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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Says America Has Gone Back To The Days Of ‘Gringo Feo’ — The Ugly American

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Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Says America Has Gone Back To The Days Of ‘Gringo Feo’ — The Ugly American

Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox attends a religious service of the late Lorenzo Zambrano in San Pedro Garza Garcia, on the outskirts of Monterrey in this May 14, 2014 file photo. REUTERS/Daniel Becerril

In an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said that America was in the midst of a demagogic, populist presidential campaign, recalling the old days of “Gringo Feo” — the Ugly American.

Relations between the two nations have fluctuated slightly during Obama’s two terms in office — especially in 2010, after Arizona passed a “show me your papers” law giving police the authority to check anyone’s immigration status — though on the whole Mexican citizens have reacted favorably when asked about the United States in recent years: surveys in 2013, 2014, and 2015 all found that more than 60 percent of Mexicans approve of their northern neighbor, according to the Pew Research Center’s Global Indicators Database.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is viewed favorably by just 2 percent of Mexicans, according to a recent poll by the daily El Financiero as reported in the Miami Herald this week.

Writing for the Herald, Andreés Oppenheimer examined the possibility that Trump’s recent visit to Mexico, the final nail in the political coffin of unpopular Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto, “may resurrect Mexico’s anti-American revolutionary nationalism and hurt the United States for years to come”:

Mexico’ leftist populist opposition candidate for the 2018 elections, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, is already telling his cheering audiences that, if he wins, Mexico will no longer be a U.S. “colony” — much like what the Venezuelan and Cuban regimes tell their people every day.

Eduardo R. Huchim, a columnist with the daily Reforma, suggested that Peña Nieto could tell Trump that, if he wins, Mexico “will end its anti-drug cooperation” and “immediately revise the state of U.S. investments and transactions in this country.”

Peña Nieto “has unleashed a wave of nationalist fervor” in Mexico, wrote political scientist Jose Antonio Aguilar Rivera in Nexos magazine. He added that “the symbolic implications” of Trump’s visit with its “images of surrender, of blindness, are enormous.”

Fox’s “ugly American” reference recalls the days of Dwight Eisenhower, who forced more than a million of Mexican-Americans, including some citizens, out of the country as part of his anti-immigration “Operation Wetback,” which Trump cites favorably often.

For Mexicans, a Trump presidency would not only upset the good feelings between the two nations during the Obama years — it would also mean a reversion to the United States as bully superpower, and a possible political re-alignment under a new wave of populist and nationalist politics.

Photo: Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox attends a religious service of the late Lorenzo Zambrano in San Pedro Garza Garcia, on the outskirts of Monterrey in this May 14, 2014 file photo. REUTERS/Daniel Becerril 



  1. Otto T. Goat September 14, 2016

    Thank you for reminding us President Eisenhower deported thousands of illegal “wetbacks”.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 14, 2016

      Now, let’s get you deported back to the land of despair and desolation from whence you came to these shores.

      1. idamag September 15, 2016

        His parents should never have been allowed in this country.

        1. Mama Bear September 15, 2016

          too bad they did not have access to birth control

          1. dpaano September 15, 2016

            If there was EVER an argument FOR abortion, these trolls are it!

        2. dpaano September 15, 2016

          I wonder if Otto understands that his ancestors from way back when the world started were actually Africans from Africa! Horrors!!! We are all African in our DNA somewhere distantly!

    2. Daniel Jones September 15, 2016

      And a number of rightful U.S. citizens.
      And a number of rightful U.S. citizens.

      And a number of rightful U.S. citizens.

      I repeat myself as you are detail-blind.

    3. charleo1 September 15, 2016

      Well yes, in a way, thanks for reminding Americans who may have forgotten of our capacity for inhumanity, when we decide to turn away from the concepts, and ideals upon which our beloved Nation was founded. The ultimate failure of “Operation Wetback.” And the tragic black stain it left not only on America, but on the otherwise laudable record of one of this Country’s greatest Patriates, Generals, and Presidents, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

      1. plc97477 September 15, 2016

        Otto and his ilk can always be held up as a warning to others of what can happen if you don’t think for yourself.

        1. idamag September 15, 2016

          On the mark.

      2. Otto T. Goat September 15, 2016

        It wasn’t a failure, it worked great; and open borders was not an “ideal” the nation was founded on.

        1. charleo1 September 15, 2016

          Actually it didn’t work at all. And had no effect on overall immigration Other than involving the Federal Government in what were atrocious human Rights violations committed while carrying out immoral policies. The operation itself being precipitated by the unconstitutional, and unjustified interment of Japanese Citizens. Who were doing much of the hard labor involved in agriculture in Southern CA. before they were locked up on much the same premise Trump is using. Confirming just as one might suspect, one wrongheaded anti-American mistake, directly led to another. And now you would have us make an even bigger mistake? In who’s interest? At what cost? Creating what kind of Government? No Sir! Go find another place in which to install your enforced Apartheid. This Country is better than that. Always has been.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 14, 2016

    At least the goat, Otto, favors deportation of “citizens” from America. He’s a herbivore so we can excuse his childish nature.

    As for the meat of the article, America has had a Jekyll and Hype personae, congenial at times, but mostly arrogant, insufferable, and imperious. The latter 3 qualities fit Trump and the GOP like a hand in a glove. Trump and his toadies are determined to make America “Ugly” in spite of the country’s vast spiritual potential as foreseen and outlined by Baha’u’llah, expounded on by both Abdu’l Baha and Shogji Effendi based on Baha’u’llah’s unerring Vision, and now carefully guided by the Universal House of Justice.

    Unfortunately for us, certain recalcitrant and truculent forces are needlessly delaying America in reaching its Destiny.

  3. patrick g van meter September 15, 2016

    Fox is correct. I might add Gringo stupido.

    1. idamag September 15, 2016

      That, too.

  4. itsfun September 15, 2016

    Americans don’t want anymore rapists, drug dealers, gang members, murders, etc crossing our borders, so that makes us the ugly Americans. Keep your criminals in your own country, we don’t want or need them.

    1. jmprint September 15, 2016

      Today, 3 different articles, 3 different papers, I read about rape and murders happening, guess what they weren’t Mexican or Blacks. They were white. DO we want or need them?

      1. itsfun September 15, 2016

        Don’t need any rapist or murders regardless of race. We don’t need any criminals from anywhere else, we have enough of our own. Why do you want to make this a race issue? I said we don’t want anybodies criminals. Do you?

        1. jmprint September 15, 2016

          Yes itsfun none of us want bad people to cross our borders, regardless is it’s Russian, Canadians, Muslims, but you seem to focus on the Mexican border and that is what makes you a racist, that’s why I point these things out. Because small children and women running from a life of very very hard hardship cross that border, and they are not what you claim is the only thing that comes across that border.

          1. itsfun September 15, 2016

            First the article was about what the former President of Mexico said. Second, show me where I ever mentioned the Mexican border. You just want to try and label anyone as a bad person that doesn’t agree with you. Have you watched the women and small children running from a live of hardships. Do you stand at the border and watch or just listen to what the left tells you to believe.

          2. jmprint September 15, 2016

            What an idiotic response, the wall is part of the article. No I am not trying to label no one as a bad person who doesn’t agree with me. A bad person is a rapist, murder and anyone that hurts others intentionally, that are not just from Mexico, but all walks of life. And of course I don’t stand at the border, but I do watch television Texas news.

          3. itsfun September 16, 2016

            What does the wall have to do with calling me a racist. I do support a wall and I also support enforcing our current immigration laws. Just because I want the laws enforced or a wall built, it doesn’t make me a racist. You call me a racist because the article was about Mexico. I wouldn’t care if the article was about Canada, I still want our laws enforced. Did you see on the news today, how the government has been saying we catch over 80% of illegals crossing the borders, when actually the number is only 50%. It has also been reported that each legal refugee costs 64 thousand dollars. How much do the illegals cost? I don’t want my tax money going to illegals or criminals of any type. Just keep using one of the big 5 progressive agenda by calling everyone you don’t agree with a racist, bigot, sexist, hater, or blame George Bush for the incompetence of Obama and Hillary.

          4. jmprint September 16, 2016

            ITSFUN this is what you said “Americans don’t want anymore rapists, drug dealers, gang members, murders, etc crossing our borders, so that makes us the ugly Americans. Keep your criminals in your own country, we don’t want or need them.”

            Which is what Trump says about Mexicans (and some are good I think) and you want to throw it in there, your insinuations that only those type of people come cross the border, and only the Mexicans have those type of people. The article is about Trump and Mexico.

            What you don’t understand is that we do want the laws enforced and we do want immigration reform, but not at the expense of hurting good people and young American citizens who do not know any other country as their home except the US.

            Do you not believe in God?

          5. itsfun September 16, 2016

            You again are making up stuff after you read my posts. I did say that about not wanting criminals, rapists, drug dealers, murderers, etc into my country. That is what I said. Why do you want them? I never have posted one word against legal immigrants and not wanting them. I worked with some legal immigrants and found them to be just like any one else. They care about their families, try to improve their selves, and generally are just people like you and me. I know there are good Mexicans, blacks, whites, yellows, reds and whatever color you want. Trump said Mexico was not sending us their best people. He said he doesn’t want their criminals. He never said one bad word about legal immigrants. You say you want our laws enforced, but then you talk about hurting good people and young people. That is saying you don’t want our laws enforced. Why not help our own good people and young people. My religious beliefs are my own and not any of your damn business. I believe in freedom of religion and the freedom to practice my religion. Apparently you don’t.

  5. The lucky one September 15, 2016

    “a reversion to the United States as bully superpower” A reversion??? When did we ever stop being a bully superpower?

  6. idamag September 15, 2016

    President Fox, you are right. There are probably a lot of countries who see us as you do.

  7. dpaano September 15, 2016

    Let’s face it, the ONLY ugly Americans today are Trump and his followers. As an aside, I did hear that the Mexican president has introduced legislation to rescind ALL transactions with the United States over many years, which includes the one wherein they gave several of our states (Arizona, California, Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, etc., etc) to the United States. What this means is that they will take back these states from the U.S., which would be interesting…..I may end up being an “illegal immigrant” in California if they take this state back!! Wow….I guess I’d best brush up on my Spanish!


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