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Five Reasons Ayn Rand Would Have Despised Paul Ryan

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Five Reasons Ayn Rand Would Have Despised Paul Ryan


WARNING: Reading this post may result in some slight identification with Ayn Rand. Don’t worry. It will quickly subside.

Paul Ryan may be backing away from his devotion to Ayn Rand, the woman who inspired him to enter politics. But there are some things that the 20th century’s most prominent prophet of selfishness would have probably appreciated about the Republican’s soon-to-be nominee for vice president.

In fourteen years in Washington D.C., Ryan only passed two bills—one naming a U.S. post office in his hometown, the other giving arrow makers a tax break. This abject uselessness on behalf of the American people is about as close as an elected official can get to “going Galt.” Being a star member of the most unproductive Congress in 65 years might also have impressed the author who saw the only purpose of government as protecting citizens from physical violence.

Rand might also admire Ryan’s desire to eventually zero out nearly every program that helps the poor and his desire to help rich people become richer with massive tax breaks. But there’s much about the Congressman from Wisconsin that she certainly would consider abhorrent. As Rand scholar Jennifer Burns said, “If Mr. Ryan becomes the next vice president, it wouldn’t be her dream come true, but her nightmare.”

Here are five reasons why Ayn Rand would have quickly shrugged off Paul Ryan.


  1. Dominick Vila August 16, 2012

    Don’t let the Paul Ryan distraction, or the feigned indignation over “chains”, forget the things that are really important: such as Mitt’s tax returns, his overseas tax shelters or his tax plan. The GOP has gone on overdrive and is desperately trying to change a topic of discussion that exposed Mitt Romney as what he is to the American public and allowed President Obama to get a 7 to 9 point lead in the polls. They are trying to distract us, don’t let them! Keep hammering!

    1. Fern Woodfork August 16, 2012

      I Will NEVER Be Distracted From All This Crap They Shoved On Us Daily!!! Where Are Those Tax Returns!! Trickle Down Bullshit Is Not Working For The 98%, And Why Is The King Of Stripping And Shipping Thinks He ‘s The Answer When We Know He’s The Problem!!!!

    2. Fern Woodfork August 16, 2012

      BY The Way SCREW AYN RYAN AND PAUL RYAN!!! Both Are Low Life Knuckle Dragging DEMONS!!!

  2. Fern Woodfork August 16, 2012

    And In All My Years Of Elections I NEVER Heard Of Some One Running For The Highest Office Of America Having Their Money Hid In Offshore Bank Accounts And Is A Known Tax Cheater!!! No Way This Money Grubbing Thug Should Be President Of These United States!!! NO WAY!!!

  3. joujou228 August 16, 2012

    I hope voters realize that Paul Ryan will be one heart beat from the presidency. No one ask Romeny that when he is dismissing Ryan’s views.

  4. Michael D Muoio August 16, 2012

    Rand was a sociopath. She also smoked endlessly….ironically when she lay dying of cancer….Medicare was there ….even for this hopeless creature.

    She may have been repented in the end…..but I think not.

    1. Fern Woodfork August 16, 2012

      That’s Just What Romney And Ryan Is SOCIOPATHS!! Hell Most Of These Money Grubbing Bastards Out Here Share This Same Mental Fault!! I Keep Telling People It’s Not That They Are Not Out Of Touch, They Just Don’t Give A Damn!!!

  5. Rev Jim August 16, 2012

    Paul Ryan, bad for the poor and aged, just plain bad for all of America.

  6. Germansmith August 16, 2012

    It is sad the best republicans can come up with are Romney and Ryan.
    But I am going to give them a chance.
    Obama is costing me about 20K per year because of Obamacare. Have clients that loss their healthcare because the employers could no longer afford it. Obamacare did nothing to reduce the cost of healthcare, just add more people and money to a bad system.
    Unemployment remains high and see no way decrease it.
    Large amounts of funds have been spend and nothing Obama can do, because he does not have any way of passing laws thru the house….and soon he will lose the senate as well.

    Obama is not a bad guy, but he is not a leader like Clinton or Reagan or even Johnson

    May GOD have mercy on our country

    1. Don August 16, 2012

      As I see it Obama-Romneycare does not come into existence until 2014. I sure don’t want to lose my Social Security or Medicare but when it runs out I will be long gone.

    2. rmarqua2921 August 16, 2012

      Maybe you should consider moving to China? Or maybe Vietnam? You are the big problem in the USA and its called selfishness and greed! Actually, you should vote for Romney, he is a self centered greedy person also!

      1. Germansmith August 17, 2012

        You are as bad as the right wing fire breathers on the opposite side. Being to Vietnam, was not really happy there

        You do not know me to call me anything.I am an immigrant that came with NOTHING to this country, did not even spoke English. I took advantage of public education, I have served my country, I serve my community and I have saved lives and probably have helped more people in my life than you can talk about.
        If I can do it, I do not expect is any more difficult for anybody that was born in this country citizen and English speaking no matter what their race is.

        If Obamacare survives and gets implemented fully it will bankrupt the country since about 70% of the population will qualify for subsidies (including myself since Obama would have taking me out of business) A simple economic law that Democrats seems to ignore is that if you add demand to any product or service, prices will go up as well.
        This law has done nothing to reduce costs, it will actually increase premiums between 30-40% in 2014 when the final parts are implemented.

        I would have supported a National Health System as England have even if I would have had to change careers….so much for selfish eh?

        1. jachristian August 18, 2012

          The wealthy have taking advantage of the average and poor people since recorded time and probably before. The only way to save the people is to spend. Hoover made things so terrible people were destitute, thank
          God for Roosevelt and programs like the CCCs. Mininum wages are less than $10/hr.(<$20,000/yr.), no one seems to care.
          Obama has tried to help the people but incompetent representatives feared by greedy supporters dominate the government – they failed the people. Obama has continously been stalemated by these representatives and has not failed in his efforts. To pledge not to vote for anything Democrats submit is beyond my comprehension of patriotism to America and its people. Unfortunatle many voters are convinced the way to prosperity is to vote with the wealthy. Admiring and taking the advice of the wealthy is suicide for the majority and success for few.
          There are people homeless, starving and desperate yet we have representatives that are insenstive while living very comfortable and priviledge in there premadonna lifestyles with no empathy. I guess out of sight out of mind or if you ignore it long enough it will solve itself or it will go away.
          We have to many puppets in government, not enough men with the balls to do what is "Right" for all citizens not the few.
          I think if you look at your candidates closely you might truly see some selfish spoiled school brats who will take their ball and quit if things don't go their way.
          I urge you to not let America go into a 200 year backslide. The Government should be for all people not the wealthy. Fear the Hoover times – Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the epitome of that era.

        2. Justin Napolitano September 22, 2012

          German, you have a lot of balls questioning a health care program that is not even fully implemented. People like you suggest that the answer to health care costs is to do nothing. Please name one thing that was solved by doing nothing?. Health care costs have been going up steadily for 25 years and the ACA is the first attempt to do something about it.
          I’l l bet you are on Medicare and are badmouthing it at the same time.
          What is bankrupting the country is people like you that have no problem with the collection side but balk when it comes time to pay.

          1. Germansmith September 23, 2012

            I know far more about the healthcare, who pays for it, how are insurance and doctors are going to react to it than you, or Obama or Sebelius combined. PPACA has done NOTHING to control healthcare cost…it will increase the costs

            I am not on Medicare, but my mother in law is and what I see how they handle claims is horrendous.

            And I do not argue with either religious or political fanatics since they erroneosly believe they have everything figure out. You seem to be a fire eater hate the rich left wing faithful

            Good Luck to you and I wish you earn enlightment

  7. Lynda August 16, 2012

    After a lifetime of praising Ayn good old Paul is running away from her. Tossing her under the bus after a love affair. He is actually trying to claim that he did not know she was an atheist. What a fraud.

  8. Jeremy WilliamM August 16, 2012

    “In fourteen years in Washington D.C., Ryan only passed two bills … This abject uselessness…”

    I detest the attempt to measure a politician’s value by the number of bills [s]he passed or even introduced. If least government is best government, one that legislates least is best.

    “…unlike Ryan and Romney, both of whom enjoyed extraordinary financial stability and connections coming out of college. These luxuries made Ryan insensitive to the troubles faced by typical Americans…”

    Correlation is not causation.

  9. Don B August 16, 2012

    Isn’t it hypocritical of the Radical Right again (TeaPartiers included) to be enamored of the goddess of selfishness and power? Apparently not. The harridan of selfishness, Ayn Rand, was souless and godless, and didn’t have much trouble practicing adultery. My..my…..In 1962 interview with Mike Wallace, the bitch looked like she could have given Eva Braun a run for her money, for Hitler’s affections. She was ugly on both the outside and inside.

  10. Don August 16, 2012

    Whose running for President [GOP] Ryan or Romney. I am a bit confused as to what either says about Obama is totally false and I switch it off to mute when their false messages come on.

  11. ABAS August 16, 2012

    Folks, do not hate Paul Ryan, route the Republicans at the poll.

  12. EAT THE RICH August 17, 2012

    the gop as revealied in todays world is nothing other than a front for devout fachists, born again nazi’s all. the worst form of “human” possable. bring back the gilliotine.

    1. Germansmith August 18, 2012


      The rich help more people than the poor do (they do pay more taxes, do create jobs and make our country what it is today, the most powerful country in the world)

      Remember that Obama need rich people as well to get re-elected. Poor people are not great contributors to much of anything.

      With statements like that one, you are justifiying the Republican point of view that Democrats are stiring up a class war, Is that what you want?

      Less vitriol, instead better spelling

      1. imabrummie August 19, 2012

        If the one percenters really create jobs to the degree you seem to imply, perhaps you could explain why, after several years of extremely generous tax breaks, they have not made a significant dent in the level of unemployment in these here United States?

        They may pay more taxes; however, as a percentage of their income their contribution to the overall wellbeing of their country is considerably lower than the average tax-paying citizen.

        1. Germansmith August 19, 2012

          I am not claiming there is fairness in the tax system or in our society.
          If we all focus our attention on the tax system we would be able to solve the problem.

          My was a reply to EATTHERICH. His/Her kind of attitude is what bring upheaval and communism to a society.
          People like that are the” Occupy Wall Street” people living in tents for weeks complaining about the rich and so….
          What did that solved? Did it accomplished anything but blocking trafic, annoying local merchants? Any lasting legacy?? NO

          On the other hand we have the Tea Party. What a bunch of wackos ! BUT, they organized, they voted and they elected a large number of representatives that are moving their philosophy forward. You may not like them, but their organized power took the mayority from Democrats in the house.

          My goal is probably no different than yours. Like it or not if we are ever going to get out of this economic situation we need the 1%, we need the business community.

          Also, like it or not, the 01% (the 1% of the 1%) may control the Republican party, but the democratic party is as well controled by other types of special interests also focused in their OWN benefits, not the country’s

          If we ever going to solve our problems both Democrats and Republicans need to stop arguing and need to work together

          1. Justin Napolitano September 22, 2012

            There are clear differences between the Republicans and Democrats.
            The Republicans are greedy pricks that will never be satisfied and the Democrats want the middle class to be restored to former prosperity. If you haven’t figured that out you must be on another planet or are a die hard Republican that doesn’t care about “facts”.

          2. Justin Napolitano September 22, 2012

            What we need from the One percent is their God damn money. The greedy pricks refuse to part with a dime. The Forbes 400 richest enjoyed a 13% increase in their wealth in just the last year. That increase amounted to 221 billion dollars and their total wealth increased to 1.7 trillion. I hope on their death bed they think about all the money they have and wonder why it didn’t make them immortal.

      2. Justin Napolitano September 22, 2012

        I agree with eat the rich. I am working on my own version of the guillotine waiting for just the right time to bring it out. The rich have screwed this country into the ground and still think there is a little more they can take. The French had their methods and we have ours but the result will be the same.
        Perhaps you should go eat a little cake now German.

  13. Germansmith August 18, 2012


    I mostly agree with you. I support a fair estate tax, I support a progressive income tax (or better still, let us implement a comsumption tax, the more stuff you buy, the more tax you pay), I support a basic health care system for the poor, maybe a chain of clinics.
    I support protection of strategic industries (even if running afoul with the WTC)

    Rooselvelt (both of them) were leaders. Franklin was able to implement programs that got people to work and soup kitchens to get the by. He implemented SS at a time people average life span was less than 70. Obama need it to focused in the economy, get people to work instead of more disability or unemployment payments. Opportunities, not handouts. I know of people that no longer look for work, but are surviving with government handouts and some off economy work activity…very happy, why work if you can survive without it.

    Obama had incredible political capital when he got elected. He should have spend it ramroding the Republicans and remembering the old adage “is the economy stupid” Instead he allowed himself to be distracted by implementing a program (PPACA) that is very unpopular with business owners, people that are already paying for insurance, insurance companies and business leaders (in short, people that have money and vote in every election)

    Judge Roberts did not help Obama by allowing Obamacare to survive. Now Republicans are angry and energized and the Democrats base (poor and working class blacks, latins and blue collar whites) are not as likely to go and vote as Republicans.

    I do not like Romney and Ryan but if Obamacare stands, I am basically out of business. We also have some serious financial woes that Obama by himself can not fix. I wish Obama was more like Johnson and Franklin and less like Carter (terribly nice guy, but a lousy leader)

    1. Justin Napolitano September 22, 2012

      German, that is total BS. You, like everyone else will find a way to handle the costs and go on and prosper.That same argument was given when Social Security and medicare were enacted. “I will go out of business if I have to spend one dime to help my employees” cried the right wing self absorbed, I did it all myself, no one ever helped me., I pay my employees because I just like giving money away. they don’t earn the money I give them, I am so great and everyone else is just takers, assholes. If your business is so precarious I suggest you just go out of business and let someone else take over.

  14. Super_Dad_Esq August 30, 2012

    While I agree with this article’s premise–Ryan and other Republicans who love Rand pick and choose the parts they love and ignore the rest–I will stress that Paul Ryan is also a dipshit.

  15. Shannon Mitchell September 23, 2012

    Hey, do you know where Ayn Rand’s grave is? I want to stop by and fertilize it next time I’m in town.

    And oh, Ayn Rand took medicare because she was an enormous hypocrite.

  16. Urbane_Gorilla February 9, 2013

    Wow! Brilliant take down! Love it!


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