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How Do We ‘Fight ISIS’ After Orlando?

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How Do We ‘Fight ISIS’ After Orlando?

Friends and family members embrace outside the Orlando Police Headquarters in Orlando, Florida, June 12, 2016. REUTERS/Steve Nesius

On Sunday, Omar Mateen committed the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, and the worst attack on U.S. soil since 9/11. As soon as Mateen’s name was published, the faux debate began again: Was this about “radical Islamic terrorism” or gun control? About religion or “political correctness”? About another “intelligence failure” or about the consequences of empire abroad?

These debates miss the point: They aim to describe what the problem is “about” — that is, to validate our individual political beliefs and to absolve ourselves from the sin of partisanship. The question should be: How will we make sure that this mass shooting remains the worst in American history?

So let’s talk about ISIS.

Yes, Omar Mateen did declare allegiance to ISIS just before committing the attack. So did the shooters in San Bernardino, the man who shot at a “draw Muhammad” event in Texas, and many other “lone wolf” terror attackers. But in those cases, and many others, the lone wolves had little formal or logistical connections to terror groups: they absorb propaganda, and they kill.

This new breed of terrorism is designed to evade the information age: Rather than seek out and communicate with prospective terrorists, leaving themselves vulnerable to surveillance from the National Security Agency and other counter-terror groups, ISIS simply tells those sympathetic to its cause that they ought to carry out violence in its name, and say so. “Do not ask for anyone’s permission,” the New York Times reports ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani saying in September 2014 — simply declare ISIS sympathy, and carry out an attack.

Of course, not every attack on the West is carried out by lone wolves: The shootings and bombings in Paris in November were orchestrated over two continents and within a team of people, as were similar attacks in Mumbai, Tunisia, and elsewhere.

So, could the attack on a gay club in Orlando be considered “radical Islamic terrorism”? Yes. Could it be considered a hate crime? Yes. Domestic terrorism? Yes. Gun violence? Yes.

It seems to fit the bill on all accounts: He was a shooter who proclaimed his allegiance to a religious cult, and he meant to terrorize the larger group of people — Americans, gay people — to which the victims belonged, for apparently political ends. Much of this is still under investigation.

But the question remains: What should we do about it?

Certainly, antagonizing American Muslims — as Donald Trump and his supporters seem to think is the point — by calling for a “complete shutdown” of Muslim travel in the U.S. is exactly what we should not do. Not only is there no strong correlation between immigrant or refugee status and tendency towards terrorism — Mateen was born in the U.S. — such tactics achieve nothing except playing into the narrative of “Western Culture” versus “Islamic Extremism.”

That narrative requires that Muslims denounce their faith as a violent one and accept the West as anti-religious. Neither point is true, and both fuel further confrontation aimed at deepening the divide — that’s certainly ISIS’s goal, but it shouldn’t be ours.

Take it from ISIS spokesman Adnani, just last month, again according to the Times: “The smallest action you do in the heart of [the United States] is dearer to us than the largest action by us,” he said, “and more effective and more damaging to them.”

Why? Because terror attacks are media events. ISIS previously encouraged supporters contemplating carrying out attacks to take hostages, so that they would allow time for television media to begin broadcasting the event live, while it was still taking place. The goal is not only to kill: It is to be seen killing.

And so too is Donald Trump a media event — one that has been used in terrorist propaganda.

It doesn’t matter to him that the United States and its allies have militarily dominated the physical caliphate of the Islamic State — that is, the territory they actually control in Syria and Iraq — while propping up Syria’s genocidal dictator and looking the other way from atrocious Russian airstrikes on civilians.

What matters to Donald “Bomb The Shit Out Of Them” Trump, as we know, is to be seen killing.

We are already bombing ISIS, and it hasn’t helped to stem the “lone wolf” attacks that have so captured the world’s attention. Indeed, this new breed of terrorism thrives on American militarism: It is at once nearly untraceable, yet easy enough to take credit for after the fact. It hides itself in a sea of intelligence — Mateen was apparently interviewed twice by the FBI in recent years — yet justifies endless, fruitless assaults on privacy rights.

There are ways to combat what happened in Orlando. The first is obvious: common sense gun laws that expand background checks, limit access to assault weapons, and ensure that mentally unstable spousal abusers, no matter their politics, don’t have the ability to kill 50 people.

Second, marginalized groups in America — this time, the LGBT community — cannot be forced to make the false choice between their own safety and “political correctness.” That is a vile argument that uses suffering and fear to sustain a political ideology, and in that way benefits from terror just as ISIS does. That “political incorrectness” has so often been used to justify violence against the gay community in ways identical to how it is used against Muslims is just a stinging afterthought for the victims of terror.

The third and most important way to prevent another Orlando requires acting in direct opposition to the ISIS propaganda strategy: When Americans are isolated by religious hatred, we must work to bring them out of the shadows and into the fabric of society. Muslim communities need to know they can rely on law enforcement to protect them, not target them.

In the aftermath of November’s Paris attacks and January’s Brussels attacks, counterterrorism experts repeatedly pointed to the relationship between Muslim communities and law enforcement in America as a strong deterrent to terrorism of the same nature happening with more frequency in the U.S. Countless op-eds and articles outlined the decades-long relationships between law endorsement and American Muslims.

And in the wake of the arrest of a Paris conspirator in Brussels and subsequent Brussels airport bombings this year, which highlighted the insular nature of Brussels’ Mollenbeek neighborhood, officials re-stated what they have continuously said about counterterrorism in the Internet age: It’s about communication. A Politico Magazine profile looked at Dearborn, Michigan, “the closest thing America has to a Mollenbeek,” and its wildly different relationship with police:

Ron Haddad is Dearborn’s chief of police, and he says he gets one question a lot when he travels around the country. “Someone will come up to me and put their finger in my face, and they’re already angry,” he says. “They say, ‘Will the people in your community report acts of terror to you?’“

What they mean is: Will Muslims turn in other Muslims?

Haddad has a ready answer. “Not only would they, they do,” he says. “They’ve done it.”


The networks of trust and communication that exist in Dearborn, and nationwide, are among the strongest answers we have to terrorism meant to divide and silence. It is not “politically correct” to say that we must aggressively pursue religious tolerance as a culture and a politics — nor does it satisfy the national instinct for revenge like bombs do. But if our aim is to confront violent extremism — “radical Islamic terrorism” — head on, how appropriate that the most effective answer is to embrace what makes America exceptional in the first place.


Photo: Friends and family members embrace outside the Orlando Police Headquarters in Orlando, Florida, June 12, 2016.  REUTERS/Steve Nesius



  1. Dominick Vila June 13, 2016

    The tragedies in Brussels, Paris, and Orlando, whether directly planned and trained by ISIS, or inspired by ISIS, highlight the difference between us being able to destroy ISIS physical positions in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, and other parts of the world, and fighting an ideological movement. ISIS understands that better than we do, and towards that end they have decentralized their command and control infrastructure, and are rapidly switching from their long held dream of establishing a Caliphate to a strategy that is closer to Al Qaeda’s in the days preceding, and immediately after, 9/11.
    Fighting an ideology influenced by the perception that a culture and way of life is being threatened by external influences is not easy. Sophisticated war planes, special forces, and powerful aircraft carriers, are not going to do the trick. We must use intelligence, patience, and demonstrable deeds, to defeat this growing threat. All of it, while being vigilant, while providing our intelligence agencies and law enforcement all the financial support they need to preclude attacks against our homeland and interests, by respecting the sovereignty and rights of others, and by remaining true to our values and aspirations.

    1. Leftout June 13, 2016

      Sounds like A Plan . Excellent of course .
      We can start backwards , close all access to US to people’s from these terrorist nations, Send pacifists to these countries to nation build ,and transform the ideologies of these people to more normalized ways of applying thier needs. If after 1 year this reasonable approachiment does not work, we can bomb them Into submission or have them convert …… No beheadings though……. Seems to be working with the Jews and Palestinians .

      1. Dominick Vila June 13, 2016

        Omar Mateen did not enter the USA recently as a refugee. He was born in the USA in 1986, when President Reagan was in office.
        We should not send anyone anywhere. That’s the whole point. They don’t want us interfering in their internal affairs, invading countries that did not threaten us, contributing to the slaughter of one million people, purging Sunnis from their government and military positions, which led to the emergence of ISIL, and de-stabilizing an entire region for economic and political gain.
        Let the Sunnis and Shias fight their own wars, the way they have been doing for centuries.

        1. Leftout June 13, 2016

          Our error in helping? Iraq , unfortunately began the destabilization of the region , we should have had a better plan on exiting. There are two groups vying for using more fighting or those that want to paciviely nation build and try not to irritate “them” any more ……
          What irritated” them,”So much that they took down the Twin Towers on 911 , after a failed bombing of the same building in 1993. If they want to be left alone to kill themselves , it is Ok, but they have problems in the Phillipines , Indonesia , Russian border states …..must be more than just being annoyed with gays or porn shops and movies (Benghazi. They have an underlying pathology , incompatible with civilized ? Man.

          1. The lucky one June 13, 2016

            “an underlying pathology , incompatible with civilized” that statement is an apt description of imperialism and the corporatocracy.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            Actually, corporatocracy and imperialism is the pathology of ANDOCRACY.

          3. The lucky one June 13, 2016

            There is truth in that but most of the females pursuing power suffer from the same disease despite their anatomical difference.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            Really? So that is the reason for 44 male presidents over more than 235 years? Try again. Your post only proves what all women know. Men only see thrings through their masculine prism. Try thinking like a “person” instead of a man for a change. There is a reason the word “men” has a “ME” in it.

          5. Leftout June 13, 2016

            There is a reason that Woman , has a “man” in it . A longing desire to be ….. for 235 years everyone knows women were created to make cookies and to make love with……. well maybe except one I remember that gave me first incidence of ED, not you Eleanore, of sure .

          6. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            The word “man” in Woman is because she is YOUR equal. Not your subordinate. She is a MAN who can get more done than you lazy ass men ever do. She is also the MAN who knows how to deal with mentally ill gun nuts who are endangering the lives of our kids. Take away your assault weapons and you little boys have to find some other dangerous toys to play with.

          7. jmprint June 13, 2016

            The “man” shows that women is just as equal, that man is no better then the women. And the reason the women does more at home is because they are better at doing ALL things in general.

          8. Leftout June 13, 2016

            I agree , women are necessary , I can do traditional women stuff, bake , do windows , etc. woman also have have an innate nurturing attribute , although some males are very caring as well. I like women for their artistic , physical form and need for love…..
            It is too bad than gay men have no sense on this matter .

          9. jmprint June 13, 2016

            To each, their own.

          10. David June 14, 2016

            Like peeing standing up?

          11. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            Live through childbirth. Then tell me how strong you men are. Most men can’t handle the sight of afterbirth, much less tolerate the pain of childbirth.

            Women have brains men like you loathe to extinction. Women were created to do what they do best. Not to take orders from any man like some handmaiden of the lords.

            You men have had free run since you left your Neanderthal caves. Today’s women are educated, don’t need any man and are financial independent.

            Can you says, “Madame President?”

          12. Leftout June 13, 2016

            I can Ma Dam President , I hope that will never happen. Women were created to do what they can do best and they do especially Asians and Blacks ….. Personal notes.

            True , childbirth is not one of my favorite things to watch, but I have as a helpful assist, fortunately it was the persons 6th and it was, for me.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            You need professional mental help for your andocratic act. Sorry but only a bully mentality like you tells other women what they are “created to do.”

            A sick dude like you needs to be seen to and altered. Not to worry…I am sure when, not if, the next president is a woman, those testicles of yours will either A. explode from the shock or B. shrink down to eunoch status.

            Either way, get a clue and stop trying to keep women in their “place.” You sound like some old Father Knows Best geezer.

          14. Leftout June 13, 2016

            I was just kidding Eleanore , I agree with everything you say, please . Do not tell Hillary. And I am not olde .

          15. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            I am old and planning to get much older. I am not planning to live with guns in my face everywhere I go. And I have no intentions of EVER being led around by the nose by some middle aged snot nosed punk who has yet to pay his/her life dues.

          16. Leftout June 13, 2016

            I do have lots of experience in all
            Matters , Eleanore . Ask me anything, even womanly things that you may have problems , I am a fair and gentle person.

          17. David June 14, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Then get ready to be led around by the nose by the members of ISIS. Better hope there are some armed American men left to protect your shriveled booty!

          18. The lucky one June 13, 2016

            The lack of a female president for 235 years has much more to do with those in power using whatever device they can to maintain the exclusivity of their hold on that power. Social mores at the outset precluded women from public power and the men who had it kept them out as long as they could. Perhaps in matrilineal societies women are less power hungry but in ours the ones who claw their way to a position of power exhibit the same characteristics as the men and do things pretty much the same. Look at Thatcher in the UK and HRC, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin etc. in the US. HRC is as power hungry and ruthless as any of her male counterparts.

            It’s not just women the “elite” kept back. It was anyone not a member of their tier of society.

            Note that “women” also has ME in it. Everyone sees things through their own “prism”. Your post amply demonstrates that.

          19. Eleanore Whitaker June 14, 2016

            I know you must get your wife and mommy to fall for that BS. But when women in 2016 are still earning 79 cents for every $1 men earn, don’t you dare hand me your BS about how equal women are. Wow..another andocratic BS artist.

          20. The lucky one June 14, 2016

            If you bothered to actually read what people write before responding instead of just going into one of your stock rants you’d have seen that I more or less agreed with you on the equality issue. I certainly didn’t say or imply that women are treated equally in politics, business or many other areas of society. But just as some erroneously believe women are inferior you falsely believe that women are superior. Get over yourself.

            Those in power use that power to maintain their position. Yes there have been more men who have been able to do that but when women have achieved that status they have generally acted the same.

          21. David June 14, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! How much are women working for HRC making as opposed to men working for her? Oops!

          22. Leftout June 13, 2016

            That is true- the corrupt corporate /congressional has to be dissolved as well as Moslem ideology, maybe all religions also, If you want to be religious or gay etc , just STFU , no body cares , keep it to yourself .

          23. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            Since when do your narrow minds get to tell us what we can and cannot believe? I do believe it was the Pilgrims who left England because of the constant battles between religions. Now, men like you want to tell others who by the way are your equals, what WE can and can’t do?

            The point is Mateen’s wife stated on TV last night that the man years ago was not sane. He beat her for the entire 4 months they were married until her parents had to rescue her. She said Mateen as a mentally ill control freak literally held her hostage while he parents tried to break her from his physical grip.

            Sound sane to you?

          24. Leftout June 13, 2016

            Moslem women are used to be being beaten , stoned , beheaded and macho stuff like that, some women like to be subjugated , Eleanore .
            Men like me are saying all people are equal, except in Moslem Cultures , These backward remnants should be expunged or be offered raisins to commit suicide amongst themselves. .

          25. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            It isn’t just Moslems who do this. Every society born of andocracy does it. You’ll find it in the African countries and although it is more subtle in Eastern Europe where women are always considered 2nd class citizens.

          26. Leftout June 13, 2016

            Estrocracy as found on the mythical? Isle of Lesbos , an extreme form of misogyny .

          27. jmprint June 13, 2016

            All people are equal, many women in the states are beaten, raped and still stay with their man, it doesn’t mean they like it, they become mentally stuck in a relationship that either they blame themselves, are to scared, or too stupid. There are a lot of muslims that like to rape little boys too, and here they pretend it’s against their religion, kind of like in American.

          28. Leftout June 13, 2016

            I love all women, I can not be dismissive if I find one, since I am
            So ugly. Yes Moslems are hypocrites for raping little boys , there is no doubt that if I ever would see such an act, the perpetrator would not see the the next light of day.

          29. David June 14, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Sounds like he was a typical Muslime male.

          30. The lucky one June 13, 2016

            I partially agree. People should deal with their own lives and let others do the same but whereas practicing a religion, or more accurately using a religion as an excuse for practicing hatred, is a choice. Being homosexual is not, no more than choosing the color of your eyes. “Gay Pride” is a defensive reaction to discriminatory behavior from parts of the “straight” community. Not surprisingly many of the anti-gay bigots claim a religious justification for their own hateful behavior.

          31. Leftout June 13, 2016

            All religions are misguided. Religions are just fabrications to explain mans fears . If there a a God , it requires nothing else but to know it is there , no ceremonies or incense , insense, or nonsense .

          32. The lucky one June 13, 2016

            I agree about organized religion. At some point in their development all of the faithful “believers” are hijacked by demagogues who use the people’s fear to mislead and use them. Spiritual practice can deepen a person’s experience of this life but any system that fosters a view that an imaginary “afterlife” is superior to the one we experience is dangerous.

          33. Leftout June 13, 2016

            We should establish final version of religion, the current group is not working … Only one commandment.

          34. The lucky one June 13, 2016

            I think I know what you mean but isn’t that what the religions that are not working are trying to do, establish the final version meaning their version. Before Christianity was hijacked by the priestly caste there was just one commandment, “Practice love” or I think maybe a more accurate translation is “Love and do what you will”. I’m not a biblical scholar but I have read a fair portion of that and some other religious texts and as far as I can see that was the only “rule” Christ proposed.

          35. Leftout June 13, 2016

            You got it, Simple , Jesus learned this from humanist eastern religions . If you fail to just Love you will be beheaded .

          36. David June 14, 2016

            Actually, there are ten. But, the to two are ‘Love the Lord your God with all heart; with all your strength; and, with all your soul. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’

          37. Leftout June 15, 2016

            Thanks Dave , but those two are based on one word, ” Love” as you point out .

          38. jmprint June 15, 2016

            Then why do you hate your neighbors.

          39. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            The Donald has been mouthing off about LGBTs for nearly 3 months. His mouth needs to be shut.

          40. The lucky one June 13, 2016

            I agree but that will never happen as long as he is drawing breath. Defeat in the election won’t do it.

          41. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            We should NEVER have been in Iraq in the first place. What good is an exit plan when a swaggering, drawling cowboy marches into a sovereign nation like Iraq and kills off tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians? Not to mention our own military. Not to mention the waterboarding and secret prisons. But do go on and try desperately to blame it all on Big Bad Obama…Do you ever grow the hell up?

            As for Benghazi, Bush had over 120 embassies attacked in his 8 years…where was your bitching then? If you think, for one minute, you fool anyone with your phony attempts to use Benghazi to make Hillary look bad, you need to remember that the minute the GOP got their 2010 majority, the first thing they did was slash and burn funding for foreign embassies. But do go on and keep trying. I’m sure you also find excuses for why Trey Gowdy falsified emails in that federal Benghazi investigation. Enough with the liars and cheaters. Time to pillory those who cannot be honest and have some sense of American integrity.

          42. johninPCFL June 13, 2016

            The claim at the time was that having US forces in Saudi Arabia (Muhammad’s home) staging up for Gulf War I was the initiating factor in Bin Laden’s mind.

          43. Leftout June 13, 2016

            Gulf War 1??? Was helping Kuwait from being routed by Iraq Invasion , is that related to Bin Laden , just asking if that is what you are asking .

          44. johninPCFL June 13, 2016

            “Antagonism toward the seemingly prolonged U.S. presence fed resentment and anger toward the kingdom’s authoritarian government and fueled Islamic extremism. One of the chief grievances of Saudi-born Osama bin Laden was that “infidel” troops from the United States were present in Saudi Arabia, which contains Islam’s two holiest sites, Mecca and Medina.”: Council on Foreign Relations, current website data.

          45. Leftout June 13, 2016

            It s amazing that the US has really protected the Saudis from being over run by its neighbors, for years. You would think that bin Laden should have had animosity against these rather than the US , we farmed thier oil, paid them and allowed them a life of ease, praying and laying , as compared to living in a hot desert,

          46. Dominick Vila June 13, 2016

            Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. That tragedy was planned and ordered by Osama bin Laden, a Saudi Arabian. That terrorist attack was financed by Saudi Arabian members of the Wahhabi sect, and executed by 19 terrorists. 15 of them were from Saudi Arabia. Not a single one of them was from Iraq.
            The excuse we used to invade Iraq was the epitome of hypocrisy. The WMDs that Saddam had, allegedly, not destroyed were given to him by the Reagan administration during the Iran-Iraq war.
            One of our greatest problems, in addition to intervene in other people’s internal affairs, is that we seldom consider the long term consequences of our actions. A case in point was W’s decision to purge the Sunnis from government and military jobs, and replace them with Shias aligned spiritually to Iran! Not surprisingly, the displaced Sunnis soon began to fight us, and before long they pursued the establishment of a Caliphate using ISIS or ISIL as the instrument to achieve their goal.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

          According to Mateen’s wife, he didn’t get along with his parents and her parents after only 4 months of marriage had to “rescue her” from his constant beatings.

          Yet,the Florida Senator refused to admit that Mateen was unbalanced. He stated, “just because a man abuses his wife doesn’t mean he is mentally ill.”

          So when Joel Steinberg beat Hedda Nussbaum and disfigured her face tha was obviously perfectly sane?

          The fact is that right now the wingers who love the idea of Americans having to wear body armor just to go out in public and suit up as protection against them and their need to be Rambos with assault weapons, proves how much control must be taken from them.

          1. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

            The only protection a person needs to be around you is a gas mask and ear plugs.

    2. Leftout June 15, 2016

      You are saying we should all close our borders , because after the camels nose is in the tent , it is too late! ?

      1. Dominick Vila June 15, 2016

        When did I say that? My point was that insinuating that the tragedy in Orlando was the result of flawed immigration laws, or radical Islam, ignores the fact that Omar Mateen was an American born citizen. He did not enter the USA as a refugee or as an immigrant. He was born in NYC in 1986. His parents applied for and were granted asylum by the Reagan administration during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.
        I believe our immigration laws must be changed to reflect our labor needs, but that has absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Orlando.
        As for closing our borders, that’s the last thing we, or any other nation, should do.
        We need more vigilance, stricter gun control laws, closer scrutiny of people suspected of terrorism or radicalism – regardless of religious or political affiliation. We must do whatever we can to educate our population, teach them that gender and sexual orientation is not something that we should be embarrassed about or something that limits our ability to get ahead and enjoy the same opportunities and rights as everyone else. We must teach the value and benefits of acceptance and compassion, and we must place emphasis on mutual respect, and the benefits of dialogue to solve our differences Vs violent means.

        1. Leftout June 15, 2016

          The Moslems in this country and European nations are also described as French , Britains , Americans etc since they were born there physically , but they we’re not Born into the new country in spirit ,,,,,, as a born again Christian , so to speak . I meant even after several generations These Moslems are not capable of assimilating , therefore there is plenty of evidence in this group that they should not be allowed into civilized societies .

          1. Dominick Vila June 15, 2016

            There is some truth to that in some European countries, but that is not the case in the USA.

          2. Leftout June 15, 2016

            Farook , San Bernardino shooter born in USA, Orlando shooter born in Queens – almost US territory , Major Nidal Hasan , Ft Hood , born in Arlington , Va …..close to US politics – may be an excuse here . Maples have to be limited and rounded up and placed in desert safe zones till they swear to behave.

          3. Dominick Vila June 15, 2016

            French, British, American, are nationalities. Muslim and Islam are a religion.
            Timothy McVeigh, and all the other Christian terrorists that have carried out attacks on U.S. soil were all Americans by birth, the same as their Muslim counterparts.

          4. Leftout June 15, 2016

            Moslems /islamare a unique cultural order / theocracy that have as an inherent goal – the destruction of others , true

          5. Leftout June 15, 2016

            Dominick , that is a remarkable listing and I shall have to give it some time .
            However it was NOT the New Testament which is really a Christian philosophy of Peace /love …. Until smitten then kick ass as needed . The God of the olde Testament was a bit Whacky. JUST ABOUT AS NUTTY AS THE MOSLEMS . Interesting .thanks

          6. Dominick Vila June 15, 2016

            The last thing this agnostic, that leans atheist, would do is defend any religion. As far as I am concerned, they are all the curse of humanity.
            The New Testament was written by the Bishops of Nicosia, at the behest of Emperor Constantine to, among other things, expedite the conversion of pagans to Christianity. The language, allegories, and the gospels selected for it, are not as cruel as some of the passages or metaphors used in the Old Testament, but it is hardly an example of humanity or an instrument for peaceful coexistence.
            Again, I recognize that I am biased on this issue. My point is simply that the Qu’ran and Islam in general is neither better nor worse than the Bible and Christianity. Don’t forget that Yeshua (Jesus) is one of the prophets venerated by Islam.

          7. Leftout June 15, 2016

            I agree with you. You would think that a God would be more decent, may be God is ok and we are making God into which he is not . I feel I have to get him straightened out.

          8. Dominick Vila June 16, 2016

            The greatest irony is that the most vociferous religious zealots, whether Muslims, Christian, or Jews, are the ones most removed from the teachings and examples established by the prophets they pretend to venerate.

  2. 2ThinkN_Do2 June 13, 2016

    The article is certainly incorrect about one issue: there is no Gun Violence issue. It is People Violence. One day the ignorants will understand this. And yet, the first thing they throw out here, Gun Control . . . . apparently there is an extreme reasoning and comprehension issue in our nation. Then again, we have been admitting for decades that our education system is failing us, and it is becoming very apparent. Peace be with all those lost and who are suffering from this senseless act of human hate and violence.

    1. FireBaron June 13, 2016

      “Think”, this guy had been on the FBI and NSA watch lists as a suspected Daesh sympathizer since 2012. Why was he allowed to buy a gun? This isn’t putting in new laws, it’s giving teeth and enforcing the ones we already have!

    2. The lucky one June 13, 2016

      It is people violence but it is greatly magnified by the use of guns, particularly assault weapons.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

        The pro gun nuts will just keep looking for one excuse after another so they can continue to deliberately misinterpret the 2nd Amendment. Did the 2nd Amendment EVER intende for every American to own assault weapons to kill as many people as possible?

        The same hateful, spiteful, snarky, belligerent wingers who hate the government, hate the president, hate anyone who dares disagree with them are the same nuts who want the right to own arsenals full of military style assault weapons. You know why…they intend to use them.

        No one buys more than one gun for protection and certainly not a weapon capable of killing a greater number of people. The only time these assault weapons have been used have to been to kill…indiscriminately and with intent.

        1. The lucky one June 13, 2016


        2. AgLander June 13, 2016

          Are you suggesting a door-to-door gestapo like search of all homes in search of guns owned by law abiding Americans and confiscate them in order to solve the problem? You can’t legislate away hate. You can’t legislate away Islamic, religious inspired jihad bent on killing. You keep playing around with the second amendment, you friggin fool, because that’s what the radical terrorists want you to do since it will HELP them which I guess makes you an accessory to jihad. Did I forget to call you a fool? If I did, I am doing it now!

          1. jmprint June 13, 2016

            How about we do a voluntary registration, and then we pass a law that if your assault rifle is used in a mass killings you are responsible for the deaths.

          2. AgLander June 13, 2016

            How about we pass a law where if you steal my car and then get in an accident where others are killed, YOU are responsible for the deaths since it was your car…..same logic……weak argument but you regressive progressives are well know for using the emotional part of your brain while the intellectual side atrophies.

          3. jmprint June 13, 2016

            A car is a necessity, yes people can use it as a weapon, BUT a high powered rifle is strictly for killing, so yes your argument is very weak, but a weak brain thinks weak. I’d like to see you get on your rifle and see how far a ride it gets you.

          4. AgLander June 13, 2016

            If a rifle is strictly for killing we should have a lot more bodies laying around this country. Find a thug and you’ll find the problem. Find a gun, and you simply found a gun.

          5. jmprint June 13, 2016

            You mean 50 is not enough for you.

          6. jmprint June 13, 2016

            I have heard of many, many, many children that have found a gun and didn’t grow up to know there was a danger in finding that gun.

          7. AgLander June 13, 2016

            Beer is an enjoyable tasting drink and many enjoy it with a meal or at a ballgame, but yes, it can be used for another purpose, to get drunk and endanger a person and others. BUT, marijuana is strictly used for getting high and mind altered which is a serious risk to you and others. And I bet YOU are one oft those regressive progressives who are crying for its total legalization using the same logic used against guns, only in reverse!

          8. jmprint June 13, 2016

            You do have issues understanding the difference between accidents and actual vicious crimes. Most pot smokers have been smoking pot all there lives and non have committed mass murders. You are still reaching for common ground, but not getting there, keep trying!

    3. jmprint June 13, 2016

      Tell me thing that is wrong with having a database on those who purchase these high powered assault guns. Just one thing.

      1. Leftout June 13, 2016

        How about a list for purchasers pressure cooker pots for Bostonians terrorist . We have to boycott the NPCPA , National Pressure Cooker Pot Assoc. and cutlery and screw makers , or just most easily get rid of humans that are the bad guys , I need my Pot .

        1. jmprint June 13, 2016

          The difference, a pressure cooker is meant to be used as a pot to cook in, the materials used inside is what makes it a danger in the hands of evil people, but a high powered rifle is meant to kill and that’s exactly what one does with it. We should ALL be concerned with those that own one.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            See? No matter how much sense you make to gun nuts, they are too mentally ill to ever see reason. When you cannot reason with these freaks of nature, you know they are not mentally balanced.

          2. Leftout June 13, 2016

            I own one, And I will use it to protect you and I will pass it to you to use with a last round , if I become disabled in protecting your back and front , use the last round to your advantage . ????????????????????????

          3. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            You going to take it in the shower with you when an intruder points at gun at you? You plan to stay awake all night in the event an intruder finds you asleep and points a gun in your face?

            How is it you need a gun for protection and I live in the most populous state per square mile and never needed one?

          4. Leftout June 13, 2016

            You probably do not need one if you live in NJ , also most people are frightened of you, but I know you have have a soft spot somewhere. I have met Estro Woman like you and I conquered? them and have made them whole.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            Hey FascistoMan…no one goes to your state for a reason. Every corner and every public place has a Rambo desperate to prove his MANhood with his gun.

          6. Leftout June 13, 2016

            Oh , oh , Ms Estrus Queen thinks she knows where I reside, I bet you profiled me incorrectly.

          7. jmprint June 13, 2016

            I won’t need for YOU to protect me, if YOU don’t own one, I will be safer.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            What I want to see is how he’ll protect himself while he’s showering and an intruder sticks a gun in his gut.

          9. Leftout June 13, 2016

            Well, ok, nevertheless , I’ll be here for you.

          10. jmprint June 13, 2016

            You want to be here for me, vote for gun control, on these types of weapons. Let’s not make it easy for these deranged mind to get a hold on them.

          11. Leftout June 13, 2016

            We have to be aware of surroundings , people w Mentnal illness like Moslems . Newtown kid wa known to be a But challenges but PC rules do
            Not allow full disclosure of such people at work or elsewhere due civil ? Rights laws . The guy in Orlando was known by the.FBI, but did not Act .

          12. David June 15, 2016

            Tell that to ISIS.

          13. jmprint June 15, 2016

            Now, why in the world would I tell that to ISIS, I don’t communicate with them. Do you?

    4. Independent1 June 13, 2016

      If what you say is true, why Is it that the most murders in America, as a percent of their population, occur in the states with the highest rates of gun ownership?? And virtually all of those high gun ownership/high gun-killing states are Republican led red states.

      So if what you’re saying is true, then it’s Republicans who are not educating their people in a way to prevent gun killings And sad to say, Florida couldn’t be a better example of that GOP failure. Not only is Florida led by GOP loving idiots like you, Florida also leads the nation in having the most cities within it’s borders that are on the FBI’s 100 most dangerous cities to live in list; and believe it or not, Orlando is one of those most dangerous cities.

      And study after study has proven, that violence and killing is much higher in states and cities where more guns are prevalent; and where there are less restrictive gun laws. Studies have proven time and time again, THAT GUNS DO NOT MAKE YOU SAFER, THEY GREATLY INCREASE THE PROBABILITY THAT THE GUN OWNER, OR SOMEONE IN THE GUN OWNER’S FAMILY OR FRIENDS, WILL BE KILLED BY A GUN.

      So clearly, your comments are purely nonsensical and only radicals such as yourself and those up support the NRA are clueless and ignorant enough not to see the correlation between too easy access to guns, and gun related violence and increased GUN KILLINGS!!!!!!

      1. AgLander June 13, 2016

        No…what’s radical is that regressive progressive judges refuse to enforce the multitude of laws already in place against those committing a crime with a firearm. Our penal judicial system needs to be purged of the debris of liberal judges who are allowing (gun) criminals to walk and recommit their crimes.

      2. 2ThinkN_Do2 June 13, 2016

        Here’s the FBI list with the most dangerous city in each state listed, with the most dangerous to the least. Wow, look at all those blue states. with high numbers:
        1. St. Louis, Missouri: 88.1

        2. Memphis, Tennessee: 84.2

        3. Detroit, Michigan: 83.4

        4. Birmingham, Alabama: 82.8

        5. Rockford, Illinois: 76.3

        6. Baltimore, Maryland: 67.7

        7. Stockton, California: 67.4

        8. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 65.3

        9. Cleveland, Ohio: 61.5

        10. Hartford, Connecticut: 55.8

        11. Atlanta, Georgia: 55.7

        12. Springfield, Massachusetts: 54.4

        13. Anchorage, Alaska: 53.6

        14. Tallahassee, Florida: 52.8

        15. Odessa, Texas: 51.8

        16. Newark, New Jersey: 50.2

        17. Buffalo, New York: 50.2

        18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 49.1

        19. Albuquerque, New Mexico: 48.2

        20. Wichita, Kansas: 45.5

        21. North Las Vegas, Nevada: 43.4

        22. Jackson, Mississippi: 43.2

        23. Durham, North Carolina: 42.8

        24. New Orleans, Louisiana: 42.7

        25. Tulsa, Oklahoma: 41.5

        26. Pueblo, Colorado: 41.6

        27. Des Moines, Iowa: 38.7

        28. Salt Lake City, Utah: 38.2

        29. Tacoma, Washington: 36.6

        30. North Charleston, South Carolina: 34.8

        31. Tucson, Arizona: 32.4

        32. South Bend, Indiana: 32.2

        33. Louisville, Kentucky: 30.2

        34. Manchester, New Hampshire: 28.9

        35. Providence, Rhode Island: 26.6

        36. Norfolk, Virginia: 24.5

        37. Billings, Montana: 21.1

        38. Sioux Falls, South Dakota: 20.6

        39. Lincoln, Nebraska: 17.4

        40. Eugene, Oregon: 15.3

        41. Fargo, North Dakota: 14.6

        42. Boise, Idaho: 13.5

        43. Honolulu, Hawaii: 11.6

        Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3437350/St-Louis-takes-number-one-spot-FBI-s-violent-cities-state.html#ixzz4BWNopqhs

        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

        1. Independent1 June 14, 2016

          The FBI’s list of supposedly dangerous cities isn’t worth a diddly squat – the FBI only takes murders reported to the FBI into account in making the list which of course biases the list to really densely populated cites where there’s a lot of black on black and gang related killings that bias the list. Survey group 24/7 Wall Street’s 100 most dangerous cities takes all forms of potential violence into account when calling a city dangerous which is a lot more meaningful and creates a totally different list.

          1. 2ThinkN_Do2 June 15, 2016

            Of course the FBI list is of no merit; it doesn’t support the desired agenda . . . .

          2. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            Because it’s not the source of the statistics I was using to make my comment dumbcoff – beside the fact that the FBI’s list isn’t meaningful for the average person that’s traveling because how many people choose to walk the streets of a cities ghettos??? (So if the average person isn’t walking the streets of ghettos, why do you care so much about all the crime that occurs in ghettos which don’t affect you or 90% of the American population?? That’s why the FBI’s list isn’t worth a diddly squat.)

        2. Independent1 June 14, 2016

          Oh! In case you didn’t notice: Missouri is no blue state, and neither is Tennessee or even Michigan for the past 8 years or Alabama – so the top 4 are not cities in blue states.

          1. jmprint June 15, 2016

            …nor Arizona, nor Kansas, nor Texas. Dude must be colored blind.

        3. Independent1 June 15, 2016

          Oh! And I guess you also didn’t notice that 27 of the 43 cities you listed are in RED STATES or states that had been governed by Republicans for at least 8 years before the stats you posted were developed. And when you get into homicides, it’s state government that passes laws like open carry and no background checks required for gun sales in the state etc etc. In other words, it’s state government’s rules that cities have to live under which can dramatically affect homicide rates.

          Like Chicago for example. Although Chicago tries to control gun sales, because Gary Indiana is about 45 minutes drive away where the red state of Indiana has virtually no gun control legislation; it’s no wonder Chicago’s murder rate is so high. All gang people there have to do is run to Gary on their lunch break – buy a gun and come back and shoot up someone in a gang they’re having a problem with.

          1. 2ThinkN_Do2 June 16, 2016

            I don’t have to guess about this: the list was every state that the FBI compiled the worst town over a certain population (there were 7 states they did not have a listing for). So of course there are 27 cities in Red States, if that is what your Red state map says. No state is listed twice on this list. Some maps might have a couple less Red or more Blue; depends which source you choose to believe. Regardless, that is still not the reason people go off the deep end and commit Suicide or Murder.

  3. FireBaron June 13, 2016

    This KILLER had been on the FBI and NSA watch lists since 2012! And he was still able to buy a gun? What the hell is wrong with this system?

    1. Daniel Jones June 13, 2016

      The NRA trumps the NSA.

      1. FireBaron June 13, 2016

        Too true, Daniel

    2. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

      What is wrong with this system? The NRA and the Republicans who three times now refused to vote to ban assault weapons for public sales. Tell me again how you will explain to children that part of their daily dress for school or being out in public won’t include bullet proof vests and being taught how to avoid getting pulverized by Mraps on public streets “protecting us.”

      The GOP knows what the problem is…GUNS..in particular refusing to ban assault weapons. The military doesn’t even allow military personnel more than one gun. Why the hell do these middle aged hot headed bullies need an arsenal and thousands of rounds of ammo?

      An assault weapon has only ONE purpose to kill as many people as possible as fast as possible.

      What happened in Orlando is not due to religion, not due to mental illness. It is due to greedy gun manufacturers profiting from the sales of assault wepaons for public USE.

      1. The lucky one June 13, 2016

        It’s actually all three.

      2. Rick2101 June 13, 2016

        Healthcare is a major player is this issue, specifically mental health. Guns are simply the choice of weapons for the mentally ill. The NRA is nothing more than a front or rather a lobbying group for the munitions industry. Weapon manufactures do not care who buys their product, as long as someone does. Quarterly profits and long term growth is the guiding principle.

        1. Independent1 June 13, 2016

          Although there will be instances when those who are mentally troubled will commit crimes, studies have found that there is no direct relationship between mental illness and mass killings. See this article from MotherJones:

          No, Mental Illness Is Not the Main Cause of Mass Shootings in America


          The more obvious cause is the extreme easy access to guns along with laws, such as ‘stand your ground’ (which Florida has) which help to encourage a culture of violence. Laws for example, that encourage racism and hate – as has become so prevalent in GOP led states.

          It’s not by accident, that all five of the states in America with the most violence and gun related killings are all GOP run states where the governments have enacted laws that encourage, discrimination and hate against others.

          1. Rick2101 June 13, 2016

            I did not mean to imply all mental illness leads to violence. i believe it is more like all violence comes from some sort of mental illness. That is why mental health issues really need to be a major factor in this issue.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

            It was in Mateem’s case. His own wife said so herself. He had no relationship with his parents who he argued with constantly according to her and he took that out on her by beating her because she was all he had left.

          3. Independent1 June 13, 2016

            And I wasn’t disagreeing with your comment, I was just trying to make sure people didn’t come away after reading your comment believing that most mass murderers are mentally ill – when they are not; at least not from the strict definition of mentally ill. They are simply evil minded people that we all have to deal with every day.

          4. 2ThinkN_Do2 June 13, 2016

            Who cares about strict definitions ???? Normal people don’t have Guns talking to them as it seems many believe ????

          5. Independent1 June 13, 2016

            “Normal people don’t have guns”.

            Given that the vast majority of gun owners are Republicans, it sounds to me like you’re saying that today’s Republicans are NOT NORMAL PEOPLE. And I couldn’t agree more with that.

            The majority of Today’s Republicans are racists, hypocrites and bigots – along with absolute hate mongers.

          6. 2ThinkN_Do2 June 13, 2016

            I didn’t say that, Mr Decepetive practices.

          7. David June 14, 2016

            Kind of like the majority of Today’s Democrats are spineless, weasels and cry baby puss–s – along with absolute idiots.

          8. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

            I have guns and they have never ever talked to me.

          9. Rick2101 June 13, 2016

            I am so disappointed with Donald Trump. I used to think he was a great guy. But his speeches sound more like something you would hear from Hitler speaking to his Brown Shirt supporters.. The only difference being instead of wanting to blame Jews he wants to blame Muslims. The same hateful rhetoric that inspires small minded people.

          10. Independent1 June 13, 2016

            I never had a good impression of Trump, and you can be sure that my not so good impression has gotten decidedly worse given his constant displays hate, racism and absolutely bigotry and hypocrisy.

          11. David June 14, 2016

            Right…Islam is the religion of peace!

          12. jmprint June 15, 2016

            Now a days, it’s hard to tell, which religion is of peace, when they all preach hate, can’t even go to a funeral without a pathetic priest claiming LGBT members are pedophiles. Straight out hateful lies.

          13. David June 15, 2016

            Actually, it is pretty easy. Find the one that commands, “Love the Lord your God with all heart; all your mind; and, all your soul. And, love you neighbor as you live yourself.”

          14. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

            Evil minded is a form of mental illness. It seems like everybody you don’t like is evil minded. That could be because you might be evil minded.

          15. Independent1 June 14, 2016

            If people who are evil minded are mentally ill, than all GOP lovers like you are mentally ill then. For only evil minded people would deliberately pass legislation that cut healthcare and benefits to people in need, knowing full well that in doing so thousands of innocent people would die; especially just so they can then decrease taxes to the already wealthy and fund more money to corporations who already make huge profits.
            Which is something GOP politicians do on a regular basis!! Proving that that are nothing BUT TOTALLY EVIL!!

          16. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

            Apparently you are one of the unhappy poor.

          17. David June 14, 2016

            You are beyond help.

          18. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

            Your thinking is worse than a radical Jihadist..

          19. David June 14, 2016

            Cite your authority for your claim about gun related deaths. I assume you are including suicides.

          20. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            2014 homicide rates/100,000 by state from the CDC. Top 10
            And I’m including an electoral map to show that 9 of the top 10 most violent/gun related death states are either red states or a blue state that has had GOP governance for at least the past 8 years (NM). And even the Blue State, MD, has high crime because it sits next to D.C. which is a hodgepodge of all forms of criminals converging on our capital city.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

          Healthcare in the US is corporate welfare. Right now, the HMOs in this country are all massing to figure out how many loopholes around the ACA they can slip through.

          Mateem’s wife said that back in 2003, he was already exhibiting the typical signs of someone who was bipolar. She said he had extreme mood swings and became physically abusive. All signs of mental illness.

          The problem is that back when Reagan was president, he emptied out mental institutions to “save” money. So he integrated many mental patients into society which is why we have so many today who are no longer under professional mental care.

          As for the NRA, as the No. 1 wealthiest lobbying group in the US, they promote gun violence by promoting laws that continue to glut the US with more and more weapons.

          What do we tell the next 3 generations of children? That some very selfish people didn’t care that they are never allowed to leave home without bullet proof vests?

          1. David June 14, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Actually, we tell them that they will have to put up with mindless sycophants like you during their life.

      3. AgLander June 13, 2016

        drivel……not worth more than a bemused smile from anyone with a brain. Go back to writing whatever it is you write.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

          The only drivel is your brain on steroids. You have no brain..Ego is not intellect.

      4. 2ThinkN_Do2 June 13, 2016

        Really Eleanore, the guy that murdered these people isn’t the issue; its gun manufacturers? You need to do some serious thinking ????

      5. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

        You dumb bunny. He did not have have an assult rifle. He had a civilian sport rifle. You are so ignorant you should be euthanisized. On top of being ignorant you are boring. You better not leave home with out your rabies tag you will end up in the dog pound.

        1. Mikey7a June 14, 2016

          The ASSAULT RIFLE used in Orlando, was a Sigsauer, FOLDING STOCK, SEMI AUTOMATIC KILLING MACHINE. Fk you, and your Sport Rifle Bullshit…SIR!

          1. David June 14, 2016

            No–fk you, DA. You don’t know what an “assault rifle” is.

  4. FT66 June 13, 2016

    There is one big thing we are all missing. First all we must understand what is “terror”. One or a group of people determine to kill as many people as they can. What do they use? Either a bomb or assault weapons. We must think how we can stop assault weapons get in hands of terrorists, stopping making bombs can be a bit out of control. ISIS don’t send weapons so they can be used to kill within the country. Those who kill have easy access to get them.Why not make it harder for them to obtain weapons? What is pulling us behind and we choose not to act? It is better to try and take actions than sitting idle and do nothing, and complain when killings happen, point fingers or regret. We can’t only know how to protect our money in banks and don’t know how to protect our lives.

  5. jmprint June 13, 2016

    I feel that if there had been a data base on the purchases of a any high caliber assault rifle, this wouldn’t have been as bad as it got, so many lives lost Stupidity is not learning by our mistakes. I blame the NRA for putting out false propaganda, in order to keep gun sales at an all time high. And I blame the followers for only thinking of their right to purchase these type of ammunition against society.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

      In any civilized society, people do not go around threatening, intimidating or bullying others. Mentally ill people do that.

      No American has any need for a high powered assault weapon. Sorry but that’s just an excuse for them to use those weapons eventually.

      1. jmprint June 13, 2016

        Not all mentally ill people are evil, evil comes from thinking you are superior. Superiority strives in every culture, that’s why there are culture wars. Once we figure out that we are all equal, life will be better for all. NRA and it’s member need to be held responsible for abiding this evil.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

          Back in the 1980s, I was a Lions Club volunteer. One of our monthly visits as volunteers was at a NJ mental hospital.

          I agree. Not all mentally ill are evil. All are unbalanced. Example: one of the young men I visited with dress in a winter coat in the heat of August. I asked him why. He said, “Because it is hot.” I thought about that. To him, he was supposed to be “hot” because the weather was hot. Not evil. Just unabalanced thinking.

          I agree about superiority. Yet, a friend of mine who is a clilnical psychologist told me that those who appear to have superiority complexes only wear “superiority as a camoflouge” for insecurity.

          As for me, I hold the person who sold that gun and the gun manufacturers responsbile. Here’s why:
          . The gun seller didn’t do a proper background check for someone buying an assault weapon. In light of so many mass murders with assault weapons, the gun seller didn’t bother to make certain the rest of society was safe from his gun sales.
          . The gun manufacturers produce far more guns than are necessary for a civilized society. There are over 2 million guns sold every year. Why? For profit. That profiteering is responsible for every mass murder.

          1. AgLander June 13, 2016

            ALL guns sold legally require the retailer to file a form and call into the FBI data center who then do a background check on their data base . It occurs before the buyer walks out the door with his purchase. This guy had not committed any crimes. He was not in any data base as a gun criminal. He was a security guard and licensed to carry a weapon as part of his job. The only thing that he wasn’t licensed for was the religious based hate he was carrying around with him and there is no amount of background checks that would have addressed that issue. Would you people please wise up and THINK instead of react like lab rabbits to stimulus?

          2. Independent1 June 13, 2016

            What a load of hogwash. The only ‘legal’ gun sellers required to do background checks are federally licensed dealers. Many states, especially red states, allow private sellers to sell even an arsenal of guns without a background check. And these can even be done over the internet.

            See this from Fox News:

            MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Some call it a “loophole.” Others say that’s just how it ought to be. Either way, the internet is making it easy to get a gun – no questions asked.

            Don’t want a background check? No problem. Just buy from a private seller instead.Over the past 15 years, the FBI has processed more than 100-million criminal background checks on potential gun buyers. But those checks only apply to the sale of guns through a federally licensed firearms dealer

            Last month, the FOX 6 Investigators took hidden cameras into a gun show at Serb Hall to see just how easy that is. We found most of the vendors were licensed dealers who did have to perform background checks. But there was one individual liquidating his private collection. And he was quick to boast about the advantages of buying a gun from him rather than.a federally licensed firearms dealer.

          3. David June 14, 2016

            Sorry DA…this Muslime bought his weapons from a gun dealer. Now which muslime got his from a private sale?

          4. David June 14, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! You mean the person pulling the trigger has no responsibility for every mass murder?

        2. AgLander June 13, 2016

          “Evil comes from thinking you are superior”……..
          So…..when you rob a bank, do you let the teller know you are motivated by a feeling of superiority and the money is just your way of keeping acore?

          1. jmprint June 13, 2016

            Ag, you are reaching to try and find common ground, but it’s not working. Robbing a bank is not of evil nature, I heard of an individual robbing a bank to feed his children. The difference in evil is that there is intent and planning of mass murder, or murder, when you use and point an assault weapon at a human being, your intent is no other then to kill. No ONE human is better then others, how one lives their life and treats others is what makes them a better person.

          2. AgLander June 13, 2016

            If it’s not evil, why do you go to prison for a long time after getting caught? And why did the Guy upstairs waste his time adding his admonition against stealing in his Ten Commandments? You are rationalizing now……”the evil doer isn’t evil, he just has issues”!

          3. jmprint June 13, 2016

            You spend time in jail, because you broke the law, not because you’re evil. You want to put evilness in the same scope of stealing a pen, if you can’t find logic, you’re doomed.

        3. David June 14, 2016

          The NRA does NOT “abide this evil.”

          1. jmprint June 15, 2016

            Not only abide, they promote. They are the ones that put out the propaganda that Obama was going to take your guns away, and I know that, because I received it in the mail.

      2. David June 14, 2016

        Eleanore!!!!! Forgot to read the 2nd Amendment today?

    2. johninPCFL June 13, 2016

      The rifle he used was the smallest caliber rifle currently currently in production, a .223. The AK-47 (and look-alikes) use .30 cal (or 7mm).
      However, the .223 was originally designed as a very-high-velocity round where the lower bullet mass (allowing more rounds to be carried into combat by each infantryman) was more than offset by the higher kinetic-energy punch gained through bullet speed (energy goes up as the square of velocity.)
      The AR15 is very popular with weekend target shooters (low recoil and high magazine capacity) and woods-plinkers. It is rarely used in hunting because the bullet’s low mass makes it easily deflected in wooded areas.
      However, the upgrade kit to convert the semi-automatic AR-15 rifle into a fully-automatic M16 is available, and sold at most gun shows. In Alabama and Virginia, no ID is required.

      1. David June 14, 2016

        Bullshit. Have to have licensed by the ATF. Try again.

        1. johninPCFL June 15, 2016

          Have to take grammar in school, too. No notable effect on you, though, “Dr. David”.
          In fact, only the sellers have to be licensed. Sellers can (or may elect not to) check IDs at weekend gunshows (or swapfests, as they’re locally known). A fistfull of dead presidents buys anything you want, as has been demonstrated repeatedly by the news media, with no ID check.
          Additionally, tne “upgrade” kit requires no license to buy or sell it. Look in the ads in the back of “Guns and Ammo”.

          1. David June 15, 2016

            The NFA makes it illegal to make a fully automatic weapon without registering with the Government. You have to get your Class III license. In fact, it is illegal to possess the parts with the INTENT to create an unregistered fully auto weapon. Read the small print. The buyer bears the responsibility to make the weapon NFA compliant. If you were right, why haven’t you seen a lot of fully auto weapons around?

          2. johninPCFL June 15, 2016

            Wow. There are also laws against sawing off a shotgun and yet Randy Weaver did it. I guess the laws against converting your personal military-grade rifle to a full-auto murder machine are stronger. No redstate hillbilly would ever violate the law, right? /sarc off
            There are loads of fully-automatic weapons around. Again, look at the ads in the back of the magazine.

    3. David June 14, 2016

      Right!!!! Don’t blame ISIS or muslime ideologues.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

    For the past several months now, Donald Trump has been bashing the LGBTs. His irresponsible “FREE SPEECH” is directly responsible for inciting all of the off balanced in our society. So men just never know when it’s past time to shut the hell up.

    1. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

      I guess it incited you.

  7. charleo1 June 13, 2016

    It’s a good question to ask I suppose. What should we be doing differently in the wake of the single largest gun massacre in U.S. history? But the answer, to keep calm and carry on, I’m guessing will be less than satisfactory for many. But what are we not doing now, that could have prevented this heretofore law abiding American citizen from purchasing high powered weapons, and committing this horrendous act? The answer is, if we as citizens keep our liberties, and privacies, in an open society, that respects, and protects the religious beliefs of all, and realize these acts intentionally temps us to do the wrong thing, and make a bad situation much worse. The harder truth is, not much can be done to stop these lone wolf, self radicalized killers. So the things we can do, and must not do as a people, can be our most effective response to these senseless, hate motivated acts.

    The first thing we should do that would discourage the next attack more than anything, is unite. And unite not in hate, but in a common cause against hate. That says you attack one American, you attack each, and everyone of us. And more than that, you attack your religion, and there will be no place in paradise for fools who take innocent life.

    The first thing we should not do, is set ourselves up to play into the terrorists’s plans, and intentions. To allow ourselves to be frightened into a paralyzing polarization. Where we immediately start blaming our fellow Americans who had absolutely nothing to do with the act. Or attempt to use the act in an opportunistic way, to promote some pet political agenda, or to claim by some ridiculous pile of horse manure, that if I were running things, this could not happen. While shamefully gloating, I told you so.

    1. dpaano June 27, 2016

      Another thing we should be doing is not allowing journalists to focus unendingly on these atrocities!! Without media attention, ISIS would not get what they want! The only reason they tell Americans to do these types of things is because they want the publicity. Without it, they would be lost!! We need to stop putting days and days of media information out every time an Orlando happens!!! It only plays into their plans.

      1. charleo1 June 27, 2016

        I do get what you’re saying, and I wish we had someway to find a better balance. But yet, when an atrocity such as in Orlando occurs, the public rightly wants to know, everything. And I mean everything, And you know what else they say in the newspaper business? If it bleeds, it leads. And then there’s the 24/7 cable news monster that must be fed Plus, the natural questions. Always the questions. Who was responsible? Who knew what? Who dropped the security ball. And then the confounded politics takes over the conversation even before the bodies can be identified, and processed. All contributing to the attention/advertising, the psychos are going for. I’m sure I don’t understand why we can’t learn to see the act more in terms of it’s motivation, instead of it’s being made into some sort of indictment on our government, or referendum on what country we should be bombing.
        And when we do, you’re right, I think the terrorists call that their mission accomplished.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

    Every civilized society throughout history knows it takes unity and cooperation between individuals to progress. For the past 8 years, we have had a Republican regime of mostly men who refused to cooperate and worse, continually obstructed government for no reason other than to prove their power. What good did it do them?

    The reality is that unless laws have teeth and law breakers feel the heat of the consequence of their actions, there will never be any peace, unity or coooperation.

  9. AgLander June 13, 2016

    Rather than point out the errors and omissions of the author in his attempt at presenting an intellectual thought process in defining what we face in radical Islam, I will simply point out that he is young, very young and, as “twenty something” musician who has so much to learn, so much to experience about the hard reality of the world we live in between his musical pursuits, he is a fawn struggling to find his legs. He’ll learn, he’ll grow….hopefully. He’s young. Give him 10-15 years to grow.

    1. Independent1 June 13, 2016

      Just more of your idiotic ramblings.

      Here’s a copy of a post I just made to another right-wing idiot in this blog thread. Why don’t you explain away for us the obvious direct correlation between having too easy access to guns and increased violence and gun killings (and easy access to guns is very obvious in Florida):

      If what you say is true, why Is it that the most murders in America, as a percent of their population, occur in the states with the highest rates of gun ownership?? And virtually all of those high gun ownership/high gun-killing states are Republican led red states

      So if what you’re saying is true, then it’s Republicans (GOP politicians and more) who are not educating their people in a way to prevent gun killings, And sadly, Florida couldn’t be a better example of that GOP failure. Not only is Florida led by GOP loving idiots like you, Florida also leads the nation in having the most cities within it’s borders that are on the FBI’s 100 most dangerous cities to live in list (11 of the 100 are in Florida); and believe it or not, Orlando is one of those 100 most dangerous cities (Florida is the only state which has more than 7 cities on the FBI’s list).

      And study after study has proven, that violence and killing is much higher in states and cities where more guns are prevalent; and where there are less restrictive gun laws. Studies have proven time and time again, THAT GUNS DO NOT MAKE YOU SAFER, THEY GREATLY INCREASE THE PROBABILITY THAT THE GUN OWNER, OR SOMEONE IN THE GUN OWNER’S FAMILY OR FRIENDS, WILL BE KILLED BY A GUN.

      So clearly, your comments are purely nonsensical and only radicals such as yourself and those up support the NRA are clueless and ignorant enough not to see the correlation between too easy access to guns, and gun related violence and increased GUN KILLINGS!!!!!!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

        AG is the type of man who finds one excuse after another to pump his overblown ego. He is dangerous because he automatically assumes no one but him knows what is best for the country and the rest of us. Mateem also felt that way.

        It is kind of sad that AG cannot see himself through what he posts as the rest of us do. So be it. He suffers the consequences, not us.

        I agree that it is the states that have the most flexible gun ownership laws that seem unable to control their own.

        I live in the NY/NJ Metro area. While it is not generally known for mass murders, we do have gang murders and drive by shootings. Just not with such savage ferocity as the middle class males who commit mass murders like the one at VA Tech, Arizona, CT and now, FL.

        According to Mateem’s wife, he always had a gun because as she stated, “Florida allows that.”

        Yet, he had domestic violence incidences and Florida never once consider that his gun ownership could lead to her death? So, he couldn’t kill her or her parents who rescued her. He took his vengeance out on 50 others.

        1. Independent1 June 13, 2016

          Yes, you may have a lot of drive-by and gang killings, but one reason is because you live in an area where huge numbers of people are packed into a small area; and it’s kind of understandable – that with so many people packed together (millions in the NYC/NJ area), that there will be what seems like a lot of violence and killings.
          But what’s not understandable to me, is that the rate of gun killings in some GOP run states like Alaska and Wyoming and Montana where there are few people per square mile, are as a number per 100,000 population, virtually double or more than what you see in NJ, NY or any New England state.

          1. David June 15, 2016

            Uhhh….you think it’s safer to walk the streets of Chicago than Anchorage or Butte? I have some ocean front property in Arizona you might be interested in.

        2. AgLander June 13, 2016

          So……besides being forced out of the labor force and currently resorting to free lance writing (did you say it was porn?), you are also an amateur psychologist! And you can do an analysis from behind your keyboard. You are a prodigy!

          1. jmprint June 13, 2016

            And you who lives in a glass house is throwing rocks.

      2. AgLander June 13, 2016

        Off topic, but nice try. The question is why regressive progressives refuse to face the problem of Islamic inspired terrorism against Western Civilization. You refuse to even acknowledge it exists! Until you come out from under your collective desks and take off your dunce caps, there is really nothing to discuss with you as a group because you are all wandering flat liners….no sign of brain activity.

        1. jmprint June 13, 2016

          And why is it that you have a regressive mentality that, most mass murders are caused by Americans. Is your brain stuck on no return.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

          Uh…ahem…Progressives are not fascists like you. Your way and every Muslim born in the US would be wearing a Star and Crescent on their foreheads so you can always blame them for what YOU do.

          First of all, this president has taken out more key ISIS leaders and all you nut freaks of the right do is pretend it didn’t happen. Mental patients pretend. Not sane adults.

          You right wingers also were the ones bitching about the use of drones that took out those key ISIS leaders. Mental patients also confuse facts with fantasy. Get help.

        3. RED June 13, 2016

          Hey moron, HRC called it “radical islamic terrorism” today. So problem solved, right moron? Only frigging ifgnorant Cons are dumb enough to believe that what words they use matters. But what it really amounts to is ignorant moron Cons want justifications for the sickening disgusting racism, like they always have. But of course Cons are the stupidest people on Earth and are too dumb to figure anything out, much less something above a third grade level.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

            hey dead oh red cons and ignorant you have to be best buddy’s to DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER good company for you fool’s together im sure you make a great couple (its a couple of what is the question ) think of swinging with him from the back of a bull now you got it the couple of what as you say (only frigging ifgnorant ) you must be at the top of your class in the flush bowl

          2. David June 15, 2016

            At least we are not afraid to identify the threat. Wet your pants again today?

          3. RED June 15, 2016

            Yep, another classic exampleo f what the Con sickness does to the weak brain. Notice how this ignorant, terribly damaged by the Con sicknessm or on David can’te ven seem to read the first sentenceo f my comment that explains Hillary Clintonu se the magic Con words. But again the ignorant Con sick mind is too damaged and can only repeat the same stupid stuff they are fed by other ignorant Con morons. It would be sad were it not for the immense damage these idiot Cons inflicted on our world.

          4. David June 15, 2016

            Is English your second language?

          5. RED June 15, 2016

            Another quite perfect it means to be an ignorant Con. Anyone with a human IQ could deduce that my phone placed the spaces one letter off in my comment, a common occurrence on my Android phone. But notice how the ignorant Con can’t see this and instead instantly reacts by suggesting someone is foreign. It truly must be terrible to live in the world of those infected with the Con sickness.

      3. David June 15, 2016

        Kind of like those Republican bastions Chicago, Camden, and Flint?

    2. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

      Do you ever come down off that overblown ego of yours? Or do you just assume as Mateem did that you know it all?

      Your radical thought process is for you to have MORE rights than the rest of us. A very young musician is more likely to be MORE self-discipline than a narrow minded geezer like you.

      Musicians do not discrimate. You do. Musicians do not promote violence. You do. Musicians are creative, innovative and use a non-lethal method of communicating…All you know is guns, killing and war. Try again beak brain. Your superiority act is crumbling like a Drake’s Coffee Cake.

    3. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

      and that 10 -15 years may thy be safe for him and all others

  10. Eleanore Whitaker June 13, 2016

    It matters not that some men in this country cannot accept responsibility for their words and actions. What matters is they need to have severe consequences when those words and actions incite all the wrong elements in our society.

    I know of few Americans willing to live under martial law of a few nut jobs in the Corn Pone and Mutton Chops states who think this is their revenge for losing the Civil War.

    You know when they have to arm youngsters with guns, their mental state has gone down the drain.

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    This new breed of terrorism is designed to evade the information age: Rather than seek out and communicate with prospective terrorists, /// its these people one wishes thy would seek out mental help before thy do there terror deeds ISIS and the ones that believe are just a form of a cancer that tends to spread in all of time some form or another cancer type of terror has murdered people . to stop it all will never happen . one never knows when another snaps . if by chance one is to know or see something astrange it would be great for them to inform other that might be able to help stop this terror that come from within people . to explain it can it be explain? can a DR. explain the whole thing ? who knows . the best defence if any would be for people to be try to see when a red flag go’s up . and then tell others and try to save lives

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    National Security Agency and other counter-terror groups, ISIS simply tells those sympathetic to its cause that they ought to carry out violence in its name /// is would be better if ones seek out the evil ones them self seek out ISIS thy are the evil and ones that hate for what ever sick reason . thy get this evil not from and GOOD BOOK but only from changing things around in books to bring out the true evil thy are thy are the SATINS and the evil that all books talk about . its them that all good books tell one to stay away from for the evil and terror is only what thy bring always

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    Because terror attacks are media events. ISIS previously encouraged supporters contemplating carrying out attacks to take hostages, so that they would allow time for television media to begin broadcasting the event live, while it was still taking place. The goal is not only to kill: It is to be seen killing.//// so then this being said thy truly only seek attention . deranged mentally disordered people that’s it in a nut shell . in that case it resembles another that is mentally deranged disorder person who else dose that sound like ? DONNY DUMP THE DUMPSTER MOUTH its strange how he tends to connect to these things like he talks about the Mexican saying them crossing the border how bad it is and a JUDGE that has done so much fighting for just that the DUMPSTER insults him puts him down and always bad mouths him . not even for a reason of him disagreeing with him but only for being in the sit that go’s over his fraud case’s and heaven forbid that the judge was to disagree with him at any point (witch the judge was to rule in the DUMPSTERS favor a few times already its said ) but to just look at it afar what dose one see ?the DUMPSTER has an evil side with ones that dont agree with him . bad mouths them ( and by the way that judge is doing the things to stop just what the DUMPSTER is running on ) strange one can see the DUMPSTER like as the same as ISIS thy hate anyone that disagree with them . but with the clown car driver he just fears that a judge will do the right thing by finding him guilty of fraud (like he is ) not a nice word from the DUMPSTER for a judge that wants to rid the USA of all the drugs from Mexico . and why not a good word for him from the DUMPSTER ? only because he feels he will also to the right thing against him . simple to understand and if one’s eyes are open

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    ISIS broadcasting the event live, while it was still taking place. The goal is not only to kill: It is to be seen killing . What kind of God in any good book wants this ? its is the SATIN in those books the most evil that a God tells you to watch out for and stay away from

    1. RED June 13, 2016

      You’re a frigging moron!! Not really surprising though, all morons are ignorant Cons!!! Hey moron, I suppose you ignorant the Old Testament, except when it’s convenient, huh moron? Just nevermind “god’s” instruction to kill every living creature and all that stuff, right? Religious nut balls in ANY FLAVOR are the dumbest people alive!!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

        as your the joke you seem to get the moron part a lot you have to be in a house of mirrors to see so much of a moron well I beg to diffa on the dumbest people alive that gold star would truly go to you for I feel you win that one hands down . you seem to be an ISIS lover ? to each their own as for any good book and or faith well thy are just things passed down for people to people so in that case I myself know of any god until I see facts of one ill pass on believing in any faith as far as nut balls that would explain what you have in your head for brains then those 2 little thing cant hold any thing but the best of a moron such as your self and your head im sure is more like a sack for your nuts to swing in . piece on advice stay behind your keyboard and your comp. where you’re safe

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    Mateen was apparently interviewed twice by the FBI in recent years — yet justifies endless, fruitless assaults on privacy rights./// with no rights for the innocent murdered that did nothing to him

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    There are ways to combat what happened in Orlando. The first is obvious: common sense gun laws that expand background checks, limit access to assault weapons, and ensure that mentally unstable spousal abusers, no matter their politics, don’t have the ability to kill 50 people.//// OR EVEN ONE PERSON

    1. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

      He could have done better with glass bottles filled with gasoline and a match.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

        maybe you might get lucky and be in there when the next one trys it your way

        1. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

          You seem to have the right mindset you should join ISIS.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

            are you kidding me you say I have the right mindset ? it was this that got my response do you know this person ? if so try to check out their mindset >>>>hicusdicus ivory69690@yahoo.com • 30 minutes ago

            He could have done better with glass bottles filled with gasoline and a match./// are you cereal ????? im sure you are frosted flaked

      2. Independent1 June 15, 2016

        Who turned over the rock you had slithered under? We had been enjoying not being annoyed by your mindless comments.

  17. paulyz June 13, 2016

    This Muslim terrorist, like the ones in Colorado, & even the 911 terrorists, all were “known” by authorities, were on FBI watch lists, but we’re able to fulfill their violence & hate because political correctness handcuffed the ability of authorities to nip it in the bud. Just as so many ILLEGALS remain in OUR Country, or are released to commit even more crimes, because of the reluctance of politicians to address these problems, because they worry about re-election, & are afraid af being labeled “racist”. Until we responsibly address this, the problems will escalate exponentially.

    1. Leftout June 13, 2016

      Absolutely That is the Solution , an easy fix.
      What congress person will introduce ONE bill to allow authorities to solve this .

      Anyone?? no presidents need to respond!

    2. chino49p June 13, 2016

      Oh, you are referring to the repub con pc sickness that makes it so “HARD” to “DENY” a person the “RIGHT” to obtain deadly weapons with which to carry out their acts of hatred. This was as much or more an act of “homophobia” which is practiced by radical Islamics as well as radical Christian conservatives. Radical Christians in this country have also called for the death of homosexuals and of course you have to acknowledge that the heavily armed white supremacist groups in this country identify as supposed Christians who think all brown skinned peoples have no rights to exist in this country unless it be to serve them.

      1. paulyz June 13, 2016

        Quite the hateful racist you are, very anti-White! Wow.

        1. chino49p June 13, 2016

          You are a real idiot. I’ll bet you are wearing your little pointy white hood right now.

    3. The lucky one June 13, 2016

      Pauly takes one bit of truth “all (the perpetrators) were “known” by authorities” and then goes on a tangent asserting that political correctness played a role though he has nothing to back that up. He then travels even farther into the fantasy world inhabited by Trumpsters by claiming that “illegals” are responsible despite the fact that neither the Orlando or Colorado murderers were undocumented aliens. The shooters in San Bernardino likewise were not “illegals”.

      It’s easy to see why Pauly supports Trump since their thought processes seem to follow the same paths. His prophecy that “the problems will escalate exponentially” may indeed be true though if Trump is elected. Purveyors of hatred like the Donald tend to incite that sort of thing.

      1. paulyz June 13, 2016

        Learn how to decipher English, nobody said ILLEGALS were responsible for these radical Islam crimes, but ILLEGALS are indeed responsible for much crime, resulting in terror for American Citizens.

        1. The lucky one June 13, 2016

          Learn how to express yourself clearly. You’re the one who put both statements in the same paragraph even though by your own admission there is no connection between the two. It’s clear you just wanted to echo one of the Duck’s pet rants even though there is no evidence that it is true.

          What does “much crime” mean? We can only speculate on who committed unsolved crimes. I know speculation is what you and your hero do best but I prefer to focus on reality. Undocumented aliens comprise about 5% of the total prison population.

          1. David June 15, 2016

            Check your prison population makeup for California for example.

          2. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            Really?? When over 35% of the California population is Hispanic but less than 20% of California’s prison population has a Hispanic heritage?? Why would you want to do that??

          3. David June 15, 2016

            “Stupid”? Really? Is that why as of April of last year, 42% of the prison population of California was Hispanic? Public Policy Institute of California
            You never cease to amaze me with your idiocy. What a goon!

          4. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            You just keep publishing one blatant lie after another from these propaganda right-wing nutcase websites you frequent which clearly lie and lie and lie to you!! 42% of the California prison population ARE NOT HISPANICS!! THAT’S A BLATANT LIE!!!

          5. hicusdicus June 15, 2016

            You know all about lying you are well versed in it.

          6. hicusdicus June 16, 2016

            No it is not. Wrong again.

          7. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            And here’s a comment intended for you that I posted to The Lucky One by mistake:

            And are you too stupid to even stop and think a minute – that the Hispanic population has grown considerably in America over the past 2-3 decades while at the same time crime in America has plummeted!! 2014 had the lowest crime rate in NYC in the past 50 years!!!!!

          8. hicusdicus June 15, 2016

            Why is that, do you think? Oh sorry I forgot you don’t think you just make stuff up.

          9. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            Like I said, who turned over the rock you had slithered under?

          10. hicusdicus June 15, 2016

            You did, you though it was a gay bar.

          11. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            And the reason for the lower crime rates in NYC is that neighborhoods that were abandoned some years ago because of high crime are being repopulated with immigrants that commit far less crime.

          12. hicusdicus June 15, 2016

            Check out San Antonio its full of illegals. It should be illegal for you to waste air breathing.

          13. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            You’re trying to point out something bad about a city in the worst Red State in the nation – the state that’s virtually the cesspool of America? The state that ranks in the worst 10 in the nation in 100% of 23 selected socio-economic measures when compared to other states????

          14. hicusdicus June 16, 2016

            Have you ever lived there??? Their you go lying again. You really are a emotionaly crippled adult child afraid of everything.

          15. Independent1 June 27, 2016

            Yes, I lived there for 3 years while in the service back in the 1960s – when it was a far better state than it is now- before the GOP took over an destroyed the state.

            And here’s some statistics about Texas from 2012-13 which support my contention that Texas is now the cesspool of America”

            Texas is 49th in the country in tax revenues collected per capita and 50th in revenues spent.

            Texas is 44th in tax progressivity, which means it collects
            most of its taxes from working people and it comes in 50th in the percent of its population that have a HS diploma.

            Texas ranks 46th in the overall SAT scores it’s students get on entrance exams; and 49th in what it pays its teachers.

            Texas ranks dead last (50th) in having the most people without health insurance and also dead last in the number of
            children covered by insurance.

            And Texas is 49th in the support it provides to women & children in the WIC program, and it leads the nation in teenage births.

            Texas ranks 3rd in the nation in the number of people living in poverty and 50th with regard to the affordability of homeowners insurance.

            Texas comes in 3rd in the nation in the number of public officials that are convicted for a crime; while being dead last in the percent of voters who turn out for elections.

            Texas is 46th in the hourly earnings of its workers and 48th in the payout of worker’s comp benefits.

            And Texas is ranked as having the most polluted environment in the nation because of all its oil spills and the toxic fumes spewed by all its oil refineries and coal-fired power plants.

          16. hicusdicus June 15, 2016

            You are absolutely correct. He also makes up a lot of statistics.

          17. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            Only in the minds of pathological liars like you and David:

            From Reuters:

            Study finds immigrants commit less California crime

            Immigrants are far less likely than the average U.S.-born citizen to commit crime in California, the most populous state in the United States, according to a report issued late on Monday.

            People born outside the United States make up about 35 percent of California’s adult population but account for about 17 percent of the adult prison population, the report by the Public Policy Institute of California showed.


            Do you total nitwits intend to keep on spewing your blatant lies???

            Being the worthless human beings that you are!!!!!!!

          18. The lucky one June 15, 2016

            Happy to do so if you provide the link. my research for national stats shows 5%.

          19. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            And are you too stupid to even stop and think a minute – that the Hispanic population has grown considerably in America over the past 2-3 decades while at the same time crime in America has plummeted!! 2014 had the lowest crime rate in NYC in the past 50 years!!!!!

          20. The lucky one June 15, 2016

            You may be right but I don’t know why you are responding to me. If you bother to read my posts you’ll see that I am supporting your position and negating David’s.

          21. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            The NM has been acting so erratic lately that I obviously clicked on the wrong reply. Sorry about that. I have no idea why if the NM expects people to blog on their website, that they put on so many long running scripts that it makes keying comments a nightmare.

          22. The lucky one June 15, 2016

            No problem I thought it was something like that.

          23. The lucky one June 15, 2016

            I did some searching. What I found, not specific to CA, is below with the link:

            * “Between 1990 and 2013, …the number of unauthorized immigrants more than tripled from 3.5 million to 11.2 million.”

            *”During the same period, FBI data indicate that the violent crime rate declined 48 percent—which included falling rates of aggravated assault, robbery, rape, and murder. Likewise, the property crime rate fell 41 percent, including declining rates of motor vehicle theft, larceny/robbery, and burglary.”

            *”roughly 1.6 percent of immigrant males age 18-39 are incarcerated, compared to 3.3 percent of the native-born. This disparity in incarceration rates has existed for decades, as evidenced by data from the 1980, 1990, and 2000 decennial censuses. In each of those years, the incarceration rates of the native-born were anywhere from two to five times higher than that of immigrants.” NOTE THIS INCLUDES ALL FOREIGN BORN SO THE % OF “ILLEGALS” IS EVEN SMALLER.


          24. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            And let’s just look at San Diego and El Paso, two cities which have seen the greatest growth of illegals in that past 2-3 decades. And yet these two cities are in the 10 cities in America that have seen the biggest declines in the crime rate over those 2-3 decades. And why, because even though crime among the native born Americans has probably remained the same, the population of these cities has grown by the addition of Hispanics (including illegals) with far lower crime rates than the native borns.

          25. johninPCFL June 15, 2016

            And the reason? Oh yeah. Now we imprison them instead of just deporting them: “Beginning in 2005, the government has taken a more hardline approach to immigration offenses, and prosecutors have moved to charge violators with illegal entry or re-entry, rather than simply deporting them. Those convicted can face between six months and 10 years in prison, depending on past criminal history.”
            Why? Follow the money: “Over the last decade, revenue from the federal prison system has more than tripled for the GEO Group and nearly doubled for Corrections Corp. of America — the two companies that dominate the private prison industry.”
            Huffpost 8/23/13

        2. S.J. Jolly June 13, 2016

          Illegal immigrants are the VICTIMS of much crime, not the perps.

        3. Independent1 June 14, 2016

          More FLAT OUT lies. Illegals commit a fraction of the crimes that native born Americans create – they create 8-10 times the crime of an illegal!! YOU ARE A PATHOLIGICAL LIAR!!!

          1. David June 15, 2016

            Hmmm…is that why such a high percentage of felons in California are illegals? Is that why such a high percentage of Federal inmates with drug convictions are illegals?

          2. Independent1 June 15, 2016

            When are you going to stop getting your lying statistics from right-wing biased sources!! Illegals ARE NOT a high percentage of the felons – THAT IS A BLATANT LIE!!!!!!!!!

          3. dpaano June 27, 2016

            Definitely!!! As a Californian myself, David’s comments are ludicrous!!!

    4. S.J. Jolly June 13, 2016

      A little thing, called Freedom of Speech, says that you can express opinions critical of American government or American policies without being imprisoned or deported.

      1. David June 15, 2016

        A little thing, called the 2nd Amendment, gives citizens the right to keep and bear arms.

        1. Independent1 June 15, 2016

          Only in the minds of 5 right-wing corrupt judges on SCOTUS who were paid by the NRA to basterdize Madison’s intent in creating the 2nd Amendment which was to only ensure that at the time, there would be enough citizens ready to defend the country at a time when there was no federal army. The 2nd amendment ONLY APPLIES to Americans involved in militias or other military activities. The 2nd Amendment GIVES NO AMERICAN TODAY a right to own a gun. Owning a gun is supposed to be a privilege just like owning a car and driving it on public roads.

          1. David June 16, 2016

            You are an idiot…I told you to look at the definition of “militia”. What’s the matter? Don’t like what you find? 10 USC 311

          2. Jan123456 June 18, 2016

            I read it….what’s your point?

          3. David June 18, 2016

            “Militia” means citizens NOT military. You read it. Can you understand what you read?

          4. Jan123456 June 18, 2016

            Are not people in the military also citizens?

            Then explain sub-point 1. An organized militia…sort of reminds me of the wording of the 2nd amendment.

          5. Box June 18, 2016

            Sorry, militias are only half the argument. The 2nd Am is not crystal clear on the question of whether the so-called right is ongoing OR just in times of approved war so that state-ordered militias would take up the fight. But over 200+ years of argument and evolution of the argument it was settled that the right exists and thats long before any action by NRA as you suggest. There were many people and courts and situations since Madison to challenge the meaning and it settled on the side of the right even though it doesnt mean there wouldnt be new challenges, as it is nowadays.
            And so that im being clear, YES about militias. Fine. But in that INTENT of the 2nd Am, (which was stated over and over in the founders papers), was that since the Constitution was a set of rights and rules that went from the people TO the government, the people had the guns in order to fight a government that abused the people by mismanagement of the rights given it–tyranny as example. So, if the people only had guns during war, how would the gun be used to fight the government because in other times the people wouldnt be armed? To my understanding thats the basis of the argument. If any court said its only about militias-in-war then the purpose of such a decision would be to disarm the people who then could not fight their own government and thats called dictatorship and the Constitution would have to be declared dead. Obama knows this too and thats why they leave the 2nd Am alone and attack guns from other angles–take away ammunition, take away guns from sick people, background checks, imports of foreign guns (Hillarys specialty), etc, all the things the 2nd Am didnt address. The NRA argues that the rights are full, either you have the rights or you dont, including ammo and so everyone still fights. Meantime, you say bribery of SCOTUS. Can you prove bribery? And guns are a privilege? Who says that?

          6. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            Sorry, not buying one word of that total BS screed!! Madison didn’t buy it before he wrote the 2nd Amendment, and I’m not buying it today. Those 5 absolutely worthless human beings who are serving on the Scotus basterdized the 2nd Amendment just like they basterdized the 1st Amendment when they made their disastrous and idiotic decision on Citizens United equating money to speech.

            Madison made it clear in his Federalist Papers to those at the Constitutional Convention that he didn’t buy into that ‘federal government tyranny’ rot. He laughed in the idiots faces just like you when he told them that they were giving into their ‘chimerical fears’ – fantasies of their imaginations with respect to the federal government usurping the rights of the states.

            So you can take your BS screed and cram it you know where!!!

          7. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            If owning a guns is not a ‘right’ WHICH THEY ARE NOT, then owning them has to be a ‘privilege’ given by the government just like owning a car. Gun owners should have to ‘PUBLICLY REGISTER’ their guns and ONLY USE THEM where the government says they can be used.


          8. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            And just in case you doubt my ‘wild wild west’ reference, checkout this from even the best GOP president in office since 1900 – Teddy Roosevelt:

            Excerpts from a Huffington Post article:

            Cowboy president Theodore Roosevelt recalled with approval that as a Dakota Territory ranch owner, his town, at the least, allowed “no shooting in the streets.” The editor of that town’s newspaper, The Bad Lands Cow Boy of Medora, demanded that gun control be even tighter than that, however. Like leaders in Miles City and many other cow towns, he wanted to see guns banned entirely within the city limits. A.T. Packard in August 1885 called “packing a gun” a “senseless custom,” and noted about a month later that “As a protection, it is terribly useless.”

            Old West cattlemen themselves also saw the need for gun control. By 1882, a Texas cattle raising association had banned six-shooters from the cowboy’s belt. “In almost every section of the West murders are on the increase, and cowmen
            are too often the principals in the encounters,” concurred a dispatch from the Texas Live Stock Journal dated June 5, 1884. “The six-shooter loaded with deadly cartridges is a dangerous companion for any man, especially if he should unfortunately be primed with whiskey. Cattlemen should unite in aiding the enforcement of the law against carrying of deadly weapons.”

            And by the way, things haven’t changed since back then, ‘PACKING A GUN IS A SENSELESS CUSTOM’. People packing guns are almost 5 times more likely to be shot and killed in a house breakin or altercation, than if they weren’t carrying a gun. Study after study has proven this.

            The notion that a gun is a means of self protection, is a figment of your imagination. Owning a gun is a far more liability and potential death for the owner or someone in his family or friends, than it will ever be a means of self protection

          9. 2ThinkN_Do2 June 18, 2016

            What is senseless, are humans drinking alcohol or doing other drugs, pharmaceuticals without firearms or an automobile and then doing adding the other tool. Bottom line, you verified what many of us have been saying all along; it’s the fool, Not The Tool; that is the issue. So once and for all; gun regulation, Is NOT the Answer. People regulation is.

          10. Independent1 June 18, 2016

            More convoluted nonsense from you – the only solution is to get rid of the guns!!!!!!

          11. 2ThinkN_Do2 June 18, 2016

            The only nonsense comes from those who believe they’ll be safer by disarming those who are not criminals.

        2. Independent1 June 15, 2016

          And in case you question my comment about Madison’s intent – see this from ex Scotus Justice Stevens on the 2nd Amendment:

          For more than 200 years following the adoption of that amendment, federal judges uniformly understood that the right protected by that text was limited in two ways: First, it applied only to keeping and bearing arms for military purposes, and second, while it limited the power of the federal government, it did not impose any limit whatsoever on the power of states or local governments to regulate the ownership or use of firearms. Thus, in United States v. Miller, decided in 1939, the court unanimously held that Congress could prohibit the possession of a sawed-off shotgun because that sort of weapon had no reasonable relation to the preservation or efficiency of a “well regulated Militia.”
          So for more that 200 years courts and judges agreed the 2nd Amendment applied only to arms for military purposes – until suddenly in 2008 5 wacko right-wing judges choose to diverge from a 200 year understanding and bastardize the meaning of the 2nd Amendment by suddenly claiming it applied to all citizens. What a travesty!! Just like their wacko interpretation of the 1st amendment which has equated money with speech and totally corrupted our country’s democracy.

          You couldn’t find 5 more worthless humans on this planet than those 5 corrupt Scotus juddges if you spent your life tryng!!!

          1. David June 16, 2016

            Read 10 USC 311 dipsh..!

        3. dpaano June 27, 2016

          No it gives the right to armed militia to protect the country and not to regular “citizens” to bear arms!

          1. David June 27, 2016

            Now dpaano—as an “attorney”, you know the correct way to define what might be an uncertain term. The word “militia” for example. First, the context within which it was used. Ok, all of the Bill of Rights involve individual rights. Why would only the 2nd be a collective right? Second, what was the definition of the word in the late 1700s? Turns out that it meant able bodied men of fighting age. Third, how do other legal writing define it? Check out 10 USC 311. Finally, what did the Framers of the Constitution say they meant when they used the word “militia”? Check Mason and Jefferson and it is clear that they meant by that word — citizens. So, tell me again where you received your JD?

  18. Firbolg June 13, 2016

    The salient fact is that Shuham et al have never read the Quran and Hadith and, thus, speak from ignorance. Read Suras 8 and 9. You will then understand why Islam has been ‘at war’ with every other society and religion for over 14 centuries, a war which will continue until Islam undertakes a reformation, as advocated by Egypt’s President Al Sisi.

    1. S.J. Jolly June 13, 2016

      The Islam “at war” with every other society and religion has been very low-key and intermittent, for the far greater part, hence there has been no great “reform or be destroyed” motive to reform.

      1. Firbolg June 14, 2016

        Low-key? Invasions across North Africa and Iberia and into Europe until stopped at Tours and Vienna. I dare say that the indigenous residents didn’t think it ‘low key’! Intermittent? Yes… after being defeated by Judeo-Christian civilization, Islam always retreats and then resurfaces against societal weaknesses, e.g. in sub-Saharan Africa. Having learned that open armed conflict results in defeat, Islam now pursues guerrilla strategies in its modern conquest forays. Within the civilized world, “Taqqiyah” is a common manifestation.
        Islam translates as ‘submission’ and the goal of a world-wide ‘caliphate’, one of Islam’s cornerstones, has yet to be extinguished among the ‘faithful’. Much more blood will be spilled before the issue is resolved.

        1. Box June 18, 2016

          Thats correct. And glad to see the first person who knows that Islam doesnt mean peace. But I think the poster meant that its been low-key in US…thats going to change. By the way, Communism operates the same way–retreats when society is strong, re-surfaces when there is confusion which they fuel further for the gaining of ground.

    2. Cutch June 25, 2016

      More blowhard nonsense from the illiterate troll who posted:

      * Bouyed (sic) by the adulation of a sycophant MSM … ”

      * “How many $ trillions have been expended and are still be (sic) spent …. ”

      * “And, I can guarantee than neither Hedges or (sic) any of the Palestinian apologists …”

  19. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 13, 2016

    This slaughter is on the gop in congress, the dumb people who vote gop, the NRA and you Trump! This citizen, born here, was on the FBI watch and no fly list. Remember how the gop blocked a bill a few months ago that would of prevented this radical from buying assault weapons. The blood is on all your hands.

    Leaning to a particular ideology? Funny thing Islam and right wing Christians ideology is identical;
    *They’re anti-abortion
    * They support the death penalty
    *They oppose the separation of church and state
    *They believe religion doctrine should be taught in school
    *The believe women should have fewer rights than men
    *They oppose multiculturalism
    They believe homosexuality is evil and gay marriage should be outlawed.
    Pay particular attention to the last one.
    So which ideology was he following when the two are identical. The FBI stated he made 2 calls to 911 pledging allegiance to ISIL and another group in Iraq who opposes ISIS.

    In a surprising new revelation about the Orlando shooter suspect, we’re now finding out that the killer’s imam, or prayer leader, is pro-Trump.
    It can’t be confirmed how much of the Trump ideology was picked up by the shooter himself, but let’s just say I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.
    Think about it – Trump represents extremism and bigotry. He represents ideology and hatred. That kind of extremism can happen within any culture, community, religion or other group of people.
    But at the end of the day, it’s extremism and bigotry. And so was the horrific shooting in Orlando.
    Hate breeds hate, as they say. The kind of divisive, offensive and even violence-inducing rhetoric Trump uses should only appeal to an extremist. And if the shooter was gathering his ideology from his mosque, it’s not surprising that Trump is well-regarded among its leaders.
    This may shock some Trump-supporting conservatives. Many of them think of themselves on the pro-America anti-terrorist side of the debate.
    But what they don’t understand is, underlying Trump’s language is mindless bigotry, and in many cases, that is what underlies terrorism as well.
    It seems very clear that the shooter was targeting the LGBTQ community. But to have the mindset that makes you justify shooting a group of people like that must require the kind of ideological extremism that Trump exhibits.
    While it may be unthinkable that the shooter’s imam would support a guy who wanted to “ban all Muslims” from coming to America, it may not be as shocking as it at first seems. The shooter was radicalized by elements of his culture and the society around him.
    Does it seem so surprising that Trump would be well-regarded in his place of worship

    1. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

      How dope do you have to smoke to come up with your stupid comments???

      1. Independent1 June 14, 2016

        So some who’s a total idiot, calls someone else stupid?? How quaint!!

      2. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

        None, My comments are 100% verifiable fact.

        1. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

          Sure they are.

          1. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 14, 2016

            Oh, and I see no physical evidence or verifiable facts to prove me wrong. Typical brainwashed gop sheep and babble.

          2. hicusdicus June 14, 2016

            Of course not.

          3. Mikey7a June 14, 2016

            Here you go. Check out this fine, upstanding Baptist Minister. Watch as he spouts his hateful, deadly rhetoric. The last part of your nickname, says all I need know about you, Dicus!! http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-sacramento-pastor-roger-jimenez-orlando-shootings-20160614-story.html

          4. hicusdicus June 15, 2016

            `Baptit minister? Like I give a hoot what a religious nut has to say?

          5. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 15, 2016

            Yes, of course not. All you have is 2 second right wing babble points. Oh my God, do you even realize what you’re typing?

          6. hicusdicus June 15, 2016

            I a not right winged or left winged and I realise who I am talking to and have to ajust down to your level of understanding.

          7. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 15, 2016

            What are you then? A mere bobble head lost in some far off delousional alter reality?

        2. Box June 18, 2016

          Really? Show me the 100% verifiable fact of anything you say, especially the part about Trump being a carbon copy of a supporter. That ought to be good.

          1. davekzy1@yahoo.com June 18, 2016

            I didn’t say that. typical trumpet bot, putting words in someone mouth they didn’t say.

            The Republican Party and the Christian Right have a prurient and scatological obsession with how gay, lesbian, and trans-gendered people use the toilet. The American Right’s “potty politics” is nothing but homophobia mated with a preexisting framework of hatred and bigotry that has its origins in panics about “race mixing” during the reign of Jim and Jane Crow. Moreover, American Apartheid was defended by language such as “states rights”, “local control”, and “federal overreach”. The same defense is used by Republican politicians in states such as North Carolina, Kansas, and Oklahoma, who want to harass transgendered people (and apparently also inspect their genitals) while they use the bathroom. During and before Jim and Jane Crow, white elites and others were afraid that black men would rape white women in bathrooms if public facilities were desegregated. Now the same types of right-wing voices are obsessed with trans-gendered and queer folks supposedly molesting their children in the toilet.

            There is another ugly ghost of the past that is given life in the rhetoric of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the Age of Obama. It hides in plain sight. It is omnipresent. It is a type of new normal, one that crept over the Republican Party and movement conservatives beginning with the end of the Civil Rights Movement and the birth of the infamous Southern Strategy and reaching maturity with the presumed nomination of Donald Trump as the 2016 presidential GOP candidate.

            Much of the rhetoric, policies, and goals of the Republican Party and Donald Trump in 2016 are disturbingly similar to those of the white supremacist, racial terrorist organization the Ku Klux Klan which was founded after the American Civil War. The present platform of the Ku Klux Klan’s advocates the following:
            *The recognition that America was founded as a Christian nation.
            *The recognition that America was founded as a White nation.
            *Repeal the NAFTA and GATT treaties.
            *Stop all Foreign Aid Immediately.
            Abolish ALL discriminatory affirmative action programs.
            Abolish all anti-gun laws and encourage every adult to own a weapon.
            Actively promote love and appreciation of our unique European (White) culture.
            Drug testing for welfare recipients.
            Balance the budget.
            Rehabilitate our public school system. We must remove the humanist influence in our schools and teach fact based curriculum to further the students knowledge not someone’s opinion. Parents should have the option of private or home schooling if they prefer and students should be free to practice their Christian faith in the classroom.
            A flat income tax should be introduced to allow for the funding of community, state and federal projects.
            Abortion should be outlawed except to save the mother’s life or in case of rape or incest.
            We support a national law against the practice of homosexuality.
            Restoring individual freedom to Christian America.
            Everyone who can work should work.
            We support state sovereignty resolutions.
            The Ku Klux Klan has massaged these goals in an effort to win more “mainstream” support from the white American public. Since (at least) the election of Barack Obama, the Republican Party has moved farther to the right. The result is a convergence between the Ku Klux Klan’s platform and the Republican Party’s political agenda.
            This should be no surprise. The Republican Party is the United States’ largest de facto white identity organization. Conservatism and racism is now one and the same thing in the American post civil rights era; Donald Trump, the GOP’s presumed 2016 presidential candidate is a proto fascist, racist, nativist who is endorsed by white nationalists and white supremacist organizations.
            Both “old fashioned” and “modern” racism exert a powerful hold over the Republican base. Here, racism and hostility to Barack Obama are highly correlated. As detailed by new research from Michael Tesler, “old fashioned” overt racism is resurgent in America and now predicts partisanship and Republican voting for white Americans. Analysis of the 2016 American National Election Studies shows that Donald Trump supporters are especially receptive to white identity politics.
            As shown in a recent paper by David Cunningham, Justin Farrell and Rory McVeigh, the presence of an active Ku Klux Klan chapter in a given area in the American South had a direct impact on the number of white voters who switched their support from the Democrats (the part of African-American civil rights and President Johnson) to the Republican Party (the party of Nixon and Reagan’s Southern Strategy and the “silent (white) majority”).
            Ultimately, the racism and bigotry of Donald Trump are not in conflict with the desires of Republican voters. As reported by a NY Times/CBS News poll, 80 percent of Republicans want their leaders to rally around their party’s presumptive presidential candidate. Racism and bigotry, both overt and covert, are the name brand of today’s Republican Party. Its voters find such values appealing. They are not rejecting Donald Trump. Instead, they are embracing him.
            Donald Trump is the logical result of at least five decades of Republican political strategy from the end of the Civil Rights Movement to the present. The election of Barack Obama, the country’s first black president, twice, is just the proximate cause for “Trumpmania”– what is really just a mass political temper tantrum on the Right caused by a potent mix of authoritarianism and racism.
            While liberals, progressives, and others have, with great cause, celebrated the election of a black man twice to the presidency—and what this symbolizes about forward change along the color line in America—many of them have been blind and deaf to the persistence of white supremacy in the Age of Obama.
            The spring board and potential for Donald Trump’s rise to power in the Republican Party was hiding in plain sight. Alas, too many members of the commentariat and political chattering classes simply chose to look the other way.
            “No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.” There should also be a caveat or amendment to this wisdom: A person is rarely correct when they underestimate the historic power of white racism in American politics and daily life.

    2. Box June 18, 2016

      Amazing…a person who supports Trump makes Trump a carbon copy of the supporter? You are totally out of your mind. Seriously see a Dr…or is it the Dr who made you like this with the mind altering drugs many americans take everyday?

  20. Mikey7a June 15, 2016

    In a previous post, David says I’m a DA(dumbass), who doesn’t know what an assault weapon is. I have the permanent scar on my cheek, under my left eye from the 5.56mm Red Hot Casings, ejecting my M-16. We weren’t allowed leather patches in 1973, only wussies used those they said! Anyway David, The SIG SAUER MCX…the very weapon of choice of the crazy bastard who slaughtered 49 innocent people, and wounded at least that many more, IS A FUCKING ASSAULT RIFLE YOU MORON.

    http://www.sigevolution.com/sigmcx I challenge anyone who sees this video, to try and tell me this is not an Assault Rifle!

  21. Leftout June 16, 2016

    Word has it that Omar was a member of the radical Tea Party fringe of the Republican Party . It is no wonder that the media is blaming the Republicna for this massacre .

    1. Box June 18, 2016

      thats a laugh, i knew that was coming. Ok what word, where? Let me read it myself.

      1. Leftout June 18, 2016

        Box , it is obvious joke , just wanted to make media find out that Omar was a registered DamnRat , but it has not reached headlines yet, amazing hypocracy

        1. Box June 18, 2016

          But even if he was TP, so what? All kinds of people are TP even though TP has evolved heavily into chaos since the early days. Anyway, in these pages there is constant denial of Hillary’s email problem, a baseless GOP conspiracy. But Gocipher, the european hacker who first opened this mess, is coming to the US to testify for the FBI. With that news it was said he is a liar, planted by the GOP in a weak attempt to falsely discredit Hillary. Everyone who opposes Obama or Hillary for any reason couldnt ever possibly tell the truth, all are plants and operatives working on everything thats false and evil and terrible and black and ugly in the world. And every time they say it, Trump gains another 1% in the polls. Go ahead, keep saying it. And its hilarious, Trump really does gain on that kind of talk. He would have much less chance if liberals plainly said Obama and Hillary are a couple of SOBs, then the race would be more even and Hillary might in fact win–if she is not found guilty of something first. But the more they attack Trump and defend Hillary, people get more angry. The ugliness of the campaign is benefiting Trump, not Hillary.

          1. Leftout June 18, 2016

            I agree , so far Trump has always gained, he always seems to be vindicated the next day, I love it, to see the other side squirm. Every other word is racism or bigotry from them , they do not even know what the words means and their differences .

  22. Box June 18, 2016

    “How Do We ‘Fight ISIS’ After Orlando?” How about first admitting there is an ISIS? And where is Obama to come out and admit defeat in letting the guy out of Cuba who immediately formed ISIS? And where is Hillary to discuss the talk that Fast and Furious weapons went to ISIS, in the same type of affair as Iran-Contra? FBI says they have ISIS investigations in most or all states and yet Obama doesnt seem to believe extremism exists. Problem for a lot of people is that you are not getting your news from outside US. Muslims everywhere cheer these tragedies, especially ISIS. They have all been cheering since 911 and believe their plans will result in the final destruction of US.

  23. BrownDog June 22, 2016

    When people are dissatisfied with their lives trouble brews. Fundamental Islam, aka radical Islam, is heavily popularized by our media world wide. This group certainly appeals to many of the worlds disenfranchised as those of Muslim backgrounds make up about a quarter of the world population. Unfortunately, the fundamental and the modern Muslims are lumped together as one evil group. Those waging war in the name of Allah are fringe fanatics who are no more true believers than my dog. The lone wolf attackers use a currently popular and inflammatory issue, in this case war lords and dictators claiming allegiance to Islam, as justification for their behavior. It’s quick and easy. The real issue is moral decay in our society. Nobody wants to say no, to stand up to the bully, to teach right and wrong and the consequences thereof. No one wants to be harsh to the evil doers. More gun laws, more erosion of Constitutional privileges, more restriction of individual rights will only limit the ability of the law abiding to defend themselves. Those bent on evil will continue regardless of the law. The trend of friends and family unwilling to stop or report someone they know is planning evil reflects this decay. Look at the abysmal failure of Prohibition, for example. The popular press aggravate with its excessive, repetitive and politicized reporting. It should be instead a powerful tool to help reign in terror. That would require a major paradigm shift in how the news media reports, which is not likely to happen, unfortunately.


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