ignorant they are, the easier to refute them.

      1. ericlipps October 26, 2014

        Hear, hear.

        In passing, you’re the first person I’ve encountered outside of a book who’s used the phrase “seen the elephant.” It goes back a long way; they were using it in the Civil War. Interesting. Where did you first hear it?

        1. FireBaron October 26, 2014

          I am an old Civil War buff.

    2. kenndeb October 26, 2014

      And you think liberals are civil? Where have you been hiding?

      1. ericlipps October 26, 2014

        I’ve been right out in the open, Kenny, even using my own name on line.

        And while I acknowledge that some liberals (even I), some of the time, have been less than perfectly civil, on balance the right earns the gold, silver and bronze in the Nasty Olympics. They’ve got a whole network whose chairman has openly acknowledged he cultivates a right-wing bias in its news reporting–a huge media bullhorn, accent on the bull. They’ve gone so far as to pray openly for the deaths of liberal Supreme Court Justices, and posted a “hit list” of abortion providers on line until public outrage forced them to take it down. I could go on, but I have an actual life away from the computer. Do you, or are you just some malign computer program poorly simulating a human?

        1. kenndeb October 26, 2014

          Right wing bias in the media? You are delusional. The liberals run almost all the media, and spews their agenda and propaganda willingly. Of course, if the Emperor had his way we would have censors in all the news rooms to make sure only regime propaganda was released.

          1. ericlipps October 27, 2014

            The “whole network” I mentioned, Kenny, was of course Fox, whose people have admitted to it and have also admitted that the mainstream media don’t always hew to a liberal line. They also have the Wall Street Journal and virtually 100 percent of the tabloid (Murdochized) press.

            And what’s with this “Emperor” thing anyway, Ken? As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, it’s the Bushies who declared America an empire, yet here you are, all but picturing Obama on a throne complete with crown and scepter. It’s almost as though you’re saying, “How dare he get elected! How dare people vote for him!”

            Whatever you’re smoking, it can’t be legal.

          2. kenndeb October 27, 2014

            You have been drinking the kool ade for far too long. You really think what we have in our White House is good for our country? Does he really seem to care more about the country than his golf game? I think not.
            You may want to do a bit more research, instead of relying on the liberal propaganda machines. Whereas, I do agree what we see from all the media outlets is nothing but propaganda, but most of that propaganda and lies come from the liberals. Fox IS a right wing propaganda machine, but the rest are firmly in the hands of the regime.

  11. etherbunny October 25, 2014

    What will these idiots do if we have another influenza pandemic while they are in charge? That’s far more likey than Ebola.

    1. FireBaron October 26, 2014

      Oh, it’s easy. They will blame the reduced capabilities of the CDC on Obama. After all, if he weren’t President, they would not have slashed that agency’s budget causing it to fail repeatedly.

  12. Whatmeworry October 25, 2014

    incompetence and tearing up the constitution makes it impossible

    1. Sand_Cat October 29, 2014

      Reminiscing about your old buddies George and Dick again?

      1. Whatmeworry October 29, 2014

        Nope just pointing out US laws don’t apply to Barak and Holder

        1. Sand_Cat October 30, 2014

          Then I guess you’re wandering in never-never land as usual.

          1. Whatmeworry October 30, 2014

            Can you name 1 they have followed?

          2. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter October 31, 2014

            Can you name Danielle M Ketter?

          3. Sand_Cat October 31, 2014

            Can you name one post you’ve made here worthy of even the snarky-nasty replies you’ve received from me?

            The burden is on YOU. Can you name one law that someone not deluded by partisan and racial hatred as you are would agree they broke?

            More importantly, since you’re clearly a right-wing partisan trying to claim Obama’s the worst ever, even if you can find a sane, rational, and informed person to agree laws have been broken, can you prove they’ve broken more than Bush-Cheney-Ashcroft-Gonzalez did, or that any of those they allegedly broke were as serious as the war crimes and crimes against humanity that the Bush Admin committed, not to mention the myriad of domestic laws they trampled?

          4. Whatmeworry October 31, 2014

            Lets see >Bankruptcy.> funding Terrorist groups> intelligence leaks> selling arms to cartels.
            Need More??
            Its not me that claims Barak is the worst president he stole that honor from Jimmy Carter

          5. Sand_Cat November 2, 2014

            Not surprising. You cite a bunch of Bush stuff (funding terrorist groups? you are delusional) and claim it’s Obama. As I said, your ignorance and blindness screams from every post you make; why should any sane and rational person bother to attempt to give you anything but the contempt you beg for and eminently deserve?

          6. Whatmeworry November 2, 2014

            Bush STUFF???? its a shame that you take time to POST when you don’t know anything about anything. Your the poster child for the dem party deaf dumb and blind

  13. leadvillexp October 25, 2014

    Ebola is a disease and yes it may cause death. Most likely it will be a pandemic. We, as the most powerful nation in the world need to take the lead and find a cure. As FDR said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” We need to take the lead not just in war but also in the health of the world. With great power comes great responsibility. As to those that look to right wing or left wing or for that matter race, death knows none of you. In death we are all equal.

    1. ericlipps October 26, 2014

      Ebola is unlikely to cause a pandemic; it simply doesn’t spread that easily if one avoids contact with the bodily fluids of the infected. This isn’t “The Walking Dead” come true, no matter how much hysteria is being ginned up over it by opportunistic politicians.

      That said, of course America should take the lead in developing a cure, if possible, and certainly a vaccine. We have the resources, and in my opinion we have the moral duty. Even though it isn’t a modern-day Black Death in waiting (the Black Death spread as it did because of essentially nonexistent sanitation and because it was airborne), simple human decency calls on those who can do something about it (again, that’s us in the U.S.) to step up.

      1. Sand_Cat October 29, 2014

        Bubonic plague was spread mainly by rats (or rather, the fleas they carried).

        1. ericlipps October 30, 2014

          Not in this case. What made the plague of 1348-’61 so devastating was that the bacillus had mutated into its pneumonic form, which can be spread through the air as well as by rats and/or their fleas. This allowed it to spread more rapidly, tjhough it could still be spread via rats and thir fleas (which would migrate to human hosts when the rats they preferred died).

  14. FireBaron October 26, 2014

    Here is my idea. Let’s take all those Politicos (on both sides) who are decrying our country for failing to prevent Ebola from traveling here, and send them on a fact finding mission to Liberia. Do it now with less than two weeks to the election and we won’t have to listen to them for a while.

    1. idamag October 27, 2014

      Fantastic! Let’s do it.

  15. Stuart October 26, 2014

    Governing? You’re kidding. Only winning matters.

    This is fairly easy. You just tell voters that since you created the problems, you know the most about them and are the most qualified to solve them.

    Conversely, your opponent didn’t create the problems and therefore knows nothing about them and therefore isn’t qualified to solve them.

  16. Sand_Cat October 29, 2014

    Since the GOP can’t govern, anyway, and has no intention of doing so, why shouldn’t they use fear?


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